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an ancient historian flying out. this is al jazeera. i mean this is the al jazeera news live from london coming up. protests to storm the iranian consulate in made on going out and corruption and pull public services. civilians protested live while turkey's president warns of a bloodbath as he discusses the fate of the syrian province with the leaders of russia and iran. president trump former campaign adviser george populace is jail for fourteen days for lying to the f.b.i. . in the car make
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a tesla full as much as ten percent off the more bizarre behavior from chief executive. in sport rafa nadal is taking on martin del potro in the semifinals of the u.s. open serena williams already into the women's final in science a record equalling twenty fourth grand slam title. set and iran has reportedly closed its border crossing with iraq after protests to storm the arabian consulate in the southern iraqi city of basra setting it alight demonstrators also entered a water treatment facility briefly taking two employees hostage before leaving peacefully the angry at what they see as a rainy an influence in the region as well as a lack of basic services deep dissatisfaction with the government one protester died on friday taking the death toll since monday to twelve and a heywood has more. to being
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a day of tension culminating in the iranian consulate. after being stormed by a group of protesters they tried to set it alight the day before but were pushed back this time though it was left. demonstrators venting their anger about iran's alleged involvement in iraqi politics and its failure as i say to deliver key services to the city people here believe the politicians have turned their backs on that neglecting government corruption has caused a systematic decay of its infrastructure yes yes i don't know why i'm living comfortably at parliament and inside the greens and while we're out here dying of hunger and thirst why are young people in graduate school in the market selling onions all the government jobs are restricted to the parties. at least fifteen buildings connected to politics in the oath or it is have been targeted in the past
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few days this is the shell of the provincial government offices. some iraqis have been killed what's regarded as iraq's shia muslim heartland in northern basra hundreds of people were attending a funeral and. these are protesters gathered in peace they are protesting unemployment the water crisis the bad services how dad how dare i kill them god would never allow this. during friday prayers the representative of iraq's leading shia cleric condemned the violence against both the protesters and security forces guarding the buildings he also criticised politicians for being too interested in buying the power to shop at sab miller the patient people cannot afford more lack of interest from the officials in solving their increasing problems and the crisis they're competing between themselves for political gain and
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gaining governmental posts along foreigners to intervene in the country's affairs. iraq's parliament is expected to hold an emergency session to discuss the crisis on saturday and he would al-jazeera. and problem is director of policy analysis at the institute he says the demonstrators have been angry for a long time. i think people are just protesting against iranian interference in their own and don't know if it was after fifteen years of the u.s. invasion of iraq and iran's influence in the country because as you know all those who are running the country those have been running the country for the boss fifteen years are actually iranian allies and those people are protesting against these elites which are backed by iran on the one hand and also they are protesting against iranian policies in the south of iraq because as you know is that the iranians i mean there has been some accusations against iran that dumping its
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nuclear waste and what are we i mean is the mean. source for the most people drink from this water and it has been. incidents reported recently that people have iran has cut electricity supply in recent weeks claiming that the iraqi government has not been able to be for that electricity and that is another reason actually why people have directed their against iran so so that copped it which has been the warning which is backed by iran i think we have seen i mean to the sort of anger that is actually expressed by iraqi against those people. turkey has warned that it cannot take in any more syrian refugees if government and russian forces push ahead with the planned offensive in italy president expressed fears of a bloodbath as he met the leaders of iran and russia to discuss the fate of the
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rebel held province it is surrounded by syrian forces from the west from the south and from the east leaving almost three million people trapped so far best strikes have focused on the western town of. which is a stronghold for the group. now taking is trying to prevent an all out conflict ferrying tens of thousands more a few g.'s would flee across its border symbols ravi has more now from tehran three leaders of modern nations born from ancient empires around a table into iran they planned the future of a country whose leader was not in the room as the president of russia and iran patted themselves on the back for a job well done keeping syrian president bashar al assad in power turkey's leader reminded them that the mission was far from accomplished we do not want a bloodbath in italy and we expect you to support us in this regard decision which we reach in relation to the fates of it live will also shape the future of the
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region much of the to her own summit was spent talking about the future of it lip the syrian city and province were armed groups and opposition rebels are preparing to make their last stand against syrian government forces and russian warplanes. for the underwriters of the syrian conflict it blue is a clearly a point of divergence iran and russia see it in national security terms the syrian government needs to regain control of the city to combat what it calls terrorism as well as asserting national integrity turkey already home to three and a half million syrian refugees. in humanitarian terms president recha paper to one said the majority of men women and children there are not fighters and have suffered enough and the turks can't cope with millions more fling adlib iran's president acknowledged that the vast majority of people in ad lib are civilians. so c.n.n. . is sensed it because terrorists use civilian people as human shields they hide themselves among people to continue their shameful lives we should try to separate
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terrorists from people fight terrorists and protect civilians in this area but if iran's leader held the middle ground russian president vladimir putin whose military involvement turned the war on us as favor has a different view if armed groups are willing to use civilians as human shields he said what happens next is their fault. those are good looks that terrorists do the same thing everywhere all the time they use human shields the russian military always tries to spare civilian lives soon after the dinner on summit ended the united nations peace envoy for syria warned the security council that any battle for ad lib would be horrific and the time has come to evacuate the city throughout the day leaders in tehran discussed a future syria free from terrorists with new buildings a new constitution and even elections while leaders in new york were left to weigh the potentially disastrous consequences of what seems like the inevitable battle for it. while our diplomatic efforts and james bases more on that u.n.
