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and petty it's a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear john called on us to be bigger than that george w. bush spoke of mccain's courage perhaps above all john detested the abuse of power could not abide bigots and swaggering despots there was something deep inside him that made him stand up for the little guy just before forgotten people in forgotten places outside the cathedral people gathered to watch and listen to the memorial service any way they could there was deep respect for mccain i think he's a great politician an american hero and a great person and i think that democrats and republicans should emulate him alike mccain embodies that whole brotherhood of veterans. he's not just the a military hero but he's an american hero on sunday mccain will be buried at
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a small private funeral at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland it will be the culmination of a week long celebration of the life and legacy of a man who will go down as one of america's most important political leaders of his era gabriels andro al-jazeera washington still ahead hill is there a chance to learn how some helping rethink the children gets an education while i'm only so in limbo. and a birthday party for a much loved awaits this in moscow's jungle those stories after the break. we've had severe storms moving across eastern parts of the u.s. eastern parts of canada as well nasty little clutch of storms just feeding their way towards pennsylvania and in the space of just three hours look at that for
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a rainfall total two hundred seventeen a millimeters of rain little wonder that we have seen a widespread flooding this is the scene here as a result of those heavy downpours that thunder rewrite is now in the process of easing a little further but you can see just how nasty that was in such a short period of time say the most still be a few showers in the forecast as we go through the next dials as you can see quite a scattering of showers cause the eastern half of the u.s. lots of heat still in place twenty six celsius for new york not as hot as it has been for the ten days of course but still plenty hot enough well he temperatures at around twelve thirty degrees celsius starting to nudge up again as we go on through monday for new york and the shabby rain still not too far away from the legs and so finally once again and pushing down into those central areas further west it's lousy clear and dry twenty one celsius for san francisco twenty seven there for l.a. meanwhile well some pretty lively showers also affecting the grates around tilly's lots of clouds shining up his eyes looking west full cuba the chip maker but not
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too bad for the east. on counting the cost after a week of nafta talks we'll look at the impact donald trump's trade policy is having globally plus why celebrity social media influencers have a new set of online followers advertising regulate. count you know cost. i'm. sure you know. some of the like.
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welcome back you're watching i'll just arabs the whole robin to remind of our top stories the saudi and overall she led coalition fighting in yemen has admitted it made mistakes in an asteroid called a school bus last month forty children were amongst fifty one people killed in the attack in southern province the coalition says those responsible must be held accountable. the united states is cancelling three hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan because it says the country is providing a safe haven for armed groups pakistan denies it's giving taliban linked fighters in afghanistan a place to regroup after launching offensives. america's political elites have attended the funeral of john mccain leaders from across the political divide remember the late arizonan senator and vietnam prisoner of war president donald trump was not invited mccain died last week at the age of eighty one. billeted
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states italy france and the u.k. are condemning a surge in violence around libya's capital tripoli at least forty people are being killed and more than a hundred injured in several days of fighting between rival factions most of the casualties all civilians gun battles and shelling have damaged areas around the airport but moved a little heat has the latest from tripoli the situation is still very tense in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli where there are new would kalash is between the seventh infantry brigade from the city of the homeowner and its allies from the city of misrata on the one hand and armor groups bad by the bad. national accord government on the other hand we're getting reports from the battlefield in the southern suburbs of tripoli that the. bad government of national forces are losing ground for the other infantry seventh infantry
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brigade and its allies from the city of misrata now that is a state of panic among civilians especially with the random shelling because there's been a lot of rockets random rockets being fired at densely populated areas targeted many houses and properties including a hotel in central tripoli the i.v. asian still being hold it in. port and all flights have been diverted to the misrata airport in the city of misrata and now a joint statement has been issued by four countries the united states the united kingdom italy and france condemning this collation of violence and the libyan capital tripoli and warning that those behind the violent actions will be held accountable. a large blasts have been heard near the base close to syria's capital damascus. military commanders initially said israeli airstrikes caused
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an explosion but syrian state media contradicted this saying an electrical fault led to a blast at a munitions dump said to the americas now where mexico's new congress is in session and for the first time in twenty years leftist politicians are in control and it's made up of almost as many women as men home and reports from mexico city on what's behind the change change the political landscape and president elect and dress manuel lopez obrador. was here it's a historic new mexican congress for the first time since democracy the left has a clear majority. for your old party morena and its allies swept the board giving populist president elect and his money well lopez obrador a legislative power not seen in twenty years it's used that to promise a new austerity plan that would have the salaries of lawmakers and dramatically cut
