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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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u.n. sponsored talks to end the war in yemen a call of the government delegation is going back to rebel representatives didn't turn up. watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead turkey wants it will not watch from the sidelines of an offensive against syria's last major rebel held area leads to civilian deaths. iran's summons iraq's ambassador for its consulates was torched during protests in the southern city of basra. the third cutting aid in as many weeks the trumpet ministration pulls twenty five million dollars meant for
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specialist medical care for palestinians. developing story for you this hour coming to us out of yemen it's from a show you briefly what's going on there we're expecting very shortly to hear from martin griffiths he's the u.n. envoy to yemen to find a precisely what is or is not happening over those planned u.n. talks for geneva if you were with us this time yesterday you'll remember that the talks were on again off again it looks like they've most certainly been called off in their entirety un brokered talks to end the war have collapsed before they even began the government delegation is set to leave geneva we understand after rebel representatives did not fly in the negotiations over safety concerns now who the rebels say they did not have an aircraft or permission from u.s. and saudi representatives to their respective governments to leave yemen almost ten
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thousand people have been killed since the war began three years ago david chaytor is our correspondent live for us this hour in geneva david so on again off again it looks like they're not going to happen. they're not going to happen i've confirmed that with the foreign minister of the yemen government who is leaving in the car behind me for the united nations he says he feels a sense of dismay he's just leaving now. he says he feels a sense of dismay that these hopes for conservation talks have actually collapsed he of course blames the delegation we're waiting to hear exactly what the special envoy for the amman martin this is going to say it is press conference but i did have at least a four minute conversation with the government delegation clearly upset they say they are leaving i have confirmed that with them and we don't yet know exactly when
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they might try and reconvene these consultation talks but it's been speculated in some reports that it could be in about two weeks time so all these efforts that have gone on the really hard efforts by martin griffiths the special envoy to bring these sides together has failed and the the yemeni government delegation will be leaving today leaving from this hotel where they're staying they will also after martin griffiths gives his statement give their own press conference but as i say the leader of the delegation said told me that he felt felt a deep sense of dismay about what had happened clear disappointment here every day there's a delay in trying to set up these talks of course there's a danger of losing more lives more violence which could again blow the whole hopes of the special envoy off course so a deep disappointment here amongst the government delegation and david just to be
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clear this boil down to the provision of an aircraft who controls the airspace through which that aircraft would have been shuttle to fly but also the who say delegation is very clear you cannot check us as we leave the country and as we go back into yemen. that's right been the real sticking point as far as the the yemeni government delegation here was the fact that the socal casualties that the rebel delegation wanted to take to muskrat the capital of the oman for medical treatment did not just include casualties and victims of the war but they also included members of hezbollah and reigning in military advisers who'd been teaching the hutu militias to fire ballistic missiles that is the sticking point that is what they're saying and the saudi led
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coalition who control the airspace over the whole of the i'm not willing to allow those iranians to actually leave that is the whole point that they have been making in the end martin griffiths the special envoy was trying to reach out to the british trying to reach out to the americans trying to reach out to the saudis but in the end it seemed a hopeless case for him he was hoping hoping in the end to actually reconvene some form of talks at the geneva headquarters on monday at the latest but those hopes clearly overnight have collapsed there's been no progress of toll and the rebel delegation in sana'a were saying that they weren't going to come to geneva here in geneva until their conditions were met and those conditions were unacceptable so once again very tense situation in in the men and the hopes that we had of some
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form of confidence building here in geneva issues like a vaccination program issues like a prisoner swap which would have been a very good way of building the trust between the two sides they are now all out of the window and they could be many more weeks before either side has the confidence to try this once again so a very difficult task. for the special envoy and a great disappointment for the international community and most of all for those who are suffering from this war inside yemen david thank you very much well as david chase our correspondent in geneva there was mentioning we are waiting for that live news conference from martin griffiths the special u.n. representative to yemen as david was saying there is speculation in geneva there's no speculation coming out of son are however as to whether they can successfully kick this process further down the road specifically over the next two weeks and restart these negotiations in fourteen days time in the swiss city of geneva they
