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step had been undertaken on the into syrian reconciliation first of all on sites one can when certain things state that had been created all the opportunities so that syrians on their own shadow could determine the destiny of their country in this context i propose to discuss the further plan for this stage a stage implementation of the decisions of the congress of the syrian national dialogue which took place in searching in january this year first of all i mean the formation and the launching of the operation under the aegis of you and of the constitutional committee in geneva. to achieve this table normalization it's necessary to assist in the prove ment of the social and economic and humanitarian situation in syria in the territories or return to other control of the syrian government this peaceful life is being stable lives the security is improving the
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employment over population growth is growth is growing and these contacts russia launched an initiative to offer international contribution to to the return of the refugees and it's very glad that this initiative is support of the ball the turkish and iranian partners i'd like to stress that part from the existing in damascus sent over set up shop of distribution and accommodation of refugees in moscow there's a cut in ational a quite quite as had been set up have been opened points of x. axis in jordan into. iraq more than fifteen thousand people return to their homelands and russia regularly as office assistance to the population in syria carries out the supply of food starts matters since at other cargoes to the areas who have been mostly affected by his tell it this or the whole it will be us. to
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part two i joined and fits in humanitarian direction to make them systemic so that to help to lift city from the ruins to restore its industry agriculture infrastructure. in this way to secure the mass safe return of syrians so their places their colleagues elect repeat thanks to the meticulous work of russia iran iran turkey and this a sunni syria have being very considerable the result has been achieved i'm certain that today's negotiations will be productive and the decisions taken will contribute considerably to the securing of the final settlement of this in the syrian arab republic thank you for your attention. vladimir putin there with a very much a shorter opening. deliverance of what he believes should happen next talking about people carrying out different provocations with chemical weapons he said the
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syrians on their own should determine their own future he was talking about how russia has launched a contribution to plans for the mass return of. refugees of course his critics might say well the reason that there are so many refugees is because they were trying to escape the russian air campaign that has raged in the skies over syria for more than a few years now the turkish premier mr erdogan there taking out his earpiece let's see if we can listen in to what he's saying when we get the translator up and running a little earlier mr rouhani talking about martyrs fighting terrorism he was also talking about iran as being partners of the a start up process he would like to say as a partner of the a standard process they would look forward to a time when they could say there was an end to the conflict as approaching the
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istana process of course was at one point in its provenance if you will operating in tandem with and in parallel to the geneva process as driven by the u.n. special representative to syria stephan de mistura but the istana process really took over and accelerated past the geneva process not least because over a period of several months meeting after meeting after meeting after two or three rounds of meetings they came up with this idea of deescalation zones in syria in practical terms policing the deescalation zones proved to be very difficult getting them up and running proved to be very difficult but the headline news from the setting up of those deescalation zones were buses carrying fighters people civilians women and children out of those deescalation zones we're also seeing there mr rouhani flanked by his foreign minister and also we've heard
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a shot of the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov listening but listening very intently of course the russians were involved as well in the a standard process not so much engaged with perhaps. the geneva process when that was at the vanguard of trying to get some sort of peace deal or negotiations on the ground in syria mr rouhani earlier saying as well we will not impose our wishes about self determination he also said we are aware of other concerns from other people involved in the conflict taking into account the consequences of fighting terrorism he said to sum up we are fighting for peace he said we want to help the people of syria we want a pulling out of foreign forces from syria he said democracy cannot be imposed by guns and he also went on to say that our role model the iranian role model of cooperation can be applied across different conflicts in the region then he went on
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to talk about the conflict in yemen of course that's a whole different news story that's a whole different conversation let's have a listen in now to the russian president vladimir putin and the future of syria but it's also important for the establishment of peace and stability in the region. the twelve observation points that we established in the area are significant. this is a surance for the security of the people who live in this area. so this security which we have established. is important. we cannot possibly. leave these people at the mercy of the assad regime whose actions we remember. any assault could
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result in disaster and terrible humanitarian catastrophe. for the entire civilian population in the area will be affected tens of thousands of civilians would die in bombardments and because they have nowhere else to go they would be. ended up at our borders. turkey currently is hosting four and a half million refugees and in this way we have completely. used our and tire capacity to host refugees. so of course we understand concerns about terrorist activities in this area. just as much as you have concerns of this sort as a country with borders to this country we have similar concerns.
