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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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zero. hello this is the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's leaders says he's worried about a bloodbath in syria's rebel stronghold as he meets with the russian any rain in leaders in search of solutions. talks to end the war in yemen have sold because who the rebels say they've been prevented from traveling to geneva for the meeting also this hour born in serbia taught in albania and the school that could soon have borders rearranged around it and the african migrants who escaped war and found
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themselves in libya's capital. and in school serena williams is into her ninth u.s. open final williams now in silence a record equalling twenty fourth ground slam toss. thank you very much for joining us turkey's president bedouin is warning they could be a bloodbath in the syrian rebel stronghold of adlib i made growing talk of a final offensive he and the russian any ring in leaders have just wrapped up a summit in tehran it could well decide what happens to millions of people in syria and the future of the seven year civil war the syrian government says it is planning a military offensive the u.n. envoy says panic is spreading among the three million people living in it live and they have been warnings from both france and the u.s. in the past few days that they won't take action if chemical weapons are used now as the talks began iran's. rouhani emphasized the need for
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a political and military solution. to fight terrorism an adlib as an end inevitable. part of a mission to bring about peace and stability in syria we should make sure that the civilians are not harmed in this process. and. we are fighting for peace war for war is a mistake from our point of view. our present added one has called for an emergency in syria. there are different methods required in the struggle against terrorism which involve patience and sensitivity as turkey we have shown these qualities and we are determined to continue in this way we do not want a bloodbath in italy and we expect you to supporters in this regard we have shared concerns in relation to it live and we must find
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a solution with this in mind. president putin meanwhile rejected the cause for a cease fire and said the syrian government has a right to regain all of its territory. to syrian legitimate. has a right and we should find. days control of the whole territory hold the national territory and that's how we managed to resolve. problems in the past and now cost this mechanism should be used. while we have to correspondence with us on this story seventy deca is on the take the syria border will be speaking to her in just a moment but first to zain any runs capital tehran so zain what's the main takeaway then from this summit after hearing from these three leaders it seemed that a lot of the focus was on what happens next in providence. absolutely there may be some sort of ominous indication of what's coming in some of
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the comments made by the russian president vladimir putin he said that a joint priority for all three nations is really in syria of terrorism and in a question by a reporter directly to mr putin about whether or not there was an agreement about what to do next and it live he had some very very interesting statements he said that in other areas that were cleared by military forces many of the armed groups fighting in those areas lay down their weapons and left but he said that in the places where militants chose to resist or armed groups chose to resist that's where many of those armed fighters used human shields and he laid the blame for civilian casualties at their feet he also said that it is different it's not just light weapons it's heavy weapons that the armed groups there have managed to put together a rudimentary an armed i'm sorry unmanned aerial vehicles that they've been using and he said that those things are of great concern and that the priority is to
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secure serious national integrity. so. any agreement that those three groups arrived at will be something that is unanimous but he made the point that perhaps not directly but there doesn't seem to be an agreement as yet and certainly by the comments made by prison early on with regards to demanding a ceasefire by his partners at the table there seems to be some sort of divergence between turkey on one side. ok zain thank you for that for us in tehran now to stephanie deca in on the turkey syria border said to me from you know what you heard today do you get a sense that first focusing on. an offensive is imminent there we've heard for days now that the syrian government will be launching an offensive on this last rebel stronghold in the northwest from what we heard from the three leaders today do you get a sense that that's likely to be happening any time soon. i
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think it's likely in the sense that they all seem to agree on one thing is that the terrorists should lay down their arms and when you read into what terrorist means that are groups like the. associated they believe with so when you have the turkish president saying that the security of the russian airbase in the talk i have may mean that military base should be secure and all means can be used to do that you can probably predict that there will be an intensified air strikes and what we've seen over the last couple of days but in a sort of more moderate form on the southern area of the province has been rumors folly for weeks that this would be the first area where this offensive would take place also in the areas of key highways that run from damascus through that area to aleppo and also from aleppo. on the coast so these are tactical moves so i think we will probably expect to see that and then again it's unclear whether a full scale operation will take place but i think it does seem to be again reading
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between the lines that the russians in their own. one damascus to take back the entire province which is of course something that turkey is incredibly fearful of because of the humanitarian fallout and any offensive stephanie whether a limited one or a full one would have of course disastrous consequences because there are nearly three million people living in a very difficult to differentiate between civilians and the fighters in the area. absolutely i mean you have you know camps like the idea behind us that's provinces around eight hundred thousand people that live all along turkey's border you then have people of course who live in the cities living alongside all these various armed groups and when you talk about these armed groups finally we also have to remember that a lot of the rebels that were displaced bus to live through these reconciliation deals over the years these are the rebels that refused to reconcile with the government so these are the ones now here they are seeing it live as their last stand as the last point of their revolution we've been told this time and time
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again so they will stand together and fight so i think it's very difficult to see how it can be resolved politically i think he here is there will probably be a military and political solution to this and as always in syria it'll start by the military one i think as always again we listen to the politicians talk in the diplomats back and forth the ground is going to tell us how things are going to play out in the next couple of days then i think we'll get a clearer picture of what's going to happen thank you for that stephanie decker lie for us in the turkey syria border and the leaders of russia iran and turkey just not issuing a statement after their summit in tehran calling on the united nations and its humanitarian agencies to help syria by providing additional humanitarian aid. now while the talks in syria on syria continue a planned meeting on the war in yemen has hit a snag with the rebels haven't yet managed to frighten the swiss city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of yemen's government the u.n.
