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at the time many people couldn't find a logical explanation there has been very very strong speculation that there might have been an economic incentive but that was four months ago now there's a new president in paris. who by the way has an arab last name or at least his family is of arab descent he says he's putting things back to where they were he says he wants power to contribute to regional efforts to do or help bring about a diplomatic and lasting solution to the conflict in the middle east at least twenty people have been killed and sixty all those injured in twin explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a sports hall in a neighborhood which has a large shia population as rescue workers and journalists rushed to the scene a cop packed with explosives was detonated the taliban has denied carrying out the attack jennifer glass has the latest from. the first attack on that sports center a center for wrestling in the dusty bar cine record of kabul back to
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a western suburb of kabul mainly shia has are living in that neighborhood and then the second bomb came in after targeting first responders and journalists to write gone to cover that event to journalists from tolo t.v. were killed they were actually reporting live from the scene just moments before the second explosion i mean far far no. bodies were killed in that attack among the twenty people killed and more than sixty injured in that attack it's the second attack in that neighborhood in in the past month an education center was attacked about a few weeks ago young young men and women who were preparing for university exams so it's particularly brutal attack in a hazaar shia neighborhood of kabul coming up on the. seventeen people were killed in ass trucks on syria's last rebel province as u.s. president donald trump warns government forces to avoid
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a slaughter that. iraqi security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition at thousands of angry protesters in the southern city of basra. and in sports with peter we'll see how the concord patrick nike deal has been received by the president and people in the streets. yemen's you're in sponsored peace talks have been delayed until friday after his the rebels say they were prevented from flying to geneva the rebel group says preconditions agreed by the u.n. have not been met according to the who sees the u.n. was meant to evacuate injured civilians but the saudi led coalition did not authorize a larger plane un special envoy for yemen is still optimistic that the talks will be a success consultations will focus on main aspects. to reactivate the peace process as i say. suspension these two years. to lay the
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ground on the basis of discussions we'll have this week. which will come later and the second. aspect is confidence building measures confidence building measures are designed partly to help build this trust through treatment from them partly to actually deliver some benefits to the people of yemen and partly to send a signal to the international community in yemen that something is happening people game and like many other conflicts are desperately in need of a signal of hope. while the diplomacy drags on in geneva there is increased desperation on the ground in yemen seven people have been injured after security forces dispersed crowds of protesters rallying against the government to demonstrate his anger about the worsening economy and the collapse of the currency in the war torn country under simmons has been monitoring the situation from neighboring djibouti. a full day of protests and reports of violence away from here
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at one gathering when police intervened to disperse protesters a security official says they opened fire and some demonstrators were injured this street band i was torn down it thank the united arab emirates which backs the local administration. eyewitnesses say a number of roads have been blocked by demonstrators in government controlled mccullough since sunday demonstrations have been going on in many parts of the south people who find themselves in poverty as the economy of yemen collapses its currency is now at its lowest values ever against the dollar food prices have never been higher what the civilians make of the un's attempt to get dialogue going between the warring sides and shabby adding i don't know how the people are destroyed and the situation requires mutual agreement if we really are arabs and we
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really are patriotic we have to compromise and concede to each other and god willing we will all succeed and the country will have a space for us all no one wants anything but peace. over the holiday and we call on all the parties and those disagreeing to unite under one banner in order to relieve the people from the division they've reached and relieve them from suffering and also to end the siege and the recent deterioration of the currency also to put the country's interest above their own personal interests and shun their differences some hope then despite an underlying cynicism what can survey leans do other than wish for some sort of progress towards peace in geneva the diplomatic. confidence building while in yemen the key words are different increasing desperation the un's world food program says eight point four million people are now on the brink of starvation the norwegian refugee council says that the collapse of yemen's economy could cost more lives than in the war itself under someone's out
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jazeera djibouti. cories anon resident fellow counsels refuge kerry center for the middle east and served as a u.s. diplomat in yemen between two thousand and four and two thousand and seven he joins us live from washington d.c. thanks for being with with us how mystically you that these talks which are now been delayed will go ahead and achieve progress towards peace. in a word i'm not very optimistic i think beyond the theatrical there must further explore the who these are arrive on time or they're laid. the substance is more important than the actual meeting i think. is an excellent diplomat and this is an excellent thing to bring the warring parties back to the talks but it's up to them where they take it from here
