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it's all right. i hear. thank you do you think that the iran meeting will. segue into the palestinian issue and secondly while iran has been condemned for all sorts of actions in yemen. the council's been has agenda about condemning saudi arabia and the coalition not just for the latest strike against children but there are constant. air strikes that have killed civilians. on the iran issue no i don't see that necessarily segue to segue into the palestinians i can't promise that but that's not the intent in terms of what has happened in yemen i think each country put out their own comments i know i personally put out comments that we can't ever see innocent. people killed under the auspices of trying to
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settle a dispute since then we certainly gave our concerns to saudi arabia i will tell you that we appreciated the transparency of them saying they were going to do an investigation we were concerned but they surprised us all because they did the investigation very quickly came out and admitted fault and said they would you can't totally make it right with families but said that they would do something to try and do that and then followed up by saying they're going to try and figure out what went wrong and how they can make it right having said that you know we'll continue to say that both the huth these and the coalition need to work with martin griffiths on this we are completely behind martin and everything he's trying to do to bring peace to that area the people of yemen have suffered long enough and this dispute has gone on long enough and when we have to go and start talking about. humanitarian supplies at the level that we're talking about even if we were to send
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tons of convoys in there none of us would feel good about it and so. i think all of the security council i have never seen them as united as we are on yemen and getting behind martin gryphus to see something happen and we know he's got his talks this weekend so we certainly are watching this week to see if something can happen but it is it would benefit the coalition and the hoop these to come together and realize the international community is not going to deal with us much longer didn't introduce myself but leopold independent media alternate and what not and we know who you are. thank you madame that afternoon. my name is ali better than with a chuckle or something and with france twenty four my question is. that the united states has chosen a country specific issue for
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a high level meeting presided by president drum on iran. is it can you shed a little bit of light on why you are doing this and whether you intend to bring iran back to the agenda of the security council and also. i have a question about the israeli palestinian. peace process obviously we've seen in the past few months that you last few fights in the general assembly and in the security council in this figure. out who go into view the way that the administration is dealing with this issue in order to really push the peace in the middle east thank you thank you so in reference to iran i mean the president in this entire administration sees such issues with it there it's hard to find a place that has conflict where iran isn't in the middle of it and we think that's
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a problem and we think that they have been ignored and been given a pass for too long and we think it's time that iran stand up and explain themselves in syria and that they have to answer for what they're doing with the whot these in yemen and the fact that in lebanon hezbollah they continue to be interactive with that with so many of the other things that they're starting to do and we want to make sure that they understand the world is watching that's the biggest reason for this meeting is the world is watching and there's nothing we would love more than to have iran come into the mainstream international community and be you know a valid country that wants to do good in the world we're. not seeing that and so we're not looking for a product we're not looking for a continuation so to speak of these security council meetings on iran what we're looking for is to get heads of state and heads of delegation to talk about what iran is doing around the world and what we as an international community can do to
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combat that in terms of the israel palestinian issue it's the issue that's been there for years so to say that we haven't done well in the general assembly or the security council i think we've done great and i'll tell you the reason we've done great is because we're not going to be pushed over we're not going to allow our friends in israel to be pushed over we think there's a real conversation that needs to be had. i think that. every palestinian deserves a better life and every palestinian should look at the palestinian authority and say what are you doing to help us because really the palestinian authority is not doing anything about gaza they're not doing anything to help the situation there and what we're saying is let's don't continue what we've always done at some point something has to give and so beating up on israel to me is something that i think some countries find easy to do i think it's something that some countries
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take satisfaction in but if they truly care about the palestinian people they will go to the palestinian authority and ask the real hard questions they'll go to the arab countries in the region and ask where are you why aren't you doing anything to help the palestinians in the region because i think it's been easy to point fingers at israel and point fingers at the united states but where is everyone where are they when it comes to helping the palestinian people because we're waiting for them to step up and i think the time has come. hi my name is with w. radio colombia it seems that colombia right now is going to start criminalizing users of drug allowing police officers to confiscate any amount of drug in a person even if it is under the minimum those usage allowed dizzee united state