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their perks bodyguard's teams of consultants and international travel they say something that a public tired of rich out of touch politicians needed to see where there can't be such a marked inequality in society so much poverty in the countryside and a group of privileged politicians with everything. there's another big shift for the first time they'll be almost as many female lawmakers as men in part the result of a quota system where. there could be a different vision with women involved in the country's direction not just to highlight the problems we have like them aside domestic and social violence but to do things differently with sensitivity honesty dedication those values are more prevalent in women but there's a challenge ahead say female lawmakers getting more access to big policy decisions rather than just being relegated to so-called women's issues we can't yet see how
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this is all going to play out but congress is definitely opening with a real change of tone in particular the cuts to pay and perks of grab the attention but analysts say the what's going to really make a difference is better oversight to how lawmakers are spending public money not just blanket cuts up until now there's been a real lack of checks and balances what a media change that should make politicians more willing to play the transparency game is reelection introduced for the first time i expect and i hope that this incentive structure will really focus on politicians to go more to their grassroots result in a virtuous circle of going more to the constituency and really tried to to get good results source source turned the boat this three years for the new lawmakers to prove or not but this time around they're prepared to put the country before themselves john homan. robert the lens is
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a deputy world editor for newsweek and has reported widely on latin america he's cautiously optimistic that mexico's new leftist government bring real change. it is definitely significant let's look at the last eighty years of mexican politics only three parties have actually had access to power in mexico but of course the left has a clear shot especially in the context of lana marie kelis not forget venezuela and other countries in latin america with leftist policies of course the nomination and the eventual. you know the election of under his mom look that's what i look you know scared some people in mexico because they think they build a narrative that mexico will become another venezuela of course many experts disagree with this point of view hugh was basically building his platform from a populist point of view he is considered another trump in the sense that he wants to spur production and local competitiveness and that involves the disadvantaged
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population of mexico and he wants to reduce poverty levels another he has the power basically to make these changes i mean he has a pretty big compromise he has to basically out hold what he promised otherwise mexicans will grow disillusioned and maybe we're going to see another shift in power in the next six years so it seems that he has a clear path but of course let's see if bureaucracy and the power of other parties will come into play. u.s. president warned congress against interfering with negotiations on a new north american free trade agreement or left or trump says there's no need to keep canada in the perk today after both countries missed a deadline to revamp the deal talks are set to resume next week on monday trump unveiled a new bilateral trade deal with mexico which pressured canada to speed up negotiations . the ring of children banned from school by members are struggling to get formal
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education in the country they escape to three hundred eighty thousand children move to buy another in the past year many of us in school one charity is trying to give them a chance to learn. ports. in this child friendly space in bangladesh young row hinge a refugee are getting a chance they were never afforded back home in me and more. and they are in a happy mood as they proudly show off their reading and reciting skills. save the children's daphne cook tells me how the informal program aims to teach more than just letters and numbers these are kids that haven't had any kind of education at all what that means is they might not know how to cross the road safely they might not know how to wash their hands so it's really basic stuff like that to keep kids safe and healthy in their day to day lives outside the learning center though
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a grim reality confronts you at almost every turn like these children who should be in school instead they're selling vegetables to help support their families or these teenagers who should be having fun with their friends instead discussing what little they have to look forward to. before fleeing to bangladesh sixteen year olds yob used to dream of becoming a doctor and then again i thought if i can continue to study i would be able to do anything with my life i wouldn't have any skills i'm very worried that this could mean i might end up a thief one day just so i can survive i want to study ziad will completed the seventh grade in me and more but he hasn't been back in a classroom since he and his family fled the violence there go to almost any camp for the displaced practically anywhere in the world and you find more often than not that in those settings it's extremely difficult for children to get access to
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a proper education but when you speak to or hindu refugees who fled me and more over the course of the past year you find out that their education crisis started long before they arrived here it's estimated that upwards of sixty percent of the real hinges are illiterate when you hear how these boys were often barred by soldiers from attending school in myanmar as rak kind state it's easy to understand why and at it when we were on our way to class the army used to stop us and ask where are you going with said we were going to school. what are you doing going to school unicef simon ingram explains how dire the situation has become so over the past year we've had something like three hundred eighty thousand school aged children arriving here from across the border trying to get them into some kind of learning activities give them some sort of shape to their lives give them
