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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha and it's coming up in the next sixty minutes side of d t be added to. the afghan president's aide message of sacrifice and charity is interrupted by a rocket attack. venezuela's opposition calls for a general strike in protest after president bush daughter's drastic devaluation of
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the country's currency. muslims around the world celebrate the festival of. an in sport all the latest from the asian games were a new world record was set in the paul class sixteen year old so rule the child three from india takes called his first ever major championship. the rockets have been fired towards afghanistan's presidential palace they interrupted an aid speech from president ashraf ghani police say the taliban was behind the attacks on tuesday morning but it has denied that one fell close to the presidential palace the others very close to a nato compound and the u.s. embassy in the same part of kabul the attacks come less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the taliban. could do you think it gave if they think
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that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave nation as always ready to defend its independence on earth and islamic tradition law now for around is there is unity. it all started with rockets falling from the sky on cobbled streets this morning on a the at one of the most important religious holidays in afghanistan and the islamic world today while afghans were inside the mosque for a lot happier and prayer and while president bush of money was delivering his speech on this occasions less than ten the rockets fall from the sky one of them fall next to the presidential palace right away the police for the police and security forces surrounded the house in south kabal they said that three suspects of suspects were inside that house and after exchanging fire the police said that they managed to kill the the three suspects and two
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policeman was slightly wounded and four civilians were wounded as well right away after the attack many here in kabul accused taliban of. history to the are sold they said that taliban refused to deliver a final answer to the offer of cease fire offered by president musharraf of any and they said that this assault amat be a message from taliban that they will carry on attacking the government some people believe that it might not be taliban it might be isis isis is the only organization excluded from the cease fire offered by president bush of twenty and attack in the mosques in a the might be the signature of isis some other people here in kabul believe that it might be a political opponent of president assad of any one of the rocks one of the rockets fall near to the presidential palace why the president was delivering his speech this might be. a political attack on the president ashraf ghani of course all of
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these are speculations no one no one has. claimed responsibility of this attack yet but one fact we know is that was attacked by rockets on able of how which is a precedent as far as we can tell. well parliamentary elections a jew in afghanistan in october and the violence is on the rise in june the government announced a unilateral ceasefire with the taliban there were rare scenes of fighters and soldiers embracing each other celebrating the end of ramadan but that didn't last for long a few days later the taliban attacked two army checkpoints in the western province of bad deeds killing thirty afghan security members this month more than four hundred people were killed in a five day offensive in the city of cows in the a quarter of those who died were civilians on sunday ashraf ghani again proposes a three month conditional cease fire but the following day the taliban abducted
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passengers on some buses on a busy highway that michael semple is a visiting professor at queen's university belfast he thinks the taliban is sending a clear message that it does not want to ceasefire. part of the irony is that the majority of taliban fighters really don't want to fight to over eat they would have been quite happy to have been given at least four days off for probably there would be little real fighting so we'd have you know some commander has managed to to set off some rockets at least to get the hunt lines without having to. to round up too many fighters there is a single movement the afghan taliban movement they recognize one amir. sort of everything which is done in the movement is done in his name so there is a there is essential authority that's how last ied it was possible with one ceasefire announcement to get fighting to stop pretty much across the country
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however when it comes to the organizing of that fighting it is conducted by hundreds of different groups of operating under the taliban on brother or sometimes these groups are sort of like in competition so i suspect that whoever was firing off the rockets today was well aware that he'd be you know storing up a little bit of credit at headquarters or whoever's encouraging them to do this venezuela is a major opposition parties have called for a general strike ended the day of protest president nicolas maduro has introduced new monetary policy on monday to try to curb hyper inflation the currency was devalued by ninety five percent and they're linked to a government that cryptocurrency venezuela is struggling to contain an economic crisis there's lead to inflation of one million percent now there is widespread shortage of basic goods and millions of people have left the country. we're miles into unsound sea change says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven
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hundred thousand range of refugees the muslim minority group fled near miles record in state after a military crackdown a year ago this month c.g. says the danger of what she calls terrorism is still real and present she warns risks of intercom you know violence will remain unless a security challenge is addressed the danger of terrorist activities which was initial course of course of events leading to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of intercommunal violence will remain it is a threat that could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but also for other countries in our region and beyond well from florence louis in kuala lumpur now. it's not a surprise to hear myanmar leader aung san suu kyi talk about the threat of terrorism
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in reclined state this is the reason the myanmar military gave when it launched its crackdown in northern rakhine state against the ranger a year ago it said its operation was in response to attacks on security posts carried out by a little known armed group that calls itself the our country hinges salvation army now on the military's actions have been condemned by the international community as disproportionate a u.n. official has described the violence taking place against the ranger as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and the myanmar government has been criticized for not doing enough to help the will hinder for not speaking out for the revenge or for not adequately investigating the reports of atrocities committed against the rule hinges and lately for not creating a safe enough and vironment for refugees who fled to bangladesh to return to myanmar now the government lays the blame for the violence on this little known group are such a group of armed fighters who in turn say they're fighting for the rights of the
