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for the years they don't get this kind of treatment what makes her different why she's special because i think she was more personal type person you know i mean you can kind of relate to her she was an over the top you know with the pop and razzi and all that stuff like that i did see that i just saw her as a down person and i just love her i just love. i just never and i'm so glad i'm here but thank you for talking to us i'm glad you got to enjoy your visit so that was libra fosters she's a visitor with her granddaughter so maya came all the way from baltimore maryland which is quite a trick here in detroit in this again just day two of four days of celebration tomorrow gladys knight will perform tyler perry will be there and so will the four tops a contemporary with a wreath of franklin and then on friday she will be laid to rest tell him thank you very much for that for now that is john hendren joining us live from detroit thank you. now most workers tell their boss when they're questioning their job but not the french environment minister mykola shocked of radio listeners by resigning live
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on air he says the government isn't doing enough to combat climate change the butler has more from paris. it was on french radio that nicholas who law announced his sudden resignation as france's environment minister the pre-mortal the first time i'm going to take the hardest decision of my life i don't want to lie to myself any more i don't want my presence in this government to be taken to mean that we are doing enough to tackle this challenge lou had spent fifteen months in government under president emmanuel markov during which it helped stop controversial plans to build an airport on farmland but he said too little progress had been made in other areas such as rolling back nuclear power before entering politics is a popular t.v. presenter of environmental programs and campaign. this makes it clear that the government isn't interested in german violence concerning the project as a gesture to the low but on every other important issue concerning our future such
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as pushing for an environment tax nothing has changed. macro was almost a visit to denmark when he learned to the resignation who had not told him the forehand. i hope still to be able to count on him in one way or another i think that in fifteen months this government has done more than any other in the same time on the same subject and those departure is a blow for mycroft who's positioned himself as a leader on the environment last year he criticised donald trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord make our planet great again micro also hosted an international conference on climate change right here in paris it was attended by dozens of world leaders environmental experts and campaigners michael likes to present himself internationally as a leader. fundamental issues on climate change and here you know says i did really what i could i did my best all year and three months i did not succeed because this
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president obviously does not consider irrelevant issues as primary issues so that's a real dr of love for michael the resignation adds to a turbulent few months for the president's opinion polls suggest his popularity has fallen some people say he focuses too much on economic growth and not enough on social issues now his commitment to the environment is also being called into question. but to malaysia now with the production of oil biofuel as one of the main causes of rain forest destruction and with demand for palm oil set to increased threefold by twenty fifty well the rate of deforestation could be devastating flowers louis reports from companies settle and sub us states malaysia. in east malaysia is renowned for the beauty of its natural landscape one of its draws is the tropical rain forest dense undergrowth told
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majestic trees rich in plants and animals diversity. it's also a way of life for some like jihad in been jobless for generations the people from his community in central and they have relied on the jungle for much of the needs of. many things that we use come from the forests we use raw turn to make and build things some plants are used in traditional medicine the insects too useful we take honey from the bee it has medicinal qualities. even the water they drink used to come from the forest but not since the area around it was cleared for development to harden and some villages fought against the encroachment but to no avail logging in this forest and the landslides that occurred as a result of that have affected this stream it's a trickle compared to what it used to be and the water is no longer clear but muddy . since two thousand and thirteen much of the forest has been wiped out the trees
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replaced by a single crop palm sabah is the top palm oil producer in malaysia which in ten is the second largest exporter in the world after indonesia demand for the commodity is set to grow driven apart by the push for biofuels particularly in china and indonesia that could spell a disaster for forests as land is cleared to make way for plantations but the round table unsustainable palm oil or our s.p.o. says alternatives to the commodity maybe even worse bottom oil has a year that is forty times i hear then all that oil was so it requires ten times less land to make the same amount of oil out of that and it is utilized so their solution is not to say let's stop palm oil let's go to something else but he's to make sure that whatever we produce is going to sustain a movie and that's what the out of fuel comes into play the r s p o is
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a voluntary organization and while it sets standards on palm oil production it has not committed to zero deforestation. for the people unsettled vintage what they lament is the loss of the forest they say the land belonged to their ancestors and should be there as for generations to come florence louis al-jazeera pseudo vintage saba state malaysia. the sport now his poll thanks very much liz well south korea into the final of the men's football competition at the asian games the team and now in sight of a title that will mean more than just a gold medal for their players they beat vietnam three one in the semifinal with two goals scored by lisa young with a gold medal would see south korea's players including top one star some young men get an exemption from two years of military service the other semi between japan and the u.a.e.
