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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 247  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 10:33am-11:01am +03

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at night in a stalking. patrolled streets police get. tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. stories in here told by the people who live mothers of ring.
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al-jazeera. every. a lot hasn't sleeker in doha the top stories on a zero air strikes have hit syria's province at least seventeen people have been killed russia says it is aware the syrian army is planning an offensive on the last rebel held area the u.n. is warning of a potential bloodbath there the u.s. has warned it will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons in a province our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. the
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u.s. has just assumed the monthly rotating presidency of the un security council ambassador nikki haley has tweeted about the situation in the ad lib as has president trump both of said they don't want there to be an all out assault but listen very carefully to her words when i asked her about the situation ambassador hailey didn't seem opposed to them taking over it live only to the use of chemical weapons what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of illinois the people of syria have been through too much this is a tragic situation and if they want to continue to go the route of taking over syria they can do that but they cannot do it with chemical weapons they can't do it assaulting their people and we're not going to fall for it if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them and this is the exact
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same playbook that russia and iran and assad have used every time a u.n. security council meeting about the situation in the ad libbed has now been called for friday morning but things on the ground are moving fast and the situation could have changed a great deal by then a cease fire has been reached between armed factions fighting over the libyan capital for more than a week rival groups that are battling for control of tripoli more than sixty people have been killed one hundred fifty injured under the deal all fighting will end in the city's only airport will reopen at least ten people have been killed as typhoon batters japan the government has issued evacuation advisories for more than a million people and canceled hundreds of flights gerri is the strongest typhoon to hit japan in twenty five years. a new book by washington post journalist bob woodward has claimed that president donald trump wanted to have syrian president bashar as said killed last year that request was ignored by his defense secretary
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the book fear trump in the white house says quote from the president's own aides questioning his ability to lead the white house says the book is in its words full of fabricated stories woodward is known for his investigative reporting that helped bring down president richard nixon in the watergate scandal the been protests on the first day of the senate confirmation hearings for u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh he's president trumps pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy long seen as the court's swing vote on many contentious issues democrats fear cavanagh will pull the court even further to the political right the leaders of pacific island nations have been meeting in narrow that's where australia has an offshore prison camp for refugees before they form is focusing on regional peace and security and improving the health of the island's people but the prison camps in the treatment of the refugees there is casting
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a shadow over the conference there are around one thousand six hundred people in two camps one in now to the other on papua new guinea's manor silent in yemen protests have been going on in the south against the saudi and the rotty coalition's military campaign. i. demonstrators in the large governorates chanted for the coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the us. some yemenis blocked off main roads and carried placards blaming the coalition for the collapsing economy more protests took place in the south of the government's failure to take measures against rising prices and the collapse of the currency. a bridge collapse in the eastern indian city of kolkata killing one person and injuring one thousand others the army has been called in to help with the search and rescue operation the cause of the collapse is not yet known twenty seven people died in a similar incident in the city two years ago those are the headlines are next the
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people's house. seven billion people live on planetary. and every year six point five trillion dollars is spent keeping them healthy in. the pursuit of beautiful health care challenges governments worldwide. we go to six very different countries to see the constant battle to successfully deliver the people's health. the u.k.'s national health service is recognized as one of the best in the world despite its many challenges. at its heart is a network of nearly ten thousand local doctors practices which provide frontline
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primary health care to some sixty million people living in the u.k. today was thirty below. at one general practice in multicultural london we see the system of primary care put through its paces. under pressure and relentless demand yet still one of the most robust primary health systems anywhere. dr rachel hopkins is one of eleven general practitioners of g.p.'s at the killick st health center in central london well other been arriving here on a regular basis for seventeen years this month and eighteen years ago this was nothing it was a car park here and the health authority with foresight snapped up the land and
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built the building the health authority advertise for g.p.'s to start the new practice at their planned only week after the cancer quite stiff competition from other people who were interested in this great opportunity to build a new practice in an area that was very under doctor's omarion need and he would be evident building up our practice. or you could actually help a guy who. calls you get. an hour just over ten thousand patients they normally killing three health center and all kids but there's quite a high turnover certainly will come and go but there are people who've been with us for years about a quarter of our patients go each year to rear placed by new ones so it's a continual battle to keep up with everybody and to and help the new patients settle into our service.
