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when the families see that because there's somebody here that cares in this to sort of give them a little bit of a voice to the casualties to the fallen heroes you know that to me they are fallen heroes to come all the way from there to leave everything behind the to look for a better life here it's it's quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three thousand people have died in the last fifteen years this does it covers an area of more than a quarter of a million square kilometers in the summertime temperatures exceed one hundred degrees at night it gets very cold and yet those seeking a better life continue to try and cross and they continue to lose their lives what's happening here in the borderlands of arizona is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis you can see we have some of the long bones from the lower
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extremities and we have portions of the power of us around one in three of those found to go unidentified but karner gregory has who helped develop the map wants to change that you have somebody is missing and people are looking for them clearly that provide can provide a sense of closure if they are found even if it is kind of tragic but it also provides us a sense of satisfaction to try to answer those questions for families activists say was the number of illegal crossings has fallen migrants are being forced to take bigger risks this is the consequence of paramilitary techniques being used over fifteen years of data mapping what we see people are dying closer to the international line and farther from towns and roads we're literally pushing people to their death their sonoran desert has a secret three thousand people have died here two thousand are missing overall will continue to plant crosses in the desert but says he doesn't have enough to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and gallacher al-jazeera tucson arizona.
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here with more.
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there is no safe level of alcohol consumption that is the firing of a study published in the lancet medical journal the study of alcohol use in one hundred ninety five countries found that even an occasional glass and creases the risk of health problems or dying reporter tributes two point eight million
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premature deaths worldwide each year to alcohol and it found that an average of two drinks a day led to a seven percent rise in disease compared to people who do not drink. while from university of washington is a city's lead author he says any benefit to drinking alcohol is far outweighed by the risks. well dead both diabetes and heart disease which have on occasion been protected but we also looked at a whole other battery of conses this if it were cancers wide range of them some communicable diseases and injuries found that when you take into consideration all of these factors there's no real benefit to drinking across the spectrum of consumption is the study will consider cutting your consumption in half or just a little bit any amount can be hugely beneficial given the shape of the risk for it rises exponentially with consumption so we're very heavy drinker you'll see huge benefits by cutting down by a drink per day and if you're still drinking one drink per day you'll see huge
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benefits of the down as well considering that every year you have a seven out of one hundred cans of developing one of these conditions and when we look at the global population that's an immense amount of harm the average male drinker is now consuming around two drinks per day a lot of recommendations still say up to two drinks per day is good for health i want to counter that evidence by really looking at the full spectrum of the research that's been performed on alcohol use. done for sport now at parra michelle thank you so much japan and china have been battling in the poor all week at the asian games but after six days as swimming there was no separating them when it came to gold medals david stokes has more. recap kohak here is the center of attention in jakarta and for good reason victory in the fifty metres freestyle gave the eighteen year old the six gold of the week and a medal overall equaling the game's record set in one thousand nine hundred eighty two by the north korean shooter sojourn men fell from so it's also been a week to remember for china's triple olympic champion son yang is fulfilled with
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a meeting saw him match the record of fourteen asian games medals over the course of his career. all but two gold medals in the pool went to china and japan their two way battle for supremacy went down to the final race and it was china who edged it by just for one hundred of a second. that meant they ended the games with nineteen golds each. eva gto did a year in the competition with china and japan is not over it will last till the twenty twenty olympics we must learn the lessons and avoid the mistakes from these games. in stark contrast to china cambodia had no medals in any sport heading into day six but that changed with jessica hahn in the women's jitsu she took gold in the forty nine tito class. south korea's cyclist now took a second gold this time in the women's individual time trial following the one hundred kilometer title she won
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a wednesday. it was north korea celebrating in the women's weightlifting they had a one to finish in the sixty three kilo catch agree. with an emotional kymco sim top of the podium. in the men's football in the b.c.s. scored in the last minute to give them hope of reaching the quarterfinals but they went on to lose a penalty shoot out instead it was the u.a.e. heading through to the last state. things were much more one sided than the softball final between japan and taiwan. japan crucially the gold medal with a seven zero victory your moto finished the game with a three run home run securing their fifth straight gold medal david stokes al-jazeera. while here's a look at the medals table that softball when helped to pan get to twenty nine gold medals but their way back from front runners china one sixty six indonesia or a nine golds am in for that official target of sixteen their night coming earlier
