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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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how does it michael both sides of this issue tool town jazeera. protests to storm the iranian consulates in made ongoing if a corruption and full public census. this is out zero live from london also coming up in the program. civilians protests and while turkey's president warns of a bloodbath as he discusses the fate of the syrian province with the leaders of russia the wrong. stopping of a far right presidential candidate throws brazil's election deeper into chaos. and long queues a starbucks opens its first store in italy but it's already facing an official
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complaint from the challenging. seven iran has reportedly closed its border crossing with iraq after protests to storm the iranian consulate in the southern iraqi city of basra assessing the light them straight as are angry at what they see as a radian influence in the region it's the latest escalation following weeks of deadly protests triggered by a lack of basic services and deep dissatisfaction with the government on friday one more protest to die and taking the death toll since monday to twelve ism heywood. to being a day of tension tolman a sing and dance the uranium consonant on after being stormed by a group of protest against they try to set a timeline the date to fool people pushed back this time it was not.
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demonstrators bent in their anger about iran's alleged involvement in iraqi politics and it's payday as they say to deliver key services to the city. earlier they chanted political parties out remain sprit and we will never be humiliated people here believe the politicians have turned their backs on that neglecting government corruption has caused a systematic decay of its infrastructure yes yes i don't know why i'm living comfortably at parliament and inside the greens and while we're out here dying of hunger and thirst why are young people and graduates in the market selling onions all the government jobs are restricted to the parties. at least fifteen buildings connected to politics in the oath or it is have been targeted in the past few days this is the shell of the provincial government offices. some iraqis have been
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killed him what's regarded as iraq's shia muslim heartland in northern bass where hundreds of people were attending a funeral. these are protesters. protesting unemployment the water crisis the bad services how dad how to kill them would never allow. during friday prayers the representative of a rexx leading shia cleric condemned the violence against both the protesters and security forces guarding the buildings he also criticised politicians for being too interested in buying the power to shop at savva the patient people cannot afford more lack of interest from the officials in solving their increasing problems and the crisis they're competing between themselves for political gain and gaining governmental posts along foreigners to intervene in the country's affairs. or.
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parliament is expected to hold. to discuss the crisis on saturday and he would. take this on we can speak. who's director of policy analysis at the doha institute mr cutler welcome to the program what's your sense of the fundamental cause here first of all i mean this is in my being in a very important development and the recent protests in iraq i think people are just protesting against iranian interference in their own internet if it was after fifteen years of the u.s. invasion of iraq and iran has influence in the contrary because as you know those who are running the country although those have been running the country for the boss fifteen years are actually iranian allies and those people are protesting against these elites which are backed by iran on the one hand and also they are protesting against iranian policies in the south of iraq because as you know is that the iranians i mean there has been some accusations against iran that it's
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dumping its nuclear waste and shut the lot of water we and iran has all saw i mean talked about of what are we is the mean water source for a bus that i actually most people drink from this water and there has been. incidents reported recently that people have failed because of this and we switch you're on actually is dumping a lot of what are we. going to say it's not just about iranian influence interference because we heard in that report that residents say that local government is corrupt local government a lot infrastructure to virtually because. this is the region that generate as much of the country's oil wealth. that's very true that's very true but those people who are running actually are also supported by iran i mean most of the most of the people who are running. iraq in fact are mainly backed by iran this shows how iran
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influence in iraq has grown over the past few years but also iran has and i mean this is something that i was going to see also iran has cut electricity supply in recent weeks also claiming that the iraqi government has not been able to be for that electricity and that is another reason actually why people have directed their anger against iran although iran has been draining more of iraq falling can see in recent weeks because as you know iraq has become the mean window for the iranians to get more of their hard hard currency they are exporting their goods manufactured goods to iraq in exchange for getting the hard currency from that country ok and that is also affecting iraq so so the corrupt elite which has been the ruling which is backed by iran i think we have seen i mean to the sort of anger that is yes i actually. think this is where do you think this is heading is it likely to spiral
