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on al-jazeera. a total disregard of the suffering of the people of yemen. the u.n. and chooses all sides of suspected war crimes in the war in the. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also a heads setback for a peace south sudan's rebel leader react machar refuses to sign a deal to end the civil war the u.s. argues that the top u.n. court doesn't have jurisdiction in iran's case against sanctions and looking for business the british prime minister of tourism a makes her first trip to africa in order to boost trade post.
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below a united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible war crimes a report by the un experts says there is reason to believe that the governments of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it says the internationally recognized yemeni government. coalition may have conducted disproportionate attacks that could constitute war crimes the group holes are presented evidence that both the and other rebels have committed a war crimes which include torture attacks on human dignity and engaging child soldiers under the age of fifteen. individuals in the government of yemen and the coalition including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates may have conducted attacks in violation of the principles of distinction proportionality
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and all precautions which may amount to war crimes individuals in the de facto or thirty's have committed acts that may amount to war crimes including cruel treatment and torture outrages upon personal dignity and conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifteen alan fessor joining us from neighboring in djibouti so the report blames all sides alan but what can we expect to happen next. well obviously it was clear when they said that no site has clean hands this panel of experts was determined to lay blame at the doors of both sides in the conflict the carried out fourteen fact finding mission it's a forty one page report they spoke to eyewitnesses and they spoke to survivors as well they said that there was the potential there for people to be charged with war
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crimes and those they believe that are responsible for compiled on a list a movie handed to the appropriate authorities as well there is also what the warning to other countries to stay out of the war in yemen no names were mentioned but we know that the iranians are supplying the hissy side we know as well that the u.s. and the u.k. are selling weapons to the saudi led coalition in fact you remember when the saudi crown prince was in the oval office donald trump had a poster board showing the weapons that the united states were currently selling to saudi arabia as well so what happens next well both every government that was mentioned in the report got an advance copy of it so far i've seen no response from anyone as yet i'm sure we'll get the usual words from the governments that they are looking in to what is being said but if you add this to the report that came out just twenty four hours ago on monday you remember human rights watch said that the saudi led coalition was not serious when it started to investigate allegations of
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war crimes and said that it was controlling those investigations and more often than not those investigations were essentially a whitewash of what actually happened so the international pressure is growing and it will be interesting to see how jim that is the u.s. defense secretary react in a couple of verses you to give a briefing at the pentagon and undoubtedly they'll be asked about continuing u.s. support when a united nations panel and remember the u.s. government of the on terribly well with the united nations the united nations panel has been so strong in language here as well but there are those who will hope that this will to pressure on both sides ahead of u.n. sponsored peace talks remember they're due to get underway on september the sixth. alan fischer thank you. so sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader reac my char has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government it was hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva kiir both sides had agreed on a power sharing deal and an end to fighting in the sudanese capital hard to him
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last month joining me now is our correspondents have a morgue and she's reported extensively from sudan and we know why record store has refused to sign this deal while one of the main points of arguments are differences between my charice party and the president's party the government the government side is that back then in december twenty fifth the government has changed a number of states in south sudan from ten states to fifty two states much or has opposed that mentally and he said he did not want thirty two states he wanted ten so that he can have more control this was one of the main sticking points between the two sides to this agreement this negotiation has been postponed times it was supposed to be signed two weeks ago and then they postponed it was appointed for another week and then again yesterday now the only one who has refused to sign there are several other opposition groups that have also refused to sign this deal for the same reason is that they don't think south sudan should be having thirty two states they should go back to the original ten states have they were mature
