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very stocks that cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. and the cash stops now all funding to the un agency providing health care and schooling five million palestinians. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hundreds of thousands take refuge on the syrian turkish border as concern grows about what did with uncivil mean. bombing in ukraine the death of a russian rebel leader a sharp response from moscow. and giving women caught in yemen civil war
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a chance to earn a living. at the u.n. agency that helps for vied schooling food and health care to millions of palestinians has lost its source of funding the united states is cutting all funding that have been giving more than three hundred million dollars schools hospitals camps and social services for five million people it was set up in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to help stabilize the region after the arab israeli war at the time hundreds of thousands of arabs were homeless after being forced from their land the u.s. provided about a third of i'm responding at the top of ministration says the agency is irredeemably flawed and that criticism in israel existence has been seen as bolstering the idea that palestinians have a right to return to ancestral lands. harry haas that has more from ramallah in the
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occupied west bank well this is the jealous own refugee camp just outside ramallah in the occupied west bank it's in places like this where the impact of this u.s. decision will be felt most keenly already the united states this year only handed over sixty million dollars of its pledge three hundred sixty five million dollars contribution to the agency that sooner or have to look for extra money elsewhere from other donor countries or get donor countries to advance existing commitments that is something which has up until now still left it with a shortfall it says of more than two hundred million us dollars but as far as the palestinian leadership is concerned this is part of the political assault against the p.a. against the p.l.o. by the united states very much aligning itself with hardliners on the israeli side this is what the secretary general of the p.l.o. side erekat had to say to us a little earlier today i think their decisions are the american recession as
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interesting as capital and integrate the sources of support to our work and to is considered settlements legal as friedman specified and to that of the two state solution at least seven these have been their biggest gifts thugs and murderers and fighters have received from anyone. in the us may argue that it's taxpayers' money and there are free to do whatever they want to do with it yes but who give them the right garber of the stealing of my land my future my spirit and my hopes my capital maxim was my only sibling her church. they have no right whatsoever it was just a few days since the start of a new academic year and schools have reopened the agency provides education to more than half a million palestinian children in the region but it also provides medical services social services employment and particularly in gaza where there are more than a million palestinian refugees it provides emergency food aid disrupting on roads activities has long been something that the israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu for example has argued in favor of but there are those who are concerned not least in the israeli security establishment about the impact of a major cut in aid on the security situation in the occupied palestinian territories christiana says and rez spokesman or he is calling for other nations to help fill in the funding gap. we certainly reject an obligation that has been made about all programs on programs on the it was the american ministration which rescinded the few months ago praise all operations we deliver to five hundred twenty six million children released a primary education to do nine million patients consultations a year we'd be seven people. doing those things which is widely read by the day in the community including by the us. a newly appointed us our percentage to syria is making his first trip to the region james jeffries expected to discuss the syrian conflict during stops in israel jordan and turkey speculation is growing
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that russia and syria are planning military offensive a military offensive that is invalid on friday sickness that might pay a war and that an attack on the web will help province of a major escalation of the conflict the state department says jeffries visit to the region will also underscore that the united states will respond to any chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the syrian regime stephanie decker joins us live now from ron lee on the turkey syria border so what's what is happening with this this push that we're hearing about this offensive stephanie. well massive diplomatic efforts going on behind the scenes from turkey from russia and also talking to the rebel groups inside let me talk about the humanitarian situation just the political situation will get more in just a moment but just to show you where we are so what you see across the border that is that wall is it lit province and you have hundreds of thousands of tents along
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this border so that's one of the issues that's of course turkey's great fear is to have a humanitarian disaster and sense of people trying to come across into turkey the borders are closed so this is one aspect of why they're trying to contain what is a certainty richelle is safe to say the syrian government has made it very clear they are going to take back in the province what is different about this is a it's the last held rebel province inside syria be this is where internally displaced people have been coming for years these tents you're seeing they're not new they've been here for years these people have come from all across syria and also rebel fighters from different areas like in the south in gaza and other areas where you've had these reconciliation deals those fighters who didn't want to stay in those areas and their families were bussed here to if there is going to be a major offensive and there will be what form it's going to take remains to be seen where they're going to go and that's the big question you know i mean what is the
