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this is an emergency and we need your support argentina's president announces drastic austerity measures a new taxes to stabilize a struggling economy and currency. alarms and obama you want yards there are a lot of my headquarters here in doha also coming up. again brazil funding cuts are blamed for a fire at the national museum in rio that destroyed two hundred years of history. also worldwide condemnation is mere marginals to reuters journalists on charges of possessing secret government documents and.
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things turn out for anti races and concerts in the german city rocked by far right on the west. welcome to al-jazeera argentina is introducing austerity measures in an effort to stem its currency crisis president machree has admitted the economy is facing an emergency he's increasing export taxes cutting public spending and slashing the number of government ministries from nineteen to tend the argentine peso has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year and took another dip on monday it's now the world's worst performing currency firing far worse than the turkish lira the central bankers tried to shore up the pay say by increasing interest rates which are now at sixty percent last week the government asked the international monetary fund for an early access to
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a fifty billion dollar loan the biggest i. in history that'll be the subject of talks with i.m.f. officials in washington choose day. to a one hundred fifty five billion dollar default in two thousand and two the largest in history to reserve. desires. i didn't trying to prevent a major economic crisis president. announced and mergence the measures to stop the weakening of the pace of. the fight on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if the budget cuts you know when you see what the government is doing you know the only thing we can expect is more layoffs a deteriorating situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's
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continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years ago. to cover what's lacking joining this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm referring to export hers that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjan times are watching closely the weakening of the base and because it has a direct impact on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world
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and that's why it's chain. houses like this ones i field with people waiting to trade in their bases for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economy say the crisis this time is financial and political when the government is attacking the problems in a reasonable way the negative side of this of course of those efforts are not necessarily popular and the dogs are two votes and next year we have a very important election a presidential election but i think the government's trying to. lecture all year by trying to do as much as hard as possible this year for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an end but those affected say they remain on the
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streets to fight the policies that hurt people like them. argentina's former president christina kushan of those appearing in court for a second time as part of a major corruption case she's accused of taking bribes from construction companies during her presidency in exchange for granting coal trucks denies any wrongdoing and has described the investigation of a shameless under the law she cannot be imprisoned but can face prosecution. the founder of the prominent afghan armed group the haqqani network has died john dean carney created the group in the one nine hundred seventy s. which forty against the soviet invasion of afghanistan during the one nine hundred eighty s. he's also opposed to the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and one and data the presence of nato forces and the afghan government the economy network is affiliated with the taliban and al qaida
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the announcement of his death came through a taliban statement dean son is now the most senior taliban commander in this group . place in brazil for five take us the protesters outside what's left of the national museum in rio de janeiro. the demonstration followed a massive fire which destroyed the two hundred year old building protesters say public institutions of being chronically underfunded there are reports the building did not have a sprinkler system police are still investigating the cause of the blaze brazil's president has promised to rebuild it lots in america due to leasing a new because will. only smoke and ruin are left of what was brazil's pride and joy the largest anthropological and history collection in the americas. museum of the story and regina done to us could not be consoled but us bills are still it seems like a nightmare i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare that i was going to wake up from it was the fire started on sunday
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evening after the building a nine hundred centuries former royal palace closed fortunately there were no casualties but brazilians are mourning the loss of a new replaceable wealth of their history we'll be all but i just saw a piece of my history the house of the empire where emperor don pedro the second of brazil used to live on fire being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i'm devastated. this is what the museum looked like before the fire with war than twenty million items from egyptian and greco roman times to a twelve thousand year old skeleton the oldest ever found in the americas process during the process of the aftermath we're going to have to protect the patient at the museum employees will be a slow process so that we can who knows recover a fragment something that can still have a historic value a museum curator was allowed to salvage media rights that could later have been