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himself was demanding guarantees for these reservations that he has will he get those guarantees to move this forward well known because since the peace agreement was signed the only guarantee that they have. providing basically a witness would be a two to the peace agreement that would be signed providing security to the ground forces and providing. security that's not the only guarantee that sudan has provided that we will protect you all fields but what happens if you don't sign what happens if you do not come together and agree to end the war nobody had threatened anything to you and had threatened arms embargo and they had already implemented that it was put into force a month ago but besides that nobody has any guarantee that if they sign or if they don't sign what comes next nobody knows what does this mean the. this is the collapse of the final agreement well no because they have they had eight months to try to come together and form a transitional government that's almost a month ago when they signed their initial peace agreement so they still have about seven months to go so how difficult it is to be able to implement this final
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agreement yet and there's no guarantee that they would actually within the seven months left that they have that they would actually come together and form a peace or a transitional government that they would end this conflict it's only hopes that they would actually come together but there is no guarantee daryn and that's the sad part of a morgan thank you the u.s. has told the top u.n. court that it has no jurisdiction to rule on to her legal challenge against washington's renewed sanctions iran wants the international court of justice to suspend the sanctions after washington poured out of the twenty fifteen iranian nuclear deal to one is accusing the u.s. supporting what it calls economic strangulation where in sleep has this update from the hague which is called a service hearing it's been the united states state su iran's core allegation that the u.s. has been in breach of this obscure nine hundred fifty five agreements of friendship between the two countries by the reimposition of sanctions and the overwhelming overarching all human from the u.s. side is that iran's argument is entirely deceitful because it's effectively
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confusing legal and political arguments the u.s. his argument is that iran's complaint isn't really about the nineteen fifty five agreement it's all bus about the united states pulling out of the nuclear deal and re imposing sanctions and based on that it says the cold doesn't actually have the power the jurisdiction to rule on this at all so effectively they're trying to get the case thrown out before it gets any further but they have at the same time addressed iran's complaint that the u.s. has been guilty of unfriendly actions by re imposing sanctions bargain that in one thousand nine hundred ninety words from the islamic revolution that's exactly what iran has been doing to the united states. mr president iran's request warrants another observation before i proceed it rests on the basis of a treaty who central purpose friendship with the united states iran has expressly and repeatedly disavowed since nine hundred seventy nine in its words and actions by sponsoring terrorism and other malign activity against united states citizens
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and interests in other words the situation that the parties find themselves in today is nowhere near what was contemplated when the treaty was concluded in one nine hundred fifty five the us side then went on to list all the complaints about iran's behavior towards the us over the decades unfriendly actions it would say in breach of the nine hundred fifty five agreements the islamic revolution itself taking of american hostages support for his ball and therefore attacks on israel using funding when the sanctions have been lifted to pay for proxy wars in the middle east and support the assad government in syria as well all of these things the u.s. says would be iran behaving in exactly the same whether they're accusing the united states or they also say that nine hundred fifty five agreements actually specifically excludes issues to do with national security and nuclear materials as well but in terms of saying the case has absolutely no merits canada as foreign
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minister is heading to the u.s. for a trade talks the united states and mexico reached a new agreement on trade on monday it will replace their original contract set out in the north american free trade agreement on is not up and donald trump says he hopes canada will be part of our white house correspondent kimberly halakhah reports. frequently accusing the news media of not reporting on his accomplishments u.s. president donald trump proper four years into the oval office. oh to listen in real time to a phone call with mexico's president. or you good morning thank you and congratulations together the two leaders jointly announce their breakthrough bilateral deal changing parts of the north american free trade agreement that trump says hurts us workers i like to call this deal the united states mexico trade agreement i think it's an elegant name i think nafta has
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a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off. the now after agreement was signed twenty four years ago between the united states mexico and canada it saw many manufacturing jobs move south to mexico as a result where labor was cheaper one of the worst trade deals ever on the campaign trail trump promised to renegotiate nafta and bring back jobs particularly in the auto sector the new deal will require seventy five percent of an american car to be made in mexico or the united states up from sixty two percent workers making those vehicles must also be paid a minimum sixteen dollars an hour but missing from this latest agreement is canada will start negotiating with canada relatively soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly. relations between the two countries have been frosty since trump slapped tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum canada's foreign minister will
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travel to the u.s. this week to restart negotiations but it's not clear canada will agree to the changes the nafta changes still need to be approved by the u.s. congress follows weeks of negotiations between the united states and mexico their agreement now puts pressure on canada to remain a part of the pact kimberly helped at al-jazeera the white house still heads on al-jazeera reports from saudi arabia that king said. and overrode his son on a key policy decision plus tens of thousands of venezuelans escaping an economic crisis trying to make ends meet in a new country. hello there the rain has been pouring across parts of the korean peninsula recently we
