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the book. this is an emergency and we need your support argentina's president announces drastic austerity measures and new taxes to stabilize a struggling economy and currency. how it's all right when you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up. in brazil funding cuts are blamed for a fire at the national museum in rio that destroyed two hundred years of history. worldwide condemnation as mean marginals to voice as journalist on charges of possessing secret government documents and.
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thousands turn out for an anti racism concert in a german city rocked by far right rest. welcome to al-jazeera argentina is introducing austerity measures in an effort to stem its currency crisis president. has admitted the economy is facing an emergency is increasing export taxes cutting public spending and slashing the number of government ministries from nineteen to ten yards in time peso has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year and took another dip on monday the world's worst performing currency fairing worse than the turkish lira the central bankers trying to shore up the paizo by increasing interest rates which are now at sixty percent last week the government asked the international monetary
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fund for an early access to fifty billion dollars the biggest i.m.f. bailout loan in history that will be the subject of talks with i.m.f. officials in washington on tuesday argentina's last. led to a one hundred fifty five billion dollar to fold in two thousand and two the largest ever in history treason reports from. argentina is trying to prevent a major economic crisis precedent. announced and mergence the measures to stop the weakening of the. fight on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if the budget cuts you know when you see what the government is doing you know the only thing we can expect is more layoffs a deteriorating situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's
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continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years ago. to cover what's lacking joining this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm referring to export hers that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjen times are watching closely the
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weakening of the base or because it has a direct impact on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world and that's why exchange houses like this ones are fields with people waiting to trade in their bases for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economists say the crisis this time is financial and political. problems in a reasonable way the negative side of this of course. two votes next year we have. election a presidential election but. by trying. as hard as possible this year for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an
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end but those affected say they remain on the streets to fight the policies that hurt people like. argentina's for president cristina kirchner has appeared in court for a second time as part of a major corruption case she's accused of taking bribes from construction companies during her presidency in exchange for granting contracts denies any wrongdoing and has described the investigation a shameless under the law she cannot be imprisoned but time face prosecution. police in brazil have fired tear gas of protesters outside walls in the left of the national museum in the city of rio de janeiro. the demonstration followed a massive fire has destroyed the two hundred year old building protesters say public institutions have been chronically underfunded there are reports the building did not have a sprinkler system police are still investigating the cause of the blaze brazil's
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president has promised to rebuild the museum or latin america to lucien you would possible. only smoke in ruin i left of what was brazil's pride and joy the largest anthropological and history collection in the americas. museum the story and regina done to us could not be consoled but us. it seems like a nightmare i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare that i was going to wake up from. the fire started on sunday evening after the building a nineteenth century former royal palace closed fortunately there were no casualties but brazilians are mourning the loss of a new replaceable wealth of their history yeah we'll be you. i just saw a piece of my history the house of the empire where emperor don pedro the second of brazil used to live on fire being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i'm devastated. this is what the museum looked like
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before the fire with war than twenty million items from egyptian and greco roman times to a twelve thousand year old skeleton the oldest ever found in the americas. during the process of the aftermath we're going to have to protect the patient of the museum employees it will be a slow process so that we can who knows recover a fragment something that could still have a historic value a museum curator was allowed to salvage media rights that could later have been confused with debris. the cause of the fire is still unknown but many are pointing the finger at sharp government budget cuts and say this is a tragedy that could have been prevented residents say firemen were too ill equipped to contain the blaze before it engulfed the entire palace. hundreds of angry rio residents converge and front of the remains of the museum shouting out with terror the president and our culture is not a commodity president michel tamar has ordered the museum be rebuilt as soon as
