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tv   Lost Warrior  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the west wing economic situation including rising prices and the collapse of the currency under simmons reports in djibouti. three days of demonstrations in yemen came as a forerunner to the latest developments on the geneva peace talks the people here are calling for some help because of another enemy in this conflict yemen's crippled economy the norwegian refugee council says food prices in the collapse of yemen's currency that slumped to its lowest ever voted against the dollar on tuesday threatening to kill more people than bombs and guns but it was the deaths of children in the saudi emirates the coalition led bombing last month that killed forty children twenty nine of them on a school bus that prompted the coalition's main ally the united states to respond we can't ever see innocent. people killed under the auspices of trying to settle a dispute since then we certainly gave our concerns to saudi arabia i will tell you
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that we appreciated the transparency of them saying they were going to do an investigation we were concerned but they surprised us all because they did the investigation very quickly came out and admitted fault and said they would you can't totally make it right with families but said that they would do something to try and do that and then followed up by saying they're going to try and figure out what went wrong and how they can make it right no mention there of the u.n. calls for the u.s. to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia and yemen the people have to try to move on but it's impossible when even civil servants who haven't been paid for two years are reduced to begging for food i shall be you know i mean people are suffering from the prices heart inside the cities people cannot find enough to eat this is why they are protesting they want to send a clear message to the legitimate government. in aden political powers have been calling for civil disobedience shops banks in exchange. this is closed down as part
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of the protests the temporary governing council which has the backing of the united arab emirates called on citizens to demonstrate against peace talks that don't include its members another twist that doesn't bite well for the un led efforts at getting peace talks going the council issued a statement reiterating its opposition to the talks due to be held in geneva on thursday aimed at trying to reach some sort of settlement in this crisis and so the demonstrations haven't just been about humanitarian suffering but also political issues and drew simmons al jazeera djibouti still ahead here on al-jazeera and tens of thousands take to the streets ensure line the government steps down.
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hello again it's good to have you back well cross parts of southern china we are looking at mostly fair conditions but that's going to change over the next few days we are going to getting more moisture more clouds what potential rain across much of the area if you look out here towards the east a lot of clouds in the forecast as we go towards thursday temperatures still into the mid thirty's for many locations but as we go towards friday a lot more rain is going to be forming in the area we do have a flow out of the northeast bring those showers into play for hong kong we do expect to see attempt there of about thirty three degrees where here across india mostly activity is going to be out here towards the east in terms of the monsoon rain a lot of clouds to the north as well as over here towards parts of bangladesh as well as men mar we have that circulation over kolkata a lot of rain in the forecast there temperatures about thirty two degrees down to the southwest no rain but it is going to be cloudy in most areas and that pretty much stays in the forecast as we go towards friday and then as you make your way
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over here towards the middle east we are looking at still very humid conditions temperatures are coming down across much of the area but that doesn't mean it is better because normally when those temperatures come down this time of year it does mean that the humidity is going up so for doha thirty nine degrees there and abu dhabi we are looking at probably cloudy with a temperature of forty degrees. whether online this isn't some abstract. or if you join us on sect stopping terrorism or creating a base is a dialogue then just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a. while everyone has a voice in civil society i need to go but i never get listened to by those in the corridors of both join the conversation. on how to zero.
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zero again you're watching al-jazeera has a mind of our top stories the kremlin says it doesn't know the two russian intelligence agents prosecutors say attempted to murder a former spy. and the policeman police say alexandra. probably possible to london before the novacek nerve agent attack in march. judges in israel have approved the demolition of almost the entire village and a school in the occupied west bank the court overruled objections of getting from the european union. near east jerusalem.
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state his visiting pakistan days after a three hundred million dollars in military aid was cancelled and his first official meeting with newly elected prime minster emraan cohen my pompei was expected to focus on counterterrorism relations have worsened in the past year. the u.s. delegation down in islamabad forward expected to be. just before the u.s. secretary of state. said that. president . india more dominant one is don don of course objecting to that policy also on the card will be. on the. conflict america's longest war. has already.