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support that kind of criminalization of users and on the theme of colombia. is the united states going to have an official meeting with president hu gave yourself or president trump. first of all we had a fantastic meeting to colombia it's a beautiful country with. amazing people and you know it's a country that i also think the united states has so much in common with just in the way we think in the the values and what we want to see for our people in colombia i spent time with president duke a talking about where he wants to go i think are two biggest issues that we talked about or how we were going to counter drugs together and how we could best assist we didn't get into the country specific laws he may or may not be doing what we said was how can we help you a radical eight and substitute that economy that is going on and how can we look towards development of that area and so i think that he is very what we appreciate
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about president do gays he's not just talking about eradication he understands that the substitution is going to be just as important and we want to help him do that if he puts laws into place that he thinks will get him there we're going to continue to support him i do hope that president trump and president do game meet i know that president trump does want to meet with president do gay but i know that we will have some high level meeting of some sort in reference to that thank you. thank you very much rather president and good luck with the presidency to the mission i would like to ask again about iran but i would like you to tell us is there is this administration has a strategy with regard to iran and does that strategy include regime change do you like this regime to be changed in iran ultimately thank you thank you i will tell you that the strategy for iran is. very simple we want to expose. the
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negative aspects that they are doing we want to expose the violations of the security council resolutions that we are saying we want to strengthen the voices of the iranian people who so desperately want to better life in the united states thinks they should have it the idea that they are using all kinds of means to oppress and keep them from having any sort of say in their government is a problem and so we're going to stand with the iranian people this is not about regime change and who's the next leader this is everything about standing with the iranian people and say they have every right to be heard in their government and they have every right to change it if it's not being led the right way and we're going to continue to expose all the violations that iran does and we think the international community should join us with that because it is an issue for the future and it is a future in issue that affects every country in the world. you thank you. but i'm besser my name is russert has a to present day don't newspaper when president trump. he had
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to say that and i am paraphrasing that he said that he would make the deal of the century for the better seems he said that and be all of it now what is happening that the united states rick the united states cutting off the funds to the palestinians and under and so forth the dipetta signons are suffering the most so what is it that he's going to do i mean that you are privy to more than anybody else that he is going to do. in order to break the deed of the century which is going to happen so we talk about pakistan or palestinians but there are seniors palestinians i just wanted to hear myself so i will tell you that i have had conversations with the president about. the plight of the palestinians about. their lack of quality of life and the fact that they deserve more and better that
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is the reason he put the priority on the peace plan was very much about the fact that this was a plan where neither side would like it but the palestinians have no place to go but up with this peace plan so it was very important for him to put some time and effort into that i can tell you that. jared questioner and jason green have done unbelievably detailed work in it i have read the plan it is thoroughly done it is well thought out from both sides the palestinians and the israelis it takes into account every aspect of everything but again this is a plan that's going to be put forward that both sides have to be willing to hear if they are both willing to hear it i think that this could be a solution for the region i think it could be a solution for both palestinians and israelis and i think it would be a solution and a testament to what can happen when two sides come together in the name of helping their people and so with that the president's full intent is to completely do
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everything he can win the peace plan in reference to the palestinians and cutting aid or not cutting aid to the palestinians were cutting aid to the and there's a big difference annorah has. it's a concern because under a is not serving palestinians under is a political arm that claims to serve palestinians we have for two years asked to reform itself because it has this ongoing number of refugees that is unsustainable we can't sustain and the world knows everybody knows that every year they come and say to schools aren't going to open but they keep adding numbers of refugees to where we're never going to be able to sustain that and what we said was. you saw we gave sixty million under it in faith thank you they criticized us and and attacked us for not giving more there is no one that has given more money to the palestinians than the united states. up until last year six billion dollars and
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again we're going to say if the other members in the region don't feel this is worth the investment why should the united states feel like it's worth the investment at some point the region has to step up and say they care about the palestinians don't blame us for cutting aid don't blame us for saying that we think gunner is political and that it needs to be reformed if you think it's fine go you pay for it but don't blame the united states for a faulty political organization that i don't think is doing justice to the people of the palestinian community and on top of that. should not be the one taking care of the people in gaza the palestinian authority should be taking care of the people in gaza and we would much rather work directly with the palestinian authority and directly with jordanians then we would with honor and that is the reason that we cut the aid of the search. two inches. only if abbas comes to the