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further the central government are they going to release funds to improve services or what's going to happen. behalves this is something that we might be seeing but might be seeing in the next few weeks but in fact i mean did they need. reform we need major reform in iraq before seeing any and he improvement but i think these protests will be unhappy encourage the political forces to resist being helps more iranian influence because you know now there is a big. confrontation inside the countries between those who are supporting iran or the prall iran element led by former iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki and the. elements. that incumbent prime minister is trying to represent those so we are seeing this sort of tectonic conflict inside the country be between the iran and iran iraqi forces and this state of us not today will be
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a house in college fair that those who are trying to are to limit iranian influence in the country to to go out and try to to depend more perhaps on this sentiment nationalistic sentiments of the iraqis order to gain their independence great to get your perspective appreciate that thanks very much. turkey has warned that it cannot take in any more syrian refugees if the government of russian forces push ahead with a planned offensive in the. president expressed fears of a bloodbath as the leaders of turkey iran and russia held a meeting in tehran to discuss the fate of the rebel held province is thought full scale fighting indeed could cause a humanitarian disaster the almost three million people trapped the leaders agree that the conflicts can only end through a negotiated political process and they said they will meet again in russia to seek a joint solution. well it was surrounded by syrian forces from the west the south
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and from the east so far as strikes have focused on the western town of just a girl which is a stronghold for the al qaeda linked group. turkey is trying to prevent an all out conflict fearing tens of thousands more refugees would flee across its order while turkish president reza typer when called for an urgent cease fire in syria dimly i was serious to me there are different methods required in the struggle against terrorism which involve patience and sensitivity as turkey we have shown these qualities and we are determined to continue in this way we do not want a bloodbath in italy and we expect you to support us in this regard we have shared concerns in relation to italy and we must find a solution with this in mind as president and president vladimir putin rejected calls for a ceasefire meanwhile saying that the syrian government has the right to regain its
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territory. mr upon which. not we should think of all aspects of this complicated issue and so the problem together while understanding that the legitimate syrian government has the right and should have the end but the whole national territory under its control what i say now from our correspondent zain but ravi has more from tara. of the many issues discussed at the trilateral summit in teheran between the presidents of iran russia and turkey perhaps the thing that will impact syrians on the ground in syria most immediately is the three countries diverging on what to do next with regards to live now the turkish president president the one was clear that his country is already housing three point five million syrian refugees and that any displacement of the three point five million more syrians currently living and live is not something that would be sustainable and would be unfair to the syrian people the majority of whom indeed
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live are innocent civilians and have suffered enough now president hassan rouhani for his part acknowledged that yes the majority of people there are not armed fighters are not affiliated to any of the groups but that it would have needed to be rooted out or terrorists as he called them needed to be rooted out from it live to assure that that the civilians there would not be used as human shields now he has gone on throughout the day talking about how syria's national security and territorial integrity is a major priority and retaking it by the syrian government is an important part of moving forward from conflict to reconstruction now if he was off occupying the middle ground then the russian president vladimir putin was on the other end of the spectrum and made his position clear that if armed groups of terrorists as he called them are willing to use innocent civilians as human shields then what
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happens in live next is going to be the fault of those armed groups so three very different opinions on what promises to be the final battle in syria of the final large scale battle and a seemingly inevitable battle now for adlib or maybe while there have been demonstrations across syria against the planned offensive it is liberal. thousands of people took to the streets after friday press calling for a halt to any military operation many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food more than half of its population are already displaced people who've fled other parts of the country. was one of the protests in italy. the reality that they were going to do about that would be about what dozens of demonstrations in the proppants of it lib and the country thought of him and aleppo have taken place condemning the russian intervention and moscow threats to launch a military operation in the demonstrate its called for the armed opposition
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factions to unite to repel any possible attack by the regime forces and their allies on it leap and at suburbs the demonstrators carried balance condemning the un envoy to mr with statements about it live and the thought of the international community about the threats of the regime forthwith and its allies to launch a military operation on the raid. the un security council has also been discussing it led to from i think at the james bays joins us live now from the a un in new york james and the u.n. envoy has put forth a new plan of a lead what if one of this involves well pretty solid mood nic in the security council because i think many diplomats believe it's not now a case of if there is an offensive in need live but when despite that though stephane de mistura of the u.n. special envoy has come up with a new plan to stop the bloodshed he first said he'd like to give the security council the plan in a private session but then i'm biased the nikki haley the u.s.
