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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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supplied by the united states the likely kingdom and france in fact to the extent where germany has said it is not going to supply weapons to anyone involved in this conflict so you have that pressure building up you have human rights watch saying they're not investigating things properly and then the saudis investigating themselves and saying yes we made mistakes and civilians were killed this all adds to the pressure pushing the was behind those are at the table to come up with some sort of solution but no one is suggesting for one minute that it's going to be easy that the united nations will sit down on the sixth of september and suddenly a deal will be reached it's going to be a lot more complicated a lot more difficult and that there are entrenched positions there has to be unanimous. there has to be unanimous agreement across the correlation as well as to what they're doing there also has to be certain safeguards put in place so there's a lot to do but there are certainly pressure mounting on both sides to come up with some sort of solution or at least start in road towards
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a solution when those peace talks get underway and there are many thanks for joining us there from the scene. former u.s. diplomat chief of mission in yemen he says the coalition's explanation for the strikes is not credible. there was an admission of and error but there wasn't a real explanation supposedly there was some other target and they didn't want to wait until the target was in the clear and away from other civilians but they don't explain what the target was from all other reporting there doesn't seem to have been any other target. i think there there are different ways of targeting some of them depend on intelligence that is fast you know from the ground or from command and control center and riyadh to the pilot and then
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it's all electronic but there are other targets that are targets of opportunity where the pilot sees something and may or may not see permission before bombing in this case the bus deemed to be in the clear and there was nothing else around it that it could have been mistaken for. so i'm afraid that. you know this sort of thing has happened so many times before and for them to admit a mistake now seems a bit tricky there wasn't even a genuine apology to the families of the victims and to the yemeni people so i'm afraid it's politically motivated. situation and the libyan capital tripoli a passerby to terracing has rival on point battle for control at least forty people have been killed in several days of fighting and actually generals calling for an
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end to the violence u.s. as they fronts on the u.k. a warning that base who undermines definity or face consequences of the law it has this update from tripoli. the armored groups backed by the national accord government have been losing ground recently and that has given a chance to the other groups the seventh infantry brigade from the city of the horn and its allies from the city of misrata to proceed and take control of the strategic locations in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli that includes military camps and also the tripoli international airport this recent situation has given a chance to forces from outside of tripoli to move in and take part in the current conflict like forces from the mountainous city of in turn have recently moved in and have taken control of some strategic locations in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital also forces from the burble cities in the west of the cut of the of
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the country have also moved in and have taken control of the western negate of the capital now there is a state of panic among civilians especially with the stray rockets have been landing in densely populated areas and so many civilians are among the casualties according to the health ministry the. airport that is the only operational airport in tripoli is still being closed and all the flights have been diverted to misrata airport. especially off still ahead here on the news hour including warnings of a catastrophe after the u.s. pulls funding from the u.n. agency supporting palestinian refugees. plus they were once banned from school now rangar refugee children have a chance to learn. and in sport finland's former world champions that's the fastest lap time in history head of the italian drum for.