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some sort of hope for in terms of learning and their education for the future that has had to be one of the biggest priorities while aid workers are cautiously optimistic that consultations with the government of bangladesh will result in a formal curriculum that's ready to roll out by october most of the refugee children don't hold out much hope. for a while they may not be in school they learn each and every day just how cruel the world can be mohammed. at the could you belong refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh the moscow celebrating the ninety thousand three of one of its most beloved places gokey park were chalons takes a look at the looks role in shaping the city and its history. ninety years old and looking pretty good for its age gorky park has firmly reclaimed its position as one of moscow's most popular attractions like the city is part of gorky
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has been reinvented numerous times through communism and post soviet decay to its current sleeker more modern face but of this. the park appeared and nine hundred twenty eight it was designed for their proletariat the new and young state need a new and young place where their protests could relax there was an idea to create a park of culture and leisure where people could get educated and take arrest. was not its energetic director betty glam invited the u.s.s.r. most talented artists and architects to shake the park even during world war two the park stayed open but when the soviet union collapsed in the early nineties corkey parks crown slipped to it hosted some of russia's first raves and metal concerts but it's fair ground rides became shabby he developed a reputation for crime. that's all being swept away now beginning in twenty eleven a radical overhaul brought wife by chic cafes labrat playgrounds and more these
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days gorky park is alive with visitors go he parks modern reef it was the shape of things to come for moscow it was the first major project of a huge and regeneration program that has been rolled out across the russian capital at a cost of billions of dollars. now much of modern moscow gleams to with riverside viewing platforms roadside swings and cycle paths the capital needed to revamp. what some of those who've watched moscow's transformation say it's no coincidence this all followed the anti-government protests of twenty eleven and twelve analyst alexander bound of things or thora he's chose to ignore calls for political freedoms but grants the classes a more livable city they try to isolate and by nish their protest activists but
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they made a lot of we can call it concessions or we can call it improvements eliminated almost completely at their low level corruption and in the improvement of city environment and they have got to park was the first project and the first step to this direction bono says the opposition is now split about whether to accept such gifts from the authorities everyone else meanwhile is down in the park will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow. you're watching algis their arms the whole robbers a reminder of our top stories these are r.t. led coalition's landing in yemen has admitted it made mistakes in an airstrike on a school bus last month forty children were logs fifty one killed in the attack in southern province. united states is canceling a three hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan because it says the country is
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providing a safe haven for armed groups but denies it's giving taliban linked fighters in afghanistan a place to regroup after launching offensives. have been hurt the air base close to syria's capital damascus. military commanders initially said israeli airstrikes caused an explosion but syrian state media contradicted it saying an electrical fault led to a blast at a munitions dump. at least three people have been killed in a car bomb attack at the syrian city of assad's north of aleppo it happened in front of a mosque near a government building there are also reports of two other car bombings in the terms of diner and sad a kid both in it lived providence. america's political elite attended the funeral of john mccain who died last week at the age of eighty one leaders from across the political divide remember the late arizona senator and vietnam prisoner of war. there were further rival rallies in the eastern german city of kim in its saturday
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far right and left wing supporters turned out following the arrests of two asylum seekers suspected of killing a german band last sunday this is at first first which might come also on pharmacist and boy this is something even my colleagues abroad are asking me what is happening in germany i'm glad there are so many upright democrats who showed the true colors in candidates who make clear that the large majority of germans want to live in an open and tolerant society those to stand out are a minority who shout louder than we would like but the chorus of decent people has to become louder than before the kremlin says talks to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine are now impossible after the killing of a russian but separatist leader alexander. died in a bomb blast in the cafe in donetsk on friday those were the headlines more in half an hour next it's counting the cost to stay with us. unless we have new
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generations growing up to understand how the nations of the natural. soon. and we'll suffer primatologist and conservationist dr jane goodall to al-jazeera. alarm hasn't seek and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics after a week of nafta talks we'll look at the impact trump's approach is having on world trade. also this week how high can they go argentina has the steepest interest rates in the world after raising them to a record sixty percent. why social media celebrities bloggers and instagram personalities may be forced to come clean about their product endorsements.