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and. warned speech and of one is gone now the united states is trying to that it has to do more. of the united states. harboring groups that are operating across the border and attacking u.s. forces in afghanistan. will be saying as they have said all along that nor did it sanctioning head in pakistan difficult indeed between the two by did they expect. that this will indeed be and it said that relationship and. by have stone a new page. is a security analyst and retired and marshall he says it will be challenging for the u.s. and pakistan to work to fight the taliban. it's going to be tough for the sides to pompey overlake to convince pakistan mainly mainly to tackle the a continent of one problem who allegedly on the other side of the border and
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carrying out attacks in on the affronted it bucky stand in our afford to take them on military leave physically because of a backlash we already have a backlash from the pakistani taliban who are across the border but more importantly pakistan has also lost a lot of clout with them so that it can't it can push them onto the negotiating table search want to be left out but mainly not only that we differ on these issues we differ on the order of national security interests namely we could defend nuclear option be enough to. liberate it. we don't want to dominate understand because otherwise we would have a fence have from boortz a large market and the east end of a hard bargain in the west we can't afford to have that we'd love to have these three hundred million dollars bet you feed north this dude in the corn water after
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the soviet invasion of afghanistan and of course ran nine one one happened we somehow had national security interest that we incited moved in the same direction today it's not true and if the americans expect that we would take on their front taleban not a top of your feet think if they think that we can push them across hard to negotiate maybe or do our best but i think the club is not there but yes three hundred million dollars more do a lot of work to us. tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of seoul in anti-government protests they issued issues there dressed issues of corruption and economic decline in the mass demonstrations that were organized by the opposition coalition. has called for a new government saying the current administration no longer has a mandate to losses in recent local government elections when a is with the protesters in colombo. people have been walking along some of the main arterials
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leading to the syria to come into this proteas side while up they've been waiting for the former president that you mention my name to rajapaksa who's been very much behind the push to get these people out onto the streets and he at the moment is out there in that crowd walking around greeting the supporters who have come out here to try to call for this government to go as you say they believe that this government at the moment is a weak one it's a weak coalition and there has no mandate to continue that concerned about the economy inflation is high the sure lankin repeated an all time low against the u.s. dollar today they're concerned about in rural communities for example about subsidies on things like fertilizer that have been removed by this government people in the rural communities very much to a large extent anyway support the former president of india rajapaksa so they're really rallying today on a number of issues that they believe this government hasn't delivered on so far
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that it's been in power. now to syria where warplanes have been bombing the province of the country's last major rebel stronghold dozens of asterix have been carried out at least four on tuesday by russia can at least seventeen people five of them children russia supports the syrian government has warned that the army is preparing for a full scale assault on calling it a cradle of terrorism and libya is home to three million people the u.n. estimates there could be ten thousand armed rebels than seventy deca has more from antakya and tacky. all eyes are now on friday september the seventh a crucial meeting will be taking place in teheran the iranian capital between the iranians between the russians and between turkey we've just had the russian ambassador to turkey say that that meeting will be crucial important in resolving the syrian crisis of the conflict in that that cannot be done without resolving the issue of the province of idlib of course all eyes on what is going to happen there
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and when it will happen i think it's clear that the syrian government has made it very clear that it will be taking back the province from the opposition however turkey is incredibly keen to try and manage how that major operation is going to happen because it's worst case scenario is seeing tens of thousands of syrians coming towards its border and wanting to be let in those borders remain closed turkey already hosts over three million syrian refugees so this is why you're seeing turkey trying to talk to the groups inside trying to convince some of them particularly. that's a group forming known as the mr front associated with al qaida they believe to disband itself these are proving difficult discussions so i think we're going to have to wait and see what is being discussed behind closed doors at the negotiating table and what can be agreed to contain what many will tell you could be the final battle main battle major battle when it comes to removing the opposition from territory inside syria that's the u.s. . senate intelligence committee is questioning social media executives about
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foreign employees and the presidential election as far as facebook's revelation of a new system from ation campaign aimed at the mit elections last month the company said it shut down six hundred and fifty fake accounts. has more from washington d.c. . the chief executives of both facebook and twitter are now addressing senate committee members they are expected to strike a conciliatory tone discussing the failure of big tech to prevent the meddling that occurred in the twenty sixteen elections on their social platforms and also talking about the plans and the progress that has been made since then facebook in the last month took down more than six hundred pages and accounts that were associated with actors in russia and iran also a new facebook policy says that anyone that buys