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were not ever shared jule to have direct face to face talks slash to go see asians what they were hoping to structure together was some sort of proximity arrangement i.e. proximity talks where you have different delegations in different parts of the hotel complex the compound complex wherever those negotiations are going to be taking place presumably at the geneva u.n. headquarters overlooking lake geneva as and when we get that clarity from martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy to yemen we'll bring it to you live here on al-jazeera. the turkish president mr erdogan says he may intervene if the expected syrian government offensive in it causes major bloodshed. tweeted he would quotes neither watch from the sidelines nor participate in such a game if the world turned a blind eye to killing at trilateral talks in tehran with iran and russia on friday no one said any military offensive to retake the last remaining rebel held province
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could result in a humanitarian disaster is on the border with turkey which is already home to four million syrian refugees russia iran and syria all appear set on launching an offensive to clear italy of rebel fighters the u.n. special envoy to syria has presented a plan which he said could stop that humanitarian disaster during any military offensive in libya stephanie mistura was addressing the u.n. security council now he called for a public campaign within the province to demand fighters leave built up areas and go to the countryside he said the turkish government could influence some armed groups to abide by the plan diplomatic editor james bays with more now on the un security council meeting from new york with many diplomats believe it's not now a case of if there is an offensive in need live but when despite that though stephane de mistura of the u.n. special envoy has come up with a new plan to stop the bloodshed he first said he'd like to give the security
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council the plan in a private session but then and ask the nikki haley the u.s. ambassador who's the current this month president of the security council said no we want to hear your plan in public and this is what he said ideally all militant fighters should be asked with that there to move their own military presence bade with our way i would be away from populated think that the. at this same time and here comes the message in that message i've got from the population i meet your campaign indicating that this is what they've been after from door. to move out of they may how the they may fit the tree media will be able to get to be mobilized on that so one of the lever's for this plan is that people power getting the civilians needless to say to the
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fighters you need to move out of the built up areas out of the villages and towns and cities the other lever he says is the turkish government putting pressure on those fighters but i think there is a big question will lead that report there from james may's a little earlier than churchill to take you to mohsin griffiths he's the un special envoy to yemen must be disappointing day for mr griffiths because he was very positive about these talks take place in geneva as we sometimes just whedon's day let's listen in to what he's saying. and i'm sorry that was the case. and i'm. sorry it's taken so long to get here anyway i do as you said as you say a few opening remarks and take some questions so for me the important. aspect of these last three days is that we have started consultations. the process of beginning. the road back to peace has started
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not quite in the way that we would have wanted. but it is begun. we've had three days as planned indeed of very fruitful discussions consultations with the governor yemen delegation who arrived. in in the city on the fifth i appreciate their commitment and i appreciate the engagement on the issues and the details of the issues that we discussed. we've we focused on as i mentioned the other day confidence building measures sorry to use that cliched . but that covered that and it still does by the way because we're going back after the speech and to have a further discussion with the government delegation that covers issues like the release of prisoners the opening of sun our airport. economic issues which are of
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extreme importance now as we see the protests particularly in the south of yemen and a wide range of humanitarian issues as is normal in a war to reduce. fighting and open up access routes and stabilize areas where this is possible and we've talking about specific parts of the country as well as issues like pauses for vaccination of children i think i mentioned that the other day so we made some good progress and in fact when i think i mentioned the other day that . the environment oddly enough you may think it's a bit of a contradiction but the environment for discussions is fairly positive despite what's happening on the ground and despite the fact that we did not of course get the opportunity to receive the answer either to delegate. the i think you'll be hearing from minister all your money but later so i went to
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talk about where where his views and where he's going we had the opportunity for a number of meetings with diplomats both the gene nineteen group ambassadors assigned to yemen. p five has been extremely helpful the five ambassadors permanent five members of the council very helpful to us during this week everybody is reiterating international support for a political process and of course that's exactly exactly what the people of yemen say to that in that context i'd like to specifically identify very interesting constructive practical discussions that i've had the chance now that there was a little bit more time during the last few days to have with a group of yemeni women who came here at our request to advise me and we had we've we've got a lot of work to do going forward in between. rounds of consultation