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but there are different methods required in the struggle against terrorism which involve patience and sensitivity as turkey we have shown these qualities and we are determined to continue in this way we do not want a bloodbath in it lib and we expect you to supporters in this regard we have shared concerns in relation to it live and we must find a solution with this in mind. the security of the boom in airports has to be established and every effort must be made in this regard. so our russian friends. have concerns about the areas in in this area. critical points
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in it libya. must be assured with moderates opposition forces. and the future direction should be established in accordance with the a start a process. we have a last opportunity before as. decision which we reach in relation to the fates of it lib will also shape the future of the region. turkey is sensitive and determined in this regard and i request you to appreciate our position. we regards the syrian people as our brothers and this is a matter which concerns their future turkey's approach is very clear in this respect. a new wave of violence will cause
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a humanitarian disaster. and we must announce to the international community. that's we are against this as we focus on italy. and as the world turns its attention to these discussions there are new developments taking place so it's an foreign forces. are making an excuse of fighting danish. but these activities are you moving in a trajectory which cannot be denied. the u.s. . is empowering another terrorist organization in the area and this causes as serious concerns. twenty thousand lorries and. i mean ition have been sent by the u.s. . and cargo planes have been sent to the area by the u.s.
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and these are clear signs of how strong this terrorist organization has grown. terrorist organization. is going stronger in the east of the euphrates and there is an attempt to make it a permanent fixture in this area. this threatens our national security and also threatens the territorial integrity of syria and its future. all types of terror such as play with the n.y.p.d. to. which. are a threat to the territorial integrity of syria must be viewed in the same way. failing to do this will be to the detriment of the syrian people.
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the political economic and integrity of syria has to be established and turkey is determined to work towards this. those organizations which threaten our survival cannot be allowed to exist on our borders and we will take the necessary steps in a proportionate manner. united nations security council has a decision. towards a lasting solution and we will adhere to this. so in cooperation with the united nations. a constitutional commission has to be established. and the necessary conditions to achieve this have to be provided as soon as possible. in order to be able to rebuild syria and to allow the syrian refugees to
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return steps need to be taken in. the return process will be based on a voluntary basis and it will be carried out in accordance with the united nations . another topic which needs to be emphasized here is the this. so. the agreements banning chemical weapons was signed in one nine hundred fifteen. and in one thousand nine hundred seventy the organization that prevents chemical weapons was established. these rules are right. but those people who have been killed as a result of chemical weapons. we see the numbers like two three thousand.
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but the numbers who have been killed with conventional weaponry amounts to hundreds of thousands. so if we're delayed in relation to those people who have been killed with conventional weaponry but are acting quickly in relation to people who've been killed by chemical weapons then there is a problem. at. the united nations we will be addressing this issue. and we need to. we will be addressing the need to establish a common approach in relation to opposition to both chemical weapons and conventional weapons.
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but. the results which will be. from this summit i hope will be beneficial for our syrian brothers and will contribute to the efforts made to achieve peace and stability in syria there is a twelve points declaration. but. we will be calling this the time for an announcement henceforth. and i'm sure that we will be seeing the impact of this declaration. i would like to thank president rouhani for the generous way in which he's hosted us. and the next meeting shall be carried out in the russian federation.
