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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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which supports five million palestinian refugees the trumpet ministrations as the agency is flawed. russia says that diplomatic talks to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine are now impossible after the killing of a kremlin backed separatist leader on friday was accused ukraine of killing alexander's a car checco and an explosion at a cafe and. some of the most fall of all victims of the war in yemen are women with many exposed to sexual violence and forced marriages but some charity workers are determined to stop that happening and teach them skills to get by even if it means risking their own lives explains why didn't you know what the beauty is in the details and these young women are determined to learn a new skill sewing the old traditional yemeni way. presently that maybe that's one of the many skills this charity has been seeking for the past fifteen years in the city of sanaa the war may have forced
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a volunteer teachers from europe and the u.s. to leave but the charities found a return from the u.k. to ensure its survival despite its building being hit in several airstrikes. to limit my team and i have been working under very harsh conditions missiles looming over our heads shelling and killing all around us despite that we open the doors to us under every day and our main concern is to help families with aid and medical supplies women and children are the most vulnerable in yemen right now but learning new skills including computing has given them a boost the charity has seen many of its students go once a steady income i said that in the desert everything that we consider the center our second home we have all started from scratch amongst us are destitute females orphans and the majority are widows of the most unfairly treated segment of society simply without a source of income. self-sufficiency and empowerment are key here with
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women becoming the breadwinners micro loans are also on offer are you of interest to get in started outside the walls of the center oh my you start a little what we offer them an opportunity to work and earn an income to avoid the embarrassment of being handed donations to help them work we then market and sell their products. that you're creating these products is just the beginning of all the yemen's international airport shots and bank transfers near impossible their final products are finding their way abroad to kuwait and then on to europe along with that i recently joined the center yemeni woman are very creative given the opportunity history has proven that we are strong survivors and this isn't a new situation for us we are braving through the wars harsh economic and psychological crisis. and despite the severe poverty the daily challenges these women face providing them with a lifelong skill not only helps puts
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a meal on the table that can benefit an entire family. but a hired algis in. politicians across the political divide have come together to remember u.s. senator john mccain who died last week aged eighty one former president barack obama george w. bush and bill clinton are among those who attended the service in washington but the current incumbent of the white house donald trump was excluded as gabriel as under explains. a farewell to a giant of american life a man who served his country in war and in politics for over a half century more than two thousand invited guests at the national cathedral at the memorial service of senator john mccain. some of the most powerful people of american political life were present to pay their respects president donald trump was not there mccain's family did not invite him at the memorial service nobody spoke trump's name but it was hard to miss their repudiation of his politics while
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channeling mccain's spirit the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great thanks so much of our politics a public life or public discourse can seem small and mean and petty it's a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear john called on us to be bigger than that george w. bush spoke of mccain's courage perhaps above all john detested the abuse of power could not abide bigots and swaggering despots it was something deep inside him that made him stand up for the little guy. just before forgotten people in forgotten
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places outside the cathedral people gathered to watch and listen to the memorial service any way they could there was deep respect for mccain i think he's a great politician an american hero and a great person and i think that democrats and republicans should emulate him a like mccain embodies that whole brotherhood of veterans. he's not just a military hero he's an american hero on sunday mccain will be buried at a small private funeral at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland it will be the culmination of a week long celebration of the life and legacy of a man who will go down as one of america's most important political leaders of his era gabriels and oh i'll just washington. for the first time in more than twenty years they'll be a majority of leftist politicians in mexico's congress new m.p.'s from the president elect's party dominates both the lower house and the senate and as manuel
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lopez obrador has promised to overhaul the way congress works include still ashing politicians salaries and home and has this report from mexico city. well it was it's a historic new mexican congress for the first time since democracy the left has a clear majority. four year old party morena and its allies swept the board giving populist president elect and his money well lopez obrador a legislative power not seen in twenty years it's used to promise a new austerity plan that would have the salaries of lawmakers and dramatically cut their perks bodyguard's teams of consultants and international travel. they say something that a public tired of rich out of touch politicians needed to see that. there can't be such a marked inequality in society so much poverty in the countryside and a group of privileged politicians with everything. there's another big shift for
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the first time they'll be almost as many female lawmakers as men in part the result of a quota system where there could be a different vision with women involved in the country's direction not just to highlight the problems we have like them asides domestic and social violence but to do things differently with sensitivity honesty dedication those values are more prevalent in women but there's a challenge ahead say female lawmakers getting more access to big policy decisions rather than just being relegated to so-called women's issues we can't yet see how this is all going to play out but congress is definitely opening with a real change of tone in particular the cuts to pay and perks of grab the attention but analysts say the what's going to really make a difference is better oversight to how lawmakers are spending public money not just blanket cuts up until now there's been a real lack of checks and balances one immediate change that should make
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politicians more willing to play the transparency game is reelection introduced for the first time i expect and i hope. that this incentive structure will really focus on politicians to go more to their grassroots result in a virtuous circle of going more to the constituency and really tried to to get good results source source turned the boat this three years for the new rule makers to prove all know that this time around they're prepared to put the country to food and sells john home and does it or that scarcity. tolerance governments are reconsidering the use of three toxic weed killers what if it is already banned in more than thirty countries are quote has been blamed for flesh eating bacteria diseases that a maned and even killed some farmers in the north of the country when hay has the story. in parts of rural thailand red marks the spot it's an indicator that farmers used to show that sprayed paraquat