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special envoy for yemen martin griffith is already in geneva. he says he has discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with yemen's foreign minister live today in geneva for is so david do you get a sense that these talks will start eventually at some point or not. i don't get that sense here but certainly sources inside the u.n. geneva headquarters are saying that the special envoy for the yemen believes that he can get this back on track that maybe on saturday maybe on sunday maybe even on monday he's prepared to wait that long but the yemeni government delegation prepared to wait that long their base at the hotel behind me when will their patience start wearing thin when will they decide to pull out many people have also been telling me that it could be some time on saturday but we've heard those sort
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of deadlines before they've gone away there's a huge effort being made by the united nations special envoy to keep them here and of course the rebel delegation is still on the ground in the yemeni capital of sana'a they're demanding to be allowed to take casualties on board the plane that will take them out and they want them to be treated it must cut the capital of oman now the moment the government delegation are saying it's not just casualties that they want to put on board that plane it's also other individuals and i got more information on that from the spokesman for the yemeni government delegation. they said yesterday that they want to. from yemen we have information from our side from there from sanaa those are not injures they are a group of iranian and or a group of hezbollah experts who were. ballastic missiles program that
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has been fired they are training who have been training for the for the last three days we use. now david if the talks do end up happening at some point whether it's today or in the next few days what will they be focusing on in geneva and what can be achieved. one very clear effort is being made to restore the trust between the two sides that peace talks in the process have been in limbo for the last two years there ten thousand dead more than two thousand of those are children so they need to build trust between the two sides and one of the ideas that's being fought for put forward by the special envoy is for prisoner swaps to take place that's a complex process it will mean there have to be a ceasefire the i.c.r.c. will have to get involved but that is the idea to try and build these confidence building measures but at the moment they can't even start because the delegations
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from the hutu rebels is not even here. thank you for that david chase the life force in geneva. the spread to more head on this al-jazeera news hour including a front runner in brazil's presidential election is stopped at a campaign rally plus europe's new frontier how migrants are encountering an unexpected hurdle as he tried to get into france and in sports super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles get off to a winning start in the new n.f.l. season. iraq's parliament has called an emergency meeting for saturday to discuss days of anti-government protests in basra at least eleven people have been killed and the offices of political parties an iranian backed armed group and a state run t.v. channel set on fire protestors in the southern oil rich region say they're sick of government corruption as well as a lack of jobs water and electricity. israel has been palestinian teenager
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activists i head out to me me from traveling abroad the seventeen year old and her family went to. head to europe on friday she was you to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement and her experience in prison to mimi was arrested in december last year in jail for eight months was slapping an israeli soldier. in other world news a suspect is being questioned in brazil after a presidential election candidate was stopped as he campaigned doctors say. is in grave but stable condition in hospital the far right candidate is popular in opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comments give it is on the house i reports it. was an attack that happened fast. on a brazil's top presidential candidates being carried on the shoulders of his supporters at a campaign rally in his july state in south eastern brazil and then he was stabbed
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by someone in the crowd. cell phone video from various angles capture him clutching his abdomen and paying his supporters rushed him into a waiting ambulance amid panic and confusion. here arrived at a local hospital in grave condition with the stab wound that punctured his liver and other organs after four hours of emergency surgery he was stabilized doctors say he'll spend at least a week in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. the assailant a middle aged man was immediately arrested his motives remain unclear brazil's president quickly condemned the attack by use to rebel or oh this reviews too is something that raises awareness because it's intolerable in. a pool released this week showed. all other eligible candidates ahead of the october
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seventh vote also not always a far right politician who likened some self to donald trump person adams detractors say he's homophobic racist and sexist. but his campaign message of cracking down on crime and violence has won him loyal supporters and a lead in the polls but because he's so controversial he's going to often wear a bulletproof vest at campaign events but it does not appear he was wearing one on wednesday when he was stabbed gabriel is on doe how does either. serbia and kosovo are considering a land swap deal twenty years after a war in kosovo killed more than thirteen thousand people talks between the two presidents are taking place in brussels a proposal to move the border is up for discussion the oppression of all valley in seven said be aware the population is mostly ethnic albanian would join kosovo and in return said be able to take control of the majority said area of course or north of the river but it's
