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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 31  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2018 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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one minute. i think. i see it seems to me the second set didn't last much longer a ruthless arenas to get six games to two to equal had biggest ever win over his sister i see exactly a year after giving birth serina says she's happy with where the game's at. i think is by far the best match i've ever played against her and for in forever. i don't know about ever ever but i probably was and played really. much better tonight than i have since i started this journey i think is the best match she's ever played against me i'm in and i think i did a lot wrong but. you know she's did everything right so obviously that that level is definitely where she is going to want to stay for serina remains on track to win a seventh u.s. open and equal margaret court record of twenty four grand slams next up she faces
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a stone is kike an epi i david stokes al-jazeera. a men's world number one rafa nadal was taken to four sets in his third round match against caroline catchin off nidal was in fake trouble early on against the russians losing the first set and going to break down in the second that nadal is aiming for a fourth u.s. open sawtelle eventually came through after nearly four and a half hours of play in the dow's longest at a match of it so it's. ok but it's a sport looking for an outcome now we thank you for that and the fun if you the venice film festival where movie premieres and the big name casts attract most of the attention but this is a crowd of also been queuing up for the various documentaries on offer is there but the deal is that will get it through to see that. i. play out what kind of man upset. a boy recounts how i saw beat his mother. and how
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he dreams of taking revenge isis tomorrow the lost souls of mosul was filmed before and after iraqi forces recaptured the city and it's a rare insight into the psychological damage done to young people by the conflict including the children of eisel fighters many of whom now live in camps like this chair and the law for. the only genius well i think it's. more to their means they want to be marked here in top and so you know as they feel more one year after he was a commission in his life he just knew by aronson and war and written us out can you grow up you know the way documentaries like these are a tough watch but there's clearly an audience for them they don't offer simple answers rather they raise questions about how societies can overcome years of unimaginable violence sick of the show's commercial work to be in
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a facility or really understand what war is it's people dying it's children dying and this really makes you reflect you're not that it's really not look i'm shaking it's never happened to me in thirty years of coming here so well down to the director's vision in love with. another documentary attracting attention in venice is the latest film by cambodian director ricky pan need to take on it this is him taking part in a ritual as he searches for information about his own missing relatives victims of the one nine hundred seventy s. genocide under the camaro rouge which kills nearly two million people. it's a deeply poetic and personal film but the director says he hopes it will help his compatriots to confront the past you know more and more. diligent come with him let me know audience is young cambodians the generation born after the khmer rouge genocide because their parents didn't tell them what happened but their own cause their grandparents or someone a dead heat. family was affected by the crimes. like the camaro rouge eisel has
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also relied on recruiting children this film suggests bringing them back into society and ending the cycle of revenge will be a long process. al-jazeera venice. and that is it for this news hour on al-jazeera the team in london along with dave you've been in just a moment plenty more world news for you on come on santa maria thanks for joining us.
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one of the best health care systems in the world more of these in their brains than trust with local doctors as the gatekeepers we have really good conservative know people well makes you a better doctor but as the population ages what challenges does the u.k.'s national health service face that's a big problem all people in the interim a practicing drugs because of the stress of paperwork and financing the u.k.'s frontline on the people's health on al-jazeera. and lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and as usual we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who've been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us landownership in brazil is among the
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most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. struggles. or source. on this many times over the last august or full of pleasure in or less than that of their also as. the elephants one has to an intimate look at life in cuba today for me at least the media without a long time it. was a lunacon to watch the first one of the year my cuba on al-jazeera. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. admit that last month's bombing of a school bus in yemen was unjustified. hello
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and welcome i'm devika polony watching us is there live from london also coming up the u.s. cut off all funding to the un agency that provides schooling and health care to five million palestinian refugees. killed in a cafe bombing in ukraine and the death of a pro russia rebel leader brings a sharp response from moscow. and a final farewell to republican senator john mccain but not from the u.s. president. assad and iraq he led coalition fighting in yemen has admitted that last month's bombing of a school bus in yemen was unjustified fifty one people were killed in that attack including forty children an official investigation has ruled the responsible must be punished alan fisher has this report from neighboring djibouti. it was an attack
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with international condemnation and the appearance of forty children crying over their graves eleven others were killed in a crowded market in. the north of yemen in early august initially. it was a justified military operation targeting. a subject that the joint team of based on the above information gathered it is of the opinion that the coalition forces should take legal actions to try and penalize those responsible for these mistakes which cause collateral damage in that area but these mistakes are as follows first delay in handling down the exact sheesh an order with the execution scorch and should be waiting for the target to approach a clear area free of civilians to avoid unjustified collateral damage in line with the approvals of engagement in article fifty seven and fifty eight