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but of course. the elephant in the room we didn't manage to get an answer as a delegation of the delegation from sonner to come here and we were engaged throughout these these days in discussions and negotiations and arrangements and options and all eternity of to get them here. i'm not going to go in to the details of what those options and arrangements might be i'm sure you've had a lot reported a lot but you won't hear more from me on that however i should say that. it's not unusual it's not unusual even in the yemen context but it's certainly not unusual in other conflicts that a restart i mentioned just the other day is a very delicate fragile moment people are coming at a time when perhaps all of their constituencies are not fully engaged and don't see ahead of time results that will come out of talks of consultations it's not easy
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and it's not easy in the context either so i don't i don't take this as a fundamental blockage in the process i should be going to muscat during the course of the next few days and hopefully on to some as well of course to discuss with you which really did and so rather leadership. i'd like to thank actually those negotiations were involved a wide range of actors diplomats thank you to the government of oman i talked to the foreign minister yesterday yourself and allawi a good friend who was very helpful. the representatives of the coalition of course the government yemen and the permanent five so that we're all we're all involved in this you saw scurrying around in the hotel over the last few days and i really wanted to to get the circumstances right for and siler to feel comfortable about coming and we we didn't quite make it. we'll have similar consultations with i was
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rather. there's one of the advantages of consultations is you don't actually need to be in the same room you don't actually need to be in the same city it's more convenient that's what we planned i don't want to play that but we will go we will discuss with the fruits of the discussions we've had here so we'll be going to moscow to take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say when the next round of consultations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda it was so that we don't go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. answer are also wanted to be here and they're disappointed not to be here and it's important to make that point very clear. we have had extensive discussions with their representatives. and it must got this past week and i've no doubt about that
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whatever you may think and they're very keen to take this process forward and so is the international community who are who are remarkably united so with that i could take some questions i was under thank you very much mr griffin so ok let's start i would tend to think people have not spoken last time. yes let's say without money. yes peace yeah right. because choice but. to be to be going slowly because you have to transcend government. just if it's not it's good at but. if you put up with c.b.d. to do when you're one of will be. when it does if you still exclusive it. by music on this you know the phillies like you did lucy. the notion of an aussie.
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that's a surprising question i wasn't. i wasn't expecting i wasn't expecting that. which i could be better prepared no look. as i said i'm not surprised the question but as i said in my remarks i'm not going to get into the details of what did and didn't happen what i will say and what i will repeat and i will be repeating it no doubt all week. is that there was every effort made on the part of the answer allowed themselves to come here they wanted to come here they want to come here they will come here. this is also absolutely true of efforts by the united nations other governments to get them here we just didn't make it they were isuzu of how to get here and we just weren't able to resolve the time available and some of these issues developed during the days. that that. transpired
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this week but this is not the first time we've had difficulties of logistics in the yemen context. and once we get through the gate we'll get some progress i'm sure that's a satisfactory answer to you so now that is nice if you'd said we have spoken about the elephants and you know if you could bury your question it would be appreciated . yes. now i'm in a land of. health and this matter heavy here. while the. men who are part of it martin griffiths they're taking a question from the assembled reporters as he gives us some clarity on why the who things are not there he said however he's putting quite a positive gloss on where we've got to so far he's saying we have started
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consultations we have had three days of fruitful discussions we are focused on confidence building measures not least economic measures and that the huge humanitarian crisis happening inside the country as we speak i'm always quite taken aback by people wanting to find fault. it's not my job to find fault it's my job to find agreement. criticizing one on the other doesn't help the people of yemen. who actually want to stop this war not be divided. i'm not in the business of finding fault with one side so that the other side allegedly can be happier and i've said this consistently consistently since i began this this job we're not things happen. and things happen that you nor i would want to happen we adapt we make the best of it we move on.