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confused with debris. the cause of the fire is still unknown but many are pointing the finger at sharp government budget cuts and say the. it is a tragedy that could have been prevented residents say firemen were too ill equipped to contain the blaze before it engulfed the entire palace. hundreds of angry rio residents converged in front of the remains of the museum shouting out with terror the president and our culture is not a commodity president michel tamar has ordered the museum be rebuilt as soon as possible knowing nevertheless as do all brazilians that what has been lost can never be recovered to see in human al-jazeera. the u.s. president donald trump has warned syria and its allies not to and we quote recklessly attack the country's last remaining rebel held province syria's president bashar assad has said that he's planning an offensive to retake it lip trump is warning iran and russia who have backed assad in the war against joining
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the attack the u.n. says any military operation would create a perfect storm for the three million people stuck in camps in the province it's calling for the creation of a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave no other jailing of two reuters journalists in myanmar has sparked international condemnation the united nations secretary general says war loan and shore saw convicted a conviction is unacceptable he's called for the immediate release of the cases seen nor has been seen as a test of the country's approach to press freedom as wayne hay reports now from neighboring bangkok. instead of walking free while lone inch or so who were taken from court and back to prison throughout this ordeal the reuters journalists had remained defiant and positive and that continued even after hearing they'd been sentenced to seven years in jail no no no this is directly challenging the democracy and media freedom of our country we will calmly face the situation with
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our best efforts in the appeal since we do not do anything we have no fear we are going to do our best to face it was the verdict was widely condemned reuters says it will not give up and is considering what steps to take next today is a sad day for me and maher reuters journalists wallowing and chaucer who and the press everywhere these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press. the journalists were arrested in december last year as they were investigating an arbitrary execution of ten reading in men by soldiers and militia the prosecution's case centered on secret documents the reuters writer's head at the time of their arrest but while lone inch or so to say they were framed testifying that those papers were given to them by the police who moments later arrested them it seems that in doing their job they had gone too far in the minds of the military that still the most powerful force in myanmar there has been
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unfairly accused we have been convicted of breaching the official secrets act we performed according to media ethics we didn't do anything harmful towards our nation and we didn't commit any crime however they decided to convict us anyway. the verdict will heap more international pressure on me and mars leader aung sun suu kyi once a campaigner for freedom of speech and human rights she remained largely silent throughout the trial the government now has the ability to issue pardons for while alone and sure so two journalists imprisoned for investigating a crime signaling the end of media freedom in myanmar wayne hay al jazeera bangkok the. english trolls trumbull has called for the reporters to be released immediately. so firstly i think it's a travesty of justice and it's a shameful attack on media freedom we stand by our reuters journalist colleagues and and condemning it and we call for their immediate and unconditional release we
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ourselves as al jazeera know something about this sort of attack on our media with had journalists ourselves imprisoned we had three of our journalists imprisoned for over four hundred days we launched an international campaign to to. to put it out there and to basically say that journalism isn't a crime they were eventually pardoned and released after four hundred days but there are still a journalist in prison in egypt from our sister channel al jazeera arabic who's been in prison detained for over six hundred days without formal charge it got a lot of publicity we had presidents we had politicians we had international human rights organizations n.g.o.s press freedom campaign activists and organizations and other journalists as well including colleagues from reuters who who joined us from the campaign to free al-jazeera staff and under the slogan journalism is not
