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the list goes on and on and the song is always the same russia is somehow never behind these incidents but no one's buying it the most recent british action ensures that russia doesn't get away with this brazen attack in direct response to russia's use of chemical weapons in the south berry incident the united states has announced additional sanctions against russia and together with our nato allies and other partners one hundred and fifty three russian officials were expelled around the world in response to the attack on the scruples on u.k. soil while this incident was unsolved barry who is to say it could have happened in paris or amsterdam or addus but we must now help our british friends find the two russian suspects they have a den of fide and bring them to face justice in the united kingdom better yet
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why doesn't the russian government turn these two murderers over to british authorities. we must fight and win the broader battle against impunity for chemical weapons use this is a day for explanations for russia and solidarity with our colleagues in the united kingdom thank you. in his name to nikki haley there the u.s. representative at the u.n. responding to the russian dinars the russian ambassador we heard earlier utterly rejecting the claims by the british government that russian officers were behind a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter using novacek he said that these were same repeated lies and they were unfounded and mendacious cocktail of facts and this was all designed to unleash hysteria against russia he was also demanding. beg your pardon let's just listen in while a united kingdom takes the fall again i want to make very clear that the united kingdom shares that position about bolstering the international prohibition on the
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use of c.w. i was asked a number of questions madam president so with your permission i will respond briefly i was asked about the investigation i would just like to recall for colleagues that in the united kingdom the police are independent of government the investigation has been independent the one into the merger of two in sturgis which is ongoing is independent we believe it is methodical and comprehensive i was asked about inconsistences madam president in the evidence identifying the two russian individuals as russian g.r.u. operatives we have c.c.t.v. footage magine president we are happy to share those images with colleagues to take one instance the russian ambassador mentioned that there was a time stamp in the same college or for both individuals i don't know if the
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ambassador has been to get we cap or we have been to get we camp or there are multiple identical corridors through which people can go this is what happened to the two russians we are confident madam president in our evidence and i am very happy to. talk to any colleague or indeed any un member of the general assembly who has doubts about the evidence is very welcome to come and have a briefing at the british mission. i was asked also about cooperation with the russian authorities i would like to recall for council colleagues that when this episode first happened in march my government went to the russian authorities and asked for their cooperation we were given in reply their request for cooperation was now for wait we would have been happy to collaborate with the russian authorities at that time we have indicated our willingness to do so since that
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point in fact what we have seen is a diversion into adding news this is not relevant to this particular case i think that's a great pity madam president. the russians have also asked if they could join the investigation once it was under way i've said before in this chamber but i repeat you don't recruit an arsonist to put out a fire you especially don't do that when the fire is one they caused i was asked about g.r.u. operatives using fake names the names may be fake but the crimes are real time for alliance and discrimination has passed and it is now time for truth and accountability. we have not assumed that the russians are guilty we have done an investigation the assumption of guilt over innocence may happen in the russian
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judicial system madam president it does not happen in the united kingdom's but i do think there is an interesting question for the russian authorities as to whether the g.r.u. operatives were incompetent in what they did to leave traces or whether they were broke and i think that's an important angle to think about we were accused of not granting consular access to the script house in fact we did as i told the council we did imagine president pass on the details from the russian consulate in london to yulia script and it was her wishes that we followed in all subsequent contact. i'm glad to say is making a good recovery we have had no other thought in our dealings with her than her welfare and her wishes madam president we are now to some thirty seven
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accounts from russia as to why and how salisbury took place i think hold water we believe that the evidence we have presented speaks for itself but i repeat i am very happy to give any member of the united nations who would wish a briefing on that i think we need to recall that a woman is dying and two people have normally escaped death the whole city was placed at risk and the global nonproliferation c.w. regime has also been placed at risk i would hope that the russians would respect the council and gauge on the facts and accept the compelling evidence of russian complicity in this crime as regards the allegations of british allegations against russia. the duma i think again madam president this shows that for many russian authorities they work in
