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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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percent of the population are registered with a general practitioner. like george has signed up to kill extreme health center down on the two of them and it seems to. me the british special i don't know but that's what makes me feel. i'm going to look at both of. them if it's a dance that's linda stay in is a senior practice nurse to save money and free up doctors time patients who need minor ongoing treatment are cared for by nurses get to take the show off george if that's ok george has been coming here for seventeen years ever since he's been really. except that. there are babies quite a few years and i've been there and i've been tree with dr rock. the whole time
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and she's been really really great sibylla about it and made sure she's very very it's just how painful is it. what that's one thing is hopeful if you're in pain it's the lack of circulation you get sort of like an eighty x. mark if it breaks down infection can get it and then the cells around the leg getting infected so the leg swells up threats to fluid and we have to put one and biotechs. sachi looking much better isn't it to know what is in the can quite good and a dictator. if you go the doctor for. my love is in their hands and trust an insistence that. decision then move to the doctor a friend this world. george is not alone. in
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a survey ninety percent of the u.k. population say that they trust their doctors. knowing people well makes you a better doctor i think i'm better doctor because we have really good continuity of care here and i have patients who are my face it's who i know and they know me and i think that actually helps me practice better medicine. long term doctor patient relationships are particularly effective when it comes to treating patients with mental health needs. my name is how i come from china out of the region to kate. and. me now. i have not managed. a charter or i dream about going to ring when i was a kid i wish physically sexually abused are not now hard on living with this stuff. hannah suffered
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a nervous breakdown in her twenties and spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. know well enough to live within the community she's completely reliant on the state for her health housing and welfare needs. dr melanie gardner is her first port of call for any health concerns i like her because she's our. she make me laugh she makes me smile i don't just see it as a doctor a she was a friend of ours which is nice to not mean you get a good relationship with a doctor or make whole route to. primary care look sastre ninety percent of all patients experiencing mental health issues in the u.k. they make up a quarter of all consultations but not point men are after ten with dr gardner if you took a glance at hanna first off you think well she's not that well can't wonder what this person is all about. but if you can find something in that person that you
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connect with or you can identify with then everything else can kind of follow from that. how you're going. to avoid a really bad way are anything other than not measurable increase in value but it's a ok i can shuffle brain just make us read to shot myself if they are you fall asleep. and i cut in on the cage and you're scared ok on petrol hard. so this week has it been that you all that the nightmares are worse in themselves and more scary or is it that you're having the morning i think a week for mark a week can i just ask what you do when you wake up come up like a shaky maiden a word you're sort of panicky you really have been running i was reading a diet book the other day ok you know what my weight and i'm not i'm not for you
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from a right way and in the diet but i had a whole list of things you can do when you're not allowed to the yet obvious. is to control your eating but to distract yourself it's things like do a puzzle leaf through a catalog call a friend you know nails. i don't think you're taking this very seriously you know thought you know i read this list of things that distract you and i thought of you and i thought actually maybe this list might be helpful for you to look out a problem shared is it really does help to talk about things and just to feel listened to and feel acknowledged i didn't do that much today for example with hannah and talking about her past abuse i didn't do any big psychological intervention we didn't go into it really in any detail i tried to encourage her to be distracted the most important thing i did was say oh that's awful and listen and i really acknowledge what she was telling me and how awful it was and i think that she that's probably. the most support thing i did. ok thank you seems very self and
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done tuning in are coming around. bye bye bye bye it gives me the confidence to come i am confident that for him h. you need a competent building when you've gone for what i've got all you need to competence building and she get meat out of it and mentally ill people often find it very hard to access health care they may be scared of institutions or going into a hospital if you're quite a vulnerable fragile person can be very threatening by providing doctors and nurses that they can get to know we can encourage people who are quite from rable to be able to access health care in a way that hospitals. struggle today. the network of general practitioners free to visit at the point of need the yuki's health system one of the most accessible in the world for its citizens. it also saves money by keeping out of hospitals we are sort of one of the front doors of
