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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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transform the very symbol of cost gratian. you find in the act in america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. hamas launches rockets into an israeli city israel conducts at least ten strikes in gaza . are there i'm julie woodall of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up months of speculation and in the democratic republic of congo joseph could be a won't run for president in upcoming elections the red cross says sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia was exceptionally destructive more than a hundred and fifty thousand are now left homeless.
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but. well that's the message from democrats to republicans in ohio we'll have the latest on the special election that's too close so call. a very well welcome to the program will begin with some breaking news of gaza we're hearing that there have been several explosions in the strip in the last hour and you're simmons is in gaza for us and you what's the situation just. quite tense indeed ten attacks no less than and they have been ranging from the majority being here in gaza only two kilometers from this position only a matter of what just twelve minutes ago an f. sixteen we could hear it in the sky and then it it attacked bombing a house naval position which is sort of barracks i'm told
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earlier there was a tack on the headquarters of the special forces for the brigades that's the military wing of hamas and it was indeed that military wing that launched rockets at israel earlier in the evening you see want to hear. actually the results of warn you could actually see the rocket itself striking sidorov a settlement. no less than five settlements have been targeted we're told and we don't know the full casualty list right now or indeed how many are injured only two were injured in that sid wrought attack and that's for the casualties or injuries here i don't know yet we have no information we don't know of any possible civilian hits at all and where people have been nearby targets number of attacks were on ordinary agricultural land whether that was
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a mis targeting or otherwise unclear and so right now we're also hearing rafa there's been an attack east of rafa and also east of jabalya so this is a very very difficult time no doubt a lot of concern for those involved in the negotiations for dare i say the word ceasefire at well and you that was going to be my next question to you what does this mean. for the cease fire itself. too hard to predict of course with the run up to most cease fires anywhere in the world you have a volley of activity head of it however it depends on really how the al-hassan brigades react to this latest really large strike by the israelis on right in the heart of the minute string and so the military here the fighters here so really it's unclear what effect it will have there's no doubt there will be
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a halt phone lines active right now particularly in egypt where the ham ass political senior leadership is now in place ready to have talks with the egyptians earlier we were hearing pretty optimistic words from their officials saying that they were optimistic that they could reach agreement with egypt and the u.n. backing for some sort of settlement for before which would mean the partial lifting of the siege old some lifting of the siege now earlier you heard the words much more heavier rhetoric about the whole israeli occupation had to be lifted there had to be a lifting of the siege in total it's thought that the could be a phase plan a sort of one two three the first one a temporary truce with a timeline for more achievements massive investment being arranged in many quarters including the united states three million already promised and also
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cats are possibly who are already offering major aid but they have been in difficulty because of egyptian resistance that now may be over and done with not clear yet lots of activity on the diplomatic front and sadly for many people here because there is a sense of alarm obviously in gaza city there used to this these sort of crashes and bangs in the evenings but they know that so much rests on the. hopes for a ceasefire many people are despondent already there is a climate of fear and anguish over sort of the monks gazans two million of them here many so many of the majority not involved in in the conflict in any way anderson as they are joining me live from gaza. let's take a look at these live pictures that are coming from canada justin trudeau there as we know we've got that right with that simpering between saudi arabia and canada we
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wonder if he'll say anything let's have a listen then. minister definitely conscious joy on the id so did yeah me. zero good looking on t.v. composer prove it was all you can ever do is rule and partly. claremont. respited was the man. to be honest where listening obviously in french there to justin trudeau who knows what he might say on the matter of a saudi arabia's foreign minister says canada is to blame for this. but he did it was not there is no need for mediation of a kind of them made a big mistake and has to fix it canada fully understands what's required from its mediation is when there are two parties who have demands in this situation the mistake has been made by only one party. it was kind of. something that
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canadians expect it's something that i will always do. the. scope of government. did what you just did what. shows can as i don't continue to fight just follow one options one hundred on the table is not new songs are about we did a. lot of them under not happy so did. it feel unsecure might see only the ball. move as what i did want to hear not just what we're listening to just introduce he's just been asked a question in english but tends to speak in french. so he was posed the question what are the options of course all this it was going to translate his answer in just a second into english we'll find out a little bit more about how we've been steadily and count them out of racial politically with the kingdom of saudi arabia we have respect for their importance in the world and recognize that they have made progress on
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a number of important issues but we will at the same time continue to speak clearly and firmly on issues of human rights at home and abroad wherever we see the need. we. just don't show here this is my city. and i don't want. to just listening in that suggestion to jew speaking live in montreal we hope that he would give us some indication of how he sees this spat if we can call it that resolving itself after that tweet was sent by canada saying that saudi arabia should clean up its human rights records what he said in relation to that tweet and the ensuing falling out is that canada has respect for their importance to saudi arabia in the world but they remain firm that it is their duty to speak clearly and firmly on issues of. human rights whenever and wherever they arise. in the democratic republic of congo where
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the government has announced president joseph kabila won't be standing in december selection that could be it was due to step down from his position in twenty sixteen but the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed triggering violent protests in which dozens were killed was widespread speculation that he would try to seek a third term and said he's backing his former interior minister in manuel. dougherty who's on the european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses look after so it has more from the electoral commission in kinshasa. ramazani should diary he's the secretary of the ruling p.p.r. the proxy which is the president's party within the ruling coalition look for my interior minister he is the former governor out over millennia province which is the president home province he's very loyal to president. very strongly agrees with
