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leaders from russia iran and turkey are set to meet the syrian government offensive to recapture the lost rebel stronghold of it live. on welcome my name's peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up talks to end the conflict in yemen stall this was the rebels claim they were prevented from attending a meeting in geneva. a frontrunner in brazil's presidential election is staffed as a campaign rally. and will meet palestinian children in the occupied west bank who school will soon be demolished by the israeli authorities.
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our top story the presidents of iran russia and turkey are jews to meet in the coming hours in tehran for what could be a decisive summit in syria's seven year long war they're there to discuss it live that's the last remaining rebel held province russia iran and syria have threatened an all out assault against armed groups based there despite fears of a humanitarian disaster but they say they're open to surrender deals from so-called moderate groups turkey which borders it live and back some of the opposition fighters wants to avert military action they'd feel as an influx of refugees from the northwestern syrian province the u.n. envoy says panic is spreading among the three million people there many fled to it live from other areas of fighting during the conflict the u.n. envoy to syria stephanie mistura says all efforts must be made to. avoid
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a humanitarian catastrophe we have three correspondents joining us live this stuff deca is on the turkey syria border for a challenge is standing by for us in moscow but first let's go to my colleague zain who's in tehran saying what do the iranians want to come to these discussions. well we are expecting president wanted president putin to have bilateral talks with their counterpart here in iran president rouhani before the three of them meet together we're still waiting for russian and turkish diplomats to arrive in the iranian capital but we've been hearing from a top aide to the foreign minister who in remarks this morning told journalists that this three you countries leaders are expected to sign an agreement about ongoing involvement in the syrian conflict as it goes from the stage of of large scale military operations to more rehabilitation and reconstruction they're also going to talk about the rights of return for syrian refugees displaced by the war as well as set up a committee that will look into syrians who were arrested by the government as well
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as those that have gone missing during the conflict but aid groups that have been speaking to iranian officials in the days leading up to this summit have said that more needs to be done by these world leaders in many ways who are the architects of the syrian conflict to make sure to preserve civilian spaces as well as human life . the world is not doing enough to help people displaced by war that was the message during a visit by the un high commissioner for refugees legal ground he was into ran to meet with foreign minister zarif and other senior leaders his trip just days before the presidents of iran russia and turkey hold three party talks into iran i have just been to syria so i reported back to. the government of. my observations. first and foremost especially in my meeting with minister saadi we spoke about our concerns about it lip. it is clear that the risks of a military confrontation causing massive loss of life. this is is very
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high and i told ministers that he thought that my appeal just like the u.n. secretary general and others is let's minimize let's. get these to the parakeets these but then to minimize the loss of life or grandy said syrian refugees who wonder if it's safe to go home are watching how the conflict plays out in its final stages it could send a message of confidence he said or not. in the last few days the kremlin has labeled it live province a hotbed of terrorists that requires action. syrian government forces backed by russian air power have been moving into the area and armed groups fighting president bashar al assad are preparing for their last stand for damascus a decisive victory and it would book and a brutal civil war for to her on that would mean going from the expensive task of
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supporting an ally in large scale military operations to the more lucrative work of reconstruction. after a surprise visit to damascus earlier this week iran's foreign minister said rebuilding syria is an opportunity for iranian companies but preserving life is still a priority that it shadow it the conditions in need layup are sensitive we're trying to deal with the situation there and expel terrorists with the least humanitarian costs we had talks in turkey today and in a way also held talks in syria with the high ranking officials. of the three countries due to beat into iran turkey is the only one hosting large numbers of syrian refugees under a support some of the armed fighters in it and is worried a military solution will mean more displaced civilians now aid organizations estimate that is many years eleven million people about half of the total population of syria have been displaced either inside the country or are living as
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refugees outside the country so as these world leaders meet here in teheran to discuss things like reconstruction and returning refugees to the country the fact is that the people who lived in the cities that these men mean to rebuild their lives are still very much at risk zain many thanks to my colleague stephanie who's in really hardly on the turkey syria border clearly the turks have been at the forefront here of managing the humanitarian consequences but could it is the worry for anger that this could further destabilize areas where it already has a foothold on syrian territory. it's a good question because the humanitarian corridors that are being discussed are expected to potentially lead to exactly those areas areas like a fourteen and gender as we spoke to the head of turkey's red crescent a few days ago just as he'd come out of it live they were doing a recchi inside saying that they were going to set up more tents in side syria
