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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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didn't tell them what happened but their own cause their grandparents and so one of the dead each family was affected by the crimes. like the camaro rouge i saw has also relied on recruiting children this film suggests bringing them back into society and ending the cycle of revenge will be a long process. al-jazeera veness. just ahead here on the news in sports roger federer of moves a step closer to his first u.s. open title in a decade. the
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final. when people need to be heard. but it's been for a few germiston is life it's not unknown or life is short and the story needs to be told to do stories that have impact on society i testify in the fall of the law to make sure that the bad guys i put behind backs al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online.
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game type sports here's andy thank you very much will asian games hosts indonesia have announced they're in sentients a bid for the twenty thirty two olympics i.o.c. president thomas back is in jakarta ahead of the closing ceremony and says the success of these games will provide the country with a strong foundation to answer the process indonesia there is on the move. do you see the enthusiasm of the people you see the volunteers delivering there with the organizing committee a very good organization and it's a very young country and this of course makes it also very interesting for the i.o.c. or the formal selection procedure for twenty thirty series yet to begin with germany and india also expressing an interest all cross from scott hydrazine
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indonesia as its current hosting responsibilities come to an end. obviously a lot is riding on this for indonesia now we've spoken with some observers of the olympics some journalist to cover these multi-sport events all over the world they say that yes internees a has really done a great job with the asian games but they believe because of infrastructure issues and overall the way things have been managed could be a challenge for them to get that bid and what they're aiming for are the olympics in two thousand and thirty two observers feel that they're not just ready the team indonesia is doing very well based on the benchmarks that they set for their athletes going into these two weeks of games they said they wanted to get at least sixteen goals they have more than thirty and they said they wanted to at least get into the top ten of overall medals on that chart they are now at number four so doing very well possibly part of the reason is we know that special funds were fast track to just about eighteen months ago to help pay for the athletes pay for their training and pay for travel so that could have contributed to it actually required
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a special order from the president to get those funds through the bureaucracy as quickly as they could and obviously those funds really help things out for the athletes here in these during the asian games well scott was mentioning the hosts of easily surpass the sporting targets at these games in the knees is the latest gold medal coming in sepak takraw one hundred team beating japan to one in the men's quadrant final the last games indonesia one just four gold medals the now up to thirty one and fourth in the overall medalist able. south korea have won gold in the men's football they beat japan so you want to go is coming in extra time the title win means south korea's players including tom struck us some young men will be granted an exemption from up to two years of minutes. was very heavy i didn't expect so of eva. three a great film believable amazing so very happy tonight.
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china tonight unified korea a special moment beating them to claim the gold medal in the women's basketball career it also failed joint teams in rowing and canoeing winning a gold and two promises. japan won gold the hard way in the men's hockey far against malaysia after being five two down japan four back to level the match at six all there they then held their nerve to win the penalty shoot outs three one. is now just one gold medal left to win at these asian games that's in the mixed relay triathlon on sunday just before the closing ceremony china well clear the top of the medals table with one hundred and thirty two goals although that is down on the one hundred fifty one they won four years ago. ferrari's drivers put on quite a show in final qualifying at their home grown prix in italy kimi reichen and set the fastest lap in f one history with teammate sebastian vettel not far behind reichen interpol position at the monza circuit and his last lap of the session it
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was the fins first pole since monaco last year champ should lead to lewis hamilton was third quickest in his miss eighty s. it was a surprise for tomorrow but there's only a hard job done and. i think. i did good and be a better place to be employable to chanelle home proper is from the heart of the project so hopefully tomorrow everything goes smoothly with where end up in a simple solution five time you're a cycling champion roger federer has moved into the fourth round in new york the thirty seven year old second seed beating australia's nick curial since straight sets to progress better a face is john norman next on this title most since two thousand and eight i last year's us open finest medicine case also into the last sixteen the american out of bits of a scare losing the first set against unseeded alexander creature of russia she then fought back to take the final see sets for the loss of just three games. former
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world number one julie kirby has been knocked out the german full seedings won the title two years ago going down to survive in the many civil code would freeze its number thirteen seed keep persons all. also out beaten by unseeded marchesa on the side of the czech republic and he says this already fungicides best ever run out of france. serina williams got the better of her sister venus to make it through to the fourth round it's more than a decade now since famous as bates and serena it's a grand slam day woodstock's reports say you know really it had the feel of a heavyweight title fight serina up against venus for the thirtieth time in their careers but in front of a semi crowd in new york it failed to live up to the hype so when the most dramatic moment of the night came when serena twisted her ankle in the second game it was nothing serious though and after some treatment she wrapped up the acting set in just thirty one minutes. i
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see it seems to me the second set didn't last much longer a ruthless arena took it six games to two to equal have biggest ever win over her sister i see exactly a year after giving birth to rena says she's happy with where the games at. i think is by far the best match i've ever played against her for in forever. i don't know about ever ever but i probably was and played really. much better tonight than i have since i started this journey i think is the best match she's ever played against me i'm in and i think i did a lot wrong but. you know she's did everything right so obviously that that level is definitely. going to want to stay for serina remains on track to win a seventh u.s. open and equal margaret court record of twenty four grand slams next up she faces
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a stone is kike an epi david stokes al-jazeera. and christiane are all those white for goal as his new club goes on he's now goalless in three league games for you events as. but it's helen champions all winning regardless this see one picture of apollo and signing that perfect start to this. ok that is all sport for now more lights are added many thanks has plenty more sports along with the latest news analysis and lots of video on the web site of al jazeera dot com i'll be back with a full post of news just a few moments see about. september