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security council meeting from the u.n. headquarters in new york. i think many diplomats believe it's not now a case of if there is an offensive in need live but when despite that though stefan de mistura the u.n. special envoy has come up with a new plan to stop the bloodshed he first said he'd like to give the security council the plan in a private session but then and thus the nikki haley the u.s. ambassador who's the current this month president of the security council said no we want to hear your plan in public and this is what he said ideally all militant fighters should be asked with a deadline to move their own military presence beit is a way to beat away from populated think the village is at the same time and here comes the message and image i've got from the population
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i meet your campaign indicating that this is what they've been after from door that i'm going to move out of they may how those they may fit the crimean don't people can be mobilized on that. so one of the lever's for this plan is that people power guessing the civilians are needless to say to the fighters you need to move out of the built up areas out of the villages and towns and cities the other lever he says is the turkish government putting pressure on those fighters but i think there is a big question here if you are a fighter or a commander of one of those fighting groups who's been fighting now in this war for more than seventy years why would you now leave areas built up areas among civilians where you may feel more safe and instead go into the countryside when you know that the syrian government and the russians have aircraft ready to bomb you
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well there have been demonstrations across syria against the planned offensive in the lead thousands of people took to the streets after friday prayers calling for a halt to any military operation many have been preparing shelters and stockpiling food all in half of its lives population already displaced people who've fled other parts of the country. was that one of the protests in. what other developing that they were going to do about that at about what dozens of demonstrations in the proppants of it live and the country thought of him and aleppo have taken place condemning the russian intervention and moscow threats to launch a military operation adlib the demonstrate its called for the armed opposition factions to unite to repel any possible attack by the regime forces and their allies on italy and at the demonstrators carried bennett's condemning the u.n. envoy to mr with statements about it live and the thought of the international
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community about the threats of the regime forthwith and its allies to launch a military operation on the reagan. eight aid agencies have made a collective plea to world powers to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in italy save the children says it's working with other organizations to prepare for the worst case in our. it makes sense for us first aid organizations to come together to be calling for what we consider will be i mean joe boyd a humanitarian catastrophe and it lead because we asked aid agencies always extremely stretched out we're talking about rebuilding people and laid. out for them over half of them have already been displaced from other parts of syria living in the area. in syria which has the highest the highest human to thailand needs and it is going to face in the final is going on and make things worse so we are preparing on the ground for potential escalation
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but i think the thing to stress right now is the fact that supplies are already then when we talk about food medication we're talking about also displaced people. who are already overcrowded conditions who are living in shelter in rural areas that in times of hospitals the world health organization is saying that while national trust the tools are not functioning in egypt right now and. we can imagine that this opens it will make things even worse their own supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei says he wants iran and russia to work together to restrain the united states russian president vladimir putin met separately with many of the holding bilateral talks with iran's president hassan rouhani in toronto according to local media and many said the two should cooperate to restrain america going to
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have a danger to humanity. carry out this news of the stabbing of a far right presidential candidate through his brazil's election deeper into chaos but. this is not normal. these are extraordinary times and they're dangerous times for us. president barack obama takes aim at the man who replaced him in american to get out of votes in the midterm elections go spoke about move away from the sea didn't stop the wells. fighting the way. the u.s. president's former campaign foreign policy adviser has been given a fourteen day jail sentence for lying to federal agents george papadopoulos pleaded guilty last year to lying to investigators about his contacts with the russians during the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign he was being
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questioned as part of special counsel robert miller's probe into possible russian interference let's go straight to particle he joins us live from outside the court to tell us more about the outcome of this sentencing. well absolutely perfect timing because it just started to pour rain here but really what's important is to go figure out what happened inside that courtroom just moments ago the hearing lasted well over an hour hearing from george papadopoulos where he expressed his basically grief saying that he made a horrible mistake and that he is in fact sorry so what happened is george papadopoulos is in many ways the key reason why the f.b.i. even started looking into whether or not there was russian interference in the twenty six to election potential collusion of that interference with the trunk campaign so how did he do that while he was on president trump's national security advisory committee very young but he said he had expertise in basically gas drilling and foreign policy so he was on this committee and he apparently was