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because regardless of what's going to happen they do not want to open these borders you can see it clearly didn't the line there that's it led province that's the biggest camp for internally displaced that's how close it is and there's about eight hundred thousand people who are living in these kinds of conditions and of course you have the concern of the civilians inside the cities because these armed groups you have many armed groups inside it live peter they are amongst the civilians in these cities so this is a concern turkey is very keen to try and contain this potential military operation perhaps only having it target groups like the little sham which is the group associated with industry front it may agree to that but of course as always in syria these things will be decided at the negotiating table damascus has made it very clear it wants to take back the entire province stephanie thanks very much right chalons joins us live as well from. the tipping point here. and i guess is surely on the one side does he want to maintain
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a regional presence on the ground in the middle east versus does he want to achieve peace in syria with bashar al assad still in government still in power. well i think the russians would like both of those things they would like peace in syria and they would like to maintain a regional presence they have already got this regional presence and they say that they are trying to work towards peace their regional presence of course was brought about with their intervention in two thousand and fifteen the bombs and warplanes that have turned the tide of this conflict in damascus as direction in damascus as favor and of course russia has brought with it the veto that it uses in the u.n. security council regularly to protect damascus to protect bashar al assad from all of these war crimes. more subtly russia has been working on the grounds though in
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syria negotiating with opposition groups trying to peel them away one by one and get them to defect to the government side that has had some success and. it's you know it's something that turkey would like more time given to that process that's not to say that russia has everything its own way in syria in this kind of intense crucible of ryal polat seek that is the syrian war it has made itself the kind of key diplomatic and military broker. but it also has to listen to outside states it has to listen to turkey has to take on board turkey's concerned as stephanie was just saying there and of course then there's also this this complex problem of what to do are there the war is over how to rebuild syria now russia is going to have to take on some of that's responsibility itself but it is also trying to intreat other countries to take part as well it wants the
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europeans to come in something the europeans are very reluctant to do with the moments so russia is trying this kind of outreach process in european capitals saying hey look perhaps you can come in and take this. it's on board as well contribute to it if you do then we can help with your refugee problem and perhaps anything that you do in syria to help rebuild see saying this you know they're saying this to the europeans will prevent or at least restrict iran's. influence in syria and that's something you want to is there another square that they have to circle or another circle they have to square pardon me rory and it's this the narrative over the past six months as far as the syrian conflict is concerned has been a new normal which is we are normalizing it's calming down and if it lead turns into what it may turn into that takes the world back to a point what six nine months ago. yeah
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it's it is. for moscow definitely it's can argue with some degree accuracy that its approach as tough and as brutal as it has been for the civilian population of syria has at least pushed this civil war to some sort of conclusion. but it's they are now focusing more on the kind of humanitarian aspect of things about the return of refugees and about rebuilding to then push this war into a re-ignition of the bloodiest fighting that we have seen in months and years gone by would of course jeopardize that very humanitarian mission that russia or he
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term humanitarian message that russia has been talking up over recent months and that is a problem for it so that's why it has to listen to turkey to some extent that's why it has to take on board all of these concerns that ankara has about a new push a new influx of of refugees spilling out from any assault on ad lib and therefore this meeting in tehran later on is basically going to be about you know these countries russia iran and turkey establishing their red lines for what they are willing to tolerate and stephanie was i think saying a little bit earlier perhaps turkey could be persuaded to have a limited involvement in the final assault on the ellipse that words perhaps satisfy ankara that it could manage the humanitarian blowback and of course that would work out fairly well for russia as well to be able to to get turkey on board at the same time as being able to satisfy what damascus is after which is the
