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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. in search of a solution for syria the leaders of turkey iran and russia coming together as an offensive looms on the rebel stronghold of it live. hello and welcome my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also still to come no progress on ending the war in yemen you see rebels say they've been stopped from making it to geneva. a front runner in brazil's presidential election is stabbed at a campaign rally. and will meet palestinian children in the occupied west bank whose school will soon be demolished by the israeli authorities.
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and some of the could well decide the fate of millions of people in syria and the future of the seven year long war is about to begin in the iranian capital within the last hour the russian president that he met putin has arrived in tehran following the turkish leader wretched type they will soon join the iranian president mr rouhani in talks on it live the last remaining rebel held province russia iran and syria have threatened an all out assault against what they call terrorists but they are open to surrender deals from so-called moderate groups turkey which borders it lib and back some of the opposition fighters wants to avert military action it's worried about an influx of refugees from the northwest and syrian province the un envoy says panic is spreading among the three million people there he says all efforts must be. aid to avoid
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a humanitarian catastrophe we have two correspondents joining us live covering the story zain bus robberies in tehran and stephanie deca is on the turkey syria border zain coming to you first what does iran want out of these discussions. well in remarks from a top aide at the foreign ministry we got an indication of what these leaders might be talking about during their summit today they're expected to sign an agreement that takes in several issues the role of each country an ongoing military involvement inside the inside syria they're also going to be discussing ways of dealing with the return of refugees to syria those that have been displaced both within the country as well as. an estimated six million people that are living outside the country as refugees but they're also talking about setting up a committee that will investigate people who were arrested by the syrian government and those that have gone missing during the conflict so certainly
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a response to international player pressure to take on more of the humanitarian crisis that this eight year civil war has caused and when they get that communique at the end of the discussion zain how do they translate that into progress on the ground. well that will no doubt all hinge on what happens next and the foreign ministry before this summit happened said that that was going to be a primary topic on the agenda and that's something no doubt that iran will be very interested in smoothing out now how that plays out on the ground is difficult because each of those countries while they agree that bashar al assad should remain in power they agree that they as victors of the syrian conflict they're the ones that need to lead the way forward for syria's rehabilitation and reconstruction what they diverged on in some ways is what to do about it turkey does not want more humanitarian fall out and more people streaming across the border into its territory iran is keen to end the conflict quickly it has been an expensive one
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supporting its ally syria in large scale military operations and russia is also ready to put an end to its involvement its russian russian air power was a game changer on the ground for syrian government forces and they're all looking towards reconstruction they also want the west to get back involved when it comes to humanitarian aid work that would help in the region reconstruction phase but there is an aspiration before a week before this summit the u.n. high commissioner for refugees wasn't to iran and he said that iran is in a unique position to to speak on behalf of the rights of syrian refugees and support them similarly to how they've supported afghan refugees for decades so how this plays out is still a matter of discussion most likely being discussed as we speak here in tech or on at that trilateral summit zain thanks very much thanks let's go to stephanie stephanie's in re hunley on the turkey syria border ok steph the borders are
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officially closed but can the authorities there looking after the humanitarian aspects of this if it goes the way it might go sustain what they're doing that already. well everyone we've been speaking to say that things are still very unpredictable and the head of the turkish red crescent actually said to us you know we are alone yes there is some help from other aid organizations in the united nations but really is turkey bearing the brunt because it is so close to the conflict i mean as close you can see behind me that's where you see that camp that's the biggest camp in italy province that's just a tiny snapshot of it peter there's eight hundred thousand people that live like that along turkey's border and then not to talk about the civilians and people who live inside the cities those armed groups and there are many of them are also in those cities so this is one of the challenges that they will tell you no so they have nowhere to go the humanitarian corridor is being discussed i also the mall
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where they're going to go they're not going to go into turkey that's for sure they will be going into areas controlled by turkey in northern syria and there's local dynamics when it comes to that many of these people have been displaced from place to place to place throughout this war they do not want to be displaced again so you know there is that and of course a lot of people here we've been speaking to experience aid guys have been going in and out of it lived for years will tell you how concerned they are about how bloody this conflict can be if it's a full scale military offensive if that military offensive happens i mean as far as mr one is concerned he's just about have these discussions with his russian and iranian counterparts i guess his line might be look you've got to come up with a plan for these people because we can't do it they can't stay where they are equally demonstrably they can't return home. yes and some of the talk is that perhaps a limited military offensive vote will be agreed upon by all sides remember that