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approached by russians and so try and encourage directions to meet with them and apparently some of those russian connections told him that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton so a few weeks later he's in a london bar talking to an australian diplomat and he starts drinking and he starts telling the investor the diplomat exactly what he thinks the russians have dirt on hillary clinton well later after those emails were released the diplomat goes and tells the f.b.i. that starts the investigation so why is george about topless in trouble well because the f.b.i. came to him and said at seven days after the inauguration tell us what happened in the light and he admits that he lied so six months later they get the evidence they go to him and they say you're lying and this final cooperate up plead guilty to this one count of lying to the f.b.i. and then they said he was pretty much a super grudge you witness didn't give them a whole lot of information now fourteen days may seem like a fairly light sentence for a felony but the same time the judge pointed out that in sixty percent of these cases on these counts people don't serve any jail time at all and he pointed out to
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be thinks his life is pretty fairly well unbearable to live with one of the phrases the judge uses to basically sum up your top it off of this is life down and how does this fit in to the broader russian inquiry. indeed for the president himself. but i think it's how it fits in is this is another person close to the trunk campaign who's pled guilty and now will be punished for it he will spend fourteen days in jail he will spend a year on probation who have families ten thousand dollars in fines to service this sends a message that this probe is legitimate for pleading guilty and that they are serving time for him and he is just one of several very close people to president trump who is now face this predicament so every time president turn comes out i'm sure he'll do it again very soon and say this is a witch hunt it's a hoax there was no collusion people can look at this and say well wait a minute people who are very close to are going to spend time in prison because of
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this thing that you call a witch hunt so it just builds on the evidence that perhaps the mother probe is in fact legitimate our party when they are the thanks very much and a public i reporter from washington d.c. . former us president barack obama has strongly criticized his successor donald trump on the republican policy in a rare political speech also urged people to get out of voting november's midterm congressional elections which could have a major impact on trump's presidency a white house correspondent can be how could a small accusing current president donald trump of capitalizing on resentment former u.s. president barack obama delivered a blistering attack on trump's time in the white house this is not normal so these are extraordinary times and they're dangerous times obama is back on the campaign trail advocating for democrats in advance of a november vote that will determine control of the u.s. congress and offer what he believes is
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a much needed check on his successor the politics of division and resentment and paranoia is unfortunately found a home in the republican party. obama's fiery speech took aim at some of trump's most controversial moments as president looting his response to white nationalist protests in charlottesville when trump blamed both sides for the trouble we're supposed to stand up to discrimination and was sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to nazi sympathizers. how hard can that be saying that nazis are bad obama's attack comes as trump is also campaigning for republicans in north dakota trump responded i'm sorry i watched it but i fell asleep. he shot back at obama who said the economic recovery started under his presidency if the democrats got in with their
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agenda in november of almost two years ago and said of having four point two i believe honestly you'd have four point two down and you'd be negative you'd be in negative numbers thank you illinois. still obama's speech is a stinging rebuke of a sitting president with a distinctly different vision of democracy kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. the son of a brazilian presidential candidate stub during a rally says he's unlikely to return to campaigning before the first round all october the seventh adult to say that jeb olsen is in a serious but stable condition the far right candidate is popular in opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comments on that in america to continue and has this report. i'd just when it seemed brazil's presidential election campaign couldn't get more unpredictable the controversial leading candidate was stabbed in the
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stomach during a street rally. or two conservative evangelicals i.e. the device of law and order candidate sent this message from hospital to the womb is men can so evil of never home to anyone. but many brazilians disagree also nat'l is facing a supreme court trial charged with making inflammatory anti gay and t. black and massaging the statements which promote hatred and condone rape. all of bulls are not as rivals strongly condemn the attack against the former army captain even former president rousseff whom he once said deserved to have been tortured during brazil's military dictatorship. is now whoever did this has to pay whoever did it or. equally controversial would be leading candidate lula da silva continues to fight for his right to campaign from his prison cell where he's
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serving a twelve year sentence for corruption still brazil's most popular politician he's been barred from running but is appealing the court decision but given the likelihood he'll lose he's expected to cede his candidacy to his vice presidential choice that nanda had before wednesday the deadline for registering the former south paolo mer from the left wing workers' party is also now being accused of receiving in direct payments to his two thousand and twelve campaign he did nies any wrongdoing. what does a prosecution happiness hands the word of a band-aid like eight times to the courts. regardless opinion polls show the head that is unlikely to inherit lula's popularity. also not as divisive and pro-gun stance also frequently resilience. all of which means that the thirteen candidate race is still wide open unless there is states that attack actually gives both