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general practices like killick street provide free public primary health care for the local community both young and old. come on it was he had to count one we had very bright guy law and says he's developed smiley very nicely has a machine every monday afternoon the practice runs a baby clinic you don't have a new worries about her as she always sees something i don't know that it's not that you don't hurt her eyes a bit it's not really all right but sometimes when we go here when we go there at this age the eyes don't coordinate fully but there should be. but it would need to buy four months old ok so if you notice anything like that happening after four months we'll see that is there anything in the family on either side of people with a screen two eyes not all. that will board all the. babies in the u.k. have to checkups the first one when they're born and then the next check is it's
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six to eight weeks but a huge potential physical health problems things like heart problems of course difficulties with feeding or growing well be a parent to perth and should be a parent by six to eight weeks as a medical student i was very moved by placement in the us working with children who were sick in hospital who were being discharged home for their treatment is complete because the insurance money had run out if that was so shocking to me as a british doctor that children can be denied access to kava cuz. of this money and just all four of us back looks like me and he's nice and strong excellent want to healthy. you look around and you. in one nine hundred forty eight the uki set up the national health service. funded through the tax system its founding principle is that health care should be free at the point of need. critical to keeping this ethos the life is primary care
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provision which serves the vast majority of patients and saves billions of pounds. countries that have a primary health care system like we do with the n.h.s. and general practice have a much more cost effective system bred to countries like the usa that spend far greater percentage of g.d.p. on health and get far worse results statistically because we try to understand our patients and get to know them individually we can come up with far more appropriate care in a recent international survey by the commonwealth fund the yuki's health care was ranked first out of eleven countries and the united states last despite the fact that the uki spent just nine point one percent of its g.d.p. on health care and the united states almost double that. if we didn't exist or probably cat doctors disappeared overnight it began the n.h.s.
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that's how the n.h.s. works with a relatively small budget you're able to cover the majority of health conditions. today the yuki's primary care provides ninety percent of all health care for only eight point five percent of the total health budget. i would hope that our privatized system is the envy of the world it means that every person this country has been titled in to develop a past the relationship with someone you remember them and know it's wrong with them and be able to help them through periods of stress or physical ill health the uki is said to have a higher percentage of doctors working in primary care compared to other european countries. britain is also internationally recognized for having the highest number of people with an assigned primary care provider one thousand percent of the population are registered with a general practitioner. like george has signed up to kill extra tail center. on
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the two of them and he seems to. me the bit special i don't know but that's what makes me so. i'm going to look at bank of. them if it's a dance that's linda stay in is a senior practice nurse to save money and free up doctors time patients who need minor ongoing treatment are cared for by nurses get to take the show off george if that's ok george has been coming here for seventeen years. ever since it really. except that. it's quite a few years and i've been there and up in tree with dr atkins the whole time and she's been really really great sibylla about it and made
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a very very nice choice how painful is it. what that's one thing is hopeful if you're in pain it's the lack of circulation you get sort of like an h e x my if it breaks down infection can get it and then the cells around the leg getting infected so the leg swells up threats to fluid and we have to put one and. sachi looking much better isn't it to know what these are looking quite good and very clear. if you go doctor. things in their lives and trust them insistence that. this isn't them move to the doctor for in this world. george is not alone. in a survey ninety percent of the uki population said that they trust their doctors knowing
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people well makes you a better doctor i think i'm a better doctor because we have really good continuity of care here and i have patients who are my patients who i know and they know me and i think that actually helps me practice better medicine. long term doctor patient relationships are particularly effective when it comes to treating patients with mental health needs . my name is how do i come from. out of the region to kate. and. me now. i have not man i a chart of. i dream that back to me when i was a kate i wish physically sexually. i'm not now hot on living with. hannah suffered a nervous breakdown in her twenty's and spent years in and day to psychiatric
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hospitals. know well enough to live within the community she's completely reliant on the state for her health housing and welfare needs. dr melanie gardner is their first.


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