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tv   Mothers Of Rinkeby  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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all of the little what's left of the opposition is over so i think that is significant that is what is different and that is also why it lives left to the very last because this was the province that all as you saw there in that package all the different rebel forces and their families from different areas of syria and also of course the internally displaced came to so this is also why there is such concern about what will happen if there is an all out military offensive and stephanie we saw in your report the the rebel fighters do seem to be making considerable preparations for this oncoming which is almost certainly going to happen but what about full the civilians are there any preparations being made to at least shield them from what is about to come. yes we spoke to the head of turkey's red crescent yesterday we're at the border and he just came out of it and they've been doing a recchi he was incredibly concerned and you know they have years and years of
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experience when it comes to not just syria but sort of other you know humanitarian situations of course turkey hosts over three point five million refugees are ready they don't want them to come but the feeling is that if there is such a major offensive people will be coming to the borders people will be seeking safety trying to cross into turkey what they're doing at the moment martine is trying to prepare this in the ground inside syria particularly potentially in the area controlled by turkey turkey backs the rebels on the ground in northern parts of syria expanding the tents there but as he told us he said these people have been displaced from place to place to place during the course of this war they feel that it's a busy only safe place that they are exhausted and of course the question also is if the borders close in the sense that aid comes from turkey into syria through these border crossings that there is fighting will close that so there's all these questions and that's what's the major concern trying to avoid all of that happening seventy deca down tucker thank you. now protests have been out on the streets in
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southern yemen for a third consecutive day they were demonstrating against the worsening economic situation there this is the scene in the port city of aden people chanted for the saudi coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the u.s. some yemenis blocked off main roads and carried placards blaming the coalition for the collapsing economy more protests took place in the south over the government's failure to take measures against rising prices and the collapse of the currency andrew symonds joins us live now from djibouti from where he's monitoring the events in yemen and andrew people in the southern part of the country these seem to be getting more and more angry about the worsening economic situation well martin you're absolutely right these demonstrations are very forceful in their nature on the whole peaceful people just absolutely desperate with their situation
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the currency the yemeni local currency has gone down to its lowest ever rate against the dollar that means spiraling prices it costs absolute large number of summer money to buy an egg in yemen right now another example civil servants who haven't been paid for two years begging on the streets these are just a few of the examples aside from all the hardship and the suffering from colossal asteroid in yemen and the fighting which is unparalleled right now there is this absolute desperation about where next where do people go these are some of the thoughts we've heard of relation to upcoming talks in that there is a real despondency amongst people they don't feel that the talks on thursday in geneva really can amount and is success whatsoever.
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the people are destroyed and the situation requires mutual agreement if we really are arabs and we really are patriotic we have to compromise and concede to each other and god willing we will all succeed and the country will have a space for us all no one wants anything but peace. we call on all the parties in those disagreeing to unite under one banner in order to relieve the people from the division they've reached and relieve them from suffering and also to end the siege and the recent deterioration of the currency also to put the country's interests above their own personal interests and shown their differences. now you heard earlier from ambassador haile the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. on syria she also talked about yemen but not about the talks that are supposed to be taking place in geneva on thursday she was referring to the saudi a bombing of
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a school bus last month and said that she can't ever see innocent people killed under the auspices of trying to settle a dispute this three year conflict and she went on to say that they were concerned about saudis reaction to it all but then said that they were surprised that they had admitted folds and went on to say that. you can't really put right what the spammers are suffering those bereaved but the saudis may well try words to that effect now how that will play out amongst the people of yemen remains to be seen there is a mood of gloom there is some hope about these talks but it's on a limited scale the general view is that it will take a major major move on the part of one side or the other to actually get some sort of settlement together but hope hasn't gone completely in this desperate situation
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in yemen andrew symonds live in tbilisi thank you at least ten people have been killed hundreds more have been injured by the strongest typhoon to hit japan in more than two decades tashan jabbing has left more than a million people without power and damaged roads and railways lines thousands of people who were left stranded overnight at cannes and have now been rescued fadi salami has more from taking. i think when j.v. has moved away from the japanese like to be luis now on the island of japan. with their official. cushioning warning people to be cautioned against the high waves on going green in the area they have. the fight on the way from japan people are now trying to evaluate the damage. due to. the main
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focus was. to think i was well hit by the by this like when i'm close strongest type one that japan face within twenty five years. been knocked out in many areas if you go bang i don't see the hundred thousand people in the night we don't think that they. put in that city which is connected by a body built on the sea. port that was floated yesterday on one of the runway it wasn't working about five thousand people were stranded in the airport and today they went crazy. putting chanson same thing midline. improvement people to do their awful to restore life. especially that many public but the cities have been damaged by the time but that don't fight on
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like. central station where two. parts need a new through the song rain and they still come and al-jazeera playing self-insurance long has the former president's coalition tries to on the state the current. had other been big thunderstorms wandering around australia now for what two days they're still doing it the second i just feel that it's becoming a little bit weak it is going to drift eastwards but he's left you know one storm gives you twenty thirty minutes he said to give you sixty and that's what's been happening they'll be further north east and the capital from the capital than yesterday's version but uses cloud elsewhere big showers have been forming in northern spade in southern france and there in the forecast to overnight quite
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possibly in fact the whole of the regime slowly changing roles in this high summer heat wave which is by are restricted to very very edges of europe if they are a tool with out in the twenty's with rain likely to drift eastwards into better baltic states down remain here and a few showers popping up elsewhere namely thirty in madrid still twenty three in paris for the breezes from the north a particularly warm direction your nose is more significant green streaks that's more rain dance for the low countries in germany and over the alps come thursday austria looks dry by the state of the temps differential we see it in northern africa still there thirty seven in two days because the breeze coming out of the interior city in benghazi with an onshore breeze and by twenty five in a rather significantly cooler rabbet they're all big shall around the sahara but fewer than they were.