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a model the edge he needs to win in a first round next month to see in human al-jazeera oh let's take this on we can speak to polish the terror who's director of the brazil institute at the woodrow wilson center joins us now from washington d.c. mr sitter welcome to the program what's your sense do you think the stabbing will assist him in his bid to become president. it could and it could have the precise opposite impact if busy of the side student if i in this precisely what they don't want brazil has traditionally has a much food mild mannered kind of politics violence has been absent in brazilian national politics for almost a century it's not the country's style and this is british shocking so one way to reject this would be to reject both because that is sort of his message the
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other day the other way i could be that he can capitalize on this and move to a second round of vote i it's not very easy for him to win in a first round we have still a month to go he has no television time to do propaganda he would have to rely on his t.v. appearances all of his the he will do that from a hospital bed or former house because he is under medical orders not to go out. exert himself too much but i think his chances of being in the second round is. our rio and for this reason the right is impossibly polarized yeah. this election is in such chaos what's led to this.
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yeah what led to this is two years of the deepest recession deepest. highest unemployment in brazil ling the lingering impact of that is to their. street crimes all time high you have all the obviously allegations of corruption still lingering there and the country is fed up brazilians are frustrated and. angry with their political leaders of all parties from the right to the left that is what benefits mostly desirable so not a who was a low productivity congressman for a quarter century and an expert in using insults to gain spacing media etc he has i think in twenty five years in congress he has one
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bill to his name but he is efficient in the use of this mystic visceral type of attacks on that verse areas on situations but it's possible it is possible that he could emerge as a very important candidate into a second round ok probably just as he started something else when i was one very quick question just before we wrap up it if he was to win what effect would that have on the country as a whole do you think especially given those who support due to the silva who is not allowed to run of course in this election. well the country would remain polarized he has economic platform he says he doesn't know anything about the economy but he has a economic advisor that is a pure liberal former professor an expert thing in finances
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who would open the brazilian economy who would have a special alliance with the united states and get the country in that direction there may be some merit in opening the brazilian economy which is indeed very open very close but in order to do that you have to go through congress in brazil it's a democracy and that is not an obvious exercise brazil brasilia brazil has been forever a very protectionist country there are interests there that would mobilize against that the workers' party may being a very bad situation right now but it has capacity to mobilize and you need unions in the population and. people from the center right also would not easily follow mr bosal model because obviously he is clearly a misogynist he has. praised. or has done and
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made statements in support of torture in support of us at one point in chambers in congo or told a coup leader a female goalie i don't rape you because you don't deserve your to this type of politics all right we'll see how it turns out some brazilians will have to leave it there thank you very much indeed great to get your perspective terry appreciate it thanks. mexico's national human rights commission says the number of bodies found in mass graves has reached almost seven hundred since the beginning of last year it follows the discovery of one hundred sixty six bodies in a field in very crude state the state is notorious for the illegal drugs war and cartels smuggling cocaine north to the united states. so to come this news or demonstrate the rebels are a no show at peace talks in geneva but say that could change if three key demands are met. long queues as starbucks opens its first store in its league but it's
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already facing an official complaint over challenging. goes more coming up through time of the rugby world champion south africa are out to prove they can win games away from home. however we've got quad weather pushing into central parts so if you ever seen fabric of rain just making its way out to scandinavia down across germany pushing down towards northern parts of the balkans by the reese quite a rash of seattle area of low pressure just spinning away here around the black sea pushing some showers up into ukraine high pressure. fun interact here warm sunshine as well twenty five celsius so you can see where the shot was able continue further south some of the live besides a big unfunded ample sunny possibility still a few showers into the balkans for the west is looking lossie dry across
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a good part of the outback into france clear skies now starting to push in but a fair amount of cloud to the north of that across in the wells into ali and that also feeding into the skull tonight is a fair bit of cloud into that western side of the mediterranean had some lively showers here over the past few days still looks pretty disturbed over the next few days sunday was pretty wet clothes had he says side of spain into the valley area squat about the making its way back into the united kingdom twenty five celsius a paris a warming up here twenty five for vienna as well and notice for moscow we can it's twenty six by this stage by the south africans at thirty one degrees more warm sunshine here warm sunshine across northern parts of the mediterranean a little tad it twenty nine. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was
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a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become if this closure in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking for some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue.
