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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 237  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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i think it could as you just saw and they did seem when yaz did this and just sounded better she ended then you put his but what does it mean for you safety. for. safety is like the place where all the suv sit and fear filled and that is a lot of the beautiful people who love you around you if there is a look of all who love your show you don't feel safe. we have people we are you know we are all just and that's why we come to a little because we for letting you know that is all right it's not like people are different of people in the house different color different country or diskless and this was the whole world and we feel that here is that as you will right so we feel like if you cover one of this if it's changing emmanuel isn't the only one who's being encouraged to make his voice heard through the theater so i was also keen to show how positive experience of arrival in germany until gratitude at the welcome
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has received. even the thoughts of home a never far away i ok i'll tell you what it oh hi there was any of. those she knows that in comparison to other refugees she and her children a food that they come from one of the five countries given priority status by the german state iraq syria iran eritrea and so malia their applications are processed more rapidly and help is provided more quickly upon their arrival the family were housed briefly in an abandoned military base before being moved to move into commendation. the city pays their rent and the cost of heating. up almost home i want to be in the mail was not him that allows chicago i mean. that on las.
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in addition to the housing so i would receives around one thousand euros a month to support herself and her family and her children were immediately inroad in local schools. eighteen months after their arrival seven year old that i one now speaks german as well as she speaks arabic and is even starting to learn english i. mean when when that there's good to be here soon. a local charity worker sabina has been helping the family through their arrival in germany needs to do. good i get home. today she has some good news for so our son who is ambitious to one day be an electrical engineer has managed to find him some vocational training which will begin in a few weeks. is
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a follow form jokes and you know it was just a little it was rather distributed to shoot some color kind on for him and when you have something new or interesting to. know it's all for his or coming here from syria and iran who want to study secret difficult to adapt to the german system that quickly to get into the language if you're covering that level to start to control another way to control your printer should and if you want to study the tree electrical engineering as you do in a friend you should like it as an electrician and loads of knowledge. as part of its integration program the german government has insisted that all new arrivals learn german. every morning so on sets off to school for four hours of lessons and ani model their body their stalls at any fee that may also that my team will be always how we am are highly. yeah sure it would be more.
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than british stands but i'm all for names that i in a car go between as a when i know cargo or common zebras or indeed need to own your vicinity mid-term or the mall. villani morse that is easy in deutsch then leave it. to you then get dismissed apply a against the side of your mouth. they my young but she's funny and easy again you know if you don't get in there and if you wait a minute to bring these two cities who would stand up to shout i know fargo did it already but. did you let anyone into your heroes tonight see how you could see how to leave i. was looking up from so much in your.
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house. that i'm ninety it's about well living in germany speaking a little bit but not through injury so it's not a problem when you make some mistakes we have an examination. at the end of this course and some basic the most important thing is that they can speak and we can understand their language lessons are funded by the state and free for refugees from the five countries given party status by the german government but the oversubscribed with two hundred thousand people nationally still in need of a place it means that not all the refugees and detmold have received the same treatment. our children were not amused to see you have to get a friend market bubbles in the us but there is a invest. in bed in the us a shelf of proof is true too much of it i'm sure you talked off the shelf or does
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she ok she. says yeah sure there is because he is from sudan which isn't on the government's priority list emanuel doesn't have access to as much support as other refugees it's something of a sore point for me i don't have the time to love to make a general calls for free it felt to me that you know how to give us a. why not me and let me use a soft like i would if you started other people. the language problem is still a common stumbling block to full integration there's plenty of work here in theory in two thousand and fourteen germany opened its doors to refugees promising gainful employment. with an aging population and a falling birth rate to countries and die in need of manpower but like many thousands of others emanuel will only really benefit when he can speak german competently. saying in the recent in the meantime he's restricted to unskilled was
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only three hundred fifty euros a month reasons for coming here. for now emmanuel works for a charitable organization it collects unwanted funicello to distribute free of charge to low income households. it's really just to get to our place and if and. if i need someone is in need to come in our place. and if you see that something's got to take it. this is like shopping but without money. i understand the cereals need and someone use something so when i go dad and some people coming to don't have anything and to get something it's making me also feel good. how much you want it i think you saw the need in the communal us i assure you none of us and i don't think of the president of egypt i
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know i came over to the depths of the heart of been if. the so had a little bit think you know if there's a ship i said you just know what they're for don't want to go out there you know back in sudan emmanuel had a senior position at a five star hotel. but here in germany he must make do with work as a removal man number less he considers himself to china for now. he said we need a physical mind things i visit to do some things not looking at the things i saw i meet new people that is i have some celebrity every day i have to work morning. to do my job as a human being so it's helping a lot it's not only about money it's having need to be healthy but even with a steady job under his belt emanuel fears that he will be allowed to stay in germany. to try to get. the stolen emissions have mission.