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look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud has brought us our latest area of rain over north and south korea and across into japan and there's a risk here of seeing some flooding and maybe some landslides as well force in south korea well this is what it looks like in days yang where we've had one hundred sixty five more millimeters of rain and that has caused a problem with some flooding more weather still to come as well you can see it here our shot for wednesday well as we head into thursday that will gradually begin to edge its way eastwards and it should begin to dry out behind it further west certainly dry for same beijing thirty two degrees should be our maximum on thursday a bit further towards the south and for many of us here it's dry unsettled including for us in shanghai but to the south of that we are seeing more wet weather and it has been what's for the southern parts of china and across in taiwan over the last few days there has been reports of flooding here a more wet weather still to come in fact as we head through into thursday that system is still with us in the southeast still circulation here and so we will see more in hong strains over the southern parts of china and across into the northern
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parts of vietnam as well a bit further towards the south and it's borneo where we're seeing some of the wettest of the weather on wednesday by thursday there it should begin to dry up. intrinsically linked to the slave trade. where human consistent and insurance company there's no way to separate back and of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits to produced. asked in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full. from sugar to rebellion episode to have slavery on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera united needs nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible work crimes a report by the un experts says there is reason to believe that the government of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it also says that the rebels may have tortured prisoners south sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader react machar has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government it was hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva kiir the u.s. has told the un's top court that it has no jurisdiction to rule on that legal challenge against washington's renewed sanctions iran that once the international court of justice to suspend the sanctions after washington pulled out of the twenty
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fifteen iran nuclear deal to iran has accused the us applauding what it calls economic strangulation. well iran's president says the newly impose u.s. sanctions will be overcome and he won't allow the anti iranian plot in the white house to succeed hasan rowhani was summoned to parliament for the first time to defend economic policy which has provoked protests against rising prices and unemployment. cho you know you've got to why have the people's hopes changed why in regard to ron's future they are in doubt and beyond that even in regard to the glory of the system the strength of the system growth for the future they have doubts this we must get rid of we will not allow a bunch of anti iranians that today have gathered in the white house to plot against us the white house will not be happy with the end of today's session
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france's president is facing a major political blow after his popular environment minister announced his resignation live on radio. is accusing the government of not doing enough to tackle climate change he's an environmental activist who became a household name in france by hosting a t.v. program. i have an immense friendship with this government and i offer my apologies but on a challenge this serious i find myself resigned to it every day adapting to it a little more each day even though the global situation with a planet that's becoming a sauna requires us to change our scale to change our scope and change our thinking russia is preparing its largest military exercises for decades next month hundreds of thousands of troops and the thousand warplanes are due with the twenty eight thousand word games china and mongolia are also due to take part and russia has called for an emergency meeting of the un security council about an expected
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offensive in syria earlier the kremlin warned the us against taking any reckless steps after the us valid a strong reaction to any chemical or biological attack and in that province the last remaining opposition stronghold is encircled by syrian government forces were a challenge this update from moscow. russia has called for urgent consultations in the united nations security council they believe that they are going to take place later on the sea evening and so corrupt of the russian deputy foreign minister says this is because russia has intelligence it believes that there is an upcoming what he calls plans chemical provocation in the group formerly known as job outsell newsroom now it's called higher. is going to be planning some sort of chemical weapons attack involving chlorine that's what the russians believe and the russian foreign ministry says that germany and the united