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ambassador who's the current this month president of the security council said no we want to your plan in public and this is what he said. ideally all militant fighters should be asked with a deadline to move their own military present baited our way it would be away from populated think the village is at the same time and here comes the message and image i got from the population a media campaign indicating that this is what they've been asked from door the door to move out of they may how the day may fit the creamy there are people going to be mobilized on that so one of the leavers for this plan is that people power getting the civilians and it lead to say to the fighters you need to move out
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of the built up areas out of the villages and towns and cities the other lever he says is the turkish government putting pressure on those fighters but i think there is a big question here if you are a fighter or a commander of one of those fighting groups who's been fighting now in this war for more than seventy years why would you now leave areas built up areas among civilians where you may feel more safe and instead go into the countryside when you know that the syrian government and the russians have aircraft ready to bomb you or days later there thanks very much there james baker reporting from the u.n. in new york. still to come this off. given to the rebels there are no show but peace talks in geneva but say that could change if three key demands are met. and shares in the economy could tesla for as much as ten percent so after more bizarre behavior from the chief executive.
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however we've got quiet weather pushing into central parts of here would seem fair bit of rain just making its way out to scandinavia down across germany pushing down towards northern parts of the balkans by the reese quite a rash of seattle area of low pressure just spinning away here around the black sea pushing some showers up into ukraine high pressure. fun in to right here warm sunshine as well twenty five celsius as you can see by the showers they will continue further south some of the live besides a big and thunder a downpour so the possibility still a few showers into the balkans for the west is looking lossie dry across a good part of the outback into france clear skies now starting to push in but a fair amount of cloud to the north of that across in the wells right in there into oland and also feeding into scotland the night is
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a fair bit of cloud into that western side of the mediterranean had some lively showers here over the past few days still looks pretty disturbed over the next few days sunday was pretty wet close at least inside of spain into the valley areas quite a while the making its way back into the united kingdom twenty five celsius or paris a warming up here twenty five for vienna as well and notice for moscow we could have twenty six by this stage by the south africans at thirty one degrees more warm sunshine here warm sunshine across northern parts of the mediterranean algeria's a little cloudy twenty nine. in the final cut of a six part series filmed of the five years. that people still fight for their land. the village chief is imprisoned. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown
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the conclusion one can democracy experiment on al-jazeera. and again a reminder the top stories here on al jazeera and iraqi protesters have set fire to iran's consulate in the southern city of basra that angry at the government's failure to provide basic services and jobs the leaders of turkey russia and iran have met in tehran to discuss the looming fight for the syrian province of if he's president sworn of a blood bath and said his country cannot afford to take in more refugees if civilians are forced to flee a syrian assault on rebel fighters. thousands of people across syria protested
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against a plan to offensive many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food case fighting does break out. so it out yemen's rebels say they're prepared to attend u.n. sponsored peace talks in geneva if three of their demands are met a member of the delegation has told al jazeera the demands include transporting wounded rebels to amman. rebels who've already received treatment there and a guarantee that the delegation that travels to geneva would be allowed to return to the rebel held capital of sana the delegation did not attend planned talks on thursday which would have been the first in almost two years david chaytor is in geneva. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is still holding out hope that these consultations talks can start but he doesn't know exactly when it could be saturday it could be sunday it could even be monday but you still holding out hope the question is exactly how
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long can the yemen government delegation sitting on their own here at this hotel in geneva how long can they actually wait when will their patience run out still on the ground in sun other yemeni capital is the who cheat rebel delegation there demanding the chance to put injured fighters on that plane for treatment in the amman the capital of moscow's but the yemeni government spokesman here told me this is not only the injured fighters they're trying to get on that plane let's hear what he said they said yesterday they want to. jets from yemen we have information from our side from there from santa those are not injuries they are a group of iranian and a group of hezbollah experts who were. ballastic missiles program that has been fired and they are training who theodahad they have been training for the
