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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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and wrong stuff wrong i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. millions in peril the u.n. warns of the biggest humanitarian tragedy as an offensive in syria's rebel stronghold looms. large from doha everyone i'm come all santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera the warnings on syria have been voiced in tehran as well with the presidents of turkey iran and russia sent together in search of solutions also had the brazilian far right presidential candidate who was stabbed on the campaign trail says he prepared himself for such an attack. born in serbia taught in
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albanian the school that could soon have borders rearranged around it. so concerns are growing louder from around the world about what a planned offensive on the last rebel held territory in syria could really mean the un security council's been briefed in the past few hours and suggestions of safe passage should be created for up to three million people in the special envoy for syria says full scale fighting and it could trigger the quote biggest humanitarian tragedy at the end of the most horrible recent conflict in our memory. president egypt typer one warned his country can't take in any more syrian refugees as he met his russian and iranian counterparts in teheran but rejected it once called for a cease fire but they and iran's president hassan rouhani did agree to meet again to seek a joint solution president hassan rouhani emphasized the need for political and
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military solutions have a listen. to fight terrorism an adlib isn't an inevitable. part of a mission to bring about peace and stability and. we should make sure that their civilians are not harmed and just process. we are fighting for peace war for war is a mistake from our point of view more from our correspondent covering things in tehran example surviving. of the many issues discussed at the trilateral summit in teheran between the presidents of iran russia and turkey perhaps the thing that will impact syrians on the ground in syria most immediately is if the three countries diverging on what to do next with regards to live now the turkish president president of the one was clear that his country is already housing three
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point five million syrian refugees and that any displacement of the three point five million more syrians currently living and live is not something that would be sustainable and would be unfair to the syrian people the majority of whom are innocent civilians and have suffered enough now president hassan rouhani for his part acknowledge that yes the majority of people there are not armed fighters who are not affiliated to any of the groups but that it lived needed to be rooted out or terrorists as he called them needed to be rooted out from it live to assure that that the civilians there would not be used as human shields now he has gone on throughout the day talking about how syria's national security and territorial integrity is a major priority and retaking it by the syrian government is an important part of moving forward from conflict to reconstruction now if he was occupying the middle ground then the russian president vladimir putin was on the other end of the
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spectrum and made his position clear that if armed groups of terrorists as he called them are willing to use innocent civilians as human shields then what happens in the next is going to be the fault of those armed groups so three very different opinions on what promises to be the final battle in syria the final large scale battle and a seemingly inevitable battle now for it live. let's check in with our diplomatic editor james bays that u.n. headquarters in new york the security council was briefed and part of that briefing was a video link up with stephanie vista the special envoy yes and he said that he was very concerned deeply concerned about the situation that is also the feeling of a meeting i've just been to of opposition leaders from syria where there really was
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very little hope about the situation but mr de mistura told security council he did have a plan that had been suggested by civil society in it lip he told ambassador nikki haley who is tembe as president of the security council that he would like to brief in private on this plan she said no during her month as the president she wanted all meetings in public so he agreed to reveal his secret plan in front of the security council and so in front of us two and made it clear that his plan was to try and separate the ninety eight point eight percent of the population believed to be nearly three million in libya who are civilians from the fighters this is what he had to say they thought your lobby laid lesion is being already mounting we have been think not only candlelight we've been think they're mostly without a little bit about know they want to let them today by a look at their door actually put it on flag the people they know we don't want that we want just to remind everyone we are sleeping with three million people have
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a voice they can you did if they hear that we are theory of the budget. so that is james and ambitious plan to save the laith what's your take on it. yeah well he says that what he's going to do is we've already got protests in the live he's going to try and mobilize those citizens who are the vast majority of people there get them to use their voice he's also going to try to get turkey to put pressure on the fighters and then he's going to say to the fighters well you need to leave the built up areas you need to leave the cities the towns and villages in it and go into the countryside the problem with this plan as far as i see it is if you are a fighter in it live and remember you've been fighting for seven and a half years and not given up in all that time why would you leave the built up areas which are your safe havens surrounded by civilians and go into the countryside where you can easily bomb to by those who want to bomb you the russian
