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president after the long calls on turks to support their currency is the value of the plungers amid a widening ground with the united states. and iran welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha the product also ahead a u.s. court orders chemical company monsanto to pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars to a man who says its weed killer caused him cancer. cameroon's government says it will investigate a video allegedly showing extrajudicial killings by the army and. the
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dozens injured during protests and before arrest as tens of thousands returned from overseas to demand the resignation of romania's government. u.s. president donald trump has escalated a feud with turkey doubling steals and out of many and tariffs as a monetary crisis pushes towards the economic brink at the heart of turkey's failing finances is a volatile currency which is now for them to a record low well since the start of the year the church has lost thirty five percent of its value against the dollar much of that deckard has happened since president of the one retired office with a hugely expanded powers a month ago well at the one has urged citizens to sell their dollars and buy lira and stay. to prop up the currency so i'm course here live reports from istanbul.
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turkey as president vegetate prior to an address this large rally and have this massive for his citizens yes. if there is anyone who has dollars euros or gold under their pillows that you go exchange it for lira that our banks this is the national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have wage an economic war against us turkey's currency has lost more than thirty per cent of its value so far this year at least fifteen percent of that was just on thursday night the turkish going to be has been struggling for a few years of recombination of several financial and political factors the lira tumbled even faster after just presidential election which gave all executive powers to president our john i wish that k.p. or mr and his you know eighteen would be very very ready to hear
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a robust economic program today after they have been elected are fortunately there a little bit later on that as a growing about fragile economy the lira was not protected against any current suspect lation especially after the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and turkey's continuing dispute with the united states over every right you have issues has not made things easy the most urgent disagreement has been is the tension of an american pastor named andrew branson who is on trial on terrorism charges there is a currency crisis kind of promoted by the geopolitical risks which is obviously used by the american foreign policy decision makers another factor is turkey's unwillingness to join the recent u.s. sanctions against iran turkey buys energy from iran along with russia and azerbaijan now the crisis is being felt approach with the master selling of shares in european banks would generally have bigger exposure to the turkish kaname the disputed. was supposed to ease as delegates from both sides gathered in washington
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this week but it didn't and it went to went further turks say the united states is trying to beat them with a financial stick and some even believe it's just a political move by president trump head off november's critical election now it's a question of how turkey will handle all these pressures while its currency is at ten all time low are seen up to solo al-jazeera a stumble. as the chief market economist at spartan capital securities and he says a collapse of turkey's currency could have a domino effect on economies in the european union the central bank is probably going to have the results. you know maybe two or three for the present levels if that doesn't happen the speculation against the turkish lira will continue and that means that we could see our crises developing then you're away and
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as you know some of the banks in the southern region of europe and. exposure to turkish that that. this speculation continues turkey should produce then we could see a renewed crises on the european banks especially in countries like spain france and italy let's move on to other news now in the u.s. jury has ordered the makers of a controversial wheat killer pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages a california groundskeeper who's dying of cancer accuse monsanto of ignoring the health risks of its product roundup twenty johnson's lawyers said the products gave him a form of cancer colon on heart can lymphoma monsanto says it will appeal the ruling mike hanna has more from washington d.c.
