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the other profession. we charge the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al-jazeera. sad d. t. be added to the afghan leaders ied message interrupted by a rocket attack on the presidential palace. in the long run when you're watching all jews their allies my headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey complains to the world trade organization about the us terrorists as one calls it an attack on his country also a warning from unsung suchi she says there is a threat of terrorism in mere miles of rakhine state and struggling to celebrate
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inside the camp where hundreds of thousands of syrians are marking either unsure when they'll go home. welcome to the program rockets fired towards afghanistan's presidential palace have interrupted an aid speech from russia afghani police say the taliban was behind the attacks on tuesday morning one volt close to the presidential palace the other near a nato compound and the u.s. embassy in the same area of kabul that the attacks come less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the taliban. good do you think it gave if they think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again and this is a brave nation as always ready to defend its independence on earth and islamic tradition michael semple is a visiting professor at queen's university belfast he says the taliban is sending a clear message that it does not want to ceasefire. part of the irony is that the
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majority of taliban fighters really don't want to fight over aid they would have been quite happy to have been given at least four days off for probably there would be little real fighting so we'd have you know a commander has managed to set off some rockets at least to get the hunt lanes without having to. to round up too many fighters there is a single movement the afghan taliban movement they recognize one amir. so everything that which is done in the movement is done in his name and so there is a there is a central authority that's how last ied it was possible with one ceasefire announcement to get fighting to stop pretty much across the country however when it comes to the organizing of that fighting it is are conducted by hundreds of different groups of operating under the taliban on brother sometimes it's groups
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are sort of like in competition so i suspect that whoever was firing off the rockets today was well aware that he'd be you know storing up a little bit of credit at headquarters or whoever is encouraging them to do this turkey has lodged an official complaint with the world trade organization about the u.s. tariffs donald trump double the tax on steel and many of the some of them to turkey refused to release the american pastor the turkish government retaliated by imposing levies of its own with president hu and saying his country was under attack it could only soon excelled in and there's no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer in our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we're a nation that prefers to be shot in the neck rather than to be chained at the knee . but it's not just turkey it's facing economic pressure from the u.s. the trumpet ministration has been using its economic clout as a political weapon with terrorists and sanctions imposed worldwide she have returns
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explained. it's the trump administration has been setting new records with its imposition of sanctions on foreign entities though it is continuing a trend we saw under barack obama what is different is the imposition of economic tariffs this administration overtly views the dollar as a weapon and the globalized economy as a battlegrounds. the numbers have been climbing proud of donald trump's presidency but according to the u.s. treasury sanctions were imposed on close to one thousand entities and individuals in twenty seventeen a new record. and this year analysts predict the administration will suppose that number potentially adding more than fourteen hundred entities to the list of those sanctioned he's president he came into office without much to government experience any with very limited in the western relationships with people in the hell of the product executive branch and what sanctions lesson do is execute foreign policy effectively not stop it is unclear sometimes whether the u.s.
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has a grand strategy when it imposes sanctions is washington trying to change the behavior of those it deems as working against u.s. national interests or simply punishing them without any opportunity for redemption . and there's anyone really believe that russia will forsake crimea for example as a result of sanctions what exactly is the u.s. trying to achieve in the rush to project u.s. power such questions sometimes remain unanswered. at least with the trumpet ministrations imposition of economic tariffs they would seem to be a goal president trump says other countries are exploiting the us economically and that needs to end and that is why we are going to stick together and win for our farmers and our factory workers are still workers here we are all across this nation. the imposition of tariffs began in january with restrictions imposed on solar panels and washing machines the trunk of ministration said it hopes to boost domestic manufacturing since then china has borne the brunt tariffs have been
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imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports they went into effect july the sixth and tariffs on an additional sixteen billion dollars of goods will go into effect on august twenty third in addition twenty five percent tariffs on steel and ten percent on elam in human ports have shocked allies such as canada mexico japan and the e.u. . turkey's tariffs of meanwhile been doubled to fifty percent on steel twenty percent on aluminum yet here too there is confusion in imposing the steel and aluminum tariffs donald trump invoked national security his administration is using those tariffs as bargaining chips in trade negotiations how does that square with keeping america safe there has long been international grumbling to the central of the of the u.s. dollar and financial system to the global economy and it is likely that the frequent deployment of both as weapons often with little recourse for those
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affected will heighten those complaints in the future. washington. the greek prime minister is hailing an end to an angel stir tea as the country exits the biggest international bailout in history had a planned t.v. address alexis tsipras acknowledged the hardship of recent years and that past mistakes would not be repeated recently avoided bankruptcy for the past eight years through three hundred billion dollars in loans from the i.m.f. and the european union in return it was forced to impose punishing austerity measures to balance its budget johnson has the latest from athens. the prime minister signal to the beginning of a new age for greece one in which greece will become a normal european country again able to choose its fate to determine its economic policy free from the external coercion of other countries and memorandum of understanding this is very much within the seed is a narrative that this left wing government was elected to rid the country of
