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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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pretty making sure that my practice is a safe as possible. otherwise we can be held liable in a court of law after change medications to see within a week or so if you want to show you. fought for and now i need to see in a week's time mon up here that. i should be. of course. if you want to show me show you monday then on the thing would call me back or sunday show we won't be going away that monday sometimes a patient's attitude can be challenging i tend to much one day more the pressures on general practice are beginning to show today doctors working in primary care have the lowest morale of those working in the n.h.s. increasing numbers are retiring and there aren't enough being trained to replace them. there's a big problem in the u.k.
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of people in the in general practice and drives because of the stress of paperwork and reduce financing so the government recently promised an extra five thousand physicians. about how they're going to do that it seems a mystery to me it's not just individual doctors being lost but whole practices. the way that individual small business like. survives is is quite precarious. there are about thirty seven three year clothing from two thousand and thirteen to two thousand and fifteen around fifty practices closed in england alone yet in uncertain times their work remains essential with us territory where this is the crasher patients are being under a huge amount more pressure with people having less money. and that puts an added pressure on us because it makes people ill. it actually makes people medically
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unwell and mentally unwell dealing with that sort of thing and then we pick up the pieces and also people then come to us for a lot more medical letters to try to attack benefits and so on the g.p.'s have picked up the pieces of so many people's lives in their community and turned them around. for the past year michael has got on top of his drinking. apart from gardening he's no training to become a kook. john and without band. there's no chance i'll be standing there non. non basically. team around in. the shape of my life and not on their amount but logic is a year on here i on. enjoy myself and knishes because. my g.p.a. healthful is understanding you listen. even really does listen it doesn't interrupt you when you're talking and any patient even though i'm
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a patient is more patient. it's nice to know you've got someone now when you thought it up when you need them it really is. unfortunately these committee doctors can't save everyone in february two thousand and fifteen big. lissie passed away. with or without of course a young person who had such an incredibly positive stoical approach to things when they succumbed to the real us it's horrible really loose i just she's probably my favorite ever patient has hidden her favorite patients but i mean she is her approach to life was extraordinary given her condition. that horrible horrible condition which affected all parts of our body but she still maintained such a positive attitude the vast majority of the time and i think she's probably the
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only place i've ever cried about when she died i found it really really upsetting. i thought the yellow compassionate patient centered care is not just desirable it's cost effective. it makes it essential if the health care system is going to meet the challenges of a gruelling ageing population. mr indian is seventy four years old his parkinson's and dimension have left him housebound chevre has been providing his palace of care for the last five years that is once the find out how things have been since last week the condition in the coffin here and their reality and we just continue coughing and couldn't bring you around for information sitting mar from my sat and talked to him sort of it health prevention but if the conference start we don't have to look at that now and then when i get back the
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surgery make sure they come in next twenty four hours and we'll probably increase it quite afraid. of limiting going how you. it's nice to see you always feel guilty because you so nicely and then i come along and let's not rest position this is my side. if you do want to him and if they have a caring family and we assume that that is what they want the family wants to have home and we do what we care and to enable that to happen. thank you. thank you very much try this. with some good not attempt at there but don't feel about the touching your skin his chest or can they really hear the secretions like or anything over the secretions so i definitely need to increase the creation medication can you think how much money and solace saved in the n.h.s. by looking after that that themselves if he was in hospital or nursing. he would be
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the cost of a lot more money so actually they're doing the country a massive favor by look you know that. led to a much better job. so any n.h.s. a fortune thank you very much see you sitting upright here are by the by. with an emerging aging population this compassionate care becomes vital for the survival of the whole system. so it often takes a little. more airing. the yuki's primary health care is still held up as a model around the world. the country and its medical needs may have changed. but the power of patient centered primary care remains. few things of the same or idle cultures but i think all countries have some sort of medicine people used to their g.p.'s impression that will still be here and sixty years no
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doubt the political scene will have to change in the bureaucracy do change their data be more pastry cook. something to the heart of general practice will be the same that relationship between doctrine patient that's what you know holistic thoughtful relationship and it's really difficult and patient difficult and works difficult and there's too much to do and not enough time and some days give you a hard time. and. have nice you know it's one thing. and going off. nineteen is experience in general practice it's not long enough to see in a few things come and go as it will spec to but that's progress other than maybe twenty years to get would be set by that time. i know everything. each day around one million people in the u.k. see their g.p. without these gatekeepers cherished ethos that the national health service can
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provide care free at the polling to meet would disappear. the future holds many challenges but primary care remains too precious a jewel in the u.k.'s craving for it to be lust. brazil's constitution grants its people the right to essential medicines but it's been a long struggle and the system is constantly challenge fact because within it i know that nine some one medical treatment could lead to good death but on the other hand i also know that the cost of providing that treatment would have a negative impact on the rest of society. brazil's real drugs war on the
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people's health on al-jazeera. hello the been some nasty poky showers in pakistan recently brushes down in particular but it's right on the charts there's nothing in iran there's nothing sorry rock from the point of view of anything other than hazy atmosphere and hot weather the wind direction tense change things that's not particularly strong and it's pretty similar on shore breeze the bay roots of the thirty mark very humid to drier hotter weather but still middle forty's a bag of high forty's further south in iraq and in northern parts of cuba it hasn't really stopped forty nine degrees is a regular occurrence because nothing else happening in the sky occasional share on the southern caspian if you're lucky and given the wind is not that strong it's been very humid again recently in qatar and bahrain that's not going to change forty degrees is about as hot as you can bear when it's that he would that's very