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medicine really there's anybody two front doors one is general practice and one is a any. one of the. each appointment with a general practitioner because the health service thirty one pounds or forty eight dollars. is attending the x. intern emergency room. is about four times that at one hundred ninety one dollars. killick street has an average fifty three thousand five hundred appointments pay year each schedule to only ten minutes. we have a lot of training in dealing with problems in ten minutes the challenge comes when either it's a very very difficult problem very complex you don't know what's going on as a doctor so we have the ability to refer patients in to see a specialist or go for a test or whatever it may be patients can't really get into those systems without seeing the g.p. patients can only see a hospital specialist with
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a general practitioner or a feral each referral costs between two hundred thirty and three hundred ninety dollars. so there's a lot of pressure on us to make sure we use that in the right way really in a system which is stretched we have to justify that we are using specialist services appropriately louise for a country dr ben smith patient louise has come to ask him for her feral. pay to. have. yeah you know affairs you can see here we spoke you said that only shoulders it was housing out of this housing if i happened upon my soul to know you get a no pain down on him to his fellow man the. minute you prefer to live in bins you know the vast majority of the ferals like those a celtic street are based solely on the doctor's clinical judgment but recently some practices have been rewarded for non referral by the local health authorities
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in an effort to cut costs where the hope ability service has the right thing i don't know i don't mean a level where services is that you know is it where it is reviews actually perinatal it's the net and. so out which is. what i can i can have a little bit of a look into that service and see what the sort of criteria are for getting there but i suspect it's quite severe quite eerie but what often will be for me to refer you to was called the most this week also they will know about high probability surveys and they are able to refer you and start all suggest to me that are food into that i read a few i'm following you off with that you know it sounds like a i kind of to think. well there's a pacemaker friends that i've been seeing probably do appreciate that. this is a very specialized thing and you can make it through jump through hoops to fail you
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know maybe yeah that's right they appreciate. the reason. for that is my theory is they should hear from a clinic in a few weeks we have within four weeks or so posters. were right. thirteen million referrals are made in england each year a number that has increased by four million in the last seven years. patterns are monitored and there compared to other practices so we do see data where they were more or less than other practices you don't want to practice that over because that suggests that you may be not doing enough in primary care. the work of general practitioners is monitored by their local clinical commissioning group this is to ensure best medical practice in their area. national bodies such as the national institutes for clinical excellence produced guidelines to inform
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g.p.'s decision making particularly when it comes to prescribing medication. really is the change to do you. actually see willing to cheat we all struggle with the. this guy was the last one hundred last time coming. back you four legs yes. he did want to come in it was worse but still be. careful about prescribing not so much because people check up on us but the because we want to do best practice we want to follow national guidelines yes and in no time are. some cream up forty five miles or so moisturising cream we've got you down for a season back trickle we don't do a forty five i don't dispense free cards we are all the stress we have to do that
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usually what do you think of the best man god is good but if you don't like that one ultra bases are nuts and i said you most arising you know how i am about there's no evidence that says any particular difference between which moisturizing you create you cream use and another though very much the same local prescribing advisor t. want us to prescribe the cheapest what. cream and that's going to save one pound fifty four ok i think one pound fifty for not very important times that by hundred thousand people we can save hundreds of thousands of pounds by prescribing the cost effectively. i'm going to visit one of my regular patients. who normally comes the surgery actually but she's been quite ill recently she's got a very nasty skin condition on the ct epidural lysis below. which means she has blistering skin all over her body sort of on. her box but also inside her
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mouth around her eyes as well and she had a flare up recently which means keeping a lot of pain and. she's unable to come to the moment it is a life limiting condition. it's a fine balancing act by saving resources where they can general practitioners are able to add. more to those in greater need or highly feared bens where. hangs. by that high yeah you can if it's not too bad well i was in arctic out of all the heat and stuff in the month so i was you know more or less on the bugs i can even stand up to get into the chair and at the end of last week i was feeling a bit better in a bit more and so immobile and i wasn't really hurting some much like last week when my friends we were asked to go to this event and i was so kind of store that
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had to find out because we'd win the condition of the day it's allow i'm always. up to us and the kind of title that's kind of the bomb that because i start to feel ok and anyway ok so in terms of our sort of we can catch up with aggressive medications or anything you need me to sort out for you at the moment. but it's ok and mostly interesting here sky and shipped over the last few years thank us. bench role is to coordinate the cure lucy gets from various hospital specialists in particular it's his job to prescribe the expensive medication that she needs. while i'm aware that with many people with me be it can be into hundreds of thousands maybe goal and. i mean it can't be helped too and if there's not much we can use that is cheap it seems that what we have now and nothing is really an alternative who should be much worse some of the are now. i can't really see many