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syrian state media has denied there was an israeli attack on an air base near damascus on saturday night. loud blasts have been heard near the mess a base in the western outskirts of the capital say media say an electrical folds led to the last munitions depo. more from antarctica those techie sariel border. the first you know the first thought and the first for a lot of people certainty is that israel would have been behind this it's not the first time that israel has struck this military base outskirts of damascus israel's concern of course is always iran weapon shipments to iranian forces particularly hezbollah that can bend threaten israel security israel never comments on these strikes however they do admit that yes they do target these kinds of weapons
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shipments or weapons storage is syrian state television quoting military sources saying it wasn't israel it was an electrical fault but there is a lot of skepticism about that there's other syrian military sources being quoted saying that israel was behind it the syrian observatory which monitors the war saying that israel was behind the work we do know there were reports of ambulances racing to the scene last night multiple explosions so again these things are very difficult to confirm independently always of course a lot of skepticism when it comes to a particular attack like this or an explosion in a weapons depot in a very important military base whether that was a form of an electrical hook up or whether that was israel terms we won't be able to confirm but certain a lot of skepticism about that denial from syrian state television egypt's president fattah el-sisi has signed off on new laws allowing all thora to use to control social media online accounts or blogs with more than five thousand followers will be monitors as media outlets journalists accused of publishing
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so-called fake news can be fined or face jail time rights groups say as part of an ongoing crackdown on press freedom. and russia more protests are being held against the government's plan to change the pension age proposal was see the retirement age raise from sixty to sixty five for men and fifty five to sixty four women the recent concession by president out of air pollutants or the women's is lowered from sixty three buses failed to dampen widespread anger over the move they said the cost of pensions could bankrupt russia but the changes have hurt his popularity. writing to children banned from school by men miles army is struggling to get a formal education in the country have escaped to three hundred eighty thousand rangar children moved to bangladesh in the past year and many are still not in school one charity is trying to give them a chance to learn as mohammed reports. in this child
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friendly space in bangladesh young real hinge a refugee are getting a chance they were never afforded back home in mia more. and they're in a happy mood as they proudly show off their reading and reciting skills. save the children's daphne cook tells me how the informal program aims to teach more than just letters and numbers these are kids that haven't had any kind of education at all what that means is they might not know how to cross the road safely they might not know how to wash their hands so it's really basic stuff like that to keep kids safe and healthy in their day to day lives outside the learning center though a grim reality confronts you at almost every turn like these children who should be in school instead they're selling vegetables to help support their families or these teenagers who should be having fun with their friends instead discussing what
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little they have to look forward to before fleeing to bangladesh sixteen year olds used to dream of becoming a doctor. then i'm done i thought if i can continue to study i would be able to do anything with my life i wouldn't have any skills i'm very worried that this could mean i might end up a thief one day just so i can survive i want to study z. obl completed the seventh grade in me and more but he hasn't been back in a classroom since he and his family fled the violence there go to almost any camp for the displaced practically anywhere in the world and you find more often than not that in those settings it's extremely difficult for children to get access to a proper education but when you speak to are hindu refugees who fled me and more over the course of the past year you find out that their education crisis started long before they arrived here it's estimated that upwards of sixty percent of the or hindu are illiterate when you hear how these boys were often barred by soldiers
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from attending school in myanmar as rak kind state it's easy to understand why and at it i did not think when we were on our way to class the army used to stop us and ask where are you going and we said we were going to school they'd ask us what are you doing going to school unicef simon ingram explains how dire the situation has become so over the past year we've had something like three hundred eighty thousand school aged children arriving here from across the border trying to get them into some kind of learning activities give them some sort of shape to their lives give them some sort of hope for in terms of learning and their education for the future that has had to be one of our biggest priorities while aid workers are cautiously optimistic that consultations with the government of bangladesh will result in a formal curriculum that's ready to roll out by october most of the refugee children don't hold out much hope. for while they may not be in school they learn
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each and every day just how cruel the world can be. at the could you belong refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. john mccain will be buried on sunday a day off to politicians across the political divide paid tribute at his funeral service for president barack obama and george w. bush and bill clinton among those who attended sunday has more a farewell to a giant of american life a man who served his country in war and in politics for over a half century more than two thousand invited guests at the national cathedral at the memorial service of senator john mccain. some of the most powerful people of american political life were present to pay their respects president donald trump was not there mccain's family did not invite him at the memorial service nobody
