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tv   Undocumented And Under Attack  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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many others alexander is leaving for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty his employer there's no work a concert put my family or buy milk and diapers my baby so i have no choice. as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor. husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. all of those who miss stay behind a tragedy that taking place every single day in every corner of venezuela. you see in human al-jazeera got access. to the u.s. where an investigation an arizona has found a u.s. border patrol as under reporting the number of migrant death activists and officials have spent years compiling a so-called death match and the doctors being used to help identify those who've died and gallagher has more from tucson arizona. if you head north we're going to
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hit this site for years over and see so has been scaring the sonoran desert with one goal in mind the colombian born artist wants to expose its secrets by on or in the dead along with a team of volunteers alvarez planted six hundred crosses each represents a life lost on a deadly frontier. when the families see that because there's somebody here that cares or in this to sort of give them a little bit of a voice to the casualties to the fallen heroes in other the me they are fallen heroes do come all the way from there to leave everything behind the to look for a better life here it's. quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way however as works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three thousand people have died in the last fifteen years this does it covers an area of
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more than a quarter of a million square kilometers in the summertime temperatures exceed one hundred degrees at night it gets very cold and yet those seeking a better life continue to try and cross. and they continue to lose their lives what's happening here in the borderlands of arizona is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis you can see we have some of the long bones from the lower extremities and we have portions of the pelvis around one in three of those found to go unidentified gregory heads who helped develop the map wants to change that if somebody is missing and people are looking for them clearly that provide can provide a sense of closure if they are found even if it is kind of tragic but it also provides us a sense of satisfaction to try to answer those questions for families activists say was the number of illegal crossings has fallen migrants are being forced to take bigger risks this is the consequence of paramilitary techniques being used over
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fifteen years of death mapping what we see people are dying closer to the international lying and farther from towns and roads we're literally pushing people to their death nor and that's it has a secret three thousand people have died here two thousand are missing overall will continue to plant crosses in the desert but says he doesn't have enough to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and the gallic rogers era tucson arizona. we have a head. cold.
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as well as. indonesia came into the event with a bit of a cloud over the poor performance of southeast asian games in malaysia but a charge at the medal table has been matched by an off the field drive to prove they could one by hold an olympics or a world cup in the country. reports from. the people in the country of indonesia are taking these asian games very seriously success at the event on and off the pitch is viewed as a big test to do well and bigger things are to come and team indonesia has been performing well but they have a high benchmark officials say they want to win it at least sixteen gold medals and make it into the top ten on the overall battle board. it is the athlete who put their first gold on the board. it means
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a lot because it's the first match in games and this is the first time in the nation got a gold medal i hope and a nation sport can be better and a chief more in international world like the olympics. and the fans who come out to watch also feel the gravity of performing well as their country is in the global spotlight it's everybody to be shot against because we knew that we had been on board and playing last weekend and we have many tremendous. problems. and. dismiss everything we've been doing pro five am to buy a ticket so we're very excited as you can see you decide to go see how we cheer for ours. so we will be out of there to. indonesia was brought into the eighteenth asian games late just four years ago after vietnam pulled out as host citing
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financial concerns the country had to act and act fast with little time for new builds many of the venues were adapted to renovate or to improve the host team's performance last year president signed a presidential decree fast tracking funds to the ministry of sport for athletes salaries and for training the president has attended a lot of the hosts matches a good showing at these games is good news for the country from the outside looking in but will also give the president political capital at home next in the be. and push it into your legs and fall of the wall of the existing government it would be a very big go to the surface of the we have the. floor of the incumbent . so the pressure is on for the team to keep those medals coming in for the organizers to keep the games on track and running smoothly it's got harder al-jazeera jakarta. here's a look at the medal table indonesia on nine gold aiming for the official target of
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sixteen their ninth coming earlier this friday in men's rowing china still way out in front with sixty eight gold medals. well singapore swimming star schooling has won his second gold of the games and that's been a big upset for india in a sport they usually dominate. reports. so far the only swimmer capable of beating china and japan at these games for the second day running he took gold for singapore having the fifty metres butterfly to one hundred meters title he won a wednesday. i schooling to avoid mistakes like this in the relay china's women thought they'd won silver behind japan and the full by one hundred beaten badly but then they had it stripped after one of them was judged to have jumped into early on changeover i
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shocked. japan looked amused and hong kong looked overwhelmed to be promoted to second place it was a good day for hong kong away from the pool to. their first gold of the week in the dressage on board her first on tour aptly named because it's the first time hong kong has won an equestrian medal at an asian games. in the football human son many south korean team mates have made it into the quarterfinals that's after to know when. was south career also be run in the taekwondo arena as lead down who took the men's sixty eight kilogram division its third straight games gold. and there was even more success for south korea in the men's gymnastics kim hand sold to gold in the men's fluoresce a cyber was. i there was some gymnastic like moves in the
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men's wish to competition as china won two of the three golds on offer the other went. the man in blue a radiant fighter behind it sefi in the seventy kilos category and if he thought his coach was excited that was nothing compared to iran's kabaddi team they provided by the biggest shock of the game so far the key india out of the seventy finals india had won seventy six the sport was included in the games in ninety ninety but it's a run you go through to fight south korea for gold david stokes out zero. well we've been saying some very energetic sports so far in these games as you might hope but there are also some more sedate ones taking place eighty five year old young is the game's oldest competitor he's representing the philippines in the card game bridge which is making its asian games debut this year. i hope because of the