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so it's been a tense week of haggling for mexico the united states and canada the twenty four year old north atlantic free trade agreement was designed as a three way deal so the u.s. and mexico surprised everyone when they reached a bilateral agreement first mexico's president elect takes office in december and so the mexicans really want a free trade deal before then the message to canada join in or face auto tariffs it all amounted to a pressure cooker atmosphere it's worth bearing in mind that any deal will still need the approval of legislators in all three countries canadian foreign minister chrystia freeland went to washington to try to repair the damage asked if a deal could be reached she said this. you're tempting me to say something church no it wasn't the end of the beginning the beginning of the end but let me just.
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a lot's has been accomplished assignment evan it joins me now from st gallon university in switzerland he oversees the m.b.a. program there and is a professor of international trade and economic development thanks very much for being with us so does this updated nafta have have the kind of support that it needs from from the business community and the general public right now the updated nafta agreement especially the u.s. mexican deal will be supported by business really for almost the relief it gives because the uncertainty was killing investment plans as for public support for this i expect it will be much greater in the steel sector and in the call sector and in the states of the united states where those industries are well represented like michigan so what was a state there then between between those industries that you're talking about particularly between the relationship they have between the u.s.
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and mexico and is it really that different from the current nafta deal well involves two things that let me answer the second one first the new death to deal is actually a very small modification of the old nafta deal it's been dressed up to look like it's a big deal for political reasons and this is one of the reasons why i think the business community will be so relieved to see that there hasn't been there won't be too much disruption to their supply chains there's enough meat in here which has been given to the trade unions however that they will be supportive of this particular deal when it goes before congress. and what about. the negotiating tactics of president particularly the pressure. that he's been putting on on canada this week to to reach a deal this week what if what do you make of that what effect is it having so the negotiating tactics of the trumpet ministrations a classic power play they've essentially divided canada or mexico mexico needed to have a deal quickly before their current president leaves office and that required signature
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by the end of this week and then this deal was done with the canadians outside of the room and of course once the deal was done with mexico canada desperately wants to retain its membership of nafta and so will come under enormous pressure this week to make concessions to the americans probably in the areas of dairy products and and investment disputes and president trump there generally prefers bilateral deals rather multilateral deals and he's certainly likes to tweet about it publicly what what can we learn from all of that this week i think we learned that and this sense he is true to his word that the president doesn't like to be negotiating with big groups or even small groups of countries he wants to deal with each country one by one it should be said however that the deal he's doing with mexico and we'll probably do with canada is a bit like the renegotiation of the korean trade agreement and that was you know
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these are these the deals which have been reworked and ultimately to the advantage of the united states but there are no there are no more such renegotiations planned that the united states has so i think in terms of the broader implications going forward this nafta negotiation is rather special as the last in the renegotiations that he wanted to undertake i think the much bigger questions will turn to how he how he treats china and automobile imports in general in the months ahead yes or what what i mean can we measure at this stage what impact all of this is going to have on global trade. the impact to the read work after deal is going to be absolutely trivial for global trade there will be some mexican the firms who want to source more parts and components from north america and less from latin america and and from china but this will be relatively small i think the big the big factor is that as more and more evidence builds that trumps bark is worse than his bite on
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trade then business uncertainty and fear is about a trade war will subside and this will help bolster investment and trade flows so i think the main mechanism is actually for reducing fear of the business community that the world trading system could be seriously disrupted by any of trump's tactics mainly because he is just not converting his harsh tweets into severe sanctions other than for china who are who is feeling the brunt of his particular pressure of the moment so what's all this going to mean then for consumers is it is going to mean higher prices for some some goods for them particularly cars you mentioned cars earlier there will be a slight increases in the costs of cards produced in the north american region probably greater increases in costs in mexico than in the united states some of that will be passed on to consumers probably is for in the small end cars which have much smaller profit margins larger calls have much larger profit margins in