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of us would be around to leave it to the quality of cancers that would you rather see nice to see anyway good luck with a happy as all of. you. medication is very very expensive so i have quite a few conversations between the prescribing advisers about. the people who monitor our drug use want me to you know want to be clear that a medication is used properly because they can turn about the cost it cost thousands of pounds every month i'm not quite sure how much but it. is a lot but chiefly the needs of. meeting the medical needs of the u.k. population is an increasing challenge. since it has been found that the population is growing the population is a lot more people older people sicker people and people more worried about what's wrong with. less people
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a path to pay more taxes and it's just not going to work because far more invasive and expensive treatments on the same money less people are willing to pay more since the birth of the n.h.s. life expectancy has risen by thirteen years the population has grown by fourteen million and medical knowledge has advanced an unimaginable ways the pressure placed on primary care is building whether it can survive in its current form hangs in the balance and those changes are actually with us the stop treating the n.h.s. like a political football and changing the rules eg and every time the government changes or more. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really going to be a good thing freedom of the challenge is going to be. for men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't
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tell you what the fathers of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. a journey both dark. blue there's a very for everybody there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and woodies also the city has ascended you can see how i was introduced to it though when my father and my most or or chain fall king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven an hour just around. gang life this was our foundation from what. i tried to do some to different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on
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forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and max on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. hello i'm david and in london with the top stories on our libya's u.n. back government has declared a state of emergency in the capital tripoli after five days of fighting between rival armed groups at least thirty nine people have died in the violence and more than one hundred others have been injured forces backed by the government of
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national accord are said to have lost several strategic locations of delaware head is in tripoli we're getting reports from the battlefield that there are other forces from the mountainous city obs in turn also moving into the southern suburbs of the libyan capital to tripoli taking advantage of the key unique situation there also on the western entrance of tripoli forces from the western cities from the bill because it is in the worst of the country have been also moving into the capital tripoli the u.s. is canceling three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan saying it's failed to take action against armed groups the u.s. accuses islamabad not reigning in groups including the haqqani network and the afghan taliban president dahlan trump last previously said pakistan's taken billions of dollars in aid and given nothing in return a new u.s.
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army general is taking over command of nato forces in afghanistan general scott miller was sworn into his new role in the handover senate ceremony in the capital kabul now it is been facing criticism over its security strategy in the country with a recent spike in taliban attacks. six people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in somalia's capital mogadishu the bomber detonated his vehicle by a checkpoint outside a local government headquarters. human rights watch is calling for an end to all weapons sales to saudi arabia following the bombing of a school bus in yemen blasts last month on saturday the saudi amorality coalition admits that the attack was unjustified fifty one people including forty children were killed. church groups have gathered in the german city of cabinets to call for peace after days of anti violent violent anti immigration protests tensions have been rising often iraqi and syrian were arrested over the fatal stabbing of
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a german man well those are the top stories the people's health continues next. primary health care is the cornerstone of the u.k.'s national health service funded by the taxpayer it's a model for countries wanting more accessible and affordable health systems and it all hinges on a network of local doctors i really find it interesting meeting people because we always interesting people and you get to ask them personal questions about their lives and find out whether there will be a better job and you want to help and sometimes you can. general practices have always been small independent businesses contracted and paid for by the government is a complex business. there are about ten different ways to get paid solve it's to do
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with number of patients we have some quality some student report writing some bits through the education on the student politics some bits to do with training so it's crazy complicated which is exactly why we need a practice manager and an accountant to look after their side of things but ultimately the responsibility for success and failure is down to us so the stuff that. it's the annual financial meeting and the doctors are hoping for a clean bill of health. do they even if you go it's because it is optional it also. is we think that. each practice gets paid one hundred seventeen dollars pair patient pair year from the government. with additional funding streams like those for meeting health targets killick street gets an annual income of two point eight million dollars that is the. increase the movie. is needed is in profit it goes on the.