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and at this point i don't see that there is a great sense of urgency on either of the part of the saudis or the host is seeing how yemen is deteriorating i don't see them taking any real dramatic action to end this war and to relieve the suffering of the people and for that matter i don't see the u.s. which is the big boy on the block playing watch over all in the plan was either what. the u.n. envoy talked about confidence building measures what would need to be getting to be effective. well there's a whole number of things that one can do i mean i think what the host is. asking for is to fly some of their injured people to neighboring or mun for treatment because hospitals conditions are very very bad in the areas that they control
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medicine is very hard to come by. so that would be one example of something that could be done from the saudi point of view i suppose there are some prisoners either saudi or allies of saudi arabia who could be handed back there are prisoners of conscience let's say journalists and whatnot that the host is control whom they could also release but beyond those the major thing either party can do is take a unilateral. military action i mean that would be the real indication that they are serious and if they do get to that point would you say you talked about you know about whether there's willingness on either side to stop the fighting would this is be prepared to share power do you think eventually or or do you envisage that a peace would need to be
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a kind of dismantling of yemen into intersections rather than a federally united yemen. well i think they would have to be a total fool not to accept sharing power because in the end of the day they surely realize by now that they cannot control all of yemen and in the area that they do control except for hard data for you know which there's been a storm brewing for some time now they would have no access to the sea and so it would be in their interest to accept a long term going back to some kind of a government that represents all the different sides in yemen. i do believe that the yemenis are able to compromise with one another and reach such an agreement once the war stops once the regional powers act diplomatically instead of acting
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militarily and once the great powers the u.s. specifically and the u.k. put a diplomatic push in other words really support what the u.n. envoy is trying to do and be a hurry thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject. only seventeen civilians including five children have been killed in air raids in italy and this comes just a day after the u.n. called on russia and turkey to help avert what i described as a bloodbath president donald trump has warned that if there is a slaughter in a syrian rebel held province the u.s. will be very angry and react accordingly. three million people living. i just tell you that they will hopefully be very very judicious and careful because the world is watching second after you slaughter if it's a slaughter the world is going to get very very angry and i united states is going to get very angry too and i and i like to have i have watching that very closely.
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rebel fighters who fled to live with their families in search for safety and are stuck with nowhere else to go stephanie deca has more from antakya close to the turkey syria border. this northwestern corner of syria represents the last hopes of the rebel opposition government forces have steadily recaptured region after region under so-called reconciliation deals the fighters they didn't want to live under government control here with their families a little ahmed was a fighter in the southern province of that are the most recent area taken back by government troops he shows us video of when he was involved in the war and like so many others who chose to leave he doesn't trust the government. i see the reconciliation is a big mistake because the regime will start arresting us author a wall and put us in prisons we've already heard of a few people being killed by the regime. came to live from ottawa in homs the
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area was besieged by government forces for almost three years and he's now joined one of the local armed groups and it live. we left because of the heavy bombing and the siege we were starving i didn't agree with the reconciliation the regime says they will take it live let them say what they want we have dug trenches and tunnels god willing we are ready. the various rebel groups are preparing for the expected government offensive in it there is a complicated mix of armed groups on the ground here each with different allegiances and they will often turn their guns on each other but most say they will fight together against the expected offensive it is home to almost a million internally displaced syrians in those tents that you see crammed together behind me that's province and that's just a small snapshot of what is a major problem at the united nations as warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if there is an all out military offensive on eleven turkey's borders remain closed many opposition supporters don't want to admit what
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this offensive may mean that. sam speaks frankly he came to the problems from southern damascus he too was an opposition fighter there. was. a lot of. if the regime take so if that means you have lost the whole revolution everything it's like if you took the mask of the whole of syria would fall to us it was our damascus if the ticket so. many predict that is only a matter of time stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border iraqi security forces have used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse thousands of people demonstrating in the southern city of buzzer for justice had returned to the streets a day after at least six people were killed in previous clashes there in holland has more. oh protesters returned to the streets of basra angry and undeterred by the deaths of six demonstrators the day before this is the response