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states could if they wanted to use their influence with these groups so make sure this doesn't happen but moscow believes that the united states is willing to do so russia does have a bit of a problem with the moment damascus has its forces pretty much surrounding the last rebel stronghold and it wants to finish the rebels once and for all their it would count on russian air power to help it do so however there is considerable opposition to this internationally of course western countries are opposed to it believing it will be a humanitarian disaster and even russia's partners in syria like turkey think that this would be a catastrophe as well though if russia does talk up chemical weapons attacks planned chemical weapons attacks it might well end up lessening the international opposition to such a final assault which would give moscow
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a bit more room for maneuver here though it needs to be said this over the course of the syrian conflict time and time again when there have been chemical weapons attacks inside syria the main culprit has not been rebel groups it's been the regime in damascus. they were through this news agency is reporting that saudi arabia's king solomon has stepped in to prevent the national oil company from issuing shares to the public his son crown prince mohammed bin son mine once the south five percent of the company known as iran co such divestments would open up the company's finances to independent auditor is but the reuters report says the king doesn't want to do that officially the saudi government says the offer is been postponed not canceled robert mogilny he is a senior analyst at the same group it's a consultancy an advocacy organization he says saudi arabia has economic outlook is improving. we have to remember back when this i.p.o. was announced it was early two thousand and sixteen the economic context was very
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different than it is now saudi arabia was coming off of a year where their budget deficit reached close to one hundred billion dollars the price of oil was still low there were a lot of reforms that were on the agenda but had yet to be implemented and i think we have to remember that that's the context within which the i.p.o. idea came about now. after the enthusiasm around that i.p.o. has subsided we see a very different economic context in saudi arabia the i.m.f. issued relatively positive consultation that they concluded in july we saw growth not oil growth reaching about two point three percent a decrease in the but year on year budget deficit from about nine to four point five percent expected in two thousand and eighteen and also the introduction of various other economic measures like the value added tax and reducing fuel subsidies so of course there's going to be some disappointment from global
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investors that we're very hungry for to be part of this i.p.o. there will certainly be disappointment from some policy makers within saudi arabia that hope that they could generate approximately one hundred billion dollars from this that would then feed into the public investment fund. uganda's high court has granted bail to an opposition leader bobby wine the thirty six year old musician turned politician was detained two weeks ago and charged with treason he is accused of inciting supporters to attack a convoy carrying president seventy. has more from the capital kampala. freedom for bobby wine twelve days after his arrest blocked up by both the military and the police he accuses of. wine is charged with treason among thirty two august after presidential werriwa said it is well to kate will stones during their recent local election campaign what do you want to listen to during the course of the show well let us not many ugandan such as radio presenter james peterson have closely
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watched developments. he dedicated and now on to bobby white and his music it's been a big hit for young people oddly my doritos and most times they have sat back and said well you know politics is for the old for but right now the young people waking up and wanting to get involved in the future of this country ugandan politics have been controlled by presidential. who has ruled for thirty two years and that divided opposition led by keyes and who was arrested recently for young people have a big breakfast steak and the responsibility to reclaim with out on. and that's why you did the young people are standing up in many townships such as this one in the capital kampala where wind grew up it's all about his message. this is a song recently produced by other musicians calling for his food on many ugandans who are struggling to make ends meet say that paul b. y.
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understands their problems he was raised in poverty in this township and he has worked in music and politics to get to where the families say that his popularity has transcended tribal differences and a lot of people in different parts of the country. i'm talking about. why no posed a reason he passed you know ending the seventy five years old age limit for presidents the seventy to seventy four years old first america i think that one also led protests against attacks on social media users what politics is that if a similar do. it's that person's problem so it's visit israel russia. for fifteen years then comes by being one. of them. but what about me many ugandan say the treason charge is trumped up by the government to suppress dissent government official say the politician incited people to violence uganda's
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next election is due in twenty twenty one the. popularity perhaps highlights how that election will shape up by winning the hearts and minds of young frustrated ugandans they're desperate for political change catching some of the al-jazeera. britain's prime minister is in south africa looking for business after bricks to resume his in cape town before flying to nigeria antonio britain was africa sixth largest trading partner last year. we have been working with with african nations with african governments in the past what i'm talking about today is a new partnership for the future recognizing the challenges that we both face we've already seen the benefits of the growth in the economy the stability here in south africa in the investment we've seen from the u.k. i think there are huge opportunities for us to work together both the u.k.