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a little. campaign ads on this platform must disclose who the buyer is as far as from the senators we are having some pointed questions addressing the big picture of exactly what is happening now to impact the of coming november midterm elections and exactly how these foreign meddling campaigns are intended to disrupt the u.s. electoral process all of those concerns coming of the chilling essay written by facebook's former security chief who resigned last month in his words the u.s. has failed to protect the twenty eighteen elections and now he must look forward to the twenty twentieth's to see what can be done better suggestions include calling for more efforts by big tech to improve security as well as more communication with the government pointing back to the obama administration for failing to disclose evidence of russian election meddling earlier on as well as at the trump
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administration for the for failing to wholeheartedly accept that this meddling continues to exist. and this is what's happening right next door also on capitol hill the second day of confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh are underway in washington d.c. he's president trump's nominee to fill a vacant seat on the supreme court. was highlighted by several interruptions of protesters and that's something that we've seen continuing today the senate will vote on cavanagh's appointment to the court later this month. leaders from several island countries are meeting in the tiny island nation of now or to discuss common issues but their foreign began with the route of a lack of media access to the event and the detention by police of one of the few journalists that were allowed in the thomas reports from said. the leaders of pacific island countries have a lot of issues to discuss climate change and rising sea levels disaster
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preparedness the vulnerable fish stocks and the growing influence of china all those issues are on the pacific island forums agenda but all that being overshadowed by where the forum is happening tiny no room is one of the two places australia's government to send and held for years refugees who've tried to get its shores man aside and in papua new guinea is the other unless the international human rights watch and united nations agencies have all condemned conditions on the island australia's refugee council and its asylum seeker resource center has just published a joint report it says poor living conditions on the roof and the lack of a long term plan for the families being held has left refugees including children broken nauru's government and some think australia is too sensitive to the criticism most refugees support organizations aren't allowed to visit the country that's outrageous you never you don't have to hide anything that's good right it's
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trailing government is doing everything it can to try and prevent the reality of the impact of their policy from the israeli and people for years to journalists including those from al-jazeera have been banned from the roof for the pacific garden for said that a very small number of journalists know more than thirty in total a nobleman three from any one country would be allowed to visit but they still said no to us and for the few who they let in there were strict conditions on their visas they would report only on the pacific island forward. and not engage in any activities that would cause encourage disruption. in the being poor if there was any doubt on choose day it became clear that meant talking to refugees the police showed up and. wanted to say my very first breaching my visa conditions so i was taken to the police station the neuron president's frustration with the
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forum being disrupted in this way he was clear we don't deserve this at all don't tell me about you know refugees be an issue have to be an issue for for for. for kids of us. no it's an issue for staying here and all those refugee advocates new zealand's prime minister flew into the pacific on a forum for the region's newest australians is missing scott morrison has been in the room before as immigration opposition spokesman and then immigration minister he oversaw the island's refugee prison but as prime minister he's doing a revisit andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. these are our top stories the kremlin says it doesn't know the two russian
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intelligence agents bush prosecutors say attempted to murder former spy. his daughter and a policeman police say alexander petroff and. probably his false passports a flight to london the falling of a child nerve agent attack in march will play seven other top poisoning of two other people three months later is connected to the script attack is now linked the attack on the scribbles and the events in amesbury which affected in chile and now forms one investigation. you know believed he would deliberately targeted became victims as a result of the recklessness in which such a toxic move agent was disposed of we know that it was applied to the scriptures from door and an area that is accessible to the public which then endangered the lives of members of the public and emergency services response high court judges in israel have approved the demolition of almost an entire village under school in the
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occupied west bank the court overruled objections including from the european union to send bulldozers into qana they occupied east jerusalem. visiting pakistan days after three hundred million dollars in military aid was cancelled and his first official meeting with the newly elected prime minister i am wrong my pump is expected to focus on counterterrorism the second day of confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh are underway in washington d.c. he's president chum's nominee to fill a vacancy on the supreme court on tuesday brett kavanaugh harry was highlighted by several interruptions by protesters and that's continued today comes after republicans blocked more than forty two thousand pages of documents stemming from his previous work in the white house something george w. bush the senate will vote on appointment to the court later this month. with all the headlines more news here on al-jazeera after the stream.
