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tv   Jane Goodall  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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that he can get somebody. but the young want. to sit down. and. in the final part of a six part series filmed of of five years. the people of new can still fight for their land claims the village chief is imprisonment. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the soccer club crackdown the concluding part of the economy china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera.
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travel often. by tranquil waters and purple forests may provide white walls books of orange. on cities. on sundry incentives. in the middle of everything. is that so. i icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. made place of cloudless the moon talking to. it's the places you've trained of elementary school. when you live for adventure. and discover hidden chops when you're warm inside when it's warm on the outside because moments make memories of following places closer than anything. going is together these cats are always. capturing
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a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to the well will be. sacrifices that. is going to be so. old all. witness on al-jazeera. today is a sad day for me and more reuters journalists well known and trust and the press everywhere. international condemnation of the two reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in prison for breaching mere mile state secrets law.
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hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha on martine's and there's also coming up a state of emergency is declared in libya after days of fierce battles between rival groups. president she welcomes african leaders to beijing as concern grows that china's help is driving the continent deeper into debt. a fire at a two hundred year old museum in brazil destroys latin america's most important collection of treasures. the first has been international condemnation of the me and decision to jail to reuters journalists while known and child so who were found guilty of possessing state secrets and sentenced to seven years behind bars they were arrested in december while investigating the killing of range of muslims by mere. wayne hey
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ripple. instead of walking free while alone and taken from court and back to prison throughout this ordeal the reuters journalists had remained defiant and positive and that continued even after hearing that being sentenced to seven years in jail. this is directly challenging the democracy and media freedom of our country we will calmly face the situation with our best efforts in the appeal since we do do not. anything we have no fear we are going to do our best to face it was the verdict was widely condemned reuters says it will not give up and is considering what steps to take next today is a sad day for me and maher reuters journalists wallowing in chaucer who and the press everywhere these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press the journalists were arrested in december last year as they
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were investigating an arbitrary execution of ten reading in men by soldiers and militia the prosecution's case into don secret documents the reuters writers head at the time of their arrest but while lone inch or so to say they were framed testifying that those papers were given to them by the police who moments later arrested them it seems that in doing their job they had gone too far in the minds of the military that still the most powerful force in me and my family has been unfairly accused we have been convicted of breaching the official secrets act we performed according to media ethics we didn't do anything harmful towards our nation and we didn't commit any crime however they decided to convict us anyway. the verdict will heap more international pressure on me and mas leader aung sun suu kyi once a campaigner for freedom of speech and human rights she remained largely silent throughout the trial who government now has the ability to issue pardons for while loan and. to journalists imprisoned for investigating
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a crime signaling the end of media freedom in myanmar wayne hay al jazeera bangkok . more now for reuters regional editor for asia kevin colicky. already been written all or eight months in separated more families that have young families on so soon as a young daughter who hasn't been able to see her father in court or where the most of the past year or while on have some new more impulse he's never met them what happened today was an injustice heartbreaking for the families it threatens the freeman grasping the rule of law and myanmar and the capital of man this has been a judicial process with respect to the difficult process we presented the case a compelling case and any fair reading of the evidence at trial that shows that long chance they were innocent and today's verdict unfortunately provides for tragically the one who are those in the police we sought out real time on the mass
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killing of ten men and on the right time state several years ago there was a story on shows they were on the fourteenth to conduct their arrests it's only been a few hours since we had a verdict and you know john district court. you've already seen it widespread and uniform international response to what happened today we want to talk to the families who are warriors and advised theirs and we want to pursue every avenue the bill of all to us the government of myanmar now has an opportunity and responsibility to do the right thing and how does there again this mahmoud to say this but more than six hundred days in egypt without challenge hussein is a case of brokaw saying for scenes and receiving foreign funds to defame egypt state institutions he endowed his era strongly denies the allegations and then that one of his demanding his release. iraq first parliamentary session since the
