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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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into the african countries internal affairs no imposition of our will on african countries no attachment of political strings to assistance and no seeking selfish political gains in investment and finance corporation in the values that it promotes in the manner that it operates and in the impact that it has on african countries folk refutes their view that a new car on your list is taking hold in africa as i want to talk to us would have us believe algis there is a brown was at the summit. sent us this update. this is a gathering where china's leaders are still among friends and on monday president xi jinping repaid that gratitude announcing that china would be approving more than sixty billion dollars worth of financing to africa he also said that a quarter of that figure would be free of interest and he also addressed the issue
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of debt he said those african countries who were unable to pay off what they owed china by the end of two thousand and eighteen would not have to he also said that this offer was open to those countries which had diplomatic relations with china of course there is just one country left on the african continent that does not that is swaziland so clearly president xi jinping was making an overtures to the leaders of that country this is a gathering that has brought together heads of state political leaders from more than fifty countries in africa and this is a gathering that is very much aimed not just to the world but also a china's people because china's leaders have been able to say we have brought together all these heads to state all these prime ministers who come from a continent where increasingly china is the major investor brown in beijing there
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while china is africa's biggest trading partner business between the continent an emerging superpower amounted to nearly one hundred seventy billion dollars last year has several large scale projects across the continent as part of his so-called belt and road initiative it aims to provide economic trade and infrastructure links between china and seventy one countries around the world by sea and land it has provided at least one hundred twenty five billion dollars in loans over the decade leading up to twenty sixteen africa is one of china's largest surprise of oil and other commodities and the continent is also important to china militarily establish their first overseas base in djibouti and you can satchel is a financial analyst and the c.e.o. of rich management which is a financial and political advisory firm he says the concerns about debt in africa as eyelids. real wire is now about that truck diplomacy we've seen
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what's happened to the hambantota port in sri lanka where the chinese have taken it for ninety nine years because the sri lankans couldn't make that infrastructure pay and there's a worry on the continent that this infrastructure has been inflated in price and is highly unlikely to make a return on investment that is necessary for these countries to get in order to pay back the debt and the african citizens increasingly queering some of these projects and increasingly it's becoming becoming very obvious that many of them are white elephants and i think a lot of folks are now beginning to worry i think there is the future of senior african relations is going to depend entirely on how china manages this situation a debt situation which is spiraling out of control and this is why western powers that be have been nosing around we've had to raise the main town merkel in town last week who revisited president trump not to long ago it's because they can sense
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the opportunity and they can sense the problem does africa benefit from its relations with china that was the subject of a very interesting discussion on a recent edition of inside story senegalese president michel describe china as africa's natural ally but should african countries be wary very interesting discussion with adam a gay and chinese economy is down one among others if you've missed it on t.v. watch it on our website at al-jazeera dot com has not returned to our top story and there's been widespread international condemnation as we said after two reuters journalists were sentenced to seven years in prison by a court in myanmar joining us now from london is a wreck of incent who is the u.k. bureau director for reporters without borders thank you very much for your time first of all what's your reaction to this verdict was this a politically motivated decision in your opinion. oh it was absolutely politically motivated reporters without borders considers this conviction and sentencing
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absolutely appalling these two courageous journalists should not have spent a day behind bars in seven years as the simply unthinkable they're both young fathers and the separation from their families is this horrid and the two journalists of course insist they were framed they were a lot of holes in the case contradictory accounts from prosecution witnesses a police officer even admitted to framing the journalists and yet that wasn't enough for the government to stop punishing these two reporters what do you think myanmar's government is sending here as a message. it's something the wrong message really that its priorities are not press freedom and human rights that instead of you know addressing wrongs and holding those responsible to account that it is and start going to punish those who told the world the truth about what's happened the entire case as you said was was based on fabricated evidence it was a set up and a police captain admitted to that in the preliminary hearings he's also been targeted he's now been sentenced to a year in prison himself and i want to read to you