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my name is the marker. for the boy on the beach and you are certain. femi oke a family could be today what is the legacy of journalist marie colvin discussing the role of journalism in conflict as a documentary on the legendary war correspondent is released so you can share your thoughts and then you might be in the street. on february the thirteenth twenty twelve reporter marie colvin at the talk of hope
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paul conroy snuck into syria they were on a mission to tell the stories of syrian civilians trapped in the war torn city of homs call them it would be her last assignment on february twenty second she and another journalist french photographer remi ochlik were killed by the syrian army convoy and others were wounded but survived that story is told in an upcoming documentary under the wire based on conrad's book of the same title have a look. it was a. small. passion. i counted toward. the civilian area and i said what is your exit strategy. when. i want to tell the stories of each person these are not numbers and i just.
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and you don't immediately send didn't get in the ambulance and. we knew we had to drive through the from mine. that they were going down and sell it when i. was there when. joining us from london we have the film's director chris martin and paul conrad the photographer who was with murray in syria and in oyster bay new york katz colvin marine sister hello everybody it is good to have you here. this is an unusual film it's an intriguing film it felt like a movie quest where were you when you thought i need to make this documentary. trinidad. i was filming i was actually filming. we wish we would be having
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a shoot in the very very present island of trinidad and i had about marie marie and remi had been killed and. i started sleeping a lot of attention and i just i i saw these clips on you tube of paul making a play and he was trapped and it just gripped me then and we were when we were there on the shoot in the in the days all the crew would be saying is he out of the out of the out and i think everybody you know i think everybody you sort of encountered the story as just being kind of thrilled by it i don't know i have from from from the very first moment or any. paul you know as i think of you internet that's where we were homes. so you you you have to enter into that and you have a unique role in this film because i was sitting there in the theater and the horror that is happening and we reliving it with you and all the of the people who
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were involved and there with you in arms but we're also not thing because you also have a wiki you also ignore humor is so dry as well how how do you do that because you must be retelling the story so many times yet i mean you may actually it's not just the most i mean a lot of people when they read the book said it's like it's the funniest black. tragedy that they've ever had but that all stems from doing the job you know memory of an incredible sense of humor and so that's how we kind of bounced off each other again getting to doing the job and you know it's i think it's important that it carried on like that through the book and in the film and it's kind of it's reassured him in the cinema when you're watching it and you do it the audience laugh and at the beginning there's a few parts where you know you can hear the chuckles and that when i hear that i kind of think you know that that engage and that they go on a trip where there's uma you know ask us about their day and their you might you
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know it was absolutely shocked but i would not not it's. i was inside and level civil war. and this is the u.n. special envoy so. lawson greste it's holding a news conference so let's just take a listen to what's talking to sources and we would then open the floor to a few questions. we apologize in advance we think it has to leave at five so we'll have in ten twenty five minutes for the remarks and for your questions mr griffith you have the floor thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much for coming and sorry slightly late. it's been a busy day. to make this first short statement and
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then as always our says i'm happy to announce some questions since my appointment it's been a race against time to face the complexity and surgeon see of the situation which affects as you know millions millions of yemenis i've been listening to given a reason leaders of opinion for the last seven months and i've had already discussed this with diplomats civil society women's groups members of the international community and political and social leaders revery out of human society and my abiding impression from there is detailed discussion. is this that we have a lot of agree time has come to begin. due process to relaunch a process which will lead to a resolution of this conflict which is so tragically the lives of so many amazing
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continue to serve and for that reason that we are in by saying that you may not wish to yemen to consultations here in geneva. i revise the government of yemen and also answer to the consultations delegations from both sides have been formed and arrangements for all the delegations from best side the best delegations to be present are being finalized and we breaking hard to make sure the kind of national and i want to say more. than my prior and how my. mind i'm wondering family all male and family. i mean any settler my marriage can actually be. a force in a week the english translation the english voice of mawson graphics is being drowned out by french and arabic translation so we can't actually hear what
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he's saying but he has just started to change the talks of the jew to get underway tomorrow between the two delegations to main policies in the yemen conflict david chase live for us in geneva david perhaps you can just set the scene a little bit for us and who is already in geneva. well at the moment we're just hearing from martin chrysis and he's of course the u.n. special envoy to the yemen he's only been in the job since march and he described that job as a race against time in his opening remarks i think everybody agrees the u.n. certainly says that the yemen presents the worst the worst humanitarian crisis that we do not. agree. with us by the two parties want to engage with each other on what its use and what sequence and what place. i'm also.