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is into the second half of that game still. close to win. at least two three two balls if i thought that again. i don't need to say anything you know i'm ready for that. yeah i'm ready for. it to make history well the asian games has given a hense of what's to come the olympics in two years' time with the first ever medal events in skateboarding skating is one of the new sports for touch here twenty twenty on japan could be looking good for olympic gold after finishing top of the podium in three of the four events in jakarta and suitcase. taking the men's park a module into doll one women's street for the philippines with all four of their asian games gold medals having now been won by female athletes. china have passed the one hundred gold medal marks a milestone was brought up by the women's artistic swimming team who just just edge
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japan china have won the team gold at every asian games. south korean cyclist inch a ben broken asian games record to win the men's track cycling event in the sprint qualification m. completed the final two hundred meters in a record setting nine point eight six five seconds tell us now on an extreme heat policy has been enforced in men's matches at the u.s. open for the first time ever five players were forced to retire due to heat related problems pulled on the verse has more now that joke of it was struggling so much in the near forty degree temperatures that in the second city he asked for a bucket to be placed next to his cheer and casey vomited the extreme heat rule comes into effect if a match goes to elise the fourth sit so after marking for cho bij won the second set many players were guaranteed ten minutes of respond from the heat they spin to make it an ice bath was
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a joke of it eventually betting his way to victory in just under four hours. rule conditions but you know it is what it is and you have to kind of deal with it. i have to find a way to dig myself out of the trouble. djokovic is now on track to meet roger federer and the courses federer is chasing his first title at flushing meadows in a decade the swiss is now won all eighteen of his first round matches at the u.s. open after a straight sets victory a video she heats ornish yoga i am very happy to get to be back in new york healthy a couple has been difficult so it's nice to be back feeling really good i am happy i never stumble at the first hurdle almost time to retire but not yet so happy i think that i twenty seventeen finalist medicine case needed six match points to move into the second round after a six four six four one of appalling pommy in two years. he said while
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maria share a part of a struggle to victory against veteran petty schneider was playing in a first main draw mention a major since twenty living thanks for the tournament facing accusations of double standards after release korn i was given a code violation for adjusting his shoes on court after returning from the heat break with a drawn backwards it's called the mental for t w t a role say female players must change clothes off court in the most private location co-founder with out his era. crowd trouble in sao paolo forced the copper liberty dora's game between some toss of brazil and independently of argentina to be abandoned fighting broke out between santos supporters on the police in the build up to this match santos had been painting lies for fielding them like an illegible ineligible player excuse me in the first leg of the tie so rather than starting this game level in aggregate they
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were actually three nil down independence a go through to the quarterfinals. defending champions grammy award two one down from the first leg against studio everton put the brazilians won the right to look great and after the argentinians had a level allison have the time with an injury time had the argentinians fluffed their lines in the penalty shoot out andre scoring the vital spot kick to put revenue into the fruit as. they see one blooming this have taken a big step towards the semifinals of the asian champions league they won the away like of the quarter final against fellow south korean team john book motas two goals from their montenegran striker deja helping the blue wings to a three no victory. back to like you very much paul now finally this bullet on the venice film festival gets underway on wednesday and in recent years it's premiered many of the movies that have gone on to win back at the oscars but just when this is top on of the golden lion is anyone's guess as the reports from venice.
