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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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and that with donald trump if you go out and pay a substantial amount of money for a story and then you put that story aside you kill it during the course of a campaign you're effectively making a campaign contribution if we've got a circumstance where information that would be of interest to the great mass of people is being pulled out of the process and hidden on behalf of a particular candidate it's hard not to see that as beneficial to the candidate so they are both responsible for burnishing his reputation as well as for making sure that negative coverage of him did not come to light so the fact that packer is now working for the investigation means that all of the knowledge of those stories and we only know a couple but it's likely that there's more are now going to become known by the investigators into trump and into potential collusion. how worried is donald trump about what kind of stories the enquirer has under lock and key according to the new
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york times very reported this past week the trump tried to buy those stories from a.m.r. just prior to the two thousand and sixteen election but then an agreement between him and david pecker was never reached and trump isn't the only american concerned by the fact that the enquirer is under investigation and the potential legal precedent this case could set newspapers even ones like the enquirer are constitutionally protected under the first amendment which guarantees freedom of the press i believe in a very broad interpretation of the first amendment and that even a gossip publication they have a full right to invoke those protections because it is often on the margins that stories that need to be told are first told and so i think we still have to be very conscious of the right of editors and publishers writers to assert freedom of the press protections while. this might not be a news flash to everybody but the national enquirer doesn't do journalism you know
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there's a big difference between being biased in someone's behalf and doing their dirty work working with their fixer michael cohen to shut people up who might have negative stories about donald trump the claim here is that the national enquirer was affectively making a campaign contribution to donald trump and that would be a violation of our campaign finance laws. donald trump first rose to prominence decades ago in new york for that he had the city's tabloids to thank his brash persona suited the daily news and the new york post far better than the new york times they could not get enough of him. these days the times is among the outlets trump targets they are the fake just scariest thing. and labels the enemy of the american people. now as the prosecutors appear to be
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closing in the biggest threat posed to the present comes not from the times c.n.n. or the washington post it comes from a tablet and all the news that the national enquirer did not consider fit to print . we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong will facebook has taken down twenty accounts in me and maher including some belonging to senior government officials who are they well undoubtedly the biggest name among them is the commander in chief of nam azam forces general men playing others taken down include more military think is and the only controlled neo wanting t.v. channel now this comes off through a un report recommending that six military leaders and. clued in general men be investigated by the international criminal court in the hague for their part in
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genocide crimes against humanity and the war crimes against range of muslims now additionally facebook has removed dozens more accounts for so-called in authentic behavior which in this case refers to pushing the messages of the myanmar military under the guise of independent news and commentary and this isn't the first time that facebook has had to scramble to salvage its reputation in me and maher over its role in politics there is no it isn't earlier this year facebook banned a number of ultra nationalist buddhist monks from the side and muslim hate speech but still just two weeks ago reuters published a report showing that hundreds of posts calling for violence against muslims was still accessible and remember that facebook is basically synonymous with the internet in myanmar it's that dominant and un investigators say hate speech hosted by the platform played a determining role in violence that has driven seven hundred thousand rangers across the border into bangladesh facebook for its part has admitted not for the
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first time that it's been too slow to respond to the problem moving on to the u.k. now the broadcast regulator in britain has ruled that a television channel sky t.v. has broken the rules by airing advertisements that were paid for by the government of saudi arabia what's the story there and it relates to the visit of saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell month to the u.k. five months ago during his three day visit a minute long t.v. ad for saudi arabia's vision twenty thirty project appeared fifty six times on the british t.v. channels sky one the ad was a polished presentation of a country ushering in big changes in the fields of culture society and the economy and the takeaway message was that partnership with britain brings benefits to both countries but the u.k. broadcast regulator ofcom ruled this week that the adviser lated regulations on paid political advertising stating that it was a quote intended to influence public opinion in the u.k. on matters of. public controversy and at the time of bin some months visit there
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were protests and questions in parliament regarding britain's strong support for saudi arabia despite its poor human rights record and the devastating saudi led war in yemen so that's the ruling what about the consequences though will there be lasting repercussions from this decision it would seem not guys says the ad was cleared by the advertising industry screening service clear cost which disagreed with off comes ruling arguing that the ad was promoting trade with saudi arabia which they said was in line with british foreign policy that saudi arabia and other countries will have to think twice before running similar ads in the future and sky will have to do the same before airing them thanks will. it's been more than fifteen years now since the conflict in darfur in western sudan began but there's no end in sight to the fighting the government continues its attacks on insurgents and the region's non arab and african civilians a campaign that the united nations has called a genocide one that has led to the international criminal court's indictment of
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sudanese president omar al bashir however with the authorities preventing journalists going in and information coming out darfur has turned into a black hole for news as a result one broadcaster has proven to be critically important radio banga beaming in from amsterdam to remain beyond the reach of government censors the station has become a rare source of independent news for what it says are its more than three million daily listeners but the broadcasters funding is drying up meaning that the bank that could soon see its doors closed for good listening posts joanna who's now from amsterdam on the role of radio de bangor in a region that has seen its media environment blacked out by design. and home economics. for
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a family on the run indoor few are unsure of whether the next village will be any safer than the one they just fled to. radio the community difference between life and death and i know we. must have a new deal but i don't know what he. will do you know i don't want. this small station run like max outdoor for thousands of miles away has been trying to keep those back on safe as well as providing listeners with much needed insight into one of the most sealed off regions in the world to the editor in chief. says the bangor has become much more than just a short wave radio station. it's become the lungs with which sudanese people breathe by reporting on security safety displacement health issues fundamental to the survival of sudanese people for example there was
