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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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days before the presidents of iran russia and turkey hold three party talks into her run i have just been to syria so i reported back to. the government of the about my observations. first and foremost especially in my meeting with minister saadi we spoke about our concerns about it lip. it is clear that the risks of a military confrontation causing massive loss of life. this is is is very high and i told ministers that he thought that my appeal just like the u.n. secretary general and others is let's minimize let's. get these to the parties but then to minimize the loss of life grandy said syrian refugees who wonder if it's safe to go home are watching how the conflict plays out in its final stages it could send a message of confidence he said or not. in the last few days the kremlin has
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labeled it live province a hotbed of terrorists that requires action. syrian government forces backed by russian air power have been moving into the area and armed groups fighting president bashar al assad are preparing for their last stand for damascus a decisive victory an adlib would book and a brutal civil war for to her on that would mean going from the expensive task of supporting an ally in large scale military operations to the more lucrative work of reconstruction. after a surprise visit to damascus earlier this week iran's foreign minister said rebuilding syria is an opportunity for iranian companies but preserving life is still a priority. shadow it the conditions in need layup are sensitive we're trying to deal with the situation there and expel terrorists with the least humanitarian costs we had talks in turkey to this and in a way also held talks in syria with the high ranking officials. of
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the three countries due to meet into iran turkey is the only one hosting large numbers of syrian refugees support some of the armed fighters in adlib and is worried a military solution will mean more displaced civilians world leaders to fuel the civil war for years are already talking about returning refugees and reconstruction but the lives of people who lived in the cities these men need to be built are still at risk same bus ride be able to see a different. policy adviser in syria he joins us now via skype from damascus thanks for being with us and how fragile would you say the situation is in lebanon and what would be the the impact of a large scale operation there. you know i think the situation it live is incredibly fragile this just being a province that has been home to a large number of opposition groups groups with links to al qaida there's been over the seven years infighting between those different groups which is have
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a huge impact on the civilian population and throughout the war there's been strikes and other military activity as well and that's the hospitals are not being operating the world health organization has said that the public hospitals are not functioning in it it's a water network that isn't functioning that means people have to rely on water being so you could see them by truck and it means that people are living in properties that don't have doors and windows or are living in shelters and chance you know that are overcrowded and during the course of the seven year war the population of the globe has basically doubled and that's been a huge strain on those resources so it's already a very difficult situation for people civilians living in it live many of whom have already been displaced in this conflict and at any major escalation of conflicts is likely to displace more people and at the moment they've they've got nowhere else to go what kind of preparations is oxfam been taking in case there is a sort of big displacement of people in case there is
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a big offensive that it causes lots of casualties. so oxfam has teams in in aleppo and in hama and we're very much for to you know if people are displaced and do displaced voluntarily it has to be you know their choice as to where people flee and that's something that's not often been the case in this war but if if people do choose to flee into those areas we're there to help provide safe clean water helping people you know spread prevent the spread of diseases blocks other sanitation materials as well as blankets and clothing and other materials you know we will continue to be for access into it live to help the population there as well if we can access for all humanitarian organizations has been very tricky during during this conflict and we could see a need to make the call to all parties to the conflict so allow organizations like oxfam and others to get help to people that are in desperate need and i mean how would it different would you say this is going to be from previous large scale offenses i think that the challenge is just the scale of the huge number of people
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that you know three million people living living in the you know over a million of those are people that have already been displaced you know the conditions are. you know incredibly incredibly poor people you know there's no sign at the moment of people where anyone contrary to so we've heard that you know the border with turkey is closed and people don't seem to be able to be able to free and escape and i think when you see the destruction that's taken place in cities like aleppo whether store rubble you know needing to be cleared of the moment in in eastern you know in duma whether the devastation is there if it happens on a scale where there are three million people impacted then that's going to be the biggest humanitarian suster of the of this crisis that you have to thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and something is much more ahead on this news after london. no amount of brutality no amount of information
