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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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whether online this isn't some abstract fish eating into their stoops or if you join us on sect stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is wanting to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be included in a short while everyone has a voice and part of civil society i did but i never get listening to those in the corridors of joining the global conversation. on how to zero. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have
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promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. delegation delays travel to geneva the latest round of yemeni talks are to be held on thursday. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha. coming up. will planes go in the syrian region of killing seventeen people almost three million people are in harms way. typhoon j.b.
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slams into japan at least ten people are dead and three hundred are injured. plus from watergate to donald trump's white house bob woodward's new book says the u.s. president wanted to have syria's leader assassinated. but first un brokered talks between the warring parties in yemen have apparently stalled sources close to al-jazeera confirmed that a new feet allegation has refused to leave sanaa for geneva the rebel group says preconditions agreed upon by the u.n. have not been met the talks between the internationally recognized government of a dr who mansour hadi and the his these were to be the first public meetings between the parties since twenty sixteen and i've been speaking to hussein out of the presidency journalists he says the u.n.
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has backtracked on a key condition that was agreed upon ahead of the talks. it was a dealer that was struck with the united nations envoy preeminently was the intern are fine. the deal was a plane that will take many. to muster it will take as will some of the critically injured civilians the coalition there are thousands of people a few million will need medical help outside yemen and oman has offered to treat people in muster but yesterday they like the nation actually did not keep its agreements with yemeni religion from sanaa and they say they will still only a small you in flight to take only a mini delay gets cheaper that's why the delegates are has refused.
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because what they say that this was not what we have agreed before and when girl i've met rogers whom is our correspondent who's monitoring developments in yemen from neighboring to b.c. and andrew says this seems to be a bit of a hiccup least they've delayed their departure do we have any word for the first part from the u.n. as to whether this this deal about transporting people has been injured is actually on the table and in fact whether the two things will go ahead and attended some point. martin that at this stage we don't have any reaction from the united nations or indeed the saudi emirates the coalition about this you heard there firsthand from sun are an explanation for why the delegation has not left for geneva apparently because of the u.n.
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not reaching what is said to be a deal the first that's been heard of it to actually fly out injured people along with a delegation to the to amman to muscat where injured hooty is would receive medical rich treatment for injuries sustained in bombings in yemen so this is not really a good. positive sign or ahead of the talks juda starts in geneva on thursday in the streets right across yemen particularly in the south there is real concern about whether or not this time around there can be any hope of some form of agreement over this three year old conflict. i shall be adding i don't know how the people are destroyed and the situation requires mutual agreement if we really are arabs and we really are patriotic we have to compromise and
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concede to each other and god willing we will all sixteen and the country will have a space for us all no one wants anything but peace. we call on all the parties in those disagreeing to unite under one banner in order to relieve the people from the division they've reached and relieve them from suffering and also to end the siege and the recent deterioration of the currency also to put the country's interests above their own personal interests and showing their differences. and under so while the diplomacy may have still hold at least for now i mean there is a growing anger isn't there on the streets for taking in the south of yemen as to the deteriorating economic situation. that's absolutely right some out scene it is appearing that there is certainly no coincidence that these demonstrations are a forerunner to the planned geneva talks and for the three days now since sunday
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there have been ongoing protests getting larger by the day this really is a situation of desperation people are rightfully saying the how can they possibly survive with the economy in such a crippled state it's another enemy to them and you have a situation whereby civil servants who haven't been paid for two years are begging on the streets the norwegian refugee council has highlighted this and said that really the situation of bombing. all the fighting in the thousands it's killed could be overtaken by the economy crippling situation with food prices spiraling to such a degree that people are facing starvation this is really a critical situation we've said that so many times about the yemeni conflict and now of course that focus on geneva and this storm as you rightly call it it may be no more than that it could be some level of posturing possibly but whatever the
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case the desperate need is there for all to be seen and for all to see but where is the action where is the solution these are the questions are remain unanswered all right angie simmons live in g.c. thanks. right to syria now where warplanes have been bombing the province of idlib the last major rebel stronghold and where government troops are massing for what is expected to be an all out offensive dozens of air strikes have reportedly been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children russia which supports the syrian government has warned that the army is preparing for a full scale assault on it calling it a cradle of terrorism the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath it labe is home to three million people the u.n. says there could be ten thousand armed rebels there and now stefan demister other special envoy for syria has appealed to the russian and turkish presidents to do
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something about the looming humanitarian crisis and i would like to take this liberty frankly myself to address myself if you allow me to through you. to praise him putting into president ok. you have been there once at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of to see each and the fighting of a little you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible period not to be the worst. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference. the u.s. is warned that it will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons in italy it is
