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charges if not he may accept a partial ruling on those eighteen charges now it's difficult to say whether that means the jury decided unanimously on seventeen of the eighteen charges that kind of speculation at this point isn't very helpful on monday night the jury stay here till six fifteen in the evening going past the normal finish date and we're at about twenty past two in the afternoon on day four of these deliberations and still no decision made of course paul mana forte's legal troubles here are far from over even if he's cleared of all the charges here because he faces yet another trial in washington d.c. next month so what's at stake with this with this trial andy while a lot at stake clearly for paul manifold but this is widely being seen as a test of robert muller's investigation into russian collusion the charges here have nothing to do with collusion but they did spring out of that investigation so i think it is found guilty will in some ways legitimize what robert mueller is doing of course if he is cleared of the charges here i think donald trump will
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really make mincemeat out of this trial saying look there is no collusion and he will repeat that claim is going to all this is simply a witch hunt so there is a lot hanging on this trial for paul manifold and of course for the entire country ok and a gallagher life rests in alexandria virginia thank you andy so there are reports that donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen has entered a guilty plea with federal prosecutors in new york the details of the plea are still being negotiated course he is under investigation for bank fraud tax fraud and campaign finance violations this all happening right now we're trying to gather more information on that and we will bring that to you soon as we can. and hours later on sponsor che says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand rihanna to refugees the muslim minority group fled manned mars for kind state after a military crackdown began last year so she says the danger of what she calls
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terrorism is real and present she warns the risk of inner communal violence will remain unless the security challenges addressed the danger of terrorist activities which was initial course of course of events leading to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of into communal violence will remain it is a threat that could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but old school for other countries in our region and. bluntly reports in kuala lumpur. it's not a surprise to hear myanmar leader aung san suu kyi talk about the threat of terrorism in rakhine state this was the reason the myanmar military gave when it launched its crackdown in northern rakhine state against the ranger a year ago it said its operation was in response to attacks on security posts
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carried out by a little known group that calls itself the salvation army now the military's actions have been condemned by the international community as disproportionate a u.n. official has described the violence taking place against the region as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and the myanmar government has been criticized for not doing enough to help the will hinder for not speaking out for the region for not adequately investigating the reports of atrocities committed against the injured and lately for not creating a safe enough environment for refugees who fled to bangladesh to return to me on now the government lays the blame for the violence on this little known group are a group of armed fighters who intend say that fighting for the rights of the minority in. academics say the root of the problem really is discrimination against this minority and the problem can be solved by creating more opportunities for the
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for integrating them into the community and for stopping the widespread discrimination and persecution against the regime but that is something we've not seen the myanmar government yet address russia has denied a ukrainian prisoner on hunger strike for one hundred days isn't critical condition filmmaker oleg sense of a serving a twenty year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit terrorism he strongly opposed the russian annexation of his native crimea since all the family are now seriously worried about his health or a challenge has more from moscow. alex and so if began his hunger strike back in may he said he would refuse food until all ukrainian nationals were released from russian jails now he's only accepting a nutritional supplements to keep his organs functioning so far campaigning from human rights groups influential russians and international leaders like the french president macron have not achieved his release and speaking to us from kiev his
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cousin says she fears that vladimir putin is trying to make a point. the resist theory if that suited one select to die to teach a lesson to other political prisoners so they see what kind of consequences as a palin can have and sit quietly this is the most recent photo of a leg he's been certainly but it's difficult to tell quite how thin because of his prison overalls supporters though say that he's lost thirty kilos he has anemia and a slow heartbeat he certainly much changed from these pictures films when he and alexander culture unco were convicted back in two thousand and fifteen on terrorism charges the trial linked to the russian and exhaustion of crimea has been condemned by the e.u. is a breach of international law however analyst maria lipman told me he doesn't have many legal avenues open to him since off was sentenced to
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a very long time of imprisonment putin has reiterated that a sense of is a terrorist so there is no way back there is no record no way to recognize anybody merely a mistake and that he was arrested tried and sentenced unfairly for months there's been talk of a prisoner swap with ukraine though nothing concrete has happened that's or a pardon is his best hope though the kremlin says he would have to ask for a pardon first something sense of refuses to do meanwhile he's slowly starving himself to death ok more now on the breaking news coming out of new york we have been telling you about president donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is set to be entering a plea with federal prosecutors kristen salumi is live for us in new york gathering the latest on that he's expected to make a court appearance shortly so we'll have more details so what do we know kristen.