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a cholera outbreak count which the government denied claiming it was severe diarrhea didn't just create awareness and also offered advice. when the war was raging in darfur we were informing people where the fighting was taking place so they had information on how to get to safety technically debunker has saved their lives when. other media outlets in sudan was censored to bangas location in amsterdam allows its journalists to report freely the government and its state media the darfur crisis is over but the bank tells a different story they report on the absence of security the poor conditions in the camps the number of victims casualties the number of those displaced the government doesn't want that side of the crisis to come out. here with my little while and
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it's a known fact that they've created a total media blackout but millions of darfur we want to know what's happening around them unfortunately none of the mainstream media here will cover the conflict but because radio to bangor operates from outside and those providing the station with information are unknown to the authorities it makes it much safer for them to do that work. that network of citizen journalists often under cover as well as ordinary civilians and what the bank robber lies on to produce its reports via their phones and social media they send information back to the bankers had quarters in one. and shedding light on a region that the government prefers to keep in the dark. gloomy and we receive more than one hundred calls a day and are to bungle what zob can get up to one thousand messages that it's all preliminary information that our wide network of reporters on the ground in verifies and authenticates only after careful investigation do we publish stories
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this is what gives the bangor its credibility and fame when we report to the people in sudan we support our news with evidence from the ground the more. radio the bungles dependence on civilians the sources of information has been used by president omar al bashir is that ministration to discredit this station. ever since the bank has launched in two thousand and eight khartoum has gone to great lengths to silence the broadcaster questioning its credibility or even cutting its signal the government body that regulates the media is the national council for press and publications according to its secretary general the bonga is in the business of spreading fake news for little him. it's fundamentally important for the credibility of news that all sources must be verified as well as objective void of any personal or ulterior motives much sure maybe most of the mangas news items
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like such veracity this was most evident in two thousand and fourteen when they spread iran years news reports about the alleged massacre a pin the area of to. those alleged mass rapes cause widespread hysteria but when proper investigations were conducted by unbiased governmental organizations the information turned out to be false. there was a mass rape of girls and women over two hundred ordered by the regular army commander nearby but the story itself and the nature of this extraordinarily barbaric act and who ordered it that all came originally from radio to bangor. some of the details had to be corrected but human rights watch a number of months later would confirm everything that radio to bangor was reporting who is to say that a mistake is by me who is the who is the alternative source of information.
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there is one night nation's an african union joint peacekeeping mission in darfur you know mitt but there have been serious questions about the accuracy and credibility of its reports the operation was set up in two thousand and seven to protect civilians and monitor the situation on the ground but in two thousand and thirteen its former spokesperson i shall bust three blew the whistle saying that for years you know mitt used every trick to conceal the truth about the liberal government bombings mass killings and forced displacement of unarmed civilians. on the day that he was that the un african union mission is an important source of information in town for i don't believe it paints the complete picture because these very same organizations have interests that converge with that of the sudanese government surely provides us with significant information because
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journalists can't access the area at all but there is agencies for short of giving us a comprehensive picture of the situation. the un african union mission in dar for its. almost worthless as a reporting source unum had just lied shamelessly claimed that they've been completely successful all their goals have been achieved there was no fighting just small arms banditry. this was nonsense and they knew it was nonsense but they couldn't afford to say publicly just how great the failure was they won't say anything that khartoum doesn't allow them to say and in that sense without the lifeline of radio to banga news the lives and livelihoods of people in darfur are a deep deep risk. despite the critically important rule that radio de bunga plays for sudanese audiences the broadcaster now finds its future under threat the
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station relies on funds from a consortium of e.u. states and n.g.o.s the european governments are now working with the sudanese authorities to fight terrorism and to stem the flow of refugees heading north and that is having serious effects on the station's funding it's drying up which could mean that radio debunkers days are numbered. or are you see the crux of the issue is the collaboration between the sudanese government and the international community whose priorities have shifted substantially terrorism and immigration seem to be their only priority nowadays and issues like press freedom have taken a backseat if we do have to bangalore to close not only would citizens lose their daily dose of information it would be a great loss to press freedom in sudan so how to get us all done i think without regard to bangor we lose touch with. what's happening in darfur because there are no journalists because there's no human rights reporting presence we don't have any
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way of knowing where people are starving where malnutrition is exploding where rape is occurring where farmers are being driven off their land murdered by her malicious cartoon school has always been to make a black box to make it in an invisible players and they're very very close to success at this point if we lose radio. we lose sight of dark. and finally it was just a matter of time until the people or the person behind the you tube channel d.l.r. gave white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders the bad lip reading treatment d.l.r. has been at this for years now the channel racks up huge numbers taking videos from the world of news and entertainment then overdubbing them with completely inappropriate words that somehow seem to match the lip movements to be clear ms huckabee sanders says none of the nasty things that she appears to say to the white
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house press corps in the following video but you get the feeling reading her body language that she wishes she could well see you next time you're at the listening post. and hank. ok eighty eight are you ready. i just can't stand the faces of the people those dead questioning as. don't matter credo the way you talk to me i mean do you need to talk. do you need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that walmart shirt because you said chocolate curls you know how i was part of a gang that made bed quilts. ok so this one guy. had this horrible breast problem so maybe we'll just wrap that up turd. what i really need is a craft table a magic wand and someone to feed me pickles. ok. do you feel
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you prefer ice sheets or maybe like summer rain or i could feed it to the polar bears are you janet gina said janet gina i'm sorry gina yeah i don't know chachi stink leg borke varicose can i'm crazy about you when can see you know never like a good day i'm sensitive dangerous i mean not ok to be honest i think most people in the world find you disappointing what you see in this because you see.
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