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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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known that the cost of providing that treatment its. impact on the rest of society . brazil's real drugs will on the people's house on al-jazeera. civilians protests and strikes continue in the leaders of iran russia and turkey discuss the fate of the syrian province. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. protests over a lack of basic services in iraq rage on with demonstrators storming the arabian consulate in benghazi or. the brazilian far right presidential candidate she was on the campaign trail and says he had prepared himself for such an attack. and
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hundreds queue for coffee as starbucks opens its first store in spiritual with the express. so then turkey has warned that it cannot to take in any more syrian refugees if government and russian forces push ahead with the planned offensive in it lip at a meeting of the leaders of turkey iran and russia in tehran to discuss the fate of the rebel held province president to an expressed fears of a bloodbath it thought full scale fighting in it led could cause a humanitarian disaster almost three million people trapped and leaders agreed to meet again to seek joint solution well it'll be surrounded by syrian forces from the west from the south and from the east the safe strikes have focused on the western town of just sugar which is a stronghold for the al qaeda in the hyatt. ariel sharon turkey is trying to
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prevent an all out conflict fearing tens of thousands more refugees would flee across its border all the turkish president recip tiber when call for an urgent ceasefire in syria. and i was serious to me there are different methods required in the struggle against terrorism which involve patience and sensitivity as turkey we have shown these qualities and we are determined to continue in this way we do not want a bloodbath in italy and we expect you to support us in this regard we have shared concerns in relation to it and we must find a solution with this in mind. but the russian president vladimir putin rejected calls for a ceasefire saying the syrian government has the right to regain its territory. mr pardon would. not we should think over all aspects of this complicated issue and the problem together while understanding that the legitimate syrian government has
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the right and should have the end but the whole national territory under its control but you might well let's hear now from zambia as ravi our correspondent who has more now from tehran. of the many issues discussed at the trilateral summit in teheran between the presidents of iran russia and turkey perhaps the thing that will impact syrians on the ground in syria most immediately is the three countries diverging on what to do next with regards to live now the turkish president president the one was clear that his country is already housing three point five million syrian refugees and that any displacement of the three point five million more syrians currently living and live is not something that would be sustainable and would be unfair to the syrian people the majority of whom are innocent civilians and have suffered enough now president hassan rouhani for his part acknowledged that yes the majority of people there are not armed fighters are not affiliated to any of the groups but that it lived needed to be rooted out or
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terrorists as he called them needed to be rooted out from it live to assure that that the civilians there would not be used as human shields now he has gone on throughout the day talking about how syria's national security and territorial integrity is a major priority and retaking it by the syrian government is an important part of moving forward from conflict to reconstruction now if he was off occupying the middle ground then the russian president vladimir putin was on the other end of the spectrum and made his position clear that if armed groups of terrorists as he called them are willing to use innocent civilians as human shields then what happens in live next is going to be the fault of those armed groups so three very different opinions on what promises to be the final battle in syria the final large scale battle and
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a seemingly inevitable battle now for it live meanwhile there have been demonstrations across syria against a planned offensive in the. fountains of people took to the streets after friday prayers calling for a halt to any military operation many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food more than half of it lives population are already displaced people who fled other parts of the country deserves item. was one of the protests in live. with one of them develop it they were going to know about that it would be about what dozens of demonstrations in the proppants of it live and the countryside of ham and aleppo have taken place condemning the russian intervention and moscow's threats to launch a military operation in the demonstrators called for the armed opposition factions to unite to repel any possible attack by the regime forces and their allies on italy and at suburbs the demonstrators carried balance condemning the u.n. envoy to mr aris statements about it live and the silence of the international