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austerity policies imposed from without due to the policies of previous administrations and admitting no blame itself in prolonging or causing any further problems in the course of the greek economy the opposition conservatives have a very different narrative they believe that sees us election itself spooked the markets prolonged greece's period in the wilderness unable to borrow from the private sector and therefore remaining dependent on the third handout from its heroes and partners those two narratives are likely to persist as greece heads into an election year with local and european parliament elections coming up in may and a general election by september of twenty nineteen as the two parties try to polarize the greek electorate the conservatives are consistently ahead in the polls see it is a may try and regain that lead or at least close the gap as much as possible which
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means that the lack of consensus here is likely to spook markets further as the government and the opposition openly disagree about who caused what and what the best course is for the greek economy from here on out. leader. says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand ringgit refugees the muslim minority who fled me and rakhine state after a military crackdown began last year suchi as the danger of what she calls terrorism is still real and present she warns risks of into communal violence will remain unless the security challenge is addressed. the danger of terrorist activities which was initial course of course of events leading to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of intercommunal violence will remain it is a thread that could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but also for other
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countries in our region and beyond will for three has more from kuala lumpur. it's not a surprise to hear myanmar leader aung san suu kyi talk about the threat of terrorism in rakhine state this was the reason the myanmar military gave when it launched its crackdown in northern rakhine state against the ranger a year ago it said its operation was in response to attacks on security posts carried out by a little known armed group that calls itself the arca salvation army now the military's actions have been condemned by the international community as disproportionate a un official has described the violence taking place against the rangers as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and the myanmar government has been criticized for not doing enough to help the injured for not speaking out for the revenge or for not adequately investigating the reports of atrocities committed against the injured and lately for not creating a safe enough environment for refugees who fled to bangladesh to return to myanmar
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now the government lays the blame for the violence on this little known group are a group of armed fighters who in turn say they're fighting for the rights of the minority in myanmar now academics say the root of the problem really is discrimination against this minority and the problem can be solved by creating more opportunities for the ranger for integrating them into the community and for stopping the widespread discrimination and persecution against the rangers but that is something we've not seen the myanmar government yet address will it stay in asia because floodwaters are receding in the indian state of current revealing even deadlier told from the worst floods in a century more bodies are being recovered as the water levels drop the toll has already reached four hundred released teams have begun handing out medicine to prevent water borne diseases more than
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a million people have sought refuge in temporary terms of to their homes or washed away and the thomas has more from column entirely. carolus chief minister says there are now more than a million people living in temporary relief shelters across the state he's also given an update on the weather situation carol and has had two and a half times the normal rainfall in august so far now the waters are receding the weather has improved in the last twenty four forty eight hours it's been more sunny and rainy that's the good news but of course that brings its own problems as the water level drops the problems of disease is increased things like mosquitoes can breed in pools and then of course with this much water around much of it dirty because it's been so age people are having to defra kate in the open because they're not got toilets in the facilities where they are that brings the risk of things like the favor in the case. or cholera is also another problem to add to the mix snakes that been more than fifty people admitted to hospital with relatively
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minor snakebites from viper's if such a thing can be minor but that is just another problem to add to those of the state well still ahead although it is there a taiwan no longer exists for another country el salvador drops its diplomatic recognition as it sounds the deal with china also venezuela's latest effort to curb hyper inflation leaves people feeling confused and and little short changed those stories after the break. hello you know welcome back to your international weather forecast where we are watching two typhoons making their way towards japan as well as the korean peninsula first of all let's talk about what's happening with soulik soulik making its way over the real islands as we go towards tomorrow you can see it right there
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now that system is going to be heading towards the korean peninsula bring some very heavy rain flooding is going to be a massive problem there and then we have cimarron just on the heels but that's going to take a different course that is going to go more to the northeast and we do expect making landfall probably close to kyoto as we go towards thursday evening and into friday we'll be watching those two terms very very carefully over the next few days well down here across parts of southern and central china we are looking it's very hot conditions more rain down here towards of kosovo hong kong over the next few days we are going to be seeing partly cloudy conditions getting mostly cloudy with more rain in the forecast there but up towards food show temptress you into the high thirty's but you will get a break as those rain showers command on thursday evening and then very quickly across parts of malaysia as well as into the shit we are since a very heavy rain across singapore over here towards coaching but much of the philippines is going to rain mostly cloudy over the next few days with one or so your shower to a thirty and down here towards jakarta at around thirty three degrees.
