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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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when you're an official within the trump administration to get that title we're talking about somebody who you see there a special assistant to the president or a cabinet secretary they said that they did this so that they could write this for the public to know without losing their jobs but this is a scathing keep in mind this is from someone with in the trump administration they said that early on in the administration they talked about invoking the twenty fifth amendment basically that would have given the majority of the cabinet if they voted a chance to try and remove the president from office for being unfit they he said this person writes that they chose not to because of the constitutional crisis that it would invoke goes on to call the so you the previous problem is the president's a morality talks about his leadership style as the impetuous adversarial petty and ineffective and talks about how he has basically brought the country down with him and is ruining civility obviously this is going to strike at the president who was very quick to fire back nobody has ever done
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in less than a two year period what we've done so when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration probably failing and probably a year for all the wrong reasons now and the new york times is trailing if i were in here i believe the new york times probably wouldn't even exist. and someday when i'm not president which hopefully will be in about six and a half years from. the new york times and c.n.n. and all of these phony media outlets will be added to still be out of business because they'll be nothing to write and they'll be nothing of interest so nobody has done what this administration has done. well i can tell you this is pretty much what anyone on cable television or network television is talking about right now
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because this is unpressed of course the big question is going to be who wrote it reporters trying to track that down you can bet the president's going to be trying to track that down as well but this is clearly a president that is feeling under siege right now and under investigation and now undermined in the most public way to call him thank you know the president his nominee that is for the supreme court is facing a second day of questioning as part of his confirmation hearing protesters interrupted brett kavanaugh is hearing yet again at the senate's democrats are angry at the majority republicans for blocking the release of more than forty two thousand pages of documents from kavanagh's previous work in the white house under george w. bush the senate will vote on cavanagh's approval to the supreme court later this month well president donald trump is putting up his warnings to syria's bashar assad's that the united states is closely watching the unfolding situation in adlib province it's the last major rebel stronghold and an all out government offensive
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there is all but certain our white house correspondent kimberly reports an intense barrage on syria's northwest as russian jets and drone circled the rebel held region of province the last pocket of opposition to syrian president bashar al assad. russia's support in syria's seven year civil war has allowed assad to hang on to power even as millions of syrians have been displaced and thousands killed in the conflict the united states is watching very closely but u.s. president donald trump on wednesday cautioned assad against using chemical weapons in islam they will hopefully be very very judicious and careful because the world is watching that cannot be a slaughter if it's a slaughter the world is going to get very very angry and the united states is going to get very angry to trump's comments follow repeated warnings this week
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trump argues any russian and iranian support of a syrian attack would be a humanitarian mistake the kremlin has dismissed trump's warnings calling it lib a nest of terrorism. the united states along with france and the united kingdom hit back against the syrian government earlier this year a coalition carried out airstrikes on syrian government sites in response to a chemical weapons attack on civilians in duma the syrian government has denied involvement in the duma attacks. and trump denies he ordered the assassination of the syrian president a claim made by veteran journalist bob woodward in a new book no that was never even contemplated nor would it be contemplated and it should not have been written about in the book instead the u.s. president says that he along with top officials are concerned about any imminent offensive against what calls three million innocent people living in italy it can
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really help get al-jazeera the white house and some more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including the un's latest attempt to get yemen's foreign warring factions to geneva for the first talks in two years last leading figures in facebook and twitter are growth about foreign influence an election campaigns in the u.s. coming up in sport we'll see how the call in caprona can one thousand to one has been received by president trump and people on the streets. but first the u.k. has called for a united nations security council meeting to discuss new revelations in the navi talk poisoning case british prosecutors have charged two russians accused of trying to kill the former spy service scripts all of his daughter yulia with a nerve agents in southern england russia though says it's never even heard of the suspects lawrence lee reports from london the british police believe these are the
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men who attempted to assassinate a double agent on the streets of the u.k. alexander petrel and. probably aliases and now the prime suspects in the attempted murder of. the police have images of the two men near the strip malls house apparently moments before novacek was smeared on the front. the strippers were found slumps near their home in salzburg the case has caused a massive diplomatic rift with russia which has consistently said the u.k. could provide no proof that it was responsible the u.k. now believes that is exactly what it has and not only that the prime minister said to a stunned parliament the british security services believe that soon men our military intelligence officers of the russian state i can to day tell the house that based on a body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and c.p.s. offices from the russian military intelligence service. also known as the