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possible knowing nevertheless as do all brazilians that what has been lost can never be recovered to see in human al-jazeera. situation where the jailing of two reuters journalists and me and international condemnation the united nations secretary general. who can vent to convict conviction is unacceptable he has called for the immediate release the case has been seen as a test of the country's approach to press freedom as when he reports now from bangkok. instead of walking free while alone inch or so who were taken from court and back to prison throughout this ordeal the reuters journalists have remained defiant and positive and that continued even after hearing they'd been sentenced to seven years in jail no no no this is directly challenging the democracy and media freedom of our country we will calmly face the situation with our best efforts in the appeal since we do not do anything we have no fear we are going to do our best
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to face it was the verdict was widely condemned reuters says it will not give up and is considering what steps to take next today is a sad day for me and maher reuters journalists wallowing in chaucer who and the press everywhere these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press. the journalists were arrested in december last year as they were investigating an arbitrary execution of ten reading in men by soldiers and militia the prosecution's case centered on secret documents the reuters writer's head at the time of their arrest but while lone inch or so to say they were framed testifying that those papers were given to them by the police who moments later arrested them it seems that in doing their job they had gone too far in the minds of the military that still the most powerful force in myanmar there has been unfairly accused we have been convicted of breaching the official secrets act we
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performed according to media ethics we didn't do anything harmful towards our nation and we didn't commit any crime however they decided to convict us anyway. the verdict will heap more international pressure on me and mars leader aung sun suu kyi once a campaigner for freedom of speech and human rights she remained largely silent throughout the trial her government now has the ability to issue pardons for while alone and sure so do two journalists imprisoned for investigating a crime signaling the end of media freedom in myanmar when hey al-jazeera bangkok. the managing director of al-jazeera english trendall has called for the reporters to be released immediately. so firstly i think it's a travesty of justice and it's a shameful attack on media freedom we stand by a reuters journalist colleagues and and condemning it and we call for their immediate and unconditional release we ourselves as al jazeera know something about
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this sort of attack on our media with had journalists ourselves imprisoned we had three of our journalists imprisoned for over four hundred days we launched an international campaign to to. to put it out there and to basically say that journalism isn't a crime they were eventually pardoned and released after four hundred days but there are still a journalist in prison in egypt from our sister channel al jazeera arabic who's been in prison detained for over six hundred days without formal charge it got a lot of publicity we had presidents we had politicians we had international human rights organizations n.g.o.s press freedom campaign activists and organizations and other journalists as well including colleagues from reuters who who joined us from the campaign to free al-jazeera staff and under the slogan journalism is not a crime you can't lock up people to conceal and cover whatever nefarious actions
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you're doing you know you can't put journalists behind bars you know the u.s. president all trumpeters wall syria and its allies lot to quote reckless turk not to recklessly attack the country's last remaining rebel held province syria's president bashar assad said that he's polling an offensive to retake it live trump is warning iran and russia who have backed decided the war against joining the attack the u.s. says any military operation would create a perfect storm for the three million people stuck in camps in the province it's calling of the creation of a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave. repairing for the worst typhoon. approaches the country's main islands trains and flies are being suspended and evacuation advisories are being issued to more than ten thousand homes japan has already enjoyed extreme weather this year flooding in july killed more than two hundred people it was followed by a heat wave that killed more than
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a hundred typhoon is expected to bring heavy rain and winds of more than two hundred kilometers an hour. still ahead here is the why women may hold the key to donald trump states this coming november. we have to hold on to me try to base and research is trying to tackle the growing issue of our time in which. hello there was over quite a bit of rain with us over parts of north america at the moment the satellite picture is capturing the system that's bringing us all wettest weather and it's also brought us some pretty stormy conditions as well some places have seen some hail some places some very strong winds and here in michigan we've seen this tornado now as we head through the next couple of days the system is only moving
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very slowly eastward so for this whole region expect plenty more heavy rain and they could be a problem with flooding here ahead of it staying hot for now with thirty two as the maximum in new york for the western force here it's quite windy around the coast at the moment that should seattle twenty four by the time we get to wednesday i mean further towards the south and we're watching a system quite closely at the moment is this area of cloud to that seems to be a developing feature it's expected to run its way northward as we head through the next couple of days behind it yet more showers for many of us here towards the west also plenty of showers here and at times through parts of panama and costa rica they could be banding together to give some more prolonged rain even further towards the south in force in santiago really very very warm thirty degrees on maximum on tuesday it will all ease off the heat as we head through into wednesday twenty one among them by wednesday for the east is twenty one points hours.