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revenge a minority in myanmar now academics say the root of the problem really is discrimination against this minority and the problem can be solved by creating more opportunities for the ranger for integrating them into the community and for stopping the widespread discrimination and persecution against the revenger but that is something we've not seen the myanmar government yet address. the greek prime minister has hailed an end to the age of will sterrett is the country exits the biggest international bailout in history alexis tsipras that knowledge the whole chip of recent years he said paul smith stakes would not be repeated greece avoided bankruptcy for the last eight years because of a three hundred billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. and the european union in return it impose punishing measures aimed at rebalancing the budget greece will now have to borrow on the international markets she must
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above the musk's in medicine again the bailouts that carried with them austerity and recession and turned our country into a social desert are over our country's regaining its right to define its own fortunes and its future like a normal european country without being compelled to do things from abroad with no more blackmail no more sacrifices for our people coming. up with us is our correspondent in athens. the prime minister signal to the beginning of a new age for greece one in which greece will become a normal european country again able to choose its fate to determine its economic policy free from the external coercion of other countries and memorandum of understanding this is very much within the seed is a narrative that this left wing government was elected to rid the country of austerity policies imposed from without due to the policies of previous administrations and admitting no blame itself in prolonging or causing any further
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problems in the course of the greek economy the opposition conservatives have a very different narrative they believe but see it is this election itself spooks the markets prolonged greece's period in the wilderness on able to borrow from the private sector and therefore remaining dependent on the third handout from its heroes and partners those two narratives are likely to persist as greece heads into an election year with local and european parliament elections coming up in may and the general election by september of twenty nineteen as the two parties try to polarize the greek electorate the conservatives are consistently ahead in the polls cities may try and regain that lead or at least close the gap as much as possible which means that the lack of consensus here is likely to spook markets further as the government and the opposition openly disagree about who caused what and what
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the best course is for the greek economy from here on out. so for many greeks is little reason to celebrate although the economy is now recording modest growth nearly a decade of financial problems has turned greece into the e.u.'s fourth poorest country at twenty percent unemployment is still more than double what it was before the crisis and it's unlikely the government will be able to provide much relief to those without jobs all to pensioners because it's still under a huge amount of debt and it needs monetary reform in beg is a professor at the european institute at the london school of economics and he's joining us live now from london so quite a mammoth task then ahead for the greek government what does alexis tsipras in the first instance need to do. where he's made commitments to continue with what we might call disciplined as opposed to a sturdy fiscal policies he's required as part of understanding with the european union to maintain what's called a primary surplus that's the difference between public expenditure and public
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revenue raising many through taxation but without counting the interest payments of three and a half percentage points of g.d.p. for the next three years and thereafter for two point two percent so there's no real platitude for the kind of public spending spree that he might be tempted to do in advance of the election next year so he's between a rock or a sturdy so sorry to interrupt i was just going to get a put to you the he's between a rock and a hard place really and as you've already alluded to he's got he's got a pressing electoral timetable to deal with as well. yes he will rely on economic growth to be the means by which he can generate additional resources to start to give some goodies back to his electorate but the other side of course what's often been labeled the sturdy has been the need for greece to engage in reforms of the supply side of the economy these have been perceived very negatively because
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they've been seen as a tax on pensions a tax on labor market. the acquisition of rights in the labor market and so on now i think what we're trying to do is to reframe the rhetoric of this incident call that growth promoting policies things that enable the economy to grow faster and thereby to generate additional resources is going to be a hard task because many of the things that greece has to do have been very slow to happen for instance it took a long time to sort out the tax collection system indeed you could say that in into about two three or four years ago tax evasion was a national sport increase and it's only recently that the tax collection has become up to european standards so this is their big challenges on that side of the economy as well absolutely has there being the level of fundamental fiscal reform that is that will prepare greece then for the times ahead because of course it was as you point out there it was the lax attitude if you like with regard to tax
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collection that many in the rest of the european union pointed out as being greece's fault and the whole fog that allowed greece to to join the euro zone in the first instance. yes i think with hindsight everybody would agree that it was a mistake for greece to join the euro when it did but one soon the idea that you could just opt out for a few years and make that solution was also far fetched but on the fiscal side the main thing affecting the greek economy is the high level of debt it's still over one hundred seventy five percent of g.d.p. which is extremely hard by. both historic and comparative standards however the great letter for the greeks is that the money they borrowed has been mainly from european partners through various mechanisms and it's a quite low rates rates of interest and doesn't have to your pay for quite some time so in many ways what the european union has done is to confer on greece the possibility of dealing with its debt over
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a long term rather than having it as an immediate burden in bag talking to us live from london thank you very much. coming this al-jazeera news hour including not business as usual u.s. sanctions if iran does industry and its workforce. aid starts to reach desperate people as the floodwaters recede in india's carola state. and in sports defending champions south korea there into the knockout rounds of the asian games for a living and find out how they got there with. turkey as well as an official complaint with the world trade organization about u.s. terrorists donald trump doubled the tax on steel and this month after turkey refused to release an american past the turkish government retaliated by imposing levies of its own with president ed one saying his country was under attack.