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a comment here rebecca from one of our viewers on facebook a comment i read earlier and it's a question that a lot of people are asking today where is entente sochi on this case susan he says whatever happened to the woman who won the peace prize as a prisoner and she says she really admired her and yet what we're hearing now is silence from the civilian government of myanmar silencer on sons who cheat in response to this case. do you think the civilian government can step in reverse this decision or is it actually powerless. of course that has the power to reverse this decision we don't believe that the judicial system made this decision on its own it's not a country that respects the rule of law this is not an independent decision and it could absolutely be reversed these men should be set free we are asking the same question where is uncertainty why is she silent on this her silence has frankly become shameful she should use her influence not only to release these innocent man but to improve the situation for press freedom and to address the the many other
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great human rights abuses taking place in the country what do you make of the reaction we've heard today from western countries like the u.k. and how do you think and see this decision affecting relations between western countries endian mommy and mars been very desperate to try to improve relations with the west do you think the west has a role to play here the west does have a role to play and i was encouraged to see a number of statements condemning today's sentencing however i feel some of the statements were too weak the u.k. ambassador statement which was also made on behalf of the other e.u. member states expressed extreme disappointment but stopped short of calling for their release and so we would encourage all governments that weigh in on this and all policymakers who speak up to call for their release because they shouldn't be behind bars thank you very much for your reaction rebecca vincent from reporters without borders joining us on the news great from london now germany's giving more than one hundred fifteen million dollars in emergency aid to the countries of the
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lake chad region that's on top of nearly three hundred million dollars already promised to help bring political stability and before development and infrastructure germany's foreign minister says the money is in europe's interests. they're doing this we are doing this because we know that security is only works together and because as europeans we are convinced that regional cooperation as it's happening around late charges right now emerged our full support for distance of or leg chad is crisscrossed by four countries nigeria nis air cameroon and chad the inland lake is a source of water for as many as thirty million people but due to climate change and population growth is shrunk by ninety percent since the one nine hundred sixty s. that on top of poverty and conflict has forced more than two million people from their homes and the u.n. says it's left more than ten million vulnerable is also according to those attending the berlin conference created a space for groups and i still to flora she will be speaking to are there as paul
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brennan who's at the conference in berlin right after this report from al-jazeera is in the nigerian city of my degree. are ok you mohammed has brought two children to this hospital. she says its last hope to see them. i brought my four year old daughter here for treatment and my son was also diagnosed with severe and acute malnutrition he's been like this for a long time as trailers muhammad looks she says he's in a better shape than his sister who were not a lot from. a few kilometers from the clinic is a big hospital dealing with cases like mohamed. this is one of the two facilities run by doctors without borders. dedicated to treating creates a source of acute malnutrition cases three years since the first discovery of faces of from many hundreds of patients still come to these facilities as. they mostly
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displaced persons but also residents of the city that has been struggling with nine years of life or to. the hospital is already full with more patients waiting to get it. doctors are now faced with the difficult choice of either turning away patients. and lowering standards. in the bartman for the moment. the younger patients are coming back every two weeks for a follow up visit. how their nutrition is improving and we have a seventy two bed facility for him patients who are severely malnourished patients with complications where we're having for the moment about ninety to one hundred new admissions per week. thousands of displaced people have returned to their villages in northeast nigeria but it's still too dangerous to go out to farm because of fear of attacks by boko haram fighters the united nations says more than
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ten million people need urgent assistance in the lake chad region most of them in nigeria's northeast hundreds have already died because unfortunately just in the last three years you might just see workers and the displaced say they're worried about doing a fatigue if that happens they fear thousands more could die. al-jazeera maiduguri and covering this make conference for a. whole brett brennan who joins us from berlin so paul any early breakthrough was at the conference. well there have been some pledges early doors were in a two day conference and this is day one so they will continue to develop as the conference goes on but i can give you some better figures sorry germany for example has pledged one hundred sixteen million dollars the e.u. has pledged one hundred sixty million dollars belgium and spain have also chipped in with around seventeen million dollars and france has pledged one hundred million
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dollars now these are just early bids and the estimated need according to the u.n. is one point five six billion so there's still a long way to go to meet that target but as far as addressing the situation in the lake chad basin it is a complex issue it's not just money it's not just humanitarian aid and to discuss that is. the regional director for west africa for the world food program. now if i can ask you. we've heard from other people here who have their own priorities what is the world food program's priority for the lake chad region we have to produce the first priorities is to continue the humanitarian assistance that we have program through to people who are in the in discussion groups look for come cruising through doing nigeria. cameroon and.