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on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city of le divorce stuck as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the presidents of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly hall the seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me in march and yemen we'll bring you all the news of september on al-jazeera. on counting the cost after a week of nafta talks we'll look at the impact donald trump's trade policy is having globally plus why celebrity social media influences have
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a new set of online followers advertising regulates. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure in the investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera . the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen admits the mistakes led to an airstrike on
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a school bus that killed forty children. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up washington cuts three hundred billion dollars of aid to pakistan accusing it of providing a safe haven for armed groups active in afghanistan. he made us better presidents just says he made this country better washington says farewell to the late u.s. senator john mccain who died last week at the age of eighty one. at a new political era in mexico as congress opens a new session. the saudi embassy led coalition fighting in yemen has admitted that it made mistakes in an airstrike on a school bus last month fifty one people forty of them children were killed in the
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attack inside a province the coalition investigated and says that those responsible must be held accountable alan fischer reports from djibouti. it was an attack which threw international condemnation and left appearance of forty children crying over their graves eleven others are also killed in the attack on a crowded market in who the hell diane in the north of yemen in early august initially the saudi led coalition claimed the attack was a justified military operation it was targeting the leaders no it says it made mistakes. they are that the joint team based on the above information gathered is of the opinion that the coalition forces should take legal actions to try and penalize those responsible for these mistakes which cause collateral damage in that area these mistakes are as follows first delay in handling down the exact sheesh an order where the execution squadron should have been waiting for the target to
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approach a clear area free of civilians to avoid unjustified collateral damage in line with the approved rules of engagement in article fifty seven and fifty eight of political one of the geneva convention and the standard norms seventeen and nineteen. the findings came just days after two reports critical of the saudi led efforts in yemen the u.n. panel of experts said that both sides in the conflict including the saudi coalition could be guilty of war crimes and human rights watch the queues the saudi led coalition of failing to investigate allegations of possible war crimes it said too often their inquiries like transparency credibility and did little to stop strikes hitting civilians should be clear the report does not expressly condemn the killing of the children. targeted leaders didn't need to be carried out when it was because they pose no immediate threat to coalition forces and he says information was not passed to the pilot who fired. so the investigators say those
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responsible must be punished. the joint team is also of the opinion that the coalition forces should take necessary measures to immediately review and verify the rules of engagement approved by them to ensure the total compliance in all military operations in yemen. there are suggestions the saudis in the eyes have come under u.s. pressure to do more to cut the number of civilian casualties the surprise admission of mistakes made to some way to improving relations and peace talks are still planned to be hosted by the un of this month. the united states is canceling three hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan because it says the country is providing a safe haven for groups like a stone denies that it's giving taliban linked fighters in afghanistan a place to regroup after launching offensives on just who is rob reynolds reports from washington. a pentagon spokesman cited lack of pakistani decisive action
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against two groups that the united states would like islam about to crack down on hard one of them is the kani network which the united states says operates out of safe havens on pakistani soil and is an armed group that attacks both u.s. and coalition soldiers in afghanistan as well as civilian targets in afghanistan the other group is called. and that is a group also affiliated with pakistan which is fighting against indian rule over the disputed north province of kashmir so while the spokesman lieutenant colonel conic faulkner says the pentagon continues to press pakistan to indiscriminately target all terrorist groups the united states is dissatisfied with pakistani progress in this area and in fact president trump himself earlier this year complained that years and years of u.s.
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support both diplomatic and financial to pakistan had been repaid with in his words only deceit and lies. sa khan is a visiting research fellow at the cato institute's defense and foreign policy department she says the cuts probably won't come as any surprise to pakistan you know back some government is basically they shouldn't be shocked that these threats are to the. president i declared in january that in front of doing security military that's the coalition support fund which is what these cuts are the leader was on the table and so i think iran is up probably was the pier one well i think from back sons perspective they will certainly say that you know because of these military security aide cuts that their ability to protect their side of the border the time is lying to you know them to reduce their capacity to do so and it will
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not only hinder them from protecting the border but it will also also for them from protecting themselves against militant groups that attack. but said i don't i think this is going to be more rhetoric sort of the border security has already been in place and it's already well funded box and government talked about building a fence and they sort of made a big show of that so i'm not really sure if the policies of or find actually directly united order until jordan is warning of dangerous consequences after the u.s. cut all funding to the u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugees on the road provides health care education and food to millions of people israel's back to decision which the palestinians say is an attack on their people are a force that has more from the occupied west bank. just this week in the face of its funding crisis in row was celebrating the start of the academic year at the reopening of its schools girls' arriving for class in the journalism refugee camp
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in the occupied west bank welcomed by the agency's chief on raw has been scrambling all year to drum up the money to maintain its services after the us withheld more than three hundred million dollars in funding. now comes confirmation that those cuts permanent the u.s. state department saying the fundamental business model in fiscal practices that have marked on rougher years tied to an endlessly and exponentially expanding community of entitled beneficiaries is simply unsustainable the united states will no longer commit further funding to this irredeemably flawed operation for the palestinian leadership that is asian is not about the specifics of a u.n. agency rather an attack.


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