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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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stuff we have to really the reaction from both sides because the dust really hasn't settled yet that's right there's a lot of rhetoric on both sides to hail and the attacks continue this morning airstrikes and some rocket fire but again reading between the lines of these escalations and they do come and go so hail is this is that israel is striking multiple have mass and other military targets inside gaza but they haven't struck any areas where there are a gathering of actually members of those groups this is significant because that would show you that they really do want to escalate the rockets that have been going out most of them around eleven intercepted by the iron dome the iron dome only intercepts rockets that are going to populated areas most of them falling into empty land at the moment it is a very tense ficelle and volatile situation but what we understand from everyone we've been speaking to is that nobody wants to escalate it but as we know when it comes to this conflict anything can happen i think we need to wait and see there is
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an israeli security cabinet meeting in tel aviv later today the prime minister will be there the minister of defense will be there the chief of staff will be there senior israeli political and military officials to decide what to do next and as you heard there in andrew's report of course also those extensive diplomatic efforts underway to try and calm the situation down because they all seem to gotten close to a deal nobody wants to see this escalate when of course when you allude to those diplomatic moves lots of moving parts when it comes to those negotiations we need to look at jordan egypt and even qatar in terms of those movements on. absolutely and for the first time really we've seen a u.n. special envoy to the middle east peace process nicol i'm allowed to take it all in all this is a personal attempt he has been into gaza he has sat down with hamas various times talking to the israelis talking to the leadership and i love talking to the egyptians which are very much involved in
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a potential deal talking to the companies talking to everyone really initially to try and fire fight if you will to deescalate tensions that have happened in the possible it's happening again now so you know we're going to have to wait and see what his efforts what other efforts are going to be able to bear fruit but again you know the bottom line sale is this if there is no long term solution if there is no deal that everyone adheres to you will see this happen again and again and the concern is that if there is a war and again we have to say we're not at that point yet but if there is everyone we speak to will tell you that it's going to be far more deadly and intense than any of the previous wars that israel has has waged against gaza will continue to monitor what happens of those two would be used to for the moment thank you. the months of national debate in argentina have ended with politicians voting against legalizing elective abortion the final vote followed more than seventeen hours of discussion in parliament but it was close sending thirty eight to thirty one against the bill that had been passed by the lower house back in june after another
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all night debate largely catholic nation has been divided for months over the issue and outside parliament in berne desirea styles and had gathered after the vote pro-abortion rights protesters for please use tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd thousands of people mostly women had been waiting on a cold rainy night while the votes were being counted latin america to lucien newman is in point as i read. it was a long and very divisive debate both in the senate and out on the streets of went outside us where pro and anti abortion advocates took to the streets and filled them until the very last minute there was jubilation on the part of those who were opposed to legalizing abortion sorrow and despair amongst many who had been pushing and hoping that at last abortion could be legalized in this country where a botched abortions or unsafe abortions are the number one cause of maternal deaths in argentina are however the advocates for abortion say that they have lost
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a battle but dr war that they will be back they were quite defiant in fact there were some clashes in front of the senate they were dispersed by water cannon and tear gas but by and large it was peaceful out under streets although they since sisted that they would be back with new legislation or at least an attempt to pass an abortion law next year a former russian double agent time his daughter are in the center of growing tensions between the u.s. and russia washington's imposing new sanctions on moscow over tax cripple and his daughter heard in britain now the state department is accusing russia of using a nerve agent novacek to poison them in the city of salzburg russia has called the allegations far fetched. well really challenged from i mean we're waiting ready for more reaction from russia. yeah the russian embassy in the united states is commented on this saying that these new
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sanctions are draconian that they have gotten used to having no facts or evidence from the united states or the u.k. around script. and perhaps there might be some sort of counter sanctions in the pipeline that's come from russian parliamentarian so this is the usual official response i think the kind of thing that you might expect and what i feel we should be looking for is perhaps what result this has on public opinion because actually these new sanctions are coming at a time where polls suggest that the popularity of the west in russia has been lifting recently and also the popularity of ready made in the government has been falling and this is perhaps a combined effect of the news that the glow from the world cup and also some painful pension reform is being pushed for the moment but new sanctions from the west might well have an effect on public opinion and reinforce the view in russia