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this friday in men's rowing athletes from the host nation are under pressure heading into competition after a poor performance at last year's southeast asian games but a charge up the medal table might help prove they could one day hold an olympics or world cup scott heiler reports from jakarta. the people in the country of indonesia are taking these asian games very seriously success at the event on and off the pitch is viewed as a big test to do well and bigger things are to come and team indonesia has been performing well but they have a high benchmark officials say they want to win it at least sixteen gold medals and make it into the top ten on the overall battle board. is the athlete who put their first gold on the board. it means a lot because it's the first match in games and this is the first time in donation that a gold medal i hope and a nation sport can be better and achieve more in international world like the
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olympics i know you. and the fans who come out to watch also feel the gravity of performing well as their country is in the global spotlight it's everybody to michigan because we have. been. asked to wait last week and we have many german this. and problems. and any shows or dismiss everything we've been doing pro five am to buy a ticket so we're very excited as you can see in the fighting will be how we cheer for ours. so we will be out of there to. indonesia was brought into the eighteenth asian games late just four years ago after vietnam pulled out as host citing financial concerns the country had to act and act fast with little time for new builds many of the values were adapted or renovated to improve the host team's performance last year president signed
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a presidential decree fast tracking funds to the ministry of sport for athletes salaries and for training. the president has attended a lot of the host matches a good showing at these games is good news for the country from the outside looking in but will also give the president political capital at home. be. and presidents your legs and for the. government it would be very big says we have the but for the incumbent so the pressure is on for the team to keep those medals coming in for the organizers to keep the games on track and running smoothly it's got harder al-jazeera jakarta favre has banned the head of the palestinian football association for twelve months and fined him around twenty thousand dollars football's governing body said to bear had incited hatred and violence reducing
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here on the right had encouraged football fans to target the argentinian football association and burn jerseys and pictures of leno messi statements were made ahead of a proposed friendly game between argentina and israel in june the match was eventually called off france's world cup winning football captain hugo the reese has apologised to fans of being charged with drunk driving in london livery seen here with his team after winning the world cup was charged on friday following a routine traffic stop the goalkeeper who also captains tottenham was released on bail and is due to appear in court next month. formula one is back after a summer break and it's ferrari's kimmie reichen and that was fastest in second practice ahead of the belgian grand prix the finnish driver is a four time winner up sponsored its reichen and championship leader lewis hamilton while british drivers mercedes teammate to rebook has been the third championship rival sebastian vettel finished fifth in the morning session in the lead the
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standings by twenty four points. australia is right the team faced the daunting prospect of facing new zealand auckland even park this weekend the all blacks are on a forty one game unbeaten run at the venue and they haven't lost there since one thousand nine hundred four australia's last when it eden park came in one nine hundred eighty six the wallabies were beaten by new zealand last week in sydney it's really important that we. get out there as right as we can and you know it's great for us to be really playing for. it we want to play as well as we can get out. to take things on. and that's all your support for the rochelle back to you thank you very much. hundreds of young people in chicago are taking part in an annual basketball tournament called hoops in the hood they've been aims to get young people to come together and promote peace and one of the most violent crime violent cities that is in the us john hendren want to take a look. this is hoops in the hood it's a basketball tournament but it's also
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a statement about safe neighborhoods in america's most violent major cities each year about five thousand children participate they get together and with the help of the city they block off streets in violence hot spots across chicago and they play and these are violent streets last year thirty five hundred people were shot and more than six hundred of them killed in the city of chicago many of strada was a member of one of chicago's violent gangs now he's a coach we do have an issue of violence in our neighborhood and i think basketball in sports is just one way we can get kids to kind of do something other than look like i'm forcing this happening with someone some of. this is the end of the morning rush hour so normally the streets would be choked with cars but instead four hundred kids from twenty different neighborhoods are here to determine who are the champions of chicago and they come from neighborhoods with names like englewood austin and back of the yards the most violent neighborhoods in chicago and they've
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come together for a championship but they've also come together to find common ground and when it comes to finding that common ground those we've talked to say. they're nailing it thanks for joining me for this news hour here are now to syracuse that are here to hear the pollen of setbacks but more. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing