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a gamble that could provoke further tensions in the balkans. and sunny gago reports from pressure. ha. it's the first week back at school for these young students at the ybor him kelmendi primary school in the town of pressure it's the largest one of its kind in serbia all the pupils are albanian as they settle in the school itself prepares for what could be the last time it teaches the serbian curriculum and what they hope will be a fresh start for the school. there's hardly been any investment here since ninety sixty five everything's in poor condition and we have no bread we're going in textbooks. the possibility of a land swap between serbia and kosovo has been uppermost in people's minds here pressure of us population is ninety percent ethnic albanian the us and the european
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union had always discouraged the idea until now and apparently straightforward solution on the surface but has the potential to reopen old wounds in this part of the balkans which has already suffered brutal conflict following the breakdown of yugoslavia. one of the plans that people here fear is being discussed is moving the border to this railway track now while that would put the town of pressure firmly within the borders of kosovo it would mean that these outlying villages would still be in serbia and leave thousands of other albanians still stuck there. moreover there is still uncertainty as to what serbia would want to return but would likely dominated northern kossovo which it views is non-negotiable yes we would like to think of course the we have to be very careful in order for asians in terms of you know for republic of course all to be agreed with
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a lot of sacrifices being done by all the organs including the organs of. we don't want to interfere in this process this also poses another dilemma for the region's leaders if borders are to be redrawn on the basis of ethnicity it could provoke more calls for land swaps from macedonia which has more than half a million albanians living along its front here is even the goal of eventual e.u. x. session football can countries cannot lay these fears. we don't find discussion about and between kosovo and serbia conducive to reaching the goal we think it will reopen too many old wounds in the population and that is why we are very skeptical . it is a huge gamble with the risk of reigniting ethnic conflict here a political process that will take a good normal amount of delicate negotiation from all parties involved. al-jazeera
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. a court in italy has ordered the seizure of fifty seven million dollars worth of assets from a governing political party former leaders of the far right league party were convicted of using electoral funds to buy diamonds gold and other luxury items the bodies now in government led by deputy prime minister mikhail salvini he denies any links to the missing millions you know if they want to take everything away from us than let them do it we will continue with our political work because we have the italians on our soil so let them do what they want. germany's chancellor is set to meet the french president in must say in just a few hours to discuss europe's migration policy angela merkel has faced political problems at home after taking in over a million refugees since the height of the migration crisis in twenty fifteen several countries have tightened border controls and many migrants are now arriving on the spanish coast hoping to travel north but as natasha butler reports from the border between france and spain they're facing unexpected hurdles. at the foot of
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the pira knees in the basque country and street divides northern spain from southwest and france scape and now a new frontline in europe's migration crisis. last year less than ten migrants a day came to the spanish town of iran hoping to reach france now it's near a forty ever hour and gran is part of a growing network of volunteers helping new arrivals at their own. we're driving around everyone in the last spanish town before the border with france and we're looking for people who've just arrived from the south of spain to give them some information. these men from the camorra silence in the indian ocean have tried to reach france the volunteers offer advice and a place at their shelter it's a bit of comfort far from home most here are from francophone africa sean claude is an engineer from cameroon after several attempts to cross the border he's given up his dream of
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a job in france. i thought it would be in eldorado but then you realize life is tough everywhere your family back home in africa calls you to help them but you can't your relatives put themselves in debt to send you your the big hope but if you can't satisfy their expectations it's hard it weighs on you you're in an empty place and finally you think you should have stayed in africa africa france recently toughened its immigration law and increased police border checks migrants are regularly sent back to spain for many people in this region the situation is an echo of their own past in one nine hundred thirty six during the spanish civil war a battle in iran led to hundreds of people to flee their homes across this river to seek refuge in france. sat on a beach in a foreign country spanish refugees watched their town burn either how the communist party and the love they gave him think that. fortunately there are some people here
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who are aware that some people have to leave their countries for safety or to have a better life in this region we have our past in our history and they had left their mark on us. so far european league. does have free will to agree on a common approach to migration but most countries want tighter borders while doors are closing across the bloke here in a room there are some people trying to keep them open natasha butler al jazeera iran spain. palestinian children have only just returned to their classrooms but a school in the occupied west bank could be demolished within a week and it may not be the only one at to forty are facing the bulldozers as israel looks to make way for illegal settlements bennett smith went to meet pupils and teachers in the bedouin village of qana. one day soon on their way to school these palestinian children expect to find their path blocked by israeli police and bulldozers they'll be no warning it could happen any time after the next