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more the prophecy of the fall because at last it was significantly down on the name before but now we're back where we were all. i said that we were. all. there you go at it we've only got of you guys actually a tiny bit so this this look of being great is not great it's just like it like it yes we've recovered from about. recent changes to government funding mean that inner city practices with a number of relatively senior g.p.'s like killick street are set to lose money. if we want to. see if you are. not open to. those who do believe because you're spending on primary care as a proportion of the health budget declined from eleven percent in two thousand and five to eight point five percent in two thousand and fourteen now it's less for
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doing more. of a total annual budget of one hundred fifty one billion dollars only thirteen billion dollars is spent on primary care. in this changes the bureaucracy every sorry ten round there change something that changed the point so they've changed the system because the stop treating the n.h.s. like a political football and changing the rules and every time the government changes or more often. in the u.k. general practice doctors train for ten years almost as long as hospital consultants and can be paid an equivalent salary of around one hundred forty thousand dollars a year yet they are on the frontline of identifying dangerous symptoms from harmless ones who have to be. missing cancers are another thing we always worry about risk some some can't is obvious when they're present but many times the first
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symptoms are quite mild. fashion journalist pepe has been a patient of killick st health center ever since is. dr field to send him for clinical tests. i mean you don't want to work for the side in my disease pulitzer all giving you my phone which is wrong. two thousand and seven i not feeling well and i had constant headache schools in iraq they went to my g.p. just dismissed markets and told me you have a headache you have to take a. it's not come it's are. and she would not refer me to a specialist the uki lags behind the rest of europe and cancer survival rates which some have picked and the fact that people can't go directly to a hospital specialist their general practitioners muster for them first i decided
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to go to a new health care is killing street i was able to go to the nose and throat specialist where i was told that i had cancer. dr trevor yellen has had to support pay pay through three bites of cancer. larry how do you i'm ok. so where are you in the process of treatment of fish. first of all and. nine zero zero zero they will tell me all it's well the future it's a big worry for him comes from a is that he will get a recurrence of cancer as you already have three that's more than enough for any person in their lifetime probably magic hospital is for him to be thinking about that. since the birth of the n.h.s. the work of the g.p. has changed and increased they are never of aging more key here that used to be
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given in hospitals we do our own investigations blood tests x. rays scans we have people in this building who can look after your feet. pregnant see your psychological have yeah if you've got alcohol problems if you got drug problems we've got work because he will help you with that. capitalism is a big problem in the u.k. and in this lenten i've got a handful of patients who are. unaware have alcohol problems and drink too much alcohol or alcohol this is something they used to cope with a difficult situation right come have a seat reason have an alcohol counselor is because there's good evidence that some of that can help intervene with patients like michael ok so we haven't met before not a selector saratoga one of the nurses here and one of your doctors who asked you to
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come in three meters to talk about your alcohol used so how much would you say you're drinking at the moment mark but just a lot of flu just a lot. yesterday for instance yesterday i checked and ok so averages about six counts a day. well that like for you actually all right so what's an average day which is a false report. ok. and how long has it been like that for would you say. back now for about. six months what would you like to do right deal is what we need to work out i just want to get help to get out of the health of so what do you think is a realistic level or what would you like to get back to zero two or three drinks or . even even though now. i'm thinking. drinking the beach fortunate i patiently so you what we say physically dependent really you know and
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it's quite dangerous for me to tell you to stop drinking immediately today may be the wrong advice there are things you crash ok if you want to stop drinking altogether we can do it we're recorded detox there and there is what we call a community detox you carry their breathalyzer in the morning to make sure you're a safe level and they give you a tablet to stop the shakes and that sort of thing or we can just try cutting down bit by bit. that for me thanks for coming you often find yourself playing go see you next week. cotton down stopping golf and quite difficult because of. that was because of me down drinking quiet. i've always done have always done well in my short of but sometimes that's my only companion. my partner passed right. five years ago to start realizing. how long i were. on. the start.