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g.r.u. the g.r.u. is a highly disciplined organization with a well established chain of command so this was not a road operation it was almost certainly also approved outside the g.r.u. a senior level of the russian state after months of work the police have offered a detailed timeline of the movements of the two prime suspects they say the russians flew from moscow to london gatwick airport on aeroflot flight to five double eight on march the second they then stayed at the hotel in east london before catching a train to souls pretty on the afternoon of march the third and returning to london on the same day they then repeated the trip on sunday march the fourth where the police say c.c.t.v. footage shows them near the scriptures house by the evening they left london and were flying back to moscow on aeroflot two five eight five. at the hotel in east london the police say they found trace elements of novacek so small that they
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didn't pose a risk to health but it still counts as evidence we know part of their mate was freed second the fourth to stay sitting staring. without the remains stated we know that when we find out who they were found out which hotel they stayed on the second we took control of. i mean not really we found traces of. both the police and international chemical agent body the o.p.c. w have said it was the same batch of navi chalk that was used against this cripples which then killed dawn sturgis and seriously injured her boyfriend charlie rowley they had found a fake per fume case with a bottle inside adapted to release the novacek the couple had assumed it was perfect and she sprayed the novacek on a self this case and that of this cripples and now directly being linked in the criminal inquiry. was at exactly the point when the british police were briefing journalists in london about
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all this the russian foreign ministry was tweeting this derogatory video comparing prime minister may's dancing ability with that of the foreign ministry spokeswoman as a signal he could hardly have said we don't care any more bluntly the last time the u.k. had prime suspects in an attack on a spy it was the alexander litvinenko case which ended with a look of only named as one of the killers eventually made a member of the russian parliament the u.k. can't get the two prime suspects in the scripture case extradited it's against russian law and anyway it would be hardly worth the effort the scribbles have survived but u.k. russian relations a stock in the freezer largely al-jazeera london were a challenge in moscow tells us more about how russia is reacting. rush's approach to the whole script our affair since it blew up earlier in the year has been to deny deny deny they say that the u.k. is not the know it to produce any evidence that it was nothing to do with russia or
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that russia has constantly asked the british government for access to the investigation access which has been continually denied and even after the british have produced considerably more evidence than they have previously been able to do the message is the same from russia we have heard from the foreign ministry earlier we've said once again we urge the u.k. side to switch from public accusations and information information manipulation to practical cooperation through law enforcement agencies the ministry of foreign affairs also says that the two suspects that have been named by the u.k. mean nothing to them they don't know who they are we also heard from your readership of who is an aide to the kremlin and he seems confusing but he doesn't quite know what the british authorities are trying to do with all this info that's just been released he finds it rather confusing can't understand it so the russian
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response again did i deny deny at least twenty people have died and seventy others injured in twenty explosions in afghanistan it happened in a wrestling gym in the western suburbs of capitol police say a suicide bomber detonated explosives amongst after the two were training at the gym then a car bomb went off nearby that area is predominantly populated by the has are ethnic minority a group that's been targeted in the past jennifer glass has the latest from kabul. the first attack on that sports center a center for wrestling in the dusty bargee neighborhood of kabul back to a western suburb of kabul mainly shia has are living in that neighborhood and then the second bomb came soon after targeting first responders and journalists too who had gone to cover that event two journalists from tolo t.v. were killed they were actually reporting live from the scene just moments before the second explosion i mean far far more than one these are mahdi were killed in
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that attack among the twenty people killed and more than sixty injured in that attack it's the second attack in that neighborhood in in the past month an education center was attacked about a few weeks ago young young men and women who are preparing for university exams so it's particularly brutal attack and as our shia neighborhood of kabul the u.s. secretary of state says he's hopeful the relationship with pakistan can be reset my campaign with the newly elected prime minister imran khan and islam about just days after the u.s. said it's cutting military aid to islam about for failing to tackle armed groups. says there's still a long way to go but that's a foundation been laid for both sides to move forward. the un's first yemen talks in two years have been delayed by twenty four hours they'll now start on friday a previous attempt to strike a deal between rebels and the internationally recognized government collapsed the un special envoy for yemen martin griffiths says he's trying to get the two sides