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for the last three days years it's been described by the united nations as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world more than ten thousand people have died two thousand or so have been children every day these peace consultations are delayed means more lives are put at risk. a palestinian teenager has been shot dead by israeli forces as renewed clashes broke out on the gaza border seventeen year old. was shot in the chest east of russia according to the palestinian health ministry ninety four others were injured thirty with life bullets thousands attended friday's protest part of a part of a weekly movement. calling for the right of return for palestinian refugees to their lands israel has banned palestinian activists had to mimi from traveling abroad the seventeen year olds and her family was supposed to travel to europe on friday where she was due to talk about the palestinian resistance movement as well
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as her experience in prison to me was arrested for the slapping in the israeli soldier last december and jailed for eight months she was released from prison in july. so japan's earthquake hit island of hokkaido could be without power for a week according to authorities the magnitude six point seven quake left more than five million people without power when it struck early on thursday at least eighteen people have died but in one small town hit by landslides more than twenty people are still unaccounted for sniffer dogs are searching the rubble for survivors. a suspect is being questioned in brazil after a presidential election counted it was stabbed during a rally doctors say that both saw raro is in a serious but stable condition and the far right candidate is popular in opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comments that in america at its end you see in human as this report. just when it seemed brazil's presidential election campaign
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couldn't get more unpredictable the controversial leading candidate was stabbed in the stomach during the street rally. were two conservative evangelicals i.e. the device of law and order candidate sent this message from hospital. bill will do is men can so evil of never home to anyone. but many brazilians disagree also nat'l is facing a supreme court trial charged with making inflammatory anti gay and t. black and massaging the statements which promote hatred and condone rape. all of bulls are not as rivals strongly condemned the attack against the former army captain even former president rousseff whom he once said deserved to have been tortured during brazil's military dictatorship of water. into now whoever did this has to pay whoever did it or. equally controversial would be leading candidate
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lula da silva continues to fight for his right to campaign from his prison cell where he's serving a twelve year sentence for corruption still brazil's most popular politician he's been barred from running but is appealing the court decision but given the likelihood he'll lose he's expected to cede his candidacy to his vice presidential choice for the hide that before wednesday the deadline for registering the former south paolo mer from the left wing workers' party is also now being accused of receiving in direct payments to his two thousand and twelve campaign he denies any wrongdoing. what does the prosecution have in his hands the word of a bandit who lied eight times to the courts. regardless opinion polls show the head that is unlikely to inherit lula's popularity. also not as divisive and pro-gun stance also frightens me. billions. all of which means that the thirteen chanted it
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race is still wide open on us three states attack actually gives both the edge he needs to win in a first round next month you see in human al-jazeera former u.s. president barack obama has been america's to get out and vote in november's midterm congressional elections obama gave a state of our democracy speech in his home state of illinois he used it to criticize the divisive state of american politics and many of donald trump's policies trump has already dismissed the comments also stressed the importance of voting in the elections which is seen as a referendum on trump's presidency and could hugely influence remained of his time . or it will bring you have a little bit later at the u.s. president's campaign foreign policy adviser is in court in washington where he'll be sentenced for lying to federal agents and i'll tell you what george papadopoulos
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pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with the russians jury in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign he was being questioned as part of a special counsel robert miller's probe into possible russian interference. memos government is refusing to comment on the jailing of two reuters journalists despite growing pressure to set them free while alone in the choice or who were arrested as they investigated the killings of revenge of muslims by me and most military fronts louie's in the malaysian capital quality of. younger government spokesman saute was asked very many times during the briefing to comment on the case of the two reuters journalists while known and torso two who were sentenced to seven years in prison for breaking the country's official secrets act and sought a says the government doesn't comment on individual cases nor on the judicial process which he defended saying that the two journalists had access to their lawyers to their families and that the hearing was held in an open court and his
