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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 142  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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hello the been some nasty poky showers in pakistan recently but what she's done in particular but it's right on the charts there's nothing in iran there's nothing sorry rock from the point of view of anything other than hazy atmosphere and hot weather the wind direction tense change things that's not particularly strong and it's pretty similar along shore breeze the bay roots of the thirty mark very humid to drier hotter weather but still middle forty's a bag of high forty's further south in iraq and in northern parts of cuba it hasn't really stopped forty nine degrees is a regular occurrence because nothing else happening in the sky occasional share on the southern caspian if you're lucky and given the wind is not that strong it's been very humid again recently in qatar and bahrain that's not going to change forty degrees is about as hot as you can bear when it's that he would that's very typical dry weather and dry heat i should think the low humidity further west a low we see in some showers recently in yemen in southwest that is not really much in the forecast to see a repeat of that decent rain has through the western cape recently in the forecast
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for wednesday is a good potential for rain if you want it and you do in cape time thirteen degrees in cloud which should go east woods and turn quite substantial. the weather sponsored by cats on race. whether online this isn't some abstract issue we need to pay attention to their stops or if you join us on sacked rather than stopping terrorism risk creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i need to go but i never get listening to buy those illegal resident vote or join the global conversation. on on to zero.
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well again you're watching the. top stories airstrikes have hit syria. at least seventeen people were killed russia says it is aware the syrian army is planning an offensive to last rebel held back the u.n. is warning of a potential bloodbath. a cease fire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who've been fighting in the capital for more than a week at least sixty people have been killed one hundred fifty more injured in and around tripoli under the deal all fighting will end in the cities only airport will reopen. at least nine people were killed as a typhoon back to japan the government has issued evacuation orders for more than a million people and canceled hundreds of flights is thought to be the strongest
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typhoon to hit japan in twenty five years. cambodian m.p.'s are being sworn in and every one of them is a member of the ruling people's party long time leader. virtually unopposed in july election after the main opposition group was outlawed late last year he's been criticized by rights groups for cracking down on dissent plans to form a government later this week florence louis reports from kuala lumpur in neighboring malaysia. the prime minister who sends party the cambodian people's party is in full control of parliament who can send himself has ruled cambodia for thirty three years and he said he intends to be in power for at least another decade and the general election held in july was widely considered a sham by political observers and human rights groups and the results were hardly a surprise to anyone over the course of the past year and has systematically destroyed all forms of opposition to his government he imprisoned can soak up the
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co-leader of the main opposition party last october on charges of treason is still in prison awaiting trial and not long after the courts which are known to be under the control of one cent or at the very least supported his government or that the main opposition party became national rescue party to be dissolved forcing hundreds of its members into exile independent media who are less josiah and more critical of consent in his government have also been shuttered so this is the cambodia that putin's government over the election results and wednesday swearing in of members of parliament all of whom come from lutherans political party i suppose is a way to give the can vote in government a veneer of legitimacy and after all defying international consensus maintains that he won the election in a free and fair manner and that the polls were held in a free and fair way but there's no escaping the fact that cambodia is now
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a de facto one party state. a bridge collapsed in the eastern indian city of kolkata killing one person and injuring nineteen others the army's been called in to help with the search and rescue effort the cause of the collapse is not yet known twenty seven people died in a similar incident in the city two years ago. are supporters of the democratic republic of congo opposition figure sean pierre bamber have called for mass protests that's after the top court up held his exclusion from december's presidential election members' appeal was thrown out because of a case against him at the international criminal court the tour again the reports. members of jumpier bender's opposition and elfie party hold an emergency meeting the former rebel leader has a strong following in the capital kinshasa and ben party secretary is calling for mass protests. are not spot we announce the establishment of a crisis committee in collaboration with the other forces to develop
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a plan to bring people to conquer the sovereign rights confiscated by predators. benbow was released from prison in the hague earlier this year after a conviction for crimes against humanity was quashed the electoral commission rejected his application to be a candidate in december's presidential election on monday the constitutional court rejected his appeal because of the case against him at the international criminal court he's due to be sentenced for bribing witnesses during a war crimes trial that ended two years ago the decision has done little to lessen the tension on the streets of kinshasa. mariachi an is simple our people are disappointed and shocked by the court's decision it shows that our court is receiving orders from officials the electoral commission which is supposedly independent has long been painted by bemba and his supporters as deeply partisan.