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been very active involved in seeking advice input from yemenis from were not part of the two parties the women group i mentioned that were also break keen. to receive the views misuse from the south. i had the opportunity to meet the distinguished group of independent yemeni figures in august in the united kingdom and this will go on to be a process of continual consultation the council resolution requires. from the end of the war that some withdrawal of forces inclusive political settlement and that's what we intend to produce and i hope that will start here in geneva. consultations will focus on turn main. to reactivate the peace process as i say in suspension these two years past to
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lay the groundwork then on the basis of discussions we'll have this week for formal because he asians which will come later and the second. aspect is confidence building measures and if i may i'd like to spend a moment on the issue of confidence building measures. as you know in any conflict the confidence between the parties is usually. all time low as a time when they start to engage and talk to each other. building confidence between the parties so they can address this use together resolve this you through compromise concession and prince. trust in each other confidence building measures the designs need to help build this trust through dream and so on them partly to actually deliver some benefits to the people of yemen and partly to send a signal to the international community and people given that something is
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happening people given like in any other conflicts are desperately in need of a signal of. we'd like to think that the work we will do together in these next days will begin to send a flickering signal of her to them i'll give an example it may not be one that we discuss with the parties because we still have to agree with what these measures will be but one example. is the arrangements for the vaccination of children that was successful explanation program input data are in fact. in recent weeks agreeing a pause between the parties so the agencies could go in and perform the necessary work. this requires the cooperation of the parties this require the professionalism of the agencies and this to live. ideally some benefit some tangible benefit to the people again it's an example we'll be looking at others
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when we have a consultations this week. because i'm sure you have lots of questions but i would like to say close and i'm very grateful to the sound of the people in the parlor my colleagues who put this week together the swiss government hosting us helping us financially helping us with security. this is a great city and i'm very very proud. to repack. the benefits. with security and the palace professionalism thank you very much. thank you very much mr griffiths and i see a lot of hands and i think i'll start with the host country. from this is news agency because it's not you know you also please to this is that. yes or also this was news wire the swiss news agency. potential confidence building measures that
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could be identifying which one do you yourself with the top priority on the table to be raised with different points. i'm sorry i'm incompetent. secretaries. of color hipster. yes now you're dreaming for exactly what i was trying to avoid recent speculate on what the parties will agree but never mind. either one of the one that is in the home which i have been sort of consistently pressed by the leadership of both of these parties is the release of prisoners. that's the one which prison ridgeley urged me to focus on. the equally risa prison as a humanitarian measure it's an important one it employs the skills very often and
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in this case of the i.c.r.c. pretentiously we've always been very co-operative and in fact agree it's a great confidence building measure because it was when families are reunited with theirs that they've missed and they know that they're alive and they can start their lives again it's very complicated directly do you know what i think we can do this week for example assuming the parties will agree with this is agree on a way to do it together we've got to do that to get the experience of the prisoners obviously depend on cooperation but it's it's been remarkable how strongly the feeling be conveyed to me this must happen and this is happening at scale. thank you very much take a lady and nina. and i was wondering when you actually expect. the government has arrived. to arrive and we've
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been hearing that they are stuck it in sana that. not allowing them to leave and that they were trying to bring in people with them on the plane could you tell us what's happening around the negotiations of this and you actually. start talk tomorrow will they be late. i'm astonished by that question. i didn't think you'd ask me that. we're working us are working out and by the way when i say we're working on it we include not just us we include. the coalition government of the. united nations system because of the logistics we're working on and i think it will . in fact if you look back a previous. negotiations on yemen there's always been a delayed again i don't i don't take it very seriously we'll make it happen
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finalizing arrangements and the great thing is that we can begin informal consultations tonight going to be eminent you sent us here already i'm looking forward to meeting the leader right after this foreign minister your money. so we're not going to waste time looking forward to getting our friends from sun up and participating fully in the consultations i know they want to do. i've spent a little time talking to them and their leaders i know they want to be we're going to make sure they can come and do that. all right. if it's we'll have the british thank you. a lot of your news channel mr special envoy what are the main sticking points and what are the chances of having face to face sit down and are we talking about