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a toxic weed killer banned in many countries and the european union its use is blamed on a number of illnesses including a flesh eating bacteria disease which is emerged in northern thailand some farmers have died others have lost limbs in the province of non-board lump who where researchers say contamination from agric emma cools is severe. i really want to see people stop using the chemicals last time i went to the provincial hospital the staff told me there were a lot of patients with similar symptoms as i had thailand's become one of the world's biggest uses of paraquat partly because of its effectiveness on sugarcane plantations as the price of rice fell the government encouraged farmers to grow other crops like sugar which in turn increased demand for paraquat the health ministry recommended that it be banned along with two other chemicals but that was ignored and they continued use approved by a government appointed committee there are now allegations that some members of
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that committee had conflicts of interest with companies involved in importing the chemicals that are loaded with that but i have to look at the members of the committee their position is not groundless but so far we have no imperial evidence to accuse any of them thailand wants to become known as the so-called kitchen of the world but that largely unregulated use of toxic sprays is leading to concerns about food safety most of the world's paraquat is made in china which has also decided to ban its use in thailand it's important mainly by foreign companies the biggest thai company dealing in it is c.p. group were johns among other things convenience stores it's also one of the world's largest food producers. al-jazeera contacted c.p. group and other companies involved but none would give an interview and none have ever been to see see to put to ask him what happened he says he can never farm again but hopes one day the fields here will be chemical free wayne hay al jazeera
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non-board lump who thailand's. i want to the world's largest urban forests in south africa but its future is threatened by not by man but by a tiny beetle which is making its home in the city streets are made a miller has more from johannesburg for with ten million trees johannesburg is regarded as one of the world's greenest cities but hundreds of thousands of trees could be under threw it from a tiny beetle and the fungus it carries. it's a it's a crisis. manmade forces under threat because of this people. and you are not enough is being done from a. maybe a government or a city level at a local school t.c. surgeon julian is trying to stop the spread of the beatles which bore into trees the fungus that the beetle brings to the tree is actually clogging up in layman's
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terms of vascular system in the tree that's transporting the water the nutrients up and down the tree so it interferes with that and that's basically because the water the neutrons can't pass through that affected area or that damaged area it's the tree on the top dies back. so it's basically starving the tree nearby an entire tree lined streets has been infested sub africa's not the first country to be affected the beetle which originates in vietnam has already dismayed to trees in israel and the united states now a south african company has developed what it says is the world's first effective treatment it's a combination of a pesticide and an antifungal solution that penetrates the tree the company says while the treatment will be sprayed on to trees it's safe for the environment but this by killer still has to be approved before it can be used but that could take time and even if some trees are cut down the bug could spread if the trees are not
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properly disposed of after discovering that trees in his backyard had been affected little fryer developed an app to monitor the spread of the brutal beetle across south africa the various interest groups have all been paying attention and collaborating. and certainly the people in the private space are working very aggressively to try to find solutions the institutions like the department of agriculture there were some really great people but they're under resourced and they're also dealing with other crisis some say the infestation is reaching crisis point and up to hearth a million trees could be lost in the next five years if nothing's done and experts are worried that the pissed if not stopped could hit farm crops next for me to malaya al-jazeera johannesburg ok put that phone down are you ok charities urging people to stop using social media for a month warning that high usage can lead to increased anxiety and depression around
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three billion people that's around forty percent of the world's population use social media with the many spending more than an hour each day on different platforms so it's so many hooked can people really give it up for thirty days well i'm a hayward went to find out. sometimes it feels like we are constantly connected liking posting uploading and updating social media is a big possible lives whether it's checking for the latest news on twitter watching the british prime minister dance or dog drive a speedboat i feel like most of us are addicted and if the people that say that they're not that just. the way that the campaign is in britain or people to take a break from personal social media for september or reduce usage to give them time to re-evaluate what makes us feel good and what makes a spell bad but the balance of the impacts for most young people from research we've done does of them i'm seem to be a negative one where actually young people are considered comparing themselves to
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i'm going to stick but idealism based realestate depictions of people's mind globally instagram has an estimated billion followers facebook more than two billion users and twitter hundreds of millions many of us around the world have at least one social media account herin person more than forty million people now subscribe and teenagers are the biggest consumers of social media some are on it but more than four hours a day scientists have warned about the dangers of becoming addicted to social media and link it to pull sleep and depression it is compulsive at the barre least giving it up then or at least turning off the traffic even for a few days isn't an easy prospect site you mean it to get. to the kind of bring your. brain. and such they hear bieber sound in his posse for your
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thoughts what a. little much at times you honestly. say to disconnect some people might need to be reminded that life is more than just you know showing other people what your life is closing. down social media for thirty days may give some people a much needed break campaigners say companies and individuals who use it need to think before they post about the impact the next click might tap and he would al-jazeera in london. there is plenty more still to come this news hour we'll be taking a look at some of the documentaries pulling in the crowds at the venice film festival . and in sport the fastest lap in formula one has three and sure it's ferarri the money the qualifying and there are three. she's the head of four generations of family and the bearer of forty years of
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suffering. a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in myanmar three separate times in her life the first in one thousand seventy then one nine hundred ninety one and finally in two thousand and seventeen. the vetoes they kidnapped as they detained does. google and her family span almost a century in the. bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee kenya in many ways what's happened to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse the ranger aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities.
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at the venice film festival moment premiers and their big name costs attract most of the attention but this year the crowds have been queuing up for the various documentaries on offer and as. reports there thought dick matter doesn't make any easy viewing. but he was lovely the only good issued to see that. blair one little man of such. a boy recounts how i saw beat his mother and how he dreams of taking revenge i says tomorrow the lost souls of mosul was filmed before and after iraqi forces recaptured the city and it's
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a rare insight into the psychological damage done to young people by the conflict including the children of eisel fighters many of whom now live in camps like this one will cherish the love for. those who know gene and that's what we're seeing a. movement which is i mean they want to be marked here it's open so you know if you support one year after he was a commission in his life you just knew by your answer and war and return yes i will can you grow up you know the way documentaries like these are a tough watch but there's clearly an.


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