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i feel sorry for the congolese people after this court decision the court is supposed to uphold the law but it has become politicized. the presidential election has already been delayed for two years triggering a violent protests in which dozens were killed. in a deal see has never seen a peaceful transition of power it's looking less likely that this election will be different big turia gayton be al-jazeera. inside yemen protests and going on in the south east against the saudi and iraqi coalition's military campaign was. demonstrators in the lives governor charted for the coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the us some yemenis blocked off main roads and carried placards blaming the coalition for the collapsing economy. u.s. president donald trump's pick to be the next supreme court justice has faced a chaotic confirmation hearing in the senate democrats accuse republicans of
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withholding documents about a nominee brett kavanaugh as possible white house service was when jordan reports from washington. hearing that from the moment brett kavanaugh sat down for his confirmation hearing to become a u.s. supreme court justice outburst after outburst at least thirty people were arrested on tuesday for disorderly conduct then it was the democratic senators turn to disrupt the hearing. is determined we have been denied we have been denied real access to the documents we need to a diagram and regulators called which turns this hearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms well mr chairman i therefore moved to adjourn this hearing the democrats and her aggressive groups are trying whatever they can to stop kavanagh from joining the high court they accuse the appeals court judge of wanting to outlaw abortion of favoring businesses over employees unions and consumers and
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of wanting to end overstretch and on firearms ownership democrats are also accusing republicans of trying to rush through kavanagh's confirmation for political purposes namely to protect the president donald trump the interruptions and accusations angered republicans who run the jujitsu kerry committee this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice i've seen basically according to mob rule can i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle how long you want to go on with this because i'm not going to entertain any of the motion and you're making do you want this to go on all day because i have been patient at the end of the day cavanaugh finally had a moment to speak and he addressed the question about his ability to be fair. over the past twelve years i've ruled sometimes for the prosecution and sometimes for criminal defendants sometimes for workers and sometimes for businesses
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sometimes for environmentalists and sometimes for coal miners despite the protests and the parliamentary maneuvers it does appear that judge brett kavanaugh will be joining the us supreme court republicans control the senate as well as the judiciary committee and they're convinced that they have the votes as well as the confidence to get their man on the high court rosalyn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill a new book by washington post journalist bob woodward has claimed that u.s. president donald trump wanted to have syrian president bashar al assad killed last year there at that request was ignored by his defense secretary fear trump in the white house has quotes from the president's own aides questioning his ability to lead the white house says the book is in its words a full of fabricated stories woodward is known for his investigative reporting that helped bring down president richard nixon in the watergate scandal of the washington post has published
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a telephone conversation between trump and bob woodward in which they discussed the book. look at the world in your industry in you. you write well i assume that means it's going to be a negative book but you know i'm some sort of fifty percent used to that it's the right some are good and they regret it sounds like they're going to be. a petticoat hain has more. some really explosive reporting coming from bob woodward the preeminent and pretty one of the more credible journalists in the entire country his book comes out and he says the president don't terms top aides had some very disparaging things to say about their boss he says that the staff john kelly has called the president an idiot saying he has come often gone off the rails and saying this is crazy town he reports that secretary of defense to mattis basically compared the president's ability to understand to a fifth or sixth grade level and that he reports to gary coleman once the
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president's chief economic adviser once took paperwork trade paperwork off the president's desk saying that he wouldn't remember and he was trying to protect the country he also reports that the president has had very nasty things to say about his top aides including attorney general jeff sessions according to woodward trump said that he was mentally retarded and he referred to him as this dumb southerner. the white house is pushing back on this releasing a statement saying that this is basically fake news and the president's come out and said that bob woodward has a credibility issue he really hasn't ever had a credibility issue and he has said today he stands by his story still the president's taking to twitter we've seen kelly matt is the transformer lawyers come out and flatly deny all of these allegations again the president saying that this is fake news bob woodward say that he stands by his reporting well as patty mentioned that trumps been tweeting in his response he quoted a statement from secretary of defense james mattis that said the contemptuous words
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about the president attributed to me in woodward's book were never by me or in my presence what i generally enjoy reading fiction this is a uniquely washington brand of literature and his anonymous sources do not lend credibility and another from chief of staff john kelly saying the idea of a cold a president and idiot is not true as i stated back in may and still firmly stand behind i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. or the market value of online retailer amazon has passed the trillion dollars it is the second us company to reach that figure out after tech giant apple last month this comes twenty four hours after founder jeff bezos borrowed money twenty four years after jefferies has borrowed money to sell books on the internet argentina's currency is getting worse that's despite the government's efforts and a fifty billion dollars financial package from the international monetary fund to
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the economy minister is in washington to ask the i.m.f. to release the money early. reports from when osiris on how the crisis is affecting the most vulnerable. over three hundred people come to get a hot meal every day to the soup kitchen when a site ace. the economic crisis is making life difficult for people. who has five children and can barely make enough to survive it's difficult for me to say it but the situation is horrible we cannot afford to buy food i'm worried about my children because of they don't eat well they get sick. nya is in charge of the place and says there is a waiting list with hundreds of people waiting to be able to eat here for me to him but some of the situation is difficult because we are getting help from the government but it's not enough if we don't get any more food we can't take in any more people it's difficult because people are hungry and they need us. the peso has
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devaluated one hundred percent in the past year and that has had huge consequences in the poor neighborhoods of one aside in the impact of a devaluation of her face on food prices it's something that a war is those who are trying to help those in need it this year the prices of food have already increased around thirty percent something that makes it difficult for people living here to buy some basic food a family like bread half and me. a few days ago there was an attempt to loot a supermarket in the neighborhood similar situations happened in other parts of argentina. we were working and heard screaming these young kids between fifteen and twenty they tried to enter the market and loot it's an example of how sensitive the situation is and it seems that the crisis on t.v. every day is adding to the difficulties we already face we are all suffering but some groups feel they have the right to go out and loot the government of the
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market he is struggling to prevent an economic collapse and has announced of stary to measures to reduce the fiscal deficit. makea had acknowledged poverty rates are on the rice and announced he will give extra cash handouts for the poor and usefulness in yet but a lot of the incest says much more needs to be done by that in the us isn't for us for stopping inflation is crucial right now but that's not going to solve everything there has to be an increase in local production to generate jobs or that we need to see a creation of state polls easy a government has the clarity and humility to call on all sectors to cooperate with . the possibility of further rice's in household basics have many in argentina fearing for the future in the meantime there are those who are suffering the consequences of the crisis right now. and to see that when a side ace.


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