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and i got a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera iraqi protesters have set fire to iran's consulates in the southern city of basra that angry at the alleged iranian involvement in iraqi politics in their government's failure to provide basic services and jobs the leaders of turkey russia and iran have met in terre to discuss the fight for the syrian province of idlib president warned of a bloodbath and said his country cannot afford to take in more refugees if civilians are forced to flee a syrian assault on rebel fighters. donald trump's former campaign advisor george papadopoulos has been jailed for fourteen days for lying to investigators about his contact with russians during the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign. to yemen now the rebels say they are prepared to attend u.n.
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sponsored peace talks in geneva if three of their demands are met a member of the delegation is told the demands include transporting wounded rebels to amman ration of rebels who've already received treatment and a guarantee that the delegation that travels to geneva would be allowed to return to the rebel held capital sana who the delegation didn't attend planned talks on thursday which would have been the first in almost two years david is in geneva. the un special envoy for yemen is still holding out hope that these consultations talks start but he doesn't know exactly when it could be saturday it could be sunday it could even be monday but you still holding out hope the question is though exactly how long can the yemeni government delegation sitting on their own here at this hotel in geneva how long can they actually wait when will that
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patience run out. still on the ground in some other yemeni capital is the who cheat rebel delegation they're demanding the chance to put injured fighters on that plane for treatment in the amman the capital of moscow's but the yemeni government spokesman here told me this not only the injured fighters they're trying to get on that plane let's hear what he said they said yesterday that they want to departure and jets from yemen we have information from our side from there from san are that those are not injuries they are a group of iranian and or a group of hezbollah experts who were. ballastic missiles a program that has been fired to saudi arabia and they are training who theodahad they have been training for the for the last three days years it's been described by the united nations as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world more than ten thousand people have died two thousand or so have been children every day these
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peace consultations are delayed means more lives are put at risk a palestinian teenager has been shot dead by israeli forces as renewed clashes broke out during protests on the gaza border seventeen year old. was shot in the chest east of rough according to the palestinian health ministry ninety four others were injured thirty with life bullet thousands attended friday's protest movement calling for the rights of return for palestinian refugees to their lands. more than one thousand far right supporters have rallied in the german city of kennett's its latest protest over the fatal stabbing of a man almost two weeks ago to migrants being arrested and charged with manslaughter over the killing the crowd much under the motto purity for having us. chancellor merkel went on to meet french president tomorrow mcroy i must say with immigration
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one of the top issues on their agenda america has faced a political backlash over her response to the mediterranean refugee crisis germany has welcomed more than a million refugees since the height of the migration crisis in two thousand and fifty. the presidents of serbia and kosovo have called off a face to face meeting to discuss a controversial land swap under the deal the press of a valley in southern serbia where the population is made mostly ethnic albanian would join kosovo in return serbia would take control of the majority serb area of kosovo north of the river so negate the reports now from press of a close to the serbian cross border. it's the first week back at school for these young students at the eba him kelmendi primary school in the town of pressure it's the largest one of its kind in serbia all the peoples are albanian as they settle in the school itself prepares for what could be the last time it teaches the serbian curriculum and what they hope will be
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a fresh start for the school senior. in the twenty minutes there's hardly been any investment here since ninety sixty five everything's in poor condition and we have no problem being in textbooks. the possibility of a land swap between serbia and kosovo has been uppermost in people's minds here pressured us population is ninety percent ethnic albanian the u.s. and the european union had always discouraged the idea until now and apparently straightforward solution. on the surface but has the potential to reopen old wounds in this part of the balkans which has already suffered brutal conflict following the breakdown of yugoslavia. one of the plans that people here fear is being discussed is moving the border to this railway track now while but what put the town of pressure on firmly within the borders of kosovo it would mean that these
12:38 am
outlying villages would still be in serbia and thousands of other albanians still stuck there moreover there is still uncertainty as to what serbia would want to return but would likely dominated northern kossovo which it views is non-negotiable yes we would like to think of course the we have to be very careful in order for asians in terms of you know for republic of course. a lot of sacrifice has been done by all the organs including the organs of. we don't want to interfere in this process this also poses another dilemma for the region's leaders if borders are to be redrawn on the basis of ethnicity it could provoke more calls for land swaps from macedonia which has more than half a million albanians living along its front is even the goal of eventual e.u. x. session football can countries cannot lay these fears disclose we don't find