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air force and the syrian government devils james maybe you can this is a little unconventional but you can answer the question which of your actually sent to me a little bit earlier on a newsgroup i was asking about why the un and the united states and the like weren't involved in the talks in iran today i mean it's worth repeating that they're out there separate diplomatic tracks sort of still ongoing on. there are separate different diplomatic tracks and this is a configuration that started in kazakhstan with the start of process set off by the russians who decided i think with talks between president putin and president that maybe they could shape this together as their own rival sides of the war in syria and have been backing different sides and that's been a long term process now for several years that's been going on through starner sochi and now the next meeting which took place just
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a few hours ago was in tehran others have been there at various stages observers but this really is a trilateral process between iran russia and turkey stefan de mistura wants to see those three in the next few days in geneva but he's also going to be meeting some of the western powers the big question though is whether the onslaught the assault on will actually happen in the meantime james bays that u.n. h.q. in new york thank you for that so the talks go on over syria but a planned meeting on the war in yemen had a snag for the rebels haven't yet managed to fly into the swiss city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of the yemeni government un special envoy for yemen martin griffith is already there he says he's discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with yemen's foreign minister often david chase are in geneva. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is still holding out hope that these consultations talks
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can start but he doesn't know exactly when it could be saturday it could be sunday it could even be monday but he's still holding out hope the question is though exactly how long planned the yemen government delegation sitting on their own here at this hotel in geneva how long can they actually wait when will their patience run out. still on the ground in sun other yemeni capital is the who cheat rebel delegation they're demanding the chance to put injured fighters on their plane for treatment in the amman the capital of moscow's but the yemeni government spokesman here told me this not only the injured fighters they're trying to get on that plane let's hear what he said they said yesterday that they want to departure and jets from yemen we have information from our side from there from sanaa that those are not injuries they are a group of iranian and or
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a group of hezbollah experts who were. ballastic missiles a program that has been fired and they are training who theory they had there been training for the for the last three days years it's been described by the united nations as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world more than ten thousand people have died two thousand or so have been children every day these peace consultations are delayed means more lives are put at risk. protesters in the southern iraqi city of bouncer of stormed the iranian consulate and set it on fire. but chanting iran out and bouncer is free parliament in baghdad is called an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss four days of anti-government anger and the killing of at least eleven protesters iraqis in the oil rich south side tired of government corruption as well as the lack of jobs water and electricity matheson has that story. political parties out remains free they
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chant and they cry we will never be humiliated the targets of their anger our politicians who they say atoned their backs on basra. the protesters say neglect and government corruption is causing rising unemployment in this oil rich region and crumbling basra is infrastructure yes yes why i'm living comfortably at parliament and inside the green saying well we're out here dying of hunger and thirst why are young people and graduates squatting in the market selling onions all the government jobs and restricted to the parties. this is their destination the shell of the provincial government offices torched on thursday one of several public buildings to be set alight since the protests began. some iraqis have been killed during the protests and what's regarded as iraq's shia muslim heartland many
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others are in hospital during friday prayers the representative of iraq's leading shia cleric condemned the violence against both the protesters and security forces guarding the buildings he also criticized politicians for being too interested in vying for power. to shock. the patient people cannot afford more lack of interest from the officials in solving their increasing problems and the crisis they're competing between themselves for political gain and gaining governmental posts along foreigners to intervene in the country's affairs iraq's parliament is expected to hold an emergency session on saturday a multi-billion dollar emergency program has been devised to rebuild the city services but parliament in baghdad has been in political limbo since elections in may. the people of basra doubt that anything will be done to help them soon and the protests are likely to go on rob matheson al jazeera in the news
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ahead europe's new frontier how migrants are encountering an unexpected hurdle trying to went to france that and the headlines in a moment. we have from the storm is a rumbling away across a good part of turkey at the moment i shall is just sliding outs of the black sea edging over towards the caspian so we are going to see some more heavy showers here over the next day or so southern parts of russia pushing down into georgia armenia and azerbaijan you could see some lively showers elsewhere but these generally dry across northern parts of the middle east the forty celsius the back that forty five in kuwait city in the heat really stays in place here as we go on through sunday for the west is fine and dry cyprus might just catch the odd shall i shall is just
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sliding asif to keep it elsewhere across the region as you can see it is pretty much wall to wall sunshine that sunshine stretches down across the arabian peninsula little cloud just building into amman maybe into southern areas of yemen as we go through saturday and on into sunday so fitting a little more here with that said the possibility a few spots of right not answer the question still feeling rather humid here in doha with a high of around forty degrees celsius but it will be dry largely dry to across a good part all southern africa you can see this area cloud has been making its way across the southern cape into the eastern cape more showers along spells afraid for a tie but lost the dry by sunday.