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talks negotiations are only consultations which demonstrates the capability of the us to bring both sides together along with. building confidence measures thank you . sorry. about consultations. as i said earlier that's a very flexible world you can do a lot with consultations i'm hoping that we'll see the two parties in the same room i think there's no reason why not. we'll see i don't have to but they can. it's not a necessity which i think it is with negotiation you tend to have a more demanding constant consultations i think we we need to discover what the sticking points are we need to discover in this kind of formal informal setting what the parties are prepared to do and what they're prepared to prioritize both in terms of substance which will come in the later rounds and into these confidence
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building measures. obviously we got a sense of where they're going because we spend our time listening to them i think they need to be congratulated coming it's not easy this is quite a hot war as you well know better than me and a lot of bad things happen in war and that's not that's not been absent in these last weeks to come to the table and talk to the opponents requires quite a lot of courage and quite a lot of confidence that it's worth i don't think it's the u.n. to be congratulated any sense for that. but i do congratulate the past in this difficult time i also think that what's happening in yemen clearly demonstrates as the every single member of the security council keeps repeating which is that it's
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evident there is no military solution it's plainly clear had there been a military solution we would have had three years of war which is driven so many eminent yemenis to despair. and so turning to the really difficult task of finding a compromise. stops the results of the bill the opportunity to start building peace . well done well done that they should think they should give us the opportunity to come together and we'll know more much more by the end of these consultations because we're very happy to come back and talk about. it a question on that side. of the ramaphosa from sky news arabia mr griffith recently said all conditions are covered for the young men to have a political solution. are you still sticking to this sumption secondly have you can you confirm or deny any preconditions imposed or laid down by.
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in order to participate in the come in the consultation thank you. you know i've said before i think it's critical but it's a banal remark mediators principle currency. and it is no different people yemen actually require. and they require attention to those difficult discussions just because they're difficult and that just because you can't guarantee an outcome does not mean we could preclude them and deny them the opportunity to have that have that day in court so in fact i do believe all the things i mean i've had the great privilege which is a real privilege listening to people from all sides and so i don't speak without some knowledge even if recent. i think there is really a transfer hope i'm very encouraged by recent discussions in fact that there is
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a chance of some tangible progress on this measure that i've been to. you know who knows as for conditions i don't want to get involved in that but i know i know there have been no conditions put down by any party for attendance in these consultations. you've been waiting for them. can you meet. mr christian he insisted a press. like to just find out about the broader picture in terms of the regional players in particular what is their role then what communication to be had with them how important to be to have them. participated directly or indirectly. and have you met with them malik and who t.f. you what is their status in terms of him backing up these talks thank you and if you could also just say what kind of timeframe you're looking on looking for
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a. timeframe you're looking for for these talks thank you. taking them in the wrong order i had a number of meetings. when i visit. and the last time i met i know a lot about these these consultations the last time i was very specifically about and we went through some of the details of what will be discussed and. he was very very positive about that because he has a particular view just like any thoughts he has a particular view as to what they want to get out he's actually quite impatient for rapid progress. as you know i've said i think i said publicly that i plead guilty to the charge of going as fast as possible as regards the regional governments and i think it's true nowhere is this more true than yemen but it's true in any of these procedures. because the great mother of all conflict the
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diplomacy the road diplomacy. this is at least if not more necessary than mediation my job is primarily as i see it to provide a service to the parties to help them to find agreements where they may not be able to identify ways which they can do that. requires me to have confidence build confidence with them to develop good relations with them one of the reasons why i'm very reluctant to speak out to make judgments about actions in the war i'm here to find agreement rather than to. judge diplomacy is essential to the yemen you know the interests of states how important it is that we must be clear the interest in stability in the region. matt and i think the parties understand very very well