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six days. israeli supreme court judges have ordered the demolition of the school along with the adjacent bedouin village the judges say that can be no more appeals . i've been very tense i couldn't work out a bit paranoid and very stressed i didn't take it well it's a huge responsibility i haven't slept it's too much how will the kids learn. the school was built by an italian charity nine years ago that educates around one hundred eighty pupils from nearby bedouin communities mrs a hiker says she could never really believe the demolition would actually happen well i won't be here doing this i said they'll never demolish the school i thought maybe of a transfer or one of the communities it never occurred to me that they would demolish the school because every child has a right to education and she thinks most children won't go to where the schools because they're too far away the mother has
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a cover and she closes school is far and my parents are scared to let me go because of the highway or probably end up tending the sheep but i want to come to school and i want to study when i grow up i want to be a dentist but now i end up tending sheep the palestinian education ministry has told the staff not to prepare to move not to pack up not to move the furniture the school the ministry says must continue teaching until the very last minute the land the school is built on is wanted by israel to expand illegal settlements occupied east jerusalem and hands up how many more schools are under threat of destruction in the occupied west bank around forty says the charity save the children which it says is a breach of internationally recognised provisions to protect schools in conflict areas bernard smith al-jazeera. sniffer dogs are helping the sage for earthquake survivors in northern japan buildings collapse and damage is widespread on the island of hokkaido at least sixteen people were killed and twenty
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two are missing. shut down nuclear power stations and electricity supplies remain disrupted matheson has more. parts of the city of sapporo life shattered by the magnitude six point seven quake that hit in the early hours of thursday. this is shocking i have always walked on this street and i would never imagine this road could collapse in such a way but if you think positively imagine i was walking here when it took place then it could have lost my life. because. further south in the town about zuma landslides have crushed and smothered buildings here is in other parts of the island teams of rescuers have been drafted in there using bulldozers and sniffer dogs to look for dozens of missing people feared trapped under the rubble large parts of the island remain blacked out although at least half the five point three
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million islanders now have had some sort of power restored but electricity is being limited to reduce the strain and the network long queues have been forming a temporary charging centers for mobile phones which in a crisis can be a lifeline. in order to supply electricity to as many areas a spa civil we're asking residents in the areas where the supply was started to conserve electricity you know seventy rail networks in several areas are at a standstill because there's no power stranding some passengers others are using ferries while some roads are jammed with traffic about twenty percent of the world's earthquakes measuring magnitude six and above shake japan every year those days quake came just two days after typhoon gebbie the most powerful storm there in twenty five years. as quake victims try to get their lives back to normal warnings of aftershocks and more quakes are being issued and there's growing pressure to get
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power back to all of hokkaido rob matheson al-jazeera. i time now for a check of the world weather with everton fox and fires and flooding in the us have yeah i'm afraid so falling we've got loads of rain across central and eastern parts we still ringing out the last of the rain from was tropical depression gordon further west this is dry as a ball look at this we've got those clouds all across western parts but for central areas a huge rash of shower clear out there and the showers going to continue rumbling away where we have got the clearer skies further west well that's where we're seeing the fires burning away and this is the same in northern california just around the border with oregon this fire has tripled in size in the space of just three days we will see it staying dry here if anything warming up along the west coast as we go through the next few days but look inland central parts loads of right around lots of wet weather pushing up across missouri and so will annoy vadis
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the remnants of gordon and it will continue to make its way a little further east was as we go through saturday so intensifying here stage by then the shows they're running up across new jersey up towards new england coming back down across the appalachians and yet still raining in a good part of texas and even down towards new mexico whether tries to make its way further east was dry skies come back in behind there we go with the flooding rains they will continue for a couple of days yet and then as we go into next week we're looking out into the atlantic fall we got another system making its way in his tropical storm florence and that could bring flooding here by the end of the week thank you very much for that have a ten still ahead on the news hour cooking with gas range refugees in bangladesh get environmentally friendly and in support the japanese senate's player making grand. history at the u.s. open andy is here with that story right after this show.