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a political one of the geneva convention and the started norms seventeen and nineteen. the findings come just days after two reports critical of the efforts in yemen the u.n. panel of experts said that both sides in the conflict including the coalition could be guilty of war crimes and human rights watch accused coalition of willing to investigate allegations of possible war crimes. transparency credibility and did little to stop airstrikes hitting civilians to be clear the report does not expressly condemn the killing of the children it says the air strike which leaders didn't need to be carried out when it was because they pose no immediate threat to coalition forces and he says vital information was not passed to the pilot who fired the. investigators those responsible must be punished. come on the joint team is also of the opinion that the coalition forces should take necessary measures to immediately review and verify the rules of engagement
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approved by them to ensure the total compliance in all military operations in yemen . there are suggestions the saudis and their allies are coming under u.s. pressure to do more to cut the number of civilian casualties this surprise admission of mistakes may go some way to improving relations and peace talks are still planned to be hosted by the u.n. later this month alan fischer al-jazeera. yemen analyst danny says saudi arabia admitting error is a significant statement. it could be a beginning of an apology you could make two things out of what they said and claiming that this is in fact a mistake one that potentially they could change their ways and now start claiming accidents which is a really good step because it's the first step to assuring reparations to families of those who were hurt in this incident and that it's also a way to hold them accountable for their actions now another way to look at this
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and it would be a much cynical way of looking at it it's to say that the international pressure surrounding this specific incident specifically from the united states was really heavy that the saudi arabians had to come out and say that this is in fact their mistake and it is in fact important that they hold themselves accountable to international standards of law it's a first step to making sure that now that we are starting to claim accidents that saudi arabia ideally would have a commission created of outside parties meaning those who have nothing to do with the conflict investigate what went wrong in this case how did they end up targeting civilians and then to put penalties in place to make sure that in the future you don't target schools you don't target hospitals you do not target historical sites and you make sure that those who are damaged and hurt specially those who are children woman that their families receive the reparations they need.
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often nearly seventy years the united states has cut all funding to keep the u.n. agency that supports millions of palestinian refugees it is accuse the united nations relief and works agency of being irredeemably flawed of the palestinian leadership is calling it a flagrant assault on its people are a force that has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. just this week in the face of its funding crisis annorah was celebrating the start of the academic year at the reopening of its schools girls arriving for class in the jealous on refugee camp in the occupied west bank welcomed by the agency's chief an ra has been scrambling all year to drum up the money to maintain its services after the us withheld more than three hundred million dollars in funding now comes confirmation that those cuts permanent the us state department saying the fundamental business
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model in fiscal practices that have marked an rougher years tied to an endlessly and exponentially expanding community of entitled beneficiaries is simply unsustainable the united states will no longer commit further funding to this irredeemably flawed operation for the palestinian leadership that is asian is not about the specifics of a un agency rather an attack on the palestinian cause the us may argue that x. there's money and there are free to do whatever they want to do with it yes but it will give them the right garber of the stealing of my land my future my spirit and my hopes my capital maxim was my only subject her church they have no right whatsoever the palestinians the final status of the more than five million refugees who assert a right of return to present day israel is like the status of jerusalem an issue to be settled by the go see a sion not by a preemptive u.s. position that position is referred to at least in the language used in the us
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statement when it talks about the exponentially expanding number of people who rely on that suggest this isn't just a move against one specific agency but also against the continued refugee status of millions of people. for the sufi family home is the village of bacon a balance now in israel not the jailer's own refugee camp where most of them were born and raised. in relation with what can i do if i go back on my own a car to tend the land i want my children there before me we want them where the future is less and their children that have been used for a sufi has seventy grandchildren and great grandchildren among israeli jews there is all but political consensus that allowing all such families to return would destroy the jewish character of the state but there's also concern not least reported within the israeli security establishment about the effects of killing off their main provider of aid in order to disrupt the politics but i think people are asking whether what we're seeing is the political instrumental isolation or aid and
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what you say is the wrong ability and the needs of the people are simply too great in the short term un role will continue to seek ways to plug its funding gap germany among the first donor nations to promise extra money warning of an uncontrollable chain reaction if we're forced to shut down for sit out zero refugee camp in the occupied west bank. the newly appointed u.s. representative to syria james jeffrey is making his first trip to the region stopping at israel jordan and turkey his visit comes as speculation grows that russia and syria are planning a military offensive an ad lib the u.n. has warned that an all out attack on the rebel held province would cost many civilian deaths and further displacement stephanie decker has the latest from an attack at near the turkey syria border. what you're looking at is the province and those tents are just a small part of almost eight hundred thousand people syrians who've been internally
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displaced in their own country these tents have been here for years and also there is a feeling that no one is going to be able to go home any time soon the concern now is of this looming offensive in a province turkey certainly doesn't want to have tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people trying to cross the border it says its borders will remain shut in this is also why it's heavily involved in negotiating behind the scenes with a group incited live the one mostly in charge. that is of course the group that was formerly known as the nostra front believed to be linked to al qaida that russia and syria call terrorists and as of friday night turkey also added to the terror list a lot of political maneuvering going on what is clear is that the syrian government says it will take back it late province and what kind of shape that is going to take place remains to be seen.


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