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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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minutes on a spy it was the alexander litvinenko case which ended with a look of ali named as one of the killers eventually made a member of the russian parliament the u.k. com get the two prime suspects in the script extradited it's against russian law and anyway it will be hardly worth the efforts the struggles of survives but u.k. russian relations a stock in the freezer largely al-jazeera london still ahead on i just see it up dozens of people missing after a powerful earthquake hit japan's northern hokkaido province and the un's latest attempt to get yemen's warring factions together for the first talks in two years. hello is hard to define gordon is rather than the mass of clouds which is what it
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is now but it's still of course brought that extra lift to the air and plenty of motion so it's raining there are still flood warnings flash floods and longer term floods around the massive mississippi valley ups are particular mississippi and i think alabama but you can see the green stretches right back to texas the heaviest rain has fallen in thunderstorms in texas so this warm and humid area still exists and there's a division line that runs for more us through chicago this side is much cooler more sunny and this is sticky and potentially wet and that's the case for the next twenty four to thirty six hours with maybe more emphasis further west still with some big showers likely a new mexico again parts of texas hails quite likely and that cutoff line is still there and if you're in new york or washington yes it's still pretty sucky to be honest now to the south so that seems to take much of the energy out in the gulf of mexico we got sporadic big showers but sporadic ones in cuber in jamaica maybe more
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persistent rain once again this is a repeat forecast it costa rica and panama this is the thursday and probably friday . at night in a stocking somaly mam patrolled the streets police. the look of. tired of gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crime used to live there but it didn't have. a doomed little bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived there mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera minder of our top stories this now leaders of north and south korea will meet later this month in pyongyang to talk about denuclearizing the peninsula south korea's kim jong un has expressed an interest in closer cooperation with the u.s. at a meeting with a special envoy from seoul. an anonymous article in the new york times claims senior members of the trumpet ministration are working to undermine his words policies newspaper says it's written by a senior white house official trump has called on the paper to reveal the identity of the. paragraph i will move its embassy back to tel aviv three months after shifting it to jerusalem response israel says it will close its embassy in paraguay countries previous president carter has moved the embassy following the u.s.
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and guatemala. at least two people have died after a powerful earthquake hit parts of the northern japanese island of hokkaido thirty nine people have also been reported missing six point seven magnitude quake as chords widespread devastation as a shadow for reports. a desperate search for the missing after a powerful earthquake hits northern japan in the early hours of the morning damaging towns and cutting power to millions across the island three reactors at the tamara nuclear plant were running on backup generators landslides were triggered in dense forests on the mountainside of the rural town of a tsunami covering homes a relief and rescue command center has been set up. i've heard reports such as people having cardiac arrests landslides collapsed buildings and large scale blackouts saving people's lives is
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a priority while the government deals with the disaster relief we will deal with this crisis made by. the government's deployed thousands of troops to help with the rescue operation the quake also shut down all transportation services including the airport and hokkaido telephone lines and mobiles a down it's been a difficult week for japan on tuesday typhoon gebbie the most powerful to hit japan in twenty five years killed at least ten people the largest airport had to be evacuated in the wake of the storm and millions lost power in various cities now people are left to deal with another natural disaster japan sits on the ring of fire volcanoes and oceanic trenches experiencing around twenty percent of the walls of quakes of magnitude six and higher very well prepared for natural disasters you may have noticed that we've had quite a few lately and that's not terribly unusual for japan it's a natural disaster country but at the same time there's not much preparation you
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can do when a when a mountain collapses on to homes so clearly they're going to need to bring out equipment that can bury the houses and that's going to take time so it's probably going to be quite a bit of time before we know exactly how many people died in those landslides and as the people affected wait to hear about their loved ones there are fears of aftershocks or even another serious earthquake that seismologists one could strike at any time she has a gun for al-jazeera. japan has confirmed the first death from the twenty eleven fukushima nuclear disaster a worker the power plant died of lung cancer from radiation exposure a massive tsunami and earthquake in two thousand and eleven killed more than eight hundred thousand people and destroyed the plant's cooling systems leaders from iran russia and turkey are meeting in tehran on friday to talk about the future of syria
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they'll be taking up as well the government offensive in the last rebel held province of turkey is trying to ensure the attack will be as limited as possible fearing a mass exodus of civilians towards its border stephanie decker reports. over the years the province of it live has offered somewhat of a refuge for almost a million internally displaced syrians but that seems like it's all about to change with the expected government offensive backed by russia to recapture the last province left under opposition control turkey's preparing for a worst case scenario already met with the head of turkey's red crescent just as he returned from visiting it lib if any huge influx. or other two o'clock turkish border now we are near the refugee camps in sight syria turkey already hosts more than three million syrian refugees and it doesn't want any more the turkish border with syria has been closed for years unfortunately
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there is no clear line for armed groups there are. something down inside and the societies so it is really difficult to target the military points so. it's been a repetitive cycle for years despite endless political negotiations it's the military option that always seems to come first millions of syrians are homeless in their own country dependent on aid unable to rebuild their lives this factory belongs to the turkish aid group i h and it sends one hundred fifty thousand bags of bread to live every day each piece representing someone who cannot feed themselves the individual desperate stories often getting lost in a mass of lives interrupted. those who fled to look we're sleeping with predator death now they're facing death once again they have no plan b.