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spoke trump's name but it was hard to miss their repudiation of his politics while channeling mccain's spirit the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great. thanks. so much of our politics a public life or public discourse can seem small and mean and petty it's a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear john called on us to be bigger than that george w. bush spoke of mccain's courage perhaps above all john detested the abuse of power could not abide bigots and swaggering despots it was something deep inside him that made him stand up for the little guy. just before forgotten people in forgotten
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fallacious outside the cathedral people gathered to watch and listen to the memorial service any way they could there was deep respect for mccain i think he's a great politician an american hero and a great person and i think that democrats and republicans should emulate him alike mccain embodies that whole brotherhood of veterans. he's not just the a military hero but he's an american hero on sunday mccain will be buried at a small private funeral at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland it will be the culmination of a week long celebration of the life and legacy of a man who will go down as one of america's most important political leaders of his era gave rolls on dough al-jazeera washington. just a few moments we'll have all the weather with the cabinet and then still ahead here on out to sarah mexico's new politics a congress that with a majority of
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a left wing politicians and as many women as men. away from the red carpet moving fast on the focus some challenging documentaries at the venice film festival. and sport will round up the action from the u.s. open maria sharapova is through some fake names have fallen and you will have all the details. by the spring time flowers of a mountain unique. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello with this hour we're going to take you to the western part of the pacific this is an enhanced satellite of typhoon gebbie and you can see all the detail with it and you can see right now we are looking at some of the feeder bands that are affecting japan just on the northern part of the screen so over the next day what is going to be happening is this particular storm as you can see here in the pacific is going to be making its way towards japan this is going to be the
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seven typhoon that is either made landfall or has come very very close to making landfall this season right now winds are at two hundred four kilometers per hour gusting to two hundred fifty this would be equivalent to a category three hurricane if it was out in the atlantic or in the eastern pacific so let's take a closer look on what we can expect to see not a lot of rain now that's going to be happening as we go towards this evening but what we do expect to see as we get closer is a little bit of a break for japan because they have seen so much rain over the last few days as a frontal boundary that is now going to be slipping just to the south giving them a little bit of a break in the rain but as we go towards tuesday this is when we start to get the the very heavy rain coming in now the storm's going to be approaching very quickly we do expect that the storm is going to be. a high category one or a low category two but probably over two hundred millimeters of rain are expected as the storm passes through. the winter sponsored by cat time race.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's were. witness on al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city of bloody vostok as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the president of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly hall the seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me and maher and them and we'll bring you all the new september on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour the armed group has claimed responsibility for a car bombing in somalia tal to the local government building in the capsule mogadishu there are reports children and neighboring school were killed in the blast police say three security personnel are amongst the dead. the u.s. is blind council three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan saying it's failing to take action against armed groups denies giving taliban fighters safe haven after launching offensives in neighboring afghanistan. and human rights
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watch is calling for an end to all weapons sales to saudi arabia following the bombing of a school bus in yemen last month. the coalition admitted the attack was unjustified fifty one people including forty children were killed. palestinians have reacted angrily to u.s. president trumps decision to end funding to a un agency that assisted millions of refugees palestinian officials described the move as cruel and irresponsible as jordan says it could have dangerous consequences announcement to cut funds to an ra comes a week after the u.s. cut two hundred million dollars and separate aid to palestinians. has more from the occupied west bank. just this week in the face of its funding crisis in row was celebrating the start of the academic year at the reopening of its schools goes arriving for class in the refugee camp in the occupied west bank welcomed by the agency's chief on role has been scrambling all year to drum up the money to
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maintain its services after the us withheld more than three hundred million dollars in funding. now comes confirmation that those cuts permanent the u.s. state department saying the fundamental business model in fiscal practices that have marked an rougher years tied to an endlessly and exponentially expanding community of entitled beneficiaries is simply unsustainable the united states will no longer commit further funding to this irredeemably flawed operation for the palestinian leadership the decision is not about the specifics of a u.n. agency rather an attack on the palestinian cause the u.s. may argue that it's tax payers money and there are free to do whatever they want to do with it yes but will give them the right garber of the stealing of my land my future my spirit my hopes my capital maxim was my holy subject our church they have no right whatsoever the palestinians the final status of the more than
