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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 235  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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waters recede and people are clearing out the months those bodies in some cases within it a political argument is now going on india as well between the state government in kerala and the national government in delhi delhi has turned down the financial assistance of countries predominantly in the middle east where many people from care a lot of work and all the hundred million u.s. dollars worth has been offered but politely refused by delhi carola is saying in that case delhi needs to make up the shortfall and so far there's no direct saw any of that there's also a blame get going on who was to blame for these floods was it just the tarantula right unavoidable or was it years of environmental mismanagement allowing people to build too close to rivers and too much pollution in those rivers as well didn't help many a saying plastic bottle for those sorts of things clogging up. i mean the water had nowhere to go when that huge amount of rain came down and finally there was the argument about management of dams and reservoirs when the eggs to run through rains
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began many of the reservoirs in kerala were already near capacity people are saying water should have been released much earlier but in smaller quantities rather than waiting until they were about to burst their banks and then letting all that water go out once they're saying this was a disaster that could have been prevented is a powerful hurricane as approaching hawaii carrying winds of up to two hundred sixty kilometers an hour their national space station captured these pictures of hurricane lane in the states government has shut down schools and sat at the back away and centers all the hurricanes we can slightly emergency workers are worried about possible floods and landslides we do not want to see what happened in puerto rico. and we do that by making sure we're prepared and it starts with every one of the residents on this island to make absolutely certain that they have their hurricane kit they have fourteen days of food and water that they're working with their family and neighbors helping each other sheltering in
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place unless they feel they need to go on to the shelters because it's dangerous. thursday marks thirty eight years since the end of a national literacy campaign and. tens of thousands of people set off to live in rural areas to teach people how to read and write for it was seen as largely successful in home and reports hasn't led to the opportunity for. the hard fighting of the revolution this was nicaragua's new start. they called it the literacy crusade in one nine hundred eighty ninety five thousand people many of them youngsters headed to the country's most isolated regions to help the whole for the population that couldn't read or write it became a national obsession built around uniting richen pull young and old eighteen year old gabriella trek to the small village of alaska skeeters she studied for five
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months and among others francisca them faulty she'd never been to school. no one knew how to read it was the saddest thing i remember when she was with us i was so happy and so sad when she left my girls gone i sat. in this study thirty eight years ago the crusade finished many consider it the revolution's greatest triumph literacy rate soared it changed a generation feliks then only eleven was one of the youngest volunteers in psalm we saw it with the triumph of the revolution everything was possible that we could do anything and the crusade was just the first step. but the volunteers we took to build things didn't work out that way the party of the revolution is in power but it's accused of eroding the country's democracy and in the last four months imprisoning and even killing some of those who oppose it the sun the face of the still has a fair amount of support for this much choice for years after they first took power
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is a testament to the floor and the idealism. oh. the end of the crusade it's was sadness that a great player. would in the struggle. if the revolution rebellion. is right in the last four months with the political crisis those rights are being crushed by the government i feel that it's a. revolution. amid the country's current troubles the dream is that the revolution can at least hold on to a time they say the shape. her
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sport was there thank you so much rachelle singapore swimming star joseph schooling has made another big statement in the pool at the aging games but as david stokes reports he wasn't the only athlete that started on day six of the games. so far the only swimmer capable of beating china and japan at these games for the
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second day running he took gold for singapore having the fifty metres butterfly to one hundred metres title he won a wednesday i. was schooling to avoid mistakes like this in the relay china's women felt they'd won silver behind japan in the four by one hundred beaten badly but then they had it stripped after one of them was judged to have jumped into early on changeover i shocked. japan looked amused and hong kong looked overwhelmed to be promoted to second place it was a good day for hong kong from the pool to. their first gold of the week in the dressage on board her first. aptly named because it's the first time hong kong has won an equestrian medal at an asian games. in the football human son many south
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korean team mates have made it into the quarterfinals that's after to know when. i'm. running the taekwondo arena as lead down who took the men's sixty eight kilogram division its third straight games gold. and there was even more success for south korea in the men's gymnastics kim hadn't sold gold in the men's full refs are much. of the there was some gymnastic like moves in the men's wish you competition. the other went to the man in blue. in the seventy's category his coach lifted him up and that gold helped lift a renter. david stokes al jazeera. well here's a look at that medal table china still way out in front with fifty five gold medals
