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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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words towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined. strikes offensive in italy probing syrian activists report at least two civilians killed in the last remaining opposition stronghold. also coming up. the taliban say the founder of one of afghanistan's most feared armed factions says di. pressure grows on britain's opposition leader to resign executives meet to discuss anti semitism allegations against germany call bit. landslide warnings in japan is the strongest typhoon in more than twenty years
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calls his k o. activists say rebel controlled italy province in northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate air strikes are reported to have killed at least two civilians and injured others the united nations is warmed to the fullest sort on it could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not yet seen in syria's seven year war. the last large rebel controlled syrian province that has a population of more than a million many have been forced from their homes in other parts of the country the u.n. reckons up to thirty thousand rebel fighters are there innately syrian forces are reported to be massing in the region in preparation for an assault seventy deca has more now from antakya close to turkey's border with syria. after almost three weeks
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of no airstrikes on live province they seem to now resume particularly in the southwestern area of the province and also northwest how much activists telling us that a couple of civilians have already been killed in these airstrikes however at the same time we're being told that no major places tactical places have been hit the big question of course is this has this expected offensive on live started we know of course that there is intensive negotiations going on behind the scenes you have the u.s. special envoy to syria james jeffrey he is in anchorage today talking with the turks the turks want to do everything to avoid an all out escalation on the particular because they don't want hundreds of thousands of syrians trying to get into turkey's borders turkey already housing over three million syrian refugees its borders remain closed but certainly damascus has made it very clear that there will be an offensive the question is in what shape is it going to take will it be
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limited a lot of rumors over the last few weeks that the first phase of the offensive would be around the areas that you're being that you're seeing hit at the moment i think the next couple of hours will be key to see whether this is something that is an escalation and of course also all eyes on a meeting on the seventh of september on friday between iran russia and turkey that will be taking place in the iranian capital many people will tell you it's on a question of whether or if this offensive will take place it's just a matter of when. but meanwhile the u.n. special envoy to syria seven de mistura he's been speaking in geneva and he said that there is still hope for a revival of the political process towards a solution to the conflict. our goal is consistent with twenty to fifty four people some people think we have forgotten is there and the sochi final statement is to facilitate the establishment of
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a inclusive syrian led fifty m. own constitutional committee. as you know twenty two fifty four includes many of the issues but we have reached a point due to many circumstances in real politik that the constitution could make you can be and should be in the entry point for what we call a credible political process meanwhile lines have been dropping from the kremlin russia saying that the syrian army is getting ready to solve what it calls the terrorist problem and dismissing u.s. warnings not to launch attacks the kremlin says reparable threaten russian bases and that they are a block to peace donald trump and earlier warned there would be a grave humanitarian mistake in which hundreds of thousands of people could be killed if it is attacked we can talk to him also correspondent now really challenge and rory from what you're picking up from the lines coming out of the kremlin do
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you believe that this is the start of the battle for it lip. i think it's probably too soon to say definitively that it is but as stephanie was just telling us there he is imminence is just a question of when and how severe it's going to be now the lines from the kremlin the you were just mentioning there martin are certainly giving the impression that the syrian armed forces are basically about ready to strike what's the kremlin is leaving out of this assessment is how much assistance they're going to be getting from the russian air force because of course it is the russian military intervention in two thousand and fifty that turns the tide of this war in favor of damascus. re assaults there has been so far on the rebel enclaves
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has been with the russian air force providing key cover to this. syrian army forces on the ground and the militia forces on the ground as well so you would expect that this is a model that is going to be repeated again here what many people are expecting to be the major. final battle of this war if the russians and the syrian army can clear is live essentially they will have swept away the last major pockets of rebel resistance in the country russia or is on the significant pressure at the moment to to try and balance itself it's trying to. take into account what turkey wants which is a is a minimal impacts on the humanitarian situation there and also what damascus wants which is to get this job done once and for all and it seems very much if this is indeed the beginning of the offensive that has been long anticipated rory that
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they're not even bothering to wait for the summit to take place later on in the week between the turks the rainy and and the russians so not really bothered about any kind of diplomatic process as it were and instead getting on with the job at hand. well i mean russia in many many instances in the past has used military pressure in advance of diplomatic summits to basically establish new facts on the ground is done that in ukraine and it's done that in syria as well so i don't think we should necessarily be surprised that perhaps there's an escalation in military activity in it as we head towards that summits in iran on friday. that's a tactic that russia has used before and it does seem to work for it's successful