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a parallel universe where facts and international norms are infested we abhor the use of chemical weapons we take our responsibilities under the chemical weapons convention extremely seriously we call on the syrian authorities and the russian or thought it is who work with them not to use chemical weapons against their own people not to repeat eastern ghouta and duma but as you and french colleagues and the united kingdom have made clear we will uphold international responsibilities and we will uphold the international commitments and obligations that the international community has laid down if i may conclude madam president the world is poorer that russia a p five member will not join us in doing precisely that to uphold the international thank you madam president i thank the representative of the united kingdom and the representative of the russian federation has asked for the floor to make
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a further statement most of the rules of the thank you madam president. unfortunately. in the year was the right response overbridge colleagues didn't really hear anything new the same list of unfounded accusations that we heard at previous meetings. really just a couple of factual issues. regarding consular access to julia and sergei script. as i have already said we have not had consular access but what is. indicative is something else that the sister of julius group who lives in russia and who wanted to visit julia and julie agreed of the british embassy twice refused to issue the british visa to her. how do you how do you like that that doesn't does that tell you anything. as for
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the request that the british side. allegedly sent to russia right after the incident well we've had the pleasure more than once to comment the character of that request it wasn't a request at all it was a it was a message by boris johnson the then foreign minister to the russian ambassador in london with a demand. to to acknowledge. that russia committed this crime and to explain how it was done whether it was done with the knowledge of the russian authorities or without their knowledge that was the whole request regarding cooperation with russia please don't mislead the international community there was no request to cooperate with the russian side in investigating this side no request from the british side quite to the contrary there were many
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many requests from the russian side. but in the framework of the o.p.c. w as well as through other channels there were requests to the british side to conduct a joint investigation and russia confirmed its readiness to be actively involved. of course i understand that. our british colleague said that we live in parallel universes well. maybe some. people would like to live in a different planet but unfortunately there are no settled colony planets beside this one so we'll have to live together on this planet will have to cooperate on this planet and regarding the questions that we asked you and there are over forty most of them we still haven't received any answers nor there aren't many russian versions of what happened and like what do you have been told. being.
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being in fact presenting versions by journalists as as official versions of the russian authorities we would be happy to tell those delegations interested on how we see what happened and what is happening right now with the so-called investigation by the united kingdom thank you so the russian ambassador there giving his response lots of to ing and fro ing between the british and the russians over this episode where the russian government says russian officers were behind a nerve agent attack and the russians deny it our diplomatic editor james base has been watching headquarters so in some ways it's followed a familiar playbook hasn't it. you can tell when a security council meeting is contentious by the right of replies at the end when ambassadors are to speak again to challenge a point that their counterpart has made the russians clearly waited to the end to hear everyone else apart from the americans who were chairing the meeting it was
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good speech last to hear what they had to say and the russian ambassador declaring that the information coming from london the criminal charges against these two russians that are being sought was the theater of the absurd saying they were unfounded and mendacious allegations that have been made by the british prime minister and then in the last few minutes by the british ambassador to the united nations she maintained though they had photographic proof and that this was compelling evidence not just of the involvement of these two russians but quite possibly of the russian state although she did make the point that it's possible that these two agents could have been working on a rogue operation and she also made it clear that any member of the security council could get a briefing from her and i assume that includes the russians for her to detail further the evidence but it's evidence that's been preventive presented very much in public with those photos that have been released by the u.k.
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all thought is of the two suspects who the u.k. so show say they can show landed at gatwick airport live in london made their way to central london made their way on a wreck eaters solsbury back to london and then on the fourth of march made their way to souls carried out the attack and then headed straight for the airport and back to russia and that is the essence of the u.k. case against these two men they maintain well operatives of the russian intelligence services james aside from getting the support of the other members which britain has now from france germany canada and so on what can and security council with this meeting. well they won't be able to take any action because remember that russia has a veto on the security council so they'll be no resolution by the security council no statement by the security council will be blocked by russia i think the aim of this was two things to try and brief the rest of the international community and to
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call out russia in public james bays thank you very much indeed for that update and that's it for us remember that one more news for you shortly thanks for watching by . my name is margaret and i enjoy as much of my jewel finds as beauties brands put up points me he doesn't even need to come to fox news they just we just seemed glad. i am mentioning i've only done my all of my. mind nigeria on al jazeera.