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as they get ready for the seventy fifth venice film festival there's already plenty of excitement about what's on offer in recent years venice is how the reputational make over enjoying access to big budget hollywood productions as well as critical hits likely to go into oscar success the man who's overseeing this reemergence says he's proud of the balance he's struck because we have some blockbusters we have a number of. big themes and establish the makers but at the same time we have a you. a lot of on the sun on the lake. that means that we see this thing go on making making a work of real scouting and discovery two years ago this festival began with a piece of american escapism which went on to win six oscars well now the same director damien shell gets to premiere his latest work right here on opening night
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but this time it's a true story. the master these tests to reconsider trying to land the first man is about how nasa astronaut neil armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon starring ryan gosling it's one of twenty one films in the main competition. so is roma by alfonso cuarón whose last film gravity premiered here before winning him the oscar for best director it's a tribute to the mexico of korans youth once again it's visually stunning and it's one of the favorites to grab venice is top prize the golden lion. and some spirit is one of a strong set of italian films competing here it's a horrible remake directed by look why don't you know whose last film called me by your name was nominated for best film at this year's oscars. over eleven days the critics and the public are about to discover a world of film in one of europe's most glamorous settings palaces prizes and
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prestige venice has them all in abundance with al-jazeera venice and. back in just a couple of minutes with another full youthful attempt. september on al-jazeera with the us midterm elections just over two months away we'll explore the mood of the nation as american fella bravely pretty on television and online the street continues to tap into the extra. ordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to the seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera.
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full of struggles. police look at it if it came over they said that i am full of pleasure. out of the goodness of the wrong person but the but i mean right now what is an intimate look at life in cuba today is working mom there will be like i say a cable but that the government that little years ago my cuba on al-jazeera.
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largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when used investigates why so many filipino children are having babies. on al-jazeera. the dam is breached in myanmar flooding villages and forcing thousands of people to flee. i don't welcome to al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth toronto also ahead the education crisis for refugee school children a new study says many and aren't going to school. the call for accountability over
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the real crisis a report alleging genocide in myanmar goes before the u.n. security council plus. i'm florence state malaysia where the demand for land development and biofuel is threatening not just forests but a way of life. more than fifty thousand people are being evacuated from their homes in myanmar after a dam burst at least one hundred villages have been flooded region and central. along with a major highway all part of this fire broke after heavy monsoon rains and water levels are expected to keep rising convoys of military trucks carrying boats are on their way but the army chief says the overflow overflow chattel cannot be controlled a senior meteorologist joining us for more on this now so it is the monsoon season
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there. how on you know how common is this much rain steph and the sort of flooding well we are right in the middle of the monsoon season at the moment as you say it runs from around about june to two september so we're in that now if we look at the graphics of course you can see that's the average rain you'd expect. every month so the worse months of rain weisel the best depending on how you see it are july and august in both of those two months you'd expect over four hundred millimeters of rain in the month that's an incredible amount of rain it is very very wet and then we're just at the end of august now so we're towards the end of the rainy season a lot of rain already on the ground the dam should be full so if something was going to go wrong with the dams it would happen now and you were saying earlier that there has been flooding this month the end of july in the beginning of august one hundred fifty thousand people were displaced in me and margy to flooding that was and coastal regions and me and mark and where this dam is i would say is just
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on the northern edge of that so probably they had more rain than usual as well which didn't help with the overloading of the dam or stuff that you very much for that. we're now moving on to other news but staying with myanmar international pressure is going to prosecute the country's military leaders for the genocide of the hinge of muslims the government as quoted and false allegations at least ten thousand were killed and around three quarters of a million fled during an army offensive which began a year ago the un secretary general said that suffered horrendous persecution as the security council debated mass killing and gang rape detailed by investigators mike hanna has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york. this meeting was before the release of the un report but it was the subject of discussion of many of the speakers in particular as the report held that the military leaders responsible for atrocities in wreck and state
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acted it said with genocidal intent the secretary general did not give any specific direction to the security council as to how it should proceed however it did say that the report must form the basis of its negotiations i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies effective regional cooperation will be critical to ensure that the come to believe credible transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a report by the fact finding mission it will go in september for formal debate in
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the human rights council and then we hope we will debate it or deal with it in some suitable way in the security council but many members of the security council insistent that action must be taken sooner rather than later strong words from the u.s. ambassador we are now all armed with the devastating eyewitness accounts of the rohingya which lead us to the following conclusions children they be women and men suffered unspeakable crimes the attacks were planned premeditated and coordinated. the perpetrator was the burmans military and security forces the whole world is watching what we will do next and if we will but one point of agreement that the security council must act in a united part of the issue the problem of china it is perceived as being