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resolution of this war the clearing out of all these groups from the loop thank you . moving on talks aimed at ending the conflict in yemen have hit a hurdle before they have even begun the rebels haven't managed to fly to geneva for negotiations with representatives of the yemeni government the un's envoy to yemen says the talks will not go ahead now on friday and it's not clear when or if they will actually begin david chase are reports. the u.n. special envoy spent the morning in talks with the yemeni government delegation at their hotel in geneva but the rebel delegation still on the ground in yemen we are here to put something to the end of their yemeni suffering and but who proves that they don't want peace they don't believe in peace the u.n. special envoy for the yemen here in geneva is still trying to square all these very difficult diplomatic circles but he does hope still that there is
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a chance for these peace consultations to go ahead but it's not known how long the patience of either the hutus all the government will last. a tweet from the leader of the peace dedication mohammed abdulsalam of the yemeni capital of sana'a didn't simplify the problems the hooty delegation does not have an airplane so it cannot get authorized by the saudi alliance which also needs a u.s. authorization the united nations has asked for our participation in the geneva consultations the u.n. must address the americans and the british and deal with that hundreds of yemenis were back on the streets for the fourth successive day to denounce rising prices and the collapse of the local currency. it's now estimated more than eight million people in yemen are on the brink of starvation is fix on young children can be seen clearly at this malnutrition clinic in sana their lives like the peace talks are
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hanging in the balance david chase the al jazeera geneva. doctors in brazil say a prominent far right presidential election candidate is in quotes a grave but stable condition after having been stabbed. as a tank while campaigning in the city of jew as to foreign opponents say his views are racist and homophobic but he's performing strongly in opinion polls his gabriel is on. an attack that happened fast. on a brazil's top presidential candidates carried on the shoulders of his supporters at a campaign rally in his july state in southeastern brazil and then he was stabbed by someone in the crowd. cell phone video from various angles capture him clutching his abdomen and paying his supporters rushed him into a waiting ambulance and made panic and confusion. here arrived at
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a local hospital in grave condition with his stab wound that punctured his liver and other organs after four hours of emergency surgery he was stabilized doctors say he'll spend at least a week in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. the assailant a middle aged man was immediately arrested his motives remain unclear brazil's president quickly condemned the attack my use to rivera. this reveals to is something that raises awareness because it's intolerable in. a pool released this week showed balsa not only in all other eight eligible candidates ahead of the october seventh vote all scenarios of far right politician who likened some self to donald trump person adams detractors say he's homophobic racist and sexist. but his campaign message of cracking down on crime and violence has won him
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loyal supporters and a leader in the polls but because he's so controversial he's going to often wear a bulletproof vest at campaign events but it does not appear he was wearing one on wednesday when he was stabbed tables on dough out disease. still to come including these two europe's new migration from tia we'll meet the people looking to get into france facing an unexpected hurdle in central europe. also ahead rangar refugees get involved in an environmental project to save the forests in cox's bizarre stay with us. from long flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. however got more lively showers into central and eastern parts of here quite
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a bit of cloud there showing up around the black sea pushing into ukraine up toward the baltic states then this line of cloud just coming out of scandinavia down across germany down is the alps will be showers here want to show is that into central parts of italy and also saying a little tough of storms just making the way across eastern parts of spain in barcelona had some flooding as a result of some very heavy downpours that came in here as you can see in the high waters now in the process of the city will want to show is still a possibility just around that western side of the mediterranean city freshening up further north london eighteen celsius in quite a keen wind here northwesterly wind blasting through blustery showers there too into scandinavia and then roll back down into the alps and all the part of italy and the adriatic seeing further showers as we go through friday go on into saturday but skies come back in behind the showers just not a little ace which will see some writers pushing towards here. but i want to moscow temperatures here twenty five celsius in
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a woman for london and paris as we go on into sastre you come further south and that cloud affecting spain and portugal also perfecting the far north of algeria if you want to showers from morocco. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. where they are on line this isn't some abstract fish can either be attention to their stops or if you join us on sacked rather than stopping terrorism is creating it this is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i need but i never get listened to by those in the corridors of power join the conversation. find out easier i.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera my name's pieces these are your headlines the presidents of iran turkey and russia are due to meet in tehran to discuss the war in syria the focus will be on the last rebel held province the u.n. is searching diplomacy to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. talks aimed at ending the war in yemen have hit a hurdle before they've even begun to see rebels haven't managed to fly to geneva for negotiations with representatives of the yemeni government it comes as yemenis hold protests in the government held south demanding the country's economic crisis be resolved. and to stop the stabbing suspect is being is being questioned in brazil after injuring a presidential election candidate doctors say jamie is in a grave but stable condition the popular far right candidate has angered men. with racist and homophobic comments. the german chancellor is in france to discuss