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from security forces firing tear gas to disperse the crowds. this is some of the worst on race seen since demonstrations began in july protesters accuse the police of using live ammunition police say protesters have been firing weapons at the city of pasto lies in the southern region that produces most of iraq's oil wealth the protesters say they see little of it they say the system is riddled with corruption there is little work and infrastructure there has all but collapsed. what. about the people of basra have no services no water no electricity how long will the situation remain. iraqi prime minister haider he has ordered an investigation into the deaths of the protesters he's already suspended the electricity minister part of his government if it to punish those believed to be behind the problems the protesters say that needs to translate
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into real change electricity that doesn't keep cashing out and water that's fit to drink media on one hand al-jazeera what's more to come on the news hour including the u.s. city of chicago prepares for one of its most racially charged trials in years as a white police officer is tried for the murder of a black teenager. tens of thousands of sri lankans rally in the capital colombo to call for the government to resign decorations of corruption. and sports and familiar faces return to the european ryder cup team for the golfing showdown with the u.s. in paris. hello the slow wandering shadows of behavior austria for least two days have gone to bit
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further east now we're told that hungry just crossed the border really mind you in the last four days you can see the slow moving nature of the show as we've collected over one hundred millimeters in this part of hungry i think the eastwood movie will continue as it has a secular nation but as more evidence of big shows forming in not just hungry to have more likely romania the running out for ukraine towards the baltic states we've also seen some thirty sharp showers in the north part of spite is that there was some beautiful pictures last night of lightning strikes however there shall be rare there more common i think through france the swiss arts maybe northern italy in that life exists for the east this is slow change in the weather type temperatures typically in europe in the high twenty's by day ny this too fine by night and the whole of march slowly east which is just that is slow to match so we're going to have some big showers in the alps to twenty mark for the british isles a good part of northern france still thirty one in madrid so that's a cool down significantly in fact the change in that weather from west to east is
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typical it goes africa still thirty five in tunis but twenty four in potential showery weather in robot. parts. al jazeera is there what else do we brits but it's also good to see what happens next which is. in part by that that we are where model barricaded the seventh street that maybe you hear the movies now it's been all about change people have
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gone to fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and i'll just your stories about telling it from the people's first but what they think is happening in their culture. and one of the top stories here. british police say they've identified two russians believed to be behind the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in soulsby earlier this year. is moving its israeli embassy back to television from west jerusalem reversing a decision made less than four months ago israel's immediately retaliated by
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closing its embassy in prague why at least twenty people have been killed and sixty others injured in twin explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a sports hall in a neighborhood which was it has a knowledge of shia population. a second murder trial of a former blackwater security guard has been ruled a mistrial because slaton is one of four guards employed by the u.s. security firm who was accused of opening fire on a bustling square in iraq killing fourteen civilians let's go to patty cohan in washington d.c. so betty what more can you tell us about this case. well i'm sure we all remember that incident brought widespread criticism of the u.s. military's use of private contractors in iraq it was happening in a baghdad square blackwater convoy protecting state department diplomats come up stop cars they meet search shooting in the end thirty one people were either killed or injured so this happened in two thousand and seven it's been eleven years so how
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did we get here well nicholas latin was found guilty of first degree more murder he was spending the rest of his life in prison his attorneys appealed in the said he basically should have been tried with his other blackwater guards because there was as did viewed about whether he fired the first shots and that's why he was facing the most serious charges his defense argued that another guard fired the first shots and they should have been tried together so these people's court said nope you get a new trial so he's been doing that for the last couple of weeks here in washington d.c. prosecutors again trying to get a conviction and after the jury met for sixteen days they came back and said we just simply can't reach a verdict so now it is a mistrial so we have about another week or two before the justice department has to decide if they want to go a third time to trying to get him a conviction in the meantime he'll be held in custody we believe but this was a huge international incident and led to the dissolution of blackwater now operating under a new name and guilty but guilty verdicts those now seem to be in doubt as for the