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there's no difference between the tricks attacks on our call to prayer on our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we are nation that prefers to be shot in the nick rather than to be chained at the name. is currency weakened again after president trump ruled out agreeing to any demands from ankara for the release of an american pastor in an interview with reuters on monday the president said he wasn't concerned that his tough stance could end up hurting european economies he again accused china as well of manipulating its currency or let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett she's in washington for us and is a very much as a president time is not in the least bit concerned turkey's action of lodging a complaint at the world trade organization in geneva. that's absolutely right
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martin fact the president signaled this last week he reiterated it in that wide ranging interview on monday when it comes to the situation with turkey in the words of the u.s. president no concessions the ultimate goal for the united states is getting the release of that american pastor andrew brunson the president believes that he and president everyone had a deal that they spoke at the nato summit in brussels and that there was an agreement that there was a woman who was detained by israeli forces in israel that if the u.s. was to persuade for her release which did occur then there would be this reciprocal release of the u.s. pastor but that was not what happened instead the turkish courts saying that in fact the pastor will remain in custody while his trial continues and that has really upset the united states but particularly donald trump who feels this is become personal between the two leaders so as
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a result he says that while he believes he got on great with president everyone he says this is not a one way street so in other words no concessions and in that interview with royce's he also seemed to be maintaining its tough stance on china even though their own shuttled to be more trade later this week. right what where we're at with china is essentially both sides now putting billions of dollars of tariffs on each other's goods and the threat of more even just this week we saw the united states in its tariffs sixteen billion on chinese goods taking effect this just continues to escalate maskell eight appears the u.s. president is in no hurry to resolve this martine in fact he specifically said no timeframe and that doesn't bode well for as you point out these mid level discussions that are taking place in washington between china and the united states
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to try and resolve this the president says in fact that he likes long horizons what does that mean this means that it could continue to escalate and it could continue to really throw in jeopardy some u.s. jobs the cost of goods that could begin to rise and that could have potentially have blowback for the president especially with the looming midterm elections in november kimberly how could live in washington thank you well the trumpet administration has now become pretty infamous for using its economic clout as a political weapon tyrus and sanctions have been imposed worldwide chapter titles he looks at what's driving this policy the job of ministration has been setting new records with its imposition of sanctions on foreign entities though it is continuing a trend we saw in the barack obama what is different is the imposition of economic tyrants this administration overtly views the dollar as a weapon on the global economy as a battleground. the numbers have been climbing proud of donald trump's presidency
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but according to the u.s. treasury sanctions were imposed on close to one thousand entities and individuals in twenty seventeen a new record. and this year i'm lists predict the administration will suppose that number potentially adding more than four thousand eight hundred entities to the list of those sanctioned he's president he came into office without much to government experience any with very limited in the way of stuff relationships with people on the hell of a product executive branch and what sanctions lesson do is execute foreign policy effectively no. it is unclear sometimes whether the u.s. has a grand strategy when it imposes sanctions is washington trying to change the behavior of those it deems as working against u.s. national interests or simply punishing them without any opportunity for redemption . and there's anyone really believe that russia will forsake crimea for example as a result of sanctions what exactly is the u.s. trying to achieve in the rush to project u.s.