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discussion about and between kosovo and serbia conducive to reaching the goal we think it will reopen too many old wounds in the population areas and that is why we are very skeptical. it is a huge gamble with the risk of reigniting ethnic conflict here a political process that will take a good normal amount of delicate negotiation from all parties involved sunday valuable al-jazeera pressure. now there is an american billionaire credited with pushing the boundaries of innovation but its recent behavior has left some wondering if it's going to fall the stock price of his company tesla took a direct hit alpha musk was filmed smoking marijuana during an interview it's the latest in a series of all quit moments and castro explains host stores whether a media stunt gone bad or an ill made decision probably can't because stockholders right. i mean it's legal right so they go ok the video of billionaire entrepreneur
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musk smoking marijuana during a live interview thursday has translated to a financial hit on his company the stock value of electric car manufacturer tesla tumbled nine percent friday morning continuing a downward trend fueled by a string of corporate resignations and its founders erratic behavior i'm going to text messages for for a manager and saying what the hell are you doing smoking weed musk in early august announced with a controversial tweet he was considering taking tesla private only to take back the idea weeks later before that he had bizarrely interjected himself into the rescue effort of twelve tibe boys trapped in a flooded cave when his offer to build a mini submarine was refused must turn his angsty toward a british rescue diver accusing him without giving evidence of being
12:41 am
a pedophile tesla has also struggled with recent production delays of its latest model. but space x. and other evil must brainchild continues its groundbreaking success its reusable rockets and plans to return human spaceflight capability to the u.s. have upheld space x.'s status as one of the world's most valuable privately held companies asked thursday to explain his innovative genius musk said even as a child he knew he was different i think when i was five or six or something i thought i was insane why do you think you're insane because it's clear that people do not what their mind wasn't exploding with ideas also time the question is whether what makes musk so different is also driving him toward recklessness and how much patience investors wish to expend. hi joe castro al-jazeera washington
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well it's a story of stories and joining us now to take it apart is pretty campbell is a global motor industry crossed one of the financial times here in london peter it is extraordinary what's going on at tesla it's just chaos and it's what it certainly appears to be in the two executive departures we've had today the head of accounting and the head of h.r. and the head of communications who was also her last day today these come after a wave of departures of senior people in the company has those lost in excess of two dozen people in the space of the last two years now as a business is always had a very very high turnover of people partly just because it's a mosque is very difficult very demanding to work for but we've seen the pace of those ramp up certainly in the last few months as pressure on the company has increased and this is part of the corporate culture that has made this kind of ease them out will force them out or is it the increasing the odd behavior of the sea so
12:43 am
must behavior has always been erratic and odd he's always sort of blown off steam outside of the company in ways that a normal chief executive wouldn't but certainly the ways that he's used twitter the last few months talking about this time rescue work of being a paedophile talking about the media and obviously today smoking marijuana a ways that would just be completely unacceptable for a chief executive of any other company and even some of musk's biggest defenders and he still has lots of them are seriously saying today that this is not how the chief executive of a publicly listed company should be behaving the toll so what could happen here. well so the question is can you separate it almost from tesla i mean he co-founded it he's built it up from scratch into it mislead a very successful car manufacturer when it started from absolutely nothing the guy's a genius and he's an absolute genius but the question is can you separate him for years tesla has been valued partly because of him it's because of must that at one point the company was worth more than general motors if you remove him did they
12:44 am
lose some of that sheen what a lot of people think tesla needs to do is emulate what musk has done in space x. which is his rocket company which is to bring in an incredibly capable manager underneath a minute and a chief operating officer role to run the business so he can go off and tweet and smoke pot and have great thoughts about the future and what about the products or the tesla products or what's on the line is that going to be successful so tesser in the moment is in the process of ramping up production of its model three which is the car it believes will break into the mass market for electric vehicles they've had huge problems getting this right they've had huge stoppages on the line and manufacturing problems because making causes is very difficult even the world's most experienced car manufacturers will tell you that but they've started to turn a corner they're producing several thousand models a week and they produced five thousand model three's a week earlier this year which musk said was a was a huge achievement for them so operationally the company has begun to turn a corner but it's still under enormous pressure to compete with some of the larger
