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often here told by the people who lived them undocumented and under attack this is europe on al-jazeera. he devoted four decades of his life to the united nations and was hailed as a diplomatic rock star former u.n. secretary general and nobel peace laureate kofi annan dies at the age of eighty. l.o.l. come on devika palin this is are just there live from london also coming up. a state funeral is held for some of the victims of tuesday's bridge collapse in genoa but some families or the event. and entire states and flood alerts in their deploys
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thousands of soldiers to carola devastated by the worst floods in a century. and one of the world's biggest sporting events is officially underway where in jakarta for the asian games. former united nations secretary-general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty born in ghana on a rose through the ranks of the organization to service leader for two terms and during that time he championed efforts to end conflicts across africa asia and the middle east and even earned the nobel peace prize along with the u.n. in two thousand and one but he was criticized for failing to stop the rwandan genocide and later for a corruption scandal involving his son our diplomatic editor james space looks back at his life. a towering figure on the global stage bringing the peace bell of
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the united nations a man who did so much in the cause of global peace. the u.n. secretary general for ten years a nobel peace no. kofi annan was born in ghana joining the un in one thousand nine hundred sixty two rising through the ranks to be the organizations head of peacekeeping at the time of genocide in rwanda eight hundred thousand people were killed he later said it was one of his greatest regrets that he was not able to do more to hold the bloodshed i am happy on and i hope you and sullenly souad when he became the first u.n. staff to take over the top job he prepared the u.n. for a new millennium. his ten year coincided with the arrival of a new president in the white house he is. after nine eleven the u.s. invaded afghanistan. and then dividing the u.n.
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security council. iraq. he had tried to avoid war with tireless diplomacy and by keeping a team of weapons inspectors in the country until the last moment later the un went back into baghdad after the invasion but its compound was then bombed with twenty two staff killed iraq was also the biggest controversy of his decade in the u.n. job the oil for food program set up to help iraqis lead to massive corruption with the secretary general's own son kojo implicated niger. when he stepped down at the u.n. he addressed these remarks to his successor bang ki-moon. you to take over the most impossible job on end of quote. while that may be true i would add i would add this is also the best
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possible job that. he did not choose to go into quote retirement he was the u.n. and arab league envoy to syria in two thousand and twelve coming up with a plan that would have ended the war six years ago. but it was ignored by the parties that continue to fight. more recently he went to myanmar coming up with proposals that form the basis of the international community's approach to the rohingya crisis the result once again of his own personal style of diplomacy strong words but softly spoken even if you get into the shouting matches sometimes they have bigger megaphones than you have and it doesn't necessarily get you where you want to go there are times when you have to raise your voice and there are times when that i had to but generally i can get results without shout
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and jordan loud joins us live from the u.n. headquarters in new york so roslyn tributes are coming in thick and fast what was it that made kofi annan such a respected global statesman. well what we're hearing to feel is that so many people were impressed by kofi on and charisma his stature his commitment to public service his empathy with ordinary people all around the world regardless of their circumstance and that he had this conviction that life could be made better if all people put their talents toward that end just a bit of the comments that have been coming in throughout the morning the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley put out this statement kofi on a devoted his life to making the world a more peaceful place through his compassion and dedication to service he worked tirelessly to unite us and never stopped fighting for the dignity of every person
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we joined the entire united nations and diplomatic community in celebrating his life and in lifting up his family in love and prayers we've heard from the former u.s. president barack obama who praised on its integrity persistence optimism and sense of compassion for humanity we've heard from the russian president vladimir putin he was said that he was fortunate to speak personally with kofi annan quote i sincerely at mired his his wisdom and courage and his ability to make balance decisions even in the face of the most complicated and critical situations other persons who have praised kofi annan to life and work include theresa may the british prime minister because he legard who was the head of the mouth. modi the indian prime minister as well as reverend doesn't tutu. and kenneth roth who is