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turkey is the guarantor of the opposition inital province it is on the other side you have iran and russia that support the syrian government so they are now all trying to find a way forward appeasing all sides so a limited offensive against some groups like for example which was until recently affiliated with al-qaeda they're still seen as terrorists by russia and the syrians and recently interestingly turkey putting them on that list as well so this is something that perhaps could be an alternative the bottom line is peter that regardless of how you call these different groups there are all armed opposition if you look at it from the eyes of damascus they want the province back they wanted out of opposition hands where they are going to go is incredibly complicated it's the first time these kinds of dynamics are playing out in syria and certainly for the opposition they will tell you it's very clear this is their last stand one fighter said to us this is our damascus if it falls our revolution really is over stephanie thanks very much. while the talks get underway on syria
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a planned meeting on the war in yemen set a snag today who's the rebels have managed to fly to the swiss city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of the yemeni government the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffiths is already there he says he's discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with again many foreign minister david is our correspondent covering those discussions in geneva what is there realistically for them to build on here david even if the who things turn up in the next couple of days. well that is the question isn't it still hoping the special envoy still hoping that the hoochie rebel delegation can lift off from and join the talks in geneva headquarters but there's one thing that's actually stopping them at the moment and that is the fact that the rebel delegation are still demanding to be able to take injured injured fighters
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including. being alleged to be iranian military and his law that that was the actual statement we got from the yemen government delegation spokesman now he said that essentially there would work in a way that out now mark martin griffiths the special envoy said that these talks will still take place in his opinion but they could take place on saturday or sunday or even monday so it's a real test of the yemeni government delegations patience but i did talk to their spokesman to get some background about exactly what's happening in their camp at least even if they can they will they want they will not be engaged directly in helpful consultations it's not the first time as you know we have been there since two thousand and four with who these government government and other she is with
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has been since two thousand and four they haven't had anything at all this last time in kuwait before that in appeal before that in geneva they were late they were not sure they were not committed to peace as a process they believe that violence is the way to gain political achievements. do you get the sense where you are david amongst those people who would form the different delegations that there's kind of a military inertia here i mean if somebody was actually winning this very ugly conflict they might then be foot be able to focus on what came after it but nobody is winning and you've got what twenty million people plus in a state of almost total collapse the country's in this enormous total state of collapse and you've got the risk of cholera and famine as well. coming. yes that is an awful situation you're describing and i think it's very clear in the
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special envoy said that there is no military solution to this and that's why they need these peace talks they need to produce a flicker of hope for the people of yemen you've described the situation there extremely well and one of the measures that will be discussed the confidence building measures if and when the who to rebel delegation do join these consultation talks and the most important one that the special envoy wants is of course to have a prisoner swap this will be arranged by the i.c.r.c. and it would bring some sort of hope it would mean that families are reunited with their loved ones and that will help as reestablish trust between the two warring parties but we're still waiting for that hooty delegation david many thanks we'll talk to you later. so let's take a closer look now at the bigger picture in yemen now the areas marked in orange under the control of yemen's national army and its allied forces it's backed by the saudi coalition and loyal to president. months were hard to get them in adverse or
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as the rebel groups are in control of the areas marked there in red one of the main battles is now in the hoofy controlled city of who data for the fighting has moved closer to the city center in the north there have been coalition air strikes pounding parts of the province it's a stronghold and a few hundred kilometers from the saudi border separately to all these groups is al qaeda its yemeni branch operates in some pockets of the country marked in a slightly different color there on the map hussein is a pro who is the journalist and formerly an editor of the website news of yemen he joins us now on the line from santa hussein. will the who sees get to geneva or not. they will not get to geneva unless the united nation will keep their promise and the agreement. that was done during the u.n. envoy the latest visit was that. delegation. or
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money plane with some of. yemenis to oman to must cut and then from there they will take the head of. the team. which is in oman of this time and they will. united nation actually has broke that promise. that's already that coalition they refuse to let on or money plane to come to sanaa to take the. delegation i have to work with some members of these political council in sanaa and they said that clearly that they will not let their delegation be insulted they say that has been done before and as they mentioned after equate athol and two thousand and sixteen when the delegates and i delegate and has come back from kuwait to oman then they lighted a nation on the saudi led coalition didn't did not fight them any place to go back