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in basically pressurizing other countries into recognizing that the situation has shifted whether or not that means that we are going to see a full scale assault on a globe in the coming days of this week before that summit in iran i don't know but we'll have to wait and see what goes on all right mari thank you for that really challenge her live in moscow now the taliban in afghanistan has announced the death of command gelatine colony he founded to her county network responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage taking his son the syrian jean who succeeded him as leader said his father died in afghanistan after a long battle with illness his death has been reported several times before he thought to be in his eighty's and that he had been bedridden. well jalaluddin haqqani raised to prominence as an afghan military commander fighting soviet troops
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who'd occupied afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. at the time described him as a prized asset and directly funded his group's fight against communist forces although not a member of the taliban he pledged his allegiance to the group in one thousand nine hundred five after the taliban captured the afghan capital how can the network oppose a two thousand and one u.s. led invasion of if afghanistan as well as the presence of nato forces in tears google is the head of the center for research and security studies in islamabad the pakistani capital and he says the whole county network still has significant ties to the taliban in afghanistan they have gone to his head in the second strongest leg in the of the on insurgency and you're going to know it was also reported to be very close to the oh i don't know it work. do you know going to be. dead. one woman and also is huge significance because
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of because of this very very. close up much closer in the. network as well. as a shared. leaders in the eastern part of the onus on and also the regions of pakistan now controversy about anti semitism is threatening to split britain's opposition labor party leader jeremy corbin is facing increasing calls to resign because of what jewish groups and others say are his anti jewish fuz the party's national executive committee is meeting to decide exactly what the definition of anti semitism is our correspondent lawrence lee now joins us from outside labor party headquarters in london so is this a make or break meeting of the national executive committee lawrence. well yes i think to some extent it has all comes to a head now it's the first day back of the parliamentary term herons the most
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important issue facing the u.k. overwhelmingly is brics it but yes again the labor party is tying itself up in knots with a fault line right through the middle of it trying to work out whether or not it is acceptable and so what degree it's acceptable to criticize the state of israel and actions towards the palestinians and that issue are all kinds of things which could come into play in the coming months for example if the government collapses and jeremy corbyn becomes an overtly anti israeli and pro palestinian prime minister what the what is it inside the labor party that he says is so toxic and difficult for them to agree about but overwhelmingly it's a question of free speech and whether or not it's acceptable to criticize or not to criticize the actions of an entire country. understand who is jeremy colby is he is his fervent supporters believe the most moral politician in generations
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a man who spent his entire life campaigning for political justice for palestine or is he as equally fervent opponents allege a closet racist and anti semites who says there's a difference between criticizing israel and criticizing jews but he blows the lines between the two. there's always been a split in the labor party on israel with one wing supportive of the palestinian struggle and another wing including many jewish labor party members who actively accept and support the existence of the state of israel but never before has that split come to the surface like this because never before has the been a labor party leader so obviously pro palestinian. at the heart of it is labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance. h. on a it is deemed for example anti semitic to say that jews are more loyal to israel than
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their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racist or that israeli government policies are like those of nazi germany corbin and his supporters claim this prevents them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. a whole raft of labor party heavyweights like former prime minister gordon brown have demanded the party clarify properly its position by falling into line with the i.h.r. a at a time when the ruling conservative party is in the whole of a brics its labor is tearing itself apart labor almost isn't functioning as a coherent political entity at the moment within it it's not so much sort of you know moderates versus corba knights really what you see is a sort of warring fiefdoms so i'm quite smooth as the right wing against coburn there's a centrist against coburn there's even the left against coburn there are divisions within the leader's office there are influences from different parts of youth movements and trade unions things all very chaotic the other question is the effect
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it has on coleman's reputation the manly be three hundred thousand jewish people in the u.k. but repeated suggestions of the veteran and see racist may himself have a problem carries significant electoral risk liberal leaning voters labor supporting voters who think they're in a party or supporting a party which is anti racist and think they are themselves onto racist and don't want to be supporting a party which appears to be always claim to be anti semitic labor's national executive is under enormous pressure finally to change its policy though so angry is the mood from the powerful left wing but it isn't a foregone conclusion labor remains a policy whose membership of the leader but his politicians a deeply divided told him. so the expectation still is that the executive will support the definition and all the examples of the irish are a. code on anti semitism but probably with
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a coffee at that allows people like jeremy call been and all his supporters to say for example it is ok to say that right israel is a racist enterprise without being accused of anti semitism which the coyotes currently allows for and so frankly as it is of the moment you have a situation. here we have two sets of counter-demonstrations both when i was part she was lobbies one saying it is ok to call the israel a racist country that's all beliefs were jewish the comment just a bit like this with jewish than another one the jewish lobby here with israeli flags accusing them of being fascists for saying these things and there is absolutely no way whatever this executive of the light body decides today that these two bodies of opinion will have a following any sort of accommodation between each other or to lawrence lee live in london thank you. we've got lots more to come here at al-jazeera including argentina's president almost harvest the size of government to save money as the economy teeters on the edge of disaster.