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i can repeat again for the third time that the the answer on a movement. i was keen to go here they would have liked to have got here we didn't make that condition sufficiently correct to get them. the governor yemen came here we used the opportunity we had detailed discussions i'm very grateful to them. nobody was trying to block anybody coming to these talks to these consultations and we'll learn from this and we'll do it probably slightly different next time around thank you this is she mr griffiths wrapping up there he had also earlier said all over it is fairly positive everyone has been restating their hopes for a political process in other words everyone involved in the conflict in yemen both internal and external actors they're all saying a political process is the way forward he said we were engaged in alternatives when it came to getting that with a delegation there but he was very clear he would not go into details on that he
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said this is a delicate moment however the who thing is not getting out of yemen does not in his opinion represent a fundamental blockage in the process he will go from geneva to musket and then hopefully he said on to santa he's paying lip service the reality of the peace process such as it was in twenty sixteen when we had three three and a half months of negotiations which went into a slight detour of a ping pong diplomatic effect from kuwait because the kuwaitis at that point back in twenty sixteen were involved but the armani's were involved in that as well he did not commit himself to a two week or three week window of opportunity here to get everyone in the same compounds less complex to talk about this he said that he's a very disappointed they are very keen to get this process moving forward he also in a in a slightly forceful way said my job is not to find fault classic diplomat he said my job is to find agreement we have had detailed discussions with the
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government delegation who is there which is there in geneva david chase as our correspondent he's also there david ok he's putting a positive spin on this but it's difficult to see how he gets this up and running again to the point where the who thiis are on a plane to switzerland. exactly now he said during the course of that press conference of these talks these consultation talks don't have to take place in the same building the geneva headquarters here of the united nations they could be in other cities so perhaps that's the next tactic realize it's. problems that the details of which he wouldn't go into so he is setting his course. and then. and now i think what he'll try and do there is give some sort of reassurance to the rebel delegation that this process can be
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in some way but it's not going to happen here in geneva very clearly it didn't work it was much too much too late to try and solve those obstacles about why the saudi led coalition did not give permission for this plane to take them here to geneva so instead he's going to take the details of what he's got on these ideas of confidence building the idea of mentioned again during that press conference the idea of some form of prisoner swap a bax a nation program for the children who are suffering most greatly from the cholera epidemic these are the steps they will take but they won't be taken here with the delegations inside the same building they'll be taken on international flights if you like that he's going to go to amman he's going to go to he hopes and then he'll bring what he's learnt from the yemen government delegation side over quite
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extensive talks here in this hotel. and let the. delegation know exactly what details they are proposing so he's right the process is still going on this is a great disappointment everybody is expecting much more from this at least to see the two warring sides in the same building and be. consulted at the same time but now it's going to have to take place over the next few weeks he refused as you said to give any sort of time line about exactly how long that process will take but clearly he is going to spend the next few weeks trying to bring that trust back together but it won't be in the same building it will actually be in separate cities and that's going to take a long time there are many difficulties he has to overcome we don't know what those exactly were over the the saudi led coalition they refused to let that plane take off with the with the with the casualties on board for treatment medical treatment
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in in the oman and the government delegation said that was because it was also going to carry members of the hezbollah and the iranian military who'd been training the hutu militia to far ballistic missiles so that's a major problem we have no confirmation of that from the hoochie rebel delegation it's only the yemeni government delegation who've been making those claims so that needs to be sorted out he refused to give any more details about how complex negotiations were where he had to go to why he failed so he's taking the diplomats course he's going off to talk yet again to the the warring sides this time with the who tease and he hopes and is still optimistic he's been very optimistic about the fact that every side in this do want peace that the situation where there is no military solution he said the only way forward for
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yemen and his people who are under such great suffering is to have some form of united peace process and he is determined that will carry on but it's not going to be soon and it's certainly not going to be easy david thank you very much. we move on iran's minister of foreign affairs to summon the iraqi ambassador to protest in iraq's southern city of basra attacked the iranian consulate a week of violent demonstrations has seen several major buildings in the city being set on fire at least twelve people have died security forces blamed unidentified gunman for the deaths in basra has more now from tehran. the foreign ministry condemned these attacks and said that the iraqi government needs to find out who is responsible and they demanded the maximum penalty for this crime and they also summoned the iraqi ambassador to teheran to protest the burning down of this
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consulate now the foreign ministry spokesman said that this action was an attempt by overt or perhaps covert actors to try to drive a wedge between iraq and iran and hurt the historically friendly relations that the two countries have enjoyed so while he did seem to place blame on perhaps forces outside of government control for this happening in the same breath he also said that not protecting this diplomatic mission was a failure of the iraqi government and he said that the police in basra should have done more to secure this iranian facility now the spokesman of the parliamentary committee for national security and foreign policy has also made a statement and said that the parliament will investigate exactly what led to the destruction of the iranian consulate in bus routes so political leaders and government federal leaders here are taking this incident very seriously here and there on the u.s.