12:45 am
players who are in the next two or three years will be releasing their own electric vehicles and for the first time bringing will competition to tesla there will certainly never a dull moment appreciate your thoughts thanks a lot thank you. well the american coffee john starbucks has opened its very first store and it's really considered the spiritual home of the espresso hundreds of people queued for to get a cup of coffee undeterred by the comparatively high prices at a spread will cost two dollars more than double what italians normally pay one consumer group has already filed a complaint with its competition watchdog saying the price is all that. i came because i'm in a normal italian and i'm a big fan of american coffee so even if i don't find the fact the cino in the classic starbucks drinks i'm curious to see what this new cafe will look like i want to drink a strong american coffee so i have high expectations. to be
12:46 am
successful with me because i like italian style coffee the diluted american coffee all the variations such as the frappuccino i'm italian so that's not for me. so i have this new way of stay and it's really. breaking down traditional ideas of how films are released netflix makes its presence felt at the vet it's film festival it is called tiger woods's moving the wrong way on leaderboard it is latest on the it will be hit with that story a lot more. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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12:48 am
now netflix is premiering its six of its own productions at the venice film festival much to the displeasure of italian exhibitors they are critical of the netflix strategy which sees it debut films online on the same day as in cinemas but some in the industry say online platforms are vital for making new movies as this. city known for its unchanging beauty but over at the international film festival they're moving boldly into the future but that's what the organizers say anyhow they put on a record six films backed by the online platform netflix including the latest coen brothers film and on and on all my being worked on the alessio criminy knees crime drama on my skin based on a real life case of a death in police custody it will be released on the same day on netflix and in
12:49 am
italian movie theaters. but for most of the netflix films including this newly finished final film from the late olsen wells it's not clear how widely they'll be screened and for how long and that's worrying some in the industry who are involved in nurturing new talent that business model and if netflix keeps going to it's going to place for everybody else in the room. cinematic process and has a lot of integrity in the way that it develops and includes and ultimately not experiences for everyone to be in a cinema this week the international confederation of art cinema is urged venice to reserve competition slots for quote works of art that will be seen in cinemas internationally but for this venice veteran it's time for change or approve of netflix prove i'm as and i approve of anybody who is prepared to give money to people who make films who would otherwise not get the money. so i don't think it'll
12:50 am
make any difference to a lot of the type of films being made because netflix will keep on saying you can make the film as you want. here at venice is industry section business is brisk as people look for a deal to support their films or their ideas more and more of those deals are being struck with online platforms like netflix and amazon which means more fields that the public can choose to see either at the cinema or on devices like their smartphones but the man heading this part of the festival rejects worries that netflix will make it harder for independent filmmakers to break through i would say honestly it is not so for us choice for them but for some as a project yaar on something like that of course we are more looking than to have to make business was the cheeks or imus on netflix didn't have anyone for us to talk to in venice but they could end up with a winner alfonso koran's nine hundred seventy s. drama roma is one of the competition favorites whatever happens they've shaken up
12:51 am
the industry but the real impact is still being debated nadine barber out a zero at the venice film festival. going to move into sport now and he's standing by thank you so much nicole italy have become the new wife nations league campaign with a one one draw against poland this was reversed him and cheney's first competitive game in charge of the four time world champions. mancini aiming to restore italy's reputation after the failure to qualify for this year's world cup it was poland though that went ahead three pieces lansky in the first half board genia rescued a point for its me from the penalty spot on seventy eight minutes. world cup semifinalists england take on spain in their nation's leake open on saturday england also group with croatia the team that beat them to one in the last four in russia magic era southgate admits his side's record against the best teams is close to non-existent. this is just the story you know we obviously we're talking about
12:52 am
but. his story is not impressive. so ideally over the next couple of years we'd like to be going to the european championships with a record of beating top teams so that you go into the real belief confidence world number one rafael nadal currently on court as he looks to book a place in the u.s. open final the defending champion attempting to win his second grand slam of the year and eighteenth of his career but he's lost the first set of his semi against martin del potro in its hype right serena williams has reached the final of the us open for the ninth time the american now inside of a record equalling twenty fourth grand slam title williams had a little trouble dispatching on a star just have a stove latvia six three six eleven a semi twelve months ago williams was close to death due to complications during childbirth. you know a little emotion are there because last year i was literally fighting for my life