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targeted. hunters are taken out of the top stories here it out as their warplanes have been bombing syria's rebel controlled italy province at least seventeen people have been
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killed russia says it's aware the syrian army is planning an all out offensive on the rebels' last stronghold the u.n. is warning of a potential humanitarian disaster. protests as it being out on the streets in southern yemen for a third consecutive day they've been demonstrating against the worsening economic situation. now u.n. brain could top between hoofy rebels and members of the internationally recognized government of yemen jude to meet in geneva on thursday there are some reports say coming from the yemeni capital sanaa that the healthy delegation hasn't actually left for those tools we can talk to who say. who is on the line now from the yemeni capital he's a pro you think the journalist and can you give us an explanation as to why the delegation hasn't left as well as the shadow for geneva.
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i don't think we have mr do we have mr albuquerque on the line. right lee great now a line just came in to us and that the who the delegation has not left for geneva as was the shadow is there a reason for that. yes it was a deal of the two struck with the united nations envoy preeminently was in on our find. a deal was a plane that will take many trips to moscow it will take as little. critically injured civilians the school region as there are thousands of people a few million will need medical help outside yemen and oman has also to
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treat these people in moscow but yesterday they might nation actually did not keep its. really gave information are and they say they will still only a small you in flight to take early and then we need to get to geneva that's why the delegates are has refused. because they say that this was not what we have agreed people say is the position then that the delegations attendance at the talks in geneva is contingent upon the evacuation of this group of people who you say are critically injured and these people to get medical treatment in the omani capital muscat is that what you're saying. yes yes that is exactly what will . the. united nations seems to be that they actually they would use as you continue
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the agreement if. you have any to legation look at mohammed after it is still a lot and they still want to take a place. to go to not. get with their with their most critically injured many civilians and then to go to geneva and you look. at. the united nation at three. fifty and you do not want to take anything or any injuries on the plane all right thank you for that to say now because talking to us live from the yemeni capital sanaa thank you let's now go back to our correspondent andrew symonds who is monitoring developments from neighboring djibouti and andrew so already these talks going on the way they've already hit an obstacle haven't they were hearing that the delegation of not even prepare they're not even leaving for geneva because of what they consider to be the u.n. breaking a deal that was made to lift some of their critically injured and take them to
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amman. that does appear riots a mob scene as you got confirmation there from the hurt is inside that there has been this hold up ahead of the talks even beginning it would appear this is a precondition for the huzzahs to actually attend geneva and we have that this plane whether it's fully agreed upon isn't entirely clear because it hasn't happened yet but this plane is supposed to be taking the injured we don't have a number from recent ass trikes and general fighting injured who is to muscat in amman for treatment it would seem this is a precondition it would seem also to the which is actually going to geneva it doesn't buy very well in this being effectively some sort of concession how about will go down with the other side remains to be seen but this is happening right now
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and also we're getting more and more pressure from the demonstrations in yemen particularly in the south as we spoke. to put pressure on the lead to actually either come to a solution whereby some sort of breakthrough a might say place but certainly the general mood is one of cynicism although in the desperate situation in yemen people have to have some sort of optimism within their thinking there has to be said also that age and the local council the governing council which is backed by the united arab emirates is making calls for the talks not to be taken seriously and to be resisted by civilians.


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