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to trust each other. building confidence between the parties so they can address this use together result assuming through compromise concession and. trust in each other confidence building measures a design partly to help build this trust through dream and partly to actually deliver some benefits for the people of yemen and partly to send a signal to the international community and the people of yemen that something is happening people of yemen like many of the conflicts are desperately in need of a signal of david chaytor has more from geneva the venue for the planned talks. the peace consultations between the two warring sides were jus to start here at the geneva headquarters on thursday morning but the united nations has now said that will be delayed until friday we don't know exactly what time but the delay is being
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caused by the fact that the hooty delegation the rebel delegation are still in the capital of sana that is because the saudi arabia at the head of the coalition has refused to allow them to fly now they were jew to go out to a mosque up in amman with some injured civilians for medical treatment but i think this saudi coalition of sea looking at whether they were militiamen exactly who the injured people were and whether there were any iranians of whatever profession also on that flight so this is now all up for consultation with the special envoy for the yemen martin griff this is said he's not worried by that delay this is usual he said and he assured everybody that consultations are going on at the moment to make sure this matter could be cleared up and he also said that many confidence building measures were going to be discussed when the two sides get
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here in geneva and these included the vaccination program we've seen the cholera epidemic has taken many casualties amongst children especially on the old in yemen and also he said perhaps they should have another measure which is a prisoner swap he said that would give some hope to families on all sides of the conflict that real measures were being taken and that there was some hope for their future and the political process in the peace process could actually take root here in geneva while diplomacy is delayed in tunisia others increased desperation on the ground in yemen seven people have been injured after security forces disperse crowds of protesters rallying against the government the demonstrators are angry about the deteriorating economy anderson min's has been monitoring the situation from neighboring in djibouti. a full day of protests and reports of violence away from here at one gathering when police intervened to disperse protesters
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a security official says they opened fire and some demonstrators were injured this street band i was torn down it thank the united arab emirates which backs the local administration. eyewitnesses say a number of roads have been blocked by demonstrators in government controlled mccullough since sunday demonstrations have been going on in many parts of the south people who find themselves in poverty as the economy of yemen collapses its currency is now at its lowest values ever against the dollar food prices have never been higher what the civilians make of the un's attempt to get dialogue going between the warring sides i shall be adding i don't know how the people are destroyed and the situation requires mutual agreement if we really are arabs and we really are patriotic we have to compromise and concede to each other and god willing we will all succeed and the country will have
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a space for us all no one wants anything but peace. with the holiday and we call on all the parties in those disagreeing to unite under one banner in order to relieve the people from the division they've reached and relieve them from suffering and also to end the siege and the recent deterioration of the currency also to put the country's interests above their own personal interests and shun their differences some hope then despite an underlying cynicism what can survey leans do other than wish for some sort of progress towards peace in geneva the diplomatic. confidence building while in yemen the key words are different increasing desperation the un's world food program says eight point four million people are now on the brink of starvation and the norwegian refugee council says that the collapse of yemen's economy could cost more lives than in the war itself under someone's out jazeera djibouti. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour iraqi
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security forces fire tear gas and live ammunition at thousands of angry protesters in the southern city of basra and a show of strength by sri lanka's former president tens of thousands rally in the capital calling for the government to resign david baca reveals the name and logo for his major league soccer team that story is coming up with peter in sports. hello is hard to define gordon as drove the mass of clouds which is what it is now but it's still of course brought extra lift to the air and to do more so it's raining there are still flood warnings flash floods and longer term floods around the mast submissively valley up to particular mississippi and i think alabama but
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you can see the green stretches right back to texas the heaviest rain has fallen in thunderstorms in texas so this warm and she made areas still exist and there's a division line that runs well more or less through chicago this saudis much cooler more sunny and this is sticky and potentially wet and that's the case for the next twenty four to thirty six hours with maybe more emphasis further west still with some big showers likely a new mexico again parts of texas hails quite likely and that cutoff line is still there and if you're in new york or washington yes it's still pretty sucky to be honest now to the south so that seems to take much of the n.g.'s in the gulf of mexico we got sporadic big shot was but sporadic ones in cuber in jamaica maybe more persistent rain once again this is a repeat for cross it costa rica and down in panama this is the thursday and probably friday.