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and south africa to increase that investment in the future to the mutual benefit both of south africans and of the united kingdom fundamental are reports from johannesburg. the prime minister is calling this a new partnership with africa she says based on shared prosperity and security now so far she's announced that the u.k. will invest about five billion dollars in african economies and we'll follow up with a five further five billion dollars from private investors and the aim here is that the u.k. would want to be the largest g seven investing in africa by twenty twenty two now this trip around the continent is very much about renewing and strengthening ties with african countries african countries not only around their economies but also security and stabilizing individual african countries she said that the stability of these countries will only allow africa to prosper and also in that way benefit the u.k. in terms of trade and investment she looked at
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a number of issues ranging from poverty of alleviation as well as migrants traveling to europe saying that africa should stabilize and that the u.k. is here to help the continent do that reason they will move on to nigeria and kenya later this week really looking at what happens all to the u.k. of the brics that a new cabinet has been sworn in in australia follows the l. sting of malcolm turnbull's prime minister last week he's been replaced by scott morrison turnbull's expected to resign from parliament on friday that will put more pressure on the government's already slim majority. the economic crisis in venezuela is forcing many to escape including to her room as marianna sanchez reports on the peruvian city of tom bass venezuelans are pouring in so they can feed their children left behind back home. a physician turned cookie
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vendor on the pan-american highway. and her husband hoarsely left their teenage sons back in venezuela they now make less than ten dollars per day but that she says is good enough. that allows us to eat and sun the kids money only for them to eat the little they can get we can't even buy them a pair of shoes or a phone to talk to them. but he. settled into the city twenty five kilometers south of the border many proven as well as who couldn't afford the journey to the capital so candy or food to make ends meet this pipe dangers and restrictions venezuelans are pouring into b two bus stations are packed with passengers heading south more than four hundred thousand venezuelans are already living in the country. with the help of a nongovernmental organization twenty five year old nancy harris found a small house received basic kitchen tools and mattresses nearly
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a miracle she says for a family who ventured out on the road penniless and hitchhiking with laurel's all knowing that truck drivers picked us up fed us give us money i sold my phone and with all that bought tickets for the bus to get here the way venezuelans can still come into it without a passport is by requesting for asylum it would allow them to apply for a work permit while they live in the country. and they can request a humanitarian visa it's a policy that first drew the high miss family to be. here's the high miss is there are deals taught him the meaning of humbleness. also but employer law mean that you learn to be humble after having thought about those bigots who ask for a coin here and there to live now you realize life is a russian roulette because we've had to do the same however survival was at stake says my data center. i would like to tell the world that i'm not here because i
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wanted to migrate or because i wanted to take a job away from anyone else i'm here because my children had nothing to. live in this when i was the only option they say they hope one day this journey will take them back home many innocent just so to see that speedo. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera a united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen's war for committing possible war crimes a report by the un experts says there is reason to believe that the government of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it also says that the rebels may have tortured prisoners so sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader react machar has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government it was hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva kiir both sides had agreed on a power sharing deal in fighting in the sudanese capital khartoum last month. the
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united states says the un's top court doesn't have the jurisdiction to hear iran's case over u.s. sanctions to her on once the international court of justice to suspend u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago its argument is based on the one nine hundred fifty five friendship treaty signed two decades before the islamic revolution when iran was a u.s. ally. meanwhile iran's president says the newly imposed u.s. sanctions will be able come overcome and he won't allow what he called the anti iranian plot in the white house to succeed howsomever jaime's explanations didn't get much support in parliament which voted to censure him after a grilling on live t.v. on the country's economic difficulties there have been protests in iran against rising prices and unemployment russia is calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council about an expected offensive in syria earlier the kremlin warned the u.s. against taking any reckless steps after the u.s.
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valid a strong reaction to any chemical or biological attack in it live province france's president is facing a major political blow after his popular environment minister announced his resignation live on radio with those accusing the government of not doing enough to talk about climate change with those an environmental activists who became a household name in france by hosting a t.v. program. britain's prime minister is in south africa looking for a business. to resume in cape town before flying to nigeria and kenya britain was south africa sixth largest trading partner last year those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next stay with us.
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damning the river nile ethiopia's prime minister questions whether the largest hydroelectric project in africa will ever see the light of day it's years away from opening because of controversy and construction delays and what about water shortages feared in neighboring egypt. story. and on a welcome to the program. the grand renaissance stand being built in ethiopia is planned to be the largest hydroelectric power plant in africa with a multi-billion dollar project which ethiopia says is vital for its future economy it's dogged by dispute and delays in egypt and also rely on the revenue the.


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