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. the case brought by the plaintiff dwayne johnson has been lost in for four weeks the jury has been considering the burdick for the last four days and it's found that the weed killer that johnson used known as roundup did indeed lead directly to his cancer it has warded to more than two hundred sixty million dollars in damages but importantly two hundred fifty million dollars of those are in fact kuna to damages meaning that the jury found there was malice in the company's action there are thousands of other cases pending concerning the we round up and with this judgment the courts are likely to be flooded with cases in the months and years ahead the company itself insists that it will appeal this particular judgment it continues to maintain that the ingredients used in the weed killer life are saved does not cause cancer this it says is borne out by the environmental protection
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agency however the verdict in this case is likely to once again cause the e.p.a. to look at whether life is in fact a carcinogenic. the salim iraqi coalition says it will investigate an air strike in yemen that had a bus full of schoolchildren killing fifty people the united nations is calling for an independent probe of holding a special session on the strikes the saudi led coalition insists it struck legitimate targets the home of those following those developments from neighboring to pity and a warning has report against with images that some viewers may find disturbing. it's hard to imagine a more disturbing and sickening image of the futility of war in the yemen at the scene of one asked strike by the sodium what are ticklish body parts us through. a man holds up the whole body of a child. what is his guilt what is his crime he wonders why target these students
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this is the walk of the american soda coalition as a strike they are schoolchildren why we will seek revenge no matter what he says. is children why in a minibus full of students heading back from a school summer come in yemen. but does their boss drove through a busy market in. the provinces it was targeted by the airstrike they do what they can here at the hospital which is under resourced and overwhelmed and what effect will it top on these young minds dozens of their classmates were killed in the strike there's now a growing chorus of condemnation a rare thing in the immense three and a half year when. it took the images of these children drenched in blood and reeling from shock to most of the world we deplore thursday's attack in yemen where a coalition air strike is a bass carrying children in die on market in sabah reportedly killing forty people
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and injuring another sixty eight the u.n. secretary general and tony has called for a swift investigation into the talk to secretary general and for some. says that all parties mistake constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations and he calls for an independent and prompt investigation into this incident the conflict in yemen pits the richest countries in the region so did it beyond the united states against the poorest the sodium what i want to call it has been report that the sized for targeting civilian areas in the war against the filthy for the fighting has killed left millions of those on the brink of starvation. catalans government says it will investigate a video apparently showing the military shooting at people and the stay
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international says it's verified the video testimony and analysis of weapons and uniforms a spokesman for president says the video was released to undermine the government ahead of elections. well why is the advocacy director for africa at amnesty international and he says the video is proof of a pattern of penalty by the military. the video documents. cameroonian soldiers basically lining up men women and in our north and basically committing actual judicial executions the soldiers there can be heard on the tape saying that they're committing a comic has the type of operation it seems like the footage west by one of their own soldiers so it is very clear we've been able to confirm that these are indeed cameroonian soldiers and that they're not. operation based on the fact that this
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has happened before and that this seems to be a pattern of operation by the security forces in the country in twenty seventeen we released a report that documented incidents of torture by the cameroon security. says the elite forces known as the her who had been up being in a camp call sound like these kinds of. ill treatment beatings in action for executions even proceed those kinds of incidents there's years a culture of impunity the government has been fairly dismissive calling the concerns raised by both domestic and international human rights group says they can not credible so today's announcement that they're going to actually investigate as an incredibly important positive step but of course a single incident is not going to address all of the incidents of abuses that have been documented prior. dozens of people have been and just off to remain in police
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use tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally and book arrest. of thousands of remaining an ex-pat something demonstrating calling for the government to resign and then drive across europe to attend a protest against the governing social democrats they blame the party for corruption and a lack of opportunities. as a journalist who has been at the demonstrations and just some of the protesters. people i talked to were very motivated they would have been angry about many of the steps that the government has been taking in the last eighteen months that they see that they feel we can the rule of law you know these are steps basically would be criminalized low level corruption or reduce and weaken the fight against fight against corruption which has been a. big problem in romania for a long time and people are angry about that and feel that the system needs to
