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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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history making. they're very keen to take this process forward and so is the international community who are who are remarkably united. the u.n. special envoy offers hope after talks to end the war in yemen called off. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey wants it will not watch from the sidelines of an offensive against syria's last major rebel held area leads to civilian deaths. iran's summons iraq's ambassador
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for its consulate was torched during protests in the southern city of basra plus. i'm joined now in sweden a country anticipating its most important election in years the battle over values and identity with the rise of the far right. un brokered talks to end yemen's war have collapsed before the even began properly the government delegation is set to leave geneva after hoofy rebel representatives didn't fly in for the negotiations over safety concerns in the past half hour or so we have been hearing from the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffiths he put a positive gloss on where the talks had got to so far even though the who sees say we were not allowed to leave yemen because of airspace control issues live now to geneva because we're going to listen in to mr alyami he is the yemeni foreign
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minister let's just listen in to what he's saying to gauge his reaction to where these talks are or are not going right now. at the consultation and negotiations and come to an agreement on security measures of withdrawal was the delivery of heavy medium weapon ballistic rockets and others him otherwise. we are continuing with our efforts to restore our sovereignty and our thought ritchie over yemen. however i believe that their absence from geneva is part of their panic of losing their grip on the areas that they control the many people ready to be freed in the areas under their control.
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from the emirates. mr. minister. mr griffith said that there is no need for the parties to meet in one room modern one country and that the. there were fruitful results from the last three days and he's going to take these fruitful results to santa and to moscow to. what is the fate of the negotiations if the his efforts to go to muskets and send are also met to his failure and shuttle operations between the two geneva two much guide to. waste of effort and i believe there are many people has at the end of it stand there they can no longer have any sustenance to go through these difficulties.
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thank you sister eman may i reiterate that we and the yemeni government. are almost convinced that what we can discuss it with this special envoy or who will take this to santa or. to. mask out santa which is the user to capital of all yemenis which we hope to will be liberated soon however. we came here and hoping that they who tease it will come and they have promised and committed themselves to the special envoy that they will participated in the geneva consultations but look at him today he's. providing excuses
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for their absence should if they were recent syria in reaching peace they should have come. even if we were meeting and separate rooms however they should have come and their presence would have been instrumental in confidence building measures. yes these are important matters such as a prisoner release and others and this is no longer acceptable the special envoys agave many promises none of it. really got to realize door came through peace is well known and the pass to peace is very clear and those so who have foresight it cannot mistake the path to peace. the minister of foreign affairs for the yemen in geneva reacting to the news that
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we've heard from martin gryphus the u.n. special envoy to yemen just the past ninety minutes or so he was saying the absence from geneva on the part of the who sees as part of their panic over losing control of the areas that they have control during the past three years of that conflict he said we've all we were all here hoping that who things would come he then said he has been providing excuses for their absence that appears to be a direct reference to martin griffiths although the foreign minister didn't use didn't name mr griffiths per se he said this is no longer acceptable let's stay with these live pictures as long as they last and also bring in our correspondent david chaytor so david clearly a completely different interpretation on why the who sees are not there compared to what the are saying is the main reason for their lack of turning up in switzerland . peter that's right senshi this was a whole process meant to build confidence to restore trust between the two warring sides and instead what is shown clearly to the people of the yemen who are
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suffering so greatly and to the international community how wide that gap still is between the warring parties this is a this is a war that is not going to have a military solution everybody knows that a peace process must be started about already the recriminations are starting the blame is being laid but the special envoy for yemen martin this is still saying that he believes the peace process can be started it doesn't have to be in the same building at the u.n. headquarters in geneva it can actually be done in different cities if necessary but the peace process must go on so as you said before he's trying to put a gloss on what is a very clear failure let's hear what he said. we going to. take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say when the next