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is going to call us down defiant words from ugandan opposition politician bobby wine as he speaks out after being beaten up in police custody. the. anger in argentina after the government announces new york's stairs he measures to escape an economic crisis and in sport wiping out the gender gap surfing announces big changes in how it's prize money will be carved up. russia and the u.k. of clashed at the u.n. security council of the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter on british soil russian ambassador to the u.n. vaseline accuse the u.k. of using the nerve agent attack. to spread disgusting anti russia hysteria to russian suspects have been charged in their absence with attempted murder british officials say it was the work of moscow's military intelligence allegations which
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the kremlin has denied they were in a parallel universe where the normal rules of international affairs are inverted this is a direct challenge back in president to the rules based international system which has kept all of us safe including russia since one thousand nine hundred forty five in the face of such behavior the international community needs to continue to defend the laws norms and institutions that safeguard our citizens against chemical weapons and safeguard them against the threat of hostile foreign interference this is why the british prime minister yesterday set out the importance of using transparent multilateral mechanisms to identify and hold malign actors to account. good luck months early. london means this story for just one purpose to unleash a disgusting and to russian he steria and to involve other countries in this
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hysteria the number of inconsistencies and under assault issues in connection with the new british so-called quote unquote evidence out of the charts would go with these words it is because of two i believe this new episode is just as invented and produced out of thin air as the previous episode. to washington now where one after another senior officials from the trumpet ministration a denying they wrote an anonymous article that criticizes the u.s. president epinions based in the new york times describes a revolt inside the white house and then those of the administration are actively working against donald trump president is now calling for the author to be revealed the national security reasons a white house correspondent can really help it has the latest. washington in a frenzy lauren trying to figure out the identity of the person who authored the anonymous op-ed to the new york times socially making the argument that he's trying to reassure he or she is trying to reassure the nation that things are under
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control within the white house but the first lady malani a trump is come out with a statement to the writer saying to the writer of the op ed you are not protecting this country you're sabotaging it with your cowardly actions and that reaction to mirror the one of the press secretary who is also deny that she had anything to do with that editorial saying he want to know who this got less loser is call the desk of the failing new york times and ask them they are complicit in this deceitful act well their number of administration officials denying they were the author of that ad is mounting in fact we've had denials now from the secretary of defense the u.n. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley as well the vice president mike pence the director of national intelligence dan coats and also the secretary of state mike pompei oh if it is what it is purported to be it is sad that you have.
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someone who would make the choice come from a place where if you're not a position to execute the commander's intent you have a singular option. to leave and this person instead instead according to the new york times. chose not only to stay but to undermine what president trump and this administration are trying to do and i have to tell you. i just i find i find the media's efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing. and you know the question directly because i know some will say gosh you didn't answer the question it's not mine. the un's and go to yemen says planned talks between the government and who the rebels were to go ahead in geneva on friday it's unclear if the talks will take place at a later date meanwhile a protest has been held in the yemeni city of ties dressed as a calling for the working parties to address the plight of thais residents they've been living under siege for three is joining the civil war. at this hour jenny
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even before the start of the geneva talks to who these claim they have the right to control and govern yemen their claim is rotten and puts pressure on the international community to deal with them what kind of peace can we have with such a group that does not believe in the rights of other people the south sudanese military court has found ten soldiers guilty for their role in an attack on a juba hotel in twenty sixteen a local journalist was killed and five foreign aid workers were raped a case was widely seen as a test for south sudan's ability to hold soldiers to account sentences ranging from four years to life in prison were handed down to the soldiers each rape survivor also be paid four thousand dollars by the government the ugandan pop star and opposition politician bobby one says no amount of brutality will stop him from fighting for democracy one was speaking in washington d.c. where he's been receiving treatment for injuries he says he received while in
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custody winand thirty two other activists were arrested in kampala three weeks ago after stones were thrown at the president's convoy was when jordan reports. the ugandan pop star and politician bobby wine ignored his doctor's advice and called a press conference in washington on thursday winds goal to convince the u.s. government it must punish president yoweri move seventy for more than thirty years of human rights violations against his citizens i want you to stand with the oppressed not the oppressed. to tell them it's pretty. good. wine is famous for making pop music with a political bite the new seventy government banned his latest song freedom but