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a diplomatic editor james space. the u.s. has just assumed the monthly rotating presidency of the un security council ambassador nikki haley has tweeted about the situation in the ad lib as has president trump both and said they don't want there to be an all out assault but listen very carefully to her words when i asked her about the situation and bias of the halley didn't seem opposed to them taking over it live only to the use of chemical weapons what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it lead the people of syria have been through too much this is a tragic situation and if they want to continue to go the route of taking over syria they can do that but they cannot do it with chemical weapons they can't do it assaulting their people and we're not going to fall for it if there are chemical
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weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them and this is the exact same playbook that russia and iran and assad have used every time a u.n. security council meeting about the situation in adlib has now been called for friday morning but things on the ground are moving fast and the situation could have changed a great deal by then. so a government offensive means that there will be no place left for rebel fighters and their families to go stephanie decker reports from the turkey syria border. this northwestern corner of syria represents the last hopes of the rebel opposition government forces have steadily recaptured region after region under so-called reconciliation deals the fighters they didn't want to live under government control here with their families a little ahmed was a fighter in the southern province of that are the most recent area taken back by government troops he shows us video of when he was involved in the war and like so many others who chose to leave he doesn't trust the government. i see the
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reconciliation is a big mistake because the regime will start arresting us author a wall and put us in prisons we've already heard of a few people being killed by the regime or. even a mob came to live from ottawa in homs the area was besieged by government forces for almost three years and he's now joined one of the local armed groups and it lives. we left because of the heavy bombing and the siege we were starving i didn't agree with the reconciliation the regime says they will take it live let them say what they want we have dug trenches and tunnels god willing we are ready. the various rebel groups are preparing for the expected government offensive in it there is a complicated mix of armed groups on the ground here each with different allegiances and they bought and turned their guns on each other but most say they will fight together against the expected offensive it is home to almost a million internally displaced syrians in those tents that you see crammed together
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behind me that's province and that's just a small snapshot of what is a major problem at the united nations as word of a humanitarian catastrophe if there is an all out military offensive on eleven turkey's borders remain closed many opposition supporters don't want to admit what this offensive may mean but how some speaks frankly he came to lip. from southern damascus he too was an opposition fighter there. if the regime takes over it that means we have lost the whole revolution everything it's like if we took damascus the whole of syria would fall to us it is our damascus if they take it it's over and many predict that is only a matter of time stephanie decker on the turkey syria border the u.s. secretary of state's mike was in pakistan for his first official meeting with the newly elected prime minister. us pakistan relations
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a deteriorated in the past year with differing views on ended this so ending the seventeen year war in afghanistan is cools the tensions between the two countries mr pompei is expected to focus on counterterrorism in the region the u.s. says it's canceling three hundred million dollars in military aid. the strongest typhoon to passage a pattern twenty five is has killed at least ten people and injured hundreds of athens causing gebbie left more than a million japanese without electricity and damage drives and rail lines thousands of airline passengers were stranded as a night because runways were flooded at kansai appleton also by the salami has more from tokyo it's going to be has moved away from the japanese. island of japan. where there are officials. pushing warning people to be cautioned against the high waves and going green in the area they have. to fight on
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the way from japan people are now trying to evaluate the damage. during the. night the main focus was. taken by the by the. longest site one that japan faced with in twenty five years no particular. been knocked out in many areas. i don't see the hundred thousand. in the night that they. put in the city which are connected by a bridge built on the. airport. runway and wasn't working about five thousand people were stranded in the airport today they were afraid of this operation. and.
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promised people to do their awful to restore life. especially that many. have been damaged by the time but that don't fight like. central station where two. parts need a new. that's going green. says count here at al-jazeera police are bracing themselves as hundreds of thousands of people are set to mancini antigovernment protests in the sri lankan capital. and a rocky south to the confirmation hearings for donald trump supreme court nominee. by this guy knowing if an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello get a welcome back to international weather forecast or here across europe we're looking at some affair conditions across much of the continent we're seeing some showers pushing out here towards the east earlier we had quite a bit of activity in terms of thunderstorms there but we are watching one new system that's could be making its way across parts of the u.k. you see that cold front pushing through a lot of winds with that as it makes way across northern ireland and scotland then that system is going to be making its way towards the east we're going to be seeing some gusty winds a social that's going to be pushing on down towards parts of holland as well as into denmark and heavy rain is expected all the way down through germany and into the southern part of the alps rain across parts of spain as well as into france also up here towards maybe venice seeing some showers as well we are going to see some clouds in the forecast really for the northern part of africa over the next few days these are coming off more rocko and in these we could be seeing some isolated rain showers as well in terms of rain today not looking too bad we are going to see those warm temperatures up towards tunis maybe thirty six degrees
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there but as we go here towards thursday notice those clouds really coming across the alice mountains and the temperatures are coming down in tunis to about thirty four degrees but tripoli is going to be quite warm at thirty six degrees and over towards cairo thirty six degrees as well. the weather sponsored by cats on race. and instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes pause and questions the world's media will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language as their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera.
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tarvaris a take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera un brain could toss between the warring parties of yemen have apparently stormed before they've even begun al-jazeera has learned that hooty delegation has refused to leave sana'a but geneva the rebel group says preconditions that were agreed with the u.n. have not been met. warplanes have been bombing syria's rebel controlled italy province at least seventeen people have been killed several of them with children russia says it's aware the syrian army.


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