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in a polygon. book i know it from about need to really address them very seriously and trying to do that. often of god good man and john to help me along with. i like being busy. not so all i can often think and i need accountable. and increasing aging population is adding to the workload of primary care. by twenty fifty one in four people in england will be over the age of sixty five but you know the same you stay for. to appall. the best.
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so that's how we got to know each other illness doesn't just have physical consequences it affects all aspects of a person's life i was walking from one place. and i can now fast and i sometimes slipped on a wet leaf. and i had an invisible is simply a stroke. that changed our life. when i'm going thinking you know smoking which is what if you always think of not only stress it was just there if you or. i carried on working while talking to the time that she was a stroke of a fault or a stroke sufferers. recently william was admitted to hospital because of a nasty chest infection and has just returned to dr ben smith care. william
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was very sprightly for his age physically he was able to push his wife up and down hills and get her in out of the car and i you know for his age he was pretty good and he's gone relatively quickly to being worse than average i think for his age in terms of his breathing and what he can do physically he certainly someone's on my radar the moment because he's got a cute things going on that side or if you are fully on top of a lot of that is about getting him to as good a state as possible so he can look after his wife which is so important for both of them more than on a how are you. now things going. i was committed to oscar. we were a lot of things. as you. haven't just been in hospital you know. believed. growth. i would.
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be open to new coffee. she. strove. for and. with time short breath i want to watch you. from the world. and i just think you're reading daisy it sounds like older patients like william visit their general practitioners twice as often as the rest of the population. i mean i don't think i can form a miracle right now unfortunately. the lots of things going on here if this is auditor infection we infection the treatable so if we can get rid of infection then your body will take a few weeks to recover and as a reason you can't get back to how you were. if there's a progression of the underlying problem here to say this or the longest collapse the bit more or whatever the scam will show is that it's less easy belt to be to
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try to predict what's going on so i wouldn't want to give you an hour to read the words that i want to mislead you will give you false hope but incredible would have no hope because we know that you know a lot of the infection or all of us where most of. the older pairs and gets the more likely they are to develop more than one condition. increasingly managing these complex co-morbidities or in the hands of the doctors and nurses in primary care. their job is to ensure patients stay out of hospital. what we're checking is the thickness of the blood this gentleman's taking topic hold off a much deliberately think is a blood therapist differently because it can be effected by things in your diet we have to make sure that the blood stays within a therapeutic range from one point for their record down again.
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so let's see if we can find some sort trend what's going on has there been a time when because of either you've been away or not that you're eating has changed other you've been eating more of the shuttles or less vegetables or drinking more or drinking less i entirely run the clinic on my own i have complete control of what happens to the patients and keeping them within mange the thing about the wolf and it's about making the blood thinner but if it gets too thin the patients have the best of having major blades which could be life threatening and if it's not finished off then but risk of from both this. saw so heart attacks mists of taka fun just trying to find a way that we can or i did not know an underlying reason why it's swinging around so much when you get and the taliban we can't retrieve it exactly the same age here and you have what we call the similar type of vegetables every day of your life not every diet on which i remember one of our fighters with mashed potatoes and i'm not
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looking to start she said some looking at actual green vegetables but really very bad poll says or of more i've been weak. on a run of being. on their. order or brought in but not every day. because if you have dish every dish i recorded will have regarded it boring i wonder what brought them your risk of clotting so we've got to increase your medication getting patients to take responsibility for their own health is the new challenge facing health professionals in the u.k. it's the patient's responsibility to give us information we can gauge things on but you do have a responsibility for making sure that my practice is the safest possible otherwise you can be held liable in a court of law after change medications to see within a week so if you want to go. for the watchtower now i need to see in
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a week's time i'm on opiate that. or should be but of course. if you want to show me show you monday then on i think we're coming back on monday show we won't be going away that monday sometimes the patients attitude can be challenging i don't i don't actually want to name all the pressures on general practice are beginning to show. today doctors working in primary care have the lowest morale of those working in the n.h.s. . increasing numbers are retiring and there aren't enough being trained to replace them. there's a big problem in the u.k. of people in the general practice in droves because of the stress of paperwork and reduce financing so the government recently promised an extra five thousand
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physicians. back about how they're going to do that it seems a mystery to me it's not just individual doctors being lost but whole practices. the way that an individual small business like ours survives is is quite precarious . there are about thirty seven three year clothing from two thousand and thirteen to two thousand and fifteen around fifty practices closed in england alone yet in uncertain times their work remains essential with austerity where this is the crash of patients are being under a huge amount of pressure with people having less money. and that puts an added pressure on us because it makes people will. it actually made people medically unwell and mentally unwell dealing with that sort of thing and then we pick up the pieces and also people then come to us for a lot more medical letters to try and sort out benefits and so on the g.p.'s have
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picked up the pieces of so many people's lives in their community and turned them around. for the past year michael has got on top of his drinking. apart from gardening he's no training to become a kid. john and without ben. there's no such childish dundonian non. non basically band is team around in. the shape of life and not on their amount but logic is a year on here i on. enjoy myself an issue because. of that my g.p.a. healthful is understanding you listen. even read those listen he doesn't interrupt you when you're talking and any patient even though i'm a patient he's more patient. it's nice to know you've got someone now when you thought it up when you need them it really is.