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community about the threats of the regime forces and its allies to launch a military operation on the rage and over the last couple of hours u.n. security council has been discussing it lip mask at it's a james bays joins us live now from the united nations in new york and james the u.n. envoy just talked about a new plan for it live but what exactly does that involve. you know stuff on de mistura was briefing the u.n. security council and he first said he had a new plan that he'd like to give them in a closed session in private away from the cameras and the president of the security council for the month of september the u.s. ambassador nikki haley said the u.s. had a policy for this month of having all its meetings in public so she asked him to brief this new plan in public to the security council and for that matter to the worlds now the new plan relies i think on those sort of protests that you've seen in adlib
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it relies on public mobilization of civilians in the u.n. believes that ninety eight point eight percent of the people in it live are civilians it also relies on turkey putting pressure on the fighters and the idea is to separate the fighters from the civilians here's more from the special envoy ideally all the militant fighters should be asked with the line to move their own military presence beit is a way to be away from populated think that village is at this same time and here comes that message and that message i've got from the population and me being indicating that this is what they've been after from the or the armed groups to move out the day may how does day may fit the
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creamy there be bold going to be more be left on that it is a perennial problem this isn't it james how likely it is this plan to work. i have to say i'm somewhat skeptical are you sure there are people on the ground in need live large number of people who would support this plan civilians who don't have weapons but then let's think about those who have weapons who are currently there in built up areas in need live in the cities the towns and the villages the big question is why would they decide to move out into the countryside when they know that the syrian government and russia want to bomb them and the question is why would they be persuaded to do that the un has idea is that public pressure those sort of protests in it will encourage them to do so and pressure by turkey but i'm somewhat skeptical this will work or i guess leave it there for the moment james bay is reporting from the united nations in new york.
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protesters in the iraqi city of basra have stormed the iranian consulate and set the building on fire they chanted aaron out and bands were is free parliament has called for an emergency meeting to discuss days of anti-government protests which have left eleven people that report security forces have opened fire on crowds killing protesters residents in the southern oil rich region say the tide of government corruption as well as the lack of jobs water and electricity rob matheson at this report. political parties out basra remains free they chant and they cry we will never be humiliated that targets of their anger our politicians who they say turned their backs on. the protesters say neglect and government corruption is causing rising unemployment in this oil rich
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region and crumbling basra is infrastructure. why i'm living comfortably at parliament and inside the green zone while we're out here dying of hunger and thirst while our young people and graduates in the market sending onions all the government jobs and restricted to the parties. this is their destination the shell of the provincial government offices torched on thursday one of several public buildings to be set alight since the protests began. some iraqis have been killed during the protests in what's regarded as iraq's shia muslim heartland many others are in hospital during friday prayers the representative of iraq's leading shia cleric condemned the violence against both the protesters and security forces guarding the buildings he also criticized politicians for being too interested in vying for power. the patient people cannot afford more lack
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of interest from the officials in solving their increasing problems and the crisis there competing between themselves for political gain and gaining governmental posts along foreigners to intervene in the country's affairs. iraq's parliament is expected to hold an emergency session on saturday a multi-billion dollar emergency program has been devised to rebuild the city services but parliament in baghdad has been in political limbo since elections in may. the people of basra doubt that anything will be done to help them soon and the protests are likely to go on rob matheson al jazeera. a suspect is in custody and is being questioned in brazil after the far right presidential candidate. was stand at a campaign rally he's being transferred from a hospital in jewish before to where he was attacked to sao paolo to continue his recovery and is in
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a serious but stable condition. is the first round front runner in the upcoming election despite making divisive comments on several issues. says he was prepared for an attack. all of us have a mission here on earth and this mission will be accomplished by me or you or someone else until the moment determined by god i prepared myself for a moment like this because you run risks part of japan's earthquake hit island of could be without power for a week according to authorities and maybe. six point seven quake left more than five million people without power when it struck on thursday at least eighteen people have died and in one small town hit by landslides more than twenty people are still unaccounted for sniffer dogs are searching the rubble for survivors. still to come this hour. finding ways to protect the environment the initiatives giving reinjure refugees to reduce the impact surrounding forests.