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the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care and no one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure if you believe you go crazy but the government of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home and then jews moderates and managers or my children will find the beauties bronstein point you doesn't even need to call you for the just for you just see the club. i am mentioning i've only done. all of your pick of. my nigerian on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour paraguayan will move its embassy back to tell of eve three months after shifting it to jerusalem in response israel says it will close its embassy in paris by the country's previous presidents move the embassy following the u.s. and guatemala the u.k. is calling for a united nations security council meeting to discuss new revelations in the child poisoning case british part prosecutors have charged two russians accused of trying to kill the former spy surrogate script on his daughter yulia with
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a nerve agent in southern england says it's never even heard of. the suspects at least twenty people have died and seventy others injured in twin explosions in afghanistan it happened in a wrestling gym in the western suburbs of kabul the area is predominantly populated by the has are ethnic minority a group that's been targeted in the past. iraqi security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people demonstrating in the southern city of basra it's the latest flare of violence in two months of protests demanding jobs and better public services and it follows the deaths of at least six people on choose day marianna hong taz more. protest has returned to the streets of busta angry and under tud by the deaths of six demonstrators the day before this is the response from security forces firing tear gas to disperse the crowds but. this is some of the worst on race seen since demonstrations began in july
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protesters accuse the police of using live ammunition police say protesters have been firing weapons the city of pasto lies in the southern region that produces most of iraq's oil wealth the protesters say they see little of it they said the system is riddled with corruption there was little book and infrastructure the air has all but collapsed. the people of basra have no services no water no electricity how long will the situation remain. iraqi prime minister he has ordered an investigation into the dates of the protest as he's already suspended the electricity minister part of his government if it to punish those believed to be behind the problems the protesters say that needs to translate into real change electricity doesn't keep cashing out and that's fit to drink.
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zero the second murder trial of a former blackwater security guard has been ruled as a mistrial nicholas slaton is one of four men working for the u.s. security firm accused of opening fire on a bustling square in iraq in two thousand and seven killing fourteen civilians slaton was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in twenty four. an emirates plane has been quarantined in new york after several passengers became ill aboard that flight from dubai the flight landed in j.f.k. airport on wednesday morning with the passengers receiving medical attention victoria gate and be reports. the emirates plane had five hundred twenty one passengers on board during the footie now flight from dubai to new york the u.s. sent to the disease control says as many as one hundred people reported feeling sick very very deep intense caused by and let me say i'm going to pass here and
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i. simply missing this helipad here and like you have to get on a plane and keep her for so intensely sick and nobody checking each question is a spokesman for new york's mass says the flight stopped in the saudi arabian city of mecca which is experiencing a flu outbreak the plane a double decker bus three eighteen landed in new york at around nine in the morning local time and was immediately taken to an area away from the terminal as passengers disembarked that temperature was taken somebody is temperatures higher than astable some of the election my temperature is not more than ninety nine. was asked to come to the germans in response to the sickness on board the dubai based as mine tweeted emirates can confirm that about ten passengers on ek two zero three from dubai to new york were taken ill on arrival as a precaution they were attended to by local health authorities it later emerged
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that seven out of the ten people taken to hospital were crew members passengers say the experience was surreal to see at the customs those ships even the people had to help you with luggage they. must send the logs and enough supplies we had the passengers no one of us at the airport and so that must mean about the. health officials in new york approach the think tanks to find out why people. they say symptoms point to the flee the turia gate to be out there well let's speak to dr ali khan he's joining us from omaha nebraska where he's dean at the university of nebraska medical center dr khan was a senior administrator at the center for disease control good to speak with you so obviously we still don't know what the cause is behind this illness but what could be some of the potential reasons from the symptoms that people are exhibiting. thank you for the opportunity so i think has some of the passengers mentioned the
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most likely is some flu like influenza like illness or a food borne illness so those would be the two most likely based on the reports that have come out so far and one passenger we heard in that report was saying that people appear to be sick even before they got on that fourteen hour flight from dubai to new york but do you think that the airline acted in accordance with airline health regulations should it have done anything differently so this is a really good example of the airline doing exactly what they're supposed to do so appears that there were some people sick on the airline. pilot was informed in the pilot let the destination site know so that when these passengers showed up at j.f.k. the public health authorities had already been alerted and they were already waiting for these passengers so that's absolutely important in accordance with federal regulation and the appropriate procedures by the international transport