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in the last few years we've tried to build both a permanent structures for the displaced or today we're back to square one setting up basic intends to prepare for a new wave humanitarian corridors are being proposed by aid agencies but they will remain inside syria and the question remains to where most people. don't want to go to the government controlled areas which surround it lib that leaves the turkish controlled northern part of the country but many are reluctant to go there too no one wants to be displaced again even though aid agencies are preparing for what they fear will be a bloody battle everyone is saying it's still too early to predict how exactly it will unfold that they say will be decided at the negotiating table between iran russia and turkey but there is a consensus that the battle for it will be the final major battle of this war stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. of the u.s. first yemen talks in two years have been delayed by twenty four hours they'll now start on friday a previous attempt to strike a deal between rebels and the internationally recognized government collapsed the
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un special envoy for yemen martin griffiths says he is trying to get the two sides to trust each other. building confidence between the parties so they can address issues together resolve issues through compromise concessions and. trust in each other confidence building measures a design partly to help build this trust through. to actually deliver some benefits to the people of yemen and partly to send a signal to the international community and people of yemen that something is happening. like in any other conflict not desperately in need of a signal. or they may take to as more from geneva the venue for the planned talks. the peace consultations between the two warring sides were jus to start here at the geneva headquarters on thursday morning but the united nations has now said that will be delayed until friday we don't know exactly what time but the delay is being
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caused by the fact that the hooty delegation the rebel delegation are still in the capital of sana that is because the saudi arabia at the head of the coalition has refused to allow them to fly now they were jew to go out to a mosque up in amman with some injured civilians for medical treatment but i think the saudi coalition of the looking at whether they were militiamen exactly who the injured people were and whether there were any iranians of whatever profession also on that flight so this is now all up for consultation with the special envoy for the yemen martin griffis is said he's not worried by that delay this is usual he said and he is sure everybody consultations are going on at the moment to make sure this matter could be cleared up and he also said that many
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confidence building measures were going to be discussed when the two sides get here in geneva and these included the vaccination program we've seen the cholera epidemic has taken many casualties amongst children especially on the old in yemen and also he said perhaps they should have another measure which is a prisoner swap he said that would give some hope to families on all sides of the conflict that real measures were being taken and that there was some hope for their future and the political process in the peace process could actually take root here in geneva. midwives have been deployed to ranger refugee camps to provide treatment for pregnant women but some of facing challenge is talking about family planning with an already vulnerable community nearly a million of a hinge on living in bangladesh after escaping a military crackdown in myanmar mohammed gem june reports now from cox's bazaar.