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to sanaa and they were stuck in oman in muscat between seventh of august fifteenth . i'm going to interrupt you there because i just want to kind of boil down what you're saying into the next obvious key point when you're talking about the peace process as it was going from kuwait to amman we had one hundred eight days of discussions in twenty sixteen those discussions went no place you're saying you don't believe the who sees will go to geneva unless big people get involved big powerful people get involved in this process therefore my key question is this now there is no peace process for yemen and there is no embryonic peace process the can ever move in a positive direction. i mean it's simple as that if the united nation and the saudi that coalition cannot keep a small promise out
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a small deal that was agreed in sanaa to take this one that people so how can we guarantee that the united nations and the so dilip coalition will keep any agreement signed in geneva it just symbolized that. actually is the united nations fault because they could not keep this agreement if they do then the whole thing will have been now in geneva and i just want to make sure that i've been informed that they will not leave until that third is the agreement that has been signed would be done or otherwise there will be no b.s. because they will not let the one the yemenis. go to. geneva on a whim just to give you an information that. said when they couldn't after kuwait bring back our delegate from sa they have offered them a piece of pie about the sign that the united nations does not take it as sponsibility voted that lives they don't take any responsibility for those
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safeguards so that if you sign this we can bring you back you know. this is the thank you very well you know joining us from we appreciate your time sir. and let's just show you the very latest from those discussions going on in tehran in the past two three we've seen mr one getting off a plane from ankara we've seen the russian president vladimir putin disembarking his aircraft from moscow the discussions with his son rouhani as they try to pick a way forward to a peaceful resolution there is of course a central conflict to this which is the government the administration in damascus wants to win the war it wants to be seen to be winning the war to win the war they've got to take it live they say it leap that will create another humanitarian disaster the borders with turkey stuffing was telling us earlier the border with turkey is closed but there is talk and speculation of humanitarian corridors those one hundred. fastens millions of people who've been back and forth back and forth they've been displaced again and again and again during the past seven years of
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what's been going on inside syria the key question is where would they go who would look after them can they return home they don't have homes to return to that's one issue that they're getting to grips with mr erdogan of course for turkey will say we cannot do any more we simply cannot sustain this the russian president vladimir putin the russians want to maintain a presence on the ground in syria they have regional interests as far as what's going on in syria is concerned could have done what he's done with russian air support many analysts say no he could not have achieved what he has achieved because those selfsame analysts over the past three months have been saying in effect bashar al assad is very very close to being able to say he has won the war in syria let's just listen to what's being said there inside the hall in tehran to get a sense a brief sense of where this debate is going. over the past years our efforts especially after the. constitution of our efforts on the standard
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process we have been focusing on facilitation of syria syria and guy largely. or also for them to join this process with respect to their. mark there. who have been fighting terrorism with respect to efforts in diverse within the region and globally especially for including united nations efforts over the past years in order to bring an end to the syrian conflict. on behalf of the part. of our start a process i would like to hardly announce that our. joint efforts. led to the fact that. an end to the same conflict. as approaching.
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continuation of. terrorist activities in syria. is stopped and will be stopped and way will be paved for national dialogue constructive national dialogue among different segments of syrian society. their presidents make it public of iran. on the basis of the request of the legal government of syria. has a presence in syria to fight terrorism and the continuation of this presence is will be based on this. fact. that. we are not going to impose our. wishes or our demands we are going to support the. determination of the nation of
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syria. fighting terrorism is an international demand that he. when this happens then they're legally recognized borders of another country their requests should be made. by the legitimate government of that country and. we are way off the concerns of other countries when it comes to. separatism. their problems about the most effective way to deal with this is to call praed with the legal government legitimate government of syria. intervention or. direct intervention without any coordination with the syrian government. is going to cause. this conflict to become deeper this crisis to become deeper on the other
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hand fighting terrorism calls for a company passive approach taking into consideration all aspects all dimensions. to fight terrorism and. is an end inevitable. part of a mission to bring about peace and stability and. we should make sure that the civilians are not harmed in this process. we are fighting for peace not. war for war is a mistake from our point of view. because asians have this kind of approach our final. goal with city or in the region is peace but in order to have sustainable peace. we have to fight terror decisively. each time any.