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power such questions sometimes remain unanswered. at least with the trumpet ministrations imposition of economic tariffs they would seem to be a goal president trump says other countries are exploiting the us economically and that needs to end and that is why we are going to stick together and win for our farmers and our factory workers are still workers here we are all across this nation. the imposition of tariffs began in january with restrictions imposed on solar panels and washing machines the trumpet ministration said it hopes to boost domestic manufacturing since then china has borne the brunt tariffs have been imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports they went into effect july the sixth and tariffs on an additional sixteen billion dollars of goods will go into effect on august twenty third in addition twenty five percent tariffs on steel and ten percent on alum in human ports have shocked allies such as canada mexico japan and the e.u. . turkey's tariffs of meanwhile been doubled to fifty percent on steel twenty
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percent on aluminum yet here too there is confusion in imposing the steel and aluminum tire invoked national security his administration is using those tariffs as bargaining chips in trade negotiations how does that square with keeping america safe the international. financial system the global economy and it is likely that the frequent deployment of both weapons often with little recourse for those affected will heighten those complaints in the future. washington. says it won't bow to pressure from china after another country cut diplomatic ties with the president when criticized el salvador's decision to establish relations with beijing instead making it the nation to do so this year china's been pressuring countries and companies to recognize taiwan as part of its territory cycle china's behavior out
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of control. today's china is not only a menace to cross straight relations what china is doing right now all over the world if it's interfering in the and if these of countries or destroying the order of international markets it has already caused a high degree of global instability and we need to remind the international community that this is not only related to taiwan that we will not tolerate the serious situation in a more. more now from our correspondent in beijing adrian brown. well this is another important symbolic diplomatic victory for china as it seeks to pick off one by one those countries that still have diplomatic relations with taiwan since zion when became president of taiwan in january two thousand and sixteen five countries have severed ties with taiwan el salvador now joining that lengthening list on
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choose day taiwan's foreign ministry reacted angrily taiwan's foreign minister joseph who said the china was luring away taiwan's allies with promises of vast financial aid he said this was a game that taiwan was not prepared to play well of course this all comes just as zion when has been on a stopover in the united states she'd been visiting billie's and paragliding two of the seventeen countries that still recognize taiwan she made a speech in the united states the first time a taiwanese leader has done that in ten years that upset the chinese and then lo and behold literally just a day later we learned that el salvador has decided to sever ties with taiwan now taiwan said that it knew what el salvador was planning to do in fact it had an idea this was going to happen back in june it a try to persuade el salvador not to do this but of course in the end it simply
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lost out in the inevitable bidding war with china there is now just one country in africa that has ties with taiwan that is swaziland and i think china would very much like swaziland to come into its orbit before early september because that's when president xi jinping will be hosting an africa china summit here in beijing. cambodian land rights activist has been freed from prison after receiving a royal palm temple valley's spent two years in jail she was arrested in twenty sixteen for protesting the false removal of thousands of people from the capital phnom penh. vanny was released from prison along with three other protest disaster they received royal pardons that were requested by cambodia's prime minister who in sindh vanny was originally sentenced to just six days in prison back in two thousand and sixteen but after she had served that was then given two and
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a half years for an offense that had taken place more than three years earlier the jailing and harassment solved the land rights workers human rights defenders and political figures is common in cambodia where the prime minister hun sen is been in power for thirty three years and in july general election his party won all one hundred twenty five seats in the national assembly and on wednesday in the capital phnom penh the case of former opposition leader kim is back before the courts he is appealing for bael after he was arrested in september last year on treason charges and he's still awaiting trial. time for the weather now it is kevin and it's all about typhus today isn't it that's why we have two one making landfall right now in the real clues as well as another one that could be making landfall in mainland japan for let's take a look what's happening right now look at the eye of the storm right here this is sulak we'll put into motion i want to show you where it is right now crossing over the ricoh islands very powerful storm the says and i want to show you what the
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intensity is in terms of the wind we're talking about one hundred eighty five kilometers per hour now that would be equivalent to a category three hurricane and that is now moving over those southern islands so very very dangerous a lot of rain is going to be coming out of this over the next few days we do think that with the storm it is peaked in intensity but we do think that the storm will weaken but bring a lot of rain to the korean peninsula as well. down here we had cimarron this is going to increase in intensity before makes its way towards japan we do think a landfall just to the west of kyoto this storm will also bring some very heavy rain showers as well also be a factor for parts of up towards the north in the northern part of japan over the next few days but this is going to be a situation we're going to talk about today as well as into the next few days as you can see the rain showers activity very heavy at times over three hundred fifty millimeters of rain could be seen in the real islands over the next few days so that is something going to be watching and then as it makes its way towards the korean peninsula that is going to cross bring very heavy rain there and we could
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see flooding across that region kevin thank you very much indeed his account here in the al-jazeera news there. children armed with guns on the front line the reality of war in yemen. and i'll break in democratic republic of congo and kill more people but there is a new drug offering. and in sports the same boat says he is out to prove the doubters wrong in his effort to become a professional footballer in australia. we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the
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united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories but it was in the truck didn't happen the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big fear is someone from the country who guides you who leads you to the story of the bottom line tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera.
