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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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i even these two could be friends again was. one of the. best guys in the world he always played with plays and practice with the great doctor to. set for him because when i arrived at this moment he did all the things world to win the much as one champion stays in another heads out sloane stephens difference of her title fizzled out in front of a home crowd last year's numbers nineteen seed on a star's yes a fast over the american six two six three to set up her first grand slam semifinal . and bats will be against the finest player of her generation serena williams kept up the hunt for her twenty fourth major crown with victory over carolina pliska she trailed four two in the first set which hit back to win six four six three looking to lift one of the big titles for the first time since giving birth
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a year ago. meanwhile nadar will play the man he defeated in last year's semifinals argentina's juan martín del potro the number three seed defeating american john isner in four sets. i think i think the whole race how does it. an investigation has been opened into how the f.b.i. handled allegations of sexual abuse against the u.s. gymnastics team doctor laurie nasa the department of justice is looking at why the bureau as agents took eight months to open investigation and why they failed to respond to initial claims made by limpin mckayla maroney the news came as the c.e.o. of u.s. gymnastics carrie parry quits just nine months into the role she'd been under growing pressure from the u.s. olympic committee and criticized by gymnasts for concentrating on marketing instead of making changes in the wake of the larry nasa case. the social justice issues raised by calling cap and it deserves our attention and action that's the message
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from the n.f.l. the league statement is a response to a nike advertising campaign that features the former san francisco quarterback cap and it was the first player to kneel in protest against racial injustice during the u.s. national anthem he's suing the n.f.l. for allegedly freezing him out of the game and hasn't been able to sign for a team since leaving the forty nine ers in two thousand and seventeen or the philadelphia eagles kickoff the new season against the atlanta falcons on thursday eagles defensive end chris long is one of the first to speak publicly about companies deal. probably people of color that are looking to trap and scramble by speak my mind. i'm going to there's going to be this negative repercussions by the powers that be and the n.f.l. being one of them would obviously levy on officially their blackmail. but then you see a major corporation like nike get behind the kind of reinforces that you can and you can still stand up for what you believe in and. you can still be
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a mainstream base that people work and you should be marketable i think that's a that's the positive of it to me share tony his sixteenth home run of the season but couldn't quite get the los angeles angels over the line against texas this was the japanese rookies first homa in the majors against a left handed pitcher and then in the seventh inning another homa would have put the angels ahead the ranges tags autonomy out though texas won gold to two. international football teams are getting back together for the first time since the world cup european sides will play in the new nations league competition while others have friendly scheduled brazilians on the mall looks like he's happy to be back with his squad as they prepare to face the usa on friday the parents start school from outside the box in training. and he celebrated in the style of christiane or an elder neymar has previously called the
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portuguese player a football genius but all right that is all useful for now it's back to laura joe thanks very much indeed and just a week i spring your mind of that breaking news the new developments in the case of a former russian spy and his daughter poisoned earlier this year in the u.k. . british police have charged two russian men with the attempted murder of former spy. and his daughter union operations prosecutors say the arrest warrants have been issued for these. men alexander petrol and wash now they say the men use the nerve agent. for policy in the english city of seoul korea and march moscow has not been asked to extradite suspects because it's forbidden to do so by no that's it from me nor a call for this news on the team will be here with more on that breaking news.
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story. september on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city
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of london for stock as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the street continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the presidents of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly hold the seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me in march and yemen we'll bring you all the news september on al-jazeera in an instant the shifting news cycle the listening post takes calls and questions the world's media exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera.
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it is clearly in the public interest to charge alexander petroff and roslyn to a russian nationals. british prosecutors named to the russians they believe were behind the nerve agent poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. hello i'm sure without jazeera live from doha also coming up just days after slashing age to pakistan the u.s. secretary of state arrives in islamabad. plains of the syrian region of killing seventeen people almost three million people are in
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harm's way. glass from watergate to donald trump's white house bob woodward's new book says the u.s. president wanted to have syria's leader assassinated. british prosecutors have charged two russian men with the attempted murder of former spice a gay script while his daughter yulia and a policeman arrest warrants are being issued for alexander petroff and. wilshere of the kremlin says it doesn't know then names the commander of britain's counterterrorism police says they flew from moscow to london just two days before the nerve agent poisoning in seoul's free six months ago well police say a later case of know each of poisoning on to all the people which was three months
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later was a result of the attack on the script polls is now linked the attack on the scribbles and the events of nine three which affected. now forms one investigation. you know believed all in charlie were deliberately targeted that became victims as a result of the recklessness in which such a toxic nerve agent was disposed of we know that nova chart was applied to the scribbles front door and an area that is accessible to the public which then endangered the lives of members of the public and emergency services respond or i would go live to our correspondent lawrence lee now and there as it sounds as though there's been a meticulous investigation undertaken by the british authorities. yes yes absolutely very much so just to clarify the bit that you mentioned about the names and the confusion about what their names are the names of been given petroff and very sure of a story bashir of the names of the head in their passports the part but the police don't think they're real names they think they were travelling on the radius and so
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that's where the confusion about that is but number of things before the russian combat has always been that the british can say it's not a child but they can't say that the russians produce the novacek it is still the case of the british can't say the russians produce another chop but what they have done now of this extraordinary best a geisha and is provide the most detailed timeline of the movements of these two men over the course of three days in march this year and is considered region just for example a few bits of its own on friday march the second there the police say they arrived at gatwick airport in london on aeroflot flights to five double eights they then travel by train to victoria station in london checked into a hotel on the boat in east london between friday and saturday on the saturday then they travelled to salzburg eleven forty five and arrived at two twenty five then returned at four ten back to the hotel eight zero five and they think that was