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his ideology and his policies so he does become president he is going to be in line with the policies of president lot of people are saying that is a safe bet not just pick up but also the military because this province he comes from is also a pro games and also the home province of several influential and powerful generals while also told that a lot of leaders all of you know the parties within the quality shown are comfortable with him but there is also a fun fun because he is one of eight people who live in that european union sanctions list because of human rights abuses i he was interior minister at the end of last year when police brutally discussed protesters in protest of what will the eyes by the catholic judge but he supporters saying that they're going to stand by
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him no matter what i do see no opposition leaders here coming out to congratulate the congolese people that they have food for so much pressure on kabila that he was unable to attempt even to run for us that time we've seen a statement from the catholic church that all has also been creasy quote very critical against president joseph kabila saying that this is a significant step in the democracy of this country. and more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by the earthquake in the indonesian island of long ball the red cross has described the mine was just seven quake as exceptionally destructive at least one hundred thirty one people have been killed and that number is expected to rise as rescuers struggle to reach all of those in need steadfast and forced from the remote village of back to laos in the west of long long where many are still waiting for help to arrive.
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he shows us destruction that government officials have yet to see. along with what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help. on the third day after a powerful quake struck the island so vive us are growing increasingly impatient. they're hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to a doctor he says food is also hard to find because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock. how daptone and provide he had only just moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house while going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in
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isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of long book many here fear there could be forgotten. while many people in the room owed areas are still waiting for help some aid is arriving at improvised shelters further down the mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed to market of course. there's only very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much longer the little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fasten al-jazeera up with ike but west. you're watching still ahead desperate for water in new south wales a stray
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a decay is the entire state in drought. back in court malaysia's former prime minister najib razak denying says three new money laundering charges. hello and welcome to international weather forecast the heat across central parts of europe is still in evidence on our chart for thursday temperatures well into the thirty's all the way up through the balkans down through austria and towards germany really easterners all looking drawing fire but it's change taking place for the towards the west we've got some severe storms we've got much cooler weather pushing across the u.k. down through france the low countries still pretty warm across parts of the iberian peninsula but not as hot as it has been now to move the forecast through into friday that cold air really wins out across many parts of western europe those still with a southerly flow we're getting terms of twenty seven degrees in stockholm which is
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quite impressive and further towards the southeast looking pretty warm across southeastern areas thirty one is a high enough things for instance it's fine on the other side of the mediterranean and winds were simply light temperatures there in the upper thirty's for carra sunny pushing the forty degree mark for central parts of africa we have some quite heavy showers likely be occurring across parts of challenge moving further towards the west and mali heavy showers are likely here bamako still looking to be quite wet at times the southern portions of africa we could see some snow i see developing over the so tonight's twenty four hours really quite unsettled weather across parts of south africa. it is abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the sukhumvit comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the
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trauma lives on. whitney's honors the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering result for an official apology for this morning chapter in history. the apology. a quick reminder now of our top stories currently here and i'll just erupt amasses launch rockets into an israeli city israeli air force has struck several targets in gaza hitting a hamas base and navy facilities. the democratic republic of congo's ruling coalition has nominated former interior minister manuel run manzana. as its
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candidate in december surprise eventually election it comes after the government and i asked president joseph kabila will not enter the ballots. on the canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his country would always speak out strongly when it comes to questions of human rights as a diplomatic spat between canada and saudi arabia over jailed civil society activists cal those more steam we had stopped all medical treatment programs in canada on wednesday and said it will transfer all saudi patients from hospitals there to do it says he made the comments a short time ago in montreal. we continue to engage with the government of saudi arabia the minister of foreign affairs had a long conversation with the foreign minister yesterday and diplomatic talks continue but as the minister who knows we will repeat canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private and public on questions of human rights as glad to
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christensen because and so on so so kristen i don't know if that's the response we expecting but nonetheless it seemed pretty calm and direct. absolutely and in line with what the government has been saying all along since those tweets that started this whole saudi canadian rose started and that is that they stand for human rights and they will continue to stand for human rights two women were imprisoned. that are rights activists one of them with family connections here in canada what was interesting he also did say that you know we could recognize that the saudis have made reforms and that they've been changing and trying to open up the society and that seemed to be a bit of an olive branch from prime minister trudeau but not likely to satisfy the saudis who made it very clear earlier in the day and statements from the foreign minister that they wanted an apology from canada basically that this was canada's