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table we have ensured that netanyahu will come to the table abbas for the good of his people needs to come to the table. thank you ambassador over here margaret the share with the voice of america so investor you said you read the peace plan proposal so might the administration be getting close strolling it out and might it happen during. a could you give us some sort of perhaps indication and you said about mahmoud abbas that at some point something has to give what is the palestinian authority doing to help. and you're saying it's the p.a.'s responsibility to take or the people in gaza so should we infer from that perhaps that ministrations patience is done with mr abbas than that you would like to see some other leader in the palestinian authority or how should we interpret these remarks i think the palestinian people's should be frustrated with abbas and the
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fact that he's not stepping up he's not dealing with hamas he's not doing things to better the palestinian people the peace plan yes it's getting close but i'll tell you right now i don't expect it during high level week or anything like that that's not going to happen but it goes to show how detailed it is and how many different countries leaders and everyone they have actually engaged with to do this plan and so again i can't say enough good things about it but i will tell you again. for the good of the palestinian people the region the international community we have to put pressure on abbas and say it's time it's time for a better life for palestinians and only he can deliver that and we have to that hamas is part of the problem. go with george and. ok. i'm right here. thank you. from
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new egypt t.v. congratulations to them for your presidency would bring a southern the flavor to the please. president trump wanted us to what he called a grave humanitarian mysti president and his allies at the problems of. the u. is against any military actions in it live or the against assad regime gaining control over the city also to guard and israeli peace deal somebody both spoke of configuration between short on and with bank and gaza who which reporters spoke it was rejected by jordan and the palestinians can should more light about this topic please thank you. we know that the that the environment is moving in the same direction that it has moved in the past when assad and russia
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and iran have used chemical weapons that is why you're hearing the president give a statement it is a it is a direct statement to we know what you're planning don't go there i think that you're finding the international community is saying the same thing when we've seen this game before don't try and play it and so that's what the outcry is in terms of it that's why you'll see the meeting on friday we hope that we are stopping something before it starts that's end not waiting until after it's happened to condemn this is again trying to be a preventive. method to make sure that the chemical weapons are never used in the first place when it comes to it in terms of the details of the plan i can tell you there are a lot of false statements out there about the plan. and i'm not going to elaborate on any of it but the plan will be released soon enough and i think then you can make your decisions off of that we have time for one. and we've been listening to nikki haley the u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations speaking there that press conference to mark at the start of the u.s. presidency of the security council that's of rotating presidency countries on the security council get a month each this marks the start of the u.s. month of september have quite a few announcements that she made she started by talking about the situation in myanmar the allegations of war crimes against the she mentioned how the myanmar government was in denial the millets military refused to be accountable and that she didn't dismiss the idea of sanctions also spoke about the president trump is going to host a high level meeting of the u.n. security council on iran at the end of the month and that the aim of the u.s. was to expose iranian violations of u.n. security council resolution so will. there will be a high level meeting of u.n.
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security council on iran and that president trump is due to host that meeting when it happens of course another issue that was asked about was the situation in syria specifically the potential attacks or further attacks on lib and again the u.s. envoy to the u.n. nikki haley said the security council is going to hold a meeting on the province in syria on the friday this coming friday she was pressed about that of course she said you know she was asked beyond wards what will the u.s. to she was relatively vague on that but did issue strong words of the terran so to russia iran and assad about using chemical weapons on the syrian people she said that the three countries were playing by the same playbook and the u.s. would not tolerate the use of chemical weapons so that is nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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at that news conference there and our reporter james bays of correspondent was there we hope to speak hillary in the coming hours or so. now to the families of two reuters journalists jailed for seven years on charges of spying say that they will appeal the verdict the wives of why law and cast so along with their lawyers held a press conference in young goan say the journalists are being punished for doing their jobs the two were arrested in the center last year while investigating the execution of tender hinge of men by me and more soldiers and militia men. i thought he would be released but that's not happening i was so upset he totally innocent they were just doing their job is reporters the judge said they had an intent to become it makes me feel really bad and i hope and believe that he looked i'm too often as soon as possible he's a good citizen after more than five hours of discussion as the u.k.'s labor party
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has voted to adopt in full an international definition of anti semitism there have been calls for opposition leader jeremy corbyn to resign over accusations that he has anti semitic views and this reluctant to expel party members who have expressed opinions against the jewish people lawrence lee has been following the story. can you say what he wants to about israel without being accused of hating jews these people whose of all jeremy colvin believe it is entirely legitimate to condemn israel as institutionally racist without being cautious as racists themselves we need to proceed you know i mean this is a party that can become the party of government and we can discuss matters of foreign policy the rights of the palestinians to their own self-determination they the suffering that the palestinians are experiencing at the hands of israel we can discuss that in the labor party because it will be the find his anti semitic.