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they set sail for gold. but discovered their resources worth more than its way human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the birth and rise of the african slave trade mapping a history that has tainted humanity. for all the gold in the world and i've just got.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm still running a reminder of our top stories rockets fired towards afghanistan's presidential palace have interrupted either a speech from ashraf ghani police say the taliban was behind the strikes in kabul they happened less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the armed group. also turkey has filed a complaint with the world trade organization over u.s. tariffs on steel an element of imports donald trump doubled levies earlier this month to turkey refused to release an american pastor accused of links to the sales q when twenty sixteen and the greek prime minister is hailing and two and age of austerity as the country exits the biggest international bailout in history greece impose tough measures to trim its budget in return for borrowing three hundred billion dollars from the e.u. and the international monetary fund. the number of deaths from a new a break in the democratic republic of congo continues to rise since it was declared
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in north kivu province three weeks ago fifty five people have died of the virus and sixty nine. people confirmed infected charlotte dallas as well. oh god oh my god i'm an alert for ebola rings out of the streets of binny in the northeastern democratic republic of congo the death toll is rising for three weeks the community has been on alert and in this conflict ridden corner of the d.r. see it's hard to control the virus. was. this disease called a bowl is already close to us so customers are not wearing helmets we were told that it can spread through the sweat in our helmets shared by our customers so we're telling customers not to wear them. in the last two weeks nearly thirteen hundred people have been vaccinated congo's national institute for biomedical research is also testing a new drug for a bowl of patients made in the u.s. ten patients have received it and responded well. when we went to
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there were five or six patients and two in a severe state i said we need to treat everyone we can only administer to the less serious cases some of them were very serious and in particular a child who had bloody stools and after this treatment he is now recovering slowly . the d.l.c. had just emerged from another ebola outbreak some two thousand kilometers away in the corner in the way extent it was declared over in july just a week before this one was discovered thirty three people died it was the first time a bola vaccine was used in an outbreak and was created with containing the sprayed . this time being more challenging cases a screed across two of the most populated provinces in the country borders with ganda and rwanda and it's an active conflict zone between rebel and government forces so. demick in north keevil is going to bring a lot of surprises it's not like the earlier epidemic in the west the number of
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cases is going up and the number of infected zones is increasing so will take a long time to control this epidemic. this is the tenth time a bolo has struck the d.r. c. since one thousand nine hundred eighty six it has said twice as many operates as any other country touching the remotest of villages in the most populated of seemed that was a sign of what they are providing new hope with education filling when medicine cannot shelob alice. taiwan says it will lot of pressure from china after another country cut diplomatic ties president sign when criticized dealt salvatore's decision to establish relations with beijing instead for nation to do so this year china has been pressuring countries and companies to recognize taiwan as part of its territory scheid said china's behavior is out of control and under the water which is the today's china is not only a menace to cross straight relations what china is doing right now all over the
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world no matter if it's interfering in the n.f.c. is of countries or destroying the order of international markets it has already caused a high degree of global instability and we need to remind the international community that this is not only related to taiwan that we were not tolerate the serious situation in a more only seventeen countries that have diplomatic ties with taiwan most of them are impoverished nations in the pacific region or latin america such as haiti honduras and nicaragua taiwan's only diplomatic ally left in africa is swaziland of taiwan of beijing have engaged in years of diplomatic tug of war developing countries and china has offered economic support from the world's second largest economy to small in asia will they sions as part of a bargaining chip taiwan is not recognized as an independent country by much of the world nor the united nations if you brown has more from beijing. well this is another important symbolic diplomatic victory for china as it seeks to pick off one
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by one those countries that still have diplomatic relations with taiwan since zion when became president of taiwan in january two thousand and sixteen five countries have severed ties with taiwan el salvador now joining that lengthening list on choose day taiwan's foreign ministry reacted angrily taiwan's foreign minister joseph who said that china was luring away taiwan's allies with promises of vast financial aid he said this was a game that taiwan was not prepared to play well of course this all comes just as zion when has been on a stopover in the united states she'd been visiting burley's and paragliding two of the seventeen countries that still recognize taiwan she made a speech in the united states the first time a taiwanese leader has done that in ten years that upset the chinese and then lo and behold literally just a day later we learned that el salvador has decided to sever ties with taiwan now