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a glimpse into someone else's well. witness on al-jazeera. challenge your perception ethiopia's economy has grown at a foster right than any other african country fearless journalist looked at sirens were heard here is that gives an indication of just how close the fighting is groundbreaking documentary debates and discussion just six months ago we were at the brink of a whole al-jazeera show board willing for graham's take you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera a new year a new kind of many new developments for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting the frustration grips the villages and as the saga began over a year before results is in the ass close call. for a six part series was filmed over five years. china's democracy experiments on
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which is iraq. well the three big challenges facing humankind in the twenty first century they are look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of the official intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talks to al-jazeera. another trump ally gets immunity this time it's alan wise over he's the chief financial officer of the trump organization. ellen welcome on the big apollo and you're watching others there live from london
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also coming up. supporters celebrate as zimbabwe's top court confronts presidents mounted outgrows victory dismissing opposition claims of rigging. ecuador opens a humanitarian corridor to help hundreds of venezuelans reach her route before a new restrictions begin on saturday but. still john morrison. will be a strain to get c.x. another prime minister after malcolm turnbull becomes the latest victim of the cutthroat world of history and politics. so donald trump appears to have got worse another one of his allies has been given immunity in the investigation into michael cohen this time it's alan weisel barak he said chief financial officer of the trump organization for the wall street
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journal describes as trump's longtime financial gatekeeper weisel very crass already been called in to testify in the inquiry into cohen president's former personal lawyer cohen pleaded guilty on tuesday to campaign finance violations saying he had paid hush money before the election to women who alleged that they had affairs with trump. now allan wisenberg has worked for the family the trump family for more than four decades serving as donald trump's executive vice president as well as c.f.o. for the trump organization since two thousand he's also the treasurer of families charitable foundation which is being investigated by the state of new york on thursday david packer c.e.o. of the national enquirer is publisher was also given immunity in the cohen case to discuss his role and hush money payments of bruce fein as a former u.s. says he it's deputy attorney general and he says granting immunity will how prosecutors learn more about what happened it is an absolute crime for
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a corporation to make any contribution to a political campaign they can't spin one cent providing that assistance directly to a candidate and so granting immunity based upon the public record that seems as though substantial sums were paid from the trump corporation to pay off or to reimburse mr cohen for payments made to these the foreign stars or the playboy bunny for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the election so that being a campaign contribution and that is what basically muster cohen has already pled guilty to the corporation is equally guilty including those who operate the corporation will you grant immunity because under the united states constitution unlike in great britain there is a so-called fifth amendment that enable someone to remain silent in the face of
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questioning if they believe an answer could incriminate themselves or their close company in crime but by granting immunity now they will compel a complete confession of whether and how in the circumstances in which these payments were made. well trampas also stepped up his feud with attorney general jeff sessions saying he must investigate corruption among the president's perceived enemy session said he wanted the justice department to be affected by political influence well she had her son at a time sees following these events in washington and she had there are so many events in the past twenty four hours let's start with why so barak how big a blow this is the fact that he's getting immunity is for trump it all depends on various issues that we know nothing about of the moment it all depends on the details of the immunity deal and the scope of the investigation that he may be cooperating with if always sober did was testified to
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a grand jury in order to give evidence against michael cohen which may or may not have led to michael cohen pleading guilty about a conspiracy to break campaign finance rules then. it might not be as bad as some are suggesting because that's over it's done he's given his testimonies he's told prosecutors what he knows about the trouble denies ations wrote all this and it's over a real beginning to get some reporting suggesting that's exactly what did happen he talked to he said what he knew about the current case he hasn't been called bug where the wishful thinking among strums opponents is coming from now is that he's such a big fish why give him immunity just to get michael cohen why would you do that surely the mostly something else going on the investigation must be reaching higher and higher towards trump family members and to trump himself and why super bug will be key to that quite frankly we don't we just don't know whether any of that strew but we're. always rationed we have right now suggests this is just about cohen and