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typical dry weather and dry heat i should think the low humidity further west some showers recently in yemen and southwest that is not really much in the forecast to see a repeat of that decent rain has to the western cape recently in the forecast for wednesday is a good potential for rain if you want it and you do in cape time thirteen degrees in cloud which should go eastwards and turn quite substantial. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the natural world then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played a positive on the phone thing and his commission for taking place here their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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planes bombed the syrian region of a plane killing seventeen people almost three million people are in harm's way. hello world and well jazeera live from doha i'm martin dan is also coming up people in southern yemen say they'll keep demonstrating until the government does something to improve the economy. slams into japan at least ten people are dead and three hundred are injured. plus of top proposes a count of president donald trump in the white house. resources syria where warplanes have been bombing in the northwest of the country
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it's the last a major rebel held parts of the country and government troops amassing in readiness for an expected all out offensive more than twenty separate strikes have reportedly been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children russia supports the syrian government has warned that the army is preparing for a full scale assault on the lip calling it a cradle of terrorism and the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath it labors home to three million people the u.n. says that could be ten thousand armed rebels and now stefan de mistura the special envoy to syria has appealed to the russian and turkish presidents to do something about the looming humanitarian crisis. well i would like to take this liberty frankly myself to address myself if you allow me to through you. to president putin and to president can you have been the
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one at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and their fighting of aleppo you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible peter not to be the worst. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference for the u.s. as well that it will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons and labor has that diplomatic had it said james. the u.s. has just assumed the monthly rotating presidency of the un security council ambassador nikki haley has tweeted about the situation in the ad lib as has president trump both said they don't want there to be an all out assault but listen
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very carefully to her words when i asked her about the situation ambassador hailey didn't seem opposed to them taking over it lead only to the use of chemical weapons what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it lead the people of syria have been through too much this is a tragic situation and if they want to continue to go the route of taking over syria they can do that but they cannot do it with chemical weapons they can't do it assaulting their people and we're not going to fall for it if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them and this is the exact same playbook that russia and iran and assad have used every time a u.n. security council meeting about the situation in adlib has now been called for friday morning but things on the ground are moving fast and the situation could have changed a great deal by that. well
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a government victory in italy would deliver the final blow to the armed struggle seventy deca reports now from the turkey syria border. this northwestern corner of syria represents the last hopes of the rebel opposition government forces have steadily recaptured region after region under so-called reconciliation deals the fighters they didn't want to live under government control here with their families how little ahmed was a fighter in the southern province of that are the most recent area taken back by government troops he shows us video of when he was involved in the war and like so many others who chose to leave he doesn't trust the government. i see the reconciliation is a big mistake because the regime. arresting us author a wall and put us in prisons we've already heard of a few people being killed by the regime or. even a mob came to live from ottawa in homs the area was besieged by government forces for almost three years and he's now joined one of the local armed groups and it
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lives. we left because of the heavy bombing and the siege we were starving i didn't agree with the reconciliation regime says they will take it live let them say what they want we have dug trenches and tunnels god willing we are ready. the various rebel groups are preparing for the expected government offensive in it there is a complicated mix of armed groups on the ground here each with different allegiances and they will often turn their guns on each other but most say they will fight together against the expected offensive it is home to almost a million internally displaced syrians in those tents that you see crammed together behind me that's province and that's just a small snapshot of what is a major problem in the united nations is warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if there is an all out military offensive on eleven turkey's borders remain closed many opposition supporters don't want to admit what this offensive may mean but how some speaks frankly he came to the problems from
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southern damascus he too was an opposition fighter there are those. if the regime takes over it that means we have lost the whole revolution everything it's like if we took damascus the whole of syria would fall to us it will it is our damascus if they take it it's over and many predict that is only a matter of time. let's go live now to stephanie who's in in southern turkey right by the syrian border and stephanie without doubt that this is the rebels last stand in the province. it really is and many people in the opposition don't really want to admit it because they realize that you know and is now i in the sense of holding territory the syrian government has made it very clear they're going to retake it how that's going to happen i think at this point in time still remains a question mark a lot of political negotiations going on behind the scenes to try and limit the
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military operation because of course as you're mentioning there the humanitarian concerns because the borders are closed with turkey it's mostly surrounded by government territory that nobody wants to go to there is a small sliver controlled by turkey the euphrasia shield area but again it is at the end of the day the last area controlled by the rebel opposition so once the government takes a back and they say they will then you know the dream so to speak of the little what's left of the opposition is over so i think that is significant that is what is different and that is also why it lives left to the very last because this was the province that all as you saw there in that package all the different rebel forces and their families from different areas of syria and also of course the internally displaced came to so this is also why there is such concern about what will happen if there is an all out military offensive and stephanie we saw in your report the the rebel fighters do seem to be making considerable
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preparations for this coming which is almost certainly going to happen but what about full the civilians are there any preparations being made to at least shield them from what is about to come. yes well we spoke to the head of turkey's red crescent yesterday we're at the border and he just came out of it and they've been doing a recchi he was incredibly concerned and you know they have years and years of experience when it comes to not just syria but sort of other humanitarian situations of course.


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