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followed by japan in second with twenty five and south korea round so third place there was almost a big upset for india's olympic silver medalist piece in do in the first round of the badminton she's the seventh highest earning female athlete in the world her opponent t. trying to do vietnam very nearly beating her soon that winning the final twenty three to twenty one scott has more from jakarta. indian badminton player p.v. sindhu made it through her first round here at the asian games on thursday in an only that's not that big of news but also coming out and there's a forbes magazine published its top ten female professional athlete earners she came out at number seven and eight point five million dollars it's got remarkable when you think that most of the women on this list are tennis players is also a nascar driver and there he came out eight point five million that five hundred thousand dollars coming from trophies and and winnings fees and things the other eight coming through sponsorship and just to give you an idea of the other women on
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that list of the williams sisters and you know how much sponsorship money millions and millions of dollars they get each year now here with something called indonesia house this is right here in the center of jakarta and this is a place where people inside jakarta can come and meet some of the gold medalists of the host team here they were just passing through a couple of minutes ago it underlines just how important these games are for indonesia the nation we met with so much at the ministry of sports earlier on thursday it was interesting to hear these benchmarks these goals they have even fast tracked money a presidential decree fast tracking money to make sure that the mini's ministry of sport had the funds they needed to make sure they put forth the best team now as we click through you know we look at the medals tables they are very focused on a specific number for gold they are saying they want to have at least sixteen gold medals at the end of these games so slowly they're clicking away there but they're not there just yet ok so we saw some very energetic sports so far but there are also more sedate ones as well eighty five year old kong tiang is the game's all
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this competitor and he's representing the philippines in the card game branch which is making its asian games debut this year. referred him to my seniority with days of one days already seventy eight i think it works both ways. we may rephrase least not as good. as before so negative but my experience i hope contributes to my beauty to play a good game and i hope also very much that we brits do it just say minds game would really be accepted in the olympics in the future. overage is trying to force its way into the olympics and somewhere in sports which are also being contested at the asian games for the first time last month the international olympic committee gathered toppy sports figures subform in
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switzerland the i.o.c. president thomas bach says he now has a better understanding of sports but that there is still a long way to go before we see them at the olympics. there are some questions still open or so in the in the olympic movement not everybody agrees brackets yet. their ease ports on the competitive level is really sport. there is some work to do still has to be done. tiger woods and phil mickelson will go head to head in a winner takes all match for nine million dollars in las vegas the home will be played on the u.s. thanksgiving weekend and screened on pay per view to at the nine million dollars in contacts the largest winners charge out of nature is currently just over two million dollars at the u.s. open. terry on yuri is yet to be confirmed as the coach of bordeaux but one of his
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former teammates with love to see him get the job patrick vieira played with him for france and arsenal and is now relishing the prospect of facing him as a coach they are currently manages nice so. it would be very good football very good for him and for the french leak given his standing in the game i know he's someone who really wants to coach and he has the means to succeed he has lots of experience i think it would be a very good thing for football because he has a lot to come tribute and a lot to give. now some of mexico's more distinctive sports stars added an unusual dimension to the congregation at one of the country's most famous churches mexican wrestlers took part in their annual pilgrimage to the basilica of our lady of guadalupe to give thanks to their nation's patron saint wrestling is second only to football in terms of popularity and xico. and that's all your sport for now i'll be
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back with more later but for now and say thank you very much for i thank you for joining me for this news hour keep it here though much more to come on the other side of the break we're going to hand it over to the clark in london. whether online this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit of their stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism is creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has
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a voice i thought of civil society i did but i never get listened to by those in a bar as if i would join the global conversation by now to zero. point. zero zero or less. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s. his disappearance remained in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. and ambitious health system restore that paid off the show cutting it push of comedian week enabled ten million over ninety six million citizens to receive free health