12:53 am
in the hospital i think i was on my fourth surgery. i was on my third surgery i have one more to go. not only not only is my future bride he even though i'm not you know. i still have a very very bright future that is super exciting for me. williams will face not only our saw in saturday's final she beat last year's runner up madison k.'s in straight sets or softens the first japanese women's reach across the aisle found. earlier on we spoke to former pro stuff me dubois who is now a common sight so on the women's top she says there was no guarantee williams his comeback would be such a success. being pregnant and going to a child birth year but is very it changed for never so i had to do their rehabilitation and all the conditioning to get back at the same level i just think
12:54 am
it's amazing it takes a lot of. me turning nation and willingness and we know siri now she show is once more and she said i'm just climbing up so i just think her reps frame of mind now so she's change and she's not all that and she acknowledged that but also she wants more from the sport but i just think it's amazing that she can do all of that while being a mother they are really two great stories you have syria you know william is a legend of the sport she's inspiring a lot of players and have always lacked those twenty and i really like her because she's a ten take and she's genuine and i think it's one of the strengths and not talking about it tennis but i think she just have that mentality and i read in an interview she said i don't dream i was dreaming to police. and said i don't drink and playing here and said i don't drink to lose. american geo mike bryan and jack sock
12:55 am
triumphed in flushing meadows to land their second grand slam doubles title in a row they run out straight sets one is over lukas keyboard and marseille melo six three six one it's a major success for what is it's have a pretty sucky ride in trim partner with his brother bob kearney this was also a record a think career grand slam doubles title my. england record run score alastair cook hit seventy one of the first innings of his final test match given a guard of honor by india at the oval he decided to retire from the international game after this match could england's top scorer they really struggled finishing up one hundred ninety eight to seven. some live show flying has taken a two stroke lead at the b.m.w. championship in philadelphia sure if they had a six under par round of sixty four on friday he's thirteen under for the tournament that's the lowest thirty six hole score of his career tiger woods was leading after the first round but he's now slipped five shots off the pace. of
12:56 am
australia's hopes of a first win in this season's rugby championship being hit after david poco it was ruled out of saturday's game against south africa has failed to recover from a neck injury sustained against new zealand last month australia's captain says he's concerned officials aren't doing enough to protect players neck injuries are pretty big part of the game and i know being in a similar position to david you want to be protected and safe in that in that part and this is what it's bad to play safety so. you know it's now cost cost us one you know david having to sit out and be concerned about a pretty vital part of your body and as a fellow player you know you've got a sympathizer. south africa looking to hit back after losing to argentina last time out the springboks second in the table behind new zealand out of one just three of the last fourteen test matches away from hong. medalist to become what this game is you could be very good at both. being for.
12:57 am
women we give them a loss to. put. on the world surf league is found itself in unusual tara treat the manmade surf ranch pro has the world's longest artificial way which is a good thing as the venue is one hundred sixty one kilometers inland it's the brainchild of eleven time world champion kelly slater allowing surface to enjoy identical waves rather than having to deal with tides and pesky car stalled winds. ok that is high schools looking for let's get back to nic in london at a fake you very much live for the simulator thanks a lot let me just nudge in the direction of our website all the news we've been covering is right there at dot com comment in that it seems to. me that is it for this news hour will be back in just a couple minutes with more of the day's news as you live.
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my name's is my third and manager is my materials my jewel finds the beauties bronze clued up points me he doesn't even need to call you for this just we just see it's classified. i am mentioning i've only gotten. off to. my nigeria on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every your. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other sort of twenty. strong. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live down. the master barber of berlin this is zero zero.
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zero. protests to stall near rain in consulates in bosnia amid on going over corruption and poor public services. and i mean this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program. civilians protest in italy of wild turkeys president warns of a bloodbath as he discusses the fates of the syrian province with the leaders of russia and iran. donald trump's former campaign adviser george papadopoulos is jailed for fourteen days for lying to the f.b.i. . this is not normal. this.


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