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at night in a stalking somali moms patrolled streets police. or lack of. tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. in. a doomed. by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of rain could be this is europe . when people need to be heard. but there's been a refugio muscle as long as it's not the known laws. and the story needs to be told we do stories that. i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground to renew documentaries and live news on
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air and on the. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president is warning of a bloodbath syrian rebel stronghold he along with the leaders of russia and iran has been holding talks in tehran about an expected offensive against the rebels in the province the u.n. has warned that could spark a humanitarian crisis. the first peace talks in two years between a yemeni sky. it's leaders in who the rebels have hit a hurdle wealthy say they can't get authorization from the saudi emirati coalition to fly to geneva and israel has banned palestinian teenager activists i head out to
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meet me from traveling abroad a seventeen year old and her family were due to head to europe on friday she was due to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement and her experience in prison. now un brokered ceasefire seems to be holding in libya's capital ten days of street battles between rival control of tripoli forced many from their homes and hundreds of african migrants who were released from a detention center close to the fighting have been rounded up others who fled remain missing libya correspondent. of sort of being moved from one detention center to another these migrants say their life hasn't changed at march they're from ethiopia eritrea and somalia like most of them twenty three years old and her baby girl. will risk youth off the coast of libya months ago she wants to dreamt of reaching italy but indeed with about two thousand
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others in detention close to the fighting in tripoli and other countries. we stayed five months in the previous detention center before the shelling came close to us then supervisors there opened the gates and ordered us to leave after being. many were soon rounded up and sent to a new detention center away from the fighting supervisors say they have saved the migrants lives but in this new detention center they can't afford to take care of them any longer. our detention center can't receive any more migrants in fact we can't feed all these people expenses were covered by donors the last couple of days . these african migrants are not the only people of fled the areas affected by the fighting many libyan families had to leave their homes two others remain stuck there and no one can reach them except some aid agencies.
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look to the malik middle seat and his team of paramedics carry aid in their ambulances they hope it will reach trapped civilians. we've also set up to hospitals near the clashes in areas which would casualties there and afterwards we take them to hospitals the recent fighting for control of tripoli started in the southern outskirts ten days ago. armored groups from tripoli which are backed by the internationally recognized government are battling the seventh infantry brigade from the city of kut who now which is a lie to fighters from misrata stray rockets fired in populated areas have contributed to the killing of dozens of people and destroyed homes. at the minimum and he says he's grateful to have escaped the fighting a few days ago along with his wife and two daughters they live in
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a classroom in this school third used to buy relief organization we believe that. the shelling was heavy and close to our house the whole night we couldn't stay there any longer so in the morning we left back in the detention center marry him and her friends are also fortunate to have escaped being killed but many other migrants who also fled the fighting and weren't around it remain unaccounted for. tripoli. the emir of qatar. funny has spoken about the gulf crisis at a conference in berlin his in germany to bulls business ties between qatar and germany the two countries have doubled trade in recent years and the emir announced qatar was investing in for the ten billion dollars he thinks germany for its support during the now sixteen month brocade impose by gulf countries.
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one minute a shot oh no it is important to point out that my people and myself continue to look to germany with full respect and appreciation and we also appreciate the fact that germany has taken a very ethical stance against the illegal measures that have been taken or imposed upon us by our neighbors. as a few listens and there are a lot of opportunities to expand economic cooperation between our two countries and we should make use of these opportunities especially in light of the politically tense situation in the gulf region which niggers of lee affix trade between gulf states we in germany regret the crisis germany is not involved in this conflict but we support all constructive contributions to sizzle the fight such as the past negotiation if it's by kuwait's. after their crackdown on the myanmar's military leaders may face prosecution at the international criminal court for
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crimes against humanity i.c.c. judges have ruled people from myanmar may be prosecuted despite their government not being a signatory to the agreement which gives the court jurisdiction and most military leaders deny genocide of the muslim minority and other crimes. geoffrey nice is a former prosecutor for the international criminal tribunal and worked on cases including that of serbian leader slobodan milosevic. waiting for somebody out that is not you have to fly the international criminal statute into a country that has ratified that you can lay that bangladesh then and say a crime is partly on the bangladesh that gets your station and that means the court can consider. the fence overrule and that would be a matter of explosion back in burma myanmar the decision of the court goes a little bit further and very helpful way of monitoring says that other possible