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situation for for these civilians that are just basically sitting there waiting while people are or debating their future. well this is it they have nowhere to go the borders are closed and of course they don't want to be living under any territory held by the syrian government which is pretty much the majority of syria these days so they will tell you there are no where they have nowhere to go they're fearful and there is talk of this humanitarian corridor but people are terrified of repercussions from the syrian government a lot of these people are seen as opposition supporters seen by the government as traitors people have been disappeared over the years so there is that and of course the humanitarian situation it's extremely hot richelle those tents act as sort of small greenhouses in the big question is if there is an offensive how is aid going to continue getting ok this is very close to the turkish border but even within almost a million people dependent on handouts that's one of the concerns from what we
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understand also from speaking to the turkish aid agencies here no one wants to see a major escalation but as we've seen in this conflict the military the military option to resolve political issues always seem to take upper hand so that's what's happening now they're trying to contain it but everyone does expect some form of escalation to happen at some point all right stephanie decker live from the turkey syria border thank you now if you are from the coast of syria russia is beginning a large military exercise or a challenge to us following that from moscow. the official line from russia's ministry of defense is that this military exercise in the mediterranean is not connected with what's going on in syria not connected with it they say that they're there to perform anti-aircraft and i'm the submarine drills the line from the kremlin though is slightly different twenty meter peskov the spokes person was asked about it earlier in the week he said that the situation in syria had
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substantial potential for escalation and therefore he said extra precautions were quite justified and grounded now it's unlikely that those boats and planes are there for some sort of offensive action the russian air force has enough planes stationed there from a man base in syria to assist the syrian army and the militias with whatever offensive they're planning against it what's more likely more logical is that this is a defensive. detachment minded the russians are certainly listening to reports and messaging coming out of the united states saying that the u.s. is prepared to strike targets inside syria if there is another chemical weapons attack so the logical thing is for the russians to throw more military hardware into the area and persuade the united states that that might be an unwise course of
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action there's been a law and fighting between armed groups in libya after several days of battles looked almost forty people dead and more than one hundred injured most of the casualties are civilians gun battles and shelling and cause serious damage to residential and commercial areas around the airport near tripoli flights have been diverted to misrata the united nations has called for an end to the fighting the groups are officially aligned to the u.n. recognized government of national accord. you got this pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine is on his way to the united states he boarded a flight on friday night after the government allowed him to leave the country by and is seeking medical care overseas for injuries he says he suffered while he was in detention he's been charged with treason for his alleged role in an incident where stones were thrown at the president's motorcade russia is accusing a crane of assassinating a prominent separatist leader alexander was killed in eastern ukraine the russian
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backed leader of arrivals in the region of died in the blast in a cafe victoria gate and the reports. this is the aftermath of the blast that killed alexander because a blackened body can be seen lying on a stretcher donetsk went into lockdown after the killing with moscow in the russian backed breakaway republic itself calling this an active international terrorism but with. security measures in the republic are heightened all the borders are closed a few people have already been detained here they have already given evidence confirming that this was a ukrainian act of sabotage because the last pictures of zac a chunk of alive were from thursday laying flowers for the dumbass build saying yosef who died earlier in the day that had been the prime minister of donetsk since november twenty fourth he was shuffled into the position at a time when attempts were being made to make the war in ukraine's east less like
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a foreign operation run by moscow a more like a homegrown independence movement as a donetsk native and rebel military command he fit the bill that was present at both peace summit to minsk a negotiator at the first the d.n.r. is representative in signatory at the second plenty of other separatist commanders have met similar fates like the man known as giving killed last year and motorola who died in twenty sixteen but this ukraine analysts things one theory physical death stands out as the most likely to me it looks like this was an internal operation for the past few weeks and months. has been critical of some of his colleagues other deputies in that so-called d.n.r. armament i.e. control the t.v. station which pretty much humiliated and their colleagues so i think come kind of the writing was on the wall that perhaps his days were numbered moscow and kiev