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humanitarian assistance because a year ago or a bit more than a year ago when we met in post-war if you remember the issue at that time was how to rush to funding we collectively managed to avert it but it's not yet finished we must continue to jobs and to continue to do. about one point two million people who really every month need food assistance why is it so difficult to get what's necessary into those areas. that need before getting to that the second proprieties you asked me is to get the funding which is required to assist them this is why we are gathered here now what you raising is the issue of access to the population in that area you have to understand that are still some military activities only go if. we are harmed
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but by us in security and there are some area where the military not giving us the green light to go because it's very done for us and we know that there are people who are desperately in need in those areas who must receive our support it's been described as the world's most neglected crisis we've had previous conferences we've had previous pledges are you concerned that the money that is pledged doesn't always make it into the bank balance of those people that actually need it what we want is to make sure that any pledges made here today. will be credited into the different bank account of the people who are supposed to receive it we have see him in previous conference where a big difference between the pledges. you know translating into. reality but i am
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confident that the pledges of god made today will be materialize very shortly certainly here so thank you thank you very much indeed the regional director of the world food program that is today conference today was they want more to more thank you paul brennan lifeforce in berlin if you get a chance check out this great photo feature on our website that shows the effects of climate change on lake chad many of the people who have been displaced bible koran violence now face a different threat disappearing fish stocks that make it difficult for them to make a living or feed their families some great photos on their at al-jazeera dot com. if you're watching us on facebook live coming out tired from a is left disabled by pesticides deliver a message to their country and the world and still ahead on the news great a lot of facts history and knowledge goes up in flames as fire destroys one of brazil's oldest museums to stay with us.
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and it still remarkably hot in iraq kuwait you may not be surprised by this for you might be surprised by the level of the temperatures there's nothing in the sky to stop it so you end up with some of the shooting up to nearly fifty mark that we had fifty in basra a couple days ago but forty eight forty nine is a regular occurrence now that of course is he exists only here it's about five degrees cooler in baghdad and near the coast in kuwait city but it's still the hot zone clearly it's cooler higher ground in iran and back towards the coast lebanon israel for example thirty's nothing much else to changes on chill breeze which is pleasant enough to decide there isn't and i want a significant breeze blowing size so it's humid around the gulf states which is where it should be. less so in september admittedly but with still there so i was
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got the southwest breeze so it's still cloudy and drizzly here which is consistent was time the year from the look on the satellite picture you'd see significant rain running through south africa the study has been some all of it welker of course both western and eastern cape want this sort of winter right as for next twenty four hours a bit of a breeze ahead of the cloud building cape town that green streak he's very promising rain should well be on the way.
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right. either learn as europe's public opinion shifted coolest a slave or his opposition girl out of there for you where the human exploitation took on new forms as a whole slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution is true slavery is not a black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality it is the legacy for all of us the slaveries new frontiers part three of slavery links on al-jazeera the. man i am a. bad
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guy is on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com and pakistan's foreign minister reacting after the u.s. decision to cancel three hundred million dollars in security assistance to his country the pakistani foreign minister downplaying the announcement saying the amount was a reimbursement and not assistance also travelling at number two a hama blow myanmar expect verdict on orders condemned widespread international reaction as we've said on the great day after the decision by
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a court in leon want to sentence to reuters journalists to seven years in jail also trending in iran surveys cost. it needs to be cleaned out the northern province in syria which are still under rebel control and another story that's trending everybody vying for a piece of the pie a what pie you ask if libya and we'll have more on that story coming up later on the grades but in the meantime you can read more about those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. i want to take you to argentina now where the president has announced a series of cost cutting measures to help stabilize the spiraling currency first sought maurizio mockery says he'll get rid of half the government ministries and reinstate export taxes on agriculture products argentina's requested a fifty billion dollar relief package from the international monetary fund that's resulted in protests across the country. but agree. to cover what's missing during this transition that's become an emergency we'll ask those who have more
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capacity to contribute i'm referring to those who export in argentina that your contributions a great. deal of people who are in regard to our governing team have made the decision to reduce the number of ministries to list them half given the moment that's ahead of us i've decided to reduce my cabinet even more so we can give the upcoming agenda or a more focused response for these changes we're doing to our team and with the advances we're making with the i i mean we begin to overcome the crisis while always always taking care of those who need it the most. and let's go live to their cerise a bow who's in buenos aires for us where protest is underway to resize it behind you but before that let's turn to what the president has said during his address a short while ago it seems this economic crisis is turning into a political one. almost definitely i'm right in front of the agro industry ministry where people have gathered to protest the lay of