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unfortunately these committee doctors can't save everyone. in february two thousand and fifteen. lissie passed away. with or without of course a young person who had such an incredibly positive stoical approach to things when they succumbed to the real us it's horrible really loose i just she's probably my favorite ever patient perhaps when her favorite patients but i mean just her approach to life was extraordinary given her condition. with a horrible horrible condition which affected all parts of our body but she still maintained such a positive attitude the vast majority of the time and i think she's probably the only place i've ever cried about when she died they found it really really upsetting.
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i thought the yellow compassionate patient centered care is not just desirable it's cost effective. it makes it essential if the health care system is going to meet the challenges of a gruelling ageing population. mr indian is seventy four years old his parkinson's and dimension have left him housebound chevre has been providing his palace of care for the last five years that is once the find out how things have been since last week the condition in the coffin here their reality right now we just continue coughing and couldn't breathe and are forty four million sitting mar from my sat and talked to him sort of it health prevention but if the conference starts we don't have to look at that now and then when i get back the surgery i make sure they come in next twenty four hours and we'll probably increase the collective range of what's known as things going how you. it's nice to see you
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always feel so nicely that i come along and let's not rest position this side. if you do wants to him and if they have a caring family then we assume that that is what they want that the family wants to have and we do what we care and to enable that to happen. thank you. thank you very much ok this. got that the temperature there michael feel the touch in your skin his chest and there to hear the secretions i call him anything over the predictions so i definitely need to increase the creation medication can you think how much money and solace saved in the n.h.s. by looking after that themselves if he was in hospital or nursing. he would be the cost of a lot more money so actually doing the country a massive favor by look you know that. led to a much better job. for a very n.h.s.
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a fortune thank you very much also you saying ok. bye bye bye bye. with an emerging aging population this compassionate care becomes vital for the survival of the whole system. but often also. ordering. the u.k.'s primary health care is still held up as a model around the world. the country and its medical needs may have changed. but the power of patient centered primary care remains. few things of the same or idle cultures but i think all countries have some sort of medicine people used to their g.p.'s impression that will still be here and sixty years no doubt the political scene will have to change in the bureaucracy though change no doubt will be more. something to the heart of general practice will be the same
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that relationship between doctrine patient. you know holistic thoughtful relationship and it's really difficult and patient difficult. works difficult and there's too much to do and not enough time and some days give you a hard time vanity. and. have nice you know it's one time thing. go off. nineteen is experience and show practice it's not long enough to see in a few things come and go it is a bit more perspective but that's probably another maybe twenty years to get with me so by that time i'm like. i know everything. each day around one million people in the u.k. see their g.p. without these gatekeepers the cherished ethos that the national health service can provide care free at the polling to meet would disappear. the future holds many challenges but primary care remains to precious
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a jewel in the yuki's craving for it to be lost. the weather's losey far to try across much of australia not all that we've got a little bit of cloud into the southeast and colder pushing up towards new south
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wales and will be some showers coming in here we need the right so that's not a bad thing want to see showers there just around sydney on monday seventeen celsius a cool and breezy for tasmania radel safe melbourne fourteen degrees here sixteen there for adelaide but nine say empath temperatures have falling back as we go on into tuesday up bits and pieces a cloud of rice started to push across the bike and buy shoes day well temperatures now higher than about sixteen in sydney if anything was welcome sallis they will be a little more widespread they nuts their way up into the gulf coast into the sunshine coast nineteen celsius there for breeze been no shortage of rain for new zealand over the next couple of days or so moving through pretty quickly having said that lots of cloud around as she can say and out west the weather will make its way right across the country as we go on through the next hour say for monday dry weather starting to push into south on a nine celsius the christ yes some wet weather some wintry weather sending over the high ground but it should start to quieten down for the middle part of the week now for the middle part of the way japan will see the typhoon typhoon j.v.