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government for the slashed aid to palestinians the lexus cuts twenty five million dollars will affect cancer treatment and all the critical care issues that you are slim hospitals and a gala come out from washington. well this is the third week in a row that the trumpet administration has removed or as the state department told us reprogrammed aid to palestinians in this case is twenty five million dollars to the east jerusalem hospital network that is a collection of six hospitals that provide treatment that is not available in guards or all the west bank so we're talking about things like critical care cancer care child dialysis and that twenty five million dollars really does go a long way but this as i said is the third week in a row last week we saw three hundred million dollars in palestinian aid removed from the united nations the week before that it was two hundred million dollars in humanitarian aid so all together we're looking at half a billion or just over half a billion dollars in aid to the palestinians removed by the trumpet ministration
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president himself says the angle he's taking here is he wants the palestinians to talk about peace if they don't this is a way of him getting back at them a bit clearly the treatments that have been put in place or provided by these hospitals that really will affect the most vulnerable people among this is dialysis for children so that gives you just some idea of what removing this kind of money will do to palestinians. this is al jazeera these are the top stories so far today brokered talks to end the war in yemen have collapsed before the even started martin gryphus there the u.n. special envoy to yemen telling us what went wrong. of course there in geneva the government delegation will leave that swiss city after rebel who see representatives didn't fly into the talks because of safety concerns who say they didn't have an aircraft or permission from the u.s. and saudi governments to leave the country the turkish president. says he may
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intervene of the expected syrian government offensive in italy it causes major bloodshed mr tweeted saying he would courts need to watch from the sidelines more participate in. such a game if the world turned a blind eye to killing trilateral talks in tehran with iran and russia on friday but the other one said any military offensive to retake the last remaining rebel held province could result in a humanitarian disaster iran's minister for foreign affairs has some of the iraqi ambassador to protestors in the southern iraqi city of basra attacked the iranian consulate there a week of violent demonstrations are seen several big buildings being set on fire at least twelve people have died security forces blamed unidentified gunman for the deaths u.s. president donald trump is threatening to slap tariffs on the early all chinese imports mr trump said on friday he has a package of new duties ready on goods worth two hundred sixty seven billion dollars that's in addition to terrorists already announced for imports totaling two
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hundred billion the move is seen as the most dramatic escalation in the trade war between china and the united states the u.s. is causing more aid to the palestinians this time twenty five million dollars meant for cancer treatment and other critical care in east jerusalem hospitals is being slashed last week the us government ended funding for a un relief agency that helps around five million palestinian refugees. one of china's wealthiest men jack ma has stepped down as the chief of alibaba mr maher says he wants to focus on philanthropy and education the billionaire founded alibaba twenty years ago since become one of the world's biggest internet companies up next on this channel it's the listening post i'm back in thirty minutes i will see you then. getting to the heart of the matter and this we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the natural world then there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played
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a positive role in preventing any escalation from taking place here their story and talk to al-jazeera. apart as subjects church or western writers to fire me. worked out. great but i love the way. it's trying to show me when i want to join our team. hello i'm barbara sarah and you're the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week the sentencing of two reuters journalists to me and mark and the failed promise of media reform there there's a voice from inside the house the white house senate speaking through the pages of the new york times the magic and mystery of the british royal family and the role of the media in spinning the fairy tale plus putin the renascence man or at least that's how russians the t.v. sees him.


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