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both of them both of them understand very well. hugely important to europe. it's not just important to the region the trade the current through the red sea it's vital to our continent. yemen stability is not a local matter it's it's a strategically vital matter. of course interests the states have to be taken care of. incidentally the in the discussions i've had with abdul-malik. is very conscious of the need to cater to cope with to respond to those requirements so it's you know like any other. nation process it's a combination of. punctual diplomacy and good empathetic mediation well lucky we have a united security council we don't see that. and that's
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a huge asset for me and for the parties are very. grateful to the leadership of the council for that happening. i still had a very long list. yeah everybody. i called three. little slips. not three months. ok so i'm looking on this side. thanks very much for giving us this press conference and hope they'll be more opportunities to talk to you during the process you said the seaside is impatient what about the other side and the impatient to. you said they were impatient and also could you say something about the conduct of the war i mean do you expect the fighting to stop or die down while these consultations going on is the data you
11:47 pm
know still a risk what about next thank you. i should clarify very quickly i i consider impatient to be complement. we used to spend little time in humanitarian work where impatience is a requirement so wanting to make quick progress is a. flattery. very interesting question about the context within which talks consultations held some people assert that full ceasefire downing the tools stopping the fighting is necessary as a conducive environment for consultations and talks i don't go along with that because it becomes a condition. any person in my position any person in the parties would love to have a suspension of hostilities paul and in fact there are. history
11:48 pm
is replete with efforts to make that happen. i'm not sure we're going to see that this week although i don't think we will see major operations on the data either. during the course of the week god knows i hope i'm right because as i think i said to the security council the one thing that can destroy any prospects to peace is this war any egregious military acts through this piece of tape so well i don't think we can we can even if we might like. a global national ceasefire because at least. provide. military. ok mr griffiths allow me i still have on my list. and then we wrap it up. i don't have also chopping.
11:49 pm
them up also how much opium in localism. can a family sorry hon. was a couple of on. come out of to move out and get well as our men must walk. our out. there i mean i specifically said i need to discuss with the parties what we confidence building measures would be and then how we negotiate definitely know pre-cooked. would be look for discussions but not. when you say a timetable. i said down objective getting through the business reporter. trying to keep it going in the cracking place to keep current. will see what the
11:50 pm
parties wish to do and how they wish to respond to opportunity. and just question. we don't have time for more sorry. did he say to give. the family of a woman and with. us. a little. needle how the other people knew that he left here. do it almost any yet more that about another. human was so full of a we have had a hellish eleven a dual. rather be likened to the old helium and well. hell to surrounded a. thousand. little
11:51 pm
yes if yemen. and down of here as well. how did it appear that i met the fellow. on. no account library. because as i've said this is the parties to agree discuss happy to elaborate once we've had some progress made with the parties this is not my negotiation this is not my consultation they're in charge me first point when it comes to looking at the laws of the security council. which are obviously my guide which are obviously. guide. my job is to find agreement to resolve this conflict. and. the answer probably to
11:52 pm
the regional this is your many many. many many discussions germany need to resolve the differences in. nation for other countries to determine. the future the politics of your men is a matter for the yemenis and i believe those resolutions all point in the direction of reconstitution of the yemeni state. based on an inclusive political settlement thank you very much thank you very much we think if it's we hope really they will have more chances to speak to you and they think that this court thank you very much everybody and thank you very much for interpreters we've been helping so much have a nice. it is gone past fifteen hundred g.m.t. you're watching the hughes create here on live on and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com we've been listening there to the u.n. special envoy for yemen the day before talks are supposed to begin in geneva
11:53 pm
involving yemen's warring sides things hang in the balance to who the rebels delegation is late in leaving sanaa they say they're being prevented from leaving the rebels and yemen's internationally recognized government haven't met since twenty sixteen since then the humanitarian crisis as you know has only deepened as fighting rages on the un special envoy for yemen martin griffith has been speaking there in geneva and he thinks he will see both parties in the same room for talks those talks again due to begin tomorrow let's speak to ana's there is data change the engine even david martin griffith seems a confident that the talks will go ahead tomorrow despite the hoofy delegation being delayed. yes folley he was he was very relaxed in this performance he's shown his real skills as a diplomat in the way he described matters he said that the delay of the rebel