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around six hundred workers and this is something that happened last week but are some of the austerity measures that the government of modi somebody have started to implement in order to reduce the fiscal deficit and this monday the government has tried to in a way relaunch its government because it's been going through some of the most difficult days since we took office three years ago the currency has devaluated in the past year one hundred percent and this is a major issue for the current administration because it translates the government has lost investor confidence and that's what the government is trying to regain in a way and that's why they may be announcements this monday of reintroducing export taxes a measure that was implemented during the administration of former president christina for an understood and that was heavily criticized. only by the opposition but also by the agricultural sector they also are going to reduce ministries and also
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announced a bonus to help argentina's most vulnerable the big question right now is whether the government's measures will be enough in order to regain investor confidence so this crisis doesn't turn into a major one and how argentinians reacting to this theresa. well as you can see people continue to gather here there's hundreds of people that are filled with uncertainty about what will happen in argentina when the peso devaluated argentina inflation goes up and that's a major warry for people on the streets the government was hoping that inflation this year was going to be around fifteen or twenty percent well now it is estimated it's going to be around for thirty five percent and workers are trying to negotiate their salaries so we're seeing lots of protests not only because they're trying to negotiate their salaries but also because lots of people are being laid off so
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obviously there's a lot of uncertainty there's lots of fear about whether people will be able to make ends meet thank you very much for that theresa poli forest in buenos aires argentina and more on argentina's economic woes in the business section of our website you'll find a report by latin america editor lucy and human on how the karen sisco all is raising concerns of financial hardships for the people fighting continues in the southern suburbs of libya's capital tripoli for the eighth straight day roads have been cut off and residents are trapped already forty seven people mostly civilians have been killed and taking advantage of the fast a terrier rating situation four hundred prisoners have escaped after riots broke out in a jail the one had reports from tipperary. he's in mourning. a stray rocket killed two of his nephews when they were playing in this garden. they were fifteen and fourteen years old he said as. the
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boys were torn apart by the rock at their pleasure scattered everywhere why is that it just came down from the sky we don't know where it was launched from. the explosion was huge say eyewitnesses sure up near flow in all directions and damage it everything seven days of fighting between rival armed groups have taken a heavy toll on civilians. the seventh infantry brigade from the city of hona and its allies from the city of misrata have recaptured civil as threat t.j. cloke ations in the southern suburbs of tripoli the armored groups that have the support of the you and backed government of national accord have retreated to the city center random shells have a strike everywhere here a rocket penetrated the ceiling despite this terkel turkey says his family was
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lucky they were gathered in another room when their architected saw the. thirty. everything shattered into pieces and smoke was stored bans for the night when everybody was screaming my biggest concern is look for the kids and get them away as civilians have been killed or wanted by stray rockets during the past week but it is not known exactly who was firing then and rival on with groups battling for control of the area are accusing each other of being behind the attacks. armored groups have been fighting for control of the capital. the tripoli base the government does not seem to be strong enough to rein them in. and his family are blaming the government for not doing enough to protect them. missing to use in libya the fears that civilians will continue to be targeted.
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tripoli and libya's chaos explained on al-jazeera dot com rami sheds light on the rival armed groups that are competing for power casting doubt serious doubt in fact as to whether the country's ready to hold planned elections later this year a very good explainer of the conflict at al jazeera dot com where people smugglers have been taking advantage of libya's full is called turmoil putting lives of refugees and migrants in danger the country is one of the main gateways into europe the number of people making that dangerous journey has fallen but the number of people dying is up sharply it's all in the latest report from the un's refugee agency which says sixteen hundred people have died or gone missing that translates into one person dead or missing for every one thousand people who reach europe's shores compare that now with the same period last year when there was one death for
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every forty two people u.n.h.c.r. puts it down to people smugglers taking even greater risks when taking their cumin congo across the mediterranean sea. there isn't the traffic has become more deadly is that the traffickers are taking more risk because there is more surveillance exercised by the libyan coast guards or so because they are less live here by boat from libya the traffic here is twice to monetize their investment which means they have to exploit more people so that results in more cases of slavery forced labor of prostitution of those people we still have one thousand active conflicts in africa we still have conflict in the middle east that are pushing people on the road of example the solution should not just been europe should europe to sort their lead us to be exemplary in its response but it's quite clear that it's already too late when the people are in libya we need to work downstream in country
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first in country of origin and that takes time. and the refugee crisis is of course our global problem and sars back to tell us about a situation in asia right fully well a group of refugees in indonesia contacted us this week to tell us their story they say they're living in limbo in the port city of mikasa and have no idea if or when they'll ever leave now with nowhere to go they've set up social media accounts on facebook instagram and two it's under the name mike castle refugees to try and get their message heard now on twitter this is the hashtag they're using is help refugee of refugees in indonesia and now just to give you some context while in d.c. i host more than fourteen thousand refugees in camps and compounds across the country now the port city of macassar on soon a west sea island is one of these places that sheltering more than two thousand five hundred people including women and children and the refugees arrived as long ago as twenty eleven from countries like afghanistan iraq pakistan sudan somalia if