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disputed election in may is currently underway eleven political groups have agreed to create a coalition which would make the largest bloc in parliament now this grouping is comprised of those who are loyal to the influential cleric. and prime minister hyder on about in between them they have one hundred seventy seven members of parliament which gives them an outright majority not a hashimi as director of middle east studies at the university of denver he says the stakes are high for the new alliance. this is a coalition government that is the most inclusive and i would say representative iraqi government since the two thousand and three american invasion it includes both iraqi shia sunni and members of various religious minorities and what's positive about that development is it marks
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a transition from previous iraqi governments that were very sectarian based most of the key players have a nationalist political agenda that is geared toward developing iraq for all iraqi citizens not catering to the at ethnic or sectarian interest of one point particular group so in that sense there's a lot to be optimistic about whether they can address the immense political social economic and environmental challenges that you rocky society is facing remains to be seen the stakes are are huge you know your rock is a failed state it's. been deeply affected by a sectarian war by the rise of isis which has been you know crushed but not comprehensively i think defeated and some of the you know key challenges. that iraqis are facing are the normal things that developing societies struggle with unemployment corruption the delivering of public services. in southern iraq for
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several months now there have been ongoing protests over the question of access to clean drinking water you know tens of thousands of iraqis have are check themselves into hospitals over water poisoning. and there's been no one that has been able to really you know stand up and address you know these issues the hope is that this new you know iraqi coalition government being much more inclusive and representative will begin to address these challenges the safety measures he's been declared by the u.n. backed government in libya after only a still week of fighting in the capital tripoli at least forty one people have been killed and one hundred others have been injured most of them civilians forces backed by the government of national code have lost several strategic locations to a breakaway faction groups a battling for territory near the city is only functioning airport mahmud up to what head reports from tripoli. has the law is in mourning.
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a stray rocket killed two of his nephews when they were playing in this garden they were fifteen and fourteen years old he said as. the boys were torn apart by the rock at their pleasure are scattered everywhere why is that it just came down from the sky we don't know where it was launched from. but if the explosion was huge say eyewitnesses sure up near flow in all directions and damage it everything seven days of fighting between rival armed groups have taken a heavy toll on civilians. the seventh infantry brigade from the city of hona and its allies from the city of misrata have recaptured civil as threat t.g. cloke asians in the southern suburbs of tripoli the armed groups that have the support of the you and backed government of national accord have retreated to the
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city center random shells have a strike everywhere here a rocket penetrated the ceiling despite this terkel turkey says his family was lucky they were gathered in another room when their architected saw. everything shattered into pieces and smoke was stored bans for the night when everybody was screaming my biggest concern is look for the kids and get them away. civilians have been killed or wanted by stray rockets during the past week but it is not known exactly who was firing then and rival on with groups battling for control of the area are accusing each other of being behind the attacks. armored groups have been fighting for control of the capital. the tripoli base the
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government does not seem to be strong enough to rein them in. and his family are blaming the government for not doing enough to protect them. but. in libya the fears that civilians will continue to be targeted. tripoli brazil's president says hundreds of years of history have been destroyed in a massive fire at the national museum the two hundred year old building in rio de janeiro was engulfed in flames as workers tried to save some of the twenty million items inside it held some of the region's best preserved human fossils and ancient egyptian artifacts a fog department spokesman said that efforts to fight the blaze were delayed because hydrants in the museum weren't working. good to him. it's a loss for the world this can never be recovered for the people of the building there's no way to get it back thankfully no one died but the loss can never be
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recovered. we'll be you. know i just saw a piece of my history the house of the emperor where the emperor don pedro the second of brazil used to live being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i am devastated. still to come here at the japanese photographer he takes you back in time how he captures the present while preserving the past. and i'm sorry for sit in one of the last places you might expect to find high level showjumping right here in the gaza strip. it's raining heavily again you'll not be surprised to hear it in the philippines just north of the capital in news on one hundred twenty millimeters or thereabouts
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in twenty four hours a day heaviest rain seems to been drifting a little bit further south in the last twenty four hours. in front.


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