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a crime you can't lock up people to conceal and cover whatever nefarious actions you're doing you know you can't put journalists behind bars because we've been hearing all jazeera journalists were moved to say remains in jail in egypt and since december twenty sixth even accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame egypt's state institutions this week called extended his detention for a sixteenth toy he urged al-jazeera strongly denied the allegations of the network is demanding his immediate release. the most powerful typhoon to perth in twenty five years as made landfall in the west of the country typhoon jobi is focus to bring winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour trains and flights are being suspended and more than two hundred thousand who. have been warned about evacuation japan has already enjoyed extreme weather this year flooding in july killed at least two hundred people while more than one hundred died in a heat wave typhoon jobby is expected to bring heavy rains as well as high winds
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well still ahead here on al-jazeera donors promise millions more for africa's like china but will it be enough for a region beset by violence hunger and climate change and why the u.k.'s opposition labor party is tearing itself apart over the issue of anti semitism. from brisk north and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello there it's mostly dry and fine across the middle east at the moment it's also pretty hot for many of us too with a maximum temperature of around forty four in baghdad on the north coast of iran though there is likely to be a bit more cloud in one or two showers here and they could also just be the odd showers across the northern parts of turkey as well the risk remains with us as we
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head through wednesday but elsewhere it doesn't like it should be dry here in doha it's just been incredibly humid over the last day or so and it's still going to stay sticky as we head through the next few days as well the winds coming in from the east they're picking up they're mostly from the gulf and so here in doha the temperatures hovering around thirty nine or forty degrees and certainly feeling humid towards the south coast of oman a little bit of cloud might be lapping on to the coast there it could just give us one or two light outbreaks of rain for the southern parts of africa largely fine and dry for most of us here the exception is cape town more cloud more rain rolling in here and some pretty strong winds as well so the temperatures struggling only around thirteen or fourteen degrees as we head through the next few days and still staying quite grey as we head into wednesday to a bit further towards the north most of the heavy showers a hair rattling their way westwards some of us in west africa expected to be wet once more in choose day some of the showers very heavy. the weather sponsored by cats are at least. in the final part of a six part series filmed of
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a five being so. that people of new can still fight for their land. the village chief is in prison. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the soccer. crackdown the concluding part of one kind of china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all just their arms the whole rather remind of our top stories argentina is introducing austerity measures to stem its currency crisis
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that's led to the peso losing more than half its value against the dollar present soon bakri is increasing export taxes cutting government spending and the number of ministries. the u.n. secretary general has condemned the training of two reuters journalists and me and will continue to terrorists as the verdict in the case of one learned is unacceptable the reporters were sentenced to seven years in prison after investigating a massacre of ten wrecking slip men and police in brazil have fired tear gas at protesters outside what's left of the national museum in rio the demonstration came after a massive fire destroyed the two hundred year old building protesters say public institutions have been chronically underfunded. militias is trying to persuade judges in the united nations' top call that it was coerced by the u.k. to give up the chain. violence in exchange for independence the chain of silence was split from russia in one nine hundred sixty five when it was
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a british colony the following year the u.s. at least the biggest island garcia and installed an air base hundreds of locals were forced to leave russia later gained independence but the islands remain british territory the case is being seen as a test of the legality of such colonial era deals the shameful or weeks not recall and continue immense suffering through our of them recent population come and you referred to. the saigon films have fought for more than four decades for the right to return to their place of birth the choice we were face was no choice at all it was in the headlines on condition of agreement to do that on no independent we've detachment anyway this was not and cannot be treated freely expressed will of the people
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of the body shifts though the u.k. has apologized for the evictions but insists the issue should be resolved out of court campaigners say people addicted from the island should be given the right to return tom google it is the chairman of the u.k. che gore supporter association. there's been conversations given at various times but it's not nearly to the value. that the u.k. government say that it is and it's also doesn't it's impossible to compensate that kind of reaching from the island so to us compensation is is not the issue the right of return needs to be given the u.k. and the u.s. government need to take responsibility for their actions over the last fifty years even if sovereignty is given to malicious and the take us into needs to be front and center and that any decisions being made about the islands in the future us have been challenged on this a number of times when barack obama visited the u.k. jeremy corbyn raised the issue with him and the president then president didn't get no objections to the wise for we don't know what the trumpet ministrations position