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making its way in a trial going on monday them but that wet weather the windy weather the flooding right start to push in but i'd choose day. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. witness on al-jazeera. our jews here. and. where every. leader
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learn as europe's public opinion shifted polls for slavery's abolition girl out of there for you where say human exploitation took on new forms as full slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution this true slavery is not the black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality it is the legacy for all of those slavery's new frontiers part three of slavery it's on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. ellen malcolm behind the big apology on watching the auxerre news hour live from london it is good to have you here with us coming up. libya's u.n.
5:49 am
backed government declares a state of emergency as rival armed groups battle for control of its capital tripoli. the u.s. plans to cut three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan blaming a lack of action against armed group. in the region. at least six people are dead after a large bomb explodes in the somali capital of mogadishu. and russians celebrate the ninety of the great they have a much loved this in the heart of moscow's jungle. and i'm touching on the front has lived all day sports is the eighteenth agent games come to a close will wrap the events of the last fortnight and denise's capital jakarta for you later this hour. libya's un backed government has declared
5:50 am
a state of emergency in the capital tripoli after five days of fighting between rival armed groups thirty nine people have died in the violence and more than one hundred others have been injured forces backed by the government of national accord are also said to have lost several strategic locations and adding to the chaos some four hundred detainees are said to have escaped after a riot at a prison and the southern suburbs of the capital now a un brokered cease fire collapsed on saturday and civilians are getting caught in the crossfire of indiscriminate shelling. had has been to the site of one rocket attack. this is part of the rocket that killed it to the top floors since the beginning of the clashes that broke out a week ago. many civilians were killed by ugandan rockets as the ministry of defense says and as the family members tell us here they're ok but it landed here
5:51 am
and killed their top songs and you can also see you know their. remains of the explosion here on this one. whole. team that the market was the explosion was very strong. it's hard to watch here was also destroyed by the explosion which. is a state of panic among civilians especially with random rockets stray rockets landing in densely populated areas and it seems that the government of national movement is not a strong enough to put an end to this conflict people here and so many people in tripoli. blaming the government for not doing enough to stop this conflict now cloudera xeni is
5:52 am
a senior libya analyst at the international crisis group and speaking from neighboring to near zero she explained the differences between the groups are vying for power and libya. well first of all the armed groups that have been mobilizing towards tripoli this past week armed groups from neighboring cities in the tripoli outskirts one thing that had been building over the past few months is the street sent in by the news. so the main cities in this case i mean. resentment from these communities and there are groups for their absence from the capital and they say that the armed groups in the capital which are tripoli based groups commanded by people who are from tripoli let these groups and their leaders actually control this state and the greater accusation that has been made is that these armed groups are tapping into the state resources and actually calling the
5:53 am
shots of what the internationally recognized government does so these i'm groups from outside tripoli want to move into the capital they say to get rid of these tripoli armed groups that are dictating the agenda in the capital and on the government they say to end this predation that they are carrying out of the state resources and said create a restart of the political roadmap but of course you know these armed groups are very loosely associated to one another they're from different political orientations the group into who now has elements from the old gadhafi regime military in it the group from misrata is an islamist leaning armed group and there's no coherent strategy that that they share except for wanting to move into the capital so these current maneuvers have the potential of creating even more chaos in the capital the only power that this government has is first of all
5:54 am
dictated by its international recognition so the power that it has in part is linked to the fact that the u.n. security council supports it and key west. these u.s. u.k. france italy recognize it and have been supporting it throughout these past three years but in terms of power on the ground there are only backers. groups from tripoli that i mentioned earlier and few others from western libya they do not control the east of the country and there has been growing frustration towards internationally recognized government for its inability to to change the dynamics on the ground it has been you know it's supposed to be a unity government officially it's called the government of national accord because it stemmed out of a political negotiation process that was supposed to unify the country but it has been unable to bring together a political unification a military unification it has been unable to improve economic living conditions