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becoming a member of parliament has not protected wine from harassment and august wine says he and his supporters were arrested beaten and tortured by security forces during a campaign stop charges the government denies his case sparked international outrage wind is now in washington for medical care and meetings with u.s. officials in hopes they will hold new seventy accountable the fact is american arms and american equipment have been used to torture ugandans we call on the u.s. government to immediately suspend military funding to uganda one says he will return home even though the government has charged him with treason he says it's his duty to his compatriots do you believe that the most of any government is acting in the best interests of ugandan youth and if not why not i come from the ghetto like many other people. only desire we desire is to have
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a say in our country it is not about my seventy and indeed this not about me or anybody it's about the people of your gonda no plans for exile for this pop star whose fame far exceeds his record sales rosalind's work al-jazeera washington or in twenty years after the end of apartheid white workers at a petrochemical firm in south africa have gone on strike saying they're being discriminated against around three thousand employees sickened a plant are unhappy that only black workers have been offered company shares south african law requires firms to meet quotas on black ownership and employment from him in a report from second. the new chez scheme is infuriating sasa as white employees because it only benefits their black colleagues they don't say we judge you on your contributions your lawyer your black shirt no we judge you
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on the color of course in. these workers say they're being discriminated against brad fulton who's worked at sasol for thirty years agrees we bought a company working shift workers and bring now here from sixteen hour shifts in an hour and. i think it's unfair past white people to be the critic from from the federal ban is an afrikaans read skin color does not determine my worth but under apartheid skin color did exactly that for decades excluding nonwhite workers from most jobs subtle says it's news she's scheme is not about what his benefits will pay it's about empowering black workers through a shoe a scheme that would allow them twenty five percent ownership but white workers here say the company's being racist and they want equality. critics say that since one thousand nine hundred five only an elite group of blacks have benefited from
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economic empowerment the world bank says south africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world with poverty persistently high among black south africans. the trade union federation cosatu says it will fight any resistance to transforming the economy. for the good of us and for the later and have this very same people who were previously beneficiaries of drivers of us and them lamenting about the police that are just trying to redress the imbalance of the past is beyond mr vs and within an organisation like solidarity is a little neutral colors leaders of the solidarity trade union say the share scheme will only worsen divisions between workers and the union says if sasol executives don't. changed their minds complaints will be made to south africa's human rights commission and the united nations. al-jazeera africa. news hour including a report on efforts to help or hinder refugees in bangladesh as the international
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criminal court rules it can prosecute men not for war crimes. rescuers scramble through the mud to find survivors often ask quake brought hills crashing into homes in japan. and sport we'll hear what the indian cricket captain has to say about the retirement this country's highest run scorer. got some rather lively stolz into central parts of europe and out towards the southeast just around the black sea say that a clutch of storms just maybe a little further north into ukraine and edging more towards a still behind that well we've got this next weather system which stretches out to the north sea across the low countries across a good part of france and that's going to continue making its way further east which as we go in through the next couple of days feeling all the autumnal the high
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temperatures in london struggling to get eighty degrees celsius place in place the plowed right in there into eastern scotland maybe to the northeast of it but elsewhere across the british isles ship dry largely dry to the eastern parts of europe twenty four celsius in moscow so there is still some heat around some of the valley there for ankara there you go with that splash of shabby right down around the black sea to watch you cry in northern parts of roumania still some rather wet weather just around the alpine regions northern areas of italy out across into the adriatic by the time we come to saturday for our skies to come back in behind the west and pos by sats day shadi right increasing clouds spinning in the cross the far northwest there for island and the u.k. for the south a little rash of showers there into spain and portugal but a cloud too into northern parts of algeria but lassie dry for much of north africa . at night in a stalker somaly mam patrolled streets police ski and not. for lack of
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twenty mph tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crimes used to live out if they don't have. a do. but a bit. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks because people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with details coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today marriages like this on no longer exceptional.