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the headlines here on al-jazeera this hour the u.n. special envoy to syria says the situation and it's set up for what he calls a perfect storm staffan de mistura told the u.n. security council the expected military offensive against rebels in the province will be a horrific battle and it's warning of the biggest humanitarian tragedy at the end
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of the most horrible recent conflict in our memory came out turkey's president is warning of a bloodbath and serious as well he's been in teheran for a summit with his russian and iranian counterparts have agreed to meet once again in moscow spoke to us some little bit earlier from save the children who says it's working with other aid organizations to prepare for a worst case humanitarians an aria. it makes sense for us first aid organizations to come together to be calling for what we consider will be i mean joe boyd a humanitarian catastrophe and it lead because we asked aid agencies extremely stretched we're talking about three million people in. how much of them over half of them have already been displaced from other parts of syria living in the area in. syria which has the highest the highest human to thailand
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needs and it is going to action and violence could only make things worse so we are preparing on the ground for potential escalation but i think the thing to stress right now is the fact that supplies are already known when we talk about food medication we're talking about also displaced people. who are already in overcrowded conditions who are living in shelters or in rural areas that in terms of hospitals the world health organization is saying that well national trust that also are not functioning it live right now and. we can imagine that this opens it would make things even worse a palestinian teenagers been shot dead by the israeli army during renewed protests on the gaza border the palestinian health ministry says seventeen year old brave are cuffed joe was shot in the chest by israeli army fire and east of rougher
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ninety four others were injured including thirty with life bullets meanwhile israel's band of the palestinian teenager activists are headed to me from traveling abroad the seventeen year old and her family were to head to europe on friday actually due to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement and her experience in prison to me was arrested in december last year in jail for eight months for slapping an israeli soldier. now a suspect being questioned in brazil after a presidential election candidate was stabbed doctors say both another is in grave but stable condition with stomach injuries far right candidate is popular in the pinion polls despite his racist and homophobic comments the full story from gabriel is on the. it was an attack that happened fast. on a brazil's top presidential candidates being carried on the shoulders of his supporters at a campaign rally in his july state in southeastern brazil and then he was stabbed by
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someone in the crowd. cell phone video from various angles capture him clutching his abdomen and paying his supporters rushed him into a waiting ambulance and made panic and confusion. here arrived at a local hospital in grave condition with a stab wound that punctured his liver and other organs after four hours of emergency surgery he was stabilized doctors say he'll spend at least a week in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery the assailant a middle aged man was immediately arrested his motives remain unclear brazil's president quickly condemned the attack my use to prevail or. this reveals too is something that raises awareness because it's intolerable in. a pool released this week showed. all other eight eligible candidates ahead of the october
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seventh vote also not always a far right politician who like in some self to donald trump person as detractors say he's homophobic racist and sexist. but his campaign message of cracking down on crime and violence has won him loyal supporters and a lead in the polls but because he's so controversial he's known to often wear a bulletproof vest at campaign events but it does not appear he was wearing one on wednesday when he was stabbed tables on doe disease. now a new push has begun to sort out a territorial dispute that's lingered since the wars in the balkans the presidents of serbia and kosovo cold off face to face talks in brussels at the last minute but separately met the use top diplomat high on the agenda was a plan to redraw borders the pressure of a valley in southern serbia where the population is mostly ethnic albanian that
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would join kosovo in return serbia would take control of the majority serb area of course of a but it's a gamble that could provoke new tension son your guy a report from pressure. oh it's the first week back at school for these young students at the ybor him kelmendi primary school in the town of pressure it's the largest one of its kind in serbia all the pupils are albanian as they settle in the school itself prepares for what could be the last time it teaches the serbian curriculum and what they hope will be a fresh start for the school. in the dorm had an image there's hardly been any investment here since ninety sixty five everything's in poor condition and we have no bread we're holding in textbooks. the possibility of a land swap between serbia and kosovo has been uppermost in people's minds here pressure of us population is ninety percent ethnic albanian the u.s.