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to take a look at the top stories here and on the al-jazeera news we stop with rockets about. tools afghanistan's presidential palace interrupted an ied speech from ashraf ghani police say the taliban was behind the strikes in kabul that happened less than forty eight hours after the president offered a three month cease fire to the armed groups. venezuela's major opposition parties have called for a general strike and a day of protest president nicolas maduro introduced new monetary policies on monday to try to curb hyperinflation the country is struggling to contain an economic crisis that's led to inflation of a million percent. turkey has filed a complaint with the world trade organization over u.s. tariffs on steel and elam in new donald trump doubled levis earlier this month after turkey refused to release an american pastor accused of links to the failed
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coup of twenty sixteen. now the impact of u.s. sanctions are being felt pretty much everywhere with iran being a key target of washington the unemployment rate there is at around about twelve percent and that means more than three million people are out of a job there's also a growing number of working poor and they are just struggling to cope with the rising prices zain bazarov the reports from tehran. the busy bosom of a factory floor where business seats and board rooms are left behind for overalls and dangerous work. mirabeau makes industrial scale water valves and employs hundreds of people around the country and if things go to plan the intend to hire hundreds more by this and i don't think some industries inside iran more development in the more export we can do the more factories will be brought online so we could employ some new workers business leaders and industry chiefs want to
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shift iran away from an agriculture based economy and develop its ability to make and sell manufactured goods it's in big factories like this that iran sees its financial future heavy machinery being worked by a skilled labor force making important things but if you were to drive by this industrial park on the outskirts of the capital to run you might not notice these buildings are a hive of activity and that's part of the problem oh say is sanity i mean vesting an industry needs financial resources one of the solutions is foreign investment where providing some incentives to attract foreign investors definitely foreign investment speeds up industrial development and consoled the issue of unemployment . iranian manufacturers boast about cheaper labor costs than china but foreign investors point to problems of scale and quality control factors holding a run back from taking on a production powerhouse that's been called the world's factory american sanctions
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also hangs like a question mark over iranian factories. the government hopes offering free land and tax breaks will make it easier to convince people that iran might be their cup of tea. away from the factory floors some three million iranians are still looking for work. dell is a forty six year old air conditioning technician he's been out of work for a month and his age the job situation is not good opportunities are taken by people with connections have no university degree my resume doesn't register anyway when i lose my job i have to start again from zero and fortunately there is no way for people like me to have job security. basic necessities are so expensive having fun is something most in his wife no longer think about he'd be willing to do anything to earn an honest living but says the job market is saturated with young people
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also looking for work says he's too old for the government to care about him and that he's putting his faith in god but he admits being unemployed is destroying him . all right well let's think the hard thing now who's an economist at the vienna institute for international economics he's joining us from there the austrian capital thank you for talking to us say one thing we're pretty much sure of is that the u.s. is going to move towards it towards implementing its campaign of maximum pressure on iran so we know that the pressure is only going to get worse for iran what are the options then for those policy makers in. well good afternoon from vienna well there are two issues here the first issue is that well since the previous around zero in terms of paint sanctions in two thousand and twelve iran has managed
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to diversify its economy its trade relations its investment relations the more eastern neighbors and more to the east so already iran is diversifying its trade and economic relations with others so in that sense then the new round of u.s. sanctions intensify there might be some fear from the european investors from large multinational enterprises in the european union who likes who like to do business in iran but now they are frightened so they might get out of iran and its might not be a good situation in iraq and they're going to say just joe i mean it was just a day or so ago wasn't it the total the french oil company decided that it really couldn't take the risk of secondary sanctions from the u.s. as they pulled out completely risking of basically trashing a multi-billion dollar project i mean how many how many of those kinds of as he