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pub recently given to me he has a person with a hill been promoting the game with me in the hope also very much that we breeds it's kind of the same ice game would really be accepted in the olympics if you were to do. well bridges trying to force its way into the olympics a sports which are featuring at the games for the first time last month the international olympic committee gathered to top sports figures at a forum in switzerland the i.o.c. president thomas back says he now has a better understanding of what's involved but there's still a long way to go before we see them at the olympic games. there are some questions still open. in the in the olympic movement not everybody agrees. yet. ease boards on the competitive level
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is really sport. there are some work has to be done. sebastian vettel has gone quickest in first practice at the belgian formula one grand prix championship leader lewis hamilton was third fastest force india's drivers aren't in title contention the team has been stripped of all its constructor points and is now competing under the new name racing point force india the team went into administration last month but was bailed out by a consortium led by canadian billionaire lawrence stroll the father of williams' driver lance stroll. australia faced the daunting prospect of a rugby championship date with world champions new zealand or quins eden park stadium the all blacks were on a forty one game unbeaten run at the venue haven't lost there since one thousand nine hundred ninety four australia's lost when a part came in one thousand nine hundred six new zealand beat the wallabies thirty eight thirteen in sydney last week it's really important that we try and. get out
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the formants as right as we can and you know it's great for us to be at home we're really looking forward to playing in front of our offense and we want to play as well as we can get up to four months right hopefully that will be in the top things on. tiger woods and phil mickelson have teed up a nine million dollars winner takes all showdown the pair are currently in auction at a tournament in new jersey the november head to head in las vegas will have the biggest winners check engulfing history next in line is the u.s. open with a two million dollar payout for the champion the woods versus mickelson show will be golf first ever have you event. i think that they can afford it. i think it'll be a little bit done differently. you know how many times are we all just fights. whether it's some delay or boxing whatever it may be we're all purchases fights you know and then as i said this will be different this is fun to do something different and you know our sport. thank you very much paul and that does it for this al-jazeera
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news hour do stay with us for the semi's a down as head with another full news bulletin and just a couple of minutes from elizabeth but now thank you for watching. the new year a new kind of many new developments for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air police call. pot for
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a six part series filmed over five years to catch china's democracy experiment on which is iraq. when people need to be heard. he's been for a few jomo still his lawyer it's not one no more live show and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been atrocious i testified in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving
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surprisingly effective. assimilation nation. children the big gyms again in the am and so now strike at the camp kills the least twenty three rebels blame the saudi amorality coalition. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead. ways elections fair or does the opposition have a point highest court is about to rule on the results of the presidential vote.
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australia changes its prime minister for the sixth time in eight years soon the government's majority could come under threat. how activists are helping to mark theone reported deaths of those who tried to make it to the united states. sounding lead panel investigating alleged war crimes in yemen is being accused of lacking credibility and independence the human rights watch criticism has emerged as another airstrike raises questions about the targets of the saudi coalition who three rebel say at least thirty people were killed in an airstrike near home data at least twenty of them were children alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. civilians again the victims after saudi led coalition air strike in yemen. really impact with the fighters say at least thirty one people
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including women and children have died in an attack on their vehicles in the western province of although some sources say the number of dead is lower. dead children and women discussed in crime. the victims were trying to escape a camp in which the coalition says was being used to launch missiles. hit us while we were on the road. this little boy survived but it's just two weeks since another thirty coalition air strike hit a school bus that killed forty children and eleven adults in what saudi arabia declared to be an appropriate military action it was promised to investigate. as more theorems prepare to weep over their children's graves the charity save the children estimates an average of one hundred forty children have been killed every day since the beginning of the cellular coalition strikes against the united
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nations will not conduct their own investigation and will not send a team at the yemen to investigate those type of crimes i believe that the saudi that coalition will continue to do so. it's been claimed american made smart bombs were used in the past attack leading to international condemnation and some calling for the u.s. to abandon its rule in yemen the killings against the u.s. being implicated in the murder war crime is a very strong the charity save the children says that yemen is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child right now leaders have in the last few hours called an international bodies to do more to stop the fighting in yemen and they say the international community silence on the attack two weeks ago and this most recent attack is nothing short of shameful alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti human rights watch has criticized
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the saudi led panel investigating alleged war crimes in the amman the group looked into the panels work over the last two years and it found the investigations lacks credibility transparency and independence most of the time the coalition concluded it acted lawfully or made a mistake or did not carry out a report to the sack and investigators failed to provide redress to civilian victims. christine bakaly is a yemen research or a human rights watch she says the coalition members of failed in their legal obligation to investigate alleged war crimes. and i think perhaps more damning is it paints a very different picture than the one we see on the ground that the one yemeni groups are reporting on human rights watch amnesty and others are reporting on in terms of the absolute devastation that coalition airstrikes continue to cause and the many coalition air strikes that appear to not only violate the walls laws of war but the potential war crimes unfortunately what that body has done is really primarily help shield coalition states from any form of accountability and when i
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say that what i mean is say for example the coalition's investigative body says ok you know what the coalition unintentionally targeted this well or partially damaged this residential complex even in those statements they don't say saudi arabia carry out the attack the united arab emirates carry out the attack have any steps been taken to ensure that those states hold potential workmen's accountable so really what we're seeing is you have this investigative body that says it's credibly investigating but is in fact not at all an accepted an acceptable sort of substitute for the states themselves actually carrying out credible investigations . judges in zimbabwe's high school to begin delivering the ruling on last month's presidential election within the hour and d.c. alliance leader in the us and chemises says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson and. p.f. leave his inauguration is being spoken and told the court delivers its verdict. how remote also joins us now live from hadi so it's a crucial decision that the people are waiting for what's the mood like there.