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capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into some. inspiring documentaries passionate filmmakers everybody. on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching i'll just their arms the whole room the reminder of our top stories argentina is introducing austerity measures to stem its currency
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crisis that's led to the pace of losing more than half its value against the dollar president korea's increasing export taxes cutting government spending and slashing the number of ministries from nineteen to ten the u.n. secretary general has condemned the jailing of two voices journalists in me and mom good terrorists says the verdict in the case against. is unacceptable to reporters was sentenced to seven years in prison they have been investigating a massacre of ten rating go muslim men. and police in brazil has fired tear gas at protesters outside what's left of the national museum in the edition there the demonstration came after a massive fire destroyed the two hundred year old building protesters say public institutions have been chronically underfunded. while staying in the americas mexico's outgoing president has delivered his last state of the union address and reeking appeal and yet defended the achievements made during his six years in
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office but he made no mention of the corruption scandals that plagued his presidency john holdren has more from mexico city. it's a good boy suit one of the most unpopular president since approval polls began in mexico. to his last state of the nation address was a chance to defend six years marked by corruption scandals record level violence and. in his favor modernizing reforms of the education energy and telecommunications to the latter was inevitably what he focused on that a pharmacist took to rallies sort of forms are without doubt the biggest achievement of this administration and our biggest contribution to mexico's future . they came during his honeymoon period when time magazine feted him as mitt's crew savior and he seemed able to pull the country's parties together to get things
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done is now in the glossy videos playing out his greatest hits can't hide the sense that for years things have been going wrong but it started on a rainy night in the. forty three students kidnapped by the police and lead with it going they were never found alive the country was traumatized opinion yet to address the crisis reluctantly with a flawed investigation a conflict of interest scandal over this luxury house quickly followed more skeletons began to pull out the closer i think that it was the top of the iceberg i mean unfortunately i mean the station characterized by several corruption practices and the use. of teachers payroll in the media use of funds for fighting poverty and several construction projects all of them that same characteristic impunity and corruption for those who hoped for a modernizing leader it seemed instead like mits kampala ticks as usual suddenly
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nothing could go right some of the reforms got bogged down president trump began sparring with pena nieto over trade deals in his proposed border wall and most importantly violence began to saw he finishes his term with the highest murder rate on record. i'm aware that we didn't manage to bring peace and security for mexicans in every corner of the country. polls show just two out of ten minutes can stink he's done a good job and his once powerful pre-partition mitt screws oldest languishes in third place in congress in first is the fledgling party of this man president elect and his mother were locals of the world he takes over in december promising to transform mexico just as pena nieto once did john home and now does either screw city. militias is trying to persuade judges in the united nations top court that it was illegally pressured by the united kingdom to give up
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a chain of islands in exchange for independence the chain of islands were split from militias in one nine hundred sixty five when it was a british colony the following year the u.s. at least the biggest island diego garcia and installed an air base hundreds of locals were forced to leave after militias gained independence in one nine hundred sixty eight the island's remains of british territory the court hearing is being seen as a test case on the legality of such colonial era deals. at least eight people have been killed in an explosion at a munitions depo in south africa the explosion happened in somerset west in the cape town it's not known what caused the blast in the depo local media reports several people are missing. of course school attendance to plummet in eastern democratic republic of congo the health ministry says the death toll from a by a lot has risen to seventy five since the epidemic was declared in august they toured the reports. in man gaynor including key the classrooms were empty on the
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first day of school the area is considered the epicenter of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. the kids here today parents have told us that they are afraid of above i think school can be a great place to contaminate each other worried parents say they're not taking any chances so. we want our children to get the vaccine first before they start school about that. only a fraction of the more than eighty two thousand school age children in the two affected areas have attended lessons so far this week that's despite teaches receiving training on ebola prevention and protection to avoid the spread of the virus what do you. well we wish the kids would come well wait this week will continue with a win as you see at the end of that wake what the future holds for us. since the
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outbreak was declared five weeks ago it's spread across two provinces including in and around the complex where dozens of bomb groups operate health workers need military escorts to get to those in need the world health organization says without a cease fire the disease will continue to spread and thousands of children who'd be at risk of losing more than just their education victoria gates and be. in the u.s. when campaigning for the midterm elections. a record number of women running for political office. against president republican. if the democratic party takes control of congress and will work to put the brakes on. the battleground states of michigan. at the michigan state fair women have plenty to say about u.s. president donald trump. disappointing dangerous different.