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says can the iranian economy absorb. well if you checked the statistics you would see that in two thousand and sixteen after d.j. superior was signed there were. no ten billion euro placed investment that most of it or some of it was coming from the european union companies also including to a car so these companies made a step out of iran but their replacement as also the some iranian officials announced in the past few days it might come from some other countries like china or like russia but let's have another picture so what iran had experience in the past few decades was that it is one of its major industries was automobile industries car industries so taking e.u. is a whole iran is the ten top producer automobile in the war but it's not competitive enough yet to export it to other countries so in order to improve its domestic industries it needs some major foreign direct investment especially from advanced
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economies like european union or some other banks country so that to bring technology because iran has already a very high and very reasonable know how and human capital what about if it but if but if the total example is is one to go and it looks as though the european countries in fact other other companies from developed countries are not going to be prepared to risk as i mentioned before the risk of secondary sanctions from the u.s. but what about chinese companies china as you've already mentioned has pulled billions and billions in terms of development. investment into iran and iraq radian industry will that be enough to sustain it. well there are two issues we reach in using investment one thing is we have served in other parts of the world is that a chinese investment does not bring that much informant because they are employing chinese so they're not going to employ much of iranians who are unemployed with
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this huge rate of unemployment and the other thing is the quality of products so iran is somehow supplied with lots of chinese products but they're mostly lacking we lacking high quality so this is the second issue that might not be might not be sustainable because they're not going to be competitive enough to have exports in other countries and when there are economic conditions of course that has political ramifications how is this likely to play in terms of president rouhani bid for reelection and indeed for those who would generally seem to be the reformists within their own well. iranians have shown that they want to have better relationship with the ward and with. watching for mr rouhani didn't moderate rouhani the show that they want to have better relationship even when the best so
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now it's not going to that direction that much anymore but if you see the. strategies that right now is being played the dominant players like china and the u.s. there's a strategic and gains in these kinds of moves so we're not completely sure if china is following its own agent or it's trying to insist helping iran economy so it's not clear so that i understand and give you a clear answer ok all right muddy ghodsee talking to us live from vienna thank you very much indeed interesting to talk to you thank you all right let's go back to events in venezuela in the capital caracas because today opposition parties a call for a general strike and indeed a day of protests. latin america editor lucy a new man is that in caracas and she's joining us live now. first of all tell us
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about the effect the impact that the the introduction of this cryptocurrency has had if a toll you can tell within just a day of its introduction. hello martin oh you can definitely see the impact which is basically causing a quasi paralyzation of economic activity we went to the bus depot all where hundreds of people had gone to try to buy bus tickets to the borders where they can leave the country it was closed they said until further notice the guard couldn't tell me when they were going to open again he says because the bus company doesn't know what to charge the same thing and most shops we saw most of them closed although this may not be as a result so much of some of the opposition parties call for a for a general strike but simply because people don't know again what things are going to cost they don't want to operate at a loss we found one butcher shop open the prices were astronomical they were still the old prices but the butcher told us that by next week they will probably rise by
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three hundred percent so imagine a country where people have no cash where salaries have been announced they will be increasing by three thousand four hundred percent beginning the first of september but where in the meantime nobody knows what to charge because have clearly according to most economists is going to be an inflationary measure in the meantime we know that the president is supposed to make more announcement sometime today about how these things how this will operate but people are just in a complete at a standstill they can't even go and buy petrol or take a bus because the bills that they used to have to pay for before are no longer in circulation and is this all the venezuelan people likely to give this this latest measure by president maduro as team give it time to bed in to see if it works to see if it is it helps the situation or are people still desperate to leave the country amid what seems to be growing and a muscle tee among neighboring countries. well i would say both people who want to
4:43 pm