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a reconnaissance job to have a look at this cripples house because they then say the two suspects made exactly the same journey on the sunday were only in salzburg for a time in the afternoon before returning again so was lou staged in london and then to heathrow airport where at ten thirty pm they boarded air flight flight two five eight five but back to moscow they also say that the c.c.t.v. footage of them near this cripples house over the course of the weekend and further to that of the hotel they stated in east london they found trace elements of novacek which is amazing that they managed to keep this quiet they found trace elements of novacek which were then. ultimately deems not sufficiently harmful to public health but they have to close the hotel all the rest of it so they also sell presumably remains open but it is it is an absolutely enormous body of evidence showing the movements of these two men over the course of the entire weekend
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placing them in a hotel where traces of the shop with found and outside this cripples house where they believe the two men dogged novacek all over the front door and so you know think that they can't go any further than that in saying we believe this is enough to build a criminal case against these two men indeed and now they've got to find the man haven't they well it isn't commander neil bassy he's head of counter terrorism described this is been the most significant moment so far in the investigation and interestingly they've linked the death of dorm sturgis who died of exposure to this same agent but they haven't been charged these men have been charged with that in relation to her murder. what what what though they can't be because because they can't arrest them it's impossible to get them sorted to get them back from for russia you're quite right the subsequently the police said a bottle was found in a skip from rose telling you that these people force it might be the purview it was found in the bottle labelled as nina ritchie premier as your so it was
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a bottle of nava chalk hidden in the purview packets and these two people found it in a skip and he charlie rowley gave it they were in a relationship in feed or two dollars per fume and sprayed on herself and therefore administered not a child to herself and subsequently died i suppose politically now the british position would be that if the russians are as serious as they say they have been on helping the british with their investigation and that the russians deny that this was a state sponsored assassination attempt on surrogates cripple then it would be it would be up to the russians and behove the russians to find these two men since there are pictures of them. and the russians should then arrest them and. hand them over to the british at the moment though so far as i can see on the minister of foreign affairs twitter feed in the russian embassy twitter feed in the u.k. the babson no mention of this was so ever and. the reason may is going to speak the british prime minister in the house of commons shortly about this and the next
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thing is going to be what the russians have to say in return all right lawrence leave it there for now thank you very much of a come back to you sinister reason may makes us say thanks very much let's go live to rory chalons his in moscow for say the russians been quite quick to respond haven't they saying that they have no knowledge of these men but as lawrence has just pointed out these are aliases anyway. well certainly the british police believe these are aliases i mean standard espionage tradecraft is that if you're sending agents overseas to do something like the british are accusing these two men of doing then it would be very unlikely for them to be traveling under their real names russia in the form of the ministry of foreign affairs and in the form of the russian envoy to the o.p.c. w the global watchdog on chemical weapons have both essentially said this is not true it's nothing to do with russia the ministry of foreign affairs has
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called on london to switch from accusations and information manipulation to corporation law enforcement agencies in this group our case this is something that russia has been saying since this whole affair blew up back in march you need to let us into this investigation we cannot trust it's essentially the russians say unless we are allowed to be a part of it as well the british of course have been very reticent about allowing that to happen they say well russia is you know as a state one of the key suspects in this and therefore why on earth would we let them into our investigation and the russian envoy to the o.p.c. w has said. basically this is nothing to do with russia it's a provocation and i'm just going back to that a.p.c. w ruling because rory that was quite key was in it it ruled that no the child had indeed been used but couldn't actually say where we did come from but it's just
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widely believed that no the child is produced in russia. well jock was an agent a secret weapon essentially a chemical weapon that was established in the later years of the soviet union now it is the allegation of britain and its intelligence services that this was essentially a project that was carried on by russia after the collapse of the soviet union and was essentially done to evade the chemical weapons convention. when russia and the soviet union basically kind of declared all their chemical weapons supplies and russia has been destroying those systematically over the years so much so so convincingly so that the o.p.c. w a few years ago said that yes russia had indeed destroyed all of its declared
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supplies of chemical weapons well novacek so the british say was not included in all of those declared weapons stockpiles and therefore has been sort of flying under the radar so to speak the russians basically say this is something that you can't be an ass we don't make this stuff we don't have this stuff they've thrown up theories that perhaps it was being made at porton down the british. facility that investigates researches chemical weapons and that sort of thing they've also suggested the russians that this had come from another part of the former eastern bloc say the czech republic etc so yeah the russian claim has been right from the beginning this was not our chemical weapon and we have nothing to do with it all right thank you very much roy chancellor is our correspondent in moscow
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and of course we'll go back to this issue as soon as to resume a the british prime minister takes to the floor in the house of commons where he said. i have to make an important statement will go back to london for that but in the meantime let's look at other news because al-jazeera has learned the delegation has delayed his departure for geneva in order to take part in talks with the internationally recognized government of yemen now the rebel group says preconditions that had been agreed by the u.n. were not met the talks were to be the first public meeting between the two parties since twenty sixteen but we've been speaking to hussein because he is a prophecy journalist and he says the u.n. has backtracked on a key condition that was agreed ahead of the talks it was a deal of the two struck with the united nations envoy preeminently was the intern are fine. the deal was
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a plane that will take you many delegates to moscow it will take as will some of the critically injured civilians avoid the coalition there are thousands of people a few million will need medical help outside yemen and oman has offered to treat people in moscow but yesterday they like the nation actually did not keep its agreements with your many delegates and from an r. and they say they will still only a small you in flight to take only a minute delay gets cheaper that's why the delegates are hazardous.


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