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care without paying insurance premiums. in. the extraordinary story of turkey's monumental health care transformation and the people at the heart affect the people's health on al-jazeera. here's the fighters in yemen say a saudi amorality asked reich has hit a camp for displaced people killing dozens including children. and i mean this is out zero live from london also coming up in the program a plea from the u.n. for south american states to leave the borders open as thousands flee venezuela a country in crisis where life in the capital caracas. donald trump warns of an
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economic crash if he is impeached. and arrested allegedly beat in custody freed by military courts then rearrested ugandan politician bobby wine is charged with treason. so then first to yemen where hooty rebels say dozens of children have been killed in saudi led airstrikes he t.v. is reporting warplanes targeted a camp for internally displaced people in one day it is there a he me district and let's go straight to allan fisher is following developments from neighboring down in tell me what more you found out about what's happened. well we're trying to piece this together from local reports on the ground in yemen that we've been receiving over the last couple of hours we know that there was an airstrike in guerrilla fico which is also in the same district according to you
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each state media that was carried out by who see fighters and it killed one child in a couple of hours later there was an attack also in the same district at this time carried out by the sodium led coalition and according to local reports on the ground there more than thirty people were killed there saying at least twenty of them were children and local journalists on the ground are quoting the health ministry in sanaa as a way of confirmation if this was to be the case of course it comes just two weeks after the saudi led coalition carried out an attack on a school bus which killed fifty people forty of them children and it was later reported that the miss l. used in that attack actually came from the united states. is the question of why the united states was involved in the own going conflict in yemen calling for a withdrawal of u.s. forces and so if it's proved again that in this instance if it was
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a missile from the united states fired by the saudi led coalition that will lead to greater coles questioning at the united states intervention and involvement in what's going on in yemen now we've also had in the last cup. where problems with the island there. you will get back to him just as soon as we can but clearly these technical issues are nowhere. no the united nations is calling on south american countries to keep their borders open for fleeing venezuelans thousands are leaving the country every day is an economic crisis back home deepens colombia says more than a million people of sixteen months and it wants the u.n. to appoint a special envoy to help manage the crisis in america. is live for us in
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caracas tell us more about the latest situation. as you may remember the government announced late last week that it was completely revamping the currency devaluing the ninety four percent then introducing a new currency and so what we're seeing now today for the very first time since i began is more activity out on the streets because for the first time in more than a year there is actually trash in people's hands that was one of the most modern in this country or at least now people are going out and buying perishable goods and the rest of the city we're seeing the businesses remain shuttered as the government introduces new price controls to try to keep the prices down to try to control what people here call the monster which is hyperinflation which has sent the economy here into freefall and which the i.m.f. says will reach one million percent before the end of this year and that of course is simply feeding the exodus of venezuelans who don't believe that this new plan
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will work who think that really the only way they can save themselves is to simply get out of here as fast as they can. this is santa on phyllis's last day in her working class neighborhood she sold everything possible and packed the rest as she and her sister her two daughters and therefore small children prepare to abandon. i have to get my daughter out of here before it's too late. for three year old can't speak since she had a stroke provoked she's. says by the lack of medicine to treat her repeated convulsions half of them will go to peru the rest to chile to join husbands and sons but sandra is angry. we wanted to remain here in my beloved venezuela the best country in the world until my door destroyed it we're leaving half of our family behind our family is now scattered. indeed oil rich
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venezuela is unrecognizable disease hunger uncontrollable violence and hyperinflation are driving millions from a country where poverty has reached eighty percent president nicolas maduro blames u.s. financial sanctions but they don't begin to explain a crisis that began long before they were imposed a year ago. what is happening is of such gravity that it looks as though we were going through a terrible war like syria except there is no war and it's the expectation that things will get even worse it is nourishing the stampede. not that it's easy to leave a passport is worth its weight in gold to my money that i need but how is no way to get a passport and lease to pay two thousand dollars under the table which i don't have . that's when the passport office official asked us to move away. those lucky enough to have a passport come here to catch