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a both accusing each other of having a hand in sack a chant his death the most significant yet of the many murky debt. if that had been an ongoing feature of this micky ward victoria gave him be al jazeera so add on al-jazeera their currency in freefall argentinians ask whether an international bailout will be more cost plus. i'm wayne hay in northeast thailand we will tell you why some are blaming the emergence of a flesh eating disease on a big increase in sugarcane plantations. we have yet another typhoon making its way towards japan as head of facts while still a fair amount of cloud into q two and into honshu we have seen some flooding to the
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northern sections of honshu this training weather system that has been producing persistent rain really for the last eight or nine days thankfully it is now sinking further south was bright skies come back into south korea clouding over you know just for north korea still a few showers there into southern parts of japan next weather system that will make its way away from beijing easing across the yellow sea into north korea and eventually more rain i'm afraid coming into the saturated grounds of the korean peninsula dry though for good parts of japan as we go through monday temperatures in the socket about thirty three degrees go on into a choose day and that's going to see the typhoon making its way into the one to keep an eye on bryce's guys in places and to the southeast of china still a few showers that hong kong on sunday but it does get better a promise as we go on into monday just to still want to see showers into the fosse out of china at this stage and the showers well they will continue across the philippines perhaps becoming a little more organized sunday into monday one of two showers into borneo but
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lossie dry for indonesia.
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take a look at the top stories we're covering right now on al-jazeera the u.s. has cut off funding to the u.n. agency supporting five million palestinian refugees around thirty percent of funding comes from the u.s. dropping ministration though now says the agency is irredeemably flawed and palestinian president mahmoud abbas calls the cut a leg or an assault on palestinians russia has accused ukraine of assassinating prominent separatist leader alexander's r r chang go the russian backed leader a pro bowls and the screech and died in the blast at a cafe ukraine's government has denied any involvement. on the pop star turned off position politician bobby wine is on his way to the u.s. for medical treatment he boarded a flight on friday night after the government allowed him to leave the country and says he was beaten while in detention. argentina's government will discuss
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a fifty billion dollar bailout with international monetary fund on monday its currency has lost half its value and it struggling with an economic crisis arlette america it will see a new man reports. all eyes were on the city when the cytisus financial center. after losing another fifteen percent of its value series day the government managed a modest recovery after infusing almost seven hundred million dollars into the currency market to stop the hemorrhaging but that didn't diminish the long queues of people seeking refuge in the u.s. dollar. to do our own going to these abrupt and deep explosions in the currency such strong devaluation is concerned me because this. symbolize an unstable country an unstable economy. arjen times think and save in dollars and with good reason given their economies history of boom and bust and when the dollar goes up so do prices while the value of people's wages starts tunneling down and that is
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exactly what is happening today a waitress for example told me that back in april she was making the equivalent of six hundred dollars a month today she is making three hundred or only half that much and that's just in the last four months. the devaluation of the pistol increases inflation already one of the world's highest the government says it will announce new economic measures on monday before going to the i.m.f. to negotiate terms for speeding up the release of a fifty billion dollar bailout loan they include further austerity measures there but many economists warn that the cost of turning to the i.m.f. is too high the i.m.f. lends money but as we all know there are a series of very stringent conditions which end up sinking the economy explain to me how you come out of that on top. and you don't basically so we're headed for
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another crisis i mean we are in a crisis but we're heading for another major crisis. and if that's true not only could south america's second largest economy risk a new default but also major social unrest like the kind that brought down the government in two thousand and one. see in mulan al-jazeera when a situs that unama crisis in venezuela has sent hundreds of thousands of people into neighboring countries and peru they're being met with resentment but many say the anti-american attitude is easier to deal with than conditions at home are an essential reports. thirty eight year old the bushman keeps an eye on municipal police will selling a traditional riced ring from venice when he still doesn't have a street vendor permit trying to make a living far away from home it's hard he says but worse is here in slurs against been swings. especially to people like me
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a street vendor people tell me move get out of here go back to your country. and armed assault mainly perpetrated by even assailants and caught on security cameras sparked a wave of anti bin astroland feeling in. his honest compatriots are paying the price i think. people have to understand we are not all the same the great majority is here to work and send money to our families to get them out of the inferno that venezuela has become. businessmen needed to stop textile employee and say the number of an ist women's working here a school with a peruvian save in a sweet months are taking their jobs and the though some businessmen here have laid off peruvians because they say venezuelans charge them less the anti immigration sentiment among many was fueled by a conservative candidate in mayoral race in a. he gained popularity by same vinous women so threatening security and jobs.