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that they are in some sort of besieged fortress indeed because they seem to be getting one message from president trump another from the government has. been able to sort of get to grips with what to expect from d.c. . well i think the it should be very clear that there is more in the pipeline there is perhaps more in pipeline and with the script sanctions because they come into batches the first is put into place on august the twenty seconds and relates to the exports from the united states of what they call material that's sensitive national security but then if they don't get the assurance from russia that russia will not use chemical weapons in such a way again then there will be more sanctions of follow add into this the fact that there is
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a new sanctions bill that is being pushed through the pipeline of congress and basically i think we're in a situation now where russia is staring at a significant worsening of the sanctions regime that is going to be around for some time to come the ruble is being battered various russian companies are having their shares fall at the moment as well so you know the fact that. donald trump is saying one thing matters little when you seem to be getting this fierce pushback from congress from other parts of the united states establishment and the fact that these new sanctions are actually being codify in legislation means that they're going to be around for years perhaps decades to come and i think moscow is is trying to adjust to this new reality at the moment indeed will fall over to the for the moment thank you. indonesia's lombok island has been hit by
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a powerful aftershock in the past few hours as it struggles with rescue efforts after sunday's earthquake now there be no reports of new injuries or casualties from thursday's travel but more buildings have collapsed more than a hundred thirty people are confirmed dead so far from sunday's quake all thora tees expect that figure to go up rescue teams say they don't have enough proper equipment. african president salva kiir has granted amnesty to former vice president i'm sure and others involved in the five year civil war but it follows a power sharing agreement signed earlier this week aimed at ending the conflict the deal gives kiran and his former deputy michel eight months to form a transitional government turns of thousands were killed in the war that began after south sudan gained its independence in twenty teen people morgan has been our correspondent on the ground reporting extensively from south sudan joins me in the studio but how surprised are you at this latest development considering this wasn't
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part of the original agreement recently signed yes indeed so hail this was not part of the original agreement so the president is trying to show goodwill and show that he's willing to work with not just the opposition leader rick my char but other opposition leaders and other factions as well who have signed on this power sharing agreement but let's remember while an amnesty is not part of the deal what is part of the deal which was signed on the sixth of july in khartoum as well was releasing former political detainees or current political detainees much our has his spokesman james cadet who has been in detention arrested by the south sudanese government for nearly two years he has not been released there are so many other political prisoners from both sides that are yet to be released so the amnesty is not part of the deal but what is part of the deal is releasing other political prisoners and that has not happened yet it is not clear if president care will release them or of the amnesty means that they are also free to go in there pardoned that is not clear what he has only said in his presidential decree degree last evening was that i am granting amnesty to wreck much r.
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and others who have been involved in the conflicts since twenty thirteen while that is a good move it should be followed by if there are to work together it will be followed by releasing political prisoners from both sides and the two have been not their religion is quite tense only be that would be a good start for them. you can have as many amnesty as you want in this saga that we've got it's unfolded that is called south sudan and yet at the core of this is the. trust deficit you have two three four different sides who do not trust each other fundamentally you can write whatever you want on paper do you think this will work or how much of the trust deficit has to be squeezed together to get these people to work as a cohesive government well that remains to be seen so hell because let's remember this is not the first power sharing deal between the president and the opposition including specifically rick much are they had signed a peace agreement and a power sharing deal in twenty fifteen it took nine months for requests start to come back to the country because he claimed that he was not feeling safe in the
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country he wanted to bring his own forces in and even when he came back for the three months that he was there before the conflict broke out again into in july twenty sixth he and the president barely met they refused to sit down in meetings they refused to attend meetings where the two where the other was present they just refused to communicate they had separate offices separate ways of operating and now we're not talking just about president kerry much are we talking about other opposition figures who are also part of the power sharing deal so it's not clear yet if this is how it started let's remember four days ago when they signed the peace deal the president refused to stick it to shake rick machar's hand it's not clear yet how they are going to move on forward so if they do have the will to move on forward the deal might survive but it's not clear if there is if they actually do have to keep watching wondering what happens over the moment people think you. still ahead here on al-jazeera all it seems the shipment of soybeans asserting in the pacific as china and the u.s. trade tariffs. and we meet the indigenous filipino a man who's inspiring others by becoming the first of his tribe to graduate from
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university those stories after the break. denise pink skies by the time my half. hour is the sun sets in the city of angels. and i were about to finally say goodbye to the heat wave has been plaguing us for the right word a good part of northern europe where for all of europe for a good part of the summer that rather weak looking band of cloud there is the changes a frontal system is going to take ten degrees off what's been sitting there so we got a full cost of twenty one of the past eighteen for london that course that requires a certain amount of change of type cloud of rain and that rain i think become quite active if you're not ten degrees off as a lot of energy to get rid off usually results in sunder storms and that's what'll happen particularly over the alps the next twenty four hours or so to the east apart from occasional big showers particularly austria recently it remains rather