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the leader of human rights watch one of the world's leading a human rights organizations they have all said that he worked very hard work very tirelessly even after leaving the united nations to try to make life better for all of the people living on the planet now. the current secretary general has said that in many ways kofi on on was the united nations he saw it through many to particularly during his tenure some of the most turbulent times of the world body is that how he is seen in general is that how he'll be remembered well one of the things that made kofi annan perhaps one of the most popular secretaries general is that he spent his entire career working here he started here after he finished his studies in one thousand nine hundred sixty two and he really worked his way up the ranks he dealt with it with humanitarian issues he dealt with peacekeeping because of the experience or rwanda he made it
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a priority when he became secretary general to try to make peacekeeping a more effective mission it is something which is still considered controversial perhaps at times in affective and other times perhaps not a useful use of the united nations funds and it's worth pointing out that was one of nikki haley's criticisms when she first came to the united nations in two thousand and seventeen but that said people generally felt that because he understood the institution from the inside out because he had worked alongside had reported to and had a lead other people to try to do this difficult work that he had urged all of the respect that people have felt for him throughout his eighty years and we should note that in the last hour of so the united nations has lowered its blue flag to half staff and it will remain there as a tribute to kofi annan for the next three days also in jordan at the united
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nations for us with the round up of all the tributes pouring in to kofi annan thank you. a state funeral has been held for the victims of the bridge collapse disaster in the tally in city of genoa and more than forty people are believed to have died when the bar on the bridge came down on tuesday president sergio might that l.r. was among those who attended the service and some of the families blame the government for the disaster and have boycotted the ceremony our correspondent david she joins us now from genoa so david tell us what's been happening there and the scene where you are right now. well first of all i think we must deal with the day of mourning where the whole virtually joined in the grief being shown here in the city of genoa not all the families of the victims attended they were boycotting
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the proceedings because they felt that the state had been responsible for this tragedy and they didn't want to mix with the politicians who were going to be at those funerals but there were some eighteen families the eighteen coffins including the small white coffin of a young boy aged eight the youngest victim and perhaps the most eloquent address was given by the cardinal and joe biden yes go ahead he said that this storm and this collapse had torn at the heart of genuine and left a deep wound because of the pain that was still here in the city so it was a very very moving experience at the largest convention center on the port of genoa and it was also across a religious ceremony there were also two our. victims and of course the local imaam here also took part in the ceremony so it is
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a time perhaps all the families to be together to see each other and to make sure that sharing that grieve could somehow lessen the impact of this tragedy and david i understand that the operators of the bridge have given a press conference what have they said. yes the press conference has just finished in the hotel behind me so this is the first time since the tragedy we've seen the chief executives of the company who were responsible for the that section of the motorways and deed a lot of the motorways and bridges across the italian motorway network they were saying their first sympathy of course lay with the pain of the people in general but they announced that they're putting forward at least five hundred seventy two thousand a million dollars for the victims of the family allowing them to this money to be dispersed them immediately to help them in their present plight they also said they
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were going to rebuild this bridge and they said it was going to be made of steel this time and it would take them eight months to do that but it's a complex process they said because of all those flats you remember seeing underneath that collapsed bridge span so close to that shore road they're going to have to clear all those demolish those buildings demolish the rest of the bridge and that's going to take a lot of time and they're going to have to give money to those residents in that area to allow them to be rehabbed. but there was one thing they didn't do and that was accept any responsibility the chief executive officer said that responsibility and apologies go together and there will be no apology until real responsibility has been established david tate's of the latest from genoa thank you. thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in the southern indian state of carola as heavy rain continues to back to the region so far three hundred twenty
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four people have been killed more than one hundred ninety of them over in just over a week almost all the state's districts are on alert with the flooding potentially affecting most of its thirty five million people it's so bad the international airport of course he has been shut down for at least a week and tourists have been told to stay away so far more than three hundred ten thousand people have been displaced by the flooding most of them are now living in fifteen hundred relief camps that have been set up and with more trenchant rain forecast over the weekend the government has pledged seventy one million dollars in aid and it's almost now reports on the relief efforts. i don't want to buy a collection points and that's the state capital every few minutes a bus or a truck a laden with pots and go by its policies based on the road just in front of me everything gets put in a car park and then base operation kick saying everything is passed down that becomes a cone the line you can see going on behind me of men as about the past down there