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tactic i'll back off but these british jews friends of israel say that his bigotry fascism and even the jewish people at the moment everybody i know is considering leaving the country young people are leaving the country i know loads of young people in that twenty's have gone to israel and you know jeremy corbin looks if he's going to become a prime minister you will see a stray mcgeorge people leaving the united kingdom that has to be terrible. of the whole of it was labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed anti semitic to say for instance the jews are more loyal to israel in their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racists or that israeli government policy is like those of nazi germany colvin and his
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supporters have claimed this prevented them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. under huge pressure to adopt the i.h.r. a coat the policy executive finally did but also reserve the right to criticize israel even the deputy party leader didn't seem convinced or somebody said not the first rail is a racist in devon now will they be disciplined by the labor party. look the cover is what it says you could make your own critics will accuse the labor party of trying to play with words in this supposed compromise what is the difference between criticizing israel and expressing support for the palestinians and criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinians one might not be anti-semitic one might be is open to interpretation and certainly it is not the unequivocal backing of the anti semitism coat that many labor politicians have been demanding. the danger in this for colby loses in trying to keep his political party happy he will have upset his grassroots supporters who want to say what they like to about
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israel this decision may not have cleared up anything gloriously al-jazeera london . there's been a backlash against sportswear company nike after former american footballer colin kaepernick was announced as one of the faces of a major new campaign the former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback announced a multi-year deal on twitter happen extolled controversy in two thousand and sixteen when he refused to stand for the national anthem in a protest against racial inequality the nike campaign sponsor media calls to boycott nike goods with some people burning their nike shoes in protest but it has the backing of many sports stars kristen salumi has more now from new york. believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything that's the slogan that nike has chosen for collin capper nick and its new ad campaign which is proving to be just as controversial as the national football league star himself he inspired
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a movement among fellow players to not stand during the national anthem to instead take the need to call attention to show social injustices especially issues of race in the united states but it's been very controversial while he's gotten support from some segments of the community and certainly other players some find this very disrespectful including president trump himself who has tweeted about the issue and called on the n.f.l. to not allow the players on the field if they refuse to stand for the national anthem this latest slogan this campaign comes out just ahead of the season opener for the national football league on thursday night no policy in place right now to deal with the issue of taking a need during the national anthem which is considered by some to be disrespectful to the flag here in the united states so fanning the fires of an already very controversial issue controversial moment in sports with this campaign. that's it
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for now more news in just a few minutes trying to that of i. one of the best health care systems in the world is in there. trust with local doctors as the gatekeepers we have radical concept to catch people while makes you a better doctor but as the population ages what challenges does the u.k.'s national health service face that's a big problem all people in the interim a practicing drugs because of the stress of paperwork and financing the u.k.'s frontline on the people's health on al-jazeera. and lives in fear
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constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and as you know we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who've been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. they are women. mothers. performers. christmas. day from their present and the plateau argentina. that inspiration is a force of the new flu. well it's going to stay. invisible. party
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because i do not intimate. at this time zero. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera activists say the last rebel controlled province in syria is being attacked from the air and that's the spy the white house warning syria's government against the reckless escalation in the area it's believed more than twenty separate air strikes have been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children the united nations is warning that a full assault an adlib could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale well yet seen in syria's seven year old boy well the issue big labels high on the agenda when the u.s. ambassador to the united nations held a press conference
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a short time ago our diplomatic editor james bays was there and joins us now.


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