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change so tonight's protest there were an estimated one hundred thousand include caress and maybe another thirty thousand in other cities there was a large protest it wasn't as large as the half million people we saw last year in february two thousand and seventy when the government first tried to pass. legislation that would have weaken the rule of law but it's the largest protests we have seen in eight nine months. so it was large anyway but then what happened tonight was it was shocking it was very surprising in the past the protests have been have been peaceful i've been covering rumanian now for five years and tonight was the first night i've ever been tear gassed the first night i've ever seeing the use of water cannons by the security forces the first night seeing large scale clashes. still ahead on the bulletin the travel plans of thousands of people are
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disrupted as ryan airs pilots go on strike and a mother seeking answers on why her son was murdered by members of columbia's mother tree. from the slowing going in the winds to an enchanting dance it brings movie. hello there it's going to stay wet if you're in the southern parts of china at the moment it's all thanks to this area of cloud hair we've got a storm developing within that and it's expected to run its way towards the north while it develops fairly quickly so for the south coast then do expect some very heavy downpours and there's likely to be some flooding across the region as well hong kong will also be within that mass of cloud and rain in fact you can see the winds there feeding in from the west so for some of us in the philippines it's also
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looking pretty wet particularly in the western parts of luzon and that rain does stick around even as we head through sunday a bit further towards the south for many of us here there's actually a good deal of dry weather at the moment some showers around but also plenty of breaks as well the philippines obviously as i mentioned before that's the exception more cloud and rain here will also see plenty of what weather over parts of thailand as well but towards the south force in singapore and k.l. there should be plenty of dry weather and just maybe the occasional shower at times if we head out towards the west we've had reports of flooding in carolina and the here we've still got plenty of cloud at the moment the wettest weather over the next few days there is likely to be in the eastern parts of india and through nepal here so if you vary so be not only on saturday but also sunday to the whims of sponsored by qatar airways. this was in rome. children away from their appearance and herd them into
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a school against their will there was no mother no. fingers. in the big clear. look dirty or so i don't remember the children's names. kind of does dark secret. good to have you with us on the college say are these are our top stories to his president as a people just sell their dollars and buy beer as the currency falls to a record low of thirty five percent of its value since the start of the year the us
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presidents add into the financial squeeze doubling steel and adam minium tabs as part of an escalating feud. a us jury has ordered the makers of a controversial way to kill or pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages california groundskeeper dwayne johnson who's dying of cancer accuse monsanto of ignoring the health risks of its product roundup monsanto says it will appeal the ruling and cameron's government says it will investigate a video that apparently shows the military shooting at unarmed people amnesty international says as verify the video through what this testimony a spokesman for president or via says the video was released to undermine their government ahead of elections and a toy about. zimbabwe now with the inauguration of president has been delayed because of a legal challenge to his electoral victory earlier lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change alliance their case at the supreme court and her
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body they say they have evidence of fraud and election breaking out of a tussle has more. this is the first time in zimbabwe's history an inauguration has been stopped the m.d.c. alliance party say they want the election results overturned they say they have evidence forms that show that the results were tampered with the judges could meet quickly if they think this evidence is weak they could throw the case out if they want more time to look at the evidence that could take a couple of days if they don't meet over the weekend monday and choose their public holidays here which means all meet on wednesday they'll fourteen a day to make a decision and i can do is wait president elect emerson will undergo a city respects the court's supporters aren't thrilled with us opposition supporters are static but most above wins think are concerned about the economy this election was different from other elections regardless of who people voted for a lot of people we spoke to whether the opposition would say it's the first election on the ballot they hope for
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a fresh start especially when it comes to the economy they're worried because they're so that you can business community has warned them say you don't get your house in order we can come and invest we can come and create jobs people are concerned the longer this political stalemate drags on the more negative effect is going to have on the economy. to saddam now where flash floods caused by heavy rain have killed six people thousands of homes are being destroyed in the eastern state of. state authorities say they're working to rebuild areas as the rain continues to morgan has more. this is the aftermath of heavy rains in eastern sudan more than seven thousand homes destroyed and thousands more damaged the rains have caused flash floods displacing hundreds of families and leaving them without shelter. there is flash floods and we lost everything with it when we tried to save our properties but we lost it all we need help especially shelters. we're grateful