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and the european union had always discouraged the idea until now and apparently straightforward solution on the surface but has the potential to reopen old wounds in this part of the balkans which has already suffered brutal conflict following the breakdown of yugoslavia. one of the plans that people here fear is being discussed is moving the border to this railway track now while that would put the town of pressure on firmly within the borders of kosovo it would mean that these outlying villages would still be in serbia and leave thousands of other albanians still stuck there. moreover there is still uncertainty as to what serbia would want to return but would likely demand dominated northern kossovo which it views is non-negotiable yes we would like to be part of republic of course or both we have to be very careful in order for asians in terms of you know for republic of
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course all to be created a lot of sacrifice has been done by all the albanians including the greens of. we do not want to interfere in this process this also poses another dilemma for the region's leaders if borders are to be redrawn on the basis of ethnicity it could provoke more calls for land swaps from macedonia which has more than half a million albanians living along its front here is even the goal of eventual e.u. x. session football can countries cannot lay these fears disclose we don't find discussion about and between kosovo and serbia conducive to reaching the goal we think it will reopen too many old wounds in the population base and that is why we are very skeptical it is a huge gamble with the risk of reigniting ethnic conflict here a political process that will take a good normal amount of delicate negotiation from all parties involved so new
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valuable al-jazeera pressure the french president and germany's chancellor of met in mass say before a mini summit of leaders in two weeks migration policy is the hot topic about the reports the border between france and spain as a gateway for many migrants heading into northern europe but they're facing unexpected hurdles at the foot of the pier unease in the basque country and estrie divides northern spain from south western france a lush landscape and now a new frontline in europe's migration crisis. last year less than ten migrants a day came to the spanish town of iran hoping to reach france now it's near a forty ever hour and grain is part of a growing network of volunteers helping new arrivals there. we are driving around iran the last spanish town before the border with france and we're looking for people who've just arrived from the south of spain to give them some information. these men from the camorra silence in the indian ocean have tried to
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reach france the volunteers offer advice and a place at their shelter it's a bit of comfort far from home most here are from francophone africa claude is an engineer from cameroon after several attempts to cross the border he's given up his dream of a job in france. i thought it would be in eldorado but then you realize life is tough everywhere your family back home in africa calls you to help them but you can't your relatives put themselves in debt to send you your the big hope but if you can't satisfy their expectations it's hard it weighs on you you're in an empty place and finally you think you should have stayed in africa for a frog's recently toughened its immigration law and increased police border checks migrants are regularly sent back to spain for many people in this region the situation is an echo of their own past in one nine hundred thirty six during the spanish civil war
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a battle in iran led to hundreds of people to flee their homes across this river to seek refuge in france. sat on a beach in a foreign country spanish refugees watched their town burn either how did the minutes past the end of the love they gave can think. fortunately there are some people here who are aware that some people have to leave their countries for safety or to have a better life in this region we have our past in our history and they had left their mark on us. well so far european leaders have failed to agree on a common approach to migration but most countries want tighter borders while doors a closing across the bloke here in iran there are some people trying to keep them and it's al-jazeera spang he was famous for spiking the bandit and bogey knights lots of other hit movies as well fans are mourning the death of but reynolds died at age of eighty two and looking back on his life on the