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and breaking down traditional ideas of how films are released netflix makes its present felt at the film festival. i'm afraid we are going to see more wet weather pushing into southeastern parts of china over the next couple days not too bad at the moment largely clear skies this line of cloud which runs from the southwest up towards shanghai will sink its way further south which as we go through the next few days the. pitch the heavy downpours right across southern china hong kong never too far away some wet weather also affecting taiwan i will continue to just drive this where a little further south was lost a little circulation here will bring some rather heavy showers possibility of a little localized flooding certainly not out of the question over the next few
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days and as you can see taiwan seeing the heavy showers north of that it brightens up shanghai gets up to around twenty nine degrees celsius in the sunshine not so much sunshine across northern parts of india but further south the skies a good deal clearer a good deal drier here into caroline's a tumble not due and also into flanker but this little area of cloud has been swirling away for some time has made its way in from the by a single some heavy downpours coming back in across the northern plains and if anything that will nudge a little further north woods and west which as we go through sunday system lively showers coming through here pakistan stays dry more dry weather for southern india . at night in a. somali patrolled streets. and not. for lack of money. tired of gang violence they use
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a maternal approach to prevent crime. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of rincon this is europe on al-jazeera. the arab . and again a reminder the top stories here on the leaders of turkey russia and iran have met in tehran to discuss the looming fight for the syrian problem separately he says it cannot afford to take in more refugees who could be forced to flee if syrian forces launched an assault on rebel fighters. brazilian police are questioning
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a suspect after a far right presidential candidate at a rally. is in a serious condition in hospital and people on japan's earthquake hit island of could be without power for a week at least eighteen people are confirmed dead and dozens more missing. to yemen now where rebels say they are prepared to attend u.n. sponsored peace talks in geneva if three of their demands are met a member of the delegation has told al jazeera that demands include transporting wounded rebels to amman repatriation of rebels who have already received treatment and a guarantee that the delegation that would travel to geneva be allowed to return to the rebel held capital of sana the he delegation did not attend planned talks on thursday which would have been the first in almost two years david is in geneva. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is still holding out hope that these consultation talks can
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start but he doesn't know exactly when it could be saturday it could be sunday it could even be monday but you still holding out hope the question is exactly how long can the yemen government delegation sitting on their own here at this hotel in geneva how long can they actually wait when will their patience run out still on the ground in sun other yemeni capital is the who cheat rebel delegation they're demanding the chance to put injured fighters on their plane for treatment in the amman the capital of moscow's but the yemeni government spokesman here told me this not only the injured fighters they're trying to get on that plane let's hear what he said they said yesterday that they want to departure from yemen we have information from our side from there from sanaa that those are not injuries they are a group of iranian and
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a group of hezbollah experts who were. ballastic missiles program that has been fired and they are training who theory they had there been training for the for the last three days years it's been described by the united nations as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world more than ten thousand people have died two thousand or so have been children every day these peace consultations are delayed means more lives are put at risk. well you are in brokered cease fire remains in place in libya's capital following ten days of violence left more than sixty people dead many more homeless some african migrants who were recently released from a detention center near the fighting have been rounded up again but others who fled remain missing. as this report. after being be moved from one detention center to another these migrants a their life hasn't changed much they're from ethiopia eritrea and somalia
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like most of them twenty three years old and her baby girl rehana were rescued off the coast of libya months ago she wants to dreamt of reaching italy but indeed with about two thousand others in detention close to the fighting in tripoli whether it's. the state five months in the previous detention center before the shelling came close to us then supervises their open the gates and ordered us to leave after being. many were soon rounded up and sent to a new detention center away from the fighting supervisors say they have saved the migrants lives but in this new detention center they can't afford to take care of them any longer. our detention center can't receive any more migrants in fact we can't feed all these people expenses were covered by donors the last couple of days