leave don't believe that this is going to really change things too much because it doesn't seem to be addressing the key causes of the hyperinflation of this country others say well let's give it a chance to see how it works but then there's a lot of uncertainty and certainly there isn't what you would call a lot of confidence in these measures at least so far in the meantime you're right there is not of you could say animosity there have been incidences very serious incidences at the border town that between venezuela and neighboring brazil where somebody is wailin migrants were attacked and in fact more than a thousand of them had to rush back into venezuela but we're not seeing animosity on the borders of ecuador peru chile the countries where most of the migrants are going and colombia of course the problem is that many of these countries are now making it more difficult for venezuelans to arrive by demanding that they have a valid passport which most venezuelans don't have and as we discovered today you need to pay more than two thousand dollars to buy
4:44 pm
a valid passport on the black market ok lizzie and human at last in america and it's alive in the venezuelan capital caracas thank you thank you that's a little says a receding in the indian state of carola but the bodies of move it tens of being found after the worst floods in a century more than four hundred people have been confirmed dead andrew thomas reports now from. in kara. the good news is it's been sunny almost all day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day we've spent to stay with a man who wants to return to the village chief plates was rescued from on friday and he knew that on saturday a huge wall of water had come through his village and he want to go back and see how much damage has been done now early on tuesday we couldn't have done this we had to take a canoe to reach his village and when he got there he saw that while there was mud throughout the place and it was a mess he's out at least was still standing in his grown up son who had left there
4:45 pm
to protect the property and also help out neighbors well he was ok now over the course of today the water has gone down to such an extent that a couple of relief trucks have been able to drive in they have very big wheels so they can get through this and they've brought rice and water and other essential supplies to the villages now we are able to walk out now because over the course of two thirds of water level has dropped it's not yet been anywhere deeper than waist level that's the good news the water is going down here rescue teams are scarring a mountain trail in northern italy for any more people who may have been caught in a flash flood ten hikers were swept to their deaths and another twenty three people were rescued after heavy rains calls what's described as an avalanche of water to surge down the rug in their logo orange they were from two hiking greens prosecutors eventually investigation into possible manslaughter and official negligence. demonstrators in the usa of north carolina told down a statue of
4:46 pm
a confederate soldier around three hundred protesters peacefully peacefully took down the memorial sachi under the heated debate about race and legacy of slavery more than one hundred ten symbols of the confederacy have now been removed across the u.s. . the number of deaths from a new outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo continues to rise since it was occurred in north kivu province three weeks ago fifty five people have died sixty nine people have confirmed as infected charlotte ballasts reports. oh and alert for ebola rings out of the streets of binny in the northeastern democratic republic of congo the death toll is rising for three weeks the community has been on alert and in this conflict ridden corner of the d.r. see it's hard to control the virus. was. this disease
4:47 pm
called a bowl is already close to us so customers are not wearing helmets we were told that it can spread through the sweat in our helmets shared by our customers so we're telling customers not to wear them. in the last two weeks nearly thirteen hundred people have been vaccinated congo's national institute for biomedical research is also testing a new drug for a bowl of patients made in the u.s. ten patients have received it and responded well. when we went there were five or six patients and threw in a severe state i said we need to treat everyone we can only administer to the less serious cases some of them were very serious and in particular a child who had bloody stools and after this treatment he is now recovering slowly . the d.l.c. had just emerged from another ebola outbreak some two thousand kilometers away in because in the way extent it was declared over in july just a week before this one was discovered thirty three people died it was the first
4:48 pm
time a bowl of vaccine was used in an outbreak and was created it with containing the sprayed. this time being more challenging cases a screed across two of the most populated provinces in the country borders with uganda and rwanda and it's an active conflict zone between rebel and government forces. demick in north keevil is going to bring a lot of surprises it's not like the earlier epidemic in the west the number of cases is going up and the number of infected zones is increasing so will take a long time to control this epidemic. this is the tenth time a bowler has struck the do ya see since one thousand nine hundred eighty six and he said twice as many as any other country touching the remotest of villages and the most populated of seemed that was one of the vaccines are providing new hope with education filling when the medicine can. balance.
4:49 pm
full of success the career is unified basketball team at the asian games far will have that story and the rest of us will definitely want.