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europe's migration policy and call this face political problems domestically after taking in more than a million refugees since the height of the migration crisis in twenty fifteen several countries have tightened their border controls many migrants arriving on the spanish coast hoping to travel north however the reports from the french spanish border they are meeting unexpected hurdles. at the foot of the pier unease in the basque country and estrie divides northern spain from south western france a lush landscape and now a new frontline in europe's migration crisis last year less than ten migrants a day came to the spanish town of iran hoping to reach france now it's near a forty ever read is part of a growing network of volunteers helping new arrivals there was. no doubt we're driving around everyone in the last spanish town before the border with france and
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we're looking for people who've just arrived from the south of spain to give them some information. these men from the camorra silence in the indian ocean have tried to reach france the volunteers offer advice and a place at their shelter it's a bit of comfort far from home most here are from francophone africa sean claude is an engineer from cameroon after several attempts to cross the border he's given up his dream of a job in france. i thought it would be in eldorado but then you realize life is tough everywhere your family back home in africa calls you to help them but you can't your relatives put themselves in debt to send you your big hope but if you can't satisfy their expectations it's hard it weighs on you you're in an empty place and finally you think you should have stayed in africa africa france recently toughened its immigration law and increased police border checks migrants are regularly sent back to spain for many people in this region the situation is an
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echo of their own past in one nine hundred thirty six during the spanish civil war a battle in iran led to hundreds of people to flee their homes across this river and seek refuge in farms. sat on a beach in a foreign country spanish refugees watched their town burn either how the communist party in their of their gay can think of it get it fortunately there are some people here who are aware that some people have to leave their countries for safety or to have a better life in this region we have our past in our history and they had left their mark on us. so far european leaders have failed to agree on a common approach to migration but most countries want tighter borders while doors are closing across the block here in iran there are some people trying to keep them open natascha butler al jazeera iran spain. the night long curfews been lifted
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in the southern iraqi city of basra a clampdown was ordered on first aider and a fourth day of violent protests. demonstrators set fire to the offices of political parties an iranian backed group and the state run t.v. channel public anger has been rising for weeks over government corruption a lack of jobs and basic services at least eleven people have been killed in the past forty eight hours. a school for palestinian children in the occupied west bank is shuttled to be demolished by israel next week it could be just the first of up to forty to be bulldozed israel's looking to make way for illegal settlements burnat smith went to meet pupils and teachers in the bedouin village of qana lama. one day soon on their way to school these palestinian children expect to find their path blocked by israeli police and bulldozers they'll be no warning it could happen any time after the next six days. israeli supreme court judges have ordered the
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demolition of the school along with the adjacent bedouin village the judges say that can be no more appeals. i've been very tense i couldn't work got a bit paranoid and very stressed i didn't take it well it's a huge responsibility i haven't slept it's too much how will the kids learn. the school was built by an italian charity nine years ago that educates around one hundred eighty pupils from nearby bedouin communities misses a hiker says she could never really believe the demolition would actually happen to him i said they'll never demolish the school i thought maybe of a transfer or one of the communities it never occurred to me that they would demolish a school because every child has a right to education and she thinks most children won't go to where the schools because they're too far away. from our head to cover the closest school is far and my parents are scared to let me go because of the highway or probably end up tending the sheep but i want to come to school you know and i want to study when i