11:54 pm
delegation would be solved there in consultations now it was said that the saudi coalition refused to give permission for the delegation to leave but the delegations say that the plane that arrived to carry them to geneva i was too small to to take the injured that they had been promised by the un that would be treated in oman so this was a very clear description from the special envoy on yemen that say he's not too worried if the talks are delayed or they're late he's quite willing to accept that but he said the important point here was this is a consultation between the two sides it's very unlikely they'll meet around the same table but they will be consulted on their red lines and those measures which they feel they can do to try and find a political future for the yemen now the envoy mention two specific ideas one that the n.g.o.s perhaps could get
11:55 pm
a vaccination program going clearly vaccination against cholera is essential there because the epidemic that's widespread at the moment and also because of the that widespread malnutrition he hopes perhaps that other confidence building measures could be used like perhaps he said the release of prisoners by both sides he said is a highly complex operation he should know he's very experienced in these matters a sixty seven year old former british diplomat but he said if they can come across these confidential these these ideas of boosting the confidence maybe this whole thing has a chance and they could begin to start a framework of negotiations so that's the. task facing both sides if and when the rebel hutu delegation gets here but he's confident they will be but there might be slightly looked ok thank you for that day the change in life for us in geneva where
11:56 pm
again yemen's warring parties are due to meet on thursday for the first time since twenty sixteen let's now speak to. in gothenburg sweden he's a senior nonresident fellow at the atlantic council thank you very much she i'm sorry. to council thank you so much for being with us how optimistic are you about the outcome of these planned talks in geneva with things seemingly off to a rocky start already with all the delegation being delayed it's absolutely going to be a very difficult negotiation process and the start of it is already you know looking at the the warring parties have looked at the tide or excitements sue and and have a willingness to face up there because these the british asians at that so that are more of a consultation that. a negotiation because there will not be
11:57 pm
a direct face to face talks frankly the warning. and honestly if you speak to the you know all of them very young men. most of yemenis have lost confidence or in the international community. or even the warring parties interested in finding an end to this war so it's a very very hard it is very very hard to be optimistic. you know a hundred eight days of negotiations in coate back in two thousand and sixteen failed to broker a power sharing deal between the government of president had the air and the whole fees if they're expected as expected they are not going to sit down face to face as we've heard what supporters of having these talks i mean can the u.n. and martin griffith succeed where. mediation failed. i mean you know it is a very desperate action from that national community that there is you know and
11:58 pm
trust or a willingness to to find a. solution to the war but we really want find a solution we have to engage all the warring sides the call for and that includes the u.n. that they ran us and we need their all and so. forth and use talks i understand and i have their work done by the u.n. special envoy but we need to bring the political aspect of it and bring american and british did not receive. it precisely and it's not just the american and british. the two sides are backed by rival regional powers their respective back as saudi arabia u.a.e. for the government any iran for the whole these are not attending these talks in geneva can maybe real progress without these key players. well it's the way they are buying time i think we're all worried.
11:59 pm
especially our. next question because they are going under huge. pressure and it's a we all easing. international pressure and showing that they are trying to do something but honestly there is. we are. making what already of the war to get any more. after nasser very good to get if on this thank you very much for joining us on the news great africa there is from the atlantic council now there's a very interesting opinion piece on our website looking at another aspect of this conflict in yemen in the mayhem in yemen and the crisis of meaning in the arab world. professor columbia university asks why other arabs a bombing yet many arabs and what's happened to the idea of the arab world the bashi says today the arab world dies with every bomb that the saudis and iraqis
12:00 am
drop on your many's is a very insightful opinion piece read it on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now on to other world news and british prosecutors have charged two russians over the poisoning case that's caused one of the biggest east west riffs in decades these two men they say are the ones who tried to kill former russian spy sega's krypton and his daughter yulia with a nerve agent in southern england and the evidence so it's like something out of a bond film russia though says it's never even heard of the suspects named by the u.k. as alexander petroff and bush evolves well we have two correspondents on this story shortly we'll speak to rory challenge in moscow but first let's go to there is lawrence lee in london who's been following this story throughout the day a significant development lawrence in the script case walk us so for us the timeline of what we learned today. just to.


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