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in the final cut of a six part series filmed of the five year olds. the people who can still fight for their land. the village chief is imprisonment. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown the concluding pod of one kind of china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the
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bottle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate ties on a. at the u.n. security council a clash between the u.k. and russia over the poisoning of a former spy. hello from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera it is the question on everyone's lips in washington who is the senior administration official who turned on trial in the pages of the new york times also the ugandan
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opposition leader bobby wine takes his fight against his country's government to washington d.c. and rebuilding syria will top the agenda when leaders from iran russia and turkey meet in just twenty four hours. or. so there's been a united nations security council meeting to discuss the nerve agent attack against a former russian spy and his daughter the attack that took place in the u.k. six months ago bridgend called for the meeting after challenging two russians with the attempted murder of scriptural and his daughter yulia insoles vary the russian government continues to deny any involvement in the case let's start with our diplomatic editor james space has been following events in new york james talk us through what's happened. well the u.k. called for this meeting they had already published the evidence in london the
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british prime minister had announced the findings of their investigation but they believe it is compelling evidence and they wanted to persuade the other members of the security council about the case it's worth noting that some of the u.s. u.k. is closest allies the us france canada and germany just as the security council meeting started said they fully backed the evidence that had been gathered by the british authorities and the british investigation they also i think wanted to call out the russians in the setting of the un security council this is the u.k. ambassador karen paris they were in a parallel universe where the normal rules of international affairs in that it this is a direct challenge back in president to the rules based international system which has kept all of its say including russia since one thousand nine hundred forty nine in the face of such behavior the international community needs to continue to
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defend the laws norms and institutions that safeguard our citizens against chemical weapons and safeguard them against the threat of hostile foreign interference this is why the british prime minister yesterday set out the importance of using transparent multilateral mechanisms to identify and hold malign actors to account as you could probably expect there was a strong rebuttal coming from the russian side the russian ambassador vasily benzema saying that the the claims made and he said they were claims by the british mendacious he said they were unfounded and he said russia knew it was in his words was london's game wonder that the student was not been good luck months earlier. london means this story for just one purpose to unleash a disgusting until the russian he steria and to involve other countries in this
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hysteria the number of inconsistencies and under assault issues in connection with the new british so-called quote unquote evidence out of the charts more would go with these words it was because i believe this new episode is just as invented and produced out of thin air as the previous episode james there is a certain thing as i said the way that these things play out within the chamber at the security council after that theater there what could actually happen what could actually come of this. nothing in the security council in terms of action and we've seen this very familiar story often for example on syria and that's that if russia is involved in something then russia will if necessary use its veto it's used its veto power as one of the five permanent members of the security council in history more than any of the other security council members put together and it would use its veto on this so no action in the security council where i think you
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have to look is possible action by the u.k. and its allies they've already been diplomats expelled earlier in the year they've been sanctions put in place there's already quite a strong sanctions system against russia the u.k. can't introduce more sanctions on its own it for now must go through the e.u. but i think that's where we're looking fresh measures from the u.k. and its allies then that of course gets us into the territory of tit for tat and a russian response james bays is our diplomatic editor at the u.n. thank you james moving on the new york times has published an opinion article alleging the trump administration is in chaos and that members of the white house staff are working behind the president's back to stop him from damaging the country what makes this article different though is the anonymous attack is said to be written by a senior trump administration official the article perhaps predictably has touched off a furor in the u.s. capitol patty culhane is our report. according to the new york times someone close