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americans will vote to choose a new u.s. congress decide whether or not trump's republican party maintains control and since women tend to show up in greater numbers of holes than men the president will need their support labor day monday is the. third in campaign here in the u.s. all across the country all institutions are running on. donald trump's record and many of them are women they are a record number of women are running part of this so-called pink way. we always thought it was possible clue democrat alexandria cortez who ousted a long time congressman to win a new york primary. by. both democrats. will not only make history as the first muslim women in congress but
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will undoubtedly be part of an effort to push back against the troubled ministration in michigan's eleventh district two female first time candidates are running against each other it reflects a trend that's been going on for years but one analyst argues trump's victory over hillary clinton the first female candidate for president was a big reason for the surge there is this a long time sense that president trump has not cared about women has not spoken to women has denigrated women said really horrific things about women. history is not on trump's side generally the president's party loses seats in the turmel actions that means if democrats take control of congress in november women could play an even bigger role in determining trump's future can really help get al-jazeera by michigan. tens of thousands of people have attended and he raced some
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concerts in the german city of commits the events in response to a week of anti immigration rallies by far right groups under the banner more of us the crowd current and the racism played cards and chanted nazis out several can indeed bands performed chancellor angela merkel has called on germans to mobilize against hate. president kennedy i shares are shocked we are not a far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilized but not far right for god's sake we don't want that history we don't want such people absolutely. this is absolutely fantastic because after people are chemists we have to show that our city is colorful is open to everyone that we have no sympathy for what happened in recent days. if it's clear i think it's cool that so many people said will come here to support him. as
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a senior fellow at the center for analysis of the radical right he says the refugee crisis is not the only issue driving support for the far right in germany. i think there are many different things coming together where the so-called referee each crisis is only used once actor for one thing that the far right in germany has been able to. mobilize it long frustrations among the population of eastern germany and we see these kinds of frustrations across the european pos communist space with other words all in all the countries of the former eastern bloc and these frustrations that maybe the systematic change that occurred thirty years ago did not lead to the expected. improvements in life curious or cetaceans the field of history auriti towards the west and so on this is these are sentiments that the far right in germany could play upon and where the refugee
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crisis only was the and the the point where that the far right could use as a tool in order to mobilize the masses both online and off by these small signs that we can see now with his own search and the end demonstrations that i'm not turning as violent protests as the far right but the raising awareness among the germans that this has to finish and this needs to stop the r.f.d. and piggy the and other right the movements in germany are collaborating in order to to to concert an attack against the german constitution went one that sent sentiment as a right in the german mainstream i think that is the most important thing backing up of right now so it's not so much about the leadership question in german politics as as to what a vision of germany there is for the future. and cities around the world struggle with pollution campaigners and scientists are gathering in south korea to find new ways to tackle the crisis while the spotlights being on cities like new delhi and
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beijing hong kong has its own problems but as robert bobb reports a group of activists are trying to find new solutions. and awareness event by air pollution campaigners in a city that is becoming aware of the growing danger. this hong kong like much of mainland china has been experiencing record levels of ozone a complex mix of pollutants from vehicles and industry that's made worse during heat waves and a problem not helped by climate change hong kong actually has the highest level of always wrong for the last two decades and right now we do not know how to deal with that and it is a problem for hong kong and tied. polluted air has long been in jordan as the necessary cost of rapid economic development that's only recently been tackled.
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they just lation has been passed to control the industrial emissions as well as from vehicles and shipping and there's a drive towards using renewable sources of energy instead of coal. cities like beijing have been enjoying far more so-called blue sky days critics say the chinese and hong kong governments have been forced to act for fear of social discontent if they didn't but the outcome for china's cities has been the same after years of deteriorating air quality finally signs of improvement i think the political climate has changed a lot and there is a lot about how our pollution being not acceptable. leads a university team that has developed a noble app giving real time pollution readings at street level anywhere in the city. people can then plan their daily routines to be as pollution free as possible then they have a. information they can choose our i think that will give them some help
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in bad trying to win their exposure to air pollution scientists and activists helping to empower a generation of city dwellers increasingly concerned about the air they breathe. robert bright al-jazeera hong kong. you're watching al-jazeera arms the whole rob a reminder of our top stories argentina is introducing austerity measures in an effort to stem its currency crisis the peso has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year president zuma korea's increasing export taxes cutting public spending and slashing the number of government ministries. the u.n. secretary general has condemned the jailing of two reuters journalists and meanwhile until you get tariff says the verdict in the case of war loan and shore
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sue is unacceptable the reporters were sentenced to seven years in prison they had been investigating the massacre of ten men. police in brazil were fired teargas the protesters outside what's left of the national museum in rio de janeiro the demonstration followed a massive fire which destroyed the two hundred year old building brazil's president has promised to rebuild it. a challenge seen as a test case of the legality of colonial era territory deals has begun that the un's top court the richest is claiming that it was coerced by the u.k. to give up a chain of islands in exchange for independence the chigger silence was split from the richest in one thousand nine hundred sixty five when it was a british territory. and continue to call humans. who are of the population come and you referred to. the saigon films called for more than four decades for the right to return to their
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place of birth the choice we were face was no choice at all it was in advance on condition of agreement to do that on no independent we've detachment anyway mexico's outgoing president has blamed the surge in violent crimes on the police in its final state of the union address president in yet said local offices are incapable of crushing gangs which emerged after the arrest of cartel leaders he made no mention of the corruption scandals during his own six year presidency. those were the headlines to. stay with us. on counting the cost after a week of nafta talks we'll look at the impact donald trump's trade policy is having globally plus why celebrity social media influencers have a new set of online followers advertising regulates. count you know cost and i just
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. love the article but it will. be. the. number one given issue to get to. the. country second a victim i'm sick bringing some. kind of visit by the way she. is going to see commercial it's going up every morning.


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