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well you're right everyone is waiting in this news here at the half hour a lot of people are feeling right now people are in france or towels in the offices waiting for this court ruling this is a privately owned. paper. being confident that everything will go there will be declared the winner by the courts. gratian within forty eight hours that makes this a sunday some legal expert. those are saying that they think that the lawyers representing the in the alliance they put up a good fight in court but they say what could we can down because we didn't get enough evidence to prove that it was manipulation but some legal experts are saying that all they have to do is convince the nine judges that the elections won't run properly. how to take us through the different scenarios of how this day could end
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one options do the judges have. one of the judges could declare a winner and then that person has to be sworn in within forty eight hours they could then say if they don't do that they could say they order a recount or a christian nation which has to happen within sixty days that means the country stays in limbo until those elections are done if that is what indeed happens all the local leaders have been telling them to please stay do not be violent don't go out in the streets once the ruling has been made even if you are unhappy about it we expect to ever loses won't be happy but i can tell you now what's happening on the cities with this tight security a lot of police on the roads just in case things happen and right now officials are rehearsed the current inauguration which we expect to happen in forty eight hours if the judges in the courts declare a winner. uganda judges ordered musician
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turned politician bobby wine be allowed urgent medical treatment minus facing charges of treason after he was rearrested minutes after being freed by a military court is accused of inciting his supporters to attack a convoy carrying president yoweri museveni catherine sawyer reports from kampala. this is the man many ugandans had been wanting to see while view wine of popular musician and member of parliament appeared at a military court in the north end town of good looking weak and in pain he had been in military cassidy's since last wednesday he was arrested following violence in local election campaigns in the north after president yoweri in the seventies mottaki it was attacked the state withdrew the military leaders charges of possession of firearms and ammunition cordingley said free i lived on outrageous. it was an emotional moment for wine but he was not really free in your chair when you want to and they're arresting him now he was immediately taken to
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a magistrate's court where he was charged with treason with intent to do harm to the passing of the president of the republic or uganda i don't know fully. understand moved towards their face. and smile she's. the real when screwed over the pretty sure. income part of the government's deployed police and soldiers in some parts of the city that are seen as hot spots including where we are right now we're trying to prevent people from gathering or trying to get to their town center security forces also blocked several opposition politicians from leaving them. opposition leader who has been arrested and detained often over the years was again taken by police he had talked
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to the media cutting off been the people i know to be cutting off forty million people. so whenever the they must be able to rule what can we do what have the magistrate include ordered that wind gets argent medical care and that doctors be allowed and he needed access to him he will remain in cassidy until the end of the month when he appears in court the thirty two others are also charged with treason. all the while he supporters in cheered him on the wintry lamps and tablets from catherine so i al-jazeera. australia has a new prime minister after malcolm turnbull was dumped by his party his former treasury secretary scott morrison has been sworn in as the sixth leader in eight years he defeated peter dutton who was the driving force behind a move to remove term. we have a lot of challenges as a country and we will get through them as we always have together now
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our job particularly for joshing on as we take for this new mantle of leadership is a new generation is to ensure that we not only bring our party back together which has been bruised and battered this week but that will and i was to ensure we bring the parliament back together that we can continue to work to ensure that our country stays close together. malcolm turnbull became the fourth. and prime minister to be thrown out of office since two thousand and ten just before that year's elections then labor leader kevin rudd was replaced by his deputy julia guillard rudd's retort the leadership from dillard in june two thousand and thirteen but his party was beaten in that year's election by the liberals led by tony abbott well then lost a leadership challenge malcolm turnbull in september two thousand and fifteen
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malcolm turnbull now plans to resign from parliament forcing a byelection ebony bennett is deputy director of the strainer institute a public policy think tank she says turnbull's resignation could force an early election so at the moment the term the greatest temple government had a very slim majority of one. went well and former prime minister malcolm turnbull's in new south wales. very well to do. that very comfortably very many years but if he does resign and go to the byelection or indeed and then that really does put that threat. prime minister scott morrison ability to form a government it is the same state but by elections and tories sleep difficult for sitting governments here in australia and it would.


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