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to the president wants the world to know they think he is unfit to hold the highest office anonymously writing this describing the president as a moral and his leadership style as impaired u.s. at the serial petty and ineffective they also say the cabinet considered invoking the twenty fifth amendment which could have removed him from office but say they chose not to provoke a constitutional crisis this is an extraordinary step and the label of sin. official means it was likely written by someone close to the president he was quick to lash out so when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration probably failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons now and the new york times is trailing if i weren't here i believe the new york times probably wouldn't even exist the white house spokesperson issued a statement calling on the author to quit labeling them a coward meanwhile some republicans were quick to try and downplay this
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unprecedented editorial but i didn't think that anything was relayed in that op ed that was new i think this is what all of us have understood to be the situation from they want so again it's not very it didn't reveal much to me i understand this is the case the president took to twitter casting doubt on the existence of the source but then said if they do exist they must be turned over to the government for national security tweeting a simple word treason this is a president in many ways under siege under pressure for multiple investigations and now undermined by a member of his own staff in a most public way pedicle hain al-jazeera washington well since the op it was published senior administration officials have launched a coordinated effort to discredit both the new york times and a book on the trump white house by journalist bob woodward that's due to be
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published next week speaking to reporters on a trip to india here's what secretary had to say if it is what it is purported to be it is sad that you have. someone who would make the choice i come from a place where if you're not a position to execute the commander's intent you have a singular option in this to leave. and this person instead instead according to the new york times. shows not only to stay but to undermine what president trump and this is ministration are trying to do and i have to tell you. i just i find i find the media's efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing and i'll answer the question directly because i know some will say gosh you didn't answer the question is not mine earlier i spoke to ken here's a researcher at the university of virginia miller center he said the article may be written as a signal to centrist republican voters is ahead of the midterm elections any one of
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a number of establishment political republican figures in the administration could have written that the editorial the puppet is a sign of panic on the part of conventional republicans regarding the upcoming midterm elections they're very afraid of losing traditional republican voters and this assures traditional republican voters that there are people in the white house that there are people around donald trump trying to trim in his excesses and steer the white house in a more conventional republican course tax cuts deregulation and beefing up the military these are these are the people who republican politicians have to appeal to between today and election day and they're very very worried about losing them so rather than seeing this as as
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a sign of rebellion against donald trump i think it's really a way for the republican party to protect itself. now the pop star turned opposition m.p. bobby wine has told journalists no amount of brutality or oppression will stop us speaking to reporters in washington he's accused ugandan security forces of torturing him wine was detained three weeks ago along with thirty two other activists he is charged with treason and accused of throwing stones at a convoy of cars carrying president yoweri most of amy. presenting myself as a victim because i'm nobody's victim i mean. present resilience rather than even we advocate for people power which indeed is our power . to a site that no amount of brutality no amount of repression is going to cost down. we strolled to say. that we shall insist
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on the fight for freedom. for treatment and as soon as my treatment is done and going back home i'm all from washington now with our correspondent also in jordan. the ugandan politician and musician bobby wine is in the united states for medical treatment for what he says was torture at the hands of his government's military mr weiner who has made a career out of criticizing the government of president yoweri move seventy says that he was beaten multiple times so much so that he couldn't even get medical treatment that he could trust which actually healed him he says that he is now trying to get the united states government to send a message to them with seventy government that it is at great risk of losing its military aid about a half billion dollars if it does not change its ways in terms of using political opponents mr vine also says that once he is done with his treatment here in the
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united states he's going back home because he says that in a country where eighty percent of the people are under the age of thirty five it's his obligation to make certain that people have a better opportunity and a better life that they don't have to go into exile for things such as medical care or for political freedom mr also says that this is not about him but he is using his political and his public notoriety in order to bring attention to the human rights situation in uganda in the news ahead a black versus white issue in south africa will say while these workers have gone on strike and tough times tough measures the clients of the police are in argentina are striving many to dispair.


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