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round of consultations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda it was so that we don't go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. unser are also wanted to be here and they're disappointed not to be here and it's important to make that point very clear. we have had extensive discussions with their representatives in sana'a and in muscat this past week and i've no doubt about that whatever you may think and they're very keen to take this process forward and so is the international community who are who are remarkably united. and david you get the sense given what the foreign minister is now saying he's still talking to assembled reporters there we see it is the official line from the government look even the confidence building measures that we've been discussing they are off the table as well or is that still
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a starting point. that was an unexpected remark from khalid al yemeni the foreign minister for the yemen government it's been the case that as far as preface the special envoy for yemen has has been saying that this has been very very good opportunity for them to discuss these measures but there seems to be distrust not only opening up between the two warring parties but also between the yemen government delegation and the special envoy so this doesn't this doesn't look good they were discussing measures like the prisoner swap they said that was very important it could be overseen by the i.c.r.c. it will bring great hope to the families to bring their loved ones back to them it will give them some sort of flickering hope for the future that a peace process could start but those remarks from the foreign minister seem to even cast doubt on the little that has been achieved here in the talks between the
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special envoy and them during the course of the last few days while they've been waiting for the who to delegation so it's not a good sign but martin griffis is not a man who's going to give up the former british diplomat he took over this job as a special envoy in march the two previous envoys both ended their periods in frustration at the lack of process now there's been a limbo in this peace process for the last two years since the last talks in kuwait collapsed it was vital and necessary for the people of yemen that this process should start but the yemen government say that the rebel delegation have disregarded the suffering of the people and he also said as you noted that they are panicking because they feel that the saudi led coalition is gaining ground on them but nevertheless both sides have reassured martin griffiths that they will not be
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an escalation in the fighting on the ground especially around the fight will pour control. at the moment by the who tease of data through which most of the foreign aid goes i mean the point is we must remind everybody that there are eight million people there on the edge of starvation you've seen the pictures from the the clinics the mounted titian clinics it's the children and the elderly who are suffering most now each day that this peace process fails to pick up that suffering will only increase and i think we can disregard statements from both sides of the moment but listen to martin press this is special envoy he is the man trying hard to bring the sides together the whole international community realizes there can be no military solution here there has got to be a peace process but it's going to be delayed by weeks and it's going to take a lot more effort even so from martin with us to try and bring this whole process back on track it doesn't look good and the danger is that there could be more
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violence breaking out despite both sides saying they don't wish to escalate the violence that does happen in these occasionally these occasions and the military solution cannot be found the peace process is the only way out of this david thank you. the turkish president says he may intervene if the expected syrian government offensive in italy causes major bloodshed retch up type one tweeted he would quote neither watch from the sidelines nor participate in such a game if the world turned a blind eye to killing and that comes as thousands of people rallied across the rebel held parts of syria to show opposition to the expected offensive the u.n. has warned of the potential for a humanitarian disaster from any offensive in italy by the u.n. special envoy to syria staffan de mistura has presented a plan to the un security council in new york to prevent bloodshed he's calling for a public campaign within the province to demand fighters leave built up areas and
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go out into the countryside stephanie decker is in kentucky on the turkey syria border. what is clear is that there was no consensus reached in tar and in fact the back and forth between the three leaders playing out live on the air turkey's position is that it wants to manage it wants to limit what is expected to be this offensive of the syrian government backed by russia to take it back from opposition forces the turkish president tweeting after he left the summit this is something he rarely does taking to twitter seven tweets in turkish but also in english russian and arabic basically saying if there was an assault on a lid that turkey would not watch from the sidelines neither watching the sidelines nor petition paid in such aggression turkey's worry is of course that of a mass movement of civilians towards its border area one making it very clear that turkey had reach capacity already hosting over three million syrian refugees it is down to turkey to talk to the opposition groups inside it that is an extremely