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taiwan said that it knew what el salvador was planning to do in fact it had an idea this was going to happen back in june it a try to persuade el salvador not to do this but of course in the end it simply lost out in the inevitable bidding war with china there is now just one country in africa that has ties with taiwan that is swaziland and i think china would very much like swaziland to come into its orbit before early september because that's when president xi jinping will be hosting an africa china summit here in beijing. venezuela's major opposition parties of calls for a general strike and day of protest president nicolas maduro introduced a new military policy on monday to try to curb hyper inflation the currency was devalued ninety five percent and linked to a government backed cryptocurrency more shops remain closed orlando is assuming
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it's a trick a make over the government is doing to the national economy it's a terrible deception removing five zero doesn't improve the economy at all but it will improve the theft people are going to be confused there's no posters explaining how to convert the old currency to the new one people have to take money out of their accounts and divide everything by ten thousand to this they tell you look at this it costs five all of ours the people are going to have to take out a calculator how many or five ball of ours are they five hundred thousand or five million the government has to better explain to the public. in america today lucien even has more from caracas. in an especially uncertainty of the only way to describe how most winners wayland's are receiving their new currency these are ten new until friday they were worth a million of the old body that is there the maximum amount that you can take out of a cash machine at one time but they are not worth more they just have five less
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heroes than the old bills faced with the world's highest hyperinflation the government has not just shade and zeroes off the bills but is raising corporate and sales taxes and increasing the minimum wage several thousand percent venezuela's largest private business association says that this is not the way to save the economy. although it's necessary to raise salaries raising the minimum wage by thirty five hundred percent makes it impossible for businesses to meet these new increases in the county that is underwater because of a severe depression and if hyperinflation is not the impact of this increase will be totally counterproductive. president nicolas maduro says he'll subsidize small and medium sized companies for ninety days here in caracas almost everything was closed on the first day of the new currency the government had declared monday a public holiday. letting is open complained this man not even the many supermarkets were waiting to see what happened and. indeed people are confused and
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with very good reason they don't know how to calculate what they're spending especially since the new salaries don't go into effect until next month in the meantime at least part of the opposition is calling for a general strike on tuesday to protest against the reforms which many economists say do not address the real issues the real causes of the crisis that is sending millions of venezuelans fleeing to other countries. survivors of sex abuse by catholic priests say a letter of apology from pope francis doesn't go far enough to spend no effort to root out abuse and attempts to cover it up full today. tim was just twelve when he says he was raped by his catholic parish priest he believes the pope's letter of apology is not enough words words words thoughts and prayers does not make a child safer. he could with the stroke of
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a pen demand that every diocese in the world release the records no more secret files to him another survivors also want the pope to punish bishops who have covered up abuse the pope's letter comes days after a u.s. state of pennsylvania report estimated that three hundred roman catholic priests in their state alone molested at least one thousand children over the past eight decades what are prayers in penance going to do for folks who are now abusing alcohol and drugs to self medicate because a priest raped down. at three. what are prayers and penance going to do. the pope is dealing with similar cases of abuse and cover up around the world in south america chilean authorities raided catholic church headquarters as part of their investigation of sex abuse by members of the marist brothers order and head of the pope's visit to ireland this weekend bishop accountability dot org has added
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a new database of names of irish priests and church employees accused of child abuse if the vatican was approaching this issue with integrity a pope would have come here and not just kissed the ground when he landed but got moneys nice and acknowledge the truth of what's happened in this country in the vatican's role in us fifteen years ago and people need to the top of this is nice and far. any acknowledgment of the abuse issue to be a mere afterthought i think is reprehensible. but this isn't the first time the pope has acknowledged sex abuse and asked for forgiveness and. before god and his people i express my sorry if it seems in a grave crimes of clerical sexual abuse committed against you and i have asked for forgiveness. the vatican says the pope's new letter is another wake up call and a plea for catholics to help through prayer and penitence in what it calls an attempt to fight evil this is about ireland this is about the united states and