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comments ignore the fact that when these two journalists were first arrested last year they were held incommunicado and at a secret location for at least two weeks and there were also other things that emerged during the course of the hearing the course of the trial that point to this having been a setup a police man testified in court that a superior had given orders to and trap these two journalists the men were invited out by the police and then they were handed documents by the police and they were arrested shortly after and wallow in and torso who had been working on an investigation into a massacre of a hinge a men and boys at a village in northern rakhine by the myanmar military and other rakhine villages that the pressure is piling on myanmar last month a u.n. fact finding mission concluded in its reports that the myanmar military had committed mass killings and gang raped with genocidal intent and recommended the myanmar military leadership to be investigated and prosecuted and of course most
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recently the international criminal court said in its ruling that it has jurisdiction over the alleged deportation of from myanmar to bangladesh and this could very well be the first step in what could turn out to be a long process to bring myanmar and its military to account. more than one thousand foreign supporters have rallied in the german city of kemet it's the latest protest of the fatal stabbing of a man almost two weeks ago two migrants have been arrested and charged with manslaughter in the killing a crowd much under the motto security for. the american coffee john starbucks is a put its very first store and it's really considered the spiritual home of the expressway hundreds of people queued up for up to an hour to get a cup of coffee undeterred by the comparatively high prices expressway will cost just over two dollars more than double what italians normally pay and one consumer group has already filed
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a complaint with italy's competition watchdog saying the prices are unfair. then with that they can thank you gentlemen that i came because i'm in a normal italian and i'm a big fan of american coffee so even if i don't find the fact that chino in the classic starbucks drinks i'm curious to see with this new cafe will look like i want to drink a strong american coffee so i have high expectations starbucks or a. starbucks won't be successful with me because i like italian style coffee diluted american coffee all the variations such as the frappuccino i'm italian so that's not a major. tesla's shares have suffered the biggest drop in two years as controller c. once again swirls around the c.e.o. musk electrical company lost almost ten percent of its value after musk was filmed smoking marijuana during a life cost. chief accounting officer became the latest high profile executive to resign and musk stunned investors last month when he said he was going to take the
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company private only to change his mind does not in the direction of a website that sort of dot com is the address of goals or law top stories running right there lots of comment and analysis that to. there are minor the top stories here on al-jazeera and the protesters in the iraqi city of basra have set fire to the iranian consulate there and i agree at alleged involvement in iraqi politics and the government's failure to provide basic services and jobs protesters chanted iran out and faster is free at least ten people have been killed in protests this week and fifteen government buildings have been attacked turkey has warned it cannot take any more syrian refugees if government forces push ahead with a planned offensive in italy the leaders of turkey iran and russia met in tehran to discuss the fate of the rebel held province it's feared that full scale fighting in
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lip could cause a humanitarian disaster with almost three million million people trapped there the leaders agreed to meet again to seek joint solution meanwhile thousands of people across syria protested against the planned offensive many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food in case of widespread fighting more than half of it lives population are already displaced people he fled other parts of the country united nations says the syrian government's plan to retake it could trigger trigger the west humanitarian crisis of the war the humanitarian impact on civilians of any increase in fighting will therefore be most severe and the worst case scenario and it lip where millions would flee would overwhelm all capacity to respond regardless of plans or funding made available it has the potential to create a humanitarian emergency at a scale not just seen through this crisis. brazilian police are questioning
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a suspect after a far right presidential candidate was stopped at a campaign rally jab also nora has been transferred from a hospital and the photo where he was attacked to stop paula he's in a serious but stable condition both in are as popular in opinion polls despite making divisive comment on several issues former u.s. president barack obama has given a rare political speech in which he criticized the president donald trump his policies and the lack of respect in american politics about people to vote in november as midterm elections which is set to have a major impact on the final two years of trump's first. they will stories stay with us work and china's democracy experiment is coming up right off.
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tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one to the chief i it's. easy. to constantly just rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down to decades of corruption. and made a crack down activist shoots and poor guy in police custody. that really kind of chief again think about their right to choose their own didn't see.


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