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shouting to each other what is inside the box whether it's food medicine or water and then it gets put in a different room for many of them around here and then the army is coming in collecting that specialized in taking it to where it's needed where the worst of the floods are and this is just one of many many i question points in this fight a real huge effort has kicked in because while the need is huge so is this effort the night is coming in now for neighboring states bangalore chennai and others around here it's also coming in from other countries from the middle east particularly where many people here have family members working the numbers that are that need that need usually three hundred thousand people now living in camps able to be in their own homes and that's a number that is bigger than the population of some small countries it really is staggering we were talking to a colonel in the indian army on saturday he told us that fifty three military helicopters are now working flat out to rescue people some eighty thousand people
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have been rescued so far but while the needed siege such as this last the volunteer rescue effort relief effort that's going on as well. we're watching all of this era live from london still to come on this program. the u.n. warned civilians and aid workers are not safe in god's name four days after taliban fighters were pushed out of the afghan city. and nobody knew their names we visit the graves of the thousands of migrants who drowned while making the desperate journey across the mediterranean. hello again good to have you back well this hour we are going to start here across central parts of asia where we did see one particular tropical cyclone that made its way through vietnam across laos and now it is making its way into the bay bridge also that is still bring some very heavy rain showers here across parts of
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myanmar as well so we're going to be watching that very carefully over the last next couple of days but here across the southern portions of china still very heavy rain in the forecast that's been going on for the last few days and for hong kong we do expect to see thirty three degrees for you up torching high though not looking too bad of course you have seen quite a bit of heavy rain with your tropical storm that went through there but for a forecast on monday thirty three degrees there i want to take you now over here towards india of course carol has been hit very very hard with months in a rain over the next few days though things are slowly going to get better in terms of the amount of rain we're going to be seeing on the coast still rain but not as heavy as what we have seen we are now going to focus a little bit more towards the north into the northeast where heavy rain is going to be a big problem as it makes its way off the bay of bengal now that is the remnants of that old tropical system so that system is going to bring some winds as well to kolkata for the time to there of about thirty one degrees and then very quickly over here towards the middle east we are looking at some northerly winds and northwesterly winds coming in to doha and we do expect to see a temperature over the next day forty three degrees.
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it looks ugly it sounds ugly in scale street from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's record for the seaside and who controls the other people in power of the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's guns of mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman and you're interested in stopping crime.
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hello again here's a reminder our top stories and i was there a former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died aged eighty he served from one thousand nine hundred seven to two thousand and six received the nobel peace prize jointly with the organization. a state funeral has been held for some of the victims of the genoa bridge collapse some families boycotted the event and blaming the government for the disaster more than forty people are believed to have died in the tragedy. thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in southern in the father and indian state of carola as heavy rain continues to batter the region more than one hundred ninety people have died in just over a week. now four days after the taliban fighters were pushed out of the afghan city of gosney the u.n. says it's not safe for civilians or aid workers to get in or out the city more than two hundred civilians were killed and hundreds more wounded during the five day
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assault charlotte ballasts has the latest. the un's humanitarian chief in afghanistan visits patients wounded in the taliban assaults on me but this is not in gosney this is the capital kabul and hundred fifty kilometers north they were brought here because the city's hospital is too crowded and the road is as we hear quite right dangerous and not open all the time that there are multiple threat posts all these questions are raising up about what had better safe arrival to hospital with a person that is affordable life patients are scattered to hospitals across kabul more than fifty have arrived at this one they are suffering from head and chest injuries and last words from bombs. and so far this year has been the worst that we have seen in terms of the damage done and the number of people killed. a very serious situation which we hope is now subsiding. gosney morphed into an