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on this is but we we've been speaking the u.k. and he's been speaking with the u.s. and we want to see the right of return but that currently the objections to the right of return are primarily coming from the u.k. not from the u.s. with a traffic in a way prominent opposition figure in the democratic republic of congo will not be alert to the upcoming presidential elections the country's top court has rejected appeal against an electoral commission decision to deny his candidacy application was rejected as he was jus to be sentenced by the international criminal court for bribing witnesses during a war crimes trial which ended two years ago he was released from prison in the hague last month after a separate conviction for crimes against humanity was quashed. germany's giving that one hundred sixteen billion dollars in emergency aid to countries in the lake chad region that's on top of billy three hundred million dollars already promised to help bring political stability and pay for development and infrastructure
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germany's foreign ministry says the money is in europe's security interests the borders for countries that nigeria church and karun is a source of water for as many as thirteen million people but due to climate change . population growth the lake has shrunk by ninety percent since the by nine hundred sixty s. told top of poverty and conflict has forced more than two million people from their homes and the u.n. says it's left ten billion in the need of aid to food and water the insecurity is also according to those attending the berlin conference created a space for armed groups like bach or rob and i saw to flourish and the reports from the nigerian city of maiduguri. are ok you mohamed has brought two children to this hospital. she says it's hard lost hope to see them now that they're i brought my four year old daughter here for treatment and my son was also
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diagnosed with severe and acute malnutrition he's been like this for a long time as trailers muhammad looks she says he's in a better shape than his sister who we were not allowed to film. a few kilometers from the clinic is a big hospital dealing with cases like mohamed. this is one of the two facilities run by doctors without borders. dedicated to treating criticism and one of the traditions three years since the discovery of faces of famine hundred twelve patients still missing. memo certainly displaced persons but also the rest of the city that has been struggling with my years before. the hospital is already full with more patients waiting to get it. doctors are now faced with the difficult choice of either turning away patients. and lowering standards. in
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the bartman for the moment. the younger patients are coming back every two weeks for a follow up visit. how their nutrition is improving and we have a seventy two but facility for in patients who are severely malnourished patients with complications where we're having for the moment about one thousand one hundred new admissions per week. thousands of displaced people have returned to their villages in northeast nigeria but it's still too dangerous to go out to farm because of fear of attacks by boko haram fighters the united nations says more than ten million people in need of urgent assistance in the lake chad region most of them in nigeria's northeast hundreds have already died because unfortunately just in the last thirty years in my just the workers and the displaced say they're worried about doing a fatigue if that happens they fear thousands more could die. al jazeera made to agree or staying in nigeria the death toll from thursday's bokeh
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her all the time on an army post has been increased to forty eight fighters and trucks stormed the basins are a village in northern border states they took weapons and military equipment before being forced out by soldiers with support. tens of thousands of people who have attended the racism concert in the german city of candidates in response to a week of anti immigration rallies by far right groups under the banner there are more of us the crowd carried anti racism plus cards and chanted nazis out several rock and indie bands performed chancellor angela merkel has called on germans to mobilize against hate. destructive we are not a far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilized but not far right for god's sake we don't want that through history we don't want such people absolutely again this is absolutely fantastic because after
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people came next we have to show that our city is colorful is open to everyone that we have no sympathy for what happened in recent days came first and. if it's clear that i think it's cool that so many people said will come here to support him. there is on a force as a senior fellow at the center for analysis of the radical right he says several factors a driving support for far right groups in germany. i think there are many different things coming together where the so-called referee each crisis is only used once actor but one thing that the far right in germany has been able to. mobilize it long frustrations among the population of eastern germany and we see these kinds of frustrations across the european post communist space with other words all in all the countries of the former eastern bloc and distrust gratian that maybe these systematic change that occurred thirty years ago did not lead to the expected.