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that government officials have condemned seen before big slurs open border policy has led more than four hundred thousand this women to the country nearly seventy thousand have already been granted work permits were going to fish oil say the prices are going to swell and just have it mean fact the us health and education says that there are nearly thirty thousand minutes with children in schools but they also say the impact is positive and good news workforce for many even if i do the job through girls don't want to take. any peruvians reacted against growing public sentiment by opening their homes to shelter migrants and refugees twenty one year old alexander is sleeping with fifteen other venezuelans in one room. i feel lucky to have been offered this shelter but it's a pity many compatriots have been mistreated you know here because we want to be but because we need to be. however the majority of us women say they
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feel will come in be do escaping from inflation and food and medicine shortages back home make them choose to endure almost anything for a better future. for self former president and also lula da silva has been officially blocked from running at october election a majority of judges of the electoral court ruled for that ban littlest serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption but party right to start him anyway. we killers are being linked to flesh eating disease as a bank farmers are northern thailand the government is now reconsidering the use of three toxic sprays one of them has already banned in more than thirty countries reports. in parts of rural thailand red marks the spot it's an indicator that farmers used to show that sprayed paraquat a toxic weed killer banned in many countries and the european union its use is
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blamed on a number of illnesses including a flesh eating bacteria disease which is emerged in northern thailand some farmers have died others have lost limbs in the province of. where researchers say contamination from agric emma cools is severe. i really want to see people stop using the chemicals last time i went to the provincial hospital the staff told me there were a lot of patients with similar symptoms as i had thailand's become one of the world's biggest uses of paraquat partly because of its effectiveness on sugarcane plantations as the price of rice fell the government encouraged farmers to grow other crops like sugar which in turn increased demand for paraquat the health ministry recommended that it be banned along with two other chemicals but that was ignored and they continued use approved by a government appointed committee there are now allegations that some members of that committee had conflicts of interest with companies involved in importing the
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chemicals. to have a look at the members of the committee their position is not groundless but so far we have no imperial evidence to accuse any of them thailand wants to become known as the so-called kitchen of the world but the largely unregulated use of toxic sprays is leading to concerns about food safety most of the world's paraquat is made in china which has also decided to ban its use in thailand it's important mainly by foreign companies the biggest thai company dealing in it is c.p. group were johns among other things convenience stores it's also one of the world's largest food producers. al-jazeera contacted c.p. group and other companies involved but none would give an interview and none have ever been to see see to put to ask him what happened he says he can never farm again but hopes one day the fields here will be chemical free wayne hay al jazeera
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. thailand. yemen's a civil war has made life a lot harder for me vulnerable women that some charities are now helping them on a living. on one of them but you know what the beauty is in the details and these young women are determined to learn a new skill sewing the old traditional yemeni way. presently they can be that's one of the many skills this charity has been seeking for the past fifteen years in the city of sanaa the war may have forced volunteer teachers from europe and the u.s. to leave but the charity's founder returns from the u.k. to ensure its survival despite its building being hit in several strikes. me my team and i have been working under very harsh conditions missiles looming over our heads shelling and killing all around us despite that we open the doors to us under every day and our main concern is to help families with aid and medical supplies.