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war crimes committed in myanmar may have consideration in the jurisdiction of the international criminal court because of this forced expulsion being any instance when that we didn't back that there and the locals will so be very interesting in making clear that the prosecutor should not waste time in getting on an investigation. ranger refugee families in bangladesh or helping to slow down deforestation by being given gas stoves to cook them yes instead of firewood hundreds of thousands of refugees from myanmar in bangladesh account resources are scarce mama john john reports. in cox's bazaar bangladesh it's not just a humanitarian crisis that's unfolding an environmental one is too that's why today in the code to prolong refugee camp brock a local in geo is overseeing the planting of trees. tells me this initiative is one
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part of a larger effort to help this landscape recover and recounts how things got so dire . what is did go high off to the roof came to this country to far as charity got destroyed if we look at a picture of this area from before august twenty seventh we would see lots of green and forest after that when they started to build houses and roads that destroyed most of the forest not only that they are cutting down most of the wood to use for cooking just up the road rohinton refugee up dillman none emerges from the forest carrying the wood he's just gathered he explains that this is imperative to him and his family but i don't know we don't have stove so it's very hard for us to cook we have to collect this wood so we can eat in nearby checkmark cool refugee camp another effort aimed at preventing more deforestation here the united nations
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refugee agency is training rohingya refugees how to use the energy efficient stoves they will be given this pilot project is also distributing liquid petroleum gas or l.p.g. as it's called to thousands of families mikhail eden tells me the equivalent of four football fields of forest is being cut down daily because refugees need cooking fuel refuges are using firewood unefficient the stoves so it produces the red dust smoke which is quite unhealthy for the refugees. clear away. and that is three protection issues in the past year over seven hundred thousand rohinton refugees fled me and mars rock kind state after a crackdown that was launched against them by the military they have settled in neighboring bangladesh where the border town of cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world. the influx has drastically impacted the
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landscape for humans as well as animals the location of this camp happens to lie on a migratory route for endangered asian elephants that runs between bangladesh and me and mine now watch towers like the one you see behind me they've been built in key locations here in order to alert refugees if elephants into the area for now at least and despite everyone's best efforts only one thing is certain that the challenges here both humanitarian and environmental will for the foreseeable future continue. at the critical long and chuck markku refugee camps in cox's bazaar bangladesh. we're taking you now live to the united nations headquarters in new york where the u.n. security council is being briefed on a looming offensive on syria's province last rebel stronghold there this is the u.n. special envoy for syria mr. me who i deleted all of what they
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call the idea to believe about basically the north or let's say call them by name a little is it the group intention to fight on sick of september photo of the weaponized drone where the related or line of they landed on the plane. often simply did say more the russian literature they've used to carry out several attacks him in the air base in month. are you really really. because i'm hearing a double voice here clearly. yes thank you. for their part arm the opposition groups in italy have reportedly been fortifying their own positions digging tunnels entrenches indeed the needing bridges many of the armed opposition groups have in
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a parallel pleaded those who are not terrorists groups publicly for the afghan i go around the earth to secure a nonmilitary solution. to early august almost every single armed opposition group in need libya has now come under the banner of what if tional liberation front that includes various groups who have been operating under the same banner in the past if this is confirmed and we seem to be hearing that the if can be taken as a sign of their own willingness to separate from a lutheran and we hope that they now take even further steps to separate themself from listed they're already groups i note in this context that at the end of august turkey made it clear that it deals with the haleyville sharm a new therapy and that there if the organization sending
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a strong signal to armed groups to separate from the north for them from now on them we have seen statements in cantal statements regarding potential chemical weapons used we have seen warning in counter warnings about the danger of of a major assault on italy and we have seen intensified military presence in the region i've laid out to you madame president all the ingredients for a perfect storm the danger of our profound that any battle for italy. could be would be horrific in bloody battle civilians are its potential victims and they are ever present danger in the gate of a full scale assault of incident or rapid it's collisions involving regional and international players so let's remember that thirty three no wait leave after italy to which people can be evacuated or at least be feeling safe during
4:44 pm
a combat there must be any of them not the way that all out military escalation takes place the security council cannot accept that the civilians of it must meet the diaper freights all efforts to combat ted already do not supersede the obligations under international law and the moral conscience of humanity we must put the sanctity of human. life above everything else so that's why we are urging ourself in all of they called us to contribute to find a formula to prevent that terrible tragedy wind at same time allow the issue of security council this week need to terrorist groups to be addressed did acknowledge an issue of the by president putin and a dog on iran honey state that they decided to address the situation in italy and i quote in this bit of corporation that can act arised their standard format we don't
4:45 pm