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this is about chile but not only pope francis has written to the people of god and that means everyone. and as the pennsylvania grand jury concluded the real number of victimized shulgin and abusive priests might be higher around the world since some secret church records have been lost and some victims have never come forward . john al-jazeera. no it is supposed to be a time of celebration for muslims worldwide but tens of thousands of families in northern syria are marking it in camps from province because of the reports. as one of the camps in northern syria at these eight hundred fifty thousand displaced syrians have taken refuge here since the civil war began more than seventy years ago by. early left the town of the north in hama five years ago ahmed opened the small wholesale business in the camp and ali sells the goods he buys from his tent. when we ask how he and his family prepared for the biggest feast in
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the muslim world words failed him. it is not much different for allie who used to be a former back home he was hit by a rocket two years ago while driving his motorbike. he lost a leg and an hour he hasn't felt like celebrating heat for the last seven years. he thinks there is no joy or for peace but only death pain and war which makes it impossible to be happy. others are of the same opinion fabric at night it doesn't feel like a feast we are away from home and family we hope it is over soon there are thousands of people here but loneliness is the one thing they share a refugee camp resembles a giant city just meters from the turkish border or crowding is a major problem and there's a distinct lack of basic facilities and services most of the people here do not
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have an a jobs but despite all the disincentives they try to maintain as normal a life as possible mainly for the sake of their children and i bought new clothes i will play with my friends this feast requires muslims to share the meat of us record forest animal with the poor have over the camel manager tells us no we're going to say shin has promised them any meat and he doesn't know if they will receive any. al-jazeera refugee camp northern syria. you're watching all just their own cell robin this is a reminder of our top stories rockets fired toward afghanistan as presidential palace of intrepid and the speech from a shotgun e. please say the taliban was behind the strike in kabul they happened less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the armed groups. good do you think it gave me if they
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think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave nation as always ready to defend it independent honor and islamic tradition turkey has filed a complaint with the world trade organization of the us tariffs on steel an element of imports donald trump doubled levies earlier this week to turkey refused to release an american pastor accused of links to the failed coup of twenty sixteen. the greek prime minister is hailing an end to an age of austerity as the country exists the execs it's the biggest international bailout in history greece impose tough measures to trim its budget in return for borrowing three hundred billion dollars from the e.u. and the international monetary fund near mass leader and saying suchi says that it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand refugees the muslim minority groups fled a mere mars rakhine state after a military crackdown began last year says the danger of what she calls terrorism is
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still real and present she is warning of into communal violence unless the security challenge is addressed more bodies are being found in floodwaters waters recede in the indian state of kara more than four hundred people have died in the worst floods in a century one point two million are living in temporary camps the mergence the workers are handing out medicine to disinfectants to prevent water borne diseases taiwan says it will not bow to pressure from china after another country cut diplomatic ties president signing when criticized el salvador's decision to establish relations with beijing instead. that as well as major opposition parties have called for a general strike against a new military policy it was introduced on monday to try and curb hyperinflation changes into devaluing the currency by ninety five percent those were the headlines inside story is next stay with us.
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it's called the state capture inquiry a judicial investigation into alleged government corruption in south africa involving billions of dollars of public money some say the ruling african national congress is on trial but how far can the investigation go this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program that hamid south africa's president zuma has vowed to crack down on government corruption and he could end up implicating members of his own a.n.c.
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party a judicial inquiry into alleged corruption at the top levels of government opened on monday but it doesn't have powers to a rest.


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