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here you know it's a complete one up you know doesn't you know is there something in there but here is his german friend who really has been helping him with his residency application he loves his warehouse she's why i'm here and she's my best friend and sister and family and she's my everything they did with so many refugees to deal with the state is swamped with asylum requests and sometimes it can take years before an application is processed. emanuel has been on the waiting list for eighteen months for humanitarian reasons we ask for complete stopping off him being rejected and these things said from germany. i think we would be successful also in this because we we believe in him and that's enough proof that a man has been well integrated this working here so it's a good chance as i think. away from the
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complex paperwork and concerns about employment and language skills the theater performance is finally coming together. as a section i'm guessing is activating the nine some kalash. is that she had just finished. the song collage and this in noir two months but as i knew me i just feel if i see it is love. this is just the theme for today's expulsion for fear of which still haunts some of the refugees. actually mr shims in my belly my lip to. the highest us has only one. man off until a full on past unfreeze the. defun not tying. playing ten.
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is a yard of mention. it's. an event to unleash doubt. and then all too quickly the big day arrives in debt most town square project theater could pass for that performance. entitled a meeting in paradise it's to be a possible reflection on what sanctuary in germany has given to the refugees on. and i found. that out and if i am a god that i am not going like this and he would say give those things i think ok to feel i feel the show begins with the story of the refugees as flight from home fees.
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fees. as you did here to get this into this is just absolutely in this is bad just to listen to. the but if you do get. in the second top of the performance the audience is invited to get involved. so. they can taste the traditional soup listen to recitals from the migrants or sign up for some charity what. we believe to be in the ninety's is food is
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a big thank you. thank you and. told you can go there and tweak something altogether if there's a big deal with the good and the good and see if i help out with and then to really add fuel relative to the old so like that was unsuccessful in the name just as an interesting is the end of its name and stuff she sacrifices by money by no means it would be wrong to conclude from this brief glimpse into germany's assimilation process no matter how successful it has been in detmold that refugee is a universally welcomed there is growing intolerance and frustration to be found here as elsewhere in europe and whether they do is remain open to migrants remains to be seen. for now though the one hundred plus million euros that is costing the german state seem to be being well satisfied. thanks is just the beginning of next so when i tried to understand this i don't need to get
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a six of enjoyment all together. but. i've. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of century are realized but sometimes disenchantment drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same problem. to gambia back home from al-jazeera. he
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is a self-proclaimed messenger of god claiming millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involve the rape and abuse of his followers when used investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera. goes hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their age mexican women and bringing out their dancing machine. and rediscovering their youth in one step at a time in. my johnson hot to be part of the viewfinder latin america seeing. at this time on our jazeera we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it
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united nations we are out there glowing anti-riot the world. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories on jazeera u.s. senator john mccain has died at the age of eighty one the announcement of his death came fewer than forty eight hours after his family said mccain was ending medical efforts to treat his brain cancer john mccain was the two thousand and eight republican party presidential nominee and a distinguished military veterans reacting to the news u.s. president donald trump has tweeted my deepest sympathies and respect to go out to the family of senator john mccain our hearts and prayers are with you former
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president barack obama who defeated mccain for the presidency has also released a statement that reads in part john mccain and i were members of different generations came from completely different backgrounds and competed at the highest level of politics but we shared for all our differences a fidelity to something higher the ideals for which generations of americans and immigrants alike have fought marched and sacrificed few of us have been tested the way john once was all required to show the kind of courage that he did we understand as a political analyst and he says john mccain is admired by people on both sides of the political divide and. he's a beloved figure not primarily for his ideology or his partisanship which are overvalued these days but because of his personal qualities i remember covering the twenty eight republican primaries and we wondered how did john mccain do so well among republicans when he departed from conservative orthodoxy on a lot of issues and the answer was his votes came from republicans who admired him
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as a person as a heroic figure as a person of great moral leadership they admired his records his experience his values it was very very personal for most voters not just republicans who supported john mccain and some democrats who supported him as well when he was captured in vietnam he refused to be released the north vietnamese offered to release him because of his personal stature and his father was a navy naval officer and he refused to be released unless other officers were released at the same time and so he actually extended his captivity on the basis of principle and that established his image forever as a man of high principle in fact i would argue that donald trump's the lowest moment came during the campaign when he insulted john mccain and said he was captured i don't like people who were captured that was an unforgettable statement and joe and it was i think donald trump's the lowest moment in politics pope francis has
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admitted feeling shame about the catholic church is fairly or to prevent sexual abuse by members of the clergy in ireland his affair to abuse as repugnant he's trying to reinvigorate catholicism in a country which has seen the scandals involving the church over many decades. i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused an island by the abuse of young people by members of the church charge of the responsibility for that mattel and education the failure of a crazy ass to close thought easy to adequately address these repugnant crimes has rightly given rise to outrage i myself said the sentiments. afghanistan's president a chef danny has rejected resignations offered by three top aides the ministers of defense interior the national security adviser and the head of the national directorate of security had offered to step down on saturday the national security adviser will go the other three will state ghani is under increasing pressure after a spike in fighting with the taliban and a slew of ice on the tax zimbabwe's main opposition leader has rejected
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a court decision which up holds the results of july's presidential election nelson chamisa has challenged the outcome he says the vote was rigged by the ruling zanu p.f. party zimbabwe's current president amazon woman was being named the winner with just over fifty percent of the vote one hundred fifty migrants have been allowed to leave an italian coast guard ship after being held in a port in sicily for days italy's interior minister has been refusing to let the refugees disembark since monday he's been demanding other e.u. states take in some of the group local prosecutors are now investigating salvini for abuse of office kidnap and illegal arrest peru has imposed new entry restrictions to try to limit the flow of migrants from venezuela now they have to carry passports previously venezuelans could enter peru using just a national id card those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after slavery routes life and.