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big screen is rob reynolds he liked my story by the way burt reynolds played a hero a scam a lover and he was above all a genuine hollywood star and be just as in one of his most harrowing roles reynolds played the city slicker who outwitted and i thought again of savage backwoods killers and rapists delivery directed by john boorman is raked number fifty in the american film institute's list of the one hundred best movies of all times it was strange because you. had seen me you know i said what did you see me and i mean was that navajo or joe or an end up as real a vet for films i made and he said no i saw you on the tonight show and you were in control or people. and this guy has to be in control
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reynolds was the number one box office attraction for a five year stretch in the one nine hundred seventy s. he played a good old boy bootlegger outfoxing jackie gleason southern sheriffs in the crowd pleasing features smokey in the bandit a high grossing movie that spawned two sequels and countless films that basically consist of extended car chase sequence and the spike reynolds is acting abilities were often panned by critics but his portrayal of a sleazy adult filmmaker in who donates earth is a building globe and oscar nominee booker high was. that i got nominated. for the film. and. the current low was. when i couldn't get it. and that was. not too long before that i was having
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a rough time and then this. picture came off and it changed everything off screen reynolds was a ladies' man he dated innumerable actresses and performers including dinah shore lorna luft and tammy why net actress sally field and reynolds had a torrid affair over the love of her sight i mean soon as we got in the car i thought. the scope girl was for me and. we had a great time together in one thousand nine hundred seventy two reynolds memorably posed nude in cosmopolitan a popular women's magazine the men didn't do it i mean the women did playboy and all of that and it. really hurt them ruined her. and none of them had
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a big film grew up to try to do is to keep going burt reynolds once said that rather than have a serious film career playing memorable roles he chose just to have the most fun in life that he could he achieved both. this is as they were these are the headlines turkeys the president is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian rebel stronghold of he's been in teheran as iran also welcomed russia's president for a summit on syria as the talks began iran's president hassan rouhani emphasized the need for a political and military solution. to fight terrorism an adlib as an end inevitable. part of a mission to bring about peace and stability in syria we should make sure that their civilians are not harmed and just process.
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we are fighting for peace war for war is a mistake from our point of view and after those talks the u.n. special envoy to syria described the situation in being set up for a perfect storm staffan de mistura told the u.n. security council the expected military offensive against rebels will be and reflect battle the u.n. warning of the worst humanitarian crisis since the war began. now the news the first peace talks in two years between yemeni government leaders and who the rebels have hit a hurdle who say they can't get authorization from the saudi iraqi coalition to fly to geneva u.n. special envoy for yemen is already in switzerland with yemen's foreign minister to discuss humanitarian access and prisoner issues protesters in the iraqi city about sort of stormed the iranian consulate and set it on fire parliament in baghdad as called an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss four days of anti-government
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anger and the killing of at least eleven protesters. they were on our protesters they gathered in peace they were protesting unemployment the water crisis the bad services how dare they open fire how dare they killed him this is murder this is busted we fought in mosul we fought in fallujah and diyala is this is how the government is planning to reward us killing our own kids why are they killing the innocent. and israel has banned the palestinian teenage activists that all to me from traveling abroad the seventeen year old and her family were to head to europe on friday she was due to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement remember timmy was jailed for eight months back in december because she slapped an israeli soldier that's a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera inside story starts right now.
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thousands of white states in south africa under the employer is giving companies exclusively to blacks they say that's racist discriminatory and. what constitutes fantasy in the post apartheid era this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. for the first time in south africa's history thousands of white union workers strike that furious that employ one of the
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country's leading and as a company is has introduced.


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