have much more details on that we would like to see what this means in practice in order to address this issue they are to get around to earth of the last difficult mission area and therefore have a direct influence and frankly responsibility on how to solve it. and i'm sure it will be thundered top of the agenda as it was shown in detail and meeting. thought to all the key actors including gulf and many other countries who have leverage over known terrorist armed opposition groups to do whatever they can to ensure that they put the video first and separate from the notion and i am concerned about reports that many groups not all have become increasingly desperate and in some cases ruthless. my colleague john ging from orchard will brief you on what must happen on the human side to protect civilians and the human
4:46 pm
it dearest bonds but let me emphasize people should be granted safe passage to places of their own choosing if they want to leave temporarily we must allow the opening of a sufficient number of protected voluntary evacuation routes for civilians in any direction east north and south and for that we must be granted access the un and at the scaling the un stands reading mein goods even i'm sure all my colleagues of the humanitarian team to work with all parties on the spot end elsewhere on the modalities impellor meters for establishing in functioning any such a voluntary evacuation route if it was required with full respect for international humanitarian law and human rights principles let me further rater it i think the general clear position that any use of chemical weapons is totally totally
4:47 pm
unacceptable and if the op if he ws found the norm against the use of chemical weapons plant has been repeatedly violated in theory. the it must not happen again i cannot fit enough the danger associated with any alleged use of these were both not only in your many don't but also the acute raid two men deigning international peace and security by equally strongly underscore that the overwhelming majority of civilians have been killed in syria by incriminated indiscriminate or sometimes targeted attacks against civilians by conventional weapons and these are all fill a border and in an acceptable. one last point all of the if talk of an assault on and which can produce the perfect storm or need lip is happening at the exactly the same time when the reads it with talk of moving on
4:48 pm
a constitutional committee and divide urges syrian refugees to return to their country these negative do not sit well one beside the other idea we are trying to find a political way to end the war and move to a puff war political thing only on all we will see this war reach new level of of our earth that is wide today's meeting into danny so important then why i am convening iran and russia and doak in geneva next monday and tuesday and him and into thing and then on friday egypt france germany jordan saudi arabia united kingdom and the united states. it would be the ultimate failure of imagination of end of develop diplomacy if with gifts and forth we simply saw an increase of military activities. let me conclude with two
4:49 pm
points if i may madam president the first one is i've seen today many people coming from the lib civilians they are civilians represented two point nine million people they are women normal doctors farmers people there are almost three million they have been initiated in the most regions peaceful demonstrations they have been having candlelight at night to show that in each of these homes they are normal people not necessarily daenerys the out treme civilians. and i've been inspired by what they've been telling me because they've been asking us the un and through you yourself do all of those great their voices in that context if you allow me in their private chambre since
4:50 pm
the question of separating terrorist from odd earth and protecting civilians and give up voice to disobedience since i've been asked to do we have at the un any ideas we do so maybe as in there with dick deliberate your elaborating then when we meet in a bridge and there are any idea any proposal to avoid this becoming a big get your money there and tragedy at the end of the most horrible recent conflict in our memory should be at least given a chance thank you. i thank you mr de mistura for your briefing during this presidency we are putting on meetings in the open we do want to hear what you have to say from the civilians and we do want to hear what they think and we would appreciate it if you would say that publicly and let us know what you think so if you have any additional comments after we are done more more than happy
4:51 pm
to hear those if you are comfortable with that being public. on your vision in building on the phone the fact that you are asking me to do thought i have no problem in fact all our proposals are in it and should be public thought just give me a chance to do it would not like the myth to chance to actually make a proposal and then see where the anyone else has got other proposals of don't just stop and think that it's a horrible thing let's hope it doesn't happen thank you we thoroughly agree and we appreciate your service and we thank you and i now give the floor to representative mr jang. thank you madam president last week during the monthly briefing on the humanitarian situation in syria i briefed on the recent developments in italy our current response and the planning on her way and also the preparations for the situation escalate further today i will provide additional updates on the situation
4:52 pm
and the humanitarian response as a special envoy has said two point nine million people almost three million living in it lip deescalation zone which includes parts of it led by level like tacky and hammer governments the of these people two point one million are in need of humanitarian assistance this includes one point four million people who are internally displaced while our humanitarian response currently focuses on supporting two point one million people in need we are concerned for the protection and safety of all civilians living in the area should the hostilities intensify on the fourth of september renewed air and ground based strikes in western and southern rural lib as well as in northern rural hama led to civilian casualties and displacement heavy bombardment of the sugar area of western rule it led
4:53 pm
led to some thirteen civilian deaths including at least four children injuring another twenty civilians on the sixth of september a hospital near to fear zita in northern ham was reportedly hit by an airstrike despite the fact that it had been d. conflicted we also continue to receive reports of improvised explosive devices and other attacks killing and maiming civilians in populated areas throughout italy including humanitarian aid workers at least three doctors have been killed in august alone. as a result of the insecurity schools in western it live and around ash sugar and surrounding communities have been suspended key crossing points between government and opposition controlled areas are also reportedly closed some by the destruction of bridges by non-state armed opposition groups in addition to restricting freedom