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grow up i want to be a dentist but now i end up tending sheep the palestinian education ministry has told the staff not to prepare to move not to pack up not to move the furniture the school the ministry says must continue teaching until the very last minute the land the school is built on is wanted by israel to expand illegals. occupied east jerusalem and hands up how many more schools are under threat of destruction in the occupied west bank around forty says the charity save the children which it says is a breach of internationally recognized provisions to protect schools in conflict areas burnet smith al-jazeera. investigators in mexico her phone one hundred sixty six skulls buried in mass graves in the state of vera cruz they believe the victims were killed at least two years ago one hundred fourteen identification cards were found in the field there mexico's drug cartels regularly use these sites
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to hide bodies. trees are being planted the world's largest refugee camp in an attempt to avoid an environmental disaster of families who fled to bangladesh for me and have been emptying forests for firewood so they can cook but no aid agencies are providing those people with gas stoves mitchum jhoom reports now from cox's bazaar. in cox's bazaar bangladesh it's not just a humanitarian crisis that's unfolding an environmental one is too that's why today in the could to prolong refugee camp brock a local ngo is overseeing the planting a tree. tells me this initiative is one part of a larger effort to help this landscape recover and recounts how things got so dire . beppo what is did go high enough to the rohingya came to this country to far as charity got destroyed if we look at a picture of this area from before august twenty seventh seen we would see lots of
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green and forest after that when they started to build houses and roads that destroyed most of the forest not only that they are cutting down most of the wood to use for cooking just up the road rohinton refugee uphill man none emerges from the forest carrying the wood he's just gathered he explains that this is imperative to him and his family that's the end of it and we don't have studs it's very hard for us to cook we have to collect this wood so we can eat in nearby checkmark cool refugee camp another effort aimed at preventing more deforestation here the united nations refugee agency is training rohinton refugees how to use the energy efficient stoves they will be given this pilot project is also distributing liquid petroleum gas or l.p.g. as it's called to thousands of families. mikhail tells me the equivalent of four football fields of forest is being cut down daily because refugees need cooking
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fuel refuges are using firewood on an efficient and stoves so it produces the recto smoke which is quite unhealthy for the refugees. away. and. protection issues in the past year over seven hundred thousand rohinton refugees fled me and mars rock kind state after a crackdown that was launched against them by the military they have settled in neighboring bangladesh where the border town of cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world the influx has drastically impacted the landscape for humans as well as animals the location of this camp happens to lie on a migratory route for endangered asian elephants that runs between bangladesh and me and mark now watch towers like the one you see behind me they've been built in key locations here in order to alert refugees if elephants into the area. for now at
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least and despite everyone's best efforts only one thing is certain that the challenges here both humanitarian and environmental will for the foreseeable future continue. at the critical long and chuck markkula refugee camps in cox's bazaar bangladesh. this is al jazeera these are the top stories so far today the presidents of iran turkey and russia are to meet later in tehran to discuss the war in syria the focus will be on it live that's the last rebel held province the u.n. is diplomacy to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is warning the syrian government against using chemical weapons during any offensive. we have a message for the assad regime and anyone contemplating using chemical weapons in syria in the past eighteen months i have stood on this floor twice promising that
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the united states would respond to the use of chemical weapons in syria. both times this is ministration followed through the united states and its allies forced the assad regime to pay its price for its crimes so we want to take this opportunity to remind us on and his russian and iranian partners you don't want to bet against the united states responding again. a stabbing suspects being questioned in brazil after a presidential election candidate was seriously injured doctors say joey ball assad is in a grave but stable condition the popular far right candidate has angered many with racist and homophobic comments of course in italy has ordered the seizure of fifty seven million dollars in assets from a governing political party former leaders of the far right league party were convicted of embezzling electoral funds to buy diamonds gold and other luxury items
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the party is now in government led by the deputy prime minister material salvini he denies links to the missing millions the first peace talks for two years between yemeni government leaders and who feel rebels aren't happening because the hoofy say they can't leave yemen that comes as yemenis have been marching in the government held south the country's crisis be resolved delegation says it can't get authorization from the. coalition was there and i had long curfews been lifted in the southern iraqi city of basra a clampdown was ordered on thursday during a fourth day of violent protests those are your top stories so far from al-jazeera up next it's the scream i will see you very soon by foot. it's been described as the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been sponsored or or in some way does this update you now have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories the economic world we live.
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