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plans to fight terrorism should incorporate the root causes of terrorism other was a some going to affect. their cause is the. detractors those who create those who have taken part in intervention and interference including united states design astray and other supporters of terrorism. they cannot just come out with i q's asians are making noises. in order to. change their position from the accused. to the victim. does on the street game has been based on. on discrimination religious and ethnic discrimination racial discrimination based on intervention. patient it's cannot claim to be fighting terrorism. you know the demand of all of the people of syria
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is that the sit that there is on a stage and we should pull out so it's pleasant should come to an end the syrians. the united states. intervention and the support to the zionist regime we should not expect such a government to have an effective and constructive role as an illegal united states interference in syria is not base cannot be based is not compatible to any international legal frameworks and adding to the problem is a serial. this will create more challenges and a way off for a process of bringing the syrian conflict to an end. their colleagues their country ration. the presence of hundreds of thousands off. in neighboring countries is not going to be healthy for them we should pave the way
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for their return and also the international community should take part in reconstruction of the city are by helping the syrian government the return of refugees a construction of syria on down steadily. is going to help. and facilitate things such as the peace process and your construction process. any solution for the future of syria. should take into consideration the fact that is that the demand and wishes of the sioux nation should be considered and also that the countries that have guaranteed this process in. interaction and coordination with syria. should be to help the syrian people and also to set up their constitution committee and continuation of the fight against terror. humanitarian aid and to turn of refugees and the construction of syria and
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pulling out of foreign military forces from syria. and diffusion of syria that diversity can really. just diversity of syria should be taken into account without any pressure without any threat. foreign foreigners. experience foreign intervention in libya. and collapse of government and the political structure there then. sending off arms under preserved terrorists there is enough for the syrian people and other syrian nations to nor to or to disagree and to combat foreign intervention. democracy in the region we believe that democracy democracy cannot be imposed through guns. freedom is
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a national demand any kind of militarism is going to create a wish a circular for what while it's. in the form of terrorism or in the form of foreign intervention. there friends our region on the globe have. tolerated. sacrifices that we do to the. interventions unexpressed ventures of other countries. try says and yemen and other crises in the region. should also be investigated assessed in the same prayer way. we. cannot fight. terrorism by law and that we can ensure stability in that country alone. and other
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countries that are facing crises but dialogue. why their people would accept stuff national process of patient and recognition of diversity. diversity the social diversity. the reliable point for the future because. we have come a long way difficult long way. today we're taking into account the experience of the past and also. to in order to finalize this crisis we should take the steps. constitutional committee. return of refugees. coming up with a framework. through for the engine results of these dark years. finally reconstruction of syria and should be part of measures. in front of us
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our coordination our cooperation. and the syrian crisis can be a model for cooperation. to resolve other crises in the region our region. can be free of threat occupation militarism discrimination and religious on it than just their mission they corporation by three countries can be reliable point for restarting peace and long term corporation in the region and in the world yes and conclusion once again i would like to emphasize upon the following points one in any political negotiation to bring an end to the syrian crisis. territorial integrity and independence of syria should be respected to its very important is necessary that in order to root out the all the terrorist groups in syria. especially in. fighting terrorism should continue three under the current
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circumstances helping the return of refugees because structures of syria should be part of the. international community just american public of iran is ready to have a constructive role in this regard. for their presence. and to friends of the legal interference of a united states and syria which has caused that. the continuation of the stability should come to an end. and then to national community is obliged. but when it comes to the continuation of their calculation by their is honest regime. in syria. which is expanding the international community should come back so why design decision and six we should respect the efforts of these three countries to resolve the syrian crisis
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the coordination of cooperation by these three countries in order to bring about peace and stability in syria is going to continue thank you very much for the attention. cern rouhani the seventh president of iran wrapping up what he was saying with four main points point number one he said the integrity of syria should be respected the fight against what he called international terrorism should continue the return of refugees to their homes should be a priority for the international community and his fourth point was that the interference of the united states in syria should come to an end let me put in the russian president just beginning his address to assemble delegates let's listen in to what he has to say now want to stress that the decision of two previous some as of this days ago and this of there's not a process i've been successfully implemented has been reached since then szell
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progress in securing a long term in a mall is ation in syria that they hold that if international terrorism has paktika be liquidated had been liberated and what ninety five percent of the syrian territory one hundred forty one residential areas every manning groups over extremists currently are concentrated in the zone over deescalation eaglets terrorists undertake. attempts to do what this regime of a cease fire. they carry out different publications and colluding with the use of the chemical weapons. never the less successful implementation. of our joint agreements. allowed us to move on and this sort of political sort of political regulation concrete steps have been undertaken on the into syrian
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reconciliation first of all on sites one can when certain things state that had been created all the opportunities so that syrians on their own shadow could determine the destiny of their country in this context i propose to discuss the further plan for this stage a stage implementation of the decisions of the congress of the syrian national dialogue which took place in searching in january this year first of all i mean the formation and the launching of the operation under the aegis of you and of the constitutional committee in geneva. to achieve this table normalization it's necessary to assist in the prove ment of the social and economic and humanitarian situation in syria in the territories or return to other control of the syrian government this peaceful life is being stable lives the security is improving the
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employment of the population growth is growth is growing and these contacts russia launched an initiative to offer international contribution to to the return of the refugees and it's very glad that this initiative is support of the ball the turkish and iranian partners i'd like to stress that part from the existing in damascus sent over set up shop of distribution and accommodation of refugees in moscow there's a cut in ational a quite quite as had been set up have been open at points of axis axis why in jordan and iraq more than fifteen thousand people attend to their homelands and russia regularly as office assistance to the population in syria carries out the supply of food starts matters since at other cargoes to the areas who have been mostly affected by his tail it is on the whole it will be useful to impart to our joint and if it's.


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