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the firms can absorb some of the costs there simon evan ed good to speak to you thanks very much for being with us thank you very much a u.s. president donald trump googled himself this week and he didn't like what came up without any evidence you accuse google of giving prominence to news articles that are negative about him is about to address the situation our white house correspondent kimberly how could as more. you know i think google is really taking advantage of a lot of people in the allegations from u.s. president donald trump that tech giants like google and facebook are silencing conservative opinions we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that so i think that google twitter and facebook they're really treading on very very troubled territory and they have to be careful it's not fair to large portions of the population trumps comments follow a tuesday morning tweet we're trying to claim to google the search term trump news
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with negative results he says online searches are rigged by liberal owned media groups to shadow ban or silence conservative viewpoints that's why trump economic advisor larry kudlow says the administration isn't ruling out action even regulation you know we're taking a look at it in a statement google denies it searches are selective it says that when a user types a query into the google search bar its goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant alzheimer's in a matter of seconds search is not used to set a political agenda we don't bias our results toward any political ideology is not accurate this tech industry analyst says trump's allegation that tech giants are systematically biased against conservatives is nothing new if trump is google searching himself in finding that a lot of people don't like him that's because a lot of people don't like him to be clear that would also been true if barack
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obama had googled himself but conservatives in the us are pushing back it's basically an intergalactic invasion. people they point to the recent removal of controversy all right wing radio host alex jones from facebook you tube and spotify private tech companies say they're legally within their rights to ban offensive content critics say. there's silencing dissent some republican members of congress are even arguing today's big tech companies are monopolies in the marketplace and should be regulated to foster political debate from all sides a move the white house now appears to be considering all right still to come on counting the cost i'm florence louie in sabah state malaysia where the demand for land development and biofuel is threatening not just forests but a way of life. but first argentina's currency
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continues to fall despite central bank raising the key interest rate to sixty percent the highest in the world labor unions are planning walk ounce and students have been on the streets over university cuts whole cheder general ports. the downpour from turbulent economic storms over argentina couldn't stop these university students on thursday night. the students along with their professors braved the rain to march through what osiris and expressed their outrage over budget cuts in education but i found that i'm here to defend free and high quality public education afloat in the north and salaries don't masturbate of inflation at the market that will be going to that level at the top of the lower university budget the country is in a crisis because of the international monetary fund. the international monetary fund has extended a fifty billion dollar bailout loan to argentina when president asked for an early release of the i.m.f.
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funds the peso tumbled to a new low against the dollar ending the day at nearly half the value it had on january the first not just implicitly we did dollar worth over forty pesos we cannot buy teaching materials supplies or to us in support of. inflation is exceeding thirty percent and we are earning less than we need to feed ourselves there are teachers who are living in poverty protesters say basic needs get more expensive every day you took your rates have increased one thousand five hundred percent and businesses are closing leaving more people jobless they blame president for what they call neck anomic disaster. economists say the government needs to stop foreign currency from leaving the country however the government has done the exact opposite they totally deregulated market. sort of setting the grounds for the run on the dollar president mccree is trying to ease panic among investors he has promised to restore economic growth while cutting argentina's budget deficit
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reducing inflation and making the six hundred forty billion dollars khana me more competitive and i know. that i think you have to give the government times the legacy of the previous government is very pronounced very complicated but not everyone agrees that more time and patience will save argentina's economy from a total collapse. all right let's take a look at some other stories catching our attention this week it was billed as the biggest i.p.o. ever but reuters news agency reported saudi arabia's king sound man has put the brakes on the planned public sale of the national or company the flotation of five percent saudi aramco was supposed to happen this year but has now been put off indefinitely it was a key part of crown prince mohammed bin sandman's saudi twenty thirty economic development plan but the reuters report says the king doesn't want to open up the books to regulators robert maginnis.


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