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mistake and only they could fix it we heard the prime minister talk about engaging not only with the saudis but with other players in the region and other allies in the region the foreign minister of saudi arabia said point blank that there is nothing to mediate there's nothing to see here it's all on the canadians to fix this so we've got the saudis continuing to ratchet up the pressure on canada and now it's even more measures today withdrawing medical patients in the country for treatment back to the. one tree stopping the purchase of grain from canada all of this of course a hit for the canadian economy although most experts would say it's relatively minor head first such a big economy here and trade between the two countries. is not a major factor however first certain industries and certain sectors of the economy here it will be an issue and so we heard the prime minister trying to soothe things
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through tensions than you know say that he's open in the canadians are open to the discussions and want to encourage the good relations but not backing down on this issue of human rights which started the whole dispute christians living there live from rome so chris and. i was trailing as most populous state that's new south wales has been declared entirely in dr farm reservoirs have dried up crops are failing and farmers are facing ruin the government's released one hundred forty million dollars aid package for farmers and it's giving them permission to shoot kangaroos that are competing with live still for sparse pasture catching lopez reports. it's an overwhelming drought these cattle swarming around a want to truck in new south wales looking for relief from the devastating join us the ground has become too bear for grass to grow and the weather too extreme to predict farmers in eastern australia say the drought has taken over turning one's
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fertile lands into dust bowls chemical live long. enough for a guy found a very long. way we got. to keep cattle alive some farmers have been forced to ship in hay and grain from other parts of the country that is expensive the national government is pledging nearly one hundred fifty million additional dollars to help offset the cost this winter has been particularly cool you have to go back to knowledge in sixty five to see it like this one and you've got to remember that some of those haven't really recovered from the last without some farms are doing better than others but stories of desperation of repeated across new south wales nearly eighty thousand people in the state depend on the agriculture industry contributing more than ten billion dollars to its annual economy but the drought is affecting more than forming the government says it's concerned about farmers mental health and the isolation of those who live
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in remote areas i find droughts a little bit like cancer a sort of eight so why aren't you it just gets drier and drier and more severe and more severe and impacting on your life a lot worse. a dry spell with no signs of ending with entire farming communities welcoming support from local leaders but hoping for help from mother nature cuts a low post adriaan al-jazeera. an opposition politician from zimbabwe will be deported after being denied asylum in zambia former finance minister tendai biti sponte is part of the country's main opposition alliance it is lawyer says he's being investigated by the police for allegedly inciting violence during protests that followed last week's presidential election hooty rebels say at least eight hundred civilians including children have been killed by saudi led coalition airstrikes in yemen according to the rebels two separate airstrikes targeted bedouin tens in am run province killing twelve people six others were killed when
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air strikes targeted a farm in the province of. malaysia's former prime minister has denied three new charges of money laundering not to prosecute accused of stealing billions of dollars from estate investment fund which he set up in two thousand and nine the one cold one m d b is at the center of pools in at least six countries flowing through reports now from kuala lumpur. back in court to face more charges former prime minister of malaysia has pleaded not guilty to receiving proceeds that stemmed from unlawful activities he's alleged to have received ten and a half million dollars from a state company called s r c international these three additional. meanings and the money laundering now and the money laundering is a big is a big word but it is strictly means proceeds of crime i they are
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in addition to the charges brought against him last month for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power s.r.c. international is a former unit of one and the state investment fund set up by not chip when he was both prime minister and finance minister the us department of justice alleges four and a half billion dollars has been stolen from the fund for one m.t.b. it isn't just being investigated in malaysia at least six other countries including singapore and switzerland i investigated the fund over alleged corruption and money laundering. is alleged to have covered up irregularities at the fund when he was still in power sacking his deputy prime minister and replacing the attorney general with another officer who subsequently cleared him of any wrongdoing. but since coming into power following a general election in may the new administration led by mahathir mohamad has moved swiftly to uncover the true extent of the corruption scandal surrounding one m. to be the government who recently took possession of the two hundred fifty million
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dollars it was handed over by indonesian authorities who had seized the vessel on behalf of u.s. officials who allege the yorks was bought with money stolen from one n.d.p. florence al-jazeera. the u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia because of an attack on expiring burson earlier this year the state department says russia used chemical weapons tried to assassinate surrogates could it former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by the nerve agent nova chalk in salzburg in march the kremlin has denied any involvement if a journalist attained the bangladesh is back in peace custody after being given the all clear in a medical examination shot had to allege that he was tortured in jail he's been held since sunday along was taken into police custody hours after doing an interview. about demonstrations against the government human rights watch is calling for an investigation into the allegations that he was abuse or bangladesh's
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information minister said shah who was not detained for his journalism you have been out of. columns for weeks we are looking into. the through the court said. what will happen to you but all you have. done is to go. for. the informant for the government isn't a globe didn't act. so he does it is a general act for the don't citizens not for the gun of his so for done stick in the he has not been ordered or a different. opinion he has not been that of there are the reasons we will give a report to the quote we believe. on the house chris and we think that the john of these food have these security to one. of the sport
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and this would not be the hardest by the law enforcing it is all by any court of the moment give protection to them in the u.s. state of ohio democrat subitems if the heels of there were public and rivals in a special election for the hives of representatives it's usually a safe republican seat that apologies can do that only has a small lead and absentee and provisional ballots are still to be counted john hendren is there and he sent us this report. the election wasn't even supposed to be close but after a long election night it was too close to call republican troy balders and held the narrowest of leads over democrat danny o'connor in a special election for ohio's twelfth congressional district i'm going to promise to you but i'm going to work relentlessly to really let leslie for this well congressional district put.