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a bus going to peru via colombia and ecuador like everything else the bus tickets go on day by day so the people who are lining up here are doing so not to get a new ticket but to pay the difference someone they bought a month ago at four hundred and forty now they have to pay eight hundred eighty one they can't get on the bus it's prohibitive so like many others alexander is leaving for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty. there's no work a consequence my family obama milk and diapers my baby so i have no choice. as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. or of those who must stay behind a tragedy that's taking place every single day in every corner of an israel or to
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see a new. well nick at that bus terminal that you saw is one of the few one that is actually providing buses now to the border because they are charging in hard currency in all the other ones that we visited today they were closed we saw hundreds and hundreds of people putting their names on lists but they were told that the buses to the colombian border had been suspended until further notice and so people are saying that they can't wait anymore that they will probably just begin walking back so you see a worsening situation that as you said thanks very much indeed for that thank you. well u.s. president donald trump has responded to speculation about the possibility of impeachment as two former aides face jail time former lawyer michael cohen implicated trump in a federal crime when he pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws saying he did so trump's direction well in an interview with the fox news channel donald trump said there would be an economic crash if he was no longer president i don't
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know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you what if i ever got impeached i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. because without this thinking you would see you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe well let's get more now from several times in life for some washington d.c. for us it's kind of a classic trump riposte asking how he can be impeached when he's improved the economy. right but he has reason to be to have confidence because there's no chance he will be impeached unless the democrats take the house of representatives in the november midterm elections and that's what's gets quite interesting because the democratic leadership has told its kind that's not to talk about impeachment on the campaign trail what they fear is that this impeachment issue will gather steam and fire up trumps base and bring them in droves to the polls which will wolf which will mean that the democrats call it retake the house of representatives in fact republican strategist is saying that they you know they should they should roll
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impeachment and say this is going to be a referendum on whether trump was impeached because evidence that was a basis rather complacent right now that there's nothing to worry about and if i'm appalled because trump himself says this there is nothing to worry about it does get interesting though as well because even if the democrats do take the house and they'd be very courageous to try to impeach trump on campaign finance problems because the democratic party is part of the swamp too and has loads of campaign finance problems as well probably better to try to impeach him on something else in that t.v. interview president trump he was very critical was the of the justice department and now the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is has hit back what did he say. right so jeff sessions you tony general says that he's firmly in charge of the pub of justice is terribly successful and that the d.o.j. won't be improbably improperly be influenced by political considerations that sell to trump said in that fox interview that sessions never really took control of the d.o.j. and also what kind of man is jeff sessions for taking the job of attorney general
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and then recusing himself from the russian investigation however trump did say in that interview that he would remain involved however lindsey graham a set of who is also a golfing buddy of trump has been giving interviews saying he thinks sessions days all numbered and he might be fired off of the after the midterm elections and that leads to all sorts of questions as to what sort of shakeup might be in store for the d.o.j. what info that might have on the russian destination whether that might leave donald trump open to further allegations of structure of justice and these are all the speculative ingredients to the to the current soup in washington right now anyway yes never a dull moment in the current. reports around the publisher of the national enquirer where they were about right david peca is an old friend of donald trump and he's a publisher and the allegations against him that he wasn't just acting as a magazine publisher during the campaign of twenty sixteen he was an integral part
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of the trump presidential campaign trying to find areas of possible danger for donald trump what i guess bill clinton used to call bimbo eruptions i suppose and then try to neuter them in the way a famous example being you know paying lots of money to someone who claimed to have had an affair with donald trump and then sat on the story so that the story would never would never come out now he has not gotten immunity deal. it is illegal in the us for a corporation to act in concert and coordination with a political campaign for the benefit of one candidate so that's trouble for him if he now says that donald trump was completely aware of this coordination was helping coordinate that's trouble for donald trump as well. good as may never stops she have thanks very much indeed for every turn see everybody from washington d.c. are you watching our journey live from london still to come here on the program south africa accuses donald trump of fueling racial tensions after he tweeted that farmers were being forced off their land and build.


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