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well here's what we know we know that the southern district of new york the federal court where michael cohen has been under investigation has announced four pm that's in a little over an hour from now court appearance by quote john doe the case is labeled john doe versus us and b c news reporting that this is in fact michael cohen against. cough an e. of speculation in the last twenty four hours that he was approaching a plea deal in local outlets reporting that he was an intense negotiations with the southern district we do not know at this stage what michael cohen will be pleading guilty to and what he is offering to prosecutors in return for that plea what we do know is that he has been under investigation since april at least when his office and home and hotel room were raided by f.b.i. officials seeking documents that they were looking for evidence of fraud possible
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fraud related to his businesses in addition to being donald trump's fixer and personal lawyer for about a decade he also has a taxi business that was under investigation and also they were looking at payments possible campaign finance violations related to payments that were made to two women that donald trump allegedly had affairs with stormy daniels the adult film star and a playboy model karen mcdougal these have all been under investigation by the southern district so michael cohen is expected to make an appearance there later in the day and enter a plea of guilty to exactly what charges at this time we do not know very much all happening in the run up to this appearance there's been a lot of speculation of course about what michael cohen knows and what he could say about president trump someone who has been with him for so long and to that point
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person you laid out there right when there's so much that we don't know and we will know but you reminded us of what the charges are and i think it perhaps we need to make clear we also the first thing maybe some some viewers may think about immediately is is this related in any way even tangentially to the russia and russia investigation and that's not as far as we know that's not what the southern district district of new york was specifically looking at as it relates to michael cohen is that correct. that is correct we know that this investigation started as a result of the moller investigation and those investigators turned over the information that they had to investigators here in new york this is under their jurisdiction at that time it was not clear perhaps that there was any connection to the issues being investigated by the robert mueller team and a possible collusion with the russian government however given the close relationship between michael cohen and president trying for so many years there's
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a lot of experts who believe that he has incriminating information or could have incriminating information about the president and that's why this has been watched so closely questions about michael cohen claiming that donald trump knew about the meeting that took place in trump tower between a russian operative and donald trump's son prior to the election for example but all of this of course we're hoping to have more information but it's going to be a slow process of learning exactly what investigators have and what they are getting out of michael cohen as a result of this playable course we'll be following it throughout the day and that court appearance is about an hour and a half from now so kristen salumi stay close keep us posted thank you still ahead on al jazeera. children armed with guns on the front line the reality of the war. and it's. to prove the doubters wrong in his effort to become
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a professional footballer in australia. hello again it's good to have you back well here across we are still looking at those very warm temperatures across much of the area from parts of iraq down here towards kuwait city now temperatures are going to stay into the high forty's for quite city about forty eight degrees but over the next few days we do expect that the temperatures will stay high but the visibility will come down we do expect to see more dust in the forecast next it actually extend all the way into the weekend as we make a way down here across arabian peninsula well for doha unfortunate and wednesday your humanity is going to start to come up and that means it's going to be more uncomfortable temperatures only reaching forty degrees but still a very uncomfortable day expression during the holiday week over here towards abu dhabi on thursday about forty degrees in your forecast and mecca well we do expect
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to see some clouds few attempts there about forty one as we make our way down here across parts of the southern reaches of africa we did have one follow boundary that did pass through cape town but it is now here across much of south africa for the next day tempers look like this as we go towards wednesday fifteen degrees there we do expect to see another front coming through but over here towards parts of johannesburg where we are looking at twenty two degrees not too bad but durban is going to be seeing some rain in your forecast for the temperatures there of twenty one degrees. it takes discipline. this is not a game or is it. what is a healthy balance between work and play when playing. the story of the lows of. the pro game.
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with this documentary. because don did not have the ability to take on. new ones also new to the point all of them big enough to sponsor. in search of the missing pieces in really important meetings or. when you go to the news of bin laden was killed were you surprised or was your reaction oh they found in the place we continue but we don't want anyone to know mehdi hasan goes head to head with the pakistani foreign minister on al-jazeera.
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these are the top stories right now rockets fired toward afghanistan's presidential palace at a speech by the. place had the taliban is behind the strikes in kabul the taliban is denying that president says her country will fight against what she calls china's increasingly out of control behavior also sever a diplomatic ties with taipei and formally established relations with beijing it is the third nation to do so this year. michael cohen has reportedly agreed to enter a plea deal with federal prosecutors in new york the details are still being worked out. for bank and tax fraud as well as campaign finance violations and salome tells us what this could mean for president. he was the president's fixer his longtime attorney the man who dealt with problems before they
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became big problems but now michael cohen could be president donald trump's biggest threat of a break he's facing several charges brought by federal prosecutors in new york you . may think that. cohen has said he paid adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet during trump's run for president after she claimed they had an affair the president at first denied all knowledge when asked about the payments for. the three. later he admitted he paid his attorney to make deals like that leading to speculation that michael cohen knows some of donald trump's biggest secrets he is so mr trump's fixer and if what he was fixing for mr trump was illegal and was done with mr trump's knowledge mr trump is in big trouble cohen's name came across the desk of special counsel robert muller during his investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and
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russia he referred what he found to prosecutors in new york and in april they instructed the f.b.i. to raid cohen's home and office in new york they seized boxes of documents including communications between donald trump and his attorney as well as devices and a dozen audio recordings including one discussing payment to a playboy model karen mcdougal who also claims she had an affair with trump a decade ago and it's not clear from the tape of trump suggested paying in cash or by check the president's current legal advisers rudy giuliani has gone from describing cohen as an honest honorable man to slamming him. land rights activists has been.


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