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. these african migrants are not the only people who fled the areas affected by the fighting many libyan families had to leave their homes two others remain stuck there and no one can reach them except some aid agencies. look to the malik middle seat and his team of paramedics carry aid in their ambulances they hope it will reach trapped civilians with a good enough we've also set up field hospitals near the clashes in areas which were casualties there and afterwards we take them to hospitals the recent fighting for control of tripoli started in the southern outskirts ten days ago. armored groups from tripoli which are backed by the internationally recognized government are battling the seventh infantry brigade from the city of that huna which is allied to fighters from misrata stray rockets fired in populated areas have
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contributed to the killing of dozens of people and destroyed homes. abdomen him and he says he's grateful to have escaped the fighting a few days ago along with his wife and two daughters they live in a classroom in this school furnished by a relief organization we believe that the shelling was heavy and close to our house the whole night we couldn't stay there any longer so in the morning we left back in the detention center marry him and her friends are also fortunate to have escaped being killed but many other migrants who also fled the fighting and weren't around it remain unaccounted for. tripoli. immigration is one of the main issues that german chancellor angela merkel and the french president to mental macro are currently discussing at a meeting and must say merkel has faced a political backlash over her response to the mediterranean refugee crisis germany
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has welcomed more than one million refugees since the heights of the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen when early as she met the amir of cotton who announce close economic ties with germany shake time in been tunney thanks germany for its support during the sixteen months the blockade imposed by gulf nations and he says the council will invest more than eleven billion dollars in germany over the next five years trade between the two countries as has doubled in recent years is. the president of serbia and kosovo have called off a face to face meeting to discuss a controversial land swap under the deal of the press of a valley in southern serbia where the population is most need mostly ethnic albanian would join kosovo and return serbia would take control over the majority serb area of kosovo north of the river. well the talks on the land deal with to be held in brussels where they were welcomed by e.u. foreign policy chief federica moe greeny she said that while difficulties remain
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she trusted both leaders to arrive at a neatly binding agreement to bangladesh where concern is growing over the impact there hinge refugee crisis is having on the environment thousands of people live in makeshift camps between bangladesh and minima where results is scarce vast areas of forests have been cleared for use as firewood as may have a gem june now reports in cox's bazaar bangladesh it's not just a humanitarian crisis that's unfolding an environmental one is too that's why today in the could to prolong refugee camp brac a local ngo is overseeing the planting of treats. salaam tells me this initiative is one part of a larger effort to help this landscape recover and recounts how things got so dire . what is did. after the rohingya came to this country to far as charity got destroyed if we look at
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a picture of this area from before august twenty seventh seen we would see lots of green a forest after that when they started to build houses and roads that destroyed most of the forest not only that they are cutting down most of the wood to use for cooking just up the road rohinton refugee up dillman none emerges from the forest carrying the wood he's just gathered he explains that this is imperative to him and his family that's part of it and we don't have stove so it's very hard for us to cook we have to collect this wood so we can eat in nearby checkmark cool refugee camp another effort aimed at preventing more deforestation here the united nations refugee agency is training rohinton refugees how to use the energy efficient stoves they will be given this pilot project is also distributing liquid petroleum gas or l.p.g. as it's called to thousands of families mikhail tells me the equivalent of four football fields of forest is being cut down daily because refugees need cooking
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fuel the refugees are using firewood on an efficient the night stoves so it produces or it does smoke which is quite unhealthy for the refugees. and. the way. and that story is protection issues in the past year over seven hundred thousand rohinton refugees fled me and mars rock kind state after a crackdown that was launched against them by the military. they have settled in neighboring bangladesh where the border town of cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world the influx has drastically impacted the landscape for humans as well as animals the location of this camp happens to live on a migratory route for endangered asian elephants that runs between bangladesh and me and mark now watch towers like the one you see behind me they've been built in key locations here in order to alert refugees if elephants into the area for now at
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least and despite everyone's best efforts only one thing is certain that the challenges here both humanitarian and environmental will for the foreseeable future continue. at the critical long and chuck markkula refugee camps in cox's bazaar bangladesh. netflix is preparing six same productions at the venice film festival much to the displeasure of italian exhibitors and they're critical of the netflix strategy which sees it debut films online in the same day as in cinemas but some in the industry say online platforms are vital for making new movies and this report. says city known for its unchanging beauty but over at the international film festival they're moving boldly into the future but that's what the organizers say anyhow they put on a record six films backed by the online platform netflix including the latest coen