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improvements in life curious or situations they've seen of syria or egypt towards the west and so on this is these are sentiments that the far right in germany could play upon and where the refugee crisis only morse and to the point where that the far right could use as a tool in order to mobilize the masses both all nine and of by these small signs that we can see now with his own surge and the and demonstrations that i'm not turning as violent protests as the far right but the raising awareness among the germans that this has to finish and this needs to stop under the olives d'un piggy the and other right thing for from germany are when operating in order to try to concert and that's back against the german constitution when one that's sent sentiment as a right in the german mainstream i think that is the most important in black and white right now so it's not so much about the schip question in german politics as
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as to what vision of germany there is for the future now the main opposition in the united kingdom has become embroiled in a row over the semitism the labor party's executive is to hold a k. meeting on the matter on tuesday but some high profile and pays for the veteran left wing party leader jeremy corbyn to resign over the issue lawrence lee reports from london. who is jeremy colby. is he as his fervent supporters believe the most moral politician in generations a man who spent his entire life campaigning for political justice for palestine or is he as equally fervent opponents allege a closet racist and anti semites who says there's a difference between criticizing israel and criticizing jews but you blurs the lines between the two. is always been a split in the labor party on israel with one wing supportive of the palestinian struggle and another wing including many jewish labor party members who actively
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accept and support the existence of the states of israel but never before has that spirit come to the surface like this because never before has there been a labor party leader so obviously pro palestinian. but the heart of it is labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed for example anti semitic to say that jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racist or that israeli government policies are like those of nazi germany corbin and his supporters claim this prevents them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people as a whole raft of labor party heavyweights like former prime minister gordon brown have demanded the party clarify properly its position by falling into line with the i.h.r. a at a time when the ruling conservative party is in the whole of
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a brics states labor is tearing itself apart labor almost isn't functioning as a coherent political entity at the moment within it it's not so much sort of you know moderates versus corporate knights really what you see is a sort of warring fiefdoms so in quite some more there's the right wing against kobe and there's a centrist against coburn there's even the left against coburn there are divisions within the leader's office there are influences from different parts of. youth movements and trade unions things are very chaotic the other question is the effect it has on corbin's reputation the may only be three hundred thousand jewish people in the u.k. but repeat suggestions that a veteran anti-racist may himself have a problem carry significant electoral risk liberal leaning voters labor supporting voters who think they're in a party or supporting a party which is anti racist and think they are themselves anti racist and don't want to be supporting a party which appears to be always claim to be anti semitic labor's national executive is under enormous pressure finally to change its policy though so angry
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is the mood in the powerful left wing but it isn't a foregone conclusion labor remains a party whose membership love the leader but his politicians are deeply divided on the al-jazeera london. you're watching all just around the whole wronger mind of our top news stories argentina is introducing all sturdy measures in an effort to stem its currency crisis the peso has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year president mary see america is increasing export taxes cutting public spending and slashing the number of government ministries the u.n. secretary general has condemned the jailing of two reuters journalists in me and good terrorists says the verdict in the case of war loan and choice all is unacceptable the reporters it was sentenced to seven years in prison after an investigation of a massacre of ten muslim men. police in brazil the fired tear gas of protesters
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outside what's left of the national museum in rio de janeiro the demonstration followed a massive fire which destroyed two hundred year old building brazil's president as promised to rebuild the museum. a challenger seen as a test case of legality of the colonial era territory deals has begun that the un's top court malicious is claiming that it was coerced by the u.k. to give a chain of islands in exchange for independence to change or silence will take away from the one nine hundred sixty five when it was a british colony the shameful it weeks for and continue. to ah of the religion government you referred to. the saigon shims have fought for more than four decades for the right to return to their place of birth the choice we were face was no choice at all
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it was in advance on condition of agreement that no independent we've detachment anyway the founder of the problem of kali network has died dina carney created the group in the one nine hundred seventy s. which was funded by the us to fight the soviet invasion of afghanistan during the one nine hundred eighty s. it later poses the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and one and the presence of nato forces and the afghan government it's affiliated with the taliban and al qaida of course you can follow those stories on our web site at al-jazeera talked about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next is the stream to stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to better our relationship with the natural world then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies the positive all the fun things and his condition from taking
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place here their story on talk to al-jazeera. imo they can be. seen and you're in the stream so they will hear from an artist who is mixing hip hop with the history of indigenous america native american artists frank wall joins us to share his latest music and if you're new to the concept of indigenous hip hop and have a listen to this. never seen storm come without a way and it's a lot. to keep. the pressure stress. on the. show. you know keep going knowing that i'm out.


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