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and i believe that much more optimistic and positive developments will take place leading up to that next meeting which will take place in russia. today's meetings. are very important because. they are taking place in a. very important situation we are on the very important second chances in syria. since the beginning of corp of the three countries we have been pursuing one goal and that has been to create peace and security in the region. particularly in syria. this important goal has always been. will always be our goal. security. over the past
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seven years we have. passed many obstacles. syrian nation the syrian army with the support of. friends of the syrian nation has achieved achievements have been in short. important steps. have been taken in syria and we are witnessing that today and the most important step is that those countries whose support terrorists and who are creating terrorism and terrorist groups who are making them in order to. increase their influence and pursue their goals. we have made them disappointed today i.e. the united states and design is regime have been them main creator was the main
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factors behind the creation of these terrorist groups they are feeling very. concretely today that by career i think terrorist groups on arming to risk groups and supporting terrorist groups they will not achieve their goals and this is a very important goal that we have achieved. the second important goal that we have achieved is hope in the region today all the people in the region are hopeful that we can overcome problems important problems and we can. a country that was on the verge of collapse. and. new countries and nations the region could save the country so they should offer hope is the second and most important goal that we have achieved both for the nation of syria and for the nations of the region. but come to stage where we have two
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important problems in the fight against terror. and we have to complete those as well. after fighting terrorism we have to achieve other goals in syria. finalizing formating the finalizing a new constitution. and elections on the basis of new constitution return of refugees reconstruction of syria. democracy in syria are very important goals that we are following up and the first stage at lip stuff you freights is still to be completed we all should try to make sure that in the north off the east of your friends is untied. and we have to make the us. current events. and we have to resolve this solution in
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a way that we can also fight decisively against terror and also we should make sure that the people do not face any problem and the catastrophe is very important that we continue our cooperation. in any meeting before the summits our experts meetings are the lot of discussions both politically and also practically. monitoring the cease fire and direction of tension. after. meetings experts. are getting ready for future meetings so we hope that our liaison our cooperation our coordination among the three countries continue. for in order to. overcome the problems read the past and also to resolve the stuff you're freights
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problem to ensure our resource companies. go unnoticed by the syrian government across the country and i think over another closer. like to thank my dear colleagues mr gun mr please and i would like to ask you if you have any other point to make we are here to listen if there's. if there's not any other point to be made then we. endorse the resolution. but they are going to were ok rouhani reacting to what mr the one from turkey was saying there he kind of recapped on what he said in his earlier address the top line of what he was saying though basically boils down to peace in syria mr erdogan
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however was saying we want assurances for the people of this area we cannot leave people at the mercy of the regime these people have nowhere to go people will end up at our borders again very clearly for mr the key issue here is he the humanitarian situation on that pinch point area on the border between syria and turkey he said we have completely used our capacity those borders have been closed for several weeks several months now he said we need patience and sensitivity we do not want a bloodbath he went on to describe the russians as our russian friends they have concerns we should build on the a starner peace process turkey asks you to appreciate our position as we focus on it live he said there are foreign forces inside syria fighting eisel he said also and this one will raise eyebrows i suspect at the state department in washington he said the u.s. is empowering another terrorist organization and their efforts of foot to make that
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a permanent fixture he said the u.n. security council has a decision to make and we will add here to this he then went on to highlight the use of chemical weapons in syria and also differentiate between that and the use of conventional weapons of course that in one sentence he put himself in the same page as nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. because she was talking about chemical weapons warning the syrian regime not to use chemical weapons but on the other page she's putting himself at all odds. the u.s. administration saying the u.s. is empowering another terrorist organization let's boil all this down for you let's talk to my colleague zain buss ravi our correspondent in tehran zain what's your takeaway point from the last forty five minutes of those opening speeches there.
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well it's quite a thing to see these three men leaders of modern countries all born of ancient empires now meeting here into iran to send a very clear message to european countries as well as the united states that we do not need your help to resolve problems in this region in the comments made by president putin by rouhani they're making it very clear that they are looking forward they're throwing forward to shape syria's future and they can do it without the intervention of western powers but at the same time they made it very clear that rebuilding syria reconstruction rehabilitation medical and food aid getting refugees to return back to syria which is something that everybody would benefit from that has to be an international effort sort of speaking from both sides of their mouth if you will saying that we don't need western help to resolve the crisis but when it comes to reconstruction that western governments must also be involved it must be an international effort that will be good for everyone now the
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most striking point that was made was by the turkish president president of the one wasting no time getting to the point that is on everyone's mind the future of president hassan rouhani and president putin both framed what was happening in syria and the ongoing fighting as a national security concern as combat in a hotbed of terrorism as the kremlin has been saying for many days but president early on was very clear and repeated himself he said we do not want a bloodbath in the middle of and then said to his colleagues across the table that you should support us in that then a few minutes later saying that again a decision on ad lib will shape the region and you must appreciate our position as we begin to help our syrian brothers so the president of turkey who has the most to lose from a drawn out conflict in the making no excuses about his position with regards to zain thanks very much fully will keep you company in the coming hours i will see you first thing tomorrow.
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a boy with. his job to go. in search of a solution for syria leaders of russia iran and turkey begin talks at a summit in tehran. it's twelve g.m.t. i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead talks to end the war in yemen have stalled because with the rebels say they've been prevented from traveling to geneva for the meeting and a front runner in brazil's presidential election is stopped as he campaigns in the street.
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