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difficult task there are many different opposition groups differentiating between those certainly when it comes to hire. this is the group for me there isn't a strong front linked with al qaida both all sides in fact saying that it needs to lay down its arms at the moment from what we understand the group is not willing to do so the iranian minister for foreign affairs says some of the iraqi ambassador to protesters in the southern iraqi city of basra attacked the iranian consulate and we could violent demonstrations to seen several major buildings in the city being set on fire at least twelve people have died the security forces blamed unidentified gunman for the deaths saying bus robbery has more now from tehran. the foreign ministry condemned these attacks and said that the iraqi government needs to find out who is responsible and they demanded the maximum penalty for this crime and they also some of the iraqi ambassador to teheran to protest the burning down
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of this consulate now the foreign ministry spokesman said that this action was an attempt by overt or perhaps covert actors to try to drive a wedge between iraq and iran and hurt the historically friendly relations that the two countries have enjoyed so while he did seem to place blame on perhaps forces outside of government control for this happening in the same breath he also said that not protecting this diplomatic mission was a failure of the iraqi government and he said that the police in basra should have done more to secure this iranian facility now the spokesman of the parliamentary committee for national security and foreign policy has also made a statement and said that the parliament will investigate exactly what led to the destruction of the iranian consulate in bus routes so political leaders and government federal leaders here are taking this incident very seriously here into iran still to come here on al-jazeera in ada in as many weeks the trumpet
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ministration of washington influence twenty five million dollars meant for critical medical care for palestinians. out of the rain has been heavy in thailand but the showers the tropical showers have been drifting slowly science of the last week as well the more showing up in borneo singapore was in the mix as well but you can't and that's true for the rest of java and bali and beyond looks bone dry and i think will stay that way in the forecast but this is the green the blue stuff that suggests heavy rain it might we well include singapore certainly a good part of thailand in the central southern philippines but this is what you expect this time is nothing to extraordinary them dollars something is trying to develop just north of the beans in the form of a tropical depression however australia different story having had the driest
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winter almost on record as you well know this part of a straight new south wales a good bit of it tory queens and was suffering drive in some useful rain recently is going to will now as you can see but i think the focus will see a shower or two more not that many this time but it's already happened this of course is going trough the tasman sea on the western side purses of twenty in the sun shines not just bright skies it's probably blue skies and little changes taking place to the east except it's warmed up in adelaide as the new zealand well have to be has for the time being it's reasonable the rains take his time to cross slowly towards south island. on counting the cost of austerity in argentina but will harsh medicine fix the economy and what about before out for emerging markets plus the good the bad and the ugly the corporate in fact of society and the environment. of paying attention
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. counting the cost on al-jazeera. here with al-jazeera welcome if you're just joining us these are your headlines so far the yemeni peace talks are in trouble after a no show by the rebel delegation of the talks venue in geneva the u.n. special envoy that's in there martin griffiths to yemen says he'll meet soon with their representatives in amman and then he hopes sana'a but an initial agreement has been reportedly reached for medical evacuations from. the turkish president
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says he may intervene if the expected syrian government offensive in italy causes major bloodshed now that comes as thousands of people rallied across the rebel held parts of syria calling on the international community to prevent an attack. iran's minister for foreign affairs is some of the iraqi ambassador after protesters in iraq's southern city of basra attacked the iranian consulate a week of violent demonstrations have seen several major buildings in a city set on fire at least twelve people have died. the u.s. government has further slashed aid to palestinians the laces cuts of twenty five million dollars will affect cancer treatment and other critical care at jerusalem hospitals and agalloch and now from washington. well this is the third week in a row that the trumpet administration has removed or as the state department told us reprogrammed aid to palestinians in this case is twenty five million dollars to the east jerusalem hospital network that is
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a collection of six hospitals that provide treatment that is not available in guards or all the west bank so we're talking about things like critical care cancer care child dialysis and that twenty five million dollars really does go along way but this as i said is the third week in a row last week we saw three hundred million dollars in palestinian aid removed from the united nations the week before that it was two hundred million dollars in humanitarian aid so altogether we're looking at half a billion or just over half a billion dollars in aid to the palestinians removed by the trumpet ministration president trump himself says the angle he's taking here is he wants the palestinians to talk about peace if they don't this is a way of him getting back at them but clearly the treatments.


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