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america on the right path and we're going to keep it going about well. in this heavily republican district o'connor and his party called it a win of sorts anyway with his campaign claiming provisional in absentee ballots could still make the difference it was anything but a concession speech can you believe how close this is. we are in a tight ball game and you made this possible the grass roots individuals who've been knocking on doors fighting for the future of our country. in this sprawling landscape of ohio farmland in suburbs just one democrat has won here since one thousand nine hundred thirty nine. republican state legislators in ohio who drew this district to make it more republican in two thousand and eleven so
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democrats say even a modest loss is a harbinger of a coming democratic wave in the november midterm elections this should have been a slam dunk for republicans the fact that it's not is already saying that. president donald trump won here by eleven percentage points in two thousand and sixteen when polls show democrat danny o'connor in a dead heat with republican troy boulders in this year trump took notice and took to the road troy boulder said he is the guy he is the guy that's going to do things . so i got to work right side groups poured millions of dollars into the race most for pro balders in ads but shows that we have a grassroots enthusiasm about our campaign we have folks across our district who are excited my opponent needs washington d.c. to come in and bail him out in a way that we don't democrats need twenty three seats to take over the house of representatives in each side has one more chance to win this district the winner only holds office until january now the two candidates return to the campaign trail
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to face each other again in the november midterm elections john hendren and you zero westerville ohio well you can buy that much more about the stories we're following on our web site there's plenty of video on demand and expert opinions from all over the world at w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. a quick reminder now of our current top stories here announces iraq well cars have been fired from gaza into the israeli city of steroids israeli air force has struck several targets in gaza hitting hamas facilities an f. sixteen bombed a hamas naval position we'll bring you more on that story as soon as we get it from the government in the democratic republic of congo has an irish joseph could be a woman stand for reelection in the months of speculation about whether he would defy term limits and stay in power instead to be able back is former interior
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minister manuel romanza issue diary is under european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses was due to step down in twenty sixteen canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his country will always speak strongly when it comes to questions of human rights now that says a diplomatic spat between canada and saudi arabia over jailed civil society activists gathers more steam we have stopped all medical treatment programs in canada on wednesday and says it will transfer all citing patients from hospitals there. we continue to engage with the government of saudi arabia the minister of foreign affairs had a long conversation with their foreign minister yesterday and diplomatic the talks continue but as the minister has said and as we will repeat canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private in public on questions of human rights. while the one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by sunday's earthquake in indonesia an island of lombok at least one hundred thirty one people
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have been killed by skewers a struggling to reach all of those in need and residents in remote areas have told our jazzier they're running out of food and also medicine australia's most populous state has declared a major drought it's the dry spell in new south wales and more than fifty years affecting all eight hundred thousand square kilometers of the province the same as in bob when opposition figures been denied asylum in zambia after he was detained while trying to enter the country tendai biti is reportedly being deported back to zimbabwe he's part of the opposition m.d.c. alliance which is mounting a legal challenge against president emerson man and god was electoral victory last week those are the current top stories stay with us the stream is up next but by.
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hired by me ok and join the stream today we are joined by a superstar of afro beat me hootie with me talking about his music his commitment to activism and the inspiration for his latest album i'm really good be louder for me and his band will play some of his best known songs in the studio today and we want to hear your questions and comments join the conversation on twitter facebook and the al-jazeera live stream. femi kuti is one of the leading lights of african music over a forty year career he has fused jazz and funk to intoxicating effect gathering
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several grammy award nominations along the way his music is an inspiration to famous musicians including common and most stuff as well as younger african.


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