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why still bugs involvement is now over and you have a has there been any reaction from trump to any of this news. not about this news though he just walks to marine one the white house he's on his way to ohio for a visit this off to noon here in the u.s. but he has been tweeting but not tweeting about this he was tweeting about north korea at a very measured set of tweets about north korea. run through them he said he all secretary of state might compare not to go to north korea this time because i feel we're not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula additionally because of a much tougher trading stands with china i don't believe they're helping with the process of denuclearization and then i'm second pair looks forward to going to north korea in the near future most likely all throughout trading relationship with china is resolved in the meantime i would like to send my warmest regards and respect to chairman kim i look forward to seeing him soon so several issues that
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just actually the trade war with china might soon be resolved might cheer a few people up in the in the markets and in the in the global economy although there's a little sign of that so far there have been talks in washington which didn't seem to go very far but still remaining very diplomatic when it comes to chairman kim it has to be said mike compare did have a pretty disastrous trip to north korea in july he was snubbed by kim jong il and i think i think kim jong un prefer to go to a potato farm the visit might be. there is a great deal of pressure on the trump administration about these talks john bolton a much more hawkish national security adviser is now in charge of the foreign policy establishment the military industrial complex that funds the republican party there will against talks about denuclearizing the korean peninsula they thrive on the fear of war in south korea having said that there are other upbeat signs when it comes to north korea a new representative has just been have been finally appointed to oversee north korean policy for the white house a special representative to the interview an interview with reuters a few days ago don't trump did say that he did think there were steps being made by north korea to
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denuclearize missile testing had stopped and that he was prepared to have another summit with with came in in the future sometime so we're getting all these all these mixed messages but yet he's been tweeting about north korea not about weisel booked and a great way to deflect from what's happening at home thank you very much a habit on c.n.n. washington. well the family of u.s. republican senator john mccain says he's topping all treatment for brain cancer mccain announced that he had the disease last year and his family says he's quote surpassed expectations for his survival eighty one year old mccain has been a vocal opponent of u.s. president donald trump is also a military veteran who spent years as a prisoner of war in vietnam. zimbabwe's president amerson man agogo is calling for unity after the country's top court confirmed his disputed election when his main opposition rival nelson chamisa
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challenge the results saying the july thirtieth election was rigged in favor of my gaga but that was rejected reports from harare. supporters from zimbabwe's rulings on celebrate fight is constitutional court ruling one judges unanimously said the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has no case the court finds that the applicant is too bliss before. the. direct sufficient and clear to do. their duty regularities that he alleges monti the election process might be. existed. proof. of. fact lawyers representing the opposition in d.c.
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airlines believe it wasn't a fair judgement so ultimately. having spoken. to come up with. but b. is a serious legitimacy issue story. the election board admits it made some. errors that. was initial total of votes he won from fifty point eight to fifty point six seven percent they insist this did not change the outcome of the poll according to the constitution the winner has to be sworn in within forty eight hours that means prison without god was inauguration will be on sunday opposition leaders insist election was rigged and they say they'll carry on fighting the course decision is final there is no room for an appeal we are to wait it within the law whatever we are going to do we are going to do these things within the law
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we we have convened we are going to convene sort of national council of the. of the of the party on wednesday ended with their way for what violence shortly after voting day itself had raised tensions the army shot at protesters who are unhappy with the delay in releasing the results six people were killed the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says his supporters are still being systematically targeted. by a narrow margin political analysts say he now has a child tonight a deeply divided country he also needs to turn around the struggling economy and need outside help to do that. as a. human rights watch says a saudi investigation into alleged war crimes in yemen lacks credibility and. dependence the saudi led coalition in yemen is facing criticism after the rebels accuse them of carrying out an airstrike that killed thirty people from neighboring
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djibouti reports. civilians again the victims after saudi led coalition air strike in yemen. really interact with the fighters say at least thirty one people including women and children have died in that attack on their vehicles in the western province of editor although some sources say the number of dead is lower. dead children and women are disgusting crime. victims were trying to escape a camp which the coalition says was being used to launch missile. they hit us while we were on the road this little boy survived but it's just two weeks since another thirty coalition air strike hit a school bus that killed forty children and eleven adults in what saudi arabia declared to be an appropriate military action it is promised to investigate. as more theorems prepare to weep over their children's graves the charity saved.


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