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tv   Ailed Guevara The Wedding Planner  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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with local doctors as the gatekeepers we have pretty good conservative cash now and people while makes you about to die but as the population ages what challenges does the u.k.'s national health service face that's a big problem and old people in deep trouble practice in droves because of the stress of paperwork and reduce financing the u.k.'s frontline on the people's health on al-jazeera. to. make. me go i.
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mean i'm a rattlesnake and i don't know if. i want to love again you know into single person asylum and. i said. that i'm now on the call. was they've also got a taste and you know they're not going to. go because the estimate was tough time winning. also will not i'm not going to tell. them and. do.
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you know them yelling just don't know got the info and so they can ask me about. it if i knew i was the given them but if the problem yak. they. thought i was in no doubt about that i'm not going to. eat them but all my lady could go to our local. the who. didn't know c.m. though what no one knew. about it the little day and the next one how was the real quote i would just feel out of. yes he spoke of play and save. oh. and i want you. to tell me.
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jordan also as a whole should feel. it out there that may have gotten the lord's play sort of a bit of a gotten over the whole thing with the media. is the man who informed by you but up and sadness i meant often want to say there's a lot of those because i am not a monolith. steve much of his film better than she had africa's a political editor. tempted . to go play in wilmington quad. just because
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they're going to play in a similar way and so i did it when i thought is that i had known the guys nice things get out of one of the beach. ball and it got us going now including a guest is the favorite. i'm. not trippin to comment i meant they only know him when. he said i meant that. way we had our coworkers start to say what on this. board k. getting i get but this was me back on the get in compared to just a moment and. this is now down and it's still going to. do they both don't think this is racist
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because i don't mean it wasn't and i mean there's nothing to be. going on a little less the good of them how to say and. well. but not for the model. and. it's only fitting that i. should be able to.
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yes i'm going to the boss of my mustang only a little bit after all. i want to leave some. for another. year and i must i'm going to have it on me. ok. so yes you have. a. poor sad old. men but most of. us thing could have been. almost a year. ago. now
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and then. be familiar with. me my mom asked me a. moment to talk about what happened. at the end. i mean at the end. when. the going to get. my life. oh by the way.
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out of here going to. we're going to thank you that aren't going to miss america. again and said. if i want them around the world is also to get involved. so it's a goal to see lawsuit. i'll get on my going to houses for what the fourth quarter loss of more than along
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my hello. hotel citizen see holiday brought on a bus have to meet us here on our need to go money don't meant that also that are not. and i'm speaking of am and. they're not going to go on i won't hold it all in one of them but i mean thought of god when the ship was going to the us in a way that i thought that the mahanta. the. me and you can believe.
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when i'm on your soil oedipal starlit big quality up real like gold with gold put out the m.b. i don't know but that my going to let him deal get it on high and i've got my golden egg on but i'm beyond about the weight loss to feel the adult child on my bed i told them we put down this report that they're not offensive and i don't want more jobless a. whole bunch of us here on. c.n.n. . where when you're going to do serious i don't mean i'm ever going to go but if you made up the bullshit a little bit but i don't see a lot of good videos a typical brother knows if it's a boy i'll say i hope i'm even turning out when i have my.
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you know when you would be able to see his ear we had a. little moment here i think it's what is it all you. know what i'm not going to get out i think of a good memory if the league is the group. could. be. entering the as you say a you know a war began you and my team about us and them and roaming. ok you. only went. on the thing and they show about ability to me no i think.
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you. might ask me oh. i you know him on a so that i said of course me but him to may also cause a second go but i said. to him. it's a joke. no no no i'm not i hate the way i'm about it when i will. but i'm lucky that i had them on the night i thought. that i had. this is what i gave on friday look no no we're.
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not done with the amendment without him. you know no man as if i'd had enough or that they're here that way we haven't got close up at us even but it's how he doesn't like you are all the descendants of the over the well i know i get a better place they've done no time for. seeing. them all in a phenomenal i don't think that you know. i love the save me that i thought you were giving the getting their luck is it does a lot of thought of him good the end of the model have to get out there like he gets there when he wanted a whole crowd of them on its feet and have given him
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a month. but i will then get all the i'm boring and never. see em but i'm going to announce a little it's that i want all the while i don't see him but i don't know how many of you want to see him but i succumbed i mean something and. i feel. that no matter how bad my own call my. main thought am i to assume that i'm ok put on the yeah and if it was in the next. town i add it up in the end will get the name off but i'm long.
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no. no no no no i. guess the most. the most i'm simply manto in this. moment to say ok.
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so. in the good. way of her right i see. where. no one wants. me. on. this. but. i'm being. what i was. always.
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going to have. law and i got a cold winter when i said i want to. go to. do a. little bit of one also for the study. and. we know you are. going to.
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get a lot of. money on the. bank i mean a job in the town. but in the scene back in the early polls ok it doesn't get a million. nigga god
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help me you know i get a lot of. you know more hockey player from us but i guess i don't know what i noticed. but all. that i was going to. usually get to. when i. look at. you i don't know but i thought.
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get annoying to have even though they're not. going to get that i owe a lot going on and i know. what i've got to be they gay or whatever why. can't. i get a little bit am i did that i don't buy them out. so. much i could ask. you
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a way you have i did. and if i you know i'm home now i'm on my own thing i'm in my mind thing bore me away and then what dong if i mean you're in a podium at the time of the work and i'm fighting for one. to give into go away till being. sure my exams are scores five years are you doing stories that are all right.
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instead of those all your faculties there's a god. who goes everywhere like he saw me who i don't think those are but i'll be like you know who told me that you're a customer because you know while. you know. when i have been adamant that the mountain i left in one area. you were there will come on terribly because i thought of men of it because they were the last days i've never come here on a d.m. to the north and south america when i want to.


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