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as a typhoon jenny has now made landfall it was the strongest typhoon to hit japan for twenty five years and you can see it as it made landfall in chico it's now run its way north woods and it shredded itself over the high ground in horn shoes so it's really have disbanded quite significantly and as it runs its way northward it will get swept away by a front that's edging its way eastwards so the whole system is moving through quickly and by wednesday it will be away to the north of us a many of us will be seeing plenty of dry weather and in fact that system completely clear it's completely as we had three thursday and so it does look totally dry for us tokyo thirty two degrees so a warm day for us for the west forcing beijing not as hot as it has been twenty eight but that was about tough aqua here back some temperature just a bit chilly nine there for the towards the south and for many of us here there's
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been wet weather over the past week or so particularly in the grand old province and down in the southeast here more showers are expected particularly for the fusion province and there they should eventually begin to break up a bit as we had three thursday but they'll be pushing further inland a chunk doesn't fairly wet on thursday for much of the day the further towards the south that is the philippines where we've got the majority of the wet weather over the next couple of days newsom's not fairing too badly but what the weather is to the south. larry as europe's public opinion shifted polls for safety's abolition allowed a careful yours where the human exploitation took on new homes as a whole slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution from the history of slavery is not a black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality it is the legacy for all of us the slaveries new frontier three
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of slavery the roots on allergies and the. time to take a look at the top stories here it out activists on the ground in syria's italy province say government forces are attacking the last rebel stronghold from the air and russia has dismissed u.s. warnings not to launch attacks there saying the syrian army is getting ready. the taliban in afghanistan has announced the death of commander. carney he founded the haqqani network which was responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and
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hostage taking his death has been reported several times before he was thought to be in his eighty's and had been bedridden. emergency measures announced by the president of argentina have preferred protests in the capital. is cutting the number of government ministries almost in half is also based ing export taxes to try to stem the currency crisis rising inflation and the world's highest interest rates turn as a bird ripples out from one aside as. argentina is trying to prevent a major economic crisis precedent. an ounce to emergency measures to stop the weakening of the. fight on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if. when you see what the government is doing you know that the only thing we can expect is more
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layoffs a teary raising situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years. go. to cover what's lacking in this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm referring to export hers that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjun times are watching closely the
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weakening of the base or because it has a direct impact on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world and that's why exchange houses like this ones are fields with people waiting to trade in their base for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economists say the crisis this time is financial and political. reasons the negative side of this of course. are two roads we have very poor election a presidential election but. by trying. as hard as
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possible for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an end but those affected say they remain on the streets to fight the policies that hurt people like them. police in brazil have fired tear gas at protesters outside what's left of. the national museum in rio de janeiro. the demonstration came after a massive fire destroyed the two hundred year old building protests a public institutions have been chronically underfunded there are reports the building didn't even have a sprinkler system police are investigating the calls brazil's president has promised to rebuild the museum. and yemen thousands of people have been demonstrating in the city of ties they were demanding local authorities take control of security protests as gave their support to the army and police units in their fight against the u.a.e.
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backed battalions of us. now reports in the spanish media suggest the government is prepared to councillor delivering a four hundred precision bombs to saudi arabia this is amid fears that they could be used to target innocent people in yemen the defense minister margarita role players is returning more than ten million dollars paid by saudi arabia for the military equipment in april she signed a deal to supply the royal saudi naval forces with military vessels. weather experts think the us is a very in japan after the strongest typhoon there for more than twenty is typhoon debby cause the cancellation of flights and train services and three hundred thousand people were told to evacuate their homes flattened landslide warnings have been issued for the southwest of the country japan's already experienced extreme weather this year when floods and a heatwave killed around three hundred people fatty salami has more from the
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japanese capital taking. thank you j.b. you know it's already there already was that guy which was used in spain to big disaster there that's if you think things about six going when five point four. really gave so many people where when afraid that the city infrastructure wouldn't be able to under this kind of heavy rain and strong winds there and actually resolve some fords with your records showing a big chance showing the runway in one of the runways airports which is. important you know it's loaded with water. there and they they say that they're going. to use it for maybe a couple of days also people it's not there because. the bridge got connecting the airports with city or for second. but as you workers are lying.