4:54 pm
of movement for the population this is also contributed to rising food prices and shortages madam president at the request of humanitarian organizations the united nations has provided de confliction information for one hundred twenty five humanitarian sites in italy to the military actors this information was submitted to facilitate the parties to identify humanitarian facilities warehouses offices and sites where humanitarian assistance is being provided to people in need in their military operations all parties bear the obligation to take constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects including humanitarian workers and humanitarian facilities and it be conflicted sites that are reported to have been targeted must be immediately investigated adam president the united nations and non-governmental organizations continue to implement a major humanitarian operation throughout italy with an average of two million
4:55 pm
people reached every month we cross border assistance from turkey. beyond the provision of assistance efforts are underway and ongoing to ensure that the people in need can be supported in the inventor of increased hostilities our teams in damascus and as entier have together developed a readiness plan that sets out a coordinated flexible response for affected population in the coming period plans are in place to support up to nine hundred thousand women children and men that could be affected by conflict including of two a potential seven hundred thousand people who may be displaced within islam and beyond to two potential hostilities we also estimate that a potential hundred thousand people may cross into government controlled areas in addition of conflict spreads to the teller a fat area we estimate another hundred thousand may seek to move towards other areas in aleppo governors or to the northeast syria madam president humanitarian
4:56 pm
aid is already being positioned inside it live as well as in surrounding areas in aleppo like faqir and hammer this includes ready to eat food rations sufficient for one week to cover as many as eight hundred fifty thousand people both through cross border operations via turkey and from inside syria additionally non-food items shelter wash and medical supplies are also being pre-positioned the world health organization has dispatched more than twenty five tons of supplies to aleppo over the past month alone. the united nations has released twenty million from the turkey humanitarian fund some ten million of this allocation is focused on ensuring shelter and non-food items will be available should an increase in violence force people to be displaced while some donors including the u.k. and germany have recently provided resources for which we additional resources for which we are most grateful the amount received falls woefully short of the three
4:57 pm
hundred nine eleven million that we estimate is required if there is an increase that of the violence resulting in large scale displacement simply put this is funding that we do not currently have has multiple crisis over the last period in ghouta afrin in southern syria and in italy barely or this year have drained or already limited pool of resources that in president civilians in the deescalation zone have borne the impact of fighting throughout the years of the syria conflict these are vulnerable populations who have been displaced to the area from eastern aleppo from eastern good from northern rule homs and from southern syria communities and humanitarian responders have been stretched to their limits to support those who are arriving often with nothing the humanitarian impact on civilians of any increase in fighting will therefore be most severe and the worst
4:58 pm
case scenario in a clip where millions would flee will overwhelm all capacity to respond regardless of plans or funding made available. it has the potential to create a humanitarian emergency at a scale not just seen through this crisis in front luzhin madam president let me highlight five key asks to this council and through you to all parties to the conflict and those who have influence over them number one cease hostilities in the area and at minimum ensure there is no escalation number to ensure the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure including humanitarian and medical personnel and assets in compliance with the parties obligations under international humanitarian law number three respect and enable freedom of movement for people who wish to move in any direction additionally civilians who choose to stay must be allowed to do so and must remain protected number four allowing facilitate safe
4:59 pm
rapid only hindered and sustained humanitarian access to the people in need through the most direct routes including to areas which have changed control number five increase funding for priority response and readiness activities noting that the humanitarian response is already overstretched thank you madam president thank you very much mr ging for your for your briefing and for your important remarks and a reminder that after the council members speak if they have any questions or comments from mr de mistura we're going to bring him back on after the security council members have spoken and before the representative from syria speak i will now give the floor to his excellently mr co-leader all general. deputy minister for foreign the u.n. security council being briefed there about the situation in syria specifically
5:00 pm
about this situation in a province in northwest syria the last rebel stronghold which is under threat of a government offensive we heard from the u.n. humanitarian operation chief john gang just a short while ago before that stefan de mistura the u.n. special envoy for syria we heard warnings of a bloodbath a humanitarian catastrophe if the syrian government were to go ahead with the unexpected military offensive in it live province and last rebel stronghold once again but there are some three million people who live in the province as well this briefing of the security council coming just hours after a summit in tehran between russia iran and turkey the three countries agreeing to jointly look for ways to resolve the situation in a rebel held. province in syria i want to bring in our diplomatic editor james frey's who's been listening into this briefing at the security council for as james talk us through what we've heard so far from both the u.n. special envoy for.


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