5:55 am
just last week or two weeks ago it announced that it would it would it would not be able to implement the economic reforms that libyans have been wanting and needing in order to alleviate their living conditions and so you know there is extreme popular dissatisfaction towards these this government and you know in these past few days as the military escalation was taking place in tripoli we also saw announcements from the parliamentarians of the house of representatives that tobruk based parliament. members of the state council the tripoli based sort of rival parliament public statements in which they asked the presidency council to step aside and call on the u.n. to restart political negotiations so these military this military escalation is happening with the backdrop of the popular discontent towards the government but unfortunately there's no you know clear negotiation for negotiating format on how to go ahead and rethink a political
5:56 am
a new political set up of the country and of course there is there is the big risk that. if we embark on that then there will be power vacuum in tripoli for some time and nobody at least none of the big internationals like the idea of a power vacuum. the united states is canceling three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan because of its failure to take action against armed groups the u.s. accuses islam about of failing to deal with the violent networks operating on its soil including the haqqani network and the taleban president trump pass in the past is pakistan of taking thirty three billion dollars in aid and giving what he says nothing in return and he calls them lies and deceit pakistan insists it has spent billions of dollars in aid on the battle against armed groups tensions come just days before a meeting between the u.s. secretary of state my pump ale and the new prime minister iran khan and islamabad. a common hi there has this update from the capital the u.s.
5:57 am
moving likely to affect the. start happening and its peril will be meeting the pakistani prime minister amer on khan who had been elected recently the new government and already said that it warns in a new direction for a. concern. in the united states. to improve relations with moscow over here and go forward. as far as training of this concern coming off to the u.s. a similar program which has been in place for decades the u.s. will be interested to discuss ideas on and of the americans are already talking to the taliban directly and it will be important to see what kind of expectations they bring forward as far as bug astonished concern by the new government is likely to tell the americans that the new relationship between the two countries has to be
5:58 am
based on mutual respect by august on had already rejected. administration. and buggiest on. taking dictation from the united states anymore. i met her she is a journalist and the author of several pakistan several books on pakistani politics and he says the u.s. hasn't seen enough positive action from pakistan to continue sending aid the major u.s. demand is for pakistan to if you like deliver the collar bomb in other words push to college who are living in pakistan to push them into peace talks with the americans and the kabul government and it appears that the americans are very frustrated that pakistan is not doing it's not fulfilling that demand pakistan for its part says that we're doing what we can the maximum but the caught up on a very stubborn imraan and said that he want to improve relations with the u.s.
5:59 am
but he's also very much known for his anti american views and his views certainly fit in very well with the military who's who which is also becoming very anti american now this eight package does represent a significant sum is specially pakistan has a lot of u.s. weaponry which is going to need spare parts and things like that now all that meant might now be. under this bond and even bill paxon says it will turn to china to provide weapons and to provide military aid and also economic aid i don't know whether china can provide all the months that pakistan is looking remember remember the huge financial crisis syria backside needs about twelve billion dollars in the next couple of weeks in order to stave off a going bankrupt simply any u.s. army general is taking over command of nato forces in afghanistan general scott
6:00 am
miller of a sworn into his new role in a handover ceremony in the capital kabul has been facing criticism ever its security strategy in the country but the spike in taliban attacks recently. world recognizes that afghanistan cannot be a safe haven for terrorism. the world recognize we cannot say. i know this is not a long fight and it has been generations. for us. for the afghan people. i understand the reason we're fighting i know why we're here and i don't care. to export more murder. and threaten everybody's. going to be stored and ready to get reacquainted with their afghan partners. distinct honor to work with the afghan government in the afghan people. at least six people including two children have died in
6:01 am
a suicide bomb attack in somalia's capital mogadishu the bomber detonated a vehicle by checkpoint outside.


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