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other three that he was tried with they were sentenced to thirty years the appeals court said nope that's too much and now they're facing a reset and seen as well. and thank you very much jury selection is underway in the u.s. city of chicago head of one of the most racially charged trials in many years is a white police officer who's facing a first degree murder count for shooting a black teenager multiple times in twenty fourteen footage of the incident sparked massive protests john hendren has more in the most violent major city in the u.s. the trial of a generation threatens to set a match to a racial tinderbox. we had a young african-american male executed executed by also jason van dyke the case hinges on this video when sixteen shots it captures the racial tension of the most segregated city in the us propels the black lines matter movement and threatens to draw a bright new red line over which police cannot cross. most of chicago police
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officer jason van dyke's bullets landed in look kwan mcdonald's back jason day a toxicology report found macdonald had taken the drug p.c.p. he was carrying a knife later found closed but was clearly shown walking away vandyke was reloading when a fellow officer told him to hold fire now the jury's verdict resoundingly not just here in chicago but across the u.s. and perhaps around the world. the tape itself on review shows no imminent threat to officer vandyke safety or to any of the other officers at the scene none of the other officers weapons were drawn or though the other officers testified that oh look juan mcdonald lunged at the officer with a knife there is no evidence of that a determined blue line of police stands behind their colleague but the reality is this if he gets
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a lighter sentence or if he's not found guilty i think chicago's already on the brink of exploded i think this would lead to a mess mass chaos in scotland no one is more aware of that than vandyke we have the right to play well if you let him away i'm sure. i'm. going to prison. strength training. for many african-americans who disproportionately fall under police sights it's a test of whether a black man can find blind justice in chicago we want justice we're also cause we don't want a segregated justice a certain justice for one group of people and a different justice for another oh that is just the mcdonald's family is calling for peace but demanding accountability in the streets of this city and others
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across the u.s. neither is certain john hendren al jazeera chicago over three hundred people have been killed in four months of anti-government protests in nicaragua the police and military have been widely accused of using excessive force against protesters with rights groups criticizing the climate of fear some form a place offices have spoken out against the government crackdown putting themselves at risk from john howard has no. until recently this young man was a naked eye one police officer now he's had to flee the country or he says because he disagree with his government's crackdown on protests. killing an innocent a young person that doesn't sit well with me their students and not criminals. human rights groups say the officers who spoken out against the government's often
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heavy handed tactics and now in danger this one says he was slung in jail and interrogated by police intelligence off to criticizing authorities in a what's. going to be said to tell them everything because if they found anything more or that i was involved with other people they'd have to put my parents and my family my wife in prison. offices totus just asking to be discharged can result in a rest one human rights office processes policeman's resignations for them taking their weapons and uniforms to their superiors so they don't have to risk going in person cherry garcia you can be in prison and tried for crimes by the supreme court that's what's happening now or you could end up dead. father lopez's mother says he was killed because he wanted to leave the force the police told her that he was shot on duty by protesters but of friends again we showed video and photos of father's body said that he was tortured and then beaten to death his mother talked
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to us via skype she's in hiding it just really that here what a coincidence that friday he says he's going to resign and then somebody my son is that and they had his stuff they lied to me why. al-jazeera repeatedly asked the police for its response to these allegations there was no answer but both the u.n. human rights groups have criticized the force and. unfortunately the police haven't just committed murders of nicaraguan students compass you knows but also torture and inhumane treatment illegal detentions sexual abuse of young people. it's a far cry from the days when the police were respected at home and abroad a few years ago in nicaragua as police was the envy of other crimes so countries in central america its community based approach helped to keep homicide levels relatively low and to build trust with the public now that trust appears to have
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turned to fear not just for much of the public but for dissenting officers within the force themselves john home and when i was. pakistan's newly elected prime minister says he's hopeful relations can be reset with the united states calling the suspension of military aid over the country's failure to tackle armed groups imran khan made the comments after meeting with the us extra state might pompei or in islamabad also praised the talks saying a foundation had been laid to move forward on joint commitments the us cancelled a three hundred million dollars payment to pakistan last week after complaining it was not doing enough to combat the taliban and haqqani network says israel supreme court has approved the demolition of the palestinian village of qana in the occupied west bank the ruling means that the israeli authorities have seven days to destroy the village which israel says was built illegally when it's missed reports from cholera. it'll take israeli bulldozers just a few hours to destroy