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you and me and mon now for the past few months they staged demonstrations in front of the offices the united nations high commissioner for refugees an international organization for migration as well. oh boy what they demanding while they want to be resettled they say right now they're not they're living bots are simply live they say since their arrival they have not been allowed to work all study and many are complaining about forced curfews and file and from the local police towards in the here's what some of them told us. if you did you should come back to tell their lives i think. my money back you might make you laugh but they don't care if you. are going to go on a. few weeks or. months
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oh. ten minutes just to stop. to eat how much i have interest in d.c. in general way two thousand and fourteen and have been leaving here about five years investment but due to the michael security and peace in afghanistan i did not have any i have a child with how leaving my company talking about time is the only real choice and the most precious thing that everyone can have it however briefly geez time has been wasting here because we come you know it is time to be at universities and move here for the more most of the three g.'s or and there are squares and heavy manacles here because of a wood and unknown future and destiny year for we respectfully ask you in your city
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or in the will it took for preservation to help us to be versatile in the supplement companies now let's go back to february because al jazeera spoke the unites the all representative and it seems nothing has changed since. not from our perspective but if refugees are willing to go if they decide that it's safe enough for them to go back home we can say we wouldn't stop them. and certainly there are refugees that are pre-term back to afghanistan from various countries but it's a desperate attempt to get us to have no other option laughter i can't make that decision for anyone it is a decision that every refugee makes for themselves now what we have been told is some of the asylum seekers want to reach australia which imposes some of the west's so in world's toughest immigration laws and video shed on social media shows and immigration detention states sense or other in the states of western australia
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going up in flames refugee advocates say the detainees lit the fire after a young iraqi man attempted suicide if your in one of those immigration detention centers will know someone who is you can share your story just as these people got in touch with us so do use the hashtag a.j. news creds or you can contact me directly at. and if you go fast on this and other stories we're covering on the grid today get in touch with us we want to hear from you are you can send your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter as you hash tag news great our handle is at a.g. english we're also on facebook live of course that's facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can also whatsapp us at plus nine seven four five a one trip or one four nine all the different ways to get in touch on your screen right now let's check out our multi if you want to here on the news grid and there's a very big concerts going on right now in the eastern city of. chemnitz it's an anti-racism concert that's been organized to take a stand against a week of sometimes violent rallies by far right groups against refugees and
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migrants in germany the protests were triggered by the fatal stabbing of a thirty five year old german man in chemnitz on august twenty sixth and legibly fight to migrants from iraq and syria some of germany's most popular bands are headlining the concert which is happening right now in chemnitz so live pictures for you there let's take a look now at the other stories making headlines around the world israeli forces have demolished four homes in a village in the occupied west bank leading to violent confrontations they use fire tear gas stun grenades and rubber coated steel bullets at locals families were forced out of their homes that israel calls illegal since the beginning of the year israeli authorities have issued more than thirty demolition orders in the area iraq's new parliament has met for the first time since contentious elections three months ago that were marred by allegations of fraud and there were a few signs that the animosity has passed as rival factions competed over the right
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to name a new government the block led by incumbent prime minister heil a body and populous shia cleric are sada says it's confident that it holds the most seats hundreds of years of history have been destroyed by a massive fire at brazil's national museum workers save what they could of the twenty million items inside the two hundred year old building but firefighters say hydrants nearby weren't working making their jobs even harder and name has a story. flames shot through the french windows and ornate iron balconies of this former nineteenth century palace. museum employees and art lovers watched in frustration. as firefighters fought to say who rio de janeiro's national museum and in doing so preserved centuries of cultural and artistic history you know we'll be you i just saw a piece of my history the house of the emperor where the emperor don petter the
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second of brazil used to live being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i am devastated. president michelle to mayor echoed that sentiment calling this a sad day for all brazilians who have watched two hundred years of work investigation and knowledge lost the fire began after the museum closed its doors on sunday evening eighty firefighters worked through monday morning to put it out. a fire department spokesman says they were hampered because two fire hydrants closest to the museum weren't working and fire trucks had to be dispatched to retrieve water from a nearby lake fallen down up at the hip the question is jones it's a loss for the world the can never be recovered for the people of the building there's no way to get it back thankfully no one died but the loss can never be recovered and. even before the flames were put out there was anger among museum
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employees they blamed budget cuts by the government and a chronic lack of support. the national museums hundreds of rooms featured ancient egyptian artifacts the largest collection in latin america and the oldest human fossil in brazil known as louisa the museum turned two hundred this year now twenty eight thousand will also be remembered for this devastating fire natasha going to name does iraq. in malaysia two women have been caned in public after being convicted of being in a lesbian relationship the women were cain six times in a room of one hundred people entering states it's a rare case of public whipping in the country like amnesty international have called the punishment cruel inhumane and degrading the indian state of carolina which saw the worst floods in a century is now grappling with
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a new disease scare at least fifteen people have been killed because of what's known as the rate fever of in two hundred confirmed cases of the water borne disease the number of patients surge after torrential rain flooded almost all of the southern states last month. tell us about what's trending in sports including messy missing teeth or reveal a controversial list of nominees for the world. look at the ones by.