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association and if a passenger falls ill or is seated in close proximity to someone who may be ill. what should they do then any advice for them on how likely is it that a person does fall ill and simply by being seated close to somebody who was sick. so what we do know is that there's over two point eight billion. people who travel every year so it's kind of rare to have these events happen but if you happen to be sitting next to a passenger who's you know then the alive thing to do is let the flight attendant know that somebody is ill and then they have guidelines on what they're supposed to do to either move that passenger or to move you but what i would like to remind people is please be polite so for example i have really bad allergies and during allergy season i could be coughing and sneezing but i'm not contagious to anybody else there and the c.d.c. where you used to work is saying that as many as one hundred passengers reported
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feeling sick on this particular flight and the airline is saying that there were about ten passengers that had been why do you think there's a discrepancy in the numbers. the discrepancy isn't on expected given that we were essentially live tweeting what was going on in this plane and it really took valuating these passengers to figure out what i heard was that there were one thousand people who were sick nine refused medical attention or weren't that deal and ten were hospitalized enough that ten seven were passengers but i'm sure in the midst of a plane even having twenty people who are very sick could be perceived as having many more that were ill on the airplane and what we're hearing is that officials are saying that they are now going to track some of the passengers to make sure that they don't come down with any elements in the next couple of weeks is that a sufficient response or should they be doing anything more. absolutely so that
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that is best practice so they will identify what illness these ten twenty people had it may actually be a number of different illnesses to be honest with you but if there's something important then c.d.c. and the local health authorities can follow up with passengers and see whether or not they got ill or do the appropriate things so things you would worry about it this isn't this isn't in this case would be like measles for example you know would you have to back to meet some certain people to prevent measles but measles sars tuberculosis these are all diseases that have been transmitted on airplanes all right dr ali khan thank you for giving us your perspective my pleasure thank you now if japan has confirmed the first death as a result of the twenty alive and focus shima nuclear disaster a worker at the power plant plant during the emergency died of lung cancer as a result of radiation exposure a massive tsunami and earthquake in twenty eleven killed more than eighteen
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thousand people and it destroyed the plans cooling systems sending it into meltdown . tens of thousands have been on the streets of sri lanka's capital calling for the government to go the former president mahinda rajapaksa who suffered a surprise defeat and election three years ago is leading the charge when he reports from colombo. the leaders of the protest movement said it was going to be their biggest show of force yes their predictions of hundreds of thousands fell short nevertheless the streets of colombo would choke for several hours with protest as from communities throughout sri lanka they came to the financial heart of the capital to deliver their message to the government that they want change but i operated in up the tax burden on the difficulties we are facing that brought us here we can voluntarily spending our own money to be here among them but yet we came here because we want my hand to rajapaksa back he's the only one he can deal
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with the country's problems mahinda rajapaksa is beating the opposition campaign he was president for nine years and is seen as a hero by many for ending the almost thirty year long civil war with the tamil tiger rebels he lost the two thousand and fifteen election to form a health minister my trip to the same after accusations of human rights abuses and corruption of president saddam hussein and the government was seen as a fresh start but critics say their failed to deliver on many election promises. there are many things working in my hand to rajapakse his favor right now there are the everyday issues that are brought people onto the streets combined with what's perceived to be a weak unstable government into someone who is regarded as the strongman of sri lankan politics who clearly sees an opportunity the government says it is achievable goals but needs more time mahinda rajapakse his son who's seen as a potential future leader of sri lanka says time is up for the government until
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people doesn't want it to and where they get higher there could be a higher tax on the i'm sure the people doesn't have on a tainted as all that has sucked and. they're losing jobs and that the unemployment rate is going up mahinda rajapaksa is calling for political change but he's barred from becoming president again because of the constitutional two term limits but as he proved when he was in power the constitution can be changed and he clearly still enjoys plenty of support wayne hay al jazeera colombo. a town mayor who had been accused by the philippines president rodrigue of the territory of being involved in the drug trade has been shot dead mayor mariano blanco a photographer was killed by an identified gunman inside the town hall in the popular tourism area of several province blanco is the eleventh mayor killed since the terror threat came to power in june twenty sixth in the u.s. senators have questioned executives of facebook and twitter about foreign influence .


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