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to be alive but we lost everything even our clothes we got little from charity to help the government hasn't provided us anything and we're still living in the open with our children. so dan's rainy season has been a challenge for the government doesn't have been killed in the last few years including seven around the country this year alone despite it being only the beginning of the season. tens of thousands of homes especially in rural areas have collapsed because of the rains poor drainage systems and subsequent flash floods and the water left behind is raising concerns of water borne diseases including malaria and cholera people who have been displaced by the recent floods have criticised the government for its slow response local authorities saying they're working to provide assistance at. the damages were major to those affected we've provided them with temporary shelters and basic necessities we're now asking organizations to help those affected this could get worse if heavy rains come again
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and the conditions will be much worse. meanwhile the rains continue those who have been displaced can only hope it doesn't get worse and that they'll be able to rebuild their lives here morgan al-jazeera. now the travel plans of fifty five thousand people across europe have been disrupted after ryan air pilots went on strike one and six of the budget carriers flights have been cancelled as pilots had germany ireland sweden belgium and the netherlands walked off the job over pay and conditions dominic came reports from. sleeping on the airport floor rather than a holiday hotel all because of the strike that's hit ryanair for these passengers their vacation is beginning with uncertainty and lots of tricky questions like this couple fresh in from the states when we landed here in berlin right yeah i mean really. they told us that the ryanair flight to athens that we had booked to be
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canceled because. pilots on strike so we just went through a couple different ways of getting that the. airline rebooked going that that's all we need tonight and then tomorrow morning bouncing from that's the only thing to athens so what's behind this industrial action ryanair employs about four hundred pilots here in germany they are members of the pilots union cockpit and for the union issue with ryanair is very clear they want improved terms and conditions and they say ryanair really needs to reform. does. is not about want to debate right now and it wouldn't be possible anyway against a transatlantic employer what it is about is to signal to management that there needs to be an end to them trying to beat their own staff today you want to send a clear message to dublin ryanair must change so far at least the airline appears not to want to but as chief executive has accepted ryanair it will take
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a financial hit it's hard to assess the damage of a new feature in stride. if you say if. there is this summer they will get fifty percent it's fifty five percent so here's. the best. but not perhaps for those caught up in friday's strike action dominic came out zero a. port. to china now with a planned demolition of a mosque has been halted after protests by members of the we muslim ethnic minority . mosque was said to be destroyed for what the government said was a violation of planning regulations the top official in the local county says no action will go ahead without the agreement of the locals members of the predominantly muslim we have complained of growing restrictions on their religion and the united nations says it's received credible reports that two million members of minority groups are being held in secret internment camps in china estimates say
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at least half a week of muslims they have been reportedly forced into political indoctrination camps and the jungle region the chinese government has launched a security crackdown in the area targeting religious expression. now relief agencies a warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of a heatwave in north korea there's been no rainfall there since july with the temperatures soaring to an average of thirty nine degrees celsius and that's causing rice maize and other vital crops to weather increasing the verse of a full blown food security crisis international sanctions could also worsen the situation in the country where millions are already vulnerable to malnutrition were just as the program director in north korea for the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he says the situation is dire if they don't get to work with what it means is that there is a reduction in food production or from the fields and it will be.
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naturally that we have an effect on the food that is taken in the home and what are most of the vulnerable. mothers in the communities so it is important because like you take is used both for oil and therefore cooking is eating is part of the staple food so if all of these feelings are more or disbelieve. what are their feelings naturally there will be a reduction in ford introduction in food means also actually enough in effect on the nutritional of the dust of the home all of the people getting the food. u.s. filemon a building value is to try and contain a slow moving wildfire that is still raging in southern california well the twenty one thousand people are being told to leave their homes a state of emergency has been declared so that more resources
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a made available to fight the flames police have arrested and charged a fifty one year old man for deliberately starting the so-called holy fire make elsinore now at least four people including two police officers have been killed in a shooting in eastern canada police say officers of responding to a call of about shots fired well they found two people on the ground one suspect is in custody and speaking treated a serious injuries. well i went to my back window and i seen a fire truck coming around here well maybe it's something blowing up. then i realized it was filling up pretty quickly with police officers and that i'd better hit my ground so i sat on the floor of my. shots going off in a few more here and there. for about twenty minutes there was no shots for about five or shots when. it was quiet for another half hour.