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five million refugees who assert a right of return to present day israel is like the status of jerusalem an issue to be settled by the go see a sion not by a preemptive u.s. position that position is referred to at least in the language used in the us statement when it talks about the exponentially expanding number of people who rely on that suggest this isn't just a move against one specific agency but also against the continued refugee status of millions of people. for the sufi family home is the village of bacon a balance now in israel not the jailer's own refugee camp where most of them were born and raised. more than a human what can i do if i go back on my own a car to tend the land i want my children there before me we want them where the future is less and their children. used for a sufi has seventy grandchildren and great grandchildren among israeli jews there is all but political consensus that allowing all such families to return would destroy the jewish character of the state but there's also concern not least
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reported within the israeli security establishment about the effects of killing off their main provider of aid in order to disrupt the politics but i think people are asking whether what we're seeing is the political instrumental isolation or aid and what you say is that the longer ability and the needs of the people are simply two grades in the short term un role will continue to seek ways to plug its funding gap germany among the first donor nations to promise extra money warning of an uncontrollable chain reaction if we're forced to shut down for sit out zero gemma's on refugee camp in the occupied west bank. as president donald trump has warned congress against interfering with the gauche ations on a new north american free trade agreement on nafta front says there's no need to keep canada and the packs a day after both countries missed a deadline to revamp the deal talks are set to resume next week on monday trump unveiled
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a new trade deal with mexico. the next case new congress is in session for the first time in twenty years left as politicians are in control and it's made up of almost as many women as men gentlemen reports from mexico city on what's behind the change president landscape and a president elect on dress manolo pets and. all of those it's a historic new mexican congress for the first time since democracy the left has a clear majority. for your own party morena and its allies with the board giving populist president elect and his money well lopez obrador a legislative power not seen in twenty years it's used to promise a new austerity plan that would hold the salaries of lawmakers and dramatically cut their perks bodyguards teams of consultants and international travel. they say something that a public tired of rich out of touch politicians needed to see. there can't be such
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a marked inequality in society so much poverty in the countryside and a group of privileged politicians with everything. there's another big shift for the first time they'll be almost as many female lawmakers as men in part the result of the quota system where there could be a different vision with women involved in the country's direction not just to highlight the problems we have like femicide domestic and social violence but to do things differently with sensitivity honesty dedication those values are more prevalent in women but there's a challenge ahead say female lawmakers getting more access to big policy decisions rather than just being relegated to so-called women's issues we can't yet see how this is all going to play out but congress is definitely opening with a real change of tone in particular the cuts to pay and perks of grab the attention but analysts say what's going to really make
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a difference is better oversight to how lawmakers are spending public money not just blanket cuts up until now there's been a real lack of checks and balances what a media change that should make politicians more willing to play the transparency game is reelection introduced for the first time i expect and i hope that this incentive structure will really focus on politicians to go more to their grassroots result in a virtuous circle of going more to the constituency and really tried to to get good results source source turned the boat this three years for the new rule makers to prove all know that this time around they're prepared to put the country before themselves john home and. mexico city. let's get more now on one of our top stories the u.s. isn't to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to pakistan. as a political analyst specializing impacts on the f.s.a. joins us now live from islamabad good to have you with us is the u.s.
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justified in this move. i don't think pakistan is happy with this move and obviously this is not an assistance this was a reimbursement of. the fund that pakistani forces incurred while operating against militants in haiti has close to a foreign border so the agreement was there on lady the americans had stopped five hundred million dollars of it and they had three hundred million dollars released to certification by the secretary of defense that pakistan has done enough so pakistan position was that this money we have already spent and you need to give us back by diffusing to do so americans have made it very clear to pakistan that it is not in their product at least and they are continuing with the state policy to deal with pakistan and obviously this is us this is a this is something that is not going to be you know appreciated in pakistani policymakers especially when we have a new government which is fighting to create