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i know that people are talking about it thanks very much folly well there is lots of chatter online today about something that's not actually happens have a look at this video feed released showing the nominees for the world play of the year and see if you can spot who's missing. yep for the first time since two thousand and six as no little messy and that has
12:41 am
not gone down well with many online for four to pointing out messy stats for boss alone in spain last season and to be fair they are unparalleled than francis has sparking a bit of a debate both messy and salah flopped at the world cup messi had a better domestic season so why left out of this pointing out that solid got liverpool to the champions league final and be all football making some of us feel old a podium of ronaldinho xina danes the don and fabio cannavaro the last time messi missed out twelve years ago. now there's also a lot of buzz about indonesia bidding to host the olympic games but what will it take to make this happen let's bring in jeff ruff ally based in china who's worked as a senior experts on the beijing summer and winter olympics hosting the asian games in twenty ten among others jeff it's the asian games that's got indonesia fired up
12:42 am
to host the olympics you've been there and done it can jakarta do it well they can do it but it's almost insurmountable for city of nine point eight million people to drop another million people during what great games and here is the secret that people forget about the olympics it's not about just building big bill waves it's getting a million people from let's say hockey aquatic center beach volleyball and back to your hotel by four o'clock in the morning so you can do it again for eighteen days can it happen in jakarta where some of the world's worst traffic in fact people spend twenty two days a year a year stuck in traffic in metro jakarta it's tough now if you were a power issue today into the bid team what would be the first thing you'd say they
12:43 am
should do yes. i don't think they would agree with this but i would ban every motorcycle every motor bike in the city number two i would eliminate all bus well actually delivery traffic from any time except one am to four am and then i would capacity control every vehicle coming in to jakarta if you know those three things and start losing enough traffic you might have a chance otherwise with a subway that's not yet open with the world's worst traffic as well as new delhi which may also bid for the same a lead big games the only way to do it is to go above ground meaning above the air and start doing helicopter or. you might see jetsons type travel with flying cars and flying buses to move people from the airport into the city otherwise i had just don't see it working now they wouldn't be the only ones in the
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betting if not them who might be in with a chance. where is don't wanna why hasn't doha put up a bid to say guess what we've got twelve brand new stadiums we're ready to go we've got a metro system ready to go for these olympics we've got the world's best airport which it probably will be ranked as number one or two in the world next to shanghai in home and international airport why doesn't the supreme in committee who are legacy and delivery put together a bed and bring the olympic games the middle east it's logically the only city that should have the olympic games you want to have a million people in the country of qatar and set of nine point five or nine point eight million people in jakarta likewise the same number in new delhi those cities are overpopulated they cannot manage the games but the world cup will be coming the
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counts are in for years let's plan how a structure to bring the olympic games home to the middle east where it belongs geoffrey thanks very much and good luck with the hosting of the beijing winter olympics my pleasure thank you so much now some quick lines to bring you related to the asian games we saw south korea's football is basketball players win goal to gain exemption to military service back home but it turns out they could be the last to benefit from the policy the rule is going to be reexamined amid fears in some sections of the korean defense ministry that they are running short on military personnel and a sports are going to shift away from violent games before the next asian games in twenty twenty two unwilling stud focus on most sports related titles this is an attempt to fall in line with the i.o.c. and ultimately achieve that goal of being included as an olympics for.