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unchanged in the immediate future but as i said as this lot moves across germany and poland up towards scandinavia it will become just as active for ten to twenty four in berlin still twenty in london in the sunshine twenty three in paris a change of type really a drop in temperature but quite windy and wet weather will be accompanying this change and we've had some decent showers recently in tunisia you just see from the satellite picture they passed through as for the forecast well it does have a look shall we thirty for a hot sunny day in tunis twenty six and about equally warm and sunny occasional showers now jerry. the weather sponsored by cattle and face. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stones happening wasn't trucked in here. when the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists the images matter a lot international politics. post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most here it is someone from the
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country who guides you who leads you to the story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching algis there i'm still robin are about to draw top news stories politicians in argentina have voted against legalizing elective abortion after months of national debate on day mouth and session in the senate the violence broke out between police and repro abortion rights protesters following the vote. that israel is continuing a strikes and shelling across the gaza strip three palestinians including a pregnant mother and her child have been killed israel says it's
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a response to rockets fired from gaza. and the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on the moscow over an attack on a former russian double agent on his door from britain the state department is accusing russia of using a nerve agent. to poison them in the city of salzburg russia is denying its involvement and this threatening retaliatory measures. canada's prime minister justin trudeau insists his country will always speak strongly on human rights he was responding to an escalating diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia it has cut trade investment and educational agreements after canada called for the release of a jailed political activist kristen salumi reports now from toronto. canadian. prime minister justin trudeau had no apology for his government's call to release two human rights activists being detained in saudi arabia canadians i have always expected our government to speak strongly firmly clearly and politely about the
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need to respect human rights at home and around the world we will continue to do the trick doe promise to continue to engage with the saudis and their allies but the saudi foreign minister wasn't having any of it he accused canada of intervening in what he described as a national security issue claiming that the activists had attempted to get sensitive government information if you don't do something there's no need for mediation kind of that made a big mistake and has to fix it understands what's required from it mediation is when there are two parties who have demands in this situation the mistake has been made by only one party it was kind of the whole interview and this mistake has to be corrected the value of the canadian dollar fell on news the saudis would divest from canadian stocks and bonds experts predict the overall impact on the economy from this and other measures will be small but the message is being heard far beyond canada's borders ultimately this really is not about canada or say candidate
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here is collateral damage if you will or it's incidental to this issue saudi arabia is is trying to send a very strong and clear message to western countries to europeans in particular do not criticize us on human rights or you will be penalized middle east expert best momo mani believes domestic saudi issues are at play i think this has more to do with a very useful diversion it's an attempt to make canada a case signal to the world that it's not going to accept international criticism particularly western criticism of its domestic policies and i think the chill effect has worked because we have seen pretty much no western european country including the united states as well and terms of supporting canada so it really has had the. the chill effect on the international western world it's hard to gauge how saudi nationals here in canada feel about being forced to leave the country because many are reluctant to speak but we do know that hundreds of canadian muslims who
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are leaving this week to attend the heart in saudi arabia are worried about how they're going to get home saudia airlines are suspending flights in and out of the country next week but have promised to find passenger seats on other airlines but so far no sign the saudis and the canadians are coming together to resolve this dispute christine salumi al jazeera toronto. cargo ship loaded with soybean is stranded off china victim of the trade war between china and the u.s. it arrived off the coast on july the sixth just after beijing imposed a twenty five percent tariff on soybeans from the u.s. the ship's owner some decided what to do next the chinese levies were a response to u.s. terrorists worth thirty four billion dollars adrian brown has more from beijing well this vessel the pig pegasus has now been at sea for two months it left the united states in early june with the aim of trying to beat the deadline for the start of the trade war between china and the united states that trade war of course
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began on july the six and that was the day that this vessel arrived in the port of darlie and it seems that it literally missed the deadline by just a few hours the owners decided not to offload the cargo because if they did they would face levies from chinese customs of some six million dollars ever since then the vessel has been circling somewhere in the yellow sea while the owners decide what to do next they don't have many options though because of course soybean prices have been falling in the united states is now basically.


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