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special examining more than two thousand cases of extrajudicial between two thousand and eight and two thousand and fourteen the. false positive scandal. between the colombian government and left. is the fog. to hold the culprits accountable. is a grieving mother her son who was murdered by members of the colombian military in two thousand and eight. she was told her son was the leader of an enemy insurgency . that's impossible as her son lived with both severe physical and intellectual disability. it was hard for me to be told that a boy with such an innocence was labeled as being a member of an armed group. over
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a period of six years thousands of young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty were falsely accused of being government insurgents. while the colombian government was fighting a war against discovery innocent colombian civilians were being rounded up by the hundreds some were tortured killed and dumped in mass graves. the families of the victims appeared before a special tribunal recently established in. fourteen members of the military prison sentences of upwards of forty years were in attendance by testifying before the special tribunal these soldiers were allowed to carry out their sentences at a military prison. this fight between two thousand and two and two thousand and nine assassinations grew exponentially and they happened to coincide with former president counter insurgency director which gave members of the military incentives for positive results in combat. human rights organizations have registered more
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than five thousand seven hundred victims that means that these false positives occurred throughout the region which leads us to believe there was a policy behind the killings. the mandate of the tribunals was recently amended by the colombian congress and dick sense would even and former president one man was sent to us from being forced to testify the special tribunal is facing a lot of criticism the office of the prosecutor for the international criminal court is observing the series if it determines that colombian authorities are unable or unwilling to thoroughly investigate and prosecute these cases the i.c.c. could open its own investigation. going over old photographs of her son says her story is that of thousands of families in colombia. that my son was very considerate every day who would come up to stay with his hands behind his back and hand me a rose he would say mom i thought of you i think that's what i miss the most and
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that's what they owe me. this money no says her hope is that through this special tribunal what happened to her son will never happen to anyone ever again and ended up alone dizzy over to. get out of a product of the headlines on. turkey's president has a people to sell their dollars and buy more lira as the currency falls to a wrecked court it's lost thirty five percent of its value since the start of the year the us presidency adding to the financial squeeze doubling steel an alley many m tariffs as part of an escalating feud. another new as a u.s. jury has ordered the makers of the controversial weed killer to pay two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages california groundskeeper duane lee johnson
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who's dying of cancer accuse monsanto of ignoring the health risks of its product roundup monsanto says they will appeal against the ruling cameron's government says it will investigate a video that apparently shows the military is shooting at people it was reportedly shot before may twenty sixth in a village in the far north and the sting international says it's verify the video through witness testimony a spokesman for president paul b. a says the video was released to undermine the government ahead of elections in october the inauguration of the president everson mullen god has been delayed because of a legal challenge to his electoral victory earlier lawyers for the opposition movement for democratic change alliance fall the case of the supreme court in her body they say they have evidence of fraud and election breaking dozens of people have been injured after remaining in police used tear gas and water cannon at an anti-government rally in vocal rest thousands of remaining ex-pats have been demonstrating calling for the government to resign or many drive across europe to
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attend the protests against the government social democrats they blame the party for corruption and a lack of opportunities. relief agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of a heatwave in north korea there's been no rainfall there since july with the temperatures soaring to an average of thirteen mind degree celsius that's causing volatile crops to weather increasing the risk of a full blown food security crisis us. i'm in a building barriers to try to contain a slow moving wildfire in southern california all the twenty one thousand people have been told to leave their homes a state of emergency has been declared so that more resources a made available to fight the flames well those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next.
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dozens of children are killed in air strikes in yemen but i made the outrage and calls for investigations broader questions into what is the international community's role in this war and what can be done to stop it this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program of adoptive home in yemen is routinely called the world's worst humanitarian crisis but sometimes an individual event can bring that face talk lee into focus that's what happened on thursday when a series of strikes in the norden province of sada killed dozens of people most of
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them school.


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