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now if you want to contact us on torts a you can use the hash tag a.j. news grids or concept me on the pilot reese tatyana will be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. for now a one hundred bucks a volley ball thank you very much for that and that will do it for today's show remember to keep in touch with us as paul said on social media old times hash out as ever a.j. a news break from me fully back to bill and the entire team here in doha thank you very much for watching the live monday news center next with my colleague barbara said i do serious. the air.
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on counting the cost off to a week of nafta talks we'll look at the impact donald trump's trade policy is having globally plus why celebrity social media influencers have a new set of online followers advertising regulates. counting the cost. of. where their online this isn't some abstract fish can eat a bit into their shops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism is creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain in a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i need but i never get listened to by those in the corridors of joining the global conversation. on how to zero.
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zero. where ever you are. this is life on the streets of and. from the discovery of theater is an opportunity to. become some americans for the two ration of a plane. perhaps a lifetime. lived a princess part of the viewfinder of latin america. at this time. argentina's president announces new taxes and plans to cut several ministries to tackle the economic turmoil.
12:49 am
hello there i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program condemnation around the world as to reuters journalists are jailed in myanmar for seven years in a major blow to press freedom plus. thousands turn out for an anti-racism concert in the eastern german city run by far right on the rest. and funding cuts are blamed for the fire that tore through brazil's national museum destroying two hundred years of history. welcome to the program argentina's president has been setting up proposals aimed at cutting the country's budget deficit and propping up the troubled peso in an effort
12:50 am
to reduce public spending machree said he will have the number of government ministries he also reversed one of his main policies by reinstating taxes on agricultural exports well the cuts come as moch renegotiates the terms of a fifty billion dollar relief package from the international monetary fund we're looking for. to cover what's missing during this transition that's become an emergency we'll ask those who have more capacity to contribute i'm referring to those who export in argentina that your contributions are greater. people who we have known in regard to our governing team i've made the decision to reduce the number of ministries to list them half given the moment that's ahead of us i've decided to reduce my cabinet even more so we can give the upcoming agenda or a more focused response for these changes we're doing to our team and with the advances we're making with the i.m.f. we begin to overcome the crisis while always always taking care of those who need it the most with them or people are currently out demonstrating in. a bowl is there
12:51 am
for a summit as the president very some achree obviously trying to you know get a hold of all the developments going on in argentina what reaction has there been so far to his proposals. well this have been tense days for most argentinians many of them are fearing the possibility of another crisis just like the one it happened back in two thousand and one when argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt and poverty rates were as high as sixty percent just a few minutes ago there were hundreds of people protesting right in front of this ministry or almost six hundred people were laid off and those are some of the measures that the government of greece has started to implement here in argentina austerity measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has become a problem for this country earlier this morning the government tried to relaunch a government in
12:52 am
a way because they were the most difficult days since modi mockery took office three years ago in his announcement the president spoke to the population explained what's been going on he also imposed once again export taxes on grains something that was already implemented back during the government of former president cristina fernandez de kirchner he also announced that he was reducing ministries among other measures there's lots of skepticism about what this is going to achieve devaluation has continued i mean for what we know right now the u.s. dollar continues to go up but nobody really knows what the consequences of that market analysis will actually be in the economy when it's very difficult to understand what he can do considering how difficult situation is right now in argentina do you think that we're going to see even more proposals as he tries to take control of the situation. well nobody really know because when this
12:53 am
crisis actually began back in may and that's when argentina was forced to go to the international monetary fund to request an emergency loan at that point the president was expecting that that was going to be enough to prevent the currency from devaluating even further but that didn't happen and the situation continued to deteriorate and now we know that the ministry of economy is traveling once again to washington to renegotiate with the i.m.f. how to continue with the current situation but what's difficult is for the argentinean population for workers especially inflation is the biggest problem people on the streets are facing right now the government was hoping that inflation desir was going to be between fifteen and twenty percent while now they're saying that because of this evaluation it is going to be a wrong thirty five percent or even forty percent so you can imagine for those workers who are really really negotiating their salaries for these year vets the
12:54 am