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thank you wait two of the ships and then double and then people are in the chute there that's the bit you stuck about going to be the long. form of weight weights about one of them from. biking with no way of doing once more. small ways but it will be clues alongside wisconsin jump on board about nine hours from now and we're expecting heavy rain in tokyo and of are going to areas within the next hour coming to you all it's. it's a final day of the china africa summit in beijing president she told african leaders they have no strings attached as he promised them another sixty billion dollars in financing he also promised china would waive the debt of some of the poorest countries that have diplomatic ties and painting. a citizen around the world struggle with air pollution hundreds of campaigners and
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scientists are gathering in south korea to find new ways to tackle the crisis while the spotlight has been on cities like new delhi and beijing hong kong is also suffering from high levels of pollution. and awareness event by air pollution campaigners in a city that is becoming aware of a growing danger. this hong kong like much of mainland china has been experiencing record levels of ozone a complex mix of pollutants from vehicles and industry that's made worse during heat waves and a problem not helped by climate change. the highest level. for the last two decades and right now we do not know how to do with that and it is a problem for hong kong and. polluted air has long been in jordan as the necessary cost of rapid economic development that's only recently been tackled. they just
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lation has been passed to control the industrial emissions as well as from vehicles and shipping and there's a drive towards using renewable sources of energy instead of coal cities like beijing have been enjoying far more so-called blue sky days critics say the chinese and hong kong governments have been forced to act for fear of social discontent if they didn't but the outcome for china's cities has been the same after years of deteriorating air quality finally signs of improvement i think the political climate has changed a lot and there's a lot about how are being not acceptable. leads a university team that has developed a mobile app giving real time pollution readings at street level anywhere in the city. people can plan their daily routines to be as pollution free as possible.
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then they have the. information they can choose our i think there are some help. trying to win their exposure to air pollution scientists and activists helping to empower a generation of city dwellers increasingly concerned about the air they breathe. but broad al-jazeera hong kong. tens of thousands of germans have packed an empty racism concert in response to a week of anti immigration rallies by far right groups the crowd in the german city of kemet chanted nazis out and they carried anti racism placards which said there are more of us in response to the far right slogan we are the people the size of the crowd exceeded expectations after chancellor angela merkel urged germans to mobilize against rightwing hate groups.
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that we are not a far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilized but not far right for god's sake we don't want that we don't want such people absolutely again guy this is absolutely fantastic because after people come next we have to show that our city is open to everyone that we have no sympathy for what happened in recent days. and so it's clear i think it's cool that so many people will come here to support him. now calling cap and the quarterback his protest against racial inequality led to dozens of his fellow players taking their knee during the u.s. national anthem has been signed to front nike's latest marketing campaign company announce the deal with this picture on twitter and this deal could put him among like his highest paid athletes despite him not having
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a team now if you want to fight. more about that and indeed the rest of the day's news you can get a lot of information a lot of background too on the al-jazeera web site al jazeera dot com. time for us to look at the top stories here it is air activists on the ground in syria is it live province are saying that government forces are attacking the last rebel stronghold from the air and russia has dismissed u.s. warnings not to attack it live saying syrian army is getting ready to launch an offensive against the rebels. the taliban in afghanistan this announce the death of command in her county he founded the whole county network which was responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage taking his son syria to dean who succeeded him as leader said his father died in afghanistan after
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a long battle with illness. in yemen thousands of people have demonstrated in the city of ties they were demanding local authorities take control of security protests is gave support to the army and police units in their fight against the u.s. backs petroleum's of abu abbas reports in the spanish media suggest the government will cancel an order of four hundred precision bombs which are due to be delivered to saudi arabia this is amid fears that they could be used to target innocent people in yemen the defense minister margarito rob less is returning more than ten million dollars paid by saudi arabia for the military equipment. as typhoon jerry hits japan trains and flights are suspended in the damage is mounting there are warnings that the weather system could trigger floods and landslides in the southwest jet fans already endured extreme weather events
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this year. emergency measures announced by the president of argentina have provoked protests in the capital. cutting the number of government ministries almost in half . the quarterback whose protests against racial inequality led to dozens of his fellow players taking the need during the u.s. national anthem has been signed to fronts nike his latest marketing campaign company come out to deal with this photo on twitter and it could put him among nike his highest paid athletes despite him not even having a football team roger today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues in about half an hour after inside story.
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politics of aid the u.s. is just cutting millions of dollars in military assistance to pakistan it says islamic is not doing enough to fight on groups such as washington using a as a foreign policy tool and one of the consequences this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth purana the united states is pakistan's failing to take action against armed groups including the taleban washington says some of them operate with then pakistani borders and it wants the government of new prime minister imran khan to do more but also says it will end a planned three how.


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