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brothers film on route to san juan and on my home i've been worked on the alessio criminy knees crime drama on my skin based on a real life case of a death in police custody it will be released on the same day on netflix and in italian movie theaters. but for most of the netflix films including this newly finished final film from the late alston wells it's not clear how widely they'll be screened and for how long and that's worrying some in the industry who are involved in nurturing new talent that business model and if netflix keeps going to it's going to place for everybody else in the room. in a cinematic process and has a lot of integrity in the way that it develops and include us and ultimately not experiences for everyone to be in a cinema this week the international confederation of art cinema surged venice to reserve competition slots for quote works of art that will be seen in cinemas
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internationally but for this venice veteran it's time for change are approve of netflix prove him as an unproven anybody who's prepared to give money to people who make films who would otherwise not get the money. so i don't think it will make any difference to the type of films being made because netflix. keep on saying you can make the film as you want. here at venice is industry section business is brisk as people look for a deal to support their films or their ideas more and more of those deals are being struck with online platforms like netflix and amazon which means more fields that the public can choose to see either at the cinema or on devices like their smartphones but the man heading this part of the festival rejects worries that netflix will make it harder for independent filmmakers to break through i would say netflix is not so sure it's choice for them but for some us approach. that of
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course we are more looking to have to make business was it. netflix didn't have anyone for us to talk to in venice but they could end up with a winner alfonso koran's nine hundred seventy s. drama roma is one of the competition favorites whatever happens they've shaken up the industry but the real impact is still being debated. at the venice film festival. the american coffee giant starbucks is a produce the very first store in italy considered the spiritual home of the expressway hundreds of people queued up for up to an hour to get a cup of coffee undeterred by the comparatively high prices and espresso will cost just over two dollars more than double what italians normally pay one consumer group has already filed a complaint with competition watchdog saying the prices are unfair. and i hope it's better than american coffee the great what have you because this is the first and i mean and this is our business. tesla shares have suffered
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the biggest drop in two years as controlled as he once again swirls around tesla c.e.o. long musk is perfect it's with a storm off to briefly smoking marijuana joining in live webcast in a tumultuous few months for tesla has stunned investors when he said he was going to take the company private an idea he reversed shortly after. so let's have a recap of the top stories here analogise earth and turkey has warned it cannot take it any more syrian refugees if government forces push ahead with a planned offensive in italy the leaders of turkey and russia met in tehran to discuss the fate of the rebel held province and fear that full scale fighting in it labor could cause a humanitarian disaster with almost three million people trapped that the leaders agreed to meet again to seek a joint solution meanwhile thousands of people across syria protested against the
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planned offensive many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food in case of widespread fighting more than half of its population are already displaced people who fled other parts of the country the u.n. says the syrian government's plan to retake it could trigger the worst humanitarian crisis of the wall the humanitarian impact on civilians of any increase in fighting will therefore be most severe and the worst case scenario a new clip where millions would flee would overwhelm all capacity to respond regardless of plans or funding made available. it has the potential to create a humanitarian emergency at a scale not just seen through this crisis protesters in the iraqi city of basra have set fire to the iranian consulate they chanted. and balancer is free people in the southern oil rich region say at times of government corruption as well as the
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lack of jobs water and electricity at least eleven people have been killed in protests this week. brazilian police are questioning a suspect after a far right presidential candidate was stopped at a campaign rally jabil sonora has been transferred from a hospital in jewish defo to where he was attacked to stop ali is in a serious but stable condition also nari is popular in opinion polls despite making divisive comments on several issues parts of japan's earthquake hit island of hockey could be without power for a week according to authorities the magnitude six point seven quake left more than five million people without power when it struck only on thursday at least eighteen people have died but more than twenty are still unaccounted for. you got to take the top stories this hour stay with us this is europe is coming up right now live.
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some of that was way out on a site you have been about access that got on the subway.
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