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urban battlefield last friday people were trapped for five days in their homes as thousands of taliban fighters and afghan soldiers fought in the streets u.s. helicopters drones in a b. one bomber patrolled over here when they emerged on wednesday the city was barely recognizable red cross workers recovered two hundred fifty bodies from the streets people here say u.s. airstrikes also killed civilians there were more than thirty across the five day assault the u.s. military says it takes all allegations of civilian deaths seriously during a visit to go on friday prison ashraf ghani had this exchange when a reporter brought up the issue of civilian deaths. for the record it has to be peer assessment these to make conclusions or judgments in what is not your area of expertise if there is a claim to senior officials here or actual service give the documents if true
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absolutely. in a convoy of helicopters prison ghani flew wells leaving behind a city cause whole days after the taliban assault indeed the roads in and out are infested with mines and the un is struggling to get in instead its work is visit the wounded in kabul those brave were dispersed enough to make the journey shall it balance out to zero. former cricketer imran khan has officially been sworn in as pakistan's prime minister contact the the president's house in islamabad promising to work for the press parity of pakistan and to perform his role on asli hysteric insaaf party won the most seats in the july twenty fifth vote but fell short of an outright majority meaning he had to form a coalition government is promised a battle against corruption and political interference by powerful landowners hundreds of people have been rallying in mali's capital against their reelection of
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president abraham go back arcade many of them are supporters of the opposition leader so majlis he said last thing from this runoff vote as he says dismiss the results ask parody analyze his campaign team have filed an appeal to mali's top court for some ballots to be council. the u.s. migration agency says more than sixty three thousand migrants and refugees have entered europe by sea this year a nearly half of them have headed over to spain where they're building new lives but thousands of others have not been so lucky dying while making the perilous journey across the mediterranean crop and how has this report from thirty four in southern spain are burying the unknown has become an all too common sight. nobody knew their names and soon the letters spelling out on the migrant will peel away to you to get there you don't mean that you know the grave digger parker iglesias remembers where they were buried
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a lucky few have been identified barely in you cooper a little hope. well know that there are no destiny we all have our own destiny we all know when we're born but none of us really know when we're going to die it's packer's work to this cemetery into rethrow on spain's southernmost tip for fifteen years when a refugee or migrant dies mourners rarely come anymore. i've got a heart and we're all human beings whether you know them or not you must treat them well if this ever happens to me i'd like to think somebody would help me to. this crossings to the spanish coast of surge this year migrant drownings have tripled spanish authorities spend months trying to identify remains and repatriate them if possible. calls these the pioneers twenty two moroccans washed up two
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decades ago. flower seller antonia of alaska has a message for the mothers of all those buried here. they are here and where treating them well they are dead but if i can i will put a flower on their great there are some people here along the coast it's a short distance to the town of a part of the grave digger raphael who claims shows me the tomb of the five year old congolese boy some world was swept ashore here his mother was found dead on the other side of the mediterranean in algeria. it's outrageous there's so much power and money in the world and yet the rich don't invest more in the countries where migrants come from so they don't need to travel here like animals. until those in power he dad advice the grave diggers just help juggle the consequences many people and as i bury these migrants i told
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them that they didn't find a better world down here so i ask god to give them a better life out there they have sacrificed everything and this is what is left and not a monument to a wandering son or daughter name another. culprit whole al-jazeera to refill spain turkish president are the one says he'll challenge those playing with the economy a day after two major rating agencies downgraded the country's status close to junk already one made the comments as a congress of his ruling party sovereign credit ratings were downgraded on friday in light the turkish lira has lost forty percent of its value against the dollar this year i don't insist the economic issues are part of a plot against this country. to do some people are trying to threaten us through the economy through sanctions foreign exchange interest rates and inflation we are
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telling them we've seen your games and we are challenging. one of the world's largest sporting events is underway in indonesia the asian games open with a spectacular opening ceremony in the capital jakarta fourteen thousand athletes will take part from forty five countries cup riders in jakarta. very elaborate and long opening ceremonies for the two thousand eight hundred eighteen games here in jakarta very big stage in the stadium behind me six hundred ton stage had a kaino a waterfall different singers came out we had different segments we heard from the president we of course saw the national team's march around the stadium inside we saw a unified korea team like we did for the winter olympics earlier in the year so now we have two weeks of sporting activities we have forty five countries here more than forty different events over these two weeks