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against a muted action based on the un report earlier the chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that myanmar does not cope well with pressure. now millions of children around the world are beginning a new school here but the united nations refugee agency or u.n.h.c.r. is worried about the growing number of refugees who won't get anywhere near a classroom and they say the problem is getting a lot worse when last year four million refugees children didn't attend school that's half a million more than in twenty sixteen compared to ninety two percent globally only sixty one percent of refugee children attended primary school and as they get older the gap is growing with the two out of three children in primary never making it to secondary school with schools and eleven cater for hundreds of thousands of refugees and some teachers are having to work overtime just to ensure that everyone gets to class say in the hall the reports now from the bekaa valley. the school
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year starts in the next few days but according to the united nations up to three hundred thousand syrian children of school age will not be attending classes that has been the number of syrian refugee children who haven't been given an education among them these children they live in this camp in the big car valley many of them are born in lebanon all they know is a life in exile the life of a refugee. the united nations says it is doing its best to enroll the highest number of syrian refugee children as possible but it hasn't been easy the lebanese government for example is under a lot of strain its resources its infrastructure has been strained as a result of the influx of over a million syrian refugees into the country but three hundred thousand children do attend classes over three hundred fifty lebanese public schools operate double shifts shifts in the afternoon to accommodate these children but of course there
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aren't enough spaces to accommodate the remaining three hundred thousand syrian children of school age and it's not just that syrian refugee families have little choice but to send their children to work to be able to provide for the family so there's also a question of child labor they cannot afford to send their children to school and instead their children work and there's also the issue of transportation many parents here will tell you that we can't afford to pay for transportation to send our children to school even if there are places in school so a very very dire situation for syria's children. he is a senior education advisor for u.n. h.c.r. and she told us more about the future impact of millions of refugee children missing out on education. at this time of the year when you know across britain across the world families and children are preparing to go back to school and if we
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think about what is any parent's aspiration for their child every parent wants an education for their child so if you look at the implications of the current state where only twenty three percent of refugee youth are in enrolled in secondary school that's seventy seven percent are not enrolled in education and in five years time in ten years time what will become of those young people if they have not received an education hopefully many of them will go back to their countries and help to rebuild them but you do that they need the skills and the knowledge and the confidence and the leadership that education will give to them so that's why it's such an imperative for far more efforts to be made to make sure that all of these children get an education. and un run schools for palestinian refugees have been despite huge cuts and us a half a million students resumed coffers and gaza and the occupied west bank but the un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to keep the schools open until september the u.s.
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has already cut two hundred million dollars in aid at this here and there are reports that it considering ending all of that theft and force it has more from west of us and them. well under a is making good this wednesday on its pledge announced last week that it would open its schools in the occupied palestinian territories and in its other three areas of operation on time despite the huge financial pressure that it's been under this year after the united states decided to withdraw three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it was to provided to the agency this is come in the light of a great deal of political pressure that's been applied to iraq and to the palestinians under the administration of donald trump and there's been reporting in the israeli press in recent days and israeli media that the united states intends to go further by restricting the definition of palestine refugees to only those who came out of what was then how a stein in one hundred forty eight before the creation of the state of israel's or
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restricting the number from more than five million to five hundred thousand and indeed permanently cutting off all u.s. funding for the agency the agency's head was at one of the schools reopening today in the occupied west bank he said that the un run mandate was not for sale the palestinian leadership have actually rejected this position which is being reported has yet to be formally confirmed by the united states it is something there that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for both the restriction of the definition of palestine refugees and also the disbandment of honor in. tiley well there are those in the israeli security establishment former military officers and the like who've been telling the israeli media that they're concerned about restricting or preventing iran from operating because of the security implications that could have done to get it provides education to some five hundred thousand palestinian children it provides food aid to many of the more
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than one million refugees inside gaza so there is no by no means a total acceptance of this plan in these really established went well that is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for still ahead on the bolton storm damage in puerto rico as the dominant admit how can maria killed many more than first address and. i'm missing you and that has been this way that we're filling your tank doesn't cost a thing but that is about to change. i know that we still got plenty of wet weather over the southern parts of china at the moment this region has been incredibly wes over the past few days this cluster of thunderstorms here in the southeast if the.


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