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amount of top stories. three protesters have died during thursday's violent anti-government protests in the iraqi city of basra authorities have reinstated a curfew has set fire to move dozen buildings. the u.s. has joined france to issue its strongest warning yet that it's prepared to strike syria if government forces used chemical weapons in an operation to retake the last rebel stronghold. and the u.k. and russia have clashed at the u.n. security council over the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. in march. york's attorney general has issued subpoenas to the state's roman catholic church as part
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of a sex abuse investigation investigators are looking for documents related to abuse allegations or payments to victims and has this update from washington d.c. . the new york attorney general launching a statewide investigation into sexual abuse that happened within the catholic church in that state sending out subpoenas to the diocese basically asking for all of their records into all potential cases of sexual abuse and what was done about that now this is a legal document it is binding the church has to cooperate this comes on the heels of what happened in pennsylvania there the state attorney general launched an almost two year investigation with a grand jury in the end coming out with a report that said over the last seventy years more than one thousand children were sexually abused within the catholic church by as many as three hundred priests now the attorney general not just launching this civil investigation and she's also potentially looking at criminal cases now that's going to be more difficult because
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there's something in the united states called the statute of limitations so basically there's a very limited window for any abuse that happened before two thousand and one where people can file criminal or even civil lawsuits so she's not only launching this investigation she's asking the state to change the laws international criminal court has ruled it can investigate the forced exodus of muslims from in ma as possible crimes against humanity and the i.c.c. says it has the jurisdiction as bangladesh is a member of the court even though i'm in mars not hundreds of thousands of ranges fled to bangladesh since august twenty seventeen aid agencies are warning of a growing health crisis and of call for more midwives to help pregnant women have been jammed jhoom has moved from cox's bazaar. during the hottest hour of the day in the world's largest refugee settlement these grow him traditional midwives are searching for a woman who needs their help. raji
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a big room and sod are two of the one hundred thirty community health care workers who have been recruited by the united nations population fund or un f.p.a. from among the or hinge of residing here in bangladesh. when they find regime who already has two children and is about to give birth to a third they explain how they'll assist with her delivery and outline all medical options available he. tells me she had no idea care like this was possible to not that a doctor not love i didn't get to see any doctor recently and the doctors there are buddhist they wouldn't treat us because we are muslim in another part of the camp these newborns and their mothers are being looked after in a facility run by un f.p.a. . a novel experience for a population of refugees harboring largely conservative attitudes toward
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reproductive health one of the biggest challenges has been trying to convince her hinge a women here to voluntarily go to clinics and that's because of the unrelenting persecution they faced in me and more it's left many of them distrustful and fearful of medical facilities like this one since august two thousand and seventeen saudia bedroom has come to the aid of numerous really enjoy women subjected to extreme physical psychological and sexual violence by members of me and mars military as plainly and painfully as she can she explains why the women she helps are so fearful. today the national boy these women are always scared that the doctors will kill their babies. despite the obstacles aid workers say providing services that aim to ensure not just safer pregnancies and childbirth but also options for family planning are already having an impact and we've seen a real increase in the number of women. i like to have for long acting
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contraceptives also saying in a big increase in the number of men who are being supportive of their wives during an act a lot of women have decided that they've had enough children. and they want to get on with their lives learning skills and don't have any children down another alleyway rosea and saudia locate a refugee pregnant with her first child. dispensing wisdom to the anxious mother to be they do what they can to provide a kind of comfort this woman has never known so i am a gentleman at the could to prolong refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh thomas mcmanus is an actor in the international state crime initiative at queen mary university here in london he joins me in the studio thanks so much for coming in to go back to what the i.c.c. can and can't look into are you surprised by the decision of the r.c.c.