biggest warry for those on the streets who are struggling every day to make ends meet they don't know exactly whether they're going to be able to make ends meet this year very worrying times there in argentina three savoy one is irish there is a thank you. there's been international condemnation of the myanmar's court's decision to jail two journalists from the reuters news agency while lol and were found guilty of possessing state secrets and sentenced to seven years in prison they were arrested in the center as they investigated a mass killing over a hinge of muslims by myanmar soldiers reports. instead of walking free while lone inch or so who were taken from court and back to prison throughout this ordeal the reuters journalists had remained defiant and positive and that continued even after hearing they'd been sentenced to seven years in jail no no no this is
12:55 am
directly challenging the democracy and media freedom of our country we will calmly face the situation with our best efforts in the appeal since we do not do anything we have no fear we are going to do our best to face it was the verdict was widely condemned reuters says it will not give up and is considering what steps to take next today is a sad day for me and maher reuters journalists were alone in charge so who and the press everywhere these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press. the journalists were arrested in december last year as they were investigating an arbitrary execution of ten reading in men by soldiers and militia the prosecution's case centered on secret documents the reuters writer's head at the time of their arrest but while lone inch or so to say they were framed testifying that those papers were given to them by the police who moments later arrested them it seems that in doing their job they had gone too far in the minds
12:56 am
of the military that still the most powerful force in myanmar was being unfairly accused we have been convicted of breaching the official secrets act we performed according to media ethics we didn't do anything harmful to our words our nation and we didn't commit any crime however they decided to convict us anyway. the verdict will heap more international pressure on me and mars leader aung sun suu kyi once a campaigner for freedom of speech and human rights she remained largely silent throughout the trial the government now has the ability to issue pardons for while alone and sure so rude to journalists imprisoned for investigating a crime signaling the end of media freedom in myanmar wayne hay al jazeera bangkok al-jazeera journalist the whole distain has now spent more than six hundred days behind bars in egypt without charge is accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame egypt's state institutions he and al-jazeera
12:57 am
strongly deny the allegations the network continues to demand his release. thousands of people are attending an anti-racism concert in the german city of kenneth's the event is being staged in response to a week of gratian rallies by far right groups the event is being promoted under the we are more hash tag and it's part of an effort by german civil society to position itself against the growing far right movement in parts of the country germany's foreign minister is criticize the government and passive when it comes to fighting racist groups. businesses as it is essential that we are clear that this is not about point left against right everybody who is in any way decent and it does not matter what political beliefs they have poses a radical right wing mob which attacks people and it is important that we stop this kind of behavior while it is only a snowball before it turns into an avalanche. well amid the highly charged
12:58 am
atmosphere a german court has sentenced the migrant to eight and a half years in jail for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death the case has been used by far right groups and their campaign against immigration german chancellor angela merkel has urged people to stand up against hate and division pride some fires have destroyed parts of an immigration detention center in western australia refugee advocates say tensions began rising at the center after a twenty two year old iraqi man who had self harmed was taken to hospital in a critical condition some accommodation areas were damaged but the cost of repairs is not yet known the number of the detainees at the center of the offshore the pension facility on christmas island in the indian ocean. brazil's president and michelle says hundreds of years of history of being destroyed in a massive fire at the country's national museum the two hundred year old building in rio de janeiro held twenty million items including some of the region's
12:59 am
a best preserved human fossils police a fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of people who tried to enter the building at the name has more. flames shot through the french windows and ornate iron balconies of this former nineteenth century palace. museum employees and art lovers watched in frustration. as firefighters fought to say who rio de janeiro's national museum and in doing so preserved centuries of cultural and artistic history in the field view i just saw a piece of my history the house of the emperor where the emperor don petter the second of brazil used to live being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i am devastated. president michelle tamera echoed that sentiment calling this a sad day for all brazilians who have watched two hundred years of work
1:00 am
investigation and knowledge lost the fire began after the museum closed its doors on sunday evening eighty firefighters worked through monday morning to put it out. a fire department spokesman says they were hampered because two fire hydrants closest to the museum weren't working and fire trucks had to be dispatched to retrieve water from a nearby lake. good to hear the prosecution's it's a loss for the world the can never be recovered for the people of the building there's no way to get it back thankfully no one died but the loss can never be recovered and. even before the flames were put out there was anger among museum employees they blamed budget cuts by the government and a chronic lack of support the national museums hundreds of rooms featured ancient egypt artifacts the largest collection in latin america and the oldest human fossil
1:01 am
in brazil known as louisa the museum turned two hundred this year.


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