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a community that's been here for decades. school and its bettering community have exhausted all legal avenues to avoid demolition we are talking about a location which is very important significant for the palestinian because it's. the north of. considered to be the gate to jerusalem and the fall of israel as they see it it's very strategical as well as will they want to join most of the settlements we are talking about. settlements. i mean with for that we. wanted to create the. right wing government clearing out the bad wind from have paved the way to israel to expound illegal settlement construction deep into the occupied west bank and that makes the viability of a contiguous palestinian state very difficult to achieve. the campaign to save the school and the community was supported by foreign governments the european union
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and other non-governmental organizations and the. victory is not about stopping the demolition it's about stopping the transfer but fighting against forced displacement transfer and ethnic cleansing the danger here is can are it's only the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of more than two hundred twenty five palestinian communities in the area of the west bank under full israeli control the supreme court order is for the demolition of buildings not the eviction of villages in theory they could stay and build new makeshift homes but they too would probably be torn down by the military setting off an endless cycle of construction and destruction. we're ready for such a scenario is going to be a tremendous psychological pressure on our children women and elderly people it's a heavy burden but we're resilient the israeli government has set aside land near a former rubbish dump of one hundred eighty bedouin here but they say they won't go
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not least because there's no pasture for their sheep they've been here for nearly seventy years after being forced from the negev by the israeli army so here they say is where they intend to stay bernard smith al-jazeera in the occupied west bank france and the u.k. have agreed a deal over sharing scallop fishing off the french coast out of violent scenes on the water last week fishermen from the two nations clashed in the bed to send near the port of eight days ago the french are unhappy that british boats are allowed to fish there when they're banned under local regulations now to say agreement in principle has been reached. a measure of accusations been taking place in one of japan's largest airports in the wake of typhoon gebbie which killed at least ten people on tuesday but also if is for the safety of the three thousand people stranded at kansai airport no sucka after an oil tanker slammed into the only access bridge they had to be evacuated from the artificial island by boat as soon
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as conditions improved j.b. was the most powerful typhoon to hit japan in twenty five years tens of thousands of sri lankans of march through the capital colombo to call for the government to resign they're angry about corruption and accuse it of selling national assets the protests are being led by a former president mahinda rajapaksa who is known as the strongman of sri lankan politics and having to capitalize on the discontent to make a political comeback when he reports from colombo. the leaders of the protest movement said it was going to be their biggest show of force yes their predictions of hundreds of thousands fell short nevertheless the streets of colombo would choke for several hours with protest as from communities to around sri lanka they came to the financial heart of the capital to deliver their message to the government that they want change but i operated in up the tax burden on the difficulties we're facing that brought us here we can voluntarily spending our own money to be here.
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now but yeah we came here because we want my hand to rajapaksa back he's the only one he can deal with the country's problems mahinda rajapaksa is beating the opposition campaign he was president for nine years and is seen as a hero by many for ending the almost thirty year long civil war with the tamil tiger rebels he lost the two thousand and fifteen election to former health minister my trip to the same after accusations of human rights abuses and corruption of president saddam hussein and the government was seen as a fresh start but critics say their failed to deliver on many election promises. there are many things working in my hand to rajapakse his favor right now there are the everyday issues that are brought people onto the streets combined with what's perceived to be a weak unstable government into someone who's regarded as the strongman of sri lankan politics who clearly sees an opportunity the government says it is each even
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goals but needs more time mahinda rajapakse his son who's seen as a potential future leader of sri lanka says time is up for the government until people doesn't want to see is where they get hired to be hired that. i'm sure the people doesn't have on a change that they're all that. they're losing jobs and that the unemployment rate is going up mahinda rajapaksa is calling for political change but he's barred from becoming president again because of the constitutional two term limits but as he proved when he was in power the constitution can be changed and he clearly still enjoys plenty of support wayne hay al jazeera colombo. still to come on the program the chief executives of social media giants facebook and twitter are grilled about foreign influences and election campaigns. out of the u.s. open naomi osaka choose something no japanese woman has managed to do so it's ninety ninety six if you're a fan of these it's great.


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