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during the hottest hour of the day in the world's largest refugee settlement these row hinge a traditional midwives are searching for a woman who needs their help raji a big woman and saadi of a woman are two of the one hundred thirty community health care workers who have been recruited by the united nations population fund or un f.p.a. from among the or hinge of residing here in bangladesh. when they find regime who already has two children and is about to give birth to a third they explain how they'll assist with her delivery and outline all medical options available to. me she had no idea care like this was possible. that a doctor not love i didn't get to see any doctor recently and the doctors there are buddhist they wouldn't treat us because we are muslim in another part of the camp these newborns and their mothers are being looked after in
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a facility run by un f.p.a. . a novel experience for a population of refugees harboring largely conservative attitudes toward reproductive health. one of the biggest challenges has been trying to convince her hinge a women here to voluntarily go to clinics and that's because of the unrelenting persecution they faced in me and more it's left many of them distrustful and fearful of medical facilities like this one since august two thousand and seventeen saudia bag has come to the aid of numerous really enjoy women subjected to extreme physical psychological and sexual violence by members of me and mars military as plainly and painfully as she can she explains why the women she helps are so fearful. of these women are always scared that the doctors will kill their babies despite the obstacles aid workers say providing services
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that aim to ensure not just safer pregnancies and childbirth but also options for family planning are already having an impact and we've seen a rare increase in the number of women in. iraq to have for a long acting contraceptives also saying in a big increase in the number of men who have been supportive of their wives during the night our women have decided that they've had enough children. and they want to get on with their lives learning skills and don't have any. down another alleyway rosea and saudia locate a refugee pregnant with her first child dispensing wisdom to the anxious mother to be they do what they can to provide a kind of comfort this woman has never known so. at the could to prolong refugee camp in cox's bizarre bangladesh. a town man who'd been accused by philippine president rodriguez utility of being involved in the drug trade has been
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shot dead man marianna blanco of the town of rondo was killed by unidentified gunmen inside the town hall in the popular tourism area of several provinces new report says more than forty million americans are struggling to pay for enough food month to month while that is a small improvement on recent years it still means many people are forced to rely on handouts kristen salumi reports martina santos volunteers at this food pantry in manhattan where once a week she makes lunch for all the staff. this is that correct or what i made last night in my house. this time in addition to bread pudding it's beef chicken or pork with vegetables and beans but like many other volunteers here martina also relies on the pantry herself to help feed her family of four she's what's known as food insecurity which means she struggles to pay for all the food her family needs. is
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important to me because they have them it's important for at the table when i'm running now i come in every young i've got me i've got beings and i got some for it they stood before. the pantry is run by the westside campaign against hunger which allows low income families to come once a month to get three days' worth of groceries although it's based in the affluent upper west side of manhattan it sees customers from all five boroughs of new york city a lot of the people who rely on food pantries like this one don't qualify for federal assistance what's known as snap or food stamps so even as the number of food insecure people in the united states has gone down their reliance on places like this has remained high two thirds of our customers are exclusively fantasy speaking . and many of them are recent ever grand and are not able to access some of the federal benefits that help to keep families afloat and so they're increasingly leaning on places like here at the meet their families basic needs. according to
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the group hunger free america it's a common misperception that people who rely on food assistance don't work. in the last few decades the number of private charities in america has absolutely skyrocketed yet the number of people hungry has skyrocketed why because we replaced living wage jobs with poverty jobs and we flashed to government safety net. making the work these charities do essential if not a solution to the problem christensen the al-jazeera new york. says as the let's get a round up of the top stories the leaders of north and south korea will meet later this month in pyongyang to talk about denuclearizing the peninsula kim jong un talked about a willingness for closer cooperation with the u.s. at a meeting with a special envoy from south korea the talks are trying to revive faltering diplomacy
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between north korea and the u.s. after kim's summit with donald trump in june at least two people are dead after a powerful earthquake hit parts of the northern japanese island of hokkaido a six point seven magnitude quake struck in the early hours of thursday its force triggered landslides and collapsed houses an anonymous article in the new york times says members of the trumpet ministration are working to undermine his worst policies the newspaper says it is written by a senior white house official trump has already condemned the article calling it a gutless editorial is demanded the paper reveal the identity of the author of what he says is national security purposes white house spokeswoman sara sara sanders has called for the anonymous also to resign a paragraph i will move its embassy back to tel aviv from jerusalem reversing a decision made just months ago in response israel says it will close its embassy
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in paraguay country's previous president horacio carter has moved the embassy following the u.s. and guatemala. the u.k. has called for a u.n. security council meeting to talk about the new developments in the novacek poisoning case british prosecutors have charged two russians of trying to kill former spy surrogate's cripple and his daughter yulia with a nerve agent in southern england russia says it has never even heard of the suspects at least twenty people have died and seventy others injured in twenty explosions in afghanistan happened in a wrestling gym in the western suburbs of kabul police say a suicide bomber detonated explosives among athletes training at the gym and then a car bomb went off nearby the area is predominately populated by the huzzaing ethnic minority a group that has been targeted in the past those are the headlines we're back with more after this is europe. capturing
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a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to know well will we be so. moved. to go based on this the remember. oh oh oh oh go. on al-jazeera.
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