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a lot of focus is going to be on the two national powerhouses usually winning most of the medals here in the asian games and that is china and japan so that's where a lot of focus is going to be but obviously a lot of interest in the unified korea team as well. thirteen years after being abandoned no tobacco factory in northern iraq is getting a new lease of life the twenty six hectare compound is being transformed into a cultural center that celebrates the region's rich industrial history as well as provide a showcase for the artists of the future name has more from the city of l.a. money. since it was found it more than two hundred years ago. in northern iraq has been a city devoted to the arts. it's that celebrated legacy that makes it unsurprising that someone looked at this long abandoned and dilapidated tobacco factory and vision a sprawling cultural arts center. that is no doubt there will be
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a huge impact on the people also the money of all people know that people here are thirsty for aught on culture and they are always spot dissipating in or holding cultural activities people even come here from other cities it has a special history from one nine hundred sixty one to two thousand and five so i'm in a a tobacco factory rolled out carton after carton of cigarettes including the first kurdish brand the government run factory was the second largest industry in the city's history it employed more than fifteen hundred people the former iraqi president saddam hussein's persecution of the kurds destroyed tobacco farming in northern iraq these machines produce their last cigarette pack thirteen years ago now the hope is this will become an arts hub where movie and television shows are produced musicians can practice and perform and artists create and show their work
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the cultural art center will pay tribute to its historical roots the plan is to save these machines and create an exhibit devoted to the solomon a yet tobacco factory. in the beginning of the cultural center project we agreed that the exterior of the building will be preserved there will only be a innovation inside there for the building remains as it was all easily and the next generation will know that previously for more than forty years this was a debacle factory. the kurdistan regional government has allocated almost six million dollars to the project but no one can say how soon construction will begin in earnest let alone finish. through the now they call a big situation is difficult but we hope that it will change and it should be written then we can all become old obstacles that we are facing or when
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the cultural arts center does open it promises to be a place where the history of industry and the future of the arts are preserved the top al-jazeera silliman asia northern iraq. again these are the top stories and how does their former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighteen he served from one thousand nine hundred seventy two thousand and six and the save the nobel peace prize jointly by the organization his home country got as the cleric a week of national mourning leaders from around the world have been paying their respects to the diploma also in jordan has more we've heard from the former u.s. president barack obama who praised on its integrity persistence optimism and sense of compassion for humanity we've heard from the russian president vladimir putin he
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was first said that he was fortunate to speak personally with kofi annan quote i sincerely at mired his his wisdom and courage it is ability to make ballots decisions even in the face of the most cult like a good and critical situations other persons who have praised kofi annan to life and work include theresa may the british prime minister christine lagarde who was the head of the mouth. or modi the indian prime minister. a state funeral has been held for some of the victims of the bridge collapse disaster in the italian city of genoa more than forty people are believed to have died when the bar on the bridge came down on tuesday president sergio math that i was among those who attended the service some families blame the government for the disaster and boycotted the ceremony thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in the southern indian state of carola as heavy rain continues to batter
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the region more than one hundred ninety people have died in just over a week almost all the states districts are on alert with the flooding potentially affecting most of its thirty five billion people former cricketer imran khan has been officially sworn in as pakistan's prime minister concert the oath at the president's house in islam about promising to work for the prosperity of pakistan and to perform his role on a steely is terry key and south party won the most seats in the july twenty fifth vote but it fell short of an outright majority. turkish president wretch of typewriter one says he'll challenge those playing with the economy a day after two major ratings agencies downgraded the country's status closer to junk. people in power is next.
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the u.s.a.'s constitutionally in trying to love affair with firearms has given it the highest levels of private gun ownership in the world and a truly staggering rate of gun related homicides but it isn't just the u.s. that's felt the effects south of the border in mexico american sourced weapon the supply did that country's drug use giuliana rufus has been to investigate.


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