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women and children are the most vulnerable in yemen right now but learning new skills including computing have given them a boost the charity has seen many of its students go on a steady income i said but in that is that everything that we consider the center our second home we have all started from scratch amongst us are destitute females orphans and the majority are widows of the most unfairly treated segment of society simply without a source of income. self-sufficiency and empowerment all key here with women becoming the breadwinners micro loans are also on offer are you even trying to get in starts is outside the rules of the center oh my you know what we offer them an opportunity to work and earn an income to avoid the embarrassment of being handed donations to help them work we then market and sell their products. that you're creating these products is just the beginning although yemen's international
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airport shots and bank transfers near impossible their final products are finding their way abroad to kuwait and then on to europe. i recently joined the center yemeni woman are very creative given the opportunity history has proven that we are strong survivors and this isn't a new situation for us we are braving through the wars harsh economic and psychological crisis. and despite the severe poverty the daily challenges these women face providing them with a lifelong skill not only helps puts a meal on the table that can benefit an entire family. but a higher al-jazeera. europeans may soon stop moving their clocks forward by an hour or some are proposing to end daylight saving to take advantage of more sunshine a recent survey revealed widespread support for that. the venice film festival has fallen in the footsteps of canon signed
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a gender parity pledge but organizers have rejected claims of sexism and insists the real problem lies elsewhere that in baba reports from that s. a gesture that some say is over due on friday the venice film festival signed an agreement promising greater transparency over how it selects films and gender equality across the organization followed similar moves by rivals like counted. before the festival started the european women's audiovisual network published an open letter to venice denouncing the fact only one film in the main competition here is directed by a woman and demanding changes to what they called a rigged system that favors mainly white males. now it seems change is on its way but for the festival director actual quotas are a step too far quotas is something which is extremely fair and right in politics for example. we can use the quotas in art
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the only katie to go for art is the quality of their work is. presenting her first feature film in venice previously she directed a documentary on the french prison system. long cast is showing outside the main competition it's about a young man looking for support when he comes out of jail his mother played by sort of being born in has severe depression and he finds himself dragged into criminality the director says her gender hasn't been a problem when it comes to getting her work see. the judgment of previously to a staff but now there are more one more women directors in france there are plenty and lots of women have paved the way like kathryn bigelow at the start it was hard for her because really there were no women directors in hollywood. and some industry watchers say the debate about how many women directed a film screening. stavros masks a deeper problem what we need to be talking about is getting young school girls
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when they're in school to think i can be a director and when that happens we're going to get far more women directors are going to get better films coming from some of those women directors. less than a quarter of all film submitted to venice this year were by women there's clearly an imbalance when it comes to who makes the films audiences get to see here and in cinema but changing that could mean reforming the industry about discussion is just starting. the debugger al-jazeera tennis. and we shall carry these are the headlines on al-jazeera and the u.s. as cut all funding to the u.n. agency supporting a five million palestinian refugees around thirty percent of boundaries funding has come from the u.s. but now they travel ministration says the agency is irredeemably flawed the p.l.o. says the decision is another destructive move against peace by the trouble
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ministration the united states have totally disqualified itself from from any role in the peace process and they are a major part of the problem not only here. but throughout the whole the whole international community but as the israelis have worked so hard for the kids in order to stitch that culture of peace mission state of palestine into the sun but so that the state of israel in peace and security and to achieve peace who negotiations influence and have been destroyed in the last eighteen months are the terms of instruction russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says talks to resolve will for your standoff between pro moscow separatists in the crimean government are no longer possible that follows the assassination of separatist leader alexander sarkar in chain go the russian backed leader of rebels in the don esque region died in the blast at a cafe ukraine's government has denied any involvement you got this pop star turned off position politician bobby wine is on his way to the u.s. for medical treatment he boarded
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a flight on friday night after the government allowed him to leave the country and says he was beaten while in detention he has been charged with treason there's been a law and fighting between armed groups in libya after several days of battles left almost forty people dead and more than one hundred injured most of the casualties are civilians gun battles and shelling a cause serious damage to residential and commercial areas around the tague airport near tripoli for sale former president ways and also a little to silva has been officially blocked from running into october as election majority of judges on the electoral court confirm that ban he is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption but little party right assured him anyway it says that they will keep up the fight to ensure he can stand those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera more to come inside story is next.
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the battle for the syrian government and its main russia appear to be preparing for an overhaul to fans of for the rebels it's would likely be the last stand off to more than seven years of fighting beyond the military and the human cost of what will an assault on it live tell us about syria's future this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. syria's civil war may soon and but not without one.


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