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a pop public image of being defined. gummi show and not a stooge of any outsider ok show me my father's life if i could just jump in because the u.s. decision is of course that pakistan hasn't done and nuff and therefore doesn't deserve to keep getting military aid from the us. i think pakistani policy because understand that drum part ministration ball pakistan to reunify they stand for them and pakistan says we can do that you have been there for seventeen years it is your failures don't try to skip goodbye he said i think this is the basic reason of recent a standing of mistrust americans think that pakistan can win the war for them enough by cracking down on militants control over and by closing down whatever sentries they accuse islamabad of sponsoring in the tribal areas this is value you
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have in pakistan diffused to accept the blame and by this time to turn this to washington saying that it is your failure not our failure we want to have good relationship with you but we cannot be not quite example you it is beyond beyond our capacity and you have to fix your problems in afghanistan but there's nothing new about these accusations is there i mean this isn't just the trumpet ministrations saying that pakistan isn't cracking down on groups fighting in pakistan indeed for a long time now it's been widely held is a widely held belief that pakistan is funding and helping such groups of bomb administration increase drain strikes and even went after osama bin laden without telling the pakistani intelligence services or government about. no the fact is that there were allegations and pakistan accepted part of it and that's why a pakistan military venti into the most rugged tribal areas of the tribe nor not
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federally administrated tribal areas that is very depressed pakistani military vendetta and to clear the areas of the militants it you know it came at a huge cost tens of thousands of pakistani died hundreds of soldiers died officers died but the problem is that it is not about pakistan not acting to us or you know information it is us which is asking pakistan to deliver a victory in afghanistan by you know advising taliban in their control to come to the negotiating negotiating table and by cracking down across the board on the western border with afghanistan i think the messaging from trump administration has been extremely negative for pakistan for example this reversal
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of reimbursement of funds coming just three days before secretary of state might bump us to get islamabad it is indication of relationship between pakistan and us going from worst from bad to worse it is going to have very it worse the action on both countries and especially pakistani policymakers will not look at it any you know with any help pull any sympathetic i own the other side of course i mean it could be an opportunity couldn't it to get relations back on track do you think there is going to be any room for negotiation showing this visit. the issue is why does america want from pakistan and can back you son deliver on that that is a key for pakistan has made it clear to us that it cannot be in the wording of what is done for them they have to do it bill is coalition force there is a hue i mean one trillion dollars americans have spent there the government of afghanistan is fighting in is this limited has gone up by international
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organization on the pakistani say against pakistan can deliver in the sense that pakistan if you know act against all those militants americans think that they are operating from their side but for that they need to have a trust level at least working on the first of january this year american president made a very you know you know very regrettable comment about pakistan that pakistani government has accusing pakistan of playing with lies and deceit with washington that intel and from david ongoing relationship is deteriorating and one doesn't see and only we see that pakistanis knows shifting its. profit is toward china russia and of course. thanks for joining us. moscow is celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of one of its most beloved
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places gorky park takes a look at the landmarks role in shaping the city and its history. ninety years old and looking pretty good for its age gorky park has firmly reclaimed its position as one of moscow's most popular attractions but the city is part of gorky has been reinvented numerous times through communism and post soviet decay to its current sleeker more modern face but it is. the park appeared and nine hundred twenty eight it was designed for their proletariat the new and young state need in a new and young place where their protests could relax there was an idea to create a park of culture and leisure where people could get educated and take a rest. well. it's energetic director betty glam invited the u.s.s.r. most talented artists and architects to shake the park even during world war two
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the park stayed open but when the soviet union collapsed in the early ninety's corkey parks crown slipped to it hosted some of russia's first raves and metal concerts but it's fairground rides became shabby he developed a reputation for crime that's all been swept away now beginning in twenty eleven a radical overhaul brought wife i she cafes labrat playgrounds and more these days gorky park is alive with visitors park's modern refit was the shape of things to come moscow it was the first major project of a huge and regeneration program that has been rolled out across the russian capital at a cost of billions of dollars. now much of modern moscow gleams to with riverside viewing platforms roadside swings and cycle paths the capital needed to revamp.
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but some of those who've watched moscow's transformation say it's no coincidence this all followed the anti-government protests of twenty eleven and twelve analyst alexander bound of things or thirty's chose to ignore calls for political freedoms but grants the classes a more livable city they try to isolate and by nish there they have protest activists but they made a lot of we can call it concessions we can call it improvements eliminated almost completely their low level corruption and in the improvement of the city environment and their gorky park was the first project in the first step of this direction. down or says the opposition is now split about whether to accept such gifts from the authorities everyone else meanwhile is down in the park were chalons al-jazeera moscow. at the venice film festival movie premiere.


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