4:50 pm
by this time for all the schools you know with far more team thank you so much we start with a world record performance of the asian games it's yet another gold medal for china it came in the women's fifty meter breaststroke allusion a record time of twenty six point nine seconds becoming the first woman ever to swim it in under twenty seven seconds twenty one year old lou is also entered in
4:51 pm
the fifty meter freestyle later in the games. a sixteen year old from india to gold in his first ever major championships. ten meter air pistol with a games record score. this is my first appearance at a senior games and to win gold gives me great joy i was up against a live picture and world champions so to beat them means a lot to me to. choose day has also seen more success for korea's unified women's basketball team this comfortable win over kazakstan putting them through to the quarter finals. there was a gold for hosts indonesia in the men's weightlifting rio olympics silver medalists eagle uli iran one hundred sixty two kilo at the end in front of the intervention president al jazeera scott has more from jakarta. host indonesia delighted getting their fifth gold medal in the category of weightlifting this is
4:52 pm
a sport that they really haven't excel that in the past and that underlies just how into these games these asian games the country is and the fans are underlined because there are sports in areas that they haven't really excelled at in the past or even focused on in the past but they are for these games that's because this nation wants to use these asian games as a showcase of the nation a showcase of what they can do they say they want to put in a bid for the olympics down the line so it's important that they show how successful they can carry off these this very complex series of events but also how well their athletes do and something that's very interesting that that you know other areas where they've expanded internees and athletes are indigenous sports other sports that are part of the asian games that can't be found anywhere else in the world and that's interesting because yes you have certain nations putting forth athletes in specific sports and it's the first gold medal in these games came and which is a sport that comes from this region so it's very interesting to see how the other nations maybe it's not from their country compete as well and it's because
4:53 pm
internees it has gone into sports that come from india that goes along with the national pride but it also goes with the idea that they want to expand their base for their athletes moving forward and again they seem to look at this as a showcase for what they can do possibly in the future by here's a look at the medals table china are way out in front twenty nine gold medals puts them japan in second place they look set to top the medal table just as they have at every game since one nine hundred eighty two rounds up the last twenty four hours of action. another day another medal for china i'm a swimming superstar son young his win in the eight hundred meter freestyle made him a double gold medalist at the second asian games in a row. with joy it was a nice summer it's really nice it's my first asian games gold medal in the eight hundred metres i'm really happy it's the big games you only have it once every four
4:54 pm
years it's an opportunity that i have relished all the medals that i have won all the recognition of my hard work as you can see my level has been stable. but son was unsuccessful in helping china to gold in the men's four by two hundred meter freestyle relay the end his team had to settle for silver behind japan extended their own record to sixteen wins in this event. joseph schooling led singapore to bronze. was north korea won four gold medals on monday their first of these games came in the women's weightlifting three song gone victorious in the forty eight kilo category but failing in an attempt to lift one hundred seventeen kilos and break the asian games record three more gold came in right lifting and wrestling. a playing in the football tournament for the very first time they upset asian heavyweights iran to qualify for the knockout rounds at the expense of
4:55 pm
thailand tottenham some hyung men scored as south korea beat kurdistan to reach the last sixteen while hosts indonesia fought back from one nil down against hong kong to beat them three want and take the group title poll race al-jazeera. japan of reached their first ever under twenty women's world cup final with a comfortable win against the england recoat lukey got her fifth goal of the tournament to make it one nil to the japanese. that was the first of two goals in five minutes and endo with a well placed header for the second to the final score. of a spain who knocked out the hosts france with a one zero win courtesy to go haros header spain had a player sent off for handball in the box but france failed to get an equaliser spain had never previously made it a quarter. it was cricketers are holding on after
4:56 pm
a terrible start to the day against india as they look to avoid defeat in the third test england need to bat for two days but lost for wake in the morning session they were sixty two for four but then stokes and joss butler have steady things and they're now one hundred and thirty for four but they're still chasing a record target of five hundred twenty one runs to win you see him bolt says he is determined to prove people wrong in the latest stage of his efforts to become a professional footballer the eight time olympic champion has had his first training session with australian elite team central coast mariners the thirty two year old who has previously trained with pro clubs in south africa and germany bolton has been given an open ended trial by the mariners who finished bottom of the league last season. i was going to say what i want to say just like when i was drunk and. things about me but i always prove them wrong so it's just another moment for me to prove people wrong. nigeria's national teams have
4:57 pm
been cleared to carry on playing after football's governing body lifted a threat to suspend the country fifa say they're happy that the legitimate leadership of nigeria's football federation has been restored to power a rival group had occupied the federation's offices during the world cup. the new coach of reigning african champions cameroon clarence seedorf says he'll do all he can to convince leading players to represent their country seven senior squad members boycotted the last cup of nations due to a dispute with the previous team managers what is the stuff like always going to win the cup what kind of understanding do we have with the blues when the personal level to understand the problems you go some place of issues with the club or physical issues why they made. this communication and that's what we're going to do with the players we're going to look at we don't and that's all your sport for now will have more later but for now it's back to martin thank you very much indeed to do stay with us because i'll be back in just
4:58 pm
a moment with much more news including the very latest from qatar. of struggles but i mean nobody that a person. whatever their battle their belief in the form of pleasure. only they are. going to be an intimate look at life in cuba today getting a little more detail from the kerry. did the secretary this is my cue ball on al-jazeera.
4:59 pm
desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in
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power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation. side of. the afghan president's message of sacrifice and charity is interrupted by a rocket attack. live from doha also coming up. venezuela's opposition calls for a general strike in protest after president my daughter's dramatic devaluation of the country's currency will be live in the capital caracas. the good news is it's
5:01 pm
been sunny almost all day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day. as a receding.


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