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will be a decision by the us is the i.c.c. is unprecedented but it's not entirely surprising is unprecedented because no one's asked the question before. is deportation involved in both two states and it's kind of logical when you think about it i'm legally sound that you have two states and a border so to deport someone you need to move from one state to another so the i.c.c. was asked if that second stage as a member of the crime be them within the jurisdiction they agreed today that it is and to be only what's happened with a range of what are the implications i mean is this something that you think will set a precedent that can open up a large number of cases if there is definitely a precedent and countries who haven't signed the c.c. will be looking at this very carefully and i'm thinking about israel the united states and china who may have be involved in deportation themselves but the court went even further today and said that they the prosecutor may also have jurisdiction for persecution if people are moved over into the neighboring country
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and other inhumane acts and that they're thinking of the deplorable conditions you were just showing in the camps in bangladesh and that since the rohingya are not allowed to return to my mar then the government is also responsible so other countries will be looking at us at him in terms of getting sort of accountability if i mean even if it does if he says it is a problem both in and on both sides because of deportation you need two states if the state that's as deport in the first place. doesn't recognize the i.c.c. but then it will let anybody be extradited for crimes against the people who. will that's. if an indictment is pursued then it's unlikely that you'll be able to go into the country to arrest anyone because you'd be breaching the country's sovereignty but it does mean. people who are indicted won't be able to travel any more wouldn't would be at risk of arrest any time they arrive in another country and this puts a lot of pressure on the mind maher military and the civil leadership so what's the
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next step then after this this announcement so the next step for the prosecutor is to. within a reasonable time start an examination of the issue if they find which i'm sure that they will that the crimes have been committed then they will look to start an investigation and bring charges and but also the fact that since the crime is being committed in one country and has been expanded into burma my amar the prosecutors could also look at whether this deportation is part of the genocide process and in terms of what re might achieve with it i mean yes it sounds good but with the i.c.c. in the history of it they've made big arrests and actually in the end cases not gone through and it's not always felt as though they've achieved the kind of justice for people who needed it most at york to mistake that this actually is a different kind of situation they are so well b.o.c. they do have people they have indicted still at large and it's very difficult to
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get to them but when this situation what it does now is puts pressure on the british government and other security council permanent members it now seems it's that tabling a resolution to refer the entire matter including genocide crimes against humanity the i.c.c. is the way forward and it would be much harder to veto what's hard to resist now that the i.c.c. is already looking at the issue so it might lead to some some progress with a resolution at the u.n. security council tell us we want to thank you very much indeed. until just recently . passed in a school in the occupied west bank is going to be demolished israel's supreme court says the school in the village of qana lamarr is an illegal structure and its ten year court battle to remain open is over orders are also threatening the entire bedouin village to make room for the expansion of more illegal israeli settlements and it's with reports. one day soon on their way to school these palestinian
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children expect to find their path blocked by israeli police and bulldozers they'll be no warning it could happen any time after the next six days. israeli supreme court judges have ordered the demolition of my school along with the adjacent bedouin village the judges say there can be no more appeals. i've been very sound i couldn't work and i got a bit paranoid and very stressed i didn't take it well it's a huge responsibility i haven't slept too much how will the kids learn. the school was built by an italian charity nine years ago that educates around one hundred eighty pupils from nearby bedouin communities misses a hiker says she could never really believe the demolition would actually happen. i said they'll never demolish the school i thought maybe be a transfer or one of the communities another kurd to me that they would demolish the school because every child has
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a right to education and she thinks most children won't go to where the schools because they're too far away from our have to cover the closest school is far and my parents are scared to let me go because of the highway or probably end up tending the sheep but i want to come to school. i want to study when i grow up i want to be a dentist but now i end up tending sheep the palestinian education ministry has told the staff not to prepare to move not to pack up not to move the furniture the school the ministry says must continue teaching until the very last minute the land the school is built on is wanted by israel to expand illegal settlements occupied east jerusalem and hands up how many more schools are under threat of destruction in the occupied west bank around forty says the charity save the children which it says is a breach of internationally recognized provisions to protect schools in conflict areas bernard smith al-jazeera. brazil's far right presidential candidate
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for narrow is undergoing surgery after being stabbed in the stomach his son says he now appears to be stable for tomorrow's attacked in a city of horrors deforest during a campaign rally for next month's election police say the suspect has been arrested opponents a person are as views are racist and homophobic but the leader has been polling strongly in the lead up to his vote doctors and nurses in argentina are protesting against cuts to the health ministry it's part of a series of austerity measures by the government to try to stabilize the currency crisis which has seen argentina's currency lose more than half its value this year there is about reports from the capital one of. the doctors nurses and health workers gathered outside the health ministry when a site is to protest against the government's decision to reduce this ministry into a smaller department with a smaller budget as i was young a minute video. the government wants to dissolve the health ministry and it's
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a risk which is not only a change in name but also a budget cut in the amount of workers and in the programs that depend on the ministry. a message for the government of haiti who is pushing austerity measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has put argentina's economy on the line these people fear that the government's measures will have a direct impact on public health which in argentina is a universal right so say that budget would be team rate groeschel health programs like those treating people with hiv be a good work you know safe. is proud of argentina's health care system he has a tavi and has always been able to receive free treatment for his to seize every month he comes to this hospital to get free medication. they recently finally i'm being tested negative and they treat me in this hospital and it's for free we don't .


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