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this is the story of a world whose territories and borders were drawn by the slave trade a world where violence subjugation and profit imposed their roots. this criminal system shaped our history on the island of the portuguese invented an economic model with unprecedented profitability the sugar plantation. in doing so she discovered just to. give a kind of us through could. the sixteenth century by then all of europe was trying to imitate them. a quest for profits would plunge a whole continent into chaos and violence. nearly thirteen million africans were
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thrown on to new slavery routes to the new world where the english the french and the dutch hope to become wealthy immensely wealthy. because the caribbean has the same geographical and climatic features a south pole may eventually became the crossroads of the slavery routes. nowadays these islands are synonymous with holidays. the sweet life sunshine and nature killing mythical memories of a lost paradise. confine themselves to the beaches of santander.
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but they could easily cross the threshold that separates the islands to realities. of. skeletons were examined within yards of the barriers. between five hundred in one thousand graves are still buried beneath the sand. beach is one of the fifteen slave cemeteries that have been excavated among the thousand that exist in the caribbean. eighty nine skeletons were exam for study by the archaeologists of enwrapped the national institute for preventive archaeological research judging by the state of their bones the archaeologists concluded that these men and women had not reached the age of thirty. their death sugar plantations had so deformed their bodies that they
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looked like seventy five year olds. these people were guinea pigs for the sugar experiment the collateral damage of an unprecedented commercial war the sugar war. seventy four percent of all slaves carried off. because of sugar if you want to understand the slave trade you just need to know but show. more dicta of them pepper or cinnamon sugar spread throughout europe like wildfire from the seventeenth century on this rare and expensive food went to people's heads in the sun all of london amsterdam and paris sugar fever abounds leading a new generation of adventurers to do anything to have their piece of the pie. shipowners merchants and pirates everyone knew that to produce sugar you need a lot of slaves. in this one john hawkins was one of these new entrepreneurs for whom only profits matter. was privateer was
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a pioneer the first to understand that you could make a fortune by shipping black captives to the new world he convince queen elizabeth the first to lend him a ship the jesus of new back. for the expedition hawkins conspicuously set the tone by choosing a trussed up black man as his coat of arms. i confirm your rule mine is i will respond to you a prophet of forty thousand mosques without causing offense to any of your friends and i as i will operate this enterprise for the benefit of your power if you give me your agreement the expedition i propose involves saving me was to get me on sunday in the west indies in exchange for gold that never was but i intend to bring back in abundance. sixteen twenty a century after sugar plantations were introduced in brazil the atlantic became the
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battleground for the sugar war holland england in france wanted to break spain in portugal had gemini over the new world they call as the caribbean an archipelago suitable for cultivating sugar. the dutch took over curse el central station is and some of. the french sunda mang loop mark need. and grenada. the english prevailed in the bahamas jamaica and barbados and dominica. only cuba and puerto rico remained under spanish rule after the extermination of the arawak indians the first sugar canes flourished on this fertile land. of the caribbean became a space of conquest for the europeans very early on really was the first place the columbus landed in the new world the first place that the spanish began to search for gold and the first place they began to enslave the indians so they were thorough going spaces created by design of european planters and imperial policy
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makers and for their profit right there aren't so many places where you can completely overlay a territory like that so they're in some ways the caribbean is a space where you find the purest of colonial territories where the masters of the space actually get to create the space to suit their own needs. in guadalupe every plot of land every single square inch of ground contains traces of this violent and deeply rooted history. and. today all that is left of the sugar war is a field. of the two hundred fifty sugary fineries active in the late nineteenth century only to
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remain in operation. in two thousand and seventeen at home in iraq archaeologists examine the remains of the son shocked residents and sugar refinery. a mill stock rooms and three rows of so-called negro huts where hundreds of slaves used to be confined. in this concentration camp like universe man was but one tool among others he was a mechanized emaciated body consumed by work until his last breath. both the time in which the slaves were digging the cane holes and the times in which their harvesting are really the peak of the labor on a plantation you could almost see the slaves wasting away when they were digging these cane holes because the work was so strenuous and they were getting fed so
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poorly. you found women in all of the gangs oftentimes doing the hardest dirtiest labor on the plantation alongside the men or even before the men and one of the things that means when you find young women doing this quite debilitating labor is the birth rates are very low and the mortality rates the infant mortality rate is shockingly high and the mid eighteenth century people talked about nine out of ten infants born to enslave jamaican women dying right within the first year. so there's no way in which the plantation can reproduce itself under those kinds of conditions. sailor. absolutely limited